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Is Bethenny Frankel’s Show Getting Canceled In 6 Weeks?

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We have all read and seen the numerous reports about Bethenny Frankel’s talk show getting canceled due to its poor ratings compared to her first season. Now, recent reports are stating that the death of Bethenny’s talk show, is coming, and it is coming SOON! Here’s what the source who spoke with Naughty But Nice Rob, had to say

“She has been talking with lots of heavy hitters in the TV business, begging them to join her to save her show, but no-one is going to join a show that has no future.” The source adds, “Its chances of getting renewed are not good, so we are talking 6-weeks work. The only people that would take on such a short-term project, are not the people that can fix her show.” “It’s over.”

Bethenny will also have to keep taping the show through the year, even after hearing word of cancelation, because it is in her contract. Are you surprised Bethenny’s show isn’t doing good? Or are you sad to see it possibly get canceled?

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  • While Bethany is a great business woman, she is extremely narcassistic (sp?). This causes a problem for her. I wish her luck.

  • She said on her program yesterday that she does not pound why not she is a racist bitch and she needs to go! If it weren’t for black people she would not have a show that bitch. She is terrible

  • I have 2 tickets for her show on December 5th. Just got a phone call today from someone involved with the show that it’s cancelled that day. I was advised to apply for tickets for another show. Weird.

  • One Last Thing… Bethenny is never responsible. Never To Blame.

    She blamed her parents for everything wrong in her life.
    She blamed Jill Zarin for ending the friendship.
    She blamed Jason Hoppy’s parents for their marrital issues and seperation.
    She blamed her own genuine ‘fans’ for her other Bethenny show being canceled. Her fans turned against her because they were jealous of her success with Skinnygirl.
    Now she blames Ellen DeGenera’s for her talk show failures.

    Bethenny will never, ever see herself for what she really is. A Monster.
    Watch Bethenny as a Mother. She will not have good relationship with her own daughter or future children.

    • Again, Rosalie Marie, has Bethanny’s number down. Bethanny is text book.
      I am not a huge fan of Jason but at least he has Parents and a support system that are obviously more Psychology healthy to raise and nurture a minor child..

  • Bethenny has a severe personality disorder. She feels no compassion for anything. No people or animals. She could easily walk away from anyone and that includes her parents, and her very own daughter. She has no feelings of pain or remorse for any living thing other than herself. This is no bull. Bethenny actually feels happy when others are hurting. She’s sadistic. Anti-social personality disorder. She can’t even water a plant to keep it alive.

    • Oh, and one day, when Bethenny passes on, nobody will attend her funeral. Most of her so-called friendships with others have ended in hate. She cut people off and did so cutting them down, they resent Bethenny. None of them will feel a thing for Bethenny, including her father, when he died, her mother when she dies, her daughter, when Bethenny passes away. Nobody Feels Compassion For Bethenny Because They Know She Is Sadistic.

      • Bethenny herself acknowledged this on her other reality show, Bethenny Married, to her therapist. She admitted she feels nothing for others. She admitted she can’t cry for others. She admitted she doesn’t care, and she easily walk away. She admitted that she feels nothing at all for anyone.
        In all this confession, we see Bethenny cry quite a lot, but only for Her Own Self.

        Parents usually forgive us. Usually if we have a problem with one parent, we feel very close to the other. Bethenny’s father died without wanting to even see Bethenny. Her own Mother has nothing good to say about Bethenny. We’ve watched Bethenny degrade her own parents. We’ve only seen Bethenny cry for herself. We’ve never heard Bethenny say what happened between she and both of her parents. Bethenny’s parents were not married, so why are both parents so disappointed with Bethenny? Sometimes, you can be a good parent but end up with a very bad seed. Bethenny is just that… A Sour Seed To Everyone Who Cared About Her. She bites those who have done nothing but shown her compassion. Jason Hoppy and his parents both seem like very good, loving genuine people. Bethenny even admitted that they were good people. Until Now, after she bites them, she continues to degrade them. Bethenny is a monster in the form of a lovely woman.

        • The way she treated Jason’s parents was sooooo heart breaking. They loved her and especially Bryn. How can you treat them like shit? I just can’t stand her when I think of them and there heart break.

