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Richard Wakile Says Not To Believe The “BS” About Kathy Being Downgraded On RHONJ!


There have been very reliable sources saying that Kathy Wakile has been downgraded on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Certainly, she brings nothing to the table except a canoli and who really cares about that? Her husband, however, is singing a different tune on Twitter!

When a viewer tweeted Richard Wakile about their reported “demotion” on the show, he fired back asking not to believe it! He tweeted back:

Is Richie hoping that Bravo will snatch them back at the last minute or what? Regardless our sources are saying that Kathy is demoted and that she won’t be involved in the promotional group photos. Sorry, Kathy and Richie. Looks like your time is up

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  • There! I have addressed several of your comments and I stand by my comments. If you don’t like them, well that’s life. Move On!

  • I can’t stand either if them.
    They are boring and he is crude and disrespectful of everyone except his son who is only embarrassed if him.
    Richie: your not funny, your just insulting to every woman in your life (is say all women but no other women care about your opinion).

    • You make a valid point about Richie and his degrading comments regarding women.
      Hmm…sounds to me like Richie has finaly found something in common with Andy.

  • Ok Kid you must be worried everyday? I am flattered you “THINK” I am a snotty young brat shows me your incompetence and inability to be logical and quite frankly, your awareness to sucks balls. It seems you waste too much time thinking you know people as you sit behind your SAFE computer screen mocking people and ending comments with your love and light. Going to Iraq or fighting wars. Hey, I am American Indian so watch your mouth! Why do you PIG have my E-Mail? and I mean STUPID watch what you say!

    • TIJU or whatever erotic name you can dream up of on here to post, I will first start by saying I truly didn’t read your response because I really don’t give a shit about what puke answer and retaliation spews from your mouth. I have read enough of your responses, as I am certain others have, to see the way you operate on a site devoted to a REALITY SHOW where you invest so much emotional time getting heated and after making your coffee you anxiously sit in front of your laptop seeing if someone actually paid mind to you. And of course I manage to rattle your ass in the process. I must admit there is a deep sense of THRILL here knowing you are getting hot and bothered when someone actually goes head to head with you. First off who gives a shit what your ethnicity is, what do you want a cookie? How about a milk bone darling, you are not superior over anyone, understand? Perhaps you rule the roost in your domain where ever that may be, and of course, on an internet blog hiding. I feel for you, getting all emotional over the Wakile’s and their status of a show, as I am sure most AMERICANS truly don’t give a rats ass like myself. Call me a pig, call me what you will, threaten me to watch what I say, how about going back to India and following a GURU? Grab the peace pipe and start toking it.

      • Oh , and most importantly TSHIT get a life already or how about trying out for the show? Go and contact Andy Cohen and Bravo and join in on the festivities you seem like you would fit in just great! Another idiot making a jackass of themselves on national Television, you can represent the AMERICAN INDIANS and make them all look like jackasses.

        • Don’t waste your time on Tiju, FishCrack.
          It’s just an instigator attempting to stir shit up that isn’t there.

          I really commend you though FishCrack! You can really hold your ground.
          I was going to respond a few times but held back. You obviously don’t need my help or intervention.
          As a matter of fact, you’re so direct, I am breaking out the popcorn reading and loving your comments. lol

          You Take No Shit! 🙂

          • Rosalie, thank you. I do take it personally when people attack being in the safety of their home hidden behind a computer screen or in everyday life that I have the misfortune of meeting. I know I can’t change the world or the people in it for that matter, but it pisses me off. Now I am not religious, I don’t need to be in a church somewhere to have a relationship with God I am my own church. Quite frankly, its because of people such ass Fiju or Fiji or fishhead or whatever this person goes by, that turns me off about any place of worship because they are the first to tear a person down and kick you while being down. And if this person is telling the truth about being Indian, then well they would be worshipping Kali and Buddha and not Jesus. So right there was a huge red flag. I have a degree in comparison religion, I have been studying religion my whole life and respect them all but refuse to respect hypocrites. Ok, I myself will not indulge in responding to this fruitcake any longer either. I am from NJ, I know who some of these idiots are on this retarded show, and what people do not know is that a few were complete nasty people prior to being viewed on television, unfortunately television just made them worse. I will end this by saying this. Money comes and goes, looks fade, so you better be a good person on the inside because that is what defines you. That is the true beauty in people and can never be taken away. Nothing good comes from greed or hate, money cant buy happiness, and plastic surgery will not and can not mask the persons ugliness within. You have a great Day Rosalie, and never be afraid to speak your mind.

  • Oh yes Tiju your love for Rosalie radiates the entire Earth what are you a bible preacher by day?….You are so full of shit. You sound like a person who goes to church and wastes time being a great example inside the church with your fake love for everyone and spiritual advice and how you accept all for their differences but when the service is over you’re a hypocrite nasty bitch as dark and demonic as they get.

    • @Fish while your mom told you , you did a great job poopin in the potty, some of us were in Iraq making sure ungratefull, snotty, BRATS like you can stay in Mom’s basement and post. Demonic? If you ever had to protect other people who make a mistake in comments or posting, you would understand. If you ever.. (I know you won’t) go to Iraq, if you do you will be praying there is a GOD! He will be the only one to save you. So it’s all good and yes ask Chadwick you understood, I think she Roslie is young, we all make mistakes. I also understand your point.

      • Oh please with your serving this country shit. My Uncle is a former Navy Seal and my brother is in the Middle East right now so please don’t go there. As far as living in my mothers basement, take your own age and shove it up you ass. I am flattered you “THINK” I am a snotty young brat shows me your incompetence and inability to be logical and quite frankly, your awareness sucks balls. It seems you waste too much time thinking you know people as you sit behind your SAFE computer screen mocking people and ending comments with your love and light. Going to Iraq or fighting wars doesn’t warrant a person to finally be praying or having faith with God to be saved, it ranks in with a murderer incarcerated all of a sudden picking up a bible finding JESUS CHRIST after they murdered a family. I find your example as intelligent as you are, it just isn’t. If you do not have a relationship with Jesus or God from the get go you’re as good as fucking done, bank on it. You see I don’t care what the person to the left or right does, I worry about myself. But when I read posts such as yours it is evident you’re an unhappy human being blasting your 2 cents in against people who have an opinion and you turn it into a major crisis as you see fit. I am not going to sit here and go back and forth with a complete hypocrite not only in their faith but in their postings here. Why not take a look in the mirror at yourself before you attack people here such as Rosalie. But it seems that’s what gets you out of bed, attacking people. So be it….go get saved Tiju.

