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Lauren Manzo Reveals She And Teresa Giudice Have Made Peace But Bravo Never Aired It!

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On part two of the Real Housewives of New Jersey lost footage, we watch as Caroline Manzo’s daughter Lauren celebrates her one year anniversary of her business. We also see Teresa Giudice support the event by attending to congratulate Lauren. Many questioned, including myself, why Teresa would attend the celebration of someone who had some pretty nasty things to say about her but Lauren has officially cleared the misunderstanding up saying that she and Teresa have made actually made peace!

She responded to AllAboutTRH saying, “Teresa and I made up on camera and they didn’t air it. We both apologized for what we have said. We get along fine now.”

For those of you who don’t remember the feud between them occurred when Lauren called Teresa delusional and said her children were raised by a pack of wolves. While Teresa didn’t agree with Lauren’s Lap Band surgery

Isn’t it funny how Bravo doesn’t air someone actually making up and getting along? It seems like Bravo didn’t air a lot of things for season six!


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  • I find it very telling that crax jax has been very quiet lately….even crazy eyes kathy has been quiet tooo….

    actually the only ones in the press yappin are MeHo and Dina….


  • yes they did, It seems like Bravo didn’t air a lot of things for season six! i was mad that they did not air it …..

  • I personally think they ALL get along fine as soon as the cameras are down. Maybe not close close, but not enemies either. When the cameras go up, it’s all just Bravo fueled bullshit. Then they get together off camera and laugh at viewer reaction, and which scene got the most people talking.

    Seriously. Think about it. None of us behave to those extremes in real life. Who has the time? It’s ridiculous to think these people really do all that drama on a daily basis. They have real lives, too.

    This is where Bravo flubbed. The longer it goes on, the less believable it gets, and the less fun it is to watch. This season of NJ was BORING, it was so contrived by Bravo. Same drama, different season. Yawn.

  • I’m glad BRAVO din’t air fake-ass Lauren and her fake-ass apology. Less screen time for the fake-fuckery-famb-ly suits me just fine. Can’t wait until their “Manzo’d” pilot fails.

    Karma wheel done spun Lauren…here’s to hoping Vito gets a ticket for the clue bus soon!!!

  • Bravo played the same episode over and over . Actually the whole season was 2 episodes. One healing the other one blaming. When they had a ton of interesting footage, we basically only saw those 2 over and over.

  • I notice many of you are starting to jump on each other regarding comments you disagree with. Many of you never used to be like that. You disagree, you explain why and you debate.
    What Happened To You?
    Now I read your comments and you all seem to jump to conclusions, using strong profanity as if you are going to war.
    You all need to calm down and really read your comments and your replies to others. It’s A Shame… many of you have been posting on here for such a long time…each and every single day, and night… that you have claimed a blog dedicated to Housewive shows for fans to enjoy, And Claimed It As YOUR TURF!
    This blog is a website about Real Housewives and various programs that people/fans enjoy and can come on and have a legitimate discussion/opinion regarding the shows they watch. This Isn’t Your Neighborhood, Your Turf. You people have taken over this site and you focus on ganging up on anyone who has an opinion that doesn’t fit with yours.
    We all know how many times I have left comments that were extreme. Sometimes, my comments have nothing to do with the story. Sometimes, I may agree, disagree, and apologize if I feel there is a genuine concern regarding the words I leave for all to read.
    You are getting aggressive and frankly, it’s really sad.

    • My Point…
      Scroll through and read your comments to others. Those of you who have been posting here for a long, long time are getting aggressive and you need to calm down. That’s the point. Calm Down. Let fans come on this site and express their thoughts without you long timers jumping on them. There are many readers who are new and the moment that new person leaves a comment you dislike, you jump on the person like a bunch of territorial gang-bangers claiming your turf.
      Cut The Shit!
      Oh, and by the way…
      Nope! I’m not talking about me because I can take the shit you give me and dish it back to you twice.

        • No Samael,
          That’s not what I’m saying. Go to this story on All About TRH. Read the comment section. I’m saying everyone seems to fly off the handle nowadays when most of you never used to be so, So Bitchy. I am not dictating at all and I Know I Leave Shit Comments but that’s not new news. That hasn’t changed. What has changed are many of you used to be so nice and calm. Now you are all so touchy about every comment left by others. Anyway, go to that story and read the comments and everything seems to be going good and all of a sudden, Bam! Battle of the comments. It’s war. Read them.
          Teresa Giudice Celebrates Mothers Birthday; Joe Or Melissa Gorga Don’t Attend!

          Oh and Samael, I actually left a comment under that same storyline that may or may not pertain to you.

          • Oh and Samael, I actually left a comment under that same storyline that may or may not pertain to you.
            It’s just an assumption of mine.

          • Thanks RM

            So,correct me if I am misinterpreting your posts:

            1) you deduced that only one person posts on this site and it is the owner of the site?


            2) because we bloggers have shared their life experiences on this site, we have committed a sin by continuing to share life experiences?

            My point #2 familiarity happens in social settings, why does it bother you that people share on this site?

            I am speaking to you with respect and not sarcasm, these are actual questions.

          • And something I did learn when I started posting on this site for the first time, I wanted to know who the owner’s of this post were so I clicked on the

            purple band just under the name of the site and clicked on “about” and this gives the bio and pic of the owner’s of the site.

