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VIDEO: Lea Black Confronts Adriana De Moura!

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Ever since the news of Adriana De Moura already being married came out, there has been no love lost it seems between she and former bestie, fellow RHOM, Lea Black. In this preview clip, we see Lea confront Adriana about their feud, and possibly wanting it to end! Check it out!

Alexia is right! Lea needs to move on for HER! NOT for everyone else. I honestly don’t think Lea is mad at all for Adriana already being married, I think she pretty much revealed that all her anger stems over the whole Marysol and Ana fight with Lea, because why even bring that up? Adriana is pretty headstrong and I doubt would just go along with what anyone says. I think Lea is holding a grudge over  the wrong thing, and is punishing Adriana for it. What do you guys think? Do you think Adriana already being married is the real reason Lea’s angry? Share your thoughts below!

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  • Lea likes to feel needed, she loves helping those in need, whether it be a friend, or through her philanthropic works.
    When you find out your very good friend,who you thought you knew, and trusted never
    was in need of help, not only took from Lea, but Lea’s friends, with out any regard for the
    what was the truth.
    Adrianna after all of the using,and abusing of this so called friendship tries to blame Lea
    for its demise. She is self absorbed, selfish, feels entitled , spoiled brat.
    I think Lea is just trying to process all of Adrianna’s ‘BS’ and try to make sense out of it.
    Lea has the right to feel the way she does, and in get over it, in her own way , on her own time.

  • Lea has every right to be mad. The first season Adriana was so broke and could not pay for her sons school and did not get child support she was doing everything herself. All that time she was married and her husband could of and would of paid iy. Married or not she lied.

  • I think its a combination of both. Lea and her friends donated thousands of dollars for alex’s tuition and acting single when all along adriana and fredrik were married. How dp you hide something big like that from your friend?

    Then adriana didnt stick up for Lea when Ana wanted to say horrible things about Lea. I think adriana was pissed that Lea didnt take her back during the whole adriana slapping joana thing happened.

  • Lea is evil.

    Adriana may be batshit crazy but at least shes honest. I do see Adrianas point in her not feeling married until she had the ceremony.

    I wish Ana would come back!!! Her shade is epic!

  • I do not like Lea, I never have. I think she is a condescending obnoxious bitch. But she and Adriana were friends for what it seems like a long time and I think they both hurt each other not sticking up for each other, not having each others back etc. From the scene ^^ I could see that they are both emotional/ hurt.

  • ITA with Queen V and Masha! Lea is hurt because her very good friend lied to her and continued to lie to her. Adri-liar has yet to actually own the lie. Instead of owning it she listens to the likes of Bor-isol and Ana-bully and she is becoming just like them. IMO she is such a turn off now!! I even like Joanna better then her which is something I thought I would never say.

  • I disagree. I don’t think Lea is mad about that. I think she is really just hurt by what Adriana did to her.

    • Also, we don’t see Lea complaining about Adriana every episode. What we see is Adriana bashing Lea every chance she gets and trying to discredit her. Lea hasn’t even done anything to Adriana.

      • Agree.

        IMO, Lea is not upset because Adriana was actually married, but because she was lied to and used by Adriana.

        She was helping Adriana financially, introducing her people in her circle, setting up dates. And all that for a married woman.
        Of course she feels played.

  • I think both women’s anger stems from hurt – hurt that is only there because they do care about each other and have been friends so long. Yes, Adriana did not speak up in Lea’s defense at the funeral. Likewise, Lea did not defend Adriana from JoAnna’s attacks.

    In many ways, Joanna should be grateful that Adriana slapped her because otherwise the conversations would all be about her drunken rage. She is the one who talked herself into a rage at one party after another, alcohol fueling her anger. She is the one who started that fight with Adriana and when Adriana tried walking away, she chased her down and grabbed her shoulder. The only thing that keeps the focus off her behavior is that Adriana turned round when Joanna grabbed her and hit Joanna. And that virago has milked that slap for every bit of attention she can. Of course, Lea did not see Joanna grab Adriana until the show was broadcast, so it’s understandable that she was so hard on Adriana, but by the time the reunion happened, she had seen it and she had to know she was wrong in defending Joanna, but she didn’t back down and she continued to side with Joanna. I think that is why Adriana kept her mouth shut.

    Since then, Lea has been friendless on the show and listened to her new-found fake friend Joanna – poisoning her against Adriana. Add to that her upset that Adriana is hanging around Marysol and she’s reactive. I don’t for one moment believe she was unaware of their civil marriage. Not one moment.

    Adriana – well, I get some people distinguish very much between civil and religious ceremonies. But, it does make her “learning to love again” storyline a bit too ridiculous for words.

  • I don’t get why these load mouth “strong” women get mad when their “friend” doesn’t stand up for them. Uh bitch, stand up for yourself. Melissa was mad at Teresa for not standing up for her, Lisa mad at Kyle for that. And Lea mad at Audrianna. I think it would something totally different if you weren’t there to stand up for yourself or if you are actually friends. But absent those two situations, forget it. I think that audrianna married Fredrick when she chose to and it’s prerogative, and Lea black got upset because Ana and Marysol were obvious stating some facts about her, so now she punishs Adrianna.

  • She’s mad at Adriana for not taking her side over Ana’s but did she ever take Adriana’s over Joanna’s or Karent’s? Nope, not once. She needs to remember it works both ways.

    • That’s what I have been thinking this entire season! Why is it OK for Lea to keep quiet (and befriend Joanna), but it’s not OK for Adrianna to keep quiet and stay out of an argument between two people, both of whom she was friends with.

  • I don’t agree. I think LEa is mad about Adriana being married and had every right to be. If there was someone who I considered to be one of my very good friends, and they told me they were NOT married and then I found out they reallky were all along, then the friendship was based on a LIE. Why couldn’t you tell your friend the honest truth? I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who was not honest with me. I am on team Lea. Adriana is a spoiled little annoying drama queen who’s only concern is herself.

  • No I’ve never believed Lea was truly mad about the marriage thing – she has been using it to punish Adriana for not standing up for her at the reunion – Adriana is right about her being the proxy Ana for Lea. It’s very telling that Lea’s sister said Lea is great as long as you do what she says.

    Don’t get me wrong – I really don’t get why Adriana felt the need to lie for so long, especially about something that was so easy to prove. Every time she half explains it – she loses me a bit more. Especially when she admitted they have been paying taxes as a married couple more recently – it’s quite an odd and unnecessary lie IMO – which makes me look at her different. But I still enjoy her brand of crazy on the show.

    Lea has always read cunning and calculating to me and this situation is no different…she is trying to ruin Adriana with a smile on her face & is doing a great job of it – fooling most of viewers to be on her side. Adriana does herself no favors – but Lea is not an angel in this either…

    • I totally agree, I love Lea but she isn’t innocent not by a long shot. She is mad because Adrianna didn’t defend her at the reunion pure and simple.

    • Great post Melyorkie. I agree with everything you stated. Great minds think alike they say! teehee….it would sure be nice if Lea and Adriana could make nice with each other for sure!

    • Totally agree. Lea was never mad about the marriage. She was pissed about the Ana thing and she’s punishing Adriana. Even though Lea didn’t have Adriana’s back at all with Joanna even though Joanna instigated that whole fight.