        • Hey go back and read KID I never ever attacked Rosalie, I only tried to help her. She was on other sites and idiots followed her over here, I only tried to help her. I will LET Roslie respond to you!!! I am an born in the USA, So take this PUNK to heart, now you posted your plan, just call me Yes Mamm I am going to report you

          • Tiju, I am laughing! I am on other sites? I come here and the readers on those other sites “Follow” me here? I had no idea my words could have so much power over others, that they dedicate their time to ‘follow me.’

            Tiju, I read your comments and I can’t help but notice keywords used to get your point across regarding… God, Age and Service (Iraq).
            This tells me a lot about you. You are lonely. You fall on God to get your point across to others because you don’t have the ability to ‘explain’ what made you upset and why you feel you are correct in your response. Rather than debate, you fall on God. Now, let’s talk about your ‘service.’ I now imagine you are a male and you are feeling embarrassed with yourself. Perhaps you have a friend you look up to who is currently serving in military and you are in aw of the attention your friend is receiving and you want that. You want people to look up to you the same way they look to your friend. Problem is, you don’t want to take that leap and join the service. You don’t want to earn it. You just want to fake it and hope nobody catches on. You want to be praised. You want to be respected. Unfortunately, that’s how cowards think. Only a coward of cowards would make up a story about ‘serving’ their country when really, truth is, they just sit inside a box they call home, fuming because nobody notices them.

          • By the way, Tiju, Tuji, whatever….

            I promise you… Nobody Is Following Me From Other Blogging Sites. Frankly, while I thank you for thinking so ‘Highly Of Me :)’ truth is, I’m just not that damned interesting. I wish I were that damned good, you know, people follow me, but truth is, I’m Not.

            Don’t bother responding because I’m going to ignore you from here on out.

          • Oh, I left out Age. You know, one of three keywords.
            Well, I could take the easy way out and tell you that that speaks for itself but, to be honest, It’s more than that. It’s what you type, how you type it, and how you attempt to get your point across so others can understand. Well, now I’ll say it… Age speaks for itself.
            My Advice To You…
            English 101

  • Everybody we do Love Roslalie, she talks out loud! In the 80’s you could!! I love everybody for their opinions, GOD made us all the same? No, so that is a question that just got answered, can my people no matter, what they believe or receive can agree on something? You all on here are sweet and kind. I hope you all stay that way. I know I am not hip on here but sometimes it takes an old dog!

    • Everybody we do Love Roslalie, she talks out loud! In the 80?s you could!! I love everybody for their opinions, GOD made us all the same? No, so that is a question that just got answered, can my people no matter, what they believe or receive can agree on something? You all on here are sweet and kind. I hope you all stay that way. I know I am not hip on here but sometimes it takes an old dog!
      Everybody, we do love Rosalie! She speaks volume, and most likely she was raised in the eighties. I respect the opinion of others, after all, God made each of us from His own image.
      …Unable To Translate Inarticulate Gibberish…
      Everyone, you are kind, sweet and I pray you will always remain true to yourselve’s.
      While I understand, I may not know how to articulate my feelings, please understand, I Am Dog. I Am DOG Not GOD

  • There were a lot of rumors last year about Kathy & others not being on season 5, not just a demotion. But then they all came on & there was a rumor that bravo didn’t make any changes because hurricane sandy & they started filming right away.

    Bullshit. Bravo puts out way too many rumors to keep fans guessing & curious.

    It no longer matters to me who is off & who is on. I am done watching the show.

    Anyone else think that is an odd picture of Kathy? Not one I would release publicly. She is standing partly sideways but one boob is firmly pointing out & the other one is flat. Do these women never look in the mirror & see what they look like?

  • Roslie, Honey quit while you are ahead? Not sure now but I get your point. No use in trying to compel people to your side unless they believe like you do. We ALL say and do things we are not proud of the next day. Been there done that, try to tell my college daughter that every day. Just the next day try not to make the same mistake. I understand you get mad at Andy, he has NO value to me in my life! My daughter would post other things I would not be proud of saying. Luckily tonight she is busy, studying!!! She better be. She could be me tricking me {hope not}. So calm down Honey, Andy and the crew really are not affecting your life unless you let them. I understand about taking sides and asking questions. It used to be the land of the free, well that is no longer {hint}. People picking you apart for your opinion is not right, they should comment but not hurt your feelings.

      • I’m going to leave one last comment and then I’m going to completely stop coming to this site. Most of you tell me to get a life. Me Get A Life?

        Most of you are on this blog each and every single day! For Several Years Now… many of you, if not all of you, have made it a ritual of your daily lives to Post A Comment. What gets me is your comments are downright lewd! Kathy…Katfish
        Melissa… MeHo
        Caroline… Oh Gosh, The Many Names Many Of You Have Chosen For Caroline as well as her daughter, Lauren.
        And talk about gay, I could go back on this blog, copy and paste right here the many horrible, anti-gay comments Most Of You have left about Rosie.

        I don’t come onto here each and every single day. As a matter of fact, I Only Come Here When I’m Bored or I Am Up Late With My Father.
        Most Of You Post At All Hours, Day And Night. And You Tell Me Not To Take This Show So Serious?
        I watch these Housewive shows because I like to watch these people fight. I certainly don’t tune in just to watch them standing in a kitchen doing nothing. Melissa and Joe brought a fight to a whole new low and Andy Cohen Provoked That Family Fight.
        Anyway, I’ll Leave. This Isn’t My Daily “Club” anyway.
        Go through the old blog stories on here and read the comments many of you have left. It’s a footprint of who you people really are because unfortunately, you people do this Every Single DAY! 😉

        • Rosalie Marie

          I don’t think leaving this site is the answer, I like reading your posts, and I like how dedicated you are to the stories.

          gay bashing is unacceptable. you can stop that no probs.

          Leaving this site is like a self inflicted torture.

          come on rosalie marie, we don’t all post here because we all think the same thought, but because there are a zillion ways to say the same things.

          Why torture yourself by leaving , type away like nuts…just no gay bashing bud.

          • Don’t let these narrow-minded people calling you a gay basher silence you. Your points went right over their sanctimonious heads.

        • Please don’t leave Rosalie. I understand your point. He grills Teresa at every reunion, but avoids questioning others. The man is relentless when it comes to the Guidices. I understand that they are on a reality show and their business is public knowledge. So is the Laurita’s, but you never hear him question them about their legal woes. He doesn’t seem like the type who would put up with the same treatment he gives the Guidices. I understand that he hosts the reunion and it’s his job to ask questions, but he shows his obvious hatred for Tre and Joe by not putting as much effort into asking the same questions to the rest of the shady cast.

    • I agree with you Tiju. I recently turned 22 so my years of saying things I regret wasn’t that long ago and probably still aren’t over. It’s so important to think before speaking or hitting “submit.” We don’t always understand how offensive those words could be until we look at in the perspective of another person. Today it’s even worse because those mistakes can be recorded and follow us for the rest of our lives. I feel bad for how I responded to you, Rosalie, because two wrongs don’t make a right and I’m sorry for being mean.

