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Lea Black Glad To Have Shown On RHOM That She’s Not A Gold Digger!


Lea Black took a trip back to her hometown in Texas during this week’s Real Housewives of Miami. Along for the ride were Lisa Hochstein and Lea’s son RJ. We saw how Lea is clearly the “black sheep” of her family and had bigger dreams than her small town, but in her Bravo blog she reveals her favorite part of the episode was showing that she did not marry for money or do her best work “on her back”!

Lea writes:

Now you all know I’ve worked my entire life — contrary to the hate club members who say I married for money. How pathetic is it when people have to try to make people look bad just for relevance or just because? On the other hand, marrying someone with money can be a good thing! Just marry for love — that’s the most important thing. LOL!

Lea may not have married for money, but I doubt she was as rich as she is now. “LOL!” Do you think Lea married Roy for love, money or both?

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  • It’s clear that Lea is obsessed with material things like her much adored Hermes bags. She went after Roy Black for money when she met him as a juror in the William Kennedy Smith trial. Roy was the defense attorney. This was no ordinary trial, William Kennedy Smith is a Kennedy Family member. Lea, being no dummy, quickly figured out that Roy was a top level, wealthy attorney if he had been hired to defend a Kennedy, so there is no doubt that she went about ensnaring him before anyone could blink. Lea has dollar signs for eye pupils. She has even admitted how quickly she captivated or seduced him, with the two not leaving their quarters for days at a time soon after they met. So anyone that says that Lea did not marry Roy Black for money is either dumb or lying.

  • Frankly, being a successful businesswoman who worked 7 days a week and then marrying and giving up the business could be seen as gold-digging since she no longer has to work 7 days a week for the lifestyle she wants.

    However, she and her husband seem happy together and more power to them. But let me just say this, if Roy was a mall security guard, she would not have even gone on a date.

  • Whatever. Lea obviously has some producer in her pocket. This episode was like a Lea infomercial. We all know she did her best work on her back.

  • I think Roy Black was attracted to Lea and wanted to marry her.
    I think Lea was attracted to Roy because of the power, the money was a bonus.

  • I like Lea, she’s interesting to watch. However, yes, she did try businesses in the past on her own, but it obviously was not as successful as marrying a well known rich attorney. She was a juror in a case her husband was defending and she made sure to get to know him and then marry him. So she did marry for wealth, but so what, he’s blah, and he wanted her for her beauty or whatever. It goes both ways.

    • Thank you for pointing that out – it truly DOES go both ways, yet all the blame is placed on the woman. It reminds me of people calling Gretchen a gold digger…well, Jeff chose her too, why would an old dying man want a young twentysomething blonde and not an intellectually bright woman his same age?

      There are many working women who make more than their husbands, but that’s usually not the case. I worked my tail off before I met my husband, and he still makes much more than I do.

  • Money, she has always wanted to be well off, so anything that provided that type of lifestyle she would go after, career, man, anything……wasn’t he married when he meet Lea?

  • Probably both. Money was a perk. The one I think is a gold digger is the one whose son is always in trouble.

    • I agree, she was married to a hug drug dealer and they a rich guy….she just can not deny that she is attracted to powerful men that can take care of her financially.

      • Exactly, I love Alexis she’s a doll but she’s expensive. She was married to the biggest drug dealer of Miami and “didn’t know what he was doing” (get real). She was taking coke you can tell from the way she gestures. She married the gay guy because he had money, I don’t think for one instance she is sleeping with him.