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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Jacqueline Laurita Leaving The Real Housewives, Kathy Wakile Demoted And 3 New Wives For Season Six!

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So many rumors out there regarding season 6 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey but AllAboutTRH can finally set the rumors straight and confirm who’s in and who’s out for next season! With the reunion being wrapped up, the next season is said to begin filming in November according to my New Jersey sources! And who will be returning?

Sources reveal EXCLUSIVELY to AllAboutTRH that Jacqueline Laurita is out! “Jacqueline will not be returning to season 6 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Kathy Wakile’s role is also demoted and she will now be labeled “friends of the housewives” instead of a Real Housewife. Bravo decided to keep Kathy as a friend of the housewives because many people enjoy her sister Rosie. Bravo believes Kathy no longer had what it took to be an official housewife anymore.”

And what about Dina Manzo? The source continues, “Dina will be coming back on board for season 6. Once Bravo knew that Jacqueline and Caroline weren’t returning, they approached Dina afterwards to be apart of the next season. She considered it and finally agreed so it is official. Dina Manzo is back.”

That’s not ALL! To shake things up, Bravo has decided to add 3 new wives! “Bravo has officially confirmed that Nicole Napolitano and her sister Teresa Napolitano will be added to the cast for season 6. Both sisters are twins and are very close with each other. They would never fight on TV or go against their family. Nicole and Teresa’s good friend, Amber has also been cast for season 6!”

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Photoed above Nicole & Teresa Napolitano 

And yes, Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga will continue their role as a Real Housewife on season 6! AllAboutTRH was the only site to be right about all info regarding season 5 and we can confirm that everything stated above is FACT! Who’s ready for season 6? Surprised about the cast changes?

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Roxanne Jajo created All About The Real Housewives in November, 2011, to keep fans up to date with all their Real Housewives news. Roxanne resides in Detroit, Michigan and works full time as a recruiter in the HR department at Quicken Loans. In December 2014, Roxanne came out with her first fictional novel, ‘Shattered Depiction. Roxanne works on the website on a daily basis in order to bring fans of the show the most exciting and captivating stories of all of their favorite (and not so favorite) reality TV stars. Roxanne is very thankful to all the readers and commenters who have continued to support the website.

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  • So disappointed that Carolyn, Jackie and Kathy will not be coming back….they feel like family to me! LOL Will be so sorry not to be able to follow Jackie’s progress with her son as I also have a special child. I wish her all the blessings with their journey.

    Kathy I have enjoy her and Rich’s relationship and will miss them, but hope to catch the shows she will be appearing on.

    Carolyn’s advise was always spot on to me and after the peace they all seemed to work at finally arriving, it’s a shame we can’t enjoy it with them.

  • I so enjoyed the first few seasons of the show. It did just seem like regular New Jersey life. But all of the Real Housewives franchise has become a an infomercial, RHWONJ seemed to be nothing but promoting books, liquor, bottle water, desserts and pretty much anything you can think of to sell. I realize your job would probably be part of the show but the New Jersey franchise had become nothing but paid publicity campaigns. So maybe that will change with the cast.

  • I know longer watch NJ housewives, they took the good
    wives off. All of the cast made a good team. Melissa and Teresa can not carry the show. It is now too boring to watch. I think NJ should be cancelled. Not interesting at all.

  • I’m sorry to see Jacqueline go, glad Dina’s back, happy Caroline’s gone, happy,Theresa’s back and sorry that Melissa’s returning. I’m.ambivilant about Kathy, but want to see more Rosie !! Don’t know anything about the new girls.

  • I think that Dina is a two faced little Zen-bitch. Be careful everyone. For me the show is over. I taped pt.2 of the reunion and it was 1 hour of ZZZZZZ. Who cares? Not me Not anymore. Teresa & Joe will go to jail..Jac is gone, Kathy only there to bring Rozie along..Looks like it will be another snoooooze fest..Not on my TV..Not anymore..Sick of the “make believe” drama..and Andy. Sick of it..Just call me done..

  • Almost Perfect if Melissa and Joesphinie were leaving!! SUPER EXCITED LOVE DINA!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAY!!!

  • Not really a lot of women since Kathy has been demoted to ‘friend’ and Caroline is taking her entire clan including the Lauritas to her new show. Those moves left us with only Melho an Teresa.

  • If Dina’s back I’m done with this show. She’s a lying, cheating, backstabbing coward. She has trash talked the show since she left it years ago and now that she has no other tv shows and is getting divorced she needs money and is willing to continue to kick her family in the dirt to get it. Big sister Caroline covered for her on many occasion so she better be careful this time around because she’s got no one to take the heat off her now. I’d definitely keep watching the show if Dina came back AND Danielle Staub came back, now that would be good tv.

  • Some fans started a petition for Teresa

    I guess to show Teresa’s fans in numbers as an F U to Andy and bravo lol

    Rox you should post the link

    This should get entertaining

    • ITA!