      • Well you stated facts! And yes Honey I am older. But you are wise.. in years! You might be 22 but.. I could almost bet you will be someones/teacher someday! I think you always post SMART even when you try to be funny! I wish my daughter would take lessons! Good for the young crowd, I only {know what she might or might not be upto, unless it was for you guys!} So Good Luck to you.. I don’t even think you will need it! Being mad is really sad, being happy is always Sappy. That is what they use to say. I will take that anyday. By the way Go U.K. WildCats!!!!!! Love my BIG BLUE! Now Luv U Too!!!!!

      • It’s ok I did not see how you responded to me. I hope you become a teacher someday! I no it has not posted yet, Good luck to you sweetheart your mom and dad would be proud. You as a young one, listened and you sure did not have to! Luv U but go Big Blue!!!! And your College too!!!

    • Tiju go get a 2 foot q-tip and a can of raid and get the fucking bug out of your ass would you already? Find something to do here. We get it you are offended that Rosalie used an example with the ass Cohen. Who cares? Why do you give a fuck?

  • I have to admit even though bravo hasn’t said anything it makes sense. Has anyone else noticed how much Kathy had been twitting to Purveyors of Pop the company that produces the show? She has been very active. And Tweeting other housewives too. I guess we’ll see. There were rumors last year about Teresa’s make up artist being a “friend of the housewives” and that didn’t happen.

    • Thank you Rosalie for not cowering to the PC police. You make complete sense but people who are intolerant to others viewpoints use code words to try to silence you. I see they’ve been used on you: “extreme” & gay basher. I would say those attacking you are straight bashers. Thanks for standing up for yourself and the right to your own opinions. I understand your point exactly.

  • One more thing… I wish I could get into Teresa’s head and force her to ask Andy Cohen questions such as…. “How often do you have group sex with gay men? Aren’t you afraid of contacting AIDS? Do you care that maybe you are spreading AIDS to others? I heard one of your many, MANY lovers (Cooper Anderson) just got married, have you continued your affair with Anderson since he got married? Other than your penis and asshole, do you contribute anything to the gay community organizations? If so, what? How Often Do You Get Tested For STD’s?
    Let’s move on to a more delicate issue shall we Andy… Justin Beiber sent you a doll of himself, you have it displayed in a sexual manner on the shelf behind you at the WWHL studio, do have a sexual thing for Justin Beiber? JB is awful young for you, he’s is still just a teenager, do you like skinny young boys?
    Wow, well Andy, I find you very troubling and I hope someone doesn’t have to air all your dirty secrets to the media but you know stardom, pardon the punn but it always comes back to bite you in the ass.

    • My point is, Andy is exposing a family’s legal troubles on television, perhaps someone should come out and expose his behavior behind closed doors. If the excuse is, “well that’s what happens when you get on a reality show,” then, shouldn’t that same ‘rational’ thinking go for Andy? He’s in the public eye. Shouldn’t we know his background?

      • If Teresa and Joe had a problem with exposing their legal troubles, then they should get off camera.

      • I am completely offended by your statements. Your comparison between your perception of Andy Cohen’s sex life and the Giuduce’s 39 DOCUMENTED counts of fraud is ridiculous. Wow, Rose Marie. I am glad my only interaction with you is via this blog. There are so many kinds of wrong with your comments.

      • Perhaps some of you should read your own comments.
        Let me see there’s Katfish, douche, c u next tuesday, not to mention the many, many, many degrading names regarding Melissa, Richard, Kathy…see above.
        Oh please.

        • The Point Of My Comment….

          All because Teresa is on a reality television show, does not mean everything about her HAS GOT TO BE OUR BUSINESS. How much see spends. Her Legal Matters.
          These are In Fact, PRIVATE.
          Everyone, EVERYONE deserves a part of their lives to be a PERSONAL PRIVATE MATTER.
          So the point…
          Andy Cohen is on television… should we know who he has SEX with? When, how, etc?
          He’s on television, so if he doesn’t want these issues brought up, then shouldn’t he also get off the television?
          What About Caroline? How come her husband isn’t in prison for literally stealing tax dollars from the citizens of New Jersey for a No Show Job With The State Of New Jersey?
          How About Discussing The Legal Matters With BLK and It’s Real Canadian Owners?
          How about the Rape Accusations against Joe Gorga? Why not ask those questions? How About Richie Wakile’s Lawsuit from a petroleum company? Another NO SHOW JOB!

          It is not my intent to offend anyone… My Comment Is Legitimate and I am just saying that Andy and the others are on television, so why, why is it for three seasons now, is Teresa and Joe’s legal matter the only issue brought up? You say, “well she’s on a reality t.v. show,” but I say, “So Are The Rest Of Them!” Andy deserves a private life…. Does He?

          • I’ll agree that he should bring up the others legal problems also. Lauritas which are on par or worse than Guidices. Last year at the reunion I believe it was a viewer’s question that asked about Al being fired by Gov Christie because of his fraudulent info he provided. Carolyn totally skirted around the question and of course Andy never followed up. He just let it go. It’s so ridiculously bias against the Guidices it’s ridiculous. Let’s hear it ALL! But I don’t want to hear about what Andy does behind closed doors. I kinda get what you are trying to say but it was a really bad choice for an analogy.

      • Rosalie, I assume you are young and very invested in these housewives. I understand what you are asking but it is a little harsh. My daughter will be on the same website as me posting something she did not mean to say and I think Oh no! it offends people. Just because this website is called all about the truth does not mean people want to hear the truth. I understand what questions you would ask Andy but I understand why other posters would be mad/upset. It is upsetting that Andy only GRILLED Tre/Joe when there are soooo many questions for the rest of them. There is always a spin and next year or maybe sooner they will get caught to. It’s like my Granny used to say hide and watch. That’s all sweetie, I get what you where trying to say.

      • @Rosalie
        Why doesn’t Andy ever ask Jaquline about her legal troubles with signiture apparel?
        And why doesn’t he ask SloJoe how he can even begin to know how to build houses if he doesn’t understand basic math and basic reading?
        And why doesn’t he ask Chicklet teeth about his legal troubles with Exxon?
        One of Kathy’s neighbors even said that the reason she was riding a bike to the grocery store in the first episode of season 3 was because she didn’t have a car!
        And he needs to ask Caroline what the real truth is between Greg and one of her grown son’s we all know there’s a story there!
        These idiots that came on to season 3 were all posers they weren’t what they said they were!

      • Rosalie

        I also wonder why Teresa and or Joe haven’t left the show.

        As much i love the Guidice family this really isn’t good for their situation.

        Maybe they need the paycheck well they prob do.

