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NeNe Leakes Opens Up About Kenya Moore’s Foolishness; Says She Is Thirsty!

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Many were surprised when Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes kept her cool about Kenya Moore after Kenya Moore got aggressive with her on Sunday’s premiere episode. NeNe took to her blog to open up about Kenya’s foolishness and explain her side of the confrontation! Check it out below

“The Housewives of Atlanta are back! For those of you who know me, I don’t like to give long blogs or long speeches. I like to hit the points and move on, so here goes!

The episode definitely delivered the action you guys like to see! As many of you know, Gregg and I have remarried. We had a beautiful ceremony filled with love, tears, happiness, and joy. If you have ever been a bride, then you know the high stress involved to plan and deliver a dream wedding. My wedding was no exception. I would go so far as to say mine was even more stressful, because I was getting married on TV and the world was invited to attend.

I invited family, friends, business associates, and some people out of respect! Kenya fit in the respect category, because I didn’t know her well, but we were on the show together. Now whether she attended or not wasn’t important to me, but out of respect, I thought she would at least respond to me (and not on Twitter)! She responded on Twitter by saying congrats to us, which showed me she wanted the world to know she was invited and also wanted them to know she didn’t attend. The motives people have are sometimes crystal clear! Remember I told you “motives”…we will revisit this again later in the season! Wink wink.

The Bailey Agency Opening: Yeah, my girl Cynthia is moving on to a bigger and better location! Just to bring you up to speed, Gregg and I had been married two weeks when Cynthia held her event. As you saw, Kenya visited with Cynthia and told her she thought her “friends” would have reached out to her during her time of eviction (referring to me, Kandi, and Cynthia). Foolishness! Now you need to practice what you preach, Miss Kenya. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you! I already told you Kenya didn’t reach out to me.

Listen I am a smart girl. When I enter a room, I can feel the energy. I knew once Kenya entered that the foolishness was about to begin, so I tried to remove myself by taking a tour of Cynthia’s new space but ended up bumping into Kenya anyway. She approached me about why Walter was invited to my wedding and why I hadn’t reached out to her during her eviction drama. So let me answer! Surely someone who claims to be a top actress, producer, and director who is selling DVDs everywhere is not evicted! Besides this was not national news. This was on a few blogs. I didn’t feel the need to reach out about gossip. Why I invited Walter is simple: I was getting married! I will repeat, I was getting married, which means I invite whoever the hell I choose!

Now let me say this before I end. My Twitter blew up and my phone just about caught on fire when Kenya grabbed my ear. I have come a long ways baby! I know when somebody wants a reaction out of me for their own purposes. I know water is free in America, but so many of these girls are thirsty! I’m not willing to risk what I have, what I have worked for, and what I have become for somebody that has been on a 20 year hiatus! Now had that been me all up in somebody’s personal space, I would be called a bully, violent, aggressive, mean, and everything else, but it’s OK for people to violate me?”

Thoughts on what NeNe had to say? Who’s side are you on?

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  • I dont know, i have mixed feelings when it comes down to Mrs. Leaks. I mean if you look back seasons past, she was deffinatly the bully, and now it appears that karma may be catching up to her, and forcing her to deal with ms. Moore.
    howexer, even back when kims wig was being pulled or danielle having a table flipped on her. Bullying is never ok.
    But im notsure if this falls into bullying orif it is harrassment. Either way. Ms. Moore is a grown ass woman as she likes to say and needs to keep her hands to herself. Or facethe consequencess. I was bullied as a child and some as an adult because im so nice. But now ive learned to be niceand still stand up for myself even if that means some one gets back a broken hand 😉

    • @BleedingEyes

      I hate bullying and bullies, …but, what I hate worst is when people misused and over use this words.

      NeNe is not a bully. Just because you don’t agree with a person says or does not make that person a bully. It simply mean you do not agree. There is a HUGE difference.

      • Nene does exude bullylike behavior though. This is the exact reason I stopped givin a hootenanny about nene… She was terrible to a few people on the show and DID bully them. She 10000000% bullied Kim on and off camera. Lost respect for her back then.
        There is disagreeing with something and then there’s bullying. Nene bullied Kim and sheree. Sheree just fought back better than Kim, she was more assertive, Kim I think tried to fight back but had more emotion in it and couldn’t believe how vile nene was with her. Pulling Kim’s wig and chokin her off camera. Me thinks that just may be bullying.