      I used to be huge Dina’s fan, but now I am disappointed to the point that I can’t stand her.

      She turned out to be the biggest liar. Her “Zen and positive energy” thing is fake.
      She is bitchy, dark, angry and a fame whore more then anybody else on the show.
      Dina is coming back for fame and paycheck. She already forgot how “dark the show became”.

      I know that a lot of people don’t like Caroline here. But Caroline helped Dina in real life a lot. She took her in when Dina had no place to go, covered for her on the show. Caroline didn’t deserve to be treated this way by Dina. Just wrong.

      I personally don’t want Dina back on the show.

  • Ugh, another season with Deepthroat and Slow Gorga. I couldn’t even finish watching the reunion because I was so annoyed by them and their excuses. I had to stop when Andy said something about Melissa’s songs being auto tuned and she said something like “Everyone… people say that, I don’t know why…” She’s living in a fantasy world where all the cute forest animals dance around and sing “on display” while Dopey the Dwarf mines diamonds to decorate her fairy castle.

  • I understand why Teresa is hoodwinked into filming, kind of?! I want to see more of Her family. I do not care, tho to watch the upcoming real life drama of Her family go through the Court System, and their immediate family be exploited with siblings, and mostly the Kids and Parents of T&J.

    I don’t understand, outside of fame and $, why Dina would return, except to be there for Teresa, Joe and their kids, while all exploited by Bravo, and for our “pleasure”.

    I am a Tree Hugger. I think that they should have respectfully cancelled this show!!!!

  • so basically its a show about Teresa’s friends and people she can control now? except Melissa of course ! also don’t see how they can say Teresa will be there ….unless she might be filming from the big house !

  • I always knew Dina was full of it! She loves the drama and the fame. Just pathetic that she would come back after calling out the show as a negative influence on her life. What’s she going to do when all of these women start fighting? She won’t be able to blame Caroline and Jacqueline this time around!

  • Do people in Jersey really dress like these bimbo’s…. SERIOUSLY…. How old are they??? I can see nothing’s changed here…. NOT INTERESTED

  • I learned my lesson last year and am believing no casting rumors until word officially comes down from Bravo.

    Especially when the sources are SO obviously Heather and Teresa, both women who have well-earned reputations as hard-core liars.

    • We shall see….That means if the rumors are true…Teresa and Melissa have been right all alone and truthful..

      • So you agree that Teresa and Heather (which is who I think you meant to say, not Melissa) are the sources who EXCLUSIVELY REVEALED this story?

        If so, you’re right, I guess we’ll have to wait and see — I’m a betting woman, btw. 😀

        And totally OT but I’ve always been curious — did you get your name from “A Long Day’s Journey into Night?”

        • Oopps…you are right I meant to write Heather not Melissa…My fat fingers typed the incorrect name…By the way,No my isnt from A Long Day’s Journey into Nigh..t I was not aware a character named Fat Violet in any story…thanks for the tid bit! I learned something new today lol.

    • I agree I am not going believe anything until announced by Bravo.

      Come on Estelle, this kind of swirl happens every year for every franchise, but Tre and Heather are responsible …. That just cracks me up!

  • So happy Carowhine won’t be back. Almost as happy not to have to see Kathy as much, but why not just eliminate Kathy and keep Rosie on as a housewife? We all know that technically she’s not a wife, but we all love Rosie. Anyway, I’m ecstatic about Dina coming back !!! YAYYYYYYY Dina! It sucks to have to see Melissa’s lying, whoring , cheating , stripping face again, but I’ll just ffw her scenes as usual. I really hope the new 3 women are cool. I don’t want to despise any more housewives. Now maybe we’ll have a little peace. God Bless the Giudice’s !!!!! Jacqueline was just starting to be likable again, but waddaya gonna do? Whateva. excited for season 6 🙂

    • I am not a fan of Rosie, but if it was a choice between her or Melissa, then I say “Whole Lotta Rosie”.

  • Is Dina going to be an official housewife or just an official “friend”?

    For whatever reason, the production team that does RHONJ annoyingly only likes 5 official housewives which I think is too few.

    I’m sure the new pair of sisters is trashy and they will clash with Teresa and Melissa. It’s good to have new blood, but I think the producers made a mistake by firing Kim G a couple seasons ago. She knows how to bring tackiness and it’s hilarious.

  • Well if they don’t make it past one season, they can always go on “What Not to Wear”.

      • I would love to watch that! “What Not to Wear”; “How Not to Behave”; “Who Not to Associate With”. The list goes on and on.

    • LOL! How true, Gimme! I’ve never seen people dress like these housewives do in public. I’ve seen twentysomethings dress that way, but they can get away with it. Its just so sad & pathetic.

  • Heck NO! I’m not going to invest another minute of my time watching this crud! All anyone has to do is read your blog, and even though it is obviously run by Teresa or Teresa lovers, it’s all anyone has to do to keep up on the news from the show w/o having to be exposed to all the mind numbing stupidity and pettiness.

