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Brandi Glanville Says Lisa Vanderpump Is Manipulative, Talks TV Friendships!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville keeps opening up about her former BFF Lisa Vanderpump! The two have had a “hiccup” in their friendship, and what seemed unbreakable was clearly not.

Appearing on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, Brandi and Bethenny discussed TV friendships vs. real-life friendships. Brandi and Bethenny agreed that some friendships on Real Housewives would never occur naturally off-camera. Brandi elaborates that she has her group of friends she never discusses show-relations with, but with Lisa, it was always talking about the show!

Watch the clip below where Brandi says this next season Lisa was exposed as manipulative, and more:
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Do you agree with Brandi? Was Kyle right all along about Lisa’s relationships being like a “chess” game?

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  • I’m of the opinion that every housewife relationship has been engineered somewhat by production. In real life most of these women would not choose to spend days, wekks and certainly not vacation together. It’s suspended reality for our entertainment.

    For Brandi to share her perspective on her Briendship (Bravo friendship), with Lisa is consistent with who Brandi has always been…

    I believe that Lisa encouraged Brandi to share the story about Kyle’s husband because Brandi had a better relationship with Kyle and could receive the imformation for what it was; not as an attack against her marriage; but as an informational head’s up about an emerging story concerning Kyle’s family.

    The fact that Brandi now says that Lisa told her to bring articles about the story on the trip doesn’t (IMO) make Lisa a manipulator; rather a woman of great social tact and skill.

    It takes a socially savvy person to safely navigate problematic tensions in friendships. Lisa has always struck me as someone who is tactful and knows how to navigate tough times without loosing her cool.

    Some people may call is chess playing, but don’t we all play a little chess in our daily lives? Who doesn’t align themselves with supportive people at work for the sake of safety in numbers… or pretend that we love our in laws for the sake of peace?

    Lisa lives a very public life and remains unscathed by thinking before acting/reacting. Kyle reacts, sometimes without thinking… Brandi is just all over the place…each one of them is just as valuable as the next.

    Brandi’s upset seems to be more about what she perceives to be a betrayal on Lisa’s part by Lisa’s assisting Schena after knowing how badly Brandi suffered when Shcena slept with Brandi’s husband…

  • I agree w/ the above poster…Lisa has been manipulative since season 1. Cant stand her. But I also think Brandi knew that all along and played right in2 it to secure her spot on the show.
    Last seasons reunion keeps coming to mind “I dont talk shit behind Lisa’s back, its that simple.” And the constant denial of being a mouthpiece…now shes referring 2 herself as a puppet. I saw this coming from the start of Season 3.
    I do think its ironic that the majority of fans LOVED Brandi (I believe she came in 2nd in the RS HW poll after Lisa for BH fav) and the second she and Lisa have issues shes instantly turned to trash and a bad person, etc…Ive always felt that way but its humorous to read coming from a lot of her once loyal defenders.
    I think we should wait until the season rolls out…who knows what went down. Maybe Lisa is right, maybe Brandi is right…maybe neither are right.
    And for the poster who said at the top that this blog is a Kyle fansite and just bashes…click on the BH threads and read back…do your homework first….up until the S3 reunion this site was like a giant love letter to Lisa & Brandi week after week. Go back and re-read all of S3’s recaps and stories.

  • I like Lisa; however, I’ve said all along that she is manipulative! She’s playing a game & out to promote herself! With that said, I think Brandi knew how Lisa was but needed her to advance herself on the show & otherwise! The sad part is that I also see Lisa using the young crowd of vanderpump rules for her own personal gain as well.

  • Bravo is in desperate need of new storyline writers across all franchises.

    We already had this story with Lisa being evil, manipulative, or whatever, instead it was Adrienne and Taylor vs Lisa with Kyle co-signing. Now its another legitimately rich woman, Yo and a relatively poor one who will do whatever the producers tell her, Brandi doing the exact same crap. Its the exact same script, she’s a user, she’s not as nice when the cameras aren’t rolling.

    They aren’t bringing down Queen Lisa. At least Lisa never liked Taylor so that was more believable. Brandi taking on Lisa who defended her on numerous occassions just looks stupid.If Lisa is able to manipulate them all so well maybe she isn’t some evil genius maybe the rest are just stupid.

