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Kandi Burruss Gets Married In Cancun, Mexico! UPDATE: Kandi Denies Getting Married!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is reportedly married and it all happened during filming of next season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. Rumors started when Kandi posted photos of herself in Cancun next to chairs that were decorated for weddings.

Then the popular blog, Tamara Tattles revealed that Kandi did get married while she was in Mexico and all her co-stars were present! It all happened while filming and despite many accusing Kandi’s now husband, Todd of being a opportunist, Kandi seemed to ignore the hate and get hitched anyways!

Wonder if Kandi’s mama was present. Seems like Kandi is keeping this hush so that we could see it all unfold on the season. Do you think Todd is an opportunist? Are you surprised about Kandi’s marriage?

Kandi has took to twitter to confirm that she did NOT get hitched. So, guess the rumors were simply just rumors!

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  • ok kandi, I hope you didn’t get married without your family. do you know if you don’t have your mommy blessing it is not going to last.its seems like you are hurting for a man in your life. listen to your mother because she knows best I don’t give a damn she been marry 10 times that is your mom. some mens will move right in and break you, take you,leave you with nothing.don’t ever disrespect your mom, you can always get a new man but not a mother, sit a role model for your daughter don’t be hungry for a penis.look at some of your co-workers, some without a husband,some with husband but married failing, you will think me later.

  • Happy for Kandi but just make sure U don’t cancel the Prenup just in case Todd manipulates U. They change after time. Your Mama just needs to pray for your soul. Time will tell.

  • If Kandi did get marry good for her. As a mother you will always want the best for your Child, But Mamma Joyce,You have to realize, This is her life. Kandi is more than grown enough to make mistakes. My only daughter had too make her mistakes as well. The only thing you can do is be supportive. Kandi daugther is happy. Mama Joyce , That all Kandi needs.

  • I don’t think she’s ever going to say, “I’m a Rich
    Biotch” anymore because two of the shows she was on
    were both cancelled.

  • Kandi said at Nene’s wedding that she and Todd were getting married next year and that the wedding would be a small affair. Kandi, unlike Nene, doesn’t need to tell everyone she is rich and the price she pays for everything and have a million dollar wedding. I like Todd and think they are a good match. Kandi has a good head on her shoulders.]I wish them many years of happiness. Nene is such a fake. I used to like her until she started with the I’m Very Rich, Bitch. Where was Donald Trump? I didn’t see him at her wedding and they are supposed to be such good friends.

    • Nene can have whatever type of wedding she wants and spend how much money she wants to spend. There doesn’t need to be a comparison. But Kandi’s Bravo wedding was the tackiest so far in Bravo history.

  • Kandi deserves a man that loves her, if Todd loves her, he will sign a prenup, as simple as that. That will show Kandi he is not after her money. She can still buy him property or put a house on his name but sharing all her past and future earnings with him is not fair to Riley.

  • Best wishes to Kandi if the wedding took place. She deserves happiness. I don’t know enough about Todd to make an observation. Hopefully he’s marrying for all the right reasons!!

  • Her mother is the biggest hater of them men that enter Kandi’s life. Its such a shame that kando cant make adult decisions and be happy. I watched I dream of Nene and someone asked Kandi about the wedding date and her mother was rolling her eyes and tried to walk away. Really?!

    Sometimes you suck shit up and be happy for your child. Yes kandi is rich bitch but her fiance had a pretty good job with production and was making his own money. I think any man who isnt on the same money level as kandi will automatically look like a “user” to kandis mother.

    Uh, its called a prenup. Leave your daughter alone and let her make her own choices.

    • In the previews Joyce asked Todd to sign a prenup and his answer was “I’m not signing anything.”

      I thought Mama Joyce was right about Kandi’s former boyfriend from season 2 who had all sorts of different children with different women.

      So I think Joyce is being protective and maybe she is right for being skeptical of Todd. I don’t know. I’m going to wait and see.

      • Well, I don’t blame Todd for saying that to Mama Joyce, because any prenup discussion is between him and Kandi. Not Mama’s business. Kandi is old and smart enough to protect her assets…and a prenup involves his income and assets, too, which are even less of Mama’s business.

        Back off, Mama Joyce. Kandi is a grown ass woman. Todd makes her happy. ‘Nuff said.

        • I agree.

          Parents can protect their children but sometimes we need to learn on our own. Life brings you certain people in your life. You cant just think one person will be perfect until you die. You go through things in life and marriage and relationships can get bumpy. Let kandi make her own choices. Shes been in the gae for years. She is smart. It should be none of joyces concerns what and how kandis money should be controlled. Smfh

      • pfffttt,
        I am going to wait and see as well. I just can’t imagine Mama Joyce hating on Todd for no reason. She wants her daughter to be happy. She must know something.