  • Hmm, it’s still hard for me to think that Dina will come back as a full time housewife, since (without Jacq and Caroline) she has no family on the show. I would bet that inspite of insanely boring storylines, Kathy sticks at full time, and Dina comes back as a Lauri Waring-style “friend”/ featured player.

    So my season 6 Cast Prediction at this point is: Teresa G., Kathy, Melissa, Teresa N. and Nicole N., with Dina and Amber as featured friends (and Rosie, Joe Guidice, Joe Gorga, and whatever family the Napolitanos bring as featured family).

  • Disappointed to say the least. Not feeling these twins people keep posting about. Dina seems like a spoiled brat who now that she has her way thinks she will reign. Teresa will use her as her next mouthpiece. I do not think I will tune in. These women look so tacky and isn’t Colts Neck like down by where the Marco sisters live? Boot them already.

  • There have been several subtle clues that Dina has been confirmed….so I think that is true.

    As far as the other stuff….things can change….remember Alexis from OC was let go but than they signed her back when a new cast member flaked?? I think that is why Jacqueline is being sooooo quiet…she knows that if the new ladies don’t work out Bravo may ask her back. If that happens she will go on a twitter rant about how she was never fired and how all those rumors were bogus blah blah. That is also why Jax hasn’t had her usul melt down about Dina YET…she is treading lightly hoping she will be asked back last minute. SO jax is playing nicey nice FOR NOW. I am sure Chris and her need the money since their BLK is a joke.

    Now if the new ladies do work and Jacqueline is not asked back she will say…oh I want to spend more time with nick and I always wanted to leave and it was my decision blah blah blah.

    This is the same reason Gretchen has not said a word…cause she knows if the new cast member doesn’t work she will be asked back. Bravo can change their mind anytime so I don’t want to jump too high yet for Jacqueline’s departure until it is official. I am crossing my fingers though.

    I am sure Jacqueline is pissed that Dina will be on and not her. Didn’t Jax have a spa or something opening soon? I am also thinking she wanted to do a book deal too as she is the only NJ cast to not have written one. NOt to mention chris won’t be able to market his dirt water anymore. I guess all that free botox and free stuff will start dwindling now…poor wacko.

    • I really think she backed out because of Clownzo leaving and all the upcoming lawsuits. She grilled her good friend in front of millions about her legal woes. Wacky knows her time is coming and is afraid that she’ll be grilled the same way. She also can’t handle criticism from the fans and there will be plenty coming her way. Like the coward she is, she took the easy way out.

  • Also with Dina i think she was testing the waters on a return when she did a cameo in season 4. She divorced but her and Tommy Manzo are still very close so it be nice to see her storyline explain why they grew apart and then get back together. i wanna see the fun Teresa back and i can see her and Dina bring the fun back. Melissa feuding with two more sisters that be good i wonder if they have an exit for Jacqueline on the first episode ?

    • Could Dina be divorced already? Hasn’t it only been 6 mos since she announced? Way to stick it to her sister to return after they leave. Gotta love those Lauritas, thick as thieves.

    • I’m not sure Dina and Tommy’s divorce is final yet, but it could be. I read a recent interview where she said that she and Tommy were getting along better than ever, and she was taking her time with the divorce because of that. I don’t know if she meant she was going to give her marriage another chance or what…but she did say that.

      I wouldn’t mind her getting her divorce finalized and seeing her go on a few dates or something.

  • I hope its Teresa Melissa & Dina arguing with the new girls lol. They look like two nasty bitches but respect to one of them as she run her own very successful dairy business

  • I am not shocked at all. It was clear Kathy and Jaq were gonna be gone for S6. We’ll see if Tre is not arrested before filming is finished, but congrats for being the last original HW standing. All you who think Mel was leaving should feel really bad. The trifling hypocrite aka Dina is back -_-, hopefully she gets fired after that season. I heard about these twins for a while, but they look very bubbly. Interesting cast though.

  • Okay why another Teresa? That’s annoying first off. Second, YAY Dina is back! Goodbye Whacko, your time was up! I’m not thrilled with them keeping Kathy just for Rosie, Kathy should have been let go. Another thing, why is Melissa still on? I thought we were over the Teresa and Melissa drama? Nothing was resolved. I’m a little leery about this cast.

  • I hope these sisters come on and take all the attention away from Meho and Ape! And just because their sisters its also going to kill Mehos sisters that they couldn’t get on but these two did! My cheeks hurt because I’m smiling so much at the thought. The Marcos are gonna go crazy jealous on RHONJ and I for one can’t wait to watch it all go down! Melissa will have no one left, I hope Teresa isn’t so forgiving if she comes crawling back because she has no friends left on the show.