            Also, on the right side of this site where the ‘whte bird” is (twitter account) roxie was asking for applications for people that wanted to work for this site.

          • Rosalie, why are you riding poor samael like a horse? He’s hardly one of the “gang bangers” on this board. If anything, he’s one of the nicest. If I remember correctly, it was you ranting and raving about Andy Cohen’s sex life! You’re entitled to your opinion like any poster here, but you really should practice what you preach.
            As for the animosity fest these past few days, it seems there are transient posters who come and go, who like to stir the pot on both sides of the fence. When they tangle with jpg, it gets ugly real fast. I think its done on purpose, as it happens too frequently to be a coincidence.
            As for the turf comment, you’re out of line. Since you’ve been around for a while, you’re familiar with the regulars. When new posters come and stir the pot, that’s when trouble starts, not when someone new posts. Big difference.

          • And I have to say Samael, while we certainly don’t agree on many things regarding the cast, your posts really are heartfelt. And you seem like a really nice person.

            Me on the other hand, I love to be sarcastic, push the envelope and be provocative. I wouldn’t say I’m Lea Black but count me as a more muzzled version:) If you can imagine. LOL.

            And I do like the heated debates but when people come on here who are obviously not logging out of their previous names and telling people to lick someone’s ass, well, that’s a bit disturbing.

          • Ok Baloney – the lick the ass comment made me choke while laughing. Pretty damn funny! You do have a unique way of putting things.

          • GM shipp

            rotfl! cmon seriously?!

            it actually stated “I used to work with andy cohen”


            the fact they no longer do …sums them up in a nice tight bow….

            there is no way any of these trash dumpsrer divers hold any type of professional and legitimate careers… the way they behave here sheds light on their character…. utter trash

            they think if they continue to harass and attack users that we will stop visiting the site and no longer make comments!

            their behavior actually is threatening the future traffic to this site! they did the same thing at RT!
            I never posted over there because of those trash animals…but I will not be harassed or bullied over here…and they won’t prevent me from posting here…

            I will not even engage with them…

            anyone who makes fun of MeHo they attack as being hardcore Tre fans… lol! for the record I’m not a fan of any of them! just because people can’t stand MEHO /LUNKHEAD. does mean you automatically are fans of Tre..

            everyone have a wonderful TGIF

          • You know what is odd? That a person will actually continue to campaign that they love to stir up trouble, push the envelope and so on, on a gossip blog mind you , with strangers for shits and gigs. That is odd. But you just keep pointing that little finger calling others illiterate and and the many other names that you do! I also love that you say all of that and tell others that they need to get a life! Amazing.

        • Hey Baloney

          clearly I will not be nagged or controlled.

          My comments are not up for discussion, when someone bitches or demands explanations or nags or is a control freak or they type whatever they want I somehow lost my rights?

          Not a chance.

          Less monitoring and critiquing is required.

          • Baloney, you are one of the biggest shit starters on this site. “I love to be sarcastic, push the envelope and be provocative.” No, you love to be an agitator, so don’t pull that bull shit. You disagree with almost everyone but the pussy posse (who use different user names all the time) and tag team posters.

            By the way you are no Lea Black, not even close.

            Lauren Manzo “If you want to talk to Teresa you have to lick her asshole.” Said, and overheard by many, at an event, with her Mother sitting right next to her. Mother says and does nothing.

            Note – Aren’t you the one who said you worked “with” Andy Cohen? Yeah, and I’m the Queen of England.

          • sam

            Don’t worry about anything. You know as well as I do the Jeresy threads have always always been heated, this isn’t anything freakin new and Rosalie knows this, she is full of shit! If anything she has been right in the thick of it plenty of times, or started the cluster f, so she can save her ” preaching”.

            Sometimes it gets worse than others like the last few days, but whatever, it eventually dies down.

          • Oh Shipp. Or should I say Shitt? I think that suits much better. I feel for you.

            I don’t need to explain myself nor my career to you. We all add something. You? I’m not so sure.

          • What advice? How should I have responded to Shitt? Did you find anything nice in her response to me? I think not.

          • Hey Baloney, or should I say Blowme? Your opinion of me means nothing. Again, so predictable, you come back with an ignorant remark just to agitate.

            Honey, you don’t have to feel for me. Mind your business Blowme, and stay out of mine.

            Note – Sam, thanks. It’s the same old stale bull shit day after day.

          • There is no hypocrisy. I didn’t use an slurs that offend anyone other than Shitt. Not sure what you’re getting at or what you’re reading. Nor should you read into my posts that I’m not going to fight back. Use racial or gender slurs? That I won’t do. But call her Shitt and not having to explain myself? Yes, I’ll do that. And readily. Sorry if that doesn’t agree with you. But again, this ain’t your board.

          • Oh Shitt. Listen, if you need someone to blow you, you might want to get under the shower nozzel or use your blow dryer. I’m sure your lonely self is very used to that.

            Have at it. It might make you a bit nicer.

          • Samael, you are worrisome and while I don’t know you, nor would I want to off of this blog, you are so all over the place with your comments. They just don’t make sense. You’re for one thing one day and then the other no. Now I see what Rosalie was talking about.

