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Mob Wives Is Back And Set To Premiere In December!

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Mob Wives is back and season four is set to premiere on December 5th at 10PM ET/PT but there have been a lot of changes.

For instance, Carla Faccoli, Karen Gravano AND Ramona Rizzo are NOT returning. While Drita, Renee and Big Ang are back! Check out your first look below

One of the wives added to the show is Alicia DiMichelle Garafola! To make things interesting Alicia’s father-in-law Edward Garafalo is the man that Karen’s father Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano arranged the hit at. But we won’t be seeing any drama between Karen and Alicia since Karen is not returning. Tell me, will you be tuning into season four despite Carla, Ramona, and Karen not returning?

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  • I would be more upset if Renee and Drita and Ang weren’t coming back. I think it’s weird Karen is leaving
    Because she was such a key character. We’ve seen these character changes on other shows and it always turns out good. Fear of the unknown…can’t wait to watch on December 5th.

  • Carla will truly be missed!!! Drita, Big Ang, Carla, and Renee all 4 should’ve gotten a raise. TeamCarla no doubt! Bring Carla back within her raise! Give Drita a raise also!

  • Oh, I am delighted that Carla, Romona and Karen are not returning.. I liked Karen, but I believe she achieved what she sought out to achieve. She has a lot more to lose than the others..It was brave of her to return to her roots especially being so hated due to the actions of her Father, the Rat..I am curious how Rene has grown since rehab and being properly diagnosed w/ her Chemical Imbalance issues..Of Course, my favorite is “Big Ang” and I love Drita.. My favorite episode was when she went gangsta on that pesky Raccoon. Hilarious!

  • I’ve always enjoyed this show…well maybe the song that goes with the four of them walking by the pier. I can’t imagine if they change the choice of the song. It made it more thugish (I know its not a word) like I wouldn’t want to go against these women. I wish they kept the originals and just added new ones. They all deserved raises and equal amounts too. I hated the Chicago women…with the different accents, they just didn’t seem like Mob wives…maybe I’m just used to New York style being so close to the area. Looking forward to the start but…I don’t see it going anywhere.

  • I can’t wait! I can not stand Karen or Ramona, I am so happy they are finally out. I like Carla, I am disappointed she will not be returning.

  • I have to say that one person in the background of the show, belongs on the front lines. Toni was a real mob wife! Not only was she raised in it but her ex husband was big time (until he turned rat) not to mention almost every member of her family. I don’t get why they left her out of being front n center! Maybe her choice ?

  • Oh @ Just Me

    Please dish on Big Ang’s X husband.

    I agree about the ladies getting pay raises, and about Jen messing up the MW’S ..Shit, I agree with your whole post!!

  • I agree with the fact Jenn f**ked up big time! I also say they deserve a raise & as I said b4 the greed works both ways! The producers are more greedy then the girls working on the front lines. Ummm hello these women are what made your show a hit just being them. Not the scripted nonsense they put out there . As for the person who says bigs ex is a really bad guy…I guess you don’t know him personally or u wouldn’t say that, on a personal level he happens to be a sweetheart. The girls that left will be missed & the show is going to suck! Ramona is a doll & Drita & some of the rest forget where they come from. But, remember to be good to the people on your way up…it will be the same people you meet on your way back down. Renee gets on my nerves, I love Ang & will watch the SP in Dec but I doubt it will entertaining enough to keep me

    • hey, will….and Just me

      Does this feel a little like the twilight zone – here is my mystery.

      I think Jen f’d up as well. Do you remember there was a story about filming for season 4 was finished in July, then in August the world blew up!

      Karen and Ramona walked!!!

      I think the delay in the new season of mob wives is because Jen decided to re-tape.

      Karen and Ramona both did interviews in July promoting season 4.

      And now Karen completed an interview, kind of not answering if she will be in Season 4

      what is that about…dish people..c’mon

      • I’ve thought the same thing about having to retape the show. They also have to make a new promo for the beginning. Ahhh way to ruin a show & a good thing . I remember a tweet drita put up a while back quoting JT & JZ’s song “soon as all the money blows,all the pigeons take flight” I bet she would be one of those pigeons if she wasn’t trying to promote her makeup line

      • Hey Samael,

        Thank you… I knew I had read that Karen and Ramona would be back somewhere and that there was a connection between Karen’s dad and the new girls dad and then all of a sudden Karen was gone and so was Ramona.

