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Karen Gravano Calls Renee Graziano A Coward Plus Ramona And Carla Call Out Renee!

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It’s official. Karen Gravano, Carla Facciolo, and Ramona Rizzo are out when it comes to next season’s Mob Wives and it wasn’t a happy departure. All three ladies quit after they realized producers were just trying to stir up drama and knew they weren’t getting paid enough.

Yesterday, Renee tweeted “b clear my sis put it on the line 4 u girls!! SHE FED US ALL U were GREEDY n now unemployed be angry at urself NOT HER #bossbloodline.” She then oddly added how her love for Karen Gravano is unconditional. Karen Gravano has since responded to Renee via twitter insinuating that she is a coward

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 9.30.34 AM

That’s not all. Carla and Ramona also put Renee in her place. See the tweets below

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 9.31.07 AM

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 9.36.21 AM

Renee has yet to respond to any of what the girls are saying but confirms the filming of season 4 and reveals the names of the two new wives writing, “Packed and ready 2 hit #sincity w my season 4 mobwives @DritaDavanzo @biggangVH1 n sharp dressed @AliciaDiMichele n lil ms @NATALIELISE22”

Are you going to tune into season 4 of Mob Wives? Who’s side are you on?

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I’ve just read through all the comments, and it was a painful experience. This show……..and women like you commenting……is why our country is doomed. This show is the most vile piece of filth I’ve ever witnessed in my life, and you know what, the disgusting pig Weinstein knew you would lap it up and you have. I know a thing or two about La Cosa Nostra, and I know everything about being Italian. These trashy women know nothing about either. The fact that you love their fake personas and get hooked on this trash is the sign that our day… Read more »
kim titter

I’m not a fan of the one’s leaving, I would like to see Gloria Gotti join the show, Gloria, Dreita & big ang would fill the show just fine.

karen,”sammy the bull daughter”was her entry card to the show jen was smart enough to realize that the only thing they got to the show was they hate towords Drita but in very coniving way…being Sammys daughter same blood line she was not only boring but also vandictive sorry ass no respect no honor no trust all thin air…ramona enough said no comment carla nice but when u squize the lemon there is not much juice left…drita is making albanian proud she is not a pretender what u see is what u get…go girl…bthw lee or no lee she deserves… Read more »

I have Not watched but bits & pieces of this season & to tell you the truth.. IT STINKS.!! THEY NEED CARLA, KAREN & RAMONA BACK ASAP..!!!


Just wanted to add my 2 cents.
Unique script written into the show where the girls are either dating or into Latinos.
I’m full Italian, and one of my best friends was considered one of the first to be accepted and approved upon by guys in the “Burg”.
Full “Boricua” who could pass for one of us, the girls all sang his praises back in the day.
Respected by even those in “the life” because he gave respect, handled himself well, and was an excellent athlete.
They should give him his own show.

I also liked Karen until RaMona showed up. Then all of a surgeon, Karen became “TOUGH TONY & BETTY BAD ASS!” I use to love Renee’s Drama Queen” act. But now, she is over acting & that DOUBLE STANDARD? LAWD HAVE MERCY! I love Drita, but Im getting tired of all of her threats. “I’m gonna do thus & so! Enough already! So far, I like the new girls. OK, one of drinks a little too much but, I like her just the same! Carla, I love her & Big Ang! £ove, she was disqusting. But, all in all, I… Read more »

What’s up with the new characters on Mob Wives? They’re so boring, bring back the originals”…. Just in case you haven’t noticed, Karen, Carla, and Ramona along with Drita, Renee, Big Ang and Love made the show! The new blood women are boring and boring. Just as the Mob Wives Chicago was.

What were you thinking?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!

Never fix anything that isn’t broken!!!!


I like Big Ang… I don’t think Im going to watch the new season, I miss the other girls.


I think that if it weren’t for Renee’s sister producing, she’d be out. She’s a loud mouth , has-been ,aged mafia princess. What a shame! I think her son is a great kid though.


I never really cared for ramona i liked karen until her and ramona started hanging out her attitude changed big time drita is a working mom trying to do right renee i think is just losing her mind with all the stuff going on carla never liked acts like she is to good for anyone but my favorite of them all is the one and only drama free big ang she stays away isnt a rat doesnt care for the drama.