    • Colts Neck residents in general are not the type to exploit their wealth. Many are horse farm owners in the horse racing industry. These are very solid, down-to-earth, respectable wealthy folks, who also are quick to lend a hand and reach into pockets to support many of the foundations we have in our region.
      This town as well has ensured that development is very little, preferring to keep farms and large tracts of property intact.

      The town’s residents will NOT take kindly to such a spotlight or having their town in any way, shape or form associated with RHONJ, which will of course be projected nationally.

      These twins are NOT typical CN residents.

      • You remind of my Gramps, Honnie. He was a very wealthy farmer in KS. He didn’t believe in flashing his wealth or sharing his status with strangers. Many people who didn’t know him well but would see him in town assumed he was poor. Always in overalls and his old Ford truck.

        He was also very supportive of charities and local schools.

        So I get what you’re saying about the town not wanting to be infected with the shitstorm that is RHONJ.

        • jpg, My gramps was also a farmer from KS. Funny how we both call him “gramps” They were never that wealthy but they raised my father and 13 sibling on that farm. small world we live in.

      • Honnie I have been loving your comments for a long time, thank you for bringing a little bit of information. The only thing that bothers me is that Colts Neck is Central Jersey, Franklin Lakes and Montville which I live 5 miles from is North. I remember seeing the casting calls all specifying No. Jersey, just wondering about the hour commute with filming. Especially in winter.

        • My thoughts exactly. I’m in Bergen County and am pretty sure they only cast women from our area. Whenever I hear rumors of women joining the show from outside our area, they always turn out to be false.

          • Hi, guys! Thank you so much for your comments about my comment.

            It does seem very weird that other NJ HWs would be from a town/area about an hour/hour and a half away. How to make that “work” seamlessly for viewers all over the country? Especially for viewers located in our region where we know what’s what, where’s where and who’s who!

            Lisa — thank you SO much for your compliment! You made my day and hugs to you!

      • I’m surprised they picked these tomatoes from Colts Neck, as its about an hour’s drive from Franklin Lakes, no? I wonder what the connection is? Like Honnie Badger says, this is a town of residents with understated wealth (with the exception of some of those homes, which are spectacular). Those twins are definitely transplants from North Jersey, Brooklyn or Staten Island.

  • Woah,Dina returning and 3 new housewives? That’s a lot of women.
    Change is good though, it actually makes me excited about the show again.

    • Not really a lot of women since Kathy has been demoted to ‘friend’ and Caroline is taking her entire clan including the Lauritas to her new show. Those moves left us with only Melho an Teresa.

  • Before this season started we were told that Kathy was going to be a friend and Penny was going to be a friend and none of that happened, so I’m giving your source the side eye until the next season starts.

    • I remember that also @ Sweetpea, along with Jennifer Dalton. So I’m giving this source the side eye also.

      I also remember S.H. swearing swearing up and down and side freakin ways that Meatball face and Cracker Jac were gone last season OMG she ” confirmed it, swore on her mother, etc. LOL. What crock!! And when she was called out, proven wrong, she ‘ poofed’ people, deleted their comments etc. I swear it’s a wonder that woman has anyone posting on her site!

      • Didn’t the Jennifer chick start the season off as a friend of? She filmed a lot of stuff t first didn’t she? And Kathy has been the most glorified “friend of” since the beginning. I mean really, who can honestly argue that she’s not truly a friend of? The only reason why she was even at the reunion was because Rosie told her they were filming. To further prove her irrelevance, there were times when she was talking and they didn’t even bother to show her on camera.

      • I don’t even bother with that site anymore. It seems like you can’t have a differing opinion than the blogger, and if you do she’ll do exactly what you said.

        • OMG Sweetpea, exactly!

          That woman is so freakin’ arrogant, and rude. She is wrong more than she is ever right. Plus she is soooo late blogging on anything ” new” but swears up and down that she is the first to ” report things” LOL!! I read her site for shits and giggles. LOL.

          • Yes! She complains about having things on her site first and people giving her credit, but she took pics that someone else had put on twitter of Penny’s salon and put her name all over it and didn’t give the lady any credit. Her whole site is ridiculous.

          • I only read SH because it’s one of the few sites that I can actually view the videos she posts. I can’t view any of the ones here I think it’s because I am in Australia but her’s I can

      • Hi Holy, glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about SH. Sounds like she needs to give it up since it seems to stress her out so bad.

      • @holy – thank u! SH has become so bad, I thought it was just me! I just cant understand how she can be so nasty to her own readers and her INSISTENCE that she had everything eons before everyone else – ugh. I barely go there anymore. I’m mostly on FW cuz of things like that.

        • Have you guys BEEN on the other blogs? Maybe it is because I have been at SH for a few months but she is nice from what I see. I could ban some that are WAY worse than SH.

          • @jayden123 some of her comments to posters can be quite rude and demeaning I don’t read the comments anymore so maybe she has toned it done.