      • rosalie marie,i am so shocked by this post about bethenny passing on that i had to respnd even though this is a MONTH late. i feel sorry for bethenny after reading all these posts, but the one about no one feeling anything for her when she DIES was so unsettling ad even mean spirited that i had to question it. do you know her or any of her family members personally? if so, that might explainsome of what you have said here. but even so, reading this post still seems very sad.

  • Bye, Bye, Bethenny
    You are not “talk show” material. You are way too self-absorbed and focused on yourself and your own so-called problems. Go and count your money somewhere. I’ve never watched your show and by the looks of things I never will….Good Riddance!

    • Skinny girl It tastes awful! I wanted to like it so bad but couldn’t spit it out fast enough! She is a wolf and is damaged and thinks she can call all of us girls to advise us? Are friggin crazy lady?!

  • So, she’ll probably be cancelled. What a surprise! I always wondered how she could give “all her girls” advice on anything pertaining to men, sex, relationships, etc. when she is totally screwed up in all those areas. And, every mother knows their child. I would LOVE to hear her mother in an interview. She says she was raised by wolves, but she certainly seemed to have everything growing up on Long Island. A lot of good her therapist is doing. What a joke. Goodbye bethenny.

    • Bethenny is self-damaged and blames everything that ever went wrong with her life on her mother. She also did not have the best of relationships with her Dad which was also her doing. She sings this tune alot along with the “poor me, I had to pay rent” song that she constantly warbles. In Bethenny’s World, her parents, her lovers, Martha Stewart and the landlords of New York City have tried to hammer her into the ground. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

      • Bethenny needs to let the past with her parents go. She needs to move on just like the rest of us. She has everything going for her and she should dwell on what she has and look to the future & not the past. Good luck B.

  • You know how the news reported they use Britney music to fend off pirates in Somalia? I wonder if there is a use for Bethenny’s shows.

  • Shes boring and shd’s not a people person. She does NOT interact well with humans and she doesnt seen genuine or caring like Oprah does, or Ellen.

    Like I have said before, give her a radio show like “caroline rules” minus the advise cause god knows she needs advise herself.

    But talk about events? Have maybe one of two partners on the show with her, and mix it up with some music. Kinda like the ryan seacrest show.

    I love listening to my local radio station here in vegas called the dave, mahoney, and dk show. They have a podcast if anyone wants to listen to it(you guys can google it) but i listen to them every morning while taking my sis to school. They talk about local news, funny current events, entertainment news and etc. I think bethanny would be a lot better behind a mic than with a live audience. She just isnt friendly and it SHOWS.

  • I’m not a fan, but I heard that the Kris Jenner show was still in consideration, and not officially cancelled. Different situation than Bethenny, I know, as she now has a show. However, it’s hard to speculate when we don’t know what the suits, or other networks have in store.

    • Having said that, her show is HORRIBLE, and she doesn’t listen to anyone or anything, but the thoughts in her head. Not a talk show host does she make…

      • Hi LaraM

        I’m not sure if Kris is being considered, she is going through a divorce and her son-in-law Kanye can’t stay out of court!

        So in that case, Kris could be in the running.

        I have no idea how these decision’s are being made.

        • Hey Sam,

          I heard it on Katie Lee Gifford’s podcast…lol. Good interview, though. In fact, Kathie is a great interviewer, to my surprise in the podcast, fun tidbits.

          How is the guest room coming along for you and Bonnie?

          • Hey LaraM

            I have never liked Kathy Lee – even after her hubby scandal came out – I was surprised how Kathy changed, when I this blog showed her interview with M, she actually speaks her mind and less prissy.

            Good for her!!!

            Well I am in the last stages of the new guest room….”configuration of furniture” is important apparently, so we are on the third version of the same room!!!

            this week we are x-mas shopping..what is my life?

            oh well, as long as Bonnie is happy and I can stay on my tablet while choosing …wrapping paper?

            I know I am being big baby and insensitive, end of rant

          • Lol…women are very visual when it comes to details in design, and yes wrapping paper. Yay for Bonnie, and Yay for you for being a trooper.

            You crack me up! You both should write a relationship book, and I would definitely buy it!!! 🙂

      • Bethenny’s talk show is even worse than Kris Jenner’s show. At least Kris let people speak without being interruped. She never stops yelling; I can’t believe it has lasted this long.

  • Yeah I read this interview, and it explains why anyone with $ wouldn’t waste their money or time, trying to promote a dying show.