  • The whole Brandi/Cedric thing was bogus from the beginning. Lisa wanted a new pet enter Brandi. Lisa wanted Kyle shoved off the couch Brandi was her girl-the lovely, flawed, bitter divorcee who will take her clothes off, say anything at the drop of a hat.

    Lisa wanted Adrienne gone–have Brandi do her dirty work and throw in a dose of Ken to defend (Lisa’s favorite word) the flawed single woman Brandi.

    Brandi writes a best seller and she wants off the leash. I remember Brandi gushing about how she and Lisa were such BFFs and talked every day. I think Yolanda helped by opening the gate once Brandi got her leash off.

    I think people will always like Lisa because she is quick witted and as Lisa has said herself many times-she doesn’t have time for anything but work-she might want to let go of a business interest or two if friendship is important to her. It was unlikely that a very happily married woman and the single tramp had much in common.

    Lisa seems fine as long as she is at the top of the heap-enter Yolanda and Lisa security seems to slip away. It was up to Brandi to choose a side and she went with the Dutch model instead of last year’s British model.

  • God, it’s like watching two high school girls cackling on the school bus.

    I think Brandi is lying all the way. Setting Lisa up for a fall. And Bethenny has had an advance preview of the season and is just playing along.

    This is Bethenny’s much touted talk show? Cackling about other Housewives? Fail.

  • I can’t wait till the show season airs.

    I LOVE(D?) Brandi in the previous seasons, and I was toatlly supportive of her. But I kindda have to question a person who backstabs her BFF, and goes on national TV and talks about it to everyone willing to hear.
    I’ve never been particularly a big Lisa fan, although I never was against her either. But I don’t see her badmouthing anyone, and I have to respect that.

    I have the feeling that this season I will be Team Lisa. Brandi is too much of a loose cannon. I hope the Bravo team edits this fairly.

    • Oh furthermore, I hope Lisa maintains her fan favorite status. As we’ve seen in RHONJ the underdog is the one everyone loves – I hope, if everyone is teaming against Lisa, which it seems like – that it will be the same here.

    • People got tired of Brandi’s nonstop ranting about Lea Anne for 4 years and Brandi knew people were over it even if they were initially rightfully very sympathetic – move on woman.

      Now Brandi is taking on her ex-BFF to get back in the spotlight anywhere and everywhere she can and play her favorite role – eternal victim. When people are tired about her stories of persecution at Lisa’s hand, Brandi will find someone else to rant about.

    • Just saw a clip from the new season on Wendy Williams and wow! …. Nothing but discord …. Kim was shouting at Ken and Lisa was smoking a cigarette ….

  • I’m not sure how Kim got dragged in with Kyle as being Brandis bestie…but last season despite my not liking it Kim was friendlier with brandi she was friendly with Lisa and the person she had a problem with was Yolanda and I think Yo wanted to cause that problem. Do not lump Kim and Kyle together just because their sisters I think Kim knows about all of them and keeps herself just outside all the drama besides the drama with her sister which Kyle keeps up. Lisa is manipulative…I’ve said that since season one. I thought she wad a fool when she took up with Brandi…and so she was.

  • why does this broad keep telling us to wait until the show starts! Yet she’s going on TV and starts talking shit about her former friend? Classy broad…

  • Has she lost her mind as well as her teeth?

    Bottom line is, as an actor, in order to stay in front of the camera, you do what ya gotta do.

    And clearly Brandi is no slouch in that area. What a warped tool. Pointing her scrawny finger at Lisa for being manipulative is laugh.ha ha ha ha

    Seriously Brandi, stealing “Lisa is like a chess player” is Kyle’s line…when stabbing a person in the back, at least use your own weapons.

    What an anorexic heifer…well this I know is true, we watched the words flow from the “truth teller’s” lips.

    Well to be fair, Brandi does have to earn her bump in pay.