      • Holy, you always make me laugh. I remember Aviva from NY having an exchange with SH on twitter. Aviva offered to do an interview SH. Well SH went into a rage, so I told Aviva to contact Rox, next second blocked by
        Her, oh well I do not even go to site anymore.

  • OH, no, those sisters are in the next town over from me. Does this mean that the bravo/sirens people are going to mass infect my area? Will I be running into their damn camera crews when I want to dine or shop? God help me.

  • Hi all I do have an update about bonnie –

    first jpg thanks for the caring words,Bonnie and I appreciate them.

    She is okay – thank you to everyone for all your prayers and positive thoughts, from Bonnie and I.
    🙂 🙂

    Our dr and radiologist did see an abnormality – which I did not know was a “darkened spot” on the x-ray.

    Here is the weird part, the radiologist and the Dr. just wanted to ensure that the “abnormality” was non-existent 100%.

    Both radiologist and Dr did see a darkened area but both felt to be 100% they wanted x-rays (almost 1 hours worth of pics) to see from all viewpoints that the darkened area was non existent.

    I asked a ton of questions and I am beyond grateful for a healthy report for my Bonnie, Dr. still wants her to do the ultra sound, based on Breast Cancer in her family history. Bonnie will be having the ultra sound on Friday.

    I still don’t 100% understand how a “darkened” area can disappear on a second look.

    Again, thank you for your happy thoughts and prayers, from Bonnie and I.
    🙂 🙂

    • Aww @sam

      I missed all that about your Bonnie, I’m sorry that I didn’t send you guys my prayers 🙁

      You guys are in my thoughts and prayers for even better news for the results of the ultra sound.

    • Hey Samael, I’m so glad for you and your Bonnie! I’ve been reading but not commenting for weeks because it all got too repetitive. Anywho, I’ve said a prayer for both of you and I couldn’t be happier for you guys… BTW, I had a mammogram last week, still waiting on the results… fingers crossed…

      • Hey The original whodat2112

        Thanks from Bonnie and I 🙂

        Well I have respect for the female gender for their emotional strength and physical strength for enduring these tests.

        Good for you for getting yourself tested, hugs and positive thoughts and prayers sent to surround you from Bonnie and I

        • Thanks, Sweet Sam and Bonnie! I lost my MIL 5 years ago so it’s really important for me ( and all women) to be proactive! I have to take care of myself for my miracle child and my sweet hubby! Prevention is key!

          Thank you for your positive vibes… BTW, your posts lately have been spot on and HILARIOUS! I haven’t watched the last 4 weeks of RHONJ, just read the recaps… The comments were so redundant that I just had to stop but I loved your posts! Love and light to you and Bonnie!

    • Sam,
      I did not see your posts about this either. I am sure all will be OK. I will say a prayer… Hugs through the internet…

    • Sam, I’m glad to hear Bonnie got some good news! I hate waiting for my results every year; it’s stressful. Keep us posted.

      • Hi Sam, I didn’t know this was going on, must of missed your post.
        Thank God for the good news. I think I posted here about my mothers battle with breast cancer and your so right when you say how strong and brave us women can be. She went through hell for 15 years fighting for her life and never once complained about anything.( except the stupid insurance company ) Anyway, what I really wanted to say is, did you hear about the vaccine to prevent breast cancer? It has proven to be very effective on mice. They will start studies on humans very soon. Studies will be complete in ten years. How exciting is that!!!

        • Hey Bryn

          Wow, thanks for sharing with us about your mom, yup no one will convince me that we are equal- hell no..women are warriors.


    • Sorry Samael, I missed your posts about Bonnie as well, but am so relieved that everything is ok 🙂 It is so hard to wait for results, that was a lot of pics! But what a relief.

  • It’s good to hear they are changing the cast up, but I need to know if Joey & Mel are still going to target Teresa, because then it is the same show and no reason to watch. What angle is production going, that is the real question!

  • I think it’s hard to say with a straight face that ANYTHING Teresa Guidice/Heather MacClean says is a “fact”.

  • Interesting changes are taking place it seems. I’m happpy to see Dina return just hope it doesn’t do anything to her friendship with Teresa. The twins sound interesting – we’ll see! I’m sure there will be some fireworks with someone!!!

  • I think I’ll wait and see who will actually show up on Season 6 before I decide what I think of the new cast.

    Prior to Season 5 we we were told Kathy was a friend, Penny was a friend and a HW but was only on a few eps, and Jen D was a friend but was barely on. So, I don’t put too much stock into sources said. Don’t get me wrong, I want new people and stories but I will wait and see wat happens before I get my hopes up.

  • Nobody enjoys Rosie. She is an angry drunk! They need to get rid of Kathy and her family completely.

    I also quit watching this season midway through. I just could not watch the same old family drama that only one person was being blamed for and pretty much ganged up on, so I’m glad to read that they are adding new housewives. Hopefully there will be some interesting story lines!