        • Mama Joyce hated on AJ just because he had kids by different women. What was so wrong with that? He was much younger when the kids were born, he obviously didn’t abandon the children since they were all a part of his and Kandi’s life…and it wasn’t as if he could redo his past. Maybe he made mistakes, but he seemingly accepted his responsibilities.

          Kandi accepted it. She had a child in her past, too, and never married the father. She wasn’t tbrowing stones.

          You can’t punish people for their pasts, but Mama Joyce sure sabotaged her daughter’s happiness with AJ.

          • He had like 7 kids, almost all of them with different women. Who wants a man with 5-7 different baby mama’s? That’s trashy. If a woman has 7 different children with different men she is skanky, but men are given a pass? Come on.

            Joyce even mentioned that Kandi never met a set of twins that he was the father of… Which means he wasn’t as involved in his children’s lives as he made out.

            He is dead now, so I’m not trying to bad mouth him, but I think Joyce is a good judge of character. Sometimes people need to listen to their mother.

  • If this is true, congrats to Kandi and Todd. If not, we will be seeing another boring wedding on Bravo, how many times can they do this. Kandi has more class than Kim and Nene, hope they had a quiet wedding with special guests that meant something to them, not all the other hanging housewives from different shows.

  • Whether they are married or not, good luck to them.

    Kandi Burruss isn’t neither stupid nor screwy. Her judgment is sound. She knows what she’s doing…and it’s HER choice, not Mama Joyce’s. I like Mama Joyce, but she does seem to think no one is good enough for her little girl. But it’s Kandi’s decision, so Mama’s just gonna have to deal.

    As long as Kandi is happy, I think Mama will settle down.

    Go, Kandi. You deserve happiness.

  • I believe marriage licenses are public record, are they not? I think a quick search could dig that up.

  • I really like Kandi. She is actually my favorite on the show…if not on all of the franchises. I felt really bad/sad for her when she had to address at the reunion (question per shady boots Andy…Lol) Todd’s loyalty to her. She said “What,just because I have money someone can’t actually love me for me?” Kandi is a very smart business woman who took advantage of her 90’s girl band platform and invested her money wisely to start successful business’s. With that said, she can probably spot an opportunist a mile away. Was Todd a millionaire like her when they met? No…but he had his own money and was doing very well. My gut also tells me from what we see that he really does love her. If they did actually get married…then good for them!! They seem to have great chemistry and really care about each other. I wish them many years of happiness.

  • Not suprised. I don’t know why they are still filming with it airing in less than a week. The promotion has sucked. No HW interviews, promo pics, NADA. It would be weird that her daughter is not there, so I don’t know about that. I bet it’s the season finale.

  • Is that the same Tamara Tattles who said Sheree Whitfield’s Chateau Sheree, was in foreclosure, then had to admit she was wrong and make a retraction?

  • I don’t know if I all the way believe the reports because Mama Joyce ans Riley were reportedly in the Atl during this trip. And we all know that while it’s likely her mama would not only be there, but probably walk her down the isle, I just don’t see her getting married without Riley. If it’s true, I wish them the best, if it’s not, I hope that they do something that they want to do in their own way. Kandi is one of the least pretentious housewives in Bravo history, so I could see her having a small wedding in her own style.

    • Hi Andrea!!!,
      Good point, but Mama Joyce was not happy with Todd. Maybe she did not attend?? She seems like a really level-headed person with a great sense of character. I am sure she wants nothing more than her daughter to be happy, so if she had objections, I would tend to think there was something to them.

      I love Kandi, and HOPE she made the right decision.

      • I wish Kandi all the best and like everyone else, she deserves happiness. However, what I can see is that her mother is trying to control her life and chose for her. there isn’t a man who I have seen entered Kandi’s life and her mom is happy. She needs to relax and let her daughter live her own life. Not all men in this world r bad! Maybe she needs to find one of her own and stop being at her daughter’s hips so much.

        • Hi Jer,
          I THINK her mom saw him with other girls, and he did not want to sign a prenup. Her mom does not appear controlling to me… I just wish Kandi the best. She deserves happiness.

      • No, Joyce reminds me of my grand-mother, anyone who was close to her daughter she developed a problem with, specially a man. That is typical behavior of a women scared of being alone, so instead of finding her own way, she is holding on to her daughter, to care for her, by any means necessary!

  • Good for her. She’s the most normal human being on any of the HW’s..and probably the most successful.

    • Good I’m happy for her she didn’t need bid wedding for show r ratins she’s already rich not greedy didn’t haveto sell pics lile kim kardasian

  • If she did..congratulations to her….although she did put out a statement that this is not true(rumor control) if is true..