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Lilly Ghalichi Says She Is Not Friends With MJ, And Her Shahs Of Sunset Cast Mates Were Rude At Her Party!


It’s no surprise that both Lilly Ghalichi and MJ are still not friends. But, last night was a little glimpse of hope of a friendship when Lilly invited MJ to her prom themed 30th birthday party. When MJ was no longer welcomed at the event, it made the Shahs see Lilly in a different light. Lilly has taken to her Bravo blog, to explain to viewers why she was so cold to MJ and how rude the rest of the cast was for speaking of MJ all night long at her party! Check out what she had to say

MJ and I are not friends. She has been nothing but rude and catty with me since the moment she laid eyes on me. With that said, I honestly don’t dislike her. In fact, I find something about her to be very charming, almost like a mischievous, loveable little girl. Some time has passed since we last saw each other, and since I was inviting four of her close friends to my party (along with 296 of my own friends that do not know MJ), I figured I would extend an olive branch to her and invite her. A new beginning. I also decided to invite both GG and Asa even though they don’t get along because I figured it would be a neutral environment for them to have an opportunity for a new beginning as well. Since so many guests were involved, an electronic invite was the easiest way to tackle the party. There were two ifferent invites sent out, one for the dinner which started at 7 p.m., and a second for the party which started at 8:30 p.m. I didn’t have room to accommodate everyone for dinner, so I only invited my closest friends to that. I decided to invite the entire Shahs group to the dinner, including MJ, and both GG and Asa. I didn’t want anyone to feel left out.

The evite was crystal clear that an RSVP was required in order to reserve a seat for dinner, or attend the party, as a seating chart and strict guest list would be involved. For those that had been sent the evite but had not RSVP’d, we sent out a second email reminder that an RSVP must be received by a deadline date or else their seat would be given. Every single person out of the 150 dinner invites managed to RSVP one way or another (email, text, phone call), expect for MJ. I was a little offended that she would not want to accept my invitation, but it was her right, so on the deadline date, I gave her dinner seat away to a friend. I received MJ’s text asking to RSVP to dinner the day before the event. There was zero chance I was now going to un-invite a real friend whom I had given her seat to on the RSVP deadline date so that someone I knew didn’t even like me or really want to be there and didn’t even have the decency to RSVP until the day before could now come to dinner. Placecards had already been printed, seat name holders had already been printed, and the friend I had given MJ’s seat to was excited to be attending dinner.

If MJ were a close friend of mine, perhaps I would have made it work and asked someone I had given a dinner seat to if they could please give up their seat for her. However, MJ is not a close friend, and I wasn’t willing to give up a seat belonging to someone that is for her after she couldn’t take one minute of her time to click YES to an RSVP. Let’s not forget that MJ had her 40th birthday bash just a few months prior, an event I wasn’t invited to. Not a single member of the group had an issue with the fact that I wasn’t invited, nor did they bring it up to her even once before, during, or after her birthday party/stripper bus limo ride. I never mentioned it to anyone, and it didn’t really bother me because it was her moment, her birthday. It should be about her, not me. To have the group constantly talk about MJ at my birthday party is rude and disrespectful. I understand that they are friends with her, and they wished she were there for their own selfish reasons, but this is not her birthday party, and the 296 other guests there are not worrying about nor do they even know or want MJ there. If Reza, Asa, Mike, and GG were my real friends, they wouldn’t be worrying about it either. Not tonight anyway.

What hurt me the most is that many other guests overheard the Shahs group talk about the MJ situation on multiple occasions during the night, as well as them making comments about how absurd my party and/or dresses were. I received numerous calls days later from friends to warn me about catty remarks they heard from the group. That’s really hurtful and embarrassing. I would never, ever attend an event thrown by any of them only to make fun of, or talk negatively about them or their event. That is so tasteless and childish. A birthday party is a time of celebration for the life of the person whose birthday it is, not a time to discuss problems and what someone should or should not have done relating to guest. If the group had an issue with me not kicking one of my friends out of dinner to accommodate their friend MJ the night before the party, they should have discussed it with me at some time after the party, it should not have been a topic of discussion at my party, especially to me.