        I started watching the show because of Karen and who she was, but really liked Big Ang when they brought her on. I don’t know if there is enough left to keep me interested this season. I love Big Ang, but hated her new show and stopped watching that. I really think that the producers screwed up big time.

  • Ok here we go….I am a huge fan of Mobwives since the beginning, & I know the girls. Let me just say this. I’m not crazy about all the actual fist fighting on the show, that being said I want everyone to stop & think a second. KAREN is the daughter of Sammy the Bull. There would be NO show without her storyline. It trumphs everyone else’s history on the show. Sure Renee has a father supposedly ( its never been admitted even though we know it ) in the Mob but Karen’s father is the real thing & we all know it. Drita, now I love Drita but she has no real contact there, neither does Ramona directly its her Grandfather. We have yet to be told of Big Ang’s connection other than her Uncle. What about her X-husband( a really bad guy) we never heard about him. You would be shocked to know ! I will watch this season’s first few episodes to see how I feel, but it’s just been ruined for me not seeing Karen, Ramona & Carla. They were staples. Sorry Jen, I really think you screwed this show up totally by not giving the requested raises. After 3 years on a show who wouldn’t ask for a raise ? And who really gives a damn about Philly Mobwives in Staten Island ? Just a stupid stupid move to me. But I guess we’ll see. To me this show lost it’s original focus. It was supposed to be about women scorned by the lifestyle, trying to survive after their husbands went away . Not a fight fest drama for ratings, but I guess thats what sells nowadays. Prediction= last season

    • Just me

      100% agree

      Renee’s noggin changes in size, sometimes I think Renee is more invested in this show than her sister, and yup,just like RH, Mob wives, my FAV, went all wonky!!

      • Samael, Hey there ! For what its worth, Thats the REAL Renee!!! No fake there ! That being said she has been thru an awful lot, & has emotional difficulties but she is as you see her for real ! Love her hate her but she has put her real life drama out there for the world to see, I wouldn’t want to walk a day in her shoes, she has been so brave addresses her addictions, but she does have a long way to go, I think she is caught up in the drama & success right now……….

        • Hey Just me,

          Lord I would never survive one conversation with Renee!

          – nightmare plastic surgery
          – drug addiction
          – dad in jail
          – ex husband in jail
          – ex husband rats on her dad
          – drinks way more than me

          Renee is sometimes her worst enemy, but she also has such a sweet side

          – she would do absolutely anything for her son – who is doing so good
          – she would do anything her bud wants

          Yeah Renee is the full enchelada!

    • I agree. I think Karen brought the notoriety to the show. We all knew her about her father. We didn’t know Carla, Renee, Drita, Romona, from A WHOLE IN THE WALL. Anybody from the Boro”s of NY Knew Big Ang. But she was only added as a guest season 2.

    • I agree with everything u said. I hope this show has not ‘jumped the shark,’ as the saying goes. Bring the entire original cast back. Not sure I will watch. Dumb move by the head honchos. If it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it!

  • My mob wives 🙁

    Oh well, from an interview it sounds like Karen and her daughter are going to be doing a ‘show together.

    Karen and Renee and Ramona are still buds…just ended kinda rough….tinsy bit rougher than RHBH would have.

    Of course I will watch, just watched an interview with Renee the mouth from the south, I heart her. She is a nut bar even when she is sober.

    These wild women make Bonnie and I crazy, when the love the love, when they fight…they fight, then they resolve it face to face in sit down. Their outright honesty is awesome..loud but they don’t hold back.

    would prefer a sit down firs and zero fight.

  • I will miss them simply because they all have history together and grew up together. But i am glad drita and big ang is coming back but i could do without renee. Shes very mentally unstable.

  • Love this show! Will not miss Ramona and her jailbird fiance storyline. I think Karen was jealous that Big Ang got her own show. Karen was the big draw when Mob Wives premiered.