        I get what ur saying if it were me and i was being bashed by family and only my financial crisis is only coming up and no elses is being spoken about, id Def leave and if i was still under contract id see an attorney to help me find a way out if Im already outta contract there’s no way id come back and subject myself and my family inc my parents this sort of shit.

        • Rosalie

          about Andy well lets not bring his sexuality or his partners into this.

          Im only agreeing with you on why Teresa is still on the show.

          I could care less who Andy has sex with or not and don’t condone any accusation about having STDs /aides

          • Are you kidding me??? Andy is always asking sexual questions about “swimming in the lady/man pond. If he can ask, Rosalie can ask. He is such a tool.

    • This post is disgusting and so offensive. Can’t believe moderators let it through, shame on you!!

      It’s a nonsensical analogy. First of all Andy isn’t on a reality show, where the purpose is to expose your personal life. Second, Teresa and Joe aren’t questioned about their sex life. They’re questioned about criminal charges which the public has every right to know about. A trial is for society to find the truth and expose it. If the Guidices broke the law they have forfeited their right to privacy. Again, their sex life would be a topic that is private. A trial and their possible criminal acts are not private.

      • Is this the first season you have watched RHNJ? Andy is all up in everyone’s sex life and always has been. HELLLOOOOO??????

        And Yes, Andy is hosting a reality tv reunion show when the entire premise of the show and especially the reunion (at his hand, again) is to expose EVERYTHING.

        You want heterosexual lives to be aired out by a gay dude, who is oh so offended by gay slurs, but hugs the most disgusting and vile gay folks – it’s going to happen in reverse.

        And if you dont think for one second Andy, the Queen of BRAVO, doesn’t have an agenda….tell me why useless Rosie had a seat on that reunion couch.

        When the Bravo team gets off it’s gay high horse and stops shoving all that is gay down viewers throats, then he can have a pass when questioning heterosexuals about their private business – on any level. Have you MISSED how in to sex anyone is having (even Rosie who hasn’t had any in a decade) the creep is in to? They don’t wanna talk about it they don’t. They don’t wanna talk about their legal issues, they DON’T HAVE TO.

        He’s a joke. He’s all in to anyone’s bedroom or bank account. Andy IS a celebrity and if he can dish it? The bitch needs to be able to answer for himself.

        • I am so sick of mean queens acting like they are sacred cows and somehow above being treated just like they treat straight people. They can be really mean and hateful but you say something similar to them they turn into rabid animals and try to silence you with labels like homophobe and hater. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Tough it out.

        • You got that Right Sweetie. Miss Andy is a woman hater and a disgrace to the gay community. Too bad if a few “Queens” reading this blog are offended. He loves to pry into others sexual lives and I’m sick of his women degrading WWHL sexual games. He’s a pig and I for one would love to see someone put a bullet in his head. There I said it and I am not ashame to advocate violence where this creep is concern.

    • Wow… That was a disgusting post.

      For the record,Andy’s exploits haven’t landed him in front of a Federal Judge, where everything s public record.

      It’s sad that you are not smart enough to know what “public record” actually means. You may not be a pig, but your post makes you look like one.

      • rhfan get a life, others can express their opinions on this blog. They have as much as right as you. Maybe go shoud go to Miss Andy’s twitter site to kiss his ass.

    • Holy Shit Rosalie..WTH IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? This is not the first time you have gone off on Andy Cohen and ranted a bunch of disgusting offensive garbage! There is seriously something wrong with you, I’m not even kidding!!

      • I don’t know why Andy having sex with others is really anyones business. Andy maybe a douchelord sometimes but I don’t care to know who he has sex with and how do we know for sure if he has group sex acts? Lmao. I think a lot of people on this site are losing their minds! hahahaha

      • Holy Cannoli,
        I can go through this entire blog dating back years and pull up all of your many degrading comments regarding all these women, their husbands, Andy and Rosie. You’re not exactly elegant yourself. Difference is, I was only using Andy to make a valid point regarding privacy and television and stepping over the line. I stepped over the line as Andy also steps over the line regarding legal matters. Is he trying to coax Teresa and Joe to answer questions that will be used against them when their trial comes up? He knows they cannot answer questions and yet, he keeps pushing them into a corner for answers. It’s been two years, can’t he move on and ask the other cast members about their Private Issues? You think I was rough on Andy, what do you think he’s been on the Giudice’ family? He drags their legal issues on the air. He brought family members on the show to go after Teresa, Joe and yes, even her children. I know, Teresa should quit. Teresa asks for it. Teresa keeps coming back for more. Perhaps Teresa keeps coming back because she needs money to keep her family afloat?

        • Rosalie Marie

          I cannot believe you are debating this! I get that you are a Teresa Fan, but you are also an asshole.


          Why would anyone ask their boss sexual/personal private questions.

          Are you that uneducated about HATE!! Do you not know that trial transcripts for hate crimes could match your words?

          You have been violent with the reader’s and gay bashing is hateful.

          This outrage is not about Teresa and her 39 fraud charges or Teresa the cast member of RHNJ – this is about gay bashing an actual human.

          Find other words to create the point you want to make without gay bashing anyone.

          • samael,
            Don’t you ever get sick of jumping on people? Don’t you ever get sick of jumping to conclusions, sending nasty comments to other readers (And you do so, on so many occasions) and apologizing after?
            I swear, it’s like you pump yourself up just to write nasty comments to others and what gets me is you always miss the point.

          • Hey rosalie Marie

            Thanks for responding to me in a respectful tone.

            Interesting that you say “you always miss the point”As this is to be applied to you.

            We all know you are a Teresa fan, as am I, and when I get frustrated on how cast member’s and Ass Cohen treat teresa, I too Vent.

            You chose violent words to say how frustrated you were with a gay man.

            It was frustrating to hear Ass Cohen constantly go at Teresa, but that is what Ass Cohen does, which is why I call him a pimp, as he exploits women and the situation the employee is in.

            Being violent with the keyboard towards a human’s sexuality is and has been considered ‘targeting’.

            I do apologize when I screw up, and verbally attack another person who posts here.

            I am very glad that you did not txt any of your post to ass cohen, that would be criminal.


          • Samael – how quickly you back track after calling someone an asshole.

            Mighty nice of you.

            You and the rest got your panties all twisted up in some “anti-hate” BS movement without even trying to understand where Rosalie was coming from.

            Were her posts Eloquent? No.

            But neither are yours.

          • Oh but attacking straight people like Andy does is okay? Just gay people can’t be spoken ill of? How dumb. Put down the PC kook aid and start using your brain.