  • I have read the rumor about these twins coming on NJ on twitter for awhile.

    I will be totally surprised if Dina decides to come back, she knows how Bravo works shady shady shady.

    Anyhow, I’ll see what’s going to go down with NJ when Bravo makes their announcement. The only thing I know for sure is that Meatball Face is gone!

    • I think she’s coming back. If the rumors are true, Tommy isn’t as loaded as he would have us believe, so I don think that Dina’s divorce settlement was as big as she’d like. After seeing her own twitter and engaging with Teresa and Gia so much, I do think she’s making her return. However, like you, I don’t see anything good about it. If Teresa has a brain, I think that she should focus on not healing the rife with her and Melissa. Sounds heartless. I know, but I think that Andy likes to see Teresa fighting with someone. And like you said, they’ll start manufacturing drama with Dina and Teresa. At this point, why ruin a good thing with Dina, when Melissa is a proven snake? If Dina is really coming on, Teresa needs to do all she can to make sure there friendship (or whatever it is they’re calling it) stays out of Ms. Andy’s web of lies.

    • I enjoy seeing Rosie. I also enjoyed seeing her and Joe Giudice interact on the little BRAVO webisodes.

      Who’s Kathy?

    • I totally agree. Why even keep Kathy on? Just makr Rosie as “friend of” HW. IDK, that’s kinda stupid.

      • I dont think Rosie would do it without her sister ( whats her name again) lol.
        I’ll check it out a few times but, if nothing has changed with Melwhore I’m out again!

  • So much for Dina saying she didn’t want the drama. I wasn’t sure I was going to watch this show again. With Dina coming back now I know I’ll definitely not be watching this show again. As Teresa says, done, done, done.

  • I am hoping that people will call out Melissa and she will have no one else to blame but maybe admit that what people are saying is true. Very happy about Dina

  • What suspense!! Who is on and who is off? The only requirement is to be a little trashy and the twins look like they passed the audition. Dina is now single, and single mothers have to earn their own money. Wish her luck.

  • I am sooooo glad Dina is coming back…Teresa finally has a genuine friend on the show to have real heart to heats with. I am over the moon happy Jacqueline is GONE GONE GONE…couldn’t stand that vindictive, nasty, bloated botox drama queen. Sad we have to endure another season of poison and mewhore…but grateful for the other changes.

    • I would love to see these sisters take all the limelight away from Melissa and Melissa will be so jealous of them! I can’t wait. And Melissa’s sisters are going to be jealous also because they wanted on the show so bad you could see it.

      • Don’t you have to have a house to be a housewife? Wasn’t one of her sisters recently homeless? ***Shrugs to them**** I guess their rationale is that there are housewives without husbands, now it can be one without a house. They on some new shit.

    • Mehor and SloJo ruined the show for me. Can’t stand either one of them. So dumb & shallow. Joey seems to have been hitting the bottle or something hard because he looks bloated & old. Meho is full of fake parts – hair extensions, teeth, boobs, nose job etc.

  • Wow,, that’s a lot of fake boobage with those sisters. I wonder what they promised Bravo – who’s bringing who down this time? No one gets on RHONJ without promising a lot dirt and drama.

    So Rox, do some more investigating with your sources and find out these new HW’s stories and agendas.

    If anything, I would love to see Teresa and Mel unite against any newbies with less-than-honest intentions.

  • While I’m pleased the cast has changed, I really don’t think Dina is coming back. She knows how this “reality” show works and I don’t think she wants any part of it. I’d be really surprised if she did come back.

    • They should have done something about the cast for two seasons ago; Bravo thought they could get away with THREE YEARS of the exact same BS. I can’t believe it took them this long to learn their lesson.

  • This is good to hear but we’ll see about those new additions and they’re “never fight on TV.” Reality TV does something to people.

    Bravo needed to do something. Ratings for Part 2 of the Reunion were down 1/2 million viewers from the prior week. A very telling sign of viewer fatigue with this crew.

    • Maybe Bravo and Andy will wake up now that the viewers have bolted — but the thing about television series is once fans stop watching it is vey, very difficult and almost impossible to get them back. Bravo has their work cut out for them but they only have themselves and Andy’s biased bull at the reunions to blame.

      Andy refused to listen to fans and sabotaged his own show by beating the Teresa versus the victim Gorgas to death when fans saw through the B.S. and phony edits. If viewers could not have the fun of the show back they at least wanted ALL the housewives treated equally and called out on their court cases, foreclosures, tax liens, Bankruptcies, adultery and hypocrisies, but Bravo played favorites and refused.

      Time will tell, but I think Bravo may be too late to get many viewers back.

      • I agree. I don’t think there are many shows that have come back from faltering ratings. And ratings that have fallen so drastically. The show isn’t fun anymore. And here you have Miami, which is really amusing to me, and those ratings are off a cliff.

        I think maybe the property known as Housewives, along with all their bickering and fights, may be on its way out.

