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Andy Cohen Reveals Danielle Staub Was Invited To The Reunion But Declined!

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Part 1 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion aired this past Sunday and it would have been interesting to see former Real Housewife Danielle Staub appear. It would especially be interesting considering what Danielle had to say about Melissa Gorga on her Watch What Happens Live appearance

For those of you who don’t remember, Danielle spoke about Melissa to Andy telling him,

“The one thing true in that was we never met because I would not let that happen. She [Melissa] wanted to film during season 2 and she thought it would be a good way to get back at Teresa and I said I wanted absolutely nothing to do with that. But, I would forward all of her emails, which were a lot to the producers which I did. That is how after two seasons of being behind the scenes she all of a sudden became a person of interest and thats how she landed on the show. I think it’d be good for her to just come clean. I wanted nothing to do with what she wanted to do to Teresa. It’s not my place. I don’t play with that and karma returns.”

Lot’s of viewers questioned why Danielle Staub didn’t show up to the reunion and Andy Cohen revealed yesterday that Danielle was actually invited!

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Danielle Staub clearly declined telling a viewer that there is just too much darkness and that’s why she said no.

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I understand where Danielle is coming from but it still would have been nice for her to make an appearance just to make things a bit more dramatic. Thoughts on Danielle declining to appear on the reunion?

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  • “nice of her to have made an appearance to make things more dramatic.”


    How will this family come to a place of peace if the past is always being stirred up? There was already enough drama as it is. I don’t think her coming would have helped. More drama is never a good thing.

  • Good for Danielle. At least she can see Andy Cohen for the little gay shit stirrer that he is. She gave Bravo the info. Why should she come on the Reunion just to make it more exciting? She knows her stuff. Stuff it Andy!!

  • Thank you Danielle for not attending! I really don’t care if I ever see your disgusting face on BRAVO again.

  • LMFAO @ Teresa fans hoping Danielle would of gone to the reunion so Teresa doesnt look like the evil person she really is.

    • Actually, it’s “hoping Danielle would HAVE gone to the reunion,” NOT “would OF gone,” GENIUS!!

      I’m LMFAO off at THAT dumbass, grammatically incorrect sentence of yours. 😀

  • Danielle is so much better than this show. I always loved her from season one. She owned up to her past big deal what you do at 19 has nothing to do with who you are today. The proof is in the pudding, you do not see her beautiful daughters on twitter bashing people. She is a great mom. I hope Dina doesn’t come back either.

    • I always think she went koo koo after getting shit on by the other hags. It seemed to me self-preservation and an ominous sign of the power of the favorites…Manzos,Gorgas….

  • Danielle would have been a hell of a lot more interesting than Dr. V. I wonder if Dr. V knows she was sloppy seconds.

      • I would have rather seen the goddamn horse instead of her! And that Wyatt guy, who calls it as he sees it. It would have been a hoot to hear what he thought about Andy!!!

      • Dr. V is unimpressive, unintelligent and unprofessional. The woman has the insight of a beanie baby.

  • OMG would’ve been sooo epic!! I’m sure if Bravo had said “come to the reunion and we’ll off you a full-time contract for next season” she would’ve showed up. But they just want to use her to amp up the reunion so I can see why she declined.

  • Danielle talks the big game but when the time comes there she has no proof. Danielle had nothing to do with the season why bring her back?

    Too funny about Danielle not wanting to go to a dark place. The woman is practically a bat in the soul department.

    About time she showed some dignity-why would she appear with someone who flipped a table towards her and chased her down at a fashion show?

    • I disagree. She gave her proof to Bravo, how do you think the family got on the show? She does not have to be like Caroline or others and keep inserting herself in another family’s issues. There is too much carnage right now as it is. I think Danielle has done better for herself after leaving the show, ha done great with her daughters, and stays out of the crap with these women. Im sure she can blow a lid off a few of them.

      • I’m not so sure she’s done better. The only thing I’m aware that she had done was that vh1 show, can’t remember the name. But that restaurant closed. She, just a few months ago declared bankruptcy. I do think it’s best for her girls that their mom is not on a reality show.