          • You people have to lay off Rosalie! She’s not gay bashing….and she’s not asking Andy these questions with the intent of getting an answer. Ok, so maybe the comment was a little graphic….but all she is doing is making a point. Andy is relentless when it comes to Teresa! He harps on the same questions over and over again no matter how many times Teresa tries to shut him up. He doesn’t do that to ANY of the other ladies, not even on other shows!!!! When they give an answer that says….no more Andy, he respects them. But not Teresa…he re-words his questions and keeps asking! Maybe he does deserve a taste of his own medicine! I’m not saying I want to know anything about his personal life, but hell…what goes around comes around. And I think Andy has abused his role of host one too many times. When someone gets on his shi!t list….he tortures them. Bravo and Andy have gone overboard with the entire network….and I completely understand where Rosalie is coming from with her comment. Enough already Andy!!! Part of being a good host is to be a responsible host! The goal of bravo should NOT be to destroy people’s lives!!!! Those of you who are offended need to relax….unless you are Andy Cohen yourself and you feel pressured to answer those questions, you have no business being offended by a comment meant to prove a point!

        • Rosalie

          Go ahead go back..I have never ever gone to the lengths you did, so don’t get it twisted!!

        • In case you are unaware of the basis for the hostile response to your comment, it is because you have made a presumption that because Andy Cohen (whom I despise probably as much as you- I won’t watch anything on Bravo at all because I disagree with the worldview it promotes) is gay, he is engaging in sex with multiple partners, is likely infected with AIDS and other STDs, and has no concern about the health risks attendant with these diseases/conditions. That is flat out homophobia. That is an attitude that my people are used to hearing from the Pat Robertson’s of the world; that is, those who bear an irrational hatred and fear of homosexuals. If you had a factual basis to make these allegations, I would not have a problem with your comment. But you do not. You merely chose to replicate the nasty- and false- stereotype that gay men are irresponsible, sick human beings who have no concern for the health and welfare of others. If you have any decency, you will recognize the offensiveness of your comment and apologize. If not, you should be ashamed of yourself.

          • If gay men were more responsible aids cases would be far fewer. Everyone blames smokers when they get lung cancer, but no one can blame gay guys who don’t use condoms? Why?

          • Well, Jar, I don’t watch Pat Robertson and I don’t attend church. I will never step into a church. With that out of the way….
            All because you don’t hear about AIDS, certainly doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. What you are not hearing is the truth about AIDS. Yes, the truth on who catches it has now been twisted to “anyone can get it.” Of course anyone can get it but let’s not blame the innocent people who did get it. There are gay husbands out there who never told their loyal wives about their secret sexual lifestyles while working ‘late’ into the hours.
            There are many drug addicts who still continue to share needles.
            Don’t kid yourself if you think AIDS is no longer just a gay thing. Fact is, AIDS is an epidemic in the male gay communities as well as drug addicts who prefer needles. This is still a very serious issue. I’m not gay bashing for telling the truth.

            With that said….
            I want you to learn about the rectum. You will find that the rectum is formed to release contaminated waste. It is not formed to insert foreign objects. Read about the rectum.

          • One more thing regarding Andy Cohen. I don’t watch his show because I can’t stand the way he licks his lip, then smiles when he’s speaking to a male guest. He does it subtle, but he does lick his lip.
            When Joe Gorga started dancing on WWHL, Andy was clearly turned on.
            I have no doubt that Andy gets into multiple partners. Also, I am right about the Justin Beiber (Bieber..whatever) doll that sits on a shelf at the WWHL studio behind Andy. The doll is displayed sporting very short, spanky shorts, with it’s legs spread apart.
            Oh but that’s okay to display that on television.
            Now, why is that okay for gay people to sexually harrass other men? Why is it okay for gay men on those Bravo shows to say the most sexually degrading statements on camera about another man? The gay men on the Bravo channel make no bones that they have a boner and want to screw some strange man up the a hole. They make those moaning noises. Lick lips.
            You don’t see straight men behaving like that. By the way, if being gay really isn’t about sex, than why is sex all they talk about? Why is sex all they ever show? And why are they so damned raunchy and disgusting about it? A gay man on a reality television show, camera rolling, watching a straight man work, the gay man standing behind the straight man starts licking his lips, and begins moaning, and let out a few grunting noises and then he said….”Oh, I’d like to grope him!” The straight man clearly heard it and walked away. That was on the show, I hope I write it correctly, “Millionaire Real Estate.” or Millionaire Listing. Something to that effect. Either way, that show is full of vile trash and frankly, I Hope Bravo Gets Sued.

            In my own personal life… I do in fact have family members who are gay but I have never heard any of them behave that way. I have lost an Aunt who was lesbian and she Never behaved like that. Bravo seems to set up straight men. They put a gay man around a straight man and they actually show the gay man sexually harass the straight man. I Hope Bravo Gets Hit With A Major Lawsuit.
            It’s not right for anyone to cross over and sexually humiliate another human being.

          • If you are offended….Too Bad. It’s not gay bashing. It’s not okay to hurt anyone. It’s not okay to physically attack another person.

            You all defend gay and demand respect but that certainly doesn’t mean gay people have the right to sexually harass YOU, Me or anybody else. Nobody has the right to say to you, “I wanna grope you!”

    • What fucking homophobic rubbish. Last I checked, Andy Cohen wasn’t the one who has willingly signed contract after contract to have his life be filmed.

      And because some people on here are infantile and name call, that makes it correct to spout homophobic comments? Grow up!

      • No, I am not homophobic. Take a look at the gay Bravo shows you probably watch.
        I’ve seen the gay shows where the gay guy looks at a total stranger, with the camera rolling, the gay guy looks at another guy and says, “Oh Wow, I Would Like To Grope You!”

        Christ, can you imagine a straight man saying that to a woman? Can you imagine if President Obama said to a woman during a public speech, “Wow, I’d like to grope that woman, she’s really hot!”
        All because a person is gay certainly doesn’t make it right to sexually harass others! And that seems to happen a lot on these gay shows. Oh, But I Have To Respect That! It’s Sickening.
        Which kind of makes me think of Rosie. She says some vile things and frankly, it is in fact, sexual harassment. I’m surprised Bravo and Andy haven’t been sued for sexual harassment.
        Gay or Straight, there is no place for sexual harassment. And Andy To Is Good For That.

        • Sorry if I offended anyone. I was only trying to make a Very Extreme Point regarding privacy. I was also being extreme regarding questions Andy seems to ask only one cast member.
          Andy Is Extreme and if the tables are turned…. Everyone gets mad.
          I don’t care to know about Andy Cohen’s PRIVATE LIFE. And I Don’t Care To Ask Andy Cohen EXTREME Questions that Hit Below The Belt.
          Andy makes a very good living exploiting women and many of these women tolerate it because they are in desperate financial situations. Not One Of These Women Are Well Off As You May Think. Andy uses women in very desperate situations. Why else would these women be on this sort of show

          • Melissa & Joe Gorga, Kathy & Richie, Rosie, all are Teresa’s relatives. Why Else Would Andy Put Them On This Show? To attack a desperate woman and her family.