    • Warped minds scheme alike! Lol I read your last line wrong, I thought u said earn her “hump” in pay! Hahaha

        • I’m still trying but she is making it hard! I think with all the hype she’s stirring up it definitely is going to blow up in her face. Hate to say it, stinks of Bravo manipulation as a way to promote what will probably be the best season yet, and sadly scripted. I just hope they don’t ruin my show. And it worked, I’m on pins and needles anxiously awaiting November!

          • They ruined RHONJ, can this season be far behind? And the only idiots that would sign on for this show are a former Miss Puerto Rico and a self-proclaimed witch that looks like a man. Because nobody, and I mean nobody in their right mind would sign one of these contracts unless they were a complete idiot and fame whore.

  • I think Brandi and Lisa were using each other and both were aware of it. Lisa made Brandi popular and supported her while she acted as Lisa’s mouth piece. For Brandi to act like she is just now realizing Lisa is manipulative is complete horse shit. And for the record, I don’t care how manipulative someone is, no one can make you bring tabloids about a co-workers marriage. You’re a grown adult Brandi, if you didn’t want to do it you could have just said no.

  • Brandi has went on Twitter, blogs, interviews, and now on Bethenny’s show throwing HEAVY hits and shade toward Lisa and even at Ken. Lisa has said NOTHING publically….not even to defend herself. Brandi insinuates Lisa’s husband is an aggressive woman abuser on twitter, claimed Lisa is a user on an Australian show, goes on Bethenny and says Lisa manipulates (pot…kettle), then says Lisa master minded the Kyle ambush etc etc.

    Day after day, tweet after tweet, interview after interview Brandi, Kyle, and even Yolanda are set up the “take Lisa down” operation with Brandi leading the aggressive charge

    Lisa…says, tweets, and interviews NOTHING. That ladies and gents is called class. Continue to ignore Lisa….and let these bitches fall on their own words ad actions. It’s better to be silent and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt…..keep opening up ur mouth Brandi.

    Lisa….consider yourself lucky…Brandi is no longer your problem. Let her continue to burn bridges and making an azz out of herself…at some point her antics will go too far and she will have put a final nail on her coffin.

    • I have to agree with most of this… Lisa has not said a word. As usual she is the one displaying class and elegance while people talk crap about her.

      Lisa is the successful one with the breathtaking home and a loving marriage to enjoy in it and I guess some can’t help but want to bring that down. I think that Brandi is going to look more like a pawn in all of this – being easily manipulated and swayed. True friends don’t turn on each other the way she has on Lisa, and I’m so sorry to see it happen. They were my favorite HW friendship and the damage Brandi is doing by talking badly about her in public is making it even less likely to be mended.

    • Just curious but what has Kyle said? Or YoYo? Brandi is definitely in attack mode but I haven’t seen much from anyone else.

      • Yo yo has made some nasty twitter comments about Lisa and fake friends posts too. Yo and Brandi have teamed up to take on Lisa.

        Gotta love that loyalty and preaching they both did to Kyle nonstop last season telling Kyle constantly she was a bad friend and person because she did not stand behind Lisa or defend her enough — so taking word for word Brandi’s and Yo’s own lectures from last season — what does it make them now.

        • Thanks @Happy day
          I don’t follow YoYo but I’m not surprised. I’ve never been a big fan of YoYo & she was full of shit at the reunion.

    • ok does anyone not get that they are drumming up the drama to get people to pay attention and watch the show? i mean its fairly obvious and its working because we are all talking about it

    • Kyle has never said anything remotely negative about Lisa or tweeted anything negative about Lisa. The most she said was what everyone already knew: they were having problems with their friendship.

    • Apparently Lisa makes all her nasty comments in DMs and behind the scenes.

      She’s too smart to say anything outloud, she knows it could backfire on her.

      I’ll give her that, she knows how 2 play this game and she plays it well

  • I think Brandi s a user. I think she used Lisa. Now Yolanda came along and she seems easier to use so now Brandi will be close with her. Same way Bethenny used Jill. As obnoxious as Jill was she really thought of Bethenny as her friend. Bethenny used her until she didn’t need her anymore.

  • Lol watch out Brandi, Bravo has a history of editing things and this could come back and bite u in the arse!

    • My goodness! Look at Brandi’s elbow, she looks like a skeleton!! I think she’s too skinny even for a model.