            You might want to relax for a bit.

          • Barfloney

            Your comments are getting odd…does your hypocracy confuse you.

            You must be 100% narrow minded if you only have one belief.

          • Baloney

            Shipp just called you out for starting shit a lot of the times on the NJ threads. Actually I agree with her, it’s not about debate with you , you come out swinging and attacking a lot, calling names etc. You in turn came back at her calling her a name right out of the gate in your reply.
            Also I wouldn’t be so quick to defend Rosalie, she gay bashed your buddy Andy Cohen pretty damn bad last week on NJ thread. talk about all over the place and nasty.

          • Shitt/Samael, you make this fun. And I mean that. Every single day. Loving it.

            Samael, I have to wonder if your desire to get attention and sympathy – oh, and make the blog love you – made you create a story in Bonnie. Is she even real?

            Shitt, don’t get out from under the blow dryer just yet. You need more time to get you to that happy place. It’ll come.

          • Samael, tell us another story. Please?! But save it before bed time. I’m sure it’ll put me to sleep.

          • Hey Blowme, speaking of putting to sleep…Yawn Honey. You’re your usual boring crude self. Bah bye creep.

            Sam, Holy, don’t engage Blowme any further, it’s not worth it. Why? Blowme thrives on any attention. Sad.

          • Cannoli, you might not be reading correctly. Well, you aren’t exactly. Just because I had an inclination to believe Rosalie in what she alluded about with Samael, does not mean I’m defending her. Nor does it mean I condone anything she says.

            I love to post. I love to stir shit and Shitt and Samael do make it very fun. They are an odd pair/person.

            And Samael does try to tug at the heartstrings with his stories. And yes, I’m calling them stories because I don’t for a second believe anyone would expose their personal problems on a site full of people they don’t know. Unless they are lonely as hell.

          • OMG, LMFAO!!!! And there IT is. The other user name suddenly appears, and right on time, shows up to back Blowme. I’m laughing so hard I spit my coffee. You are just too too easy, too too predictable. Hahahahaha.

          • Baloney – Isn’t it cute when Shipp tries to direct traffic on here?

            “Don’t talk to so and so!”

            She’s a moron.

          • And by Shipp’s OWN theory, Shipp, Holy and Sam are all the same person.

            Shipp is so fat, bitter and lonely. Hence her name.

          • JPG, I love that you signed on now. Because it firmly makes them believe that two people can simultaneously post and have the same opinions that differ from theirs.

            And like you said, they have no idea of this idiocy because they don’t realize that defending each other proves their point.

            I’ve never worked with a special ed class, but I know I’ve been on a blog with students of that class.

          • No Baloney, ONLY Teresa worshippers are allowed to accuse others of being the same person under different names. They just can’t understand that MOST people (including people who USED to be fans) hate Teresa and realize exactly who and what she is (A shady, lazy, greedy, thieving bitch)

            I’ve gotten into it with Sammy and Holy but we’re usually able to discuss things civilly.

            Shipp is a straight up useless sack of shit who should really quit using up other people’s air.

          • amazing….

            same users accusing and backing eachother up either there are numerous trash dumpster divers or just one or 2 pretending to have online blog buddies…. no matter which it is ….you all are still trash…

            must ge a lonely lifeb they have ….

            bullying attacking and pyshing around people on an online blog!!! WOW that’s rich…

          • hi sam & holy cannoli

            the trash here is amazing!

            you call them out on how they are a bunch of trash bullies…they shut it for like 24hrs…then come back full force…like they can’t control themselves

            We need the producers of CatFish to do an episode on them …lol

            amazing how they name call users! “fat bitch ….”
            WOW !

            trash dumpster divers…

          • Kgg, are you illiterate? Maybe you don’t know what that means. Is there something wrong with you?

            Just plain odd. And since it seems to be a Teresa fan, please Teresa fans, come to it’s rescue.

    • Bullshit!

      I have been on this site since the get, and the Jersey thread have always been heated, sometimes more than others, but heated just the same. Actually the BH Threads get heated too.

      I have to say though it does get ridiculous at times, and I have gotten pissed, I’m not gonna lie. But whatever it is what it is..

      • I am not picking on Samael at all. Let’s just say, coincidence? What a coincidence that Samael seems to have personal friends on this site and seems to know an awful lot about those imaginary friends on here and their personal issues. What a coincidence that Samael also shares the same penmanship with these ‘screen name’ friends. I’ve seen this on Reality Tea a couple years ago. One person using several screen names but would always make a mistake… sometimes the person would forget to switch screen name and would end up replying to the same name. Sometimes the person would forget to type in their entire screen name and leave a few letters out… Example… Rosalie Marie… Rosale Marie.
        Reality Tea, there was someone using the name, MeInNYC, who also used the screen name, Cutie Pie. There were other names as well but MeInNYC started a lot of crap on Reality Tea and even on other sites. MeInNyc would attack other readers on that site, and switched screeen names to make it appear like all the readers were embracing the attack. It Was All One Person.


        • Seriously Rosalie WTF are you talking about? Back off Sam, and basically everyone else with this different username bullshit and personal friends etc, stuff.. It seems to me you have way too much time on your hands to be paying attention to what people post and who they are and what the f ever. Jesus!