        I don’t find much honesty with Danielle. On wwhl, she claimed Danny was not her friend and would never associate with “people like that”, that she was more friends with Danny’s wife. Yet she thanked her dear friend Danny in her book.

        • I mean “better” in the sense of not holding onto the show and acting like lunatic when she was gone. She could have been impulsive like Jac and went on twitter binges and did not. She did well raising her girls. I was not really a fan of her, but I did not dislike her all that much either. I was not talking better as in business decisions. I honestly have no idea what she has been doing in that aspect.

      • From her point of view what would she gain by returning? Remember don caro did not apologize for her poor treatment of Danielle, she said it HAD to be done!None of them thought of Danielles kids,it was all poor Saint Dina! Caro still has no regrets for treating another human being like crap…Febus!

    • I absolutely agree with you zoeysmom. I am just shocked though that Danielle didn’t show up, when has she ever said no to an opportunity.

    • IMO the only reason Danielle would have been asked to appear on the reunion would have been to provide proof of what she’s been saying about Melissa.

      She didn’t show up because she has none.

      • I disagree, Estelle. Bravo doesn’t want anyone showing any proof of what’s been said about Melissa.

        If I were her, I wouldn’t show up either! Would you?

        • Like I said.. Bravo has the proof! Danielle said she handed it over to them then BOOM- hooker is on the show. 🙁 If she did show up ( eggmit) Stumpy would have kicked her in the shins because he has angers from always defending his ” wife”.

  • I don’t blame Danielle one bit. Yes she easily could have exposed Melissa for all her dirty back door dealings but Bravo would have exploited Danielle. It would have resulted in everyone but Teresa ganging up on D. The truth is we know what a shady pig Melissa was and is. Joey Gorga found her in the strip club gutter and off to charm school Mel went to go from scheming whore to the conniving lady we see today. I respect that Danielle did not attend and kept her dignity. Just like Teresa evolved since season 1, I believe Danielle did as well. Hope to see her eventually in another venue where she won’t be torn to shreds by rabid wolves

    • If Danielle had shown up, Andy would have made it seem like Teresa invited her, and then they all would have ganged up on Teresa for bringing Danielle back into their lives. UGH…

      If Melissa is back next year, I’m not watching. She wrecked the show.

      • I agree. I have said before this season I may not watch, but the lies, darkness and same old shit really is just pointless. For a HW show to make me as a viewer feel the way I do, its reached the limit. Not the reason I watched.Then on top of it, you have to defend yourself from keyboard warriors. The ones who scream ” Its just a show!” “You dont know these people!” Yeah, and you dont know me ass wipe, so piss off and let me have my summaries of what I watched! Ok.. rant over…

      • Andy has ruined the housewife franchises. He needs to go since he does not understand what the audience of predominantly straight women want and he is a vindictive little shit.

  • Let’s see all the people that have “evidence” to prove in black and white (jan/penny/danielle/her ex’s) could not see a reason to forward the info if it exists to teresa?

    from minute one, Melissa pooped all over RHNJ and each reunion teresa is blamed and crapped on, Teresa even tweeted about this at the first reunion show that m was involved in.

    But on the other hand, this would have helped Teresa, and we all know that is a sin.

  • It’s a sad chain of events when Danielle Staub is the one with more common sense and decency. Bravo is all about turmoil and dollars. Anything to get viewership back up in RHONJ. I don’t blame Danielle. Whatever she said that could’ve out an end to how Melissa got on the show, and how she found out about Dina foraging her Ed’s signature for Lexi to appear on season one (I sure do believe that Jacqueline told her), would’ve ended up on the cutting room floor, and they would’ve made it look like teresa contacted Danielle, paid her to appear, mic’d her, and wrote the questions. The demise of the slightly better places that she’s in with Jacqueline and Melissa would’ve been the storyline for season six. Good move Danielle.

    • EXACTLY!

      She knows the way Bravo plays and shes not getting herself involved. Good for you Danielle!

      BUT if she did show up-that would’ve been all bad for Melissa!

  • Bring Danielle and Dina back for season 6. All the originals, minus Caroline, plus Melissa. Now that would be good…