Personally, I’m a little relieved to see new people coming in. I was never fond of Carla, I thought she was boring and didn’t add much to the show. Ramona was annoying with her tough girl attitude and wanting to snap at everyone like she ran the show, and always wanting to jump in on all of Karen’s drama. The only one I really regret seeing leave the show is Karen. I respected her story, because although she was a criminal, I believe that she was real. I enjoyed seeing her interact with her daughter, and who and what she… Read more »
Verneda Cole

I will not be tuning in to Mob Wives anymore.

Lovely Givan

I like Drita. Alicia & Natalie seem nice too! Love Ang. Renee is a drama queen but gotta love her! Gonna, miss Karen, & RaMona, Carla especially! The show will be fine!


I only watched the show for Karen. I adore Ramona, she a spit fire, I can imagine how boring the show will be without Karen & Ramona.
Drita has no storyline, except crying about Lee, he cheated, he’s controlling. I can’t stand Drita, she’s fake.

This show will be boring as hell! I will miss all 3 of them! Ramona is a nice person in real life. Drita has let everything go to her head she has an attitude…Renee is a wacko who rides her sisters coat tails. They ALL have forgotten where they come from believe that! I don’t blame any of them for wanting a raise …why not? I’m sure the show has made a ton of $$ why not compensate the women who have put the show where it is now? I think Renee calling them greedy can go both ways. Greed… Read more »

I can’t say I’m all that surprised by the “split” but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s disappointing.. My prediction is Mob Wives has seen it’s finer days and is about to come to an end. I just don’t think the fans are going to hang with them when the original cast starts to leave for what ever the reason..I agree once the show took off and had the following it has (My husband watches it too) The woman should have been paid accordingly…After all the show wouldn’t have gotten off the ground with out them!


I am glad Karen and Ramno are not coming back
Love Drita and Big Ang they are my Favs


Karen and Ramona were horrible. I am glad they are gone. Sorry to see Carla go. Love Drita!


I am actually disappointed that any one of the original cast is leaving. I don’t mind adding a few new faces but I will miss Carla and the others.


Don’t care about Ramona and Carla being gone but i will miss Karen..

Rosalie Marie,

Mob Wives hired two women already and they are very pretty. What surprised me is how fast they found two replacements. Hmm. I think they must have seen this coming. One of the women owns a boutique shop.

Whose left now? Renee, Drita and Big Ang? How boring this show will now be. Karen made me laugh with her batting her chest like a gorilla all the time and Ramona standing behind her saying “what she said.” Carla, I liked her. She was a quiet one but get her riled up, wow. I will miss Carla the most. But I wonder if the show will really hurt now because there is no one left, really. I’m curious and I will watch. I have dropped a lot of reality shows because they became boring. This is my last one.
Texas thoughts

Love the change. Personally Karen is ghetto. Glad she is gone. Maybe now she can be with her daughter more. Can’t wait to meet the new ladies and check out how they are together. It’s a fun show.


Ghetto… the show is mob wives they are all ghetto. Plus many of successful people are from the ghette.. for example Oprah

Rosalie Marie,

I could be wrong but I think the women are the two I have linked below. Reason why I think it’s them is because Renee, Drita and Big Ang seem to leave them twitters now. So, I suspect it’s these two ladies who are replacing Karen and Carla.
Take a look at the new (possible candidates) ladies. They are very pretty.

Just me

Again I will ask, why is it wrong to ask for a raise after contributing the success of a show after 3 years ? This is just wrong on so many ways & Mobwives will never be the same

Rosalie Marie,
Karen needs to go back to the ghetto she came from. Karen, you’re fired. Move on. No matter how much you kick and scream, you’ve been fired, you will not be asked to return and frankly, you were stupid for trying to create a mutiny. Windows have openned for you and rather than take advantage of that once in a lifetime opportunity and make a good living from it, you chose to slam the window on yourself. Just proves how ‘intelligent’ you really are. Oh, and Karen, “May I please have 1/2 lb of imported ham and would you slice… Read more »

Rosalie Marie

Karen doesn’t deny being fired/quitting. She really does not need the job.

Yes she has weight issues, didn’t know that was a crime..ha ha..she got her side of her own story out and wrote a book about it and managed to make a number of investments, as well as purchasing a recording studio for her daughter…not to shabby for an unemployed human.

Karen rocks..I go crazy for the Mob wives..they don’t use innuendo..they don’t waste film inferring…they just flat out say “I am gonna shiv that bitch!”.

Karen/renee/Ramona just don’t work together, they have been life long friends.