          • It seems to me you have way too much time on your hands to be paying attention to what people post
            Holy, Isn’t that why we are here? You know, to read the stories and comments? Of course I have time on my hands right now. You must have the same time on your hands because you seem to be engaged as well. I am not picking on Sam but to call someone an actual ASSHOLE for leaving a comment they disagree with calls for attention. I left SAM and very nice message under Andy Cohen story.

            By the way Holy! Sam seems to do a good job taking care of himself. I don’t think he needs your help! Keep your SNOOTY nose out of it.
            Who the hell are you? Security?

          • Holy, I promise you, if this site changed it so you, myself and others on this site could only sign in using One Screen Name, you would see screen names drop off like flies. You wouldn’t see ‘familiar’ screen names on here anymore. You would wonder what happened to so and so. Where did so and so go?

            I can tell you what happened. One Person, One Screen Name. No more multiple screen names using the same e-mail address.

            Why do you think Reality Tea’s readers have made their way to this site?

            Holy, haven’t you noticed the people that are coming here are suddenly fighting now? Haven’t you noticed that the people on this site have become more aggressive?

            Look, we all know I have a bad tendency to leave offensive comments. I even have a tendency to use a lot of profanity at times. I have a tendency to leave unfiltered comments. However… When I do wrong, I do apologize to those I have offended, and move on from it.
            An apology just doesn’t seem to suffice anymore on here.

            I’m sick of the meaning “offensive/I’m offended” is being ABUSED to the Core!
            I’m offended. That’s so offensive. I can’t believe you could offend others like that.
            Jesus Christ, have all you people lost your minds? To me, I’m not offended when someone leaves a comment regardless of what they leave behind for others to read in the comment section. I simply stop reading it and move on to the next comment. I have never left an “I’m Offended” comment on here. I don’t give a damn what someone writes as long as it doesn’t pertain to me. Example: Calling Me An ASSHOLE because I left a comment that the reader felt was ‘offensive’ to them.
            I’m not offended when someone leaves a comment to me that I’m an ASSHOLE, I’m Pissed!!
            Don’t like a comment? Offended? So f–king what, move on to the next.

          • Holy…

            Holy, I promise you, if this site changed so you, myself and others on this site could only sign in using Only One Screen Name per personal E-Mail Address, you would see screen names drop off like flies.

          • Holy Shit

            Who cares about the different username bullshit, that crap happens ever once in a while, it’s so stupid. If it gets to be a major ass problem Rox will do something. I know a month or so ago she tried Disqus and it was a pain in the ass, and she went back to the old format.

          • The reason I liked this blog in the first place was because it wasn’t as mean spirited as others such as Stoopid Housewives. I don’t comment that often, but when I do I never feared having others call me names or curse me out for my opinions. Lately though the name calling has turned me off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m known to have a foul mouth occasionally but when I disagree with someone I like to tell them why without name calling and expect the same in return. This blog would be boring if we all agreed with each other and I love a good debate but an intelligent one. Why go after each other so personally? I also like when people reveal a little of themselves in here, like Sam and his Bonnie for instance. I wouldn’t want someone to be afraid to do that for fear they’d be made fun of. I have a stressful job. I like to come here for a laugh and good conversation. The few posters that are just so mean (for lack of a better word) are ruining that for me! Let’s keep it fun! 🙂

          • I get what you are saying @Sugarlump

            All in all this Blog is great, yea it gets cra cra at times especially the Jersey Threads, and even the BH Threads, it seems the last few days the Jersey Threads really went off the chains, but it happens. It goes back to the regular sparring tit for tat after a minute.

            Believe me I have gotten into it with some people, and I’m not proud of it. I have backed off a lot, but then are times I still have to let it fly, LOL. But really this shit is stupid fighting on a stupid Reality TV Gossip Blog about Stupid Housewives..LMAO..Come On!!

          • JPG

            that’s a lie

            I am nit KY!

            I use 1 screen name.

            don’t start shit with me

            you fucking stoopid piece of trash

  • Give it a break baloney Ok ok ok. U don’t like her. Ok

    Lauren was quite sweet with her lovey on the latest episode. She is a better person then her mom by her apology and Teresa apology to her. I don’t think it was for the cameras. It was her mothers fight not hers so as she got stronger and more confident she grew up. I couldn’t imagine having a mother whom called me fat on tv because it was true. I like her allot better.

  • Give it a break baloney Ok ok ok. U don’t like her. Ok

    Lauren was quite sweet with her lovey on the latest episode. She is a better person then her mom by her apology and Teresa apology to her. I don’t think it was for the cameras. It was her mothers fight not hers so as she got stronger and more confident she grew up. I couldn’t imagine having a mother whom called me fat on tv because it was true. I like her allot better.

  • Give it a break baloney Ok ok ok. U don’t like her. Ok

    Lauren was quite sweet with her lovey on the latest episode. She is a better person then her mom by her apology and Teresa apology to her. I don’t think it was for the cameras. It was her mothers fight not hers so as she got stronger and more confident she grew up. I couldn’t imagine having a mother whom called me fat on tv because it was true. I like her allot better.

  • Can I ask what type of human side would Teresa have exposed by showing more footage? Her actually in the act of embezzling? Joe probably fucking the secretary?