To see Asa in interview state how wrong it was that I not make room for “a good friend” of mine is “ludicrous” as she put it. Did Asa really just call MJ my “good friend?” Is that a joke, Asa? MJ has been anything but a good friend to me — she has been the exact opposite, and Asa knows that firsthand. If MJ were a good friend to me what Asa is saying would be correct, but she isn’t a friend at all, so me even inviting her in the first place was very generous. Asa being the woman of fairness and integrity that I know she is should not have made such a ridiculous statement towards me. Why didn’t you say something to my “good friend” MJ about your disappointment in her when I wasn’t even invited to her party? I fed and entertained 300 people I love that night in celebration of my birthday. Whether they were young, old, tall, short, rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight, is irrelevant. I love my friends for the people they are. I am hurt and offended by the group. They have a double standard when it comes to MJ and me, and the shade thrown at me for my party was really unnecessary.

With that said, I do feel bad that MJ felt uninvited, it was never my intention to make her feel that way. My intention from the start was to make her feel exactly the opposite, invited, which is why I chose to invite her despite our past.

It sounds like Lilly’s party planner should have organized her invites better. How do you invite a number of people to your party that you don’t all have room for? What if they all would have RSVP’D? I doubt Lilly has over 300 close friends. And I’m sure she could have made room for ONE more person. I don’t think the rest of the cast talked about MJ the whole time, I mean of course that’s all what was shown, but I do think they had a right to be upset about it. Do you guys agree with Lilly? Or do you think she was just being mean to MJ?

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  • mohammed is creepy, and dont forget, the father of yolanda’s kids. yolanda is nothing but a gold digger.
    btw, that model shoot was so laughable, go to college or something. i think lily is ruining shahs, she has none of the persian culture and is so self aggrandized

  • Who in the hell wants a prom party at 30??? And four dress changes ?? I do not like Lily. She is so odd looking with that huge hair and tiny body. I’m glad the shahs are finally seeing her true colors. I don’t think Coccanut is the only one who took a shot to the head. She needs to get ovee herself. It’s no wonder her boyfriend of 10 years dumped her. She’s spoiled and annoying. The show was much better before she joined the cast. Just my personal opinion

  • Mohammod was also married to Yolanda. He really gets around. Do you think maybe she married him for money??? LOL

  • You could see it on there faces that they were jealous of lily and her well put together party. I’m a fan of Asa but she acts funny when she gets around the whole group.

    • I definitely think MJ is jealous of Lilly. What other reason does she have to not like her? She was so mean and rude to her last season.

    • Asa isn’t nice person. She trys to get others to follow her lead when she bullies the other cast members GG shouldn’t have tried to hit her however she didn’t even care that she was hitting a nerve talking about the size of Omid’s nose.GG was teased about her nose so much that it caused her issues even into her adulthood besides we all know telling someone they have a big nose is like telling a guy they have a super small package no matter how you spin it its rude.

  • “It sounds like Lilly’s party planner should have organized her invites better. How do you invite a number of people to your party that you don’t all have room for?”
    If you have dinner for 10 people, and 10 people RSVPed, it doesn’t matter how organized the invites were. Everyone knows how to RSVP, and to not do so is inherently disrespectful to the host. Is this rocket science?

    “What if they all would have RSVP’D? I doubt Lilly has over 300 close friends. And I’m sure she could have made room for ONE more person.”
    This is again a moot point and has nothing to do with the actual argument. MJ didn’t have enough common sense to simply click reply with “yes” until a day before the event. It doesn’t matter if the party was 20 people or 300 people, MJ is ridiculously irresponsible. Lilly extended the olive branch and it was rejected.

    “I do think they had a right to be upset about it. Do you guys agree with Lilly? Or do you think she was just being mean to MJ?”
    I don’t think they had a right to be upset. Did we forget how horrible these people were to MJ last season? If Lilly dis-inviting someone who is NOT her friend to her OWN birthday party is the worst thing in the world, I think the rest of the cast are hypocrites and should not throw stones at Lilly when every inch of their house is made of glass.