  • yeah so pretty much what Brandi is saying is that Kyle was completely right when she said at one reunion that Lisa has a manipulative side.
    And that is the first clip of Bethenny’s show that I have seen-wow, she talked more than she listened, and seems so stressed!

  • wow I guess you had to find the most horrible picture of Lisa to post?! Brandi has teamed up with Kyle & Kim so now Lisa is her target but never forget that Brandi is loyal to no one but herself..end of story! this blog is always so one-sided!! we get like Teresa from #RHONJ, Brandi & Kyle from #RHOBH, and Lisa H. from #RHOM, that’s about it from this site!! all the other housewives are put up on the chopping block for sure!!

      • I normally love this site but here lately it’s only been favorable blogs towards the certain housewives I mentioned above…but its just an opinion so continue with your hard work and I will keep reading even if we don’t always agree!!

        • Not gonna lie, I agree partially. I get that whoever runs this site loathes Melissa & Jacqueline but it would be great to see unbiased posts every once in a while.

          I wouldn’t agree about Brandi being a favorite though because you guys drag her for filth pretty often too.

          • Brandi gets thee absolute most love! Many people love her because she is “real” and “unfiltered”. I just think she’s disgusting.

          • well guys that is the beauty of a BLOG:) You can post whatever you want, like, don’t like, and its opinion based, just as your opinions and mine are welcome.

          • OMG I SO agree I LOVE this site but why is it so bias!!?? Would love to see articles written with no personal’s really annoying and most of the time I go to sites that do not try to sway u in one direction or the next

        • I think most sites have there favorites. I can read the posts and tell who the blogger favors. I like Teresa so that’s why I visit here because everybody else is so hard on her. Brandi is a fave here too, but I can do w/o her. The only person I ever see getting drug here isn’t even on a HW show and that is LeAnne Rimes. Read what you like and ignore the rest. Works for me.

      • I do not agree…. I think this site has always been fair and has allowed us our say on all topics even when we don`t agree with others, we are allowed our opinions.

        • I don’t think any blog refuses you the right to your opinion. It is usually fellow commenters the chew you up and spit you it. I do believe that ALL bloggers have their favorites and it shows in their reporting. If you like everybody that they like, then of course you are going to think they are “fair and balanced”. I don’t think Roxie is mean or spiteful, but those who love Melissa, Caroline etc. may feel that she isn’t. It’s all about personal choice.

      • I think this site is great. If you don’t like what you read here there are plenty of other blogs to visit. The authors here are not obligated to be totally unbiased. If I read the snippet of an article that looks like I won’t enjoy reading I don’t even open it. I Just move on and find ones I do like, of which there are plenty. I think Jose and Rox ROCK!!!

      • Hi Aunt Sadie

        It does sound like she recreated her wheel, and is now with YO YO.

        As far as pic’s go

        This site put’s up good pics..whenever one of these actors screw up, the pic matches.

      • I think EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE LADIES< ESPECIALLY BH are manipulative and calculating. Every single one. To act like Lisa is the only one is ridiculous.

        IT was calculating and manipulative to align with Cedric to get into the main action on the show Brandi. You knew Cedric's situation with Lisa and it worked in ur favor to be photographed with him and calling him ur manny prior to ur full status of the show.

        It was calculating Brandi to go into the reunion with ur hard core "they are setting up LIsa" act to get ur airtime at the reunion to finally nail ur full time status.

        It was calculating to go on an entire season "claiming" that Adrianne was trying to actually sue you when u knew damn well that was a lie and u have NO document stating such. The document was sent to someone ELSE not to YOU. SO in essence u LIED to dramatize the situation and ur suppose 10,000 lawyers bill was a complete LIE.

        It was manipulative and calculating to continuously throw shots at leann on twitter and play victim when she responds….which garners u public sympathy. Note all of the times U have started BS on twitter overacting on BS and talking about private custody issues on social media. Then u get a book deal spilling on such details….hmmmm.

        It was manipulative to "act" like a wounded victim when several of the husbands called u out on ur BS. Crying and lamenting how they yelled at u and called u a biatch when u have several rants calling ppl vulgar names both onscreen and social media.