Regardless of weight gain/rehab/surgery/botox/books

Rosalie Marie,
Samael, First I want to say hello and I love your comments. You and Michers always write the best comments. Anyway, I do understand what you’re saying but I couldn’t quite get the weight issue you wrote about, so I read what I wrote and I think I picked up on it. At the end I wrote about 1/2 lb of Imported ham. Samael, I Would Never Knock Someone’s Weight. What I meant was, Karen screwed up an opportunity (being on television) that most of us will never have, she quit on a show and now she’ll find herself working… Read more »

Hey rosalie Marie

Apparently today I am suffering from foot in mouth disease.

I apologize for misreading and misinterpreting your comments.

And I apologize for leaping to the wrong conclusion.

gloria gomez

I think karen was the only one who was real. She didnt back down to anyone on the show, or producers. I dont care if her dad told or sold out the so called boss. Gotti was wrong for bullying his way to the top. Sammy the bull is a real mobster. He just didnt believe gotti was suppose to be the boss. So for karen if someone really gave her, her own show i would watch it with joy.


I must have missed the part where Rosalie mentioned Karen’s weight?? anyways I agree with Rosalie, Karen is trash she was a low level drug
dealer hanging out with thugs dealing meth . I never understood the “mob wife ” title anyways ? Karen and Ramona both were never mob wives.



Chill out…did you not see the “ha ha” well there it is again.


It’s not like anyone on this site is BFF’s with anyone of these wives….pick your own ass..not my comments to itty bitty pieces.

stop nagging please…less control freak behavior…these are comments…about a story..we are not in court with hand on bible.

Wow…cool down…chill out and I will as well.

Pam Cottini

Actually I’m related to families mentioned in this and all this trash talking is unproductive and I doubt any of those girls care. No one really knows the truth about that lifestyle all reality tv shows are to entertain and give drama for ratings to return. No need to bash people’s weight or call them trash or any if it. It’s just tv just look at it that way way … there to entertain.


I think karen and ramona was the realist u can get whn renee needed somebody nobody but.karen and ramona were there for her sugery whr was drita and carla huh? Say wht u want the realist ones


‘I’m fine Samael, I just didn’t understand the “weight issue” comment ,I guess it went over my head ..wasn’t trying to nag or be a control freak at all


As long as Big Ang and Drita comes back, I am good. And I guess Renee comes with the territory.


My feelings are the same. Not going to get rid of Renee her sister writes the show.

I am most 100% watch Mob Wives- it is the life style I view that is enticing..bitch fighting and long held friendships have held my attention and support for the Mob Wives. Personally, since this is not the first time these women have become twitterpated, I am going to enjoy season four and will be crossing my fingers that all will be “as good as it can get” with each other ..dust themselves a couple of shooters and continue the lives they chose to have. All these Mob Wives get a big head once in a least this… Read more »
I have no idea why Renee felt the need to stir up this drama except for diarrhea of the mouth. Karen and Jen were tweeting to each other about going out, it seems like they were still friends. If Renee’s upset with Carla attacking her sister she should take it to Carla and not lump the others in but expect them to not get mad. Also, not sure but Karen tweeted that she had a potential movie deal for her book but she didn’t like how they wanted to portray her father, the “selling out my dad” bit probably refers… Read more »
Maru the Cat

I agree Panda Bear, there was no need to stir up anything with these ladies. I liked seeing each of them trying to get on with their lives. Renee is a flip flopper. What is her sign? Not sure I want to watch now. I like Drita & Big Ang.

Really wonder what happened behind the scenes these last few years. Like would Karen & Ramona have been so mad at Carla? Or how much was said to Love to get her riled up. Liked the scenes with Carla & Joe, will miss them.


I think the quitters are losers who thinks they can make it. That is why i like Bravo, because no family is included in the production, the moment that happens, issues will arise.

Panda Bear
This was one of the reality shows I was hanging on to. These women had legitimately crazy lives. No need for all that extra storyline crap. I was never a fan of Ramona but last season she wasn’t that bad. Honestly what’s wrong with a show about women supporting each other when they are going through troubling times. Drita and Lee, Renee with Jr. and her dad, Karen trying to get her life together, Carla having her ex out of jail. I may be one of the few that find contrived drama boring. All of their outside issues bring the… Read more »

You’re not the only one. This is one of the reality shows I truly enjoy as well. I actually liked following their stories.




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