    • First of all I do believe MJ did give Lillly the cold shoulder from the very start however wouldn’t you ? She appears to be the most self absorbed /shallow person on the entire show. She entered a group of old established friends that are more like family than friends and expected the same loyalty that they had to each other. If she would have humbled her self a little and removed the stick from her ass MJ would have perhaps given her a chance. MJ saw through her barbie bullshit and was just waiting tor the others to follow suit it seems they finally have. As for the RSVP yes MJ should have followed the rules but lets face it Lilly only invited her to “look” like the bigger person when in fact she was probably glad she could use the e-vite as a way to exclude MJ from the group without looking like a jerk. As for MJ she may arrive late get a little to drunk at times but she seems genuine and fun and along with Mike is the mort likeable cast member.

  • Lilly owes nothing to MJ. MJ was such a bitch to Lilly from the second she met her; she never even gave her a chance. MJ is a drunk fool who needs to grow up.

  • I haven’t watched and not sure I’m going to lol…as Katfish Wakile says “BUH”…..I think most of the “Shah’s” have realized how their pile on of MJ last Season backfired on them. (Looking @ you Reza and Assa)and were definitely trying to rehab their images/play up their MJ devotion for the cameras at the party. While I don’t care for Lily, (or most of this cast for that matter, lol) she is exactly right and surprisingly the LEAST fake with this explanation blog.

  • What a horrible spectacle…errr, I mean party. Hail to the Queen of Nothing.
    If I thought Lily was pretentious and annoying before this partay confirmed it.
    Most of her guests looked dressed (or undressed) for a Halloween swingers fest.

  • I really don’t get all the Lilly hate. She happens to be right. She DID invite MJ to the party, MJ CHOSE not to RSVP. I would have done the exact same thing. None of this would have been an issue had MJ simply “répondez s’il vous plaît.”

      • This wasn’t mj party….she was a guest and should have abide by the rules. This bunch has a history of following orders from Reza and I think this season it’s going to be all about bashing Lilly. Mj is messy and acts like a little girl, Reza is a mean girl who thinks he is still in HS. Lilly is better off without all of them.

    • Lilly is right. I must say that she isn’t my favorite. Way too uptight and shallow for me. And she loves herself quite a bit

      But in regards to the dinner she is correct. When you have a dinner of that magnitude you RSVP. Period. Now a days people over all has lost curtesy and respect. MJ is more than capable of sending a yes or no. When I go to an event that requests RSVP you do it.

    • I agree. While I am a fan of MJ i think its bullshit how she is always late to every event or gathering. For her to RSVP late reminds me of gretchHORSE who didnt even bother to rsvp at Tamras wedding.

      Uh, who do you think you are?

      To not rsvp om time means you are desperate for attention in my opinion. Its either a yes, or a no. After that, keep it moving. Mj was wrong in this situation and i’m glad lilly didnt liss her ass and reserve a spot for her last minute. Sorry!

      • Hi mich

        I like Mike too. I think he is normal, and the most honest with and about all of them. I also believe him when he says what happens at stuff.

          • He is hot, isn’t he?

            The fact that MJ saw him naked and said that he is very well-endowed was also a selling point for me. Just sayin’….

        • Lola!!!!! OMG… how funny but I love your honesty 😉 When I really liked him, was when he went to speak to his parents about his girlfriend, who happens to be Italian 🙂 I thought it was a great moment for the show, to show how he is respecting his parents, holding on to his values, but loving how someone should love another , not just doing what others thinks is right causing him unhappiness.

          • All jokes aside, the thing I like about Mike the MOST is that he truly does seem to be a nice and respectful guy. He’s not perfect, but I don’t know a human being that is.

            He seems to adore his family and to adore his girlfriend too. And I like that as well. I loved seeing him express his love for his girlfriend to his family, and I loved seeing them accept her based on the fact that he loves her so much.

