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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Is Lisa Hochstein Suing Joanna Krupa?


Well, the end of Real Housewives of Miami is near and yesterday the ladies reunited in New York City to film their season three reunion. All five Housewives attended plus Marysol Patton, but it was between Joanna Krupa and Lisa Hochstein where the drama went down!

Sources present at the filming tell AllAboutTRH that accusations were thrown by both women, who have had drama brewing all season long behind the scenes. Joanna had been talking about Lisa’s infertility and making digs, which Lisa did not like, and it seems like they let it all out out while on Andy Cohen’s couches.

Details are vague but the insider reveals that Joanna revealed something huge about Lisa and no, it was not the fake boobies! Now, Lisa wants to sue Joanna for defamation!

Ana Quincoces tweeted this morning regarding reality “stars” suing for defamation. Lisa and she got into it earlier this season on Twitter, so it could be that Lisa and Lenny are targeting her as well:

After the reunion wrapped, Lisa also sent out the following tweet:

Did you see the feud between Lisa and Joanna coming? The RHOM reunion should be airing in about 3-4 weeks!

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  • Lisa and this show are going to be the death of her husbands practice if she is his creation!!! It’s to bad he couldnt claim to have created Joanna she is gorgouse!!

  • These reality women never learn. If you.have somethings in your past you really do not want revealed, don’t go on a reality show ! Sooner or later, someone will dig those skeletons out of your closet and sell the story to the highest bidder. If you’re smart you’ll do.what NeNe.Leaks did and own your past. No one thinks poorly when you own what you did, move on past it and there won’t be any backlash. People love the bad girl staightens out her life and rises above it story.

  • I have a novel idea for these women (cough, cough), how about not saying anything that is mean or nasty? How about not gossiping?

    Oh shit, then, there would be NO Bravo!

  • Joanna favorited and retweeted Ana’s tweet. I say it’s an attempt to breath life back into the franchise because just a few days ago Joanna tweeted she would take sloppy seconds of Lisa any day, insinuating lisa’s sloppy seconds was good enough because she’s hot. Oh well, everyone has a past. Own it like Nene did with her stripping days and it can’t come back and bite u in the arse.

  • Ana why are you even speaking ? You are not relevant & not an RHOM housewife ? Go away before you embarrass yourself even more

  • Chill out Lisa. If she said something bad about you on the show it’s not like anyone is going to see it. The show will be in TV heaven with D.C. soon. Or probably hell since its reality TV.

  • I have a feeling Marysol has a new best friend in Lisa. I will say Lisa last year did she regretted doing her Playboy thing. It appears there have been more than posing for naughty pictures involved,

  • I’ll just wait to see what happens. And of course Ana Quin”whatever her last name is”-lol sticks her disgusting nose in everyones business again. I can’t stand that annoying lady

  • I’m not surprised, Lisa has nothing else to do, so I bet she’s trying to seem more interesting.

    • I would believe that. Did you see that clip of Lisa “acting” that Andy showed on WWHL? She was nude on top of another lady and appeared to be “taking a bite out of Hello Kitty” (as Nene says).

    • Your correct, Lisa Hochstein met her husband when he hired her via Bella Models when she escorted. Still hangs out w a bunch of new crop of escorts. Also she actually appeared at Andy Cohen’s show (original producer for the entire RH franchise for Bravo) right after the premiere of the first show of the Miami housewives. There, they showed her in a fetish tickling video from several years ago and her reaction was something like “I earned my own money and its better to do a tickling fetish video than to become a hooker like everyone else in LA”

      She used to escort, I bet that is what was brought up and she went ballistic and her husband wanted to protect her from that (because he hired her).

  • While I do find this franchise to be very entertaining I also find it to be the most desperate. They know they must do ANY & EVERYTHING to hang onto that next season due to their ratings not being all that. Just the other day Romain (sex god) was tweeting he couldnt wait to stop by NYC to see Joanna, Lea, and Lisa. Now all of the sudden theres a law suit?

    I just feel like these girls try waaaaay too hard and the show isn’t organic at all. I do enjoy it though.