  • I’ll watch the new season. I like Drita and big Ang. Renee,I go back and forth on, but I hope she is the fun Renee from S1.

    • I have gone back and forth with Renee also @ rhfan. She has worked my last nerve so freakin much, but then I see she has such a big heart, and has been through so much. I just think that he has gotten a really big head, though especially with Karen, Ramona and Carla getting the axe, she was really shitty about it on twitter.. She knows damn well it won’t happen to her because of her sister.

      • @HCannoli

        I agree, Renee does act as if she can do whatever she wants because her sister is in charge. I just always end up feeling bad for her, regardless of how crazy/bad she acts.

        Really, I hope the new season is fun. I am really past all the dark drama that some of the HWs have become.

  • I’ll be watching. TBH I think the cast did need a shake up and they kept the right 3 and got rid of the right 3.

    • I think the only one they needed to get rid of was that whack, Love! I was glad that they did.. I was shocked that they got rid of Carla, Karen and Ramona.

      • ITA about Love. Yikes, she was over the top. Karen got on my nerves with her tough talk, liked how Drita toned it down. 3 years seems to be the life span for these shows. I also think big Ange is overexposed, her spinoff was terrible.

  • Agree holy, I never liked Karen and Ramona either. Drita and Ang have always been my favorites. We will never see Renee get the boot, she will be on until the end. No matter who I like or dislike, I will be watching.

    • I never like them, but they were pretty interesting, LOL. I’m really curious as to why they axed the 3 of them..I would love to know the truth!

      • Holy

        the 3 girls weren’t axed i think Rox wrote an article a couple of months ago that they wanted more money,if not they weren’t coming back looks like Jen didn’t fold nor did they.

        I CAN’T STAND RAMONA, didn’t really like Karen either till the last season i was starting 2 like her.

        Carla well i could take her or leave her don’t really think she bought that much 2 the show exp when love was on.

        I LOVE DRITTA & big Ang, Renee is ok but she does get on my nerves with her drama queen episodes but Im glad she’s better and that rehab really did help her however i do feel sorry for AJ her son best thing 4 him to do was to move out

        • Oh ok @Summer..I forgot about that. I wonder if the others were offered more money and they weren’t, and they found out. Or they thought they should get more or whatever?? Anyway, I hope they( Carla, Ramona and Karen do some interviews together and tell ” their truth”.. I would like to know what they have to say.

          • holy they all basically said on twitter that Jen was greedy and Rene said her sister feed them all for the past three years and they were greedy. Truth is Jen wanted to control everything. She wanted to manage and represent them and take a piece of everything.

          • Thanks @Disgusted

            I do remember Carla, Karen and Ramona all saying something like that on twitter. And Renee calling them greedy and feeding them all, and for them to stop whining and crying, etc. Which to me, I didn’t see any of them doing.

            I just want to Karen, Ramona and Carla to really speak out, together, not on twitter, in an actual interview.

          • Holy I saw on Carla’s twitter that only big Ang and Renee were offered a pay rise and not the others Drita decided to stay and the other 3 left.

  • I never liked Karen or Ramona, but I have to say I’m kinda sad that they won’t be back. It’s gonna be weird without Carla Karen and Ramona on the Mob Wives.
    I’ll watch cause I’m curious and I really like Drita and Big Ang! Renee, I like , she has been through hell. But it seems like she has gotten a big head, and thinks she’s Queen Shit, cause of of sister.

    • I think Im done with this show. Went from kind of bad to worse. Then when people start trying to get along ( most of them) they are gone because they want the same amount of money that Renee is getting ( or others) Angela has had 2 spinoffs already to boot, both of which are IMO waste of tv time. First it was all the aggressiveness, attacks and physical issues, now this…I like that Drita started to change her image, but the damage was already done- we saw what we saw. You cannot un-do that! Set the tone…then when they seat to make peace people complain, LOL cant win! I dont think its right that Renee thinks she is the star either…not fair when your sissy produces the show.

  • Like Drita & Ang but I can’t stomach Renee the back stabbing drama queen. I’m tuning out this season ~ too much fake drama

  • Surprisingly enough I will miss Karen… she had started to grow on me… the other two… not so much