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RHOA Recap: Kenya Moore Is Still Crazy While Porsha D Stewart’s Life Is Far From Perfect!

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Before I start my recap, I’ll be honest about something. I’ve never really been a fan of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Especially for the past two seasons, but let me tell you something, I am back and a HUGE fan once again! Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered this Sunday and started off with a bang!

Sunday’s episode begins with NeNe Leakes opening her wedding gifts from stars like Teresa Giudice who she refers to as a “rich bitch” after opening her gift. She then opens other gifts from co-stars like Porsha Stewart.

Speaking of Porsha Stewart, she is going through a lot after her very public divorce came to headlines all over the media. It’s crazy to think that Porsha once had the “perfect life” and now she’s at a completely opposite place. Porsha’s having a hard time and reveals when speaking to her lawyer that she learned about her divorce through the media. It’s disgusting that Porsha found out about her divorce through TMZ rather than her own husband, Kordell. It’s fine that Kordell wanted a divorce but he could have at least had the decency to tell his wife, the women who was taking care of her stepson and the women he once loved. What I found nice is that Porsha told her lawyer regardless of what Kordell did that she is willing to fight for her marriage if Kordell still wants too. It is nice to see someone put their pride aside and try to save their marriage rather then quickly throwing it away. Porsha and Kordell are set to have a divorce deposition but asks her lawyer to see if Kordell wants to work on a list of things that Porsha requests in order to save this marriage.

Back over at Cynthia, she is currently moving her modeling school to another location and gets a visit from Kenya Moore who she says she hasn’t spoken to in months. It’s clear Bravo had something to do with this visit. While Kenya visits, Cynthia explains that she is going to throw a party for her new place and invites Kenya. Cynthia explains that Kenya probably needs to mend things with a lot of the ladies who she has problems with. Kenya then brings up that she and NeNe are actually in drama because NeNe invited Kenya’s ex, Walter to her wedding! Great! Were back at hearing this nonsense about Kenya’s ex, Walter. I don’t understand why Kenya is mad that NeNe invited Walter when Kenya was the one who brought Walter around the cast while they were dating. It’s obvious Walter was going to build a relationship with the RHOA men considering he was with them so much.

We are later introduced to Pheardra’s son Dylan! He is absolutely adorable. Phaedra has moved into a new home and it looks great. So does Apollo 😉

Back at Kandi’s home, she is getting ready to get married for the first time to her boyfriend of two years, Todd. Kandi opens up about her mother not being okay with Todd anymore and responds to all the hate that she gets regarding if she is a sugar mama. Kandi explains that she was the one who wrote TLC’s big hit scrubs insinuating that she is NO sugamama and knows better. Todd thinks he and Kandi’s mom should have a discussion with Kandi to patch things up. Kandi doesn’t seem like she wants to go through with it but knows she eventually has too.

Porsha and NeNe are having lunch and NeNe is shocked when she notices Porsha is still wearing her wedding ring. Porsha explains she still feels married. Later, we see Porsha stop by her mothers house after the divorce deposition. Porsha looks completely broken and it is sad to see. She explains to her mother and sister that things didn’t go well and when she asked Kordell to look over a list of things on how they could work it out, he flat out said no. Porsha was in tears and you could see her sister and mother in pain for her. Porsha explains that Kordell didn’t ever have a reasoning on why he wanted a divorce but insinuates that her ex-husband could be gay because at times he didn’t physically want her. That’s a big accusation to bring out and odd considering she wanted to stay with him even though there could be a chance that she believed he was gay. Regardless, Kordell is a selfish human being who needs to apologize to the person he once loved. I thought Porsha’s mother was making great points. She’s a smart lady. Porsha is just upset that the marriage is over considering she thought it was going to be forever making sure she notes that the tears aren’t for Kordell.

It’s time to for Cynthia’s party and all the ladies are present! Things are awkward considering Kenya has problems with Porsha, NeNe, and Phaedra! Kenya approaches Porsha and starts speaking about Kordell saying she heard about the situation. Porsha looks at her confused saying she knows considering she got a text from Kenya when it all went down. Couldn’t help but laugh when that was said. NeNe planned to ignore Kenya at the party but Kenya approaches NeNe explaining the reason she didn’t come to her wedding. Kenya says it was because NeNe had the audacity to invite her ex-boyfriend, Walter. The two go at it and NeNe is over Kenya. Kenya continues to act outrageous and NeNe is hilarious while she blows her off. I’m excited to announce that the Real Housewives of Atlanta is BACK and from watching the previews on what is to come-this is definitely going to be one of the best seasons, yet!

Tell me: What did you think of Sunday’s premiere? Let’s Discuss below:

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  • Kandi’s mom is a lazy bum!!! She has been trying to move her lazy bum in Kandi’s house since day one! She is a leach and will do anything to break up Kandi and Todd in the hopes of moving in that house. What mom begs to live with their daughter and deliberately tries to sabotage their daughters wedding simply to move her bum in the house?

  • I like the wit on the Atlanta how, but I really find Kenya hard to stomach.