    The tv bizz is a question mark for me, I know that Bethanny (as well as all the rest of the “new” tv shows) are at the point of sink or swim.

    Baloney explained this before, I hope I get it right, ratings do not rule whether or not a show is cancelled, investors matter.

    So with that frame..Bethanny’s ratings slumped except for last week(higher rating) but if investor’s don’t want to bother reviving the show, to me this would be the end of the Bethanny show.

    I still think this is the wrong venue for Bethanny, she does have lot to offer:

    – business experience/knowledge
    – self employed
    – created her own alcohol
    – being a single mom
    – surviving divorce
    – surviving being single

    I still think she should go with- bring guests that reflect the needs of people in her situation.

    Keep Jason out of her mouth (eeewwee)
    Let the guest speak
    Stop inviting your eneimies to slice and dice them

    • She survived being single? You make it sound like cancer!
      Give her a lifetime achievement award because she overcame being single. WTF?

        • I understand what your saying Sam. Sometimes people take things out of context. That’s one thing I hate about texting, It can be difficult to completely understand what someone is trying to say when you can’t see their facial expressions or hear the voice tone. This very same thing happened to me yesterday while texting my best friend.

          • Hey Bryn

            Thanks for your insight, will tone it down for sure

            I wanted to thank you for the nice words a couple of days ago.


      • I agree with Poppy3, being single is not the something one over comes. A lot of time, it’s a personal choice. And really, I don’t think Bethany has ever been single. Even during her divorce she was vacationing with a man. And before Jason, didn’t she have another Jason that she was sleeping with. And now that she is super rich, she will definitely chose to stay single for a while. Some women and men don’t want to get married.

        • I think Bethenny vacationed with a man BEFORE her separation (Warren Lichtenstein, the man she is finally going public with. I’m pretty sure that was going on before she decided to dump Jason).

          Bethenny’s Mother described EXACTLY how Bethenny would treat Jason and end it. I thought it was absolutely horrible of her Mother to say those things at the time.

          But every single thing that woman said turned out to be true.

          So, maybe she knows her daughter better than many other people do.

          Bethenny admitted herself that she began a relationship with her 1st husband’s BEST FRIEND immediately after she left her 1st husband. Others report that Bethenny had an affair with this friend before she dumped her 1st husband for the friend. Bethenny admitted that it tore both families of these men apart.

          Her Mother said that Jason was too weak for her; Bethenny would NEVER be faithful to any man; Bethenny cheated on her 1st husband with his best friend; and she’d dump Jason the same way.

          When her divorce was announced, there were reports that one of the problems Jason and Bethenny had was that Bethenny chose to go to Hong Kong (and to take Bryn with her) with Warren Lichtenstein…and WITHOUT her husband Jason.

          She denied any relationship with Lichtenstein, saying they were “just friends.”

          Now, it’s becoming more and more apparent that she and Lichtenstein are more than just friends. Incidentally, Warren is allegedly the best friend of her ex-, Larry….the one for whom she left her 1st husband, Peter Sussman.

          She sure gets around.

          Hell, I wish I would’ve known that it was o.k. to date the friends of my ex-es. I should have been getting their numbers while I was still with my ex-es so I could ALWAYS have a “back-up.”

          So, I agree with you.

          I don’t think Bethenny ever stays single for long…regardless of whether she is already in a committed relationship with someone ELSE at the time.

          She’s COLD-BLOODED.

          • Hi Lola, thanks for the great info. Bethenny’s mom predicated this because, she was probably the same way when she was younger. Some people should just stay single and B. Is probably one of them.

          • I thought the same thing on the surviving single comment. Shit if that’s the case I need a damn talk show I am a single, divorced, unemployed, business owner, homeless, skinny girl, going friggen crazy mom!
            Love n light y’all

          • I’m agreeing that she can be cold hearted byatch but she is extremely insecure with her looks and weight, remember she was a fat girl for awhile so she loves the attention men give her and will stop at nothing to continue getting there attention. She will move from man to man and will probly marry a few more times like her momma she hates soooo much, that’s a weird relationship too.