        It is calculating to align urself with the head biatch on the show and use the F out of her to gain more fanbase.

        It is calculating to continue to pick fights with "real" celebrities on twitter to further keep yourself relevant. Thankfully they know better and ignore ur blatant attempts at attention.

        Just few calculating and manipulative things I have observed from B.

        • Great comment. These are the reasons why I have never cared for Brandi. Her behavior somewhat reminds me of Melissa Gorga. They both can say however they feel but god forbid you do the same. They quickly play the victim.

        • @Mel

          I don’t agree with your post; there are way to many point to address. However, the only point I want to bring out in regards to Brandi was NOT lying about Adrienne and the suing situation. I think is funny you are defending Andrienne considering is and was the BIGGEST LIAR on the show. Also, Brandi has not be caught in a lie; Andrienne can’t say the same.

          Andrienne and Paul did threaten to sue Brandi IF she continue to talk the TRUTH about Andrienne & Paul children sitution.

          Brandi presented proof (printed emails & letter) at Kyle’s Black & White party. Also, the letter may not have been address to Brandi, Andrienne did threaten to sue Brandi.

          • Brandi might have had plenty of papers and printed e-mails but the botton line is that the only fact is that Brandi fabricated a lawsuit, she was never sued, she was never sent a C&D letter , the only one who received a letter (not even sued) was Geneva, who was spreading news about Adrienne about information she learnt as their lawyer.

            Everything else is a fabricated lie by Brandi

          • Team Fair,

            My favorite part of ur comment was:

            The letter was sent to a woman that use to work for A and now was friends with B. The letter was NOT sent to Brandi….yet she claimed it was. The letter was THREATENING the woman to stop telling Brandi their family business. Brandi got wind her name was on the letter and than began her campaign of “oh I am a victim, poor me is getting sued”. Camille repeatedly tried to call B out on this blatant lie….and Brandi throws Camille under the bus. FInally at the reunion the truth was somewhat stated. But please notice that the so called letter was never shown on the screen as to what was actually said. Ask yourself…why Brandi NEVER posted the letter that was supposedly sent to her? yeah ok.

      • Whatever friendship has formed between Kyle and Brandi is fake because Kyle just wants to keep the vicious Brandi from going after her. Nobody could genuinely like Brandi. Do I believe that Lisa Vandepump started rumors of Mauricio’s cheating? Hell, no. Not her style.

    • This must be a joke seeing as how this blog has dragged Kyle through the mud and has always sided with Lisa. Just because Lisa’s true colors are starting to show doesn’t mean that the bloggers are being one-sided. FYI.

    • Brandi is Cray Cray!! She didn’t realize last season that Lisa was manipulative… In regards to this blog being one sided, well yes, it’s a blog. Sometimes they blow my brains out with all the Theresa-the Saint, and Melissa-The Ugly.

      I’ve come to think that this Blogger has issues with her sister in law and it’s projecting..

    • I totally agree. I like Gretchen. Sure she has her bad quality’s but she is absolutely dragged through the pervabital mud here.. Hell she’s dragged through the massive sewage system at 5 o’clock in the afternoon when all the poop is backed up after every one has taken a dump & that’s unfair.. She should be given a fair trial in public opinion & not just a one sided sludging match.. BUT good work on the site, it is a home tab on my iPhone & I do visit daily anyway because I can’t keep away because I love reading about RHOBH, RHOC, RHOM… Although to be honest I would love to see a lot more dirt brought upon Vicki… She is a disgraceful, disgusting, vial, horrible, immoral, hypocritical, classless, scum of a person. Anyone who carry’s on & presents themselves the way that she does is a disgrace. I know that Gretchen is also not a Saint & also doesn’t do a lot of things great but she never admits to it either.. Vicki goes around pretending to be this high all might being & trying to destroy people.. Anyone who try’s to destroy a person just because they don’t like them.. That makes them the most pathetic person, she should have been fired not Gretchen, Vicki doesn’t care who she destroys as long as she gets her $$ & her own way & her 15 minutes of fame & she can scream & spit in people’s face whilst she’s doing it… As I said Scum & a Bully.