            I read that she converted to Judaism for him.

            I’d probably convert for his a*s too! I’d have to call my Mama and say, “No more Christmas trees fools!! I’m Jewish now! Mazel tov to me and my man!!”

            My Mom would probably hang up the phone and then start praying her rosary and say some novenas for me.

          • Ha! My whole family would hang up and pray the rosary LOL
            I do agree, he does seem to be respectful etc., – makes him very likable!
            Off topic- my cousin converted from Catholic to Lutheran for her first hubby… and people did all stress together and pray . My Grandparents were devastated so my Grams ( God rest her soul) was turning up like no one’s biz with her rosary 🙂 After several years, they divorced. She got sick of being a Stepford wife, moved away, met a new man, married and has her first child now 🙂

    • Hey holy!

      Mike called her out on her blog? I havent seen the episode yet, sitting on my dvr. I hope allabouttrh posts his blog and the others. I would love to see what they all say/think on every episode. I love the shahs!

  • She invited 296 of her closest friends, what an intimate party this must have been I can totally see why MJ got snubbed for the RSVP’ing in time.

  • She said she had 2 parts of her bday celebration: dinner and the “after” party. Only certain people/close friends were invited to dinner. She invited MJ to dinner bc the rest of the cast was invited and she wanted to extend an olive branch. It makes sense to me why she couldn’t just make room for another person at the last minute… people are told to RSVP for a reason.

    But needless to say, by giving the seat away she made herself look bad to people who don’t understand how everything was organized. She should’ve just left it empty whether or not MJ came, that way she’d look like she was making an effort to be nice regardless.

    • I agree and understand that she couldn’t make room at dinner because it was basically set up like a wedding. However if she was a bit nicer in her text to MJ and said she was sorry she couldn’t fit her in at dinner but would love her come later for the cocktail party I think she could have avoided these issues all together.

    • I agree. Mj is a part of the cast. I can see both sides of the story. Mj SHOULD HAVE either denied or accepted the invitation. I dont like how the cast was also confronting lilly about mj too. It totally wasnt the time or place. Why does mj think she is too busy to respond to an e-vite?

    • I understand Lilly is organized and strict with her events but putting one more plate on the table is not a big hassle, for crying out loud. I think she knew exactly what she was doing. she clearly doesn’t like MJ and only invited her to save face and probably was hoping MJ wouldn’t show up. I can’t really blame her. I would probably do the same too but she needs to stop trying to make excuses. I’m not buying it.

      and the RSVP thing. people take that way too seriously. they act like you committed a crime if you don’t RSVP. get a grip.

      oh and that whole “it’s my party, I’ll cry if I want to” was just a song and acting like that is even more rude then the shahs crew talking about their friend.

      • I don’t think not RSVPing is a crime. I think it’s just an inconvenience when trying to get things together. Some people are more anal about these things than others and to them, it may seem like “Well they weren’t considerate enough to RSVP like asked to so they are seen as not coming.” I just think it’s stupid to not RSVP (or RSVP after the deadline) then complain that you don’t have a spot. I can’t blame her for that either.

        And being from the south, we ALWAYS have way too much food (lol) so if it was my thing she could’ve come still. I’m not buying that Lily genuinely “likes” MJ and wants to be friends or whatever, but the dinner thing makes sense. I didn’t even watch the episode so idk how she was acting that night.

  • Is she practicing vocal lessons or something??? Because all I heard was ME-ME-ME I-I-I ME-ME-ME…

    Get over yourself!

    I thought she was annoying and spoiled last season but slightly tolerable!! Now she’s just ridiculous and completely intolerable….

        • 1st of all I want to know when it became politically correct to become completely obnoxious, just because it’s your event??? Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or anniversary we can just say “well it’s my day so I can be as ridiculous as I want?” Totally disagree!

          Everybody knows what a hot mess MJ is! Is it right? NO!!! Is it who MJ is and is allowed to be? YES! Clearly, a high end restaurant would NEVER be equipped to add 1 more seat at a table… really? Was it polite? NO, but it is what happened!!! She can either let it go or whine in her me me me blog. Clearly she chose not to take the high road..