      • I thought the same thing on the surviving single comment. Shit if that’s the case I need a damn talk show I am a single, divorced, unemployed, business owner, homeless, skinny girl, going friggen crazy mom!
        Love n light y’all

    • Samael, I agree with your perception 100%.
      Also, the biggest problem with Bethenny is she has no filter. No Discipline. She talks impulsively without filter or thinking about her words. She goes on and on and feels that she is real when in fact, that’s the problem. People don’t want her to be real. It’s not a reality show, it’s a talk show and she’s supposed to present herself like a hostess. Bethenny is reality show minded. Not a professional. Look, I met Samael in real life, I would be very pleasant, gracious and well mannered. That’s because seeing me face to face represents Me As A Real Person. Bethenny is showing herself for as she really, truly is and viewers dislike her because she is not disciplined, gracious, well mannered and professional. It’s easy to be frank on a computer, but it’s not nice to be so raunchy in public. Bethenny is a tramp and she’s not hiding it.
      Also, I promise, as Bethenny has done this already with her other Bethenny reality show, when Bethenny’s show is officially canceled, she will blame it all on viewers. She will say people didn’t watch her show because they are jealous of her success. Remember, that’s what she blamed her last failing show on. Her Ex Fans turned on her because they were jealous of her success.
      Bethenny has already blamed Ellen Degeneras (I’m certain that’s spelled wrong) and eventually, she’ll blame it on those ex-jealous fans. By the way, many of her genuine fans did turn against her because she faulted them for her failure. Bethenny is selfish, too sexual, too dirty, and most of all, immature.

      • OOPS…. Look, I met Samael in real life, I would be very pleasant, gracious and well mannered.
        Should have read as….. Look, “IF” I met…

      • I agree with you 100% Rosalie. BF is a nasty little person with no morals and no loyalties. She would gladly throw her own mother under the nearest bus for 30 seconds more of fame. She’s a no class loudmouth who interrupts her guests and is nothing more than a common egomaniac. Bethenny did not create the Skinnygirl margarita, as that cocktail recipe is the original recipe for that drink. Bethenny just packaged it using gut-rot tequila,then slapped on her anorexic Skinnygirl logo and promoted the hell out of it. They can’t take her off the air fast enough for me.

  • Her show being cancelled in 6 weeks? She’ll have to continue to tape? What. I’ve seen tv shows not make it pass the third episode? Why are they giving this Tales from the Crypt looking bitch so many tries. It’s over. O V E R. Over. And it has been from the gate. They need to cancel and cut their losses and move onto something or somebody else.

    • They’re not going to. She will not continue to tape! That’s ridiculous and NEVER done! She will get paid off as agreed to in her contract, whatever that may entail but no way in hell do they ever keep production going on a cancelled show. There is no budget to do so. They fire everybody as quickly as possible on these type of sinking ships!

      • Actually, it’s done all the time. Syndicated daytime shows like hers don’t work like nighttime series. The stations that signed up for this show signed up for a full years worth of episodes. Even if it gets cancelled they will still continue to tape and air episodes until labor day. It happened just last year with Jeff Probst’s daytime show and also Ricki Lake’s return to daytime. Both got cancelled due to low ratings yet both kept taping until all the episodes ordered were finished and both shows kept airing until September, months after they were cancelled. Ricki even won a daytime emmy this year for best daytime talk show host AFTER the show had been cancelled.

  • I’m not surprised at all. A chat show just isn’t the right format for Bethenny. She should have stuck with reality tv where the focus is on her only. Bethenny just does not have the empathy and relatability to connect with people and do good interviews. I think she’s a good business woman but this form of media doesn’t bring out her strong suits.

    • On point! Bethenny is too selfish to ACT as if she cares for others, she wanted to be a big movie star and did not have what it takes so next best thing to continue being on TV and keeping the focus on her of course would be a host.

  • Not surprised at all. She’s a become a self-centered drama queen and hasn’t a clue how to interview anyone. She also interrupts her guests and then brings up constantly her problems with Jason.

    • She was always a self-centered drama queen. Its just with no one around her to blame (like other cast members, her husband) you see her for what she really it.

      NO, I’m not surprised the show is on the verge of getting cancelled.

      • I agree! She would have been my cancelled friend if she behaved that way in a personal setting. I love strong women but, airing one’s personal life without an opportunity for rebuttal and the interruption during interviews is uncalled forand rude! She seems to be very defensive on evey level. Kind of a wet blanket.

    • It looks to me that all of the comments are from people who clearly do not like Bethenny. All haters. I actually enjoyed her show. I love her brutal honesty. The only downside that I found about the show is that she always had the same guests on. I would prefer to see different people on the show each day.