          • Your extreme point has no value as the Giudices chose to air their lives. Even if they weren’t on TV, their legal troubles are public record and anybody anywhere could write or talk about it.

            Get a grip Rosalie, Tre and all the HWs consent to their lives being exposed. It s REALITY TV! If you don’t like it, I suggest you stop participating in blogs as YOU are contributing to the demand to know everything .

            Yes, I realize I am on this site too, differenc is I am not complaining about the path and life these people hose to take.

          • I recall Andy asking offensive questions about people’s private lives. He has asked every female guest on WWHL if she has ever been in the so-called Ldy Pond…

          • Rosalie, I read your post and I do not think for one second you were bashing homosexual people or Andy because he is a homo. I am intelligent enough to understand what you were saying as far as how he asks unprofessional questions, he makes a mockery of Teresa every chance he gets drilling her about personal matters when in fact he doesn’t drill Jac and Chris about their criminal activities, or question Melissa about her unfaithfulness to her husband or her arrest and past drug use, he doesn’t ask Joe Gorga about his 2.5 million dollar in debt issues or his rape case, he doesn’t question Rich regarding his lawsuits. He doesn’t address Caroline’s personal problems within her family or get Al’s mistress on the WWHL show to spill all, he doesn’t address how her FIL was found in a trunk of a car hogged tied with his dick in his mouth(Literally shoved in his mouth). They don’t question Al about his illegal activities and bring up Caroline’s debt with credit cards. So, I would absolutely fire back at Andy and ask him personal questions to humiliate him too. Everyone has dirty secrets in this world being on TV or not and I am sure Andy has a few bones in his closet being held in by barriers….but I am sure his little sparkly clean closet doors will open too and reveal some nasty shit. Or one of his past lovers will come forward if the rice is right and tell all.

        • Wow, your ignorance is shining bright on here Rosalie. Most gay people aren’t the outrageous perverts you think they are, just like most people in New Jersey aren’t short, overly tan alcoholics like Snooki. These shows thrive on stereotypes. Have you ever watched an episode of Jersey Shore or the Real World? The straight men on there basically drooled on women in public. That doesn’t mean all straight men are perverts. Have you seen Bad Girls Club, Miami Monkey, Basketball Wives or Love and Hip Hop? Those women will threaten to kill each other for looking at them the wrong way. Does that mean all women are extremely violent toward each other?

          You should stop watching television and take a step outside of your house. Go meet these people you’re making uneducated judgements about and see how wrong you are. Reality shows are all based on negative stereotypes about sexuality, race and gender.

          And FYI, you don’t contract AIDS you contract HIV. You’re at just as much risk of contracting it as he is.

          • Chad, I think she Roslie is young and does not think before she types/speaks. You have the upper hand on AIDS. There are dif strains as in health problems. I think tomm. she will regret what she typed and or thought. Give her a pass, this one time. She is so invested in Housewives maybe she does not understand {Yet} about real life. I think she is frustrated with Andy because he does NOT ask any other housewive about their legal problems. I understand. She shows up on other sites, she just want’s some answers. She takes it to heart. I agree with you!Maybe this is all she has. You are the “kindest” telling her off so I thought I would respond to you. Thats all. I am GLAD you know what you talk about before you say/type. Thank you!

          • Stop Bashing Rosalie she didn’t directly bash homosexuals…..My God if everyone stood up and defended the REAL problems of the world as they do defending the gay community and their issues the world would be in great fucking shape.

          • You know it’s funny how you say gay people are not perverts. Did u happen to wash bravos Newlywed show. It followed 4 couples after marriage, one of whom was gay. That show depicted the gay couple as absolutely disgusting….they discussed their sex life in great detail and how they need to use an enima to help make it better…..are u kidding me!!!! That was sick!!!! And bravo aired it….the straight couple did not discuss anything of that nature!!!! So tell me again about how bravo making gay couples, look disgusting.. I’m not saying they are, but bravo certainly is!!! People don’t realize that networks like bravo depict gay folks as perverts and its completely acceptable. Maybe the gay community needs to change their own image!!!

  • Look, Kathy was only brought on the show for the sole purpose of going head to head with Teresa. Why Else Would Bravo Have Chosen not only Teresa’s brother and sister In Law, but they brought Teresa’s cousin on as well? Yes, that alone gives a clear vision of what Bravo and Andy were up to when they made Cousin Kathy a housewife. Kathy is very average. Her lifestyle. Her appearance. There was nothing about her that spoke in volumes and what did Kathy bring to the table from day one on this show? Nothing. She just stood right along side with Melissa to kick, punch and slap the shit out of Teresa, Teresa’s husband, and even Teresa’s four little girls. They went after Teresa’s entire family, right down to Teresa and Joe’s Giudice’s parents. Bravo and Andy still continue to beat down on the Giudice’ family, obsessing over their trouble with the law. Why is Andy constantly asking the Giudice’s about their legal matters? Andy just did a one on one Interview with Teresa and Joe on WWHL. So why in the f–k would Andy keep harping, pushing and kicking Teresa and Joe for more answers on their legal matters during the reunion taping? Teresa and Joe also made it clear to Andy on WWHL that they will never allow Melissa and Joe Gorga to raise their four beautiful girls, so why then would Andy ask Melissa and Joe on the reunion if they would raise Teresa and Joe Giudice’ children? It’s as if Andy has dismissed the fact that The Giudice’ Girls Belong To Teresa And Joe, and therefore, and what they plan for their own family has no meaning whatsoever.

    I Don’t Understand Why Teresa And Joe Giudice’ Keep Returning To This Show? I don’t understand why the Giudice’ family hasn’t said, “Enough Is Enough, we need to re-structure our family and quit the Real Housewives.”
    I don’t want to see them quit, but this show is not helping them one bit with their legal matters. Their own family is on this show screaming that Joe Giudice’ and Teresa need to go to prison. Their own family, Joe and Melissa and Kathy are all pushing for a prison sentence and they are using this show against Teresa to do it. Teresa Has To Quit This Show if she wants a fair judgement in court.

    • To answer Rosalie’s original question before she went off on her gay bashing rant, the reunion was taped several weeks BEFORE the one on one sitdown the Guidices had with Andy Cohen, they were just aired in reverse order. The attorneys were with them at the reunion taping and realized that they came off looking like they were either lying or evading the questions and agreed to setup the one on one interview to make them look better.

      • She wasn’t bashing gays, she was making a point. Get this Tim, if I don’t like a gay person it isn’t because their gay its probably because they are an a-hole. It is widely known that Andy, who is a mean, narrow-minded, intolerant hypocrite has used his equally nasty friends like Cooper & Ripa to launch a hate campaign against the Guidices. Also Barfenny but it backfired on all these bullies. Doesn’t Andy have a jack hole of the week segment that is always targeting straight people? That makes him a heterophobe and straight basher.