          • I could give a flying fig about being politically correct. It’s a bunch of crap forced on us by those that whine about everything.
            So what your saying is, it’s okay for MJ to be a totally obnoxious, inconsiderate bitch but Lilly can’t be ridiculous on her birthday? Oh, it wasn’t a “high end restaurant”, it was a private residence

  • Btw HOT DANG Mohammed your woman is FIYAAAA!!

    A few hundred steps up from Yolanda, looks wise bc I know nothing about her. Rawrrrr…that Mohamed loves his young women lol hosting a 30th bday in his mansion lolol

    • Remember mohammed was with julia a few seasons ago on rhobh. Wonder what happened to her and where shiva came from. I wonder if she was a part of the escort social ring in los angeles.

  • Also, does that scary looking dude Mohammed own part of Bravo? Why is he always cropping up in their shows?

    • That’s his WOMAN in the red!

      Gosh I hate this dbl standard. Just LOOK AT HER…now if Mohammed was a slipper salesman in some Morrocan shanty town would she still “love & adore”him??? Lol he’s so GROSS looking.

      • Actually that lady in red was Lily’s friend who owned the house the party was at. Mohammed walked in with some older lady closer to his age with an orange dress. I could be wrong, maybe they hooked up later…Lol

        • I saw him walk in with an older lady too. I shouldn’t be, but I was suprised he was with a lady close to his age only because on housewives his GF or wife or whatever was a 20 something year old model.

          this guy is super rich and knows lisa which is why he is on housewives. He is connected to the shaws somehow, he was on the first season too doing busienss with sammy.

        • Yup. The woman in the red dress is indeed Mohammed’s girlfriend! Look at his instagram account. It’s pretty gross….he likes them young!!!

        • And let’s be very clear. Shiva (the girl in red) does NOT own the house. That is Mohammeds house and she just lives there lol.

          • Yep! That was the house that was shown first and second season of RHOBH. Also the location of where Pandoras engagement party. Its 100% mohammeds house, not shivas. I’m sure shiva was one of lillys gfs. First and second season mohammed was with Julia the model (hmmm)

            also a lot of the girls at lillys party are well known escorts/madams in thr los angeles area. Dont know why shes hanging around girls like that? Reza was making a comment about the tranny who walked in, indeed she id a tranny and an escort from LA. they call her “kanye chest” on and the articles sent in are from clients who have hired her.

    • OMG 2funny…I was thinking the SAME exact thing ladies when I saw him in the picture above…Lol does he own Bravo stock??

      • He is everywhere… HW’s, Shahs… was also on Million Dollar Listing, LOL? Its almost creepy…” Where’s Waldo/Mohammed”???

    • Was thinking the SAME thing hahaha!! He’s friends with Kim on ATL, he’s friends with Marysol on MIA, he’s friends with Lisa/ex of Yolanda on BH, he’s friends with that chubby guy on Shah’s… did I leave anyone out? OC and NYC need to get a representative. And can we get a new city while we’re at it? That’s what Bravo should do next.

      • You guys are confusing Mohammed with Thomas Kramer. Thomas is the one with the Kim Zolciak connection as well as the Marysol connection.

        I also believe the man you guys think entered the party with a woman his own age was that Martin dude they tried hooking Kim Richards up with. And the party was in fact held at Mohammed’s house and that Shiva (whatever her name is) is his fiance. I could be wrong though.

    • LOL He is a scary looking person @ Honnie. It is weird how he keeps showing up on all the Bravo shows.

    • Ok I think I got it after reading all of the hilarious comments above. Here is what I pieced together 🙂
      I confused Mohammed with Martin. (they look alike from afar)
      That house is Mohammed’s. Period. ;p and Shiva (Red dress chick) is his fiancé who brought her gold digging shovel in tow(per Reza)and Mohammed accepted her dig. Got it!
      Martin, not Mohammed, walked in with the older orange dress lady.
      So who is this Martin dude? Is he just a not as rich version of Mohammed but runs in the same circle? because he’s around just as much popping up like Where’s Waldo LOL..posted up thread ^^ also??