    All you Guidice fans should be glad they edit. While a good edit could make someone more appealing, more airtime for Teresa means showing more of what a stupid, thieving person she really is.

    Isn’t Joe’s trial next week? Please let justice being with this DMV case. And then on to the Federal case. Yay!!

    • Baloney, haven’t seen you around here for a while. I know you’re not a Giudice fan. Are you a fan of the Gorgas? Not starting trouble, I just can’t remember.

      • To be honest eggmitt, I will throw insults at every cast member on this franchise. They certainly aren’t my favorite, although I am an avid viewer. These shows are like crack.

        I wouldn’t claim any of them as a family member or friend whereas on the other franchises, there are some you’d actually like to know and hang out with. But a fan of the Gorgas? No. But also certainly not of the Giudices. And if anyone else has charges brought against them, you’ll certainly see I have no side.

        • Baloney, I wasn’t even a fan of Teresa the first 2 seasons. I found her vapid and shallow, but I couldn’t dislike her, because she was so loyal to her parents and friends. I am that way, and am treated the same in return. Her attacks on Danielle were because of her loyalty to the Manzo sisters, which was wrong.
          Season 3 premieres with her brother screaming like a lunatic at his son’s Christening. It only went downhill from there. He, along with his wife, his cousin & her husband have attacked her for 3 straight seasons, airing all her dirty laundry. Then he pals turn against her. Those who hate Teresa felt she was getting her just desserts were cool with it, but it broke my cardinal rule of loyalty. If anything, enduring this shit for so long and not spilling what she has on ALL of them made her less of a caricature in my eyes. That’s what made me a fan.
          I’m not excusing the trouble her & Juicy are in. I don’t condone it, and its for the judge to decide. The fact they are facing jail time should not excuse the horrific behavior of her brother & sister in law.
          BTW, I agree this show is like crack!

  • I had no idea Tre attended that Lauren’s party. I FF’d thru all the Lauren scenes, LOL

    It’s good to hear they “made up”. Their tiff was ridiculous. Two adults acting like jr high girls. I can see why Bravo chose not to air their reconciliation, it really was a nonfactor.

    • I agree that their reconciliation is a non-factor, but wasn’t a lot of what we saw the same? I would have liked to see it as it was something positive and genuine for a change. Good for them. Maybe Lauren is growing up and making her own decisions for a change.

      • I agree, Egg, a lot of what we saw this season wasn’t all that. While I would have liked to see more fun things, Lauren and Tre really weren’t friends or hung out, so I really don’t think their “fight” or reconciliation was worth my time.

  • It’s nice to hear they are cool with each other. They’ve all been played by Sirens/Bravo, so they have something in common.

  • “We apologized about what we said to “each other?” REALLY LAUREN? Did you mean, you apologized about WHAT YOU SAID TO TERESA?! Man ole man, these clowns REFUSE to acknowledge the HORRIFIC THINGS they’ve told to Teresa! Instead of acknowledging the bitchy things they’ve told Teresa, the only way they “so call” aplogize, is by saying, “we both did.” That saves them from taking any responsibility on their own! They have to drag Teresa in, like she threw the first punch! No Lauren, how YOUR BIG WIDE HEAD ASS APOLOGIZE OWN YOUR OWN?! Teresa didn’t talk viciously towards you, BUT SHE SURE COULD HAVE!

    Josephine does the EXACT same thing! When people confront him about his stupid behavior towards his sister, he NEVER accepts that he started the drama! It’s ALWAYS (In his sad, victimized talking head voice), “We were both wrong.” No, YOU WERE WRONG JOSEPHINE! MELISSA DOES IT AS WELL! APOLOGIZE and take responsibility for what YOU have done, MORONS! You expect Teresa to apologize on her own!

  • It seems like most of what we would like to see never made it to the show. Bravo is poo. They could have a much better public response if they kept it real with things we would rather see! And I think it could have made some of them look HUMAN.

    • Bingo! You hit the nail on the head. If they would let the human side show once in a while I don’t think so many people would go digging for the truth and expose the fake scripted B.S. Bravo got too greedy with the villain/violent scenes. It made it appear fake because no one could hate each other that much and film or make up the way that they do if it was real life.

  • What the hell is with that picture of Teresa? If she saw this, she wouldn’t have said anything about Caroline’s rolls.

    • This picture is from season 2 after Teresa had given birth to her youngest few months earlier. I think she looks pretty good for just having a baby, after 4 births in 7 years as does Melissa for 3 births in 6 years.

      • Knowing that, she does look good. I just wonder why someone would use that when there are so many better ones.

  • Lauren must know that Bravo aren’t giving her family a full-on spinoff or she wouldn’t be calling them out.

  • While I really hated Lauren during seasons 3 and 4, I am glad she apologized to Teresa. As far as Lauren goes, I feel bad for her. After all, she knows nothing different than what HER pack of wolves taught her!

    • That is true, however I stopped feeling bad for her when I realized her age. She grew up surrounded by bullying and ridicule because of her looks- that is pathetic! Saddest part- it was by her OWN family.

    • True! If caroline and teresa had a falling out i think the kids shouldve stayed out of it. I think caroline is good in defending herself. I think there was no need for lauren to stand up and bash teresa as well.