    • Because Teresa is a GREEDY FAME WHORE who obviously does not care about her children, or her family. She should have quit the show and focused on raising her kids!

  • Kathy is too boring even for ‘friend’ status. She would never have made it past season 3 if it wasn’t for her constant promise to producers to bash Teresa on camera. What a phony.

        • It doesn’t matter what Debbie says she can’t make me forget about all the shady stuff the others have going on!
          I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s one of Meho’s crow sisters!
          After that dumb book on marital rape the Gorgas are not as popular as they once were. I haven’t seen good comments about them in a few weeks
          so who else is left to post good comments about them but Meho’s crows for sisters!

          • That’s not true. I think Melissa has 5 or 6 diehard fans, that even think her “music” is good…LMAO

          • Well in time they’ll all get that knock on their door.

            So Debbie i wouldn’t gloat about Teresa and Joe the Laurita, Gorgas and Wakiles all have done shady stuff and hv pending cases.

          • Summer no one on the show comes even a close to the Guidices when it comes to being straight up phony criminals

    • @Nat
      What cooking storyline does Kathy have, she only makes cannolis and I’m not sure she realizes anyone can make a cannoli.

      Richie might think they are popular but they have to know nobody likes them. You Richie reads these blogs him and his disgusting ways!
      Does he ever close his mouth? Really seriously is there a reason that dork can’t close his mouth lol.
      He reminds me of Lurch lol

      • Penilanr

        He can’t close his mouth coz his teeth are too big they get it the way.

        He really is repulsive in EVERY way so is Kathy can’t stand either of them.

        • @Summer

          Girl I kinda figured his teeth were too big! You think he might of ticked off his dentist lol!
          Then again they might have been free word on the street is they beg for all kinds of free stuff, in exchange for mentioning the merchant’s name.
          I don’t know if it’s true.
          Man those are some big teeth! He’s up there with Mr.Ed!

  • Of course he’s saying this. Honestly, season 3 when Kathy and Rich came on, I liked them. Their cozy house, supposed love of family, they were silly… I liked them, without the drama. Now, Rich grinds on other men, he shows himself wearing nothing but his underwear, he has to cuss constantly to act like he’s cool & this season he behaved like a jerk toward Kathy. And he does all this right in front of his children, his son is turning out as big a pig as he is. It’s pathetic. They sold out for fame and extra money. Now she’s building a bigger house? Their home is beautiful. It was good enough before, why not now? Oh, that’s right. They’ve got a “name to promote”. It’s all about wealth and looks. How shallow and sad. Very disappointed in the Wakiles.

    • Where’s

      It’s called keeping up with the Jones, or jealously.

      Whatever if Bravo does make her a friend pretty sure the following season she’ll be out completely how are they going to pay for that big house their building doesn’t he owe a shit load to ExCon hmmm

        • Do your research sunshine….you’re way off.

          And by the way, Debbie, the Wakiles have so many liens and judgements against them that they should STFU and go away…very quietly.

          • I think YOU need to read the charges. Page after page of them. FYI: Having a lien or judgement against you is not a Federal Offense 🙂 The Guidice’s are the ones who will be “going away”.

          • Heck Meho probably told SloJoe to use his parent’s house as collateral! She’s had his boys in her purse under lock and key since they got married! He’s so whooped that he can’t even see that he did wrong in regards to his parent’s house!

          • Why? Because I am not a delusional, ass kissing Tree Lover? Get over yourself. Name calling because I do not agree with your opinions makes you what? A Teresa or Juicy troll?

    • Wow talk about being stubborn Chicklet Richie doesn’t get the messege we the fans don’t like you or your Katfish wallpaper of a wife!

      Seriously what are Hooked on phonics Joey and Chicklet Richie doing on a show for women? They bring nothing to the table except for Slojoe crying every chance he gets and Richie walking around with his mouth open looking lost as all hell!
      What man cries so much like Migdet Joey? That idiot has more estrogen in his blood than all the women on all these hw shows! I can’t deal with her!!!!!! Yes I said her he acts like a woman so I’m addressing him as one.
      Richie get lost nobody wants to see you on this show! Three seasons of you and wife is enough!

      We all know if this show repeats it’s self again same storyline they ratings are going to tank!!
      Can you all imagine another season of bashing one person, and another season dumbass Joey crying, another season of the pervert Richie, another season of Meho trying to copy Tersesa and a little J-Lo with it. Another boring season of Kathy well doing nothing.
      No way I sure as hell won’t watch, actually I don’t know anyone that will watch if a repeat of the last three seasons.

      • What in the hell does fat, disgusting Guidice bring to this show? Besides criminal behavior? The man does not even have a job!!! He is a BUM!

        • Have you paid one iota of attention to the beast from the middle east? AKA: Richie Wakile and what a SCUM bag he is?

        • Thats the thing this show is caller REAL HOUSEWIVES, Joe from season 1 understood what that meant,he knows he has a penis NOT a vagina, he does not do talking heads and really doesn’t open his mouth unless he is questioned by someone on the show. Chicklet teeth does not understand what HOUSEWIVES means and is always throwing his big ugly mug in front of the cameras. Most viwers can’t stand this disgusting pig, hell I would bet kathy can’t even stand him just figures she;s stuck

  • UGHH..Kathy’s “friend” status is perfect for Kathy, but if this bonehead keeps plunging his ugly puss in where it does not belong, Kathy should never appear, dick is the ugliest representation of gender/spouse blech..he is the “don’t” of husbands.

    • mc

      ITA with her recanting the things she’s and Richie hv said about Tre it certainly didn’t do her any favours.


      that’s cool i respect the fact you don’t agree with my opinion. Thank you for being polite about it.

      This is why i like most bloggers on here we can disagree in a nice way & everyone is entitled to their own opinion

      • @Disgusted

        OMG i read ur post wrong sorry i was cooking & posting i thought i read u disagree lol sorry Hun:-)

    • I completely agree with you. Kathy alone is fine as a ‘friend’ but Richie is so obnoxious! I find it odd that Kathy isn’t embarassed by his behavior.

        • I don’t care even if she does have scenes with Melissa. I think what has happened between her and Teresa is very sad since Teresa is Kathys blood. I think she’ll learn over time she made a mistake. I think Kathy comes off as sweet and I really do like her in a way despite what she’s done, but Richie behind the scenes on twitter is just nasty to women. It’s not cool.

        • I think they scored with Rosie and Joe making a great comedy team. Bravo would be smart to carry that on next season. Everybody enjoyed the scenes. Hopefully we don’t ever see Richie or his smelly wife. I look forward to the addition with the twins. I hope they are fab. and fun.