    As to the others, I like them all even when sometime I think they are wrong or silly.

  • Loved last nights first episode! Nene rocked it! I was pissed over that creepy Peter buying that warehouse without Cynthias knowledge six months before she knew about it. AND it was partly her money. And he is her landlord? He is another control freak similar to Cordell. Never have liked him much. Last season almost lost me due to Kenya who is just too psycho for me and fake. I am down to just two housewife shows BH and ATL. Can’t stand any of the others anymore as the peeps just got too obnoxious and absolutely grotesque to me.

  • I have been losing interest in this franchise for quite some time right now. However, now that ATL and BH are back I am trying to get back into it. And, last night delivered for me big time. I am already hating on Kenya and loving Nene. The rest I could take or leave, but Nene is definitely the star of the show and she knows it, but Kenya wants that title bad. It is going to be good I think..

    On a side note, I don’t like the makeup that Kenya uses. It is WAY too thick…..I think it looks gone with the wind ridiculous on her.

  • A lot of people are not fans of Season 4 and 5. Anyways, Kenya needs to have several seats, and I am proud of NeNe for how she handled Kenya. Kenya really needs to let it go with Walter, and they are CO WORKERS, not friends. It is almost embarrassing to watch.

    Something about Peter buying the place she moved her place in behind her back and him being the landlord does not sit right with me. She is speaking up now, good for her.

    Phaedra and Apoo scene was awkward. The whole Porsha thing is sad, but she should not have tried to make that list after how he divorced her.

    I am looking forward to this season and to see Marlo come back.

  • I stopped watching Miami & NJ recently, but am back for ATL. These ladies have the funniest one liners of all the franchises. Seeing the season preview I wonder what got Kandi so mad? She was with Todd on WWHL last night. It is hard to see that Cynthis & Peter will have more financial problems. Nene is hilarious. And its clear Kenya is silly and plays it up, I can laugh with her. She lightens things up. LOL the clip where she twerks the piano.

  • Where to begin…I for one am soooo over Nene Leakes. She acts like she is a “rich bitch” queen of the damn world. Bitch please pay your damn taxes, and remember where you came from. A little humble pie would do her some good. As far as Kenya is concerned I wouldn’t go to the wedding either if my ex-was invited, well I would go with a fabulous man next to me lol. Kenya the knows from the reunion the so called “men” support Waldo and they treated her with disrespect. Peter’s broke ass should go back to wherever he is from…sucking poor Cynthia dry. Lastly, Fakedra Miss Southern Belle, NOT, she makes my skin crawl and I FF when she is on.

    • Didn’t she read kenya a bedtime story. Say what you want about Nene, but you can’t get her. The only one who came close to getting Nene was Sheree, and she was still hit and miss.

      • I don’t know about hit and miss thing with Sheree. Her telling NeNe to get her mother fucking teeth fixed tripped me up, and NeNe is a bt intimidated by her. Kenya tried, but failed. Try again Gone

  • Everytime I’m ready to dismiss Leakes, she comes and give me life. Didn’t she get Moore together last night? Nene, I’m sorry I talkedajor shit bitch, you read kenya for filth, and I lived and loved it.

    Porsha Porsha Porsha. Poor thing. She’s a pretty ole big eyed thing. And her mama and sister are both very pretty too. I’m not sure I believe that she’s smart enough to be cunning manipulative. I’m thinking she was more truthful last night. Kordell, what a damn dummy. That clown knows fully damn well that Porsha has a camera crew. He should’ve a) tried to appease her with getting back together; b) tried to purchase her silence; and/or c) had a judge issue a gag order. And then his dumb ass sitting with peter talking bout that’s his wife and he better know where she’s at. Hell, that’s not property, or a child; that’s a partner. Her mother was right (Dramatic as hell, but right). He shouldn’t expect loyalty from her, that’s an idiots way of thinking. In fact, he should get together with Kenya, cause they’re both pretty dumb and unrealistic on their expectations of treatment from people.

    • I go back and forth with Nene too, but last night the queen of RHOA delivered! She definitely exercised restraint where Kenya was concerned, because that season 1 Nene would have slapped some sense into that crazy lady’s head!

      I think Kenya is ill, truly. What person who’s allegedly moved on, and says they never actually cared for this person, has such a strong reaction to them? And did you see her ignorant ass on WWHL? She didn’t know that you’re supposed to RSVP whether or not you’re attending an event! Ugh! RUDE!

      I really feel for Porsha. I believe that she gave her all to that marriage. I don’t know why Kordell’s stupid ass keeps talking. I don’t feel he should be acting incensed that she implied that he could be gay, those rumors have been going around about him for years. Porsha’s mama made excellent points about him wanting a wife he could dress up and give a nice car to so that it makes him look a certain way. That man wants an arm accessory, not a wife. I agree with everything that you said about how he should have handled the situation. He is a fool.

    • I thought so too! I didn’t catch the entire episode, but I kept thinking how gorgeous Porsha looked and how terrible Kenya looked.