  • I will never forget how vile Lauren’s words and her facial expressions were towards Teresa…never. Me smells a fake moment to lighten their path to their
    new pilot….hopefully it will sink from the get go.

  • Good for Teresa, this is how Teresa rolls.

    I have read a few tweets from lauren to Teresa a number of times, they joke together.

    I hope Lauren has given a sincere apology to Teresa.

    Big shock, someone apologizing to Teresa, hits the cutting floor!

    Bravo remains the pimp.

      • They also didn’t air Teresa lifting the horses foot…Andy Cohen is an ASSHOLE. He’s given the Giudices the WORST edit in the history of television & only until very recently did he lay the fuk off them bc he realized the backlash wasnt worth it. Teresa’s fans are stronger than his entire NJ franchise. Miss Andy has had it out Teresa ever since she tossed his pathetic ass like a rag doll at the Reunion w/Danielle Staub (hahaha) AND for Juicy ever since he said the word fag. BIG EFFIN DEAL HE SAID FAGGOT! Who gives a shit anyway?!? If you’re so proud to be gay, out of the closet, broadcasted it on the very FIRST reunion I think it’s safe to say you’re a confident gay man. So who really GAF about a STUPID WORD?!? A word does not change ANYTHING. Look at all the progress we’ve made with gay marriage! It’s getting better every day. And so BIG fkin deal?!? Juicy said faggot. As if him saying this word changed the world or had ANY effect on ANYthing. Andy Cohen has to be the WORST grudge keeper ever, I mean this man refuses to just GET THE FK OVER things. I do ove that he too has to eat shit and play nice with Teresa! Just like MeWhore! Haha…love it! That’s right ppl! Just WAIT until Dina Manzo returns! Bahahaha her bitch knows NO bounds! And she’s been super close fiends with Teresa for what now? 15/20 years???? Good luck MeWhore! There IS no bitch like Dina Manzo! She’s drop dead gorgeous, stylish, HOT, and a bitch to NOT be messed with. Best part is she’s the polar opposite of her stupid CarbFaced sister, Dina doesn’t like her ass kissed. In fact she CAN NOT STAND it. Oh Melissa what you’re in store for…good times!

        • Yeah I am pretty suprised they didnt show the horse foot or even teresa and lauren making up. I wouldve loved to see more positive things on the show this yr instead of negative!!

          • How did he F himself Pinkie? He recently got a huge promotion at Bravo. Doesn’t seem that the NJ fans had any influence on his role at the network.

            Don’t consider yourselves more important than you really are which isn’t very much at all.

        • Really? The anger in you seems to be something that might be a bit out of control. And we’ll see how strong Teresa’s fans are outside of her being on the show. Hate to tell you, without that platform, she won’t be raking it in to pay those bills.

          Your use of the word in your post is fucking disgusting. And your lack of understanding that the use of that word, as well as any of those derogatory words, on a national platform is heinous.

          The other thing that is repulsive is the other posters that won’t call this person out because they said something in support of Teresa and Joey. You people are pathetic.

          • Baloney

            You are 100% right, I am pathetic.
            I never called “looker”s on her derogatory hate filled use need to use hate filled words.

            When I read the word “lookers” put in caps, I thought right away, why all the hate, omg, MORE hate.

            I was selfish and honestly thought “please, someone speak up” “I am so exhausted”.

            I was selfish and pathetic. inexcusable.

            So, “looker”s do we really need to point out and explain gay bashing to you?

            I did fail. you are 100% right I am pathetic on this actual situation.

          • Wow Lookerswhatever the hell your name is ,you are truly a disgusting human being and I can not get over the fact that no one but Baloney calls you out on a hate filled homo phobic rant need serious help what a miserable miserable person you are !! I agree Baloney I don’t know what is more repulsive this hick “lookers” or everyone else on here that just turns a blind eye or agrees with this POS

          • Omg thank you Samael finally someone shows some courage to think outside of the Pack and agree to defend what is right ..I have a new respect for you Sam..

          • Yes Samael, thank you. And don’t be so hard on yourself:) There is a pack mentality on here, from both sides, but I find it a honorable disagreement. But I’ll tell ya, the last couple of days, there have been some nuts on here.

            And wrong is wrong, regardless of who you might be a fan of.

          • Umm I’m sorry “Baloney” but I didn’t catch any homophobic hate in looker’s post. You obviously took that completely out context.

          • Crybaby maybe you didn’t read the post ?? If you don’t see that as a homophobic rant then you are clearly on the same level of thinking as this “lookers” character

          • Why would I call out lookers when I agree with almost everything that they said? I am not homophobic in any way but I am so sick of americans getting their panties in a twist over such stupid stuff. You can’t say Redskins or blacks or anything without hurting someones wittle feelings.We are all so over sensitive and maybe we should spend our time worrying about real problems and stop crying about things that people say.