          • I really did love watching the scenes of Rosie and Joe they are great together and rosie really shines when she is with Joe. They have fun together, watch porn together, and have some drinks. Joe also helped Rosie kick start her diet program which has now helped her lose 30 pounds (Go Rosie!!!!) I would love to see more webisodes with them or even have a damn spinoff. That I would watch over Jersey any day!

      • because she condones it. He is her mouthpiece and says everything nasty about T and she just sits there. Her silence says everything.

        • mc

          I agree she’s not a nice person i also believe Richie is her mouth piece.

          If my husband spoke bout mycousin kid that even if i didn’t like her which i don’t like one of my cousins i would shut him down it only makes things worse between the families.

          IMO Kathy is a snake it’s the quiet ones you have to be careful of.

          I truly hope she’s only a friend or off the show completely i can’t stand her she’s a sly sneaky bitch.

          Not falling for her BS act

          • Summer- your right about not falling for her BS act and that she is a complete snake. I’ve said this multiple times but she is only now recanting her comments about T and also her intentions for joining the show because the fans turned on her and she saw what going against T meant for her bottom line (i.e. her businesses failing, etc..). I’ve never seen adults act like school kids to the degree she has shown us. There was no wisdom or rationale in any of her/their behavior.
            NOT one person understands how her pig husband is allowed to say the things he has said about T.
            I seriously can’t wait to never hear about her again! She seems to suck the joy out of things.

  • I won’t believe until Bravo or Andy confirms it. Kathy is more boring than watching paint dry so I hope she’ll be gone! I don’t even wanna see her as a “friend” of the housewives. Her time was up during Season 3! That nasty husband and Rosie all need to leave with her. I don’t wanna watch next season and have to forward a lot of scenes…

    • Couldn’t agree more! Rancid Richie is disgusting — the reason ff and “mute” buttons were invented.

    • I like Rosie when she is around Juicy and Teresa. She is fun and loving. But get her around Rich and Kathy and she is nasty, loud,and mean. The relationship appears force with Rosie and the Waklies. The screen of them in the hot tub with Kathy’s friend Heather was sickening. It came off as making fun of Rosie for being gay that acceptance.
      Kathy and Richie have been retweet anything positive about them to Bravo and upping the suck up game. Personally, Richie is the most disgusting person on TV. He and Kathy bring nothing but trash to the show. Kathy is classy as she and a few think. Anyone that would allow their husband to make the comments he makes is not classy.
      I don’t think that Bravo is bring them back full time and honestly they just need to cut the two of them. Rosie can stay for this season if she is around Juicy and Teresa. The clips of her and Juicy have been some of the best this year.

        • More like the real her. The two faced spinster who is one way with the guidices and the real her with the wakiles. No one forces her to say nasty shit about her blood cousin.

          • Totally agree with you. Rosie is nasty, two-faced, weak and seems violent and alcohol-dependent. Can’t stand her.

          • When Juicy and Tre are found guilty of their crimes, who are all of you Treelovers going to hate on and blame?

      • I am surprised no one mentioned the tweet from aug 19 From Richie where Someone asks Rich something and Rich said Andy was a stupid Fa***t. I think that means they are done on the show, for Rich to tweet something like that about Andy Must mean they got their walking papers, or they found out that Katfish is getting paid less then her sister. LOL

  • Bravo has not announced any changes officially so as far as anyone knows Kathy, who I like, is still a full time housewife so even though I do not like Richie’s attitude most of the time, although he does surprise me with some things he says that are true, he is correct that we should not believe the bs that is out there right now.

    • I love Richie! He is funny, he is harmless. People need to chill & laugh. Juicy has said far worse things, but its ok, cause Juicy is saying it, or cause he is Tres hubby. Richie, Kathy, Rosie are the only reason I even tune in any more. I like their light moments, love their kids. Kathy could have a storyline if the producers wouldn’t focus on Tre drama.

      • I agree! Juicy has said and done worse things than Richie! He is funny and does not mean any harm. I would love a show with just the Wakilies and NO Teresa and Melissa. Sick of the drama.

  • I actually like Kathy…but unfortunately she has no storyline. Her husband is a complete and total a$$hole who I think we could all do without seeing… adios!

    • Yes, she has had some nice moments. I understand her desire to get into catering/etc. She did stand up to Joey at the retreat this year for his comments to Teresa. Ritchie can hijack her situations, she can’t do much about his personality.

      • I doubt her standing up for T was a the least bit sincere. She just did it to save her ass from all of the negative backlash she got the previous seasons. She’s recanting her reasons for joining the show and excusing her behavior at being such a dumbass to her own family. It’s all to save face for her failing business venture. She saw what acting like a jealous schoolgirl did for her bottom line.

    • Totally agree. I like Kathy & Rosie, but Ritchie is the most disgusting person I’ve ever seen on any of the HW shows. He adds nothing but GROSS to the story line. He needs to go back to peddling Gasoling. Maybe he’ll blow himself up!!!

      • Rosie is horrible and the stupid comments she made about Teresa’s case prove she is an ass. I hear in high school she was a real bully, always picking on kids. Definitely seems like the type.

  • Sorry, I’m still waiting for Bravo to announce what’s what. Until then, it’s all rumors to me.

      • I hope they have enough money for that 600,000 dollar lot they bought to build a house. Because the money won’t be coming in like usual.

    • Hey Holy! I agree also but did you happen to see his tweet regarding the reunion?

      Richard Wakile ?@richardwakile 13 Oct

      Im not! I declined! RT @yanno510: @richardwakile you better be making an appearance on this reunion! That’s the only reason I’m watching!

      Now, not sure it this is true coming from this jackass but if it is, it kinda sounds like he is having sour grapes for getting canned. Like you said, we will see but we can hope can’t we? lol!

      • I read a comment by someone here (I think it was here) that Richie sent a tweet referring to Andy as the 6 letter “f” word. I don’t know if I’ll be able to find it again. I think it was back in August that he tweeted it in response to someone’s tweet.

        • Hi dsc60! I saw that too – wtf posted the tweet a few days ago and I couldn’t believe it. Maybe he is just trying to stir up some controversy but I can’t believe he would take it that far if he really thought him and his wife were coming back. Andy will not let that one go for sure.

    • holy, I think this is the first time I have agreed with you. What is this world coming to…LOL Seriously, I don’t believe unnamed sources, so I will also wait and see even though Richie is a better source…I think he would know.

    • Awww…Bucky Beaver is just sticking up for his big bottomed girl. Even ugly chubby chasers can be romantic.

      • Yea well Old Bucky Beaver is waiting for the flood look how high the bottoms of his pants are! LOL!!

        And migdet crybaby Joey is probably looking for his box of Kleenex all over his house right now cause he forget where he left it when he had his last cry.
        Does he pour estrogen into his coffee every morning! He such a drama queen!