    • And bleeding, sorry to hear you were bullied as a child and in your adult life. 🙁 some people are just mean and look for targets which are usually the nice ones. It’s a shame isn’t it? You would think the nice ones would be the must appreciated ones. It’s kind of like dating though, you fall for the bad ones first… The nice ones you pass up, until you realize how much better the nice ones really are lol

  • & Kenya is pre housewives. Nene thinks she’s the only one that an actress. She’s just getting started. Kenya has been in alot of movies and shows. I would suggest for you ppl to do your research!

  • Nene is jealous. Kenya is the hot topic of the show and that is why she’s mad. Nene is thirsty just as much as Kenya is. Her shows got cancelled so what else does she have to hold on to?… Rhoa!

    • LOL Kenya is NOT the hot topic of the show gf maybe you should do your research…. Kenya shoulda been a one season wonder… No one cares for her, at least Portia seems authentic… Portia is more of a hot topic then kenyuck. Hell, even nenes DOG is more of a hot topic lol

  • I have to say that I am on Nene’s side with this one. I planned a wedding not 1/100th…Lol the size of Nene’s and it can be very stressful. Everybody had things going on in their lives.
    I really give Nene credit for keeping her cool being that Kenya put her hands on her. She definitely did that thinking she was going to get a rise out of her and cause a fight.
    I never liked Kenya…and still don’t. She makes every event about her and causes a scene.
    Porsha’s charity event, Kandi’s Housewarming party, Cynthia’s BET model shoot, and Phaedra’s fitness video, Nene’s shoe dazzle charity event. Did I leave anything out?
    And wasn’t Kenya in Africa with her prince boyfriend anyway up until recent weeks before filming? She was MIA on the Atlanta social scene…so out of sight…out of mind. And…if she’s so happy with her new boyfriend why would any of this bother her anyway? She would have came back all happy and bragging about her new life. But instead she acts like a spoiled entitled child and was even miserable in Cancun with Miss Lawrence at some sort of pre-wedding celebration for Kandi. Where was her boyfriend again? Hmmmm???? Me thinks this boyfriend is just as REAL as Walter. Misery loves company. I see Nene’s point in not feeding into Kenya’s drama. She knows she’s thirsty for any exposure and is not going to react and get sued and lose everything that she has worked for. JMO of this scripted drama ;p

    • oh and why would Walter being at Nene’s wedding upset her? She attended Peter’s “men’s event” with another man where there were probably only like 100 people in attendance and Walter clearly tried to stay away from her…and a year later Nene’s wedding with I believe she said she had 400 guests were there. What were the odd’s of her bumping into him. I’m sure he brought a date…and she has a boyfriend right? lol I don’t think Nene invited Walter to get a rise out of Kenya. Walter formed legitimate friendships with the husbands…and Walter & Kenya’s relationship was fake from the get go anyways. Andy even called her out on it on the recent WWHL with Kandi…and she was all flustered backtracking that she really didn’t want to be with him…just wanted to be married. Oy’Vay. I just can’t with her. Either she’s really cray cray…or a really good actress on this show…Lol

  • Kenya acted like a snotty nose school girl trying to get a reaction out of Nene, but the
    gesture ,Failed.
    Kenya should seek help, before its to late, she is a 40 plus, year old woman. She will try to get away with’ that’ on the wrong person, next time she won’t be so lucky.

  • We already know about Marlo coming back later, so the “motives” thing is not a secret. I agreed with Kenya being too much. An eviction is not something to feel bad for someone about if they did not pay, so have a seat Kenya, and NeNe can invite anyone she wants. Who would think about “I should not invite this person to my wedding because they were in a fake relationship with my co-worker”. Who thinks about that when they are planning a wedding?

  • I’ve grown to like Nene, but I must say that it shows absolutely NO CLASS for her to register for, expect and accept wedding gifts after having been married to the same guy for fifteen years (I won’t even go into the E-vites and the lavish wedding iteslf). The right thing to do would have been to ask guests to make a charitable donation. Tacky!

  • Kenya got evicted for the same reason that the States of California and Georgia have filed liens against Gregg and NeNe. They don’t PAY THEIR BILLS!!! They feel entitled and they’re all now learning that they’re not so “rich bitch.”

  • I love Kenya and I feel like Nene should understand when someone doesn’t like someone and don’t want to be around someone to leave them alone! Everybody including haters have someone they don’t like and don’t wanna be around! Nene is doing this for ratings period she doesn’t give a dam about feelings as long as she is getting paid! Bottom line haters are just jealous and will try to use every excuse to cover up anything! Stop talking to Walter Nene and the rest of them bitches didn’t even know him UNTIL Kenya introduced him to them their just trying to make her hurt more especially Phadera she is no good and want to see Kenya hurt period!