          • Wow chacha hey glottal give you rednecks credit for standing up for your hate … Good for you ! I was actually hoping this kind of backwoods hate was dying out ,but good to know there’s a few of you still out and proud

          • I’m a lesbian and I have absolutely no problem with lookers using the word faggot. It’s all about context anyway. She used it as a word not hate. Same with juicy, he used it as a joke meant innocently. A lot of gay guys refer to themselves as fags the same way lesbians use the word dyke. It’s not a hate slur unless that’s the intention. Hate to break it to Andy Cohen but there are MANY gay people, myself included that think his and other well meaning or attention starved public figures crusade to point the finger at homophobia actually damages the gay community. It makes us seem needy and like people that aren’t gay have to walk on egg shells because if they dare say the wrong word they will be publicly exposed as homophobic.

            When it comes to the real gay rights movement that affects our real lives, you might be surprised to know Andy is not that vocal or involved publicly. Maybe if he put a gay activist on wwhl every now and then with a celeb it would seem like he actually cares about gay rights. Although I know putting Cher on was an excellent idea. She’s been a huge supporter of the gay community way before Chaz was out.

          • Portishead just like Andy doesn’t speak for all gays & Rosie does not speak for all Lesbians ..just because you are not offended & find “lookers” post funny most people gay or straight it’s not funny at all ,it’s disturbing and full of hate and hate breeds hate period the post is disgusting and I don’t see how anyone could defend it ..I don’t care if Andy does things for the gay community or not that’s completely beside the point here .

          • oh spare me baloney. you say a lot of offensive things in this site. I’m against any type of discrimination. I dislike derogatory words and I get how painful some words can be. but for you to act “offensive” and try to make lookers look like a hateful person is stretching. lookers was trying to make a point and I agree with her. andy cohen has been on this weird agenda against the guidices and especially after joe used the F word. just because he was an idiot for using that word does that make him homophobic. Teresa and joe have proved many times that he isn’t homophobic. they have many gay friends, they are close to caro’s gay brother Jamie, he even kissed and hugged that douchebag greg, joe g even loves hanging out with rosie. if he was homophobic wouldn’t any of you Teresa haters would think he could be around rosie at all? has he said anything against gays at all? NOOOO!!! all he said was a few jokes and said the f word out of anger towards bitch boy joe gorga. it wasn’t right but he should not be put into a label that doesn’t suit him. I find it offensive that anyone would call him homophobic when clearly he isn’t and that is just as offensive as using a gay slur.

          • Baloney did not have to stretch to point out how hateful ” lookers” rant was and if you people on here can defend something like this ,it just proved to me how hateful , dillusional and completely unsophisticated people can be , I know this is a housewive blog so I’m not expecting Mensa members to be on here but my god what a scary look at what kind of people are walking around in society ,it’s truly amazing

        • YOur dead on, dead on. Andy has had a major hard on for both of them because of the Push he received (he tried to get that cut but at the time he wasn’t up in management and they wanted to show that so he was humiliated internationally by Teresa), and then Joe saying the gay slur. Andy has a long simmering grudge against them and people including the cast knows it that is why they are able to do what they do to Teresa because they know that Andy had their back.

          But things are changing and even Andy knows that this isn’t HIS SHOW, it’s BRAVO’s show and it’s about money. Melissa is going to truly get her but handed to her next season since everyone will be friendly to Teresa and she will be the skank that everyone in the area knows screws around.

          • Hey Buck, show me where they’re taking this show from Andy. Hate to tell you, it ain’t happening.

            All the franchises go through changes based on ratings and viewer research. It’s called recasting and coming up with better story lines. Planned with the cast! Imagine that.

            Andy’s not going anywhere. And read above, he was promoted to the top 5 leaders of the network.

          • @paianos Sorry but you will have to guess again. I live in a very northern non redneck state and just because I think americans are becoming over sensitive cry babies and you don’t name calling is just not appropriate nor does it show intelligence….It’s just “hate”

          • Chacapaa regardless if you live in the north or South doesn’t really matter the point is you have a redneck mentality ..sensitivity toward others is a good thing by the way

        • I don’t even think juicy said faggot, didn’t he call the dance instructor a ‘gaylord’ (yea we use that word around NY/NJ)

          • lalala

            Joe saysa gay slur when he drinks.

            when Gary was on the bus with the gang on the way to Caroline’s brother’s wedding (gay) he said “you must have the loosest butthole of all of us”

            and two seasons ago he giggled when he showed the camera that he had Gorga’s name under the word FAGGOT and giggled about how he is not bashing the other faggots.

            The word is putrid, and Joe apologized and he does go to the gay pride parade (never shown for some reason) on his own time and he has an honest relationship with Rosie, not to make a statement, but rose is the only one who can take the truth without dragging it out three seasons.

            The word is destructive and does not create anything positive .

          • …next thing you know, the movie Meet the Parents will be banned because of Gaylord Focker….Some people just always have to start some kind of argument.
            Wasnt it Greggy Bennett, the one who is gay, caught on camera saying something nasty,like the word “faggot”? Or was Joe Gorga there and said it while with him? From year ago or so.( at a club).

          • Michers Gaylord is a name’s an old fashioned name but a name nonetheless so I don’t see how ” meet the Faukers” would apply here at all it was not used as slur in the movie , I get it Joe isn’t very sophisticated he apologized and that’s a good thing ..Samuel you are spot on by the way ..the word is destructive plain & simple ,I don’t think Joe is homophobic btw he’s just very immature obviously ..pretty much everyone on the show is

          • @Salazar…so my thinking people should have thicker skin is redneck thinking? Get a grip and stop Assuming about things that you know nothing about. Guess what mensa thinker I AM GAY! I just don’t feel the need to cry about everything that people say. I am confident about who I am and I have real life problems to deal with so why would something someone said on a blog bother me? I am glad none of you have to get off your high horse and deal with real problems. You all must have the perfect lives.