        • Ratings for Miami is more than embarrassing. It is true for the show to get back their old ratings after they fail, but RHONJ still has more ratings than all the others except RHOA.

          • I think Atlanta’s ratings were down last year too. I find ATL very boring and won’t be watching. So bored of Nene who thinks “she’s a rich bitch.” Every time she says that I can’t help but think is she paying for the two grand babies her 23 yr old unemployed son has or are we the taxpayers shouldering the burden of her bad & negligent parenting? I think I know the answer.

          • S5 s actually the highest rated housewives season overall, with 3 million rating average. But I am sick of NeNe and her “Rich Bitch” attitude.

        • I agree Debater. There’s a bad tone and vibe with the show. Crazy enough, the ratings went up a hair last season.

          NeNe is another one with a lost phone number in LA. Her time is coming up.

          • And this show has a better tone? I will DEFINITELY be watching. This show was entertaining, but this season went down the drain. I don’t know what to expect with S6.

          • I have to admit, I watch all of them. Its my addiction. I have my favorites – which dwindle each season – and I do like that each franchise is different. But Atlanta, for some reason, has never been a must see for me and yeah, for some reason, it has a weird tone. I don’t know why.

            I think my fav right now is Miami but I also think its because its newer. The longer any of these women are on my TV, the bigger the chance I’m going to get so sick of them. That’s what’s happened with Jersey.

          • I agree with you Baloney. Atlanta does have a weird tone and has never felt as compulsive viewing for me as the others are.

            Also Miami is my current fav 🙂

  • Wow those twin ladies look like they need a real housewives makeover! hahaha It’s good to see a change, let’s hope it goes back to being fun and NOT dramatic (well a little drama is good so you know what I mean) and Kathy got lucky her sister is likeable cause she is a snooooooooozefest! hahaha

  • Kathy is lucky she has her sister Rosie or her ass would have been handed to her on a platter already. She is booooooorrrrrring. Zzzzzzzzzz

    • So true. Wonder why they couldn’t have just made Rosie the ‘friend?’ And wonder how Richie will deal with not getting his talking head space like before! LOL

      • Bravo and Andy need to stop treating Joey Gorga and Richie like housewives and kick their whiny talking head interviews to the curb — only husbands in the franchise that demanded the spotlight.

        Now that Richie is gone, please give Gorga back his purse, his remedial reader, calculator and paint by numbers books and send him back to his supposed “real job.” Better start saving those dollars Melissa because you have a season or 2 left and no new book signing contracts on the horizon.

        I wish Jac all the best with her son and legal and Finanial issues and think it is good that she will have the time to manage it better with less stress of being in the spotlight. I believe the decision was mutual between both parties for Jac to leave.

        It is likely more charges, probably criminal, will be coming down the pike for Chis and Jac, plus the civil suit from Johnny, and I think Bravo knew it was enough with the Guidices and they did not need more crime stories especially with Jac’s fan base so small. I think Chis knows it is coming too and does not want to be in the spotlight when it happens. A smart move on their part.

    • Wasn’t Dina recently divorced? So how is she a housewife? Actually that’s true about many of the so-called housewives.

        • She has nothing else since her ventures failed. I heard that she was doing some soap opera thing like a month ago.

          • I find it odd that she would come back to the show. It seems like it would be a step backwards. I think she obviously needs the money.

      • I agree. I don’t think she is going to have a good story line. She should just stay away and practice what she preaches, which is “stay out of the drama.” Go away Dina!!!

        • I think a lot of cast members from all franchises would stay away if they were financially secure. I would guess 60% of them are not financially secure.

      • I love Dina and I’m glad she’s coming back. There are plenty of divorcees on all the Housewife franchises. It’s going to be nice to have someone with a sense of humor on the show.

    • I think she must need the money too. Somebody at another board I read reported driving by her house and noticing that the expensive plants in her yard looked neglected.

  • Hmmm almost perfect! Was wishing Meho would go too, but I might give it a go. I quit watching half way through last season, I’ll give it 3 episodes to see if it’s worth my time.

      • Your mouth to gods ears!! I am so flipping tired of Meho! The way she acted on this season and at the reunion. The attitude was insane. The sooner she’s off of my TV the better and that shameless book UGH!

        • Well said. I’ll watch for Dina and Teresa, but I could live without ever seeing Melissa again. I hope the other women they bring in are interesting.

        • What? He doesn’t need this. He’s not into this whole “fame” thing. He works everyday. He’s real…. Lol. Here’s hoping there’s limited “househusbands” this year.

          • If you are talking about Joe Gorga his contractor license was not renewed and he had 26 sub-contractors wanting the money he owes them. They recently moved to a rental from the spec house “castle” they lived in illegally and wasn’t it last year that they owed over a million dollars?
            Two of his unfinished houses are pictured online with 3 foot high weeds growing in front of them.And last year his house was without power for a week. Sounds like they have hit bottom.
            Melissa’s line about “we pay our bills” was a lie.