      • Jenn, Martin is the guy that Lisa and Ken set up with kim on season 1 of RHOBH. Oh, I forgot, he’s also the poor guy that was in the limo when Vyle spilled the beans on Kims drinking.

        • Hi omgee 🙂
          Oh Geez he was in that messy scene? No wonder sparks didn’t fly. He wants no part of that hot mess. But who is he(Martin) that keeps popping up and confusing me making me think it’s Mohammed sometimes? Is he like a male “socialite” ;p Seriously, I know Mohammed is a real estate investor/house flipper/contractor etc…and that’s how he made his mark on the millionaire scene…but who is this Martin and what is his claim to fame? besides friend of Mohammed and the housewives?

  • What’s with Mikes gf’s face? Is she on Americas Next TopModel?? Settle down Fiji water girl, you are t the star of the show….what a drastic change she has gone through. I suppose being the gf of a C list reality “star” make some think they need to REALLY step it UP Kardashian style lolol

  • I think regardless if she liked MJ or not, because she invited the rest of the cast, she should have invited MJ on principal. She was clearly sending a message that everyone understood.

    • She DID invite MJ. MJ CHOSE not to reply. The other cast members did. I don’t understand the double standard.

      • Thank you @omgee…MJ was invited to both the dinner and party…2 separate evites were sent….everyone else RSVP’d for the events….MJ did not respond by the deadline and her seat was given away….
        150 evites were for dinner….after MJ not responding, her seat was given away…

        I really don’t care for Lilly or MJ but that is how Lilly ran HER party…no exceptions….it was her day…

        • This dinner was not held a McDonalds, it was held at a classy/highend place of business. The evite clearly stated RSVP by a certain date. MJ did not respond on time and responded the day before the event. Everything is 90% completed the day before the event by the party planner. Lily had every right to deny the 11th hour RSVP…it was too late. There are other guests you have to think about. This is on MJ not Lily. The others should have understood and not made an issue out of it especially in public. Also, did the others complain when MJ didn’t invite Lily to her party. Fair is fair and manners are manners.

  • Lily is a spoiled, tacky brat with too big of a head and too small of a body. Lily just loves playing the victim. She threw as much shade at MJ as MJ threw at her. STFU lily. And your dress was tacky.

    • I agree with Lilly!! And what the heck, Ashley rub? Lilly JUST said in her blog that she invited half to the dinner and everyone to the celebration. It was at someone’s home so, no, maybe there wasn’t enough room for 300 guests to feed and place. If you know anything about planning, it’s RUDE to not respond to an RSVP and EXPECT people to accommodate you. That’s the whole point in rsvping, so the know how many ppl to expect so they can accommodate you with food and enough room.

      I’m a wife and mom. Ain’t nobody got time to be buying overage and cooking my butt off for a bunch of people who MIGHT show up because they can’t take a minute to RSVP. Let’s not forget that mj saw the invite and admitted to sitting on it UNTIL reza said something to her, so mj was rude to expect anything more than what she got.

    • I don’t like Lily but I agree with her. MJ didn’t give a damn about the party and she probably wasn’t hurt that she didn’t attend. Also, the entirre cast is over the top and strange but oh so much fun to watch. I can’t help feeling like I am watching a train wreck that’s amusing as well as scary. When Lily talked about “class” I almost fell off of my chair. There waas nothing classy about that party or about any of the Shah’s. They are truly made of “gold”, a metal with little substance but lots of shine.

    • I have watched the Shahs of Sunset since the start. It seems that in the latest season when Reza and M.J[the biggest looser of them all]are friends again..Long story short,Reza is a drama queen and M.J. is so desperate she will stab any one in the back to get approval for the moment. What ever ,Reza and M.J. suck… Lilly has class,Asa is a stupid hippie, and G.G. kicks Ass!