  • One thing I admire about nene is that she keeps it REAL. I have watched a few of the older seasons and nene has really grown. She has built her empire and i am glad she didnt allow kenya to get to her cause i’m sure the old nene wouldve kicked kenyas ass.

    Kenya is nothing but an attention whore. If she refused to attend the wedding why is she so concerned with walter? I think Gregg grew close to Walter and like everyone else he really does like him as a person. So naturally they invited him.

    There is a reason why no one likes Kenya. I think last season nene, cynthia, and kandi tried to keep it cordial but I think this year they cant and will not keep up with this psycho.

  • I agree with NeNe She held her cool and reacted with dignity. Kenya, in true Kenya form acted in her normal form – rude, outlandish, fake and insincere. Every word that comes out of her mouth always sounds fake. She needs to take some lessons from Miss Manners!!!

  • No one has been or is as “thirsty” as NeNe, lol! 🙂 I think it’s priceless that Kenya is dishing it out and NeNe can’t take it like she expected everyone else from KimZ to Phaedra to when Kandi was a newcomer.

    I’m loving Kenya so far.

  • So pleased that Atlanta is back and just as good as ever. The other cities in the franchise need to take a look at this show, as this is how it should be done.
    Nene is queen at throwing shade ‘Someone who has been on a 20 year hiatus’ LOL. Love her.

  • Gained so much respect for Nene, lost so much respect for Kenya. Sometimes you have to see yourself to change. Nene has changed for the better. She is professional. Kenya is trying to keep her spot on the show she is very thirsty. She thinks she knows everything and argues with everyone. You are not right all the time Ms. Kenya.

  • I’ve always been a Nene fan…only because she makes me laugh…regardless of what she does…she entertains 100%. Last season I thought her success got to her head but then again…she’s said, she came from nothing and worked hard so for that why not show her your success Nene. I WAS SHOCKED BEYOND SHOCKED that she let Kenya go with the ear grabbing but I understand her explanation…why let Kenya who’s a attention seeker ruin things. Go Nene.

    Is it just me or does the previews for the upcoming season look awesome….feisty Kandi…Im so looking forward to it, not like last season borefest…lol.

  • In that situation she really showed us that she has evolved…..(still not a NeNe fan)

    Kenya wanted drama period…in whatever way she could get it…. she failed to realize that her makeup was giving her attention….she looked like a budget circus clown…..I’m happy NeNe didn’t give her what she was trying to get….more air time…

  • This may sound awful but I was REALLY hoping for Nene to physically check Kenya when she grabbed her ear. Kenya is already driving me crazy!

  • I’m still stunned that NeNe didn’t bitch slap that krazy twit after she grabbed her ear…………NeNe has certainly evolved.

  • Leakes. That’s all one can say about Nene. She did tell the truth. She could invite whomever she wanted to invite to her wedding and kenya does have a problem with getting into people’s personal space, like she did Porsha last season. She better be glad she’s not dealing with the Georgia peaches over on Love and Hip Hop; her ads would be getting drung if she were.

  • Kenya is skitzo nuts. She also needs to keep her hands off people.

    Every scene she was in last night was so beyond fake like she was acting a script from cue cards, trying to make drama out of thin air. Also, why do people have to reach out to you Kenya because you’re too bankrupt to pay your own rent. Pay your bills girlfriend — you acted like it was a health crisis or death in the family instead of a rubber check issue.

    Kenya by far is the low point of the episode and doesn’t have two wooden nickels to rub together. What a fraud.

    Nene has quite the big head and can be too much at times, but if she keeps smacking the penniless fly Kenya back then it is all good in my book.

    • Yep. I can’t understand how anyone would get evicted, I mean, doesn’t she know the due date of rent? It comes every month. Kenya can’t blame anyone for not reaching out to her for not paying her rent. She’s boasted about being a successful business woman and such, hell they probably thought she was just causing more drama. But did you hear when Kenya said she won her lawsuit for the former landlord for slander, but what the one the landlord had for back rent, phone and cable bill, etc.?

    • I actually think this is a good blog (idk if that was a good or bad 100% Nene lol). She was spot on about Kenya posting her congrats on twitter.

    • I think it’s called trying to be relevant! lol Additionally, Kenya may feel that since Nene’s stardom has taken a set back it’s time for her to try and over throw the Queen of RHOA.