          • Yeah I totally buy the “I don’t need this” – bs. He was the one saying at an interview that they/he would bring drama to a new spin off show.

            I can’t stand Joe – so pathetic.

          • So true!! I almost fainted when I heard this. For someone who dznt want fame being on a BILLBOARD was not the best move!!!

    • This is great, I heard this from Fauxreality site a couple of weeks ago. I have a very very sinking feeling that Melissa will be a target this season because for one Teresa is already done, Bravo knows they can’t build with her after this season and so best to end it well as they can. Two, That only leaves Dina, the sisters friend Kathy (which means no since she won’t have that much screen time) and Melissa.

      Melissa is the only one that is a candidate for crap being thrown at her and the bad edit. Especially since you have those sisters and Dina (who is friends with Teresa and knows everything about Melissa) that will be on one side. Melissa will rue the day she got on this show.

      • You could be right.

        I mean, BRAVO is notorious for censoring their comments. I’ve noticed that, this season, BRAVO has opened the floodgates and allowed TONS of negative comments to appear on Melissa’s blogs. Her comments this season have been overwhelmingly negative (like 93% negative, 7% positive).

        So, BRAVO, seeing how easy it is to hate Melissa might just see her as the new “villain” and the new character everybody loves to hate.

        MANY people want to see Melissa FINALLY get what’s coming to her. With Teresa possibly being sent to prison and off the show, Melissa will no longer have Teresa to blame for this…

        ….which makes it all rather PERFECT for that bitch Melissa and, finally, for her LOOOOOONG overdue comeuppance. 😀

        I mean, whatever will poor li’l Melissa and Joey do when there’s no longer Teresa around to blame for ALL of their problems?

        One can dream….

        • I think they were giving her the bad edit in the beginning, but the indictment might have changed that.

          • Good point.

            Considering Melissa’s book controversy and massive flop (insofar as sales are concerned), along with her flop of a music career, BRAVO might still go with the villain edit, thinking that they can’t make any money with her.

            So, since she’s not a good bet to generate financial profits for BRAVO, why not increase their viewership by FINALLY giving many viewers what they want: JUSTICE (and have the b*tch FINALLY taken down on the show).


            I’m sure it’s just a pipe dream….(but I’m dreaming it anyway. 😉 ).

    • Did anyone see the lost footage? Check out the Walking away video. I want the girl in that video on the next season. She walks over to talk to the midget. She defends Teresa and tells him he only has one sister etc… Rich talks smack. She ignores Crazy Eyes. Warns Rosie not to hit her and when Clownzo does her “let’s go now” crap, she actually says something like “Caroline says you have to leave so you have to go”. It’s really funny.

      • I saw that.

        I LIKED that chick. She handled ’em all like a BOSS.

        Was that Joe Giudice’s sister, Maria? I read in a comment to another blog that it was, but that may not be true.

        • Lola,
          I was wondering that too (if it was Maria Giudice). It looked like her. Caroline seemed to know her, but if it was her, Rich would know her too (but we all know he is a liar).

          • Hi DJ,

            The one thing that makes me thing that it might have, indeed, been Joe Giudice’s sister, Maria, is the calm way Joey responded to her. He didn’t go off and respond like a maniac like he usually does.

            Joey grew up with the Giudices, including Maria. In fact, I think Joey and Maria dated when they were young or something. So, his uncharacteristic response could have been due to that fact.

            And, with the exception of Kathy, Rosie and Richie, the others (Caroline, Joey and Melissa) DID seem to know her. I agree that Richie (and Kathy and Rosie, for that matter) could have been lying when they acted like they did not know who the hell she was (But…maybe it wasn’t Maria, and they truly didn’t know her. Who knows? I wish somebody could let me know definitively whether or not that
            WAS Joe Giudice’s sister).

            Caroline was trying to scream and control the conversation and Maria just IGNORED her a*s and calmly went about her business of saying what she had to say.

            I LOVED it!

          • Hi DJ (Me Again),

            I went back and looked at the clip on SH.

            I don’t think it was Maria because Joey said, “Listen, I don’t KNOW you.” He was still calmer than he usually is, though.

            So, I don’t think he would have said that if it had been Maria Giudice, right?

            Or maybe he was playing dumb?

            Who knows?

            Again, I wish somebody could i.d. that chick just to satisfy my curiosity. I still liked the way she handled them all too.

          • She’s not a Giudice. She works for Kim D. This was at the kim d jewelry event that never was shown.

          • Hi Lola,
            difromnyc helped us out!!!! It did look like Maria. Caroline shops at Posche and would know Kim D’s employees?? LOL!! She must know her from the fashion shows.

      • Can you please post a link to this, because I do not remember it being on the show and can not find anything when I google it. I want to see what everyone is talking about!!! PLEASE!!!!
        Thanks so much!