          • Sal- Im bringing that up because some just like to find anything to pick apart and make an argument, meaning that even that name in a movie would be next on a ridiculous hit list.

        • It is a big deal to say that – though I thought it was gay he said – but one way or another. It is a big deal to say that. However, when asked about it, he apologized for his language and assured people he felt no personal animosity toward gays. I think we can see that from his friendships and his natural friendship with Rosie.

          I contrast his natural relaxed and normal attitude around gays and lesbians to the hypersexualized banter and raillery from the Manzo kids, the Gorgas and Wakilies who seem to see gays only through their sexuality, not as whole beings. So Joe hanging with Rosie cooks, works out and plays pool. The others hanging with Rosie go lesbian bars and try to find her a hookup or hanging with Greg go to gay bars and moon and twerk and otherwise act like total asses. Who has a healthier more comfortable relationship with gays? I would say Juicy Joe. Maybe the Manzo boys after being Greg’s roommate for awhile -probably don’t act like asses 100% of the time, but on camera they sure did.

          • ITA Cajsa, though I think gay or gaylord is slightly less offensive.

            Your so right, Joe’s natural comfort with Rosie compared to the rest of them constantly talking about sex says a lot. And what about TSIL always fishing for Rosie to drool over her, teasing her, that is much more offensive. My closest friend for 30 years is a lesbian and I always wanted to kill straight women like Messy who tried so hard for her attention, esp because it was usually to turn a guy on. So annoying.

          • I actually have no problem with Joe, that was a mistake on his part and his actions have shown he isn’t homophobic. And I do believe he said gaylord.

            What I did have a problem with is the poster who took it so far and quite out of context from where it was initially. And I’m sorry, but his/her post was written to be derogatory by essentially saying, “yeah, he used the F word” so get over it. And took it that much further.

            Anytime anyone uses the platform of national TV to say that is wrong and can be hurtful, but Joe did apologize. You’re right. But the words of this poster were ridiculous, and just because you’re a fan of Joe doesn’t excuse everything he does but you don’t need to take it 100 steps further to add further blight.

          • I agree, Casja. He may have said “gaylord”, but he treats Rosie with a helluva lot more respect than Kathy & Richie.

          • I agree with Baloney this is not about Joe Guidice , it is about the disgusting and yes homophobic rant full of gay slurs by the poster that is so disturbing

          • excuse me but what homophobic rant? I’ve read lookers post many times and I don’t see a homophobic rant. she repeated what guidice is accused of saying and said who cares. she’s making a point that people and andy are making it bigger than it actually is. you’re doing exactly what people have done to guidice. accusing lookers of being homophobic over a word. lookers said nothing offensive against gays. infact, it was more positive.

        • I’m late to this discussion, but I wanted to re-read Looker’s post before I commented.

          I really don’t see anything offensive. She (or he) was repeating a word that was a topic of conversation on the show. She didn’t use it in a derogatory way, IMO. Actually, I found this post to be supportive of gay people.

          We have very good friends who are gay. They actually applied for a marriage license yesterday (Yay NJ). Although they did have a civil ceremony years ago, which was one of the most beautiful I have ever been to. Right or wrong, they do use the F word. I myself don’t, but I don’t get offended if one of them says it.

          Anyway, I think that the people who took offense to Looker’s post misconstrued her point. Just my two cents.

    • Of course they did not air that, it would mess up their fake storyline Bravo created. I am glad Lauren did apologize and it sounds like Teresa did too for criticizing the , hopefully this is also a sign that Lauren is growing up and changing her attitude.

      • Lauren talking smack about Teresa and her kids (really crossed the line), and her ongoing twitter attacks won her no fans. She also lost credibility with the dieting and cleanse episodes after she had to fess up in Us Magazine to the lap band surgery after pretending she lost weight by diet alone (which was after Caroline had just raged against Teresa for sharing her stories with the tabloids – hypocrit extraordinaire Caro once again.) So kudos to Lauren for maturing and apologizing. She seems to be a happier person lately, so I hope that continues for her because for 2 years she seemed so miserable on the show.

        It is good that Terersa apologized too for the Lap Band comment. Bravo is beyond pathetic that they can not air a nice segment of apology and moving on because they were determined to end the series with Caroline attacking Teresa and you can’t show friendship when you would rather manipulate your viewers. Andy really does hate women and gets a sick pleasure in showing and editing them in their worst possible light.

    • Agreed. About time someone said sorry for what they said to Teresa. But didn’t expect it from Lauren. Good for them and shame on Bravo for only showing us the ugly.

    • Agreed. About time someone said sorry for what they said to Teresa. But didn’t expect it from Lauren. Good for them and shame on Bravo for only showing us the ugly.

    • Yep, I agree. We saw years of people putting her down but not the other side of the coin.

      It seems the show was left on the cutting room floor. What we saw was crap.