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Renee Graziano Calls Former Cast Members Greedy For Quitting; Carla Responds!

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For those of you who don’t know by now, Ramona Rizzo, Karen Gravano, and Carla Facciolo won’t be returning to next season’s Mob Wives! And it all has to do with money! Weeks ago, Ramona revealed that producers didn’t want to pay the ladies. The creator of the show is actually Renee’s sister Jen Graziano who is by the way supposed good friends with Ramona and Karen. Renee has responded to the ladies quitting calling them greeting via twitter! Check out what Renee had to say below

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Carla then responded saying what Jen is doing is just not cool
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I’ll be honest. I’m not interested in watching Mob Wives with a whole new crew. Carla, Karen, and Ramona were a big part of what made Mob Wives successful. Who’s side are you on?!

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  • Hello people THIS SHOW IS ALL SCRiPTED! Yes they are all a bit off the wall but they are told when to fight when to scream when to throw things ! Do you really believe they just throw them up on a screen to do as they please? I know people who were approached to be on this show a year before they even started it. I think its funny how naive people are lol. Why does anyone feel they were not entitled to a raise? Obviously the show is making money so if they can’t compensate the right way I think they did the right thing! Drita won’t leave she’s not stupid, if her makeup line takes off n she can stand on her own watch how fast “that pigeon takes flight” please…its all GREED & the shows producers r the greedy ones not the women in the front of the cameras making them all the $$$!!!

  • I don’t blame the ladies for wanting a raise after 3 seasons. Jen could give them a raise. She and they could met half way.
    Strange that Ramona and Carla are the only ones talking. What does Karen have to say?

    Karen is always being called ghetto trash why? She spent the first 2 seasons trying to mend her friendship with Drita, and being there for Ramona and Renee while they have gone thru their issues. Drita was the one starting the fights by throwing the punches.
    Ramona is just a loud mouth. She pops off at the mouth a lot. She doesn’t try to hurt anyone but protect her friends.
    Carla is a pretend angel. She looks done on the others pretending she has never done anything wrong. Joe took all the charges for both of them when he went to prison. Carla was a round the way girl when they were younger, ( sleep around). Carla was always making comments about the other ladies and other mob connected ladies and Drita was having to protect her ass. Bye bye Carla.

  • Who wants to go through all that drama on a regular, and not get paid??? I don’t blame them. I’ll miss Carla, but I understand why she’s doing it. I still love ya Carla!

  • Personally I feel like after the 3rd or 4th season asking for a raise is not a deal breaker. Everyone deserves a raise after some length of time if they are a proven employee. I think the show lost viewership when that nasty low-life Love came on the show, to me that’s when I stopped watching I couldn’t stand that vile person. I loved this show its 1st 2 season after that I was pretty much done. I liked Big Ang’s show last year but this year it’s just another Bad girls club gone bad I won’t watch it again, & I really like Big Ang ! Not interested in watching Mob wives without all the girls either,, buh bye Jenn……..and by the way ladies this IS NOT a publicity stunt !

  • Every new season, during the beginning of the open credits that show the women strut down the boardwalk with the Big Big Bang song playing, Mob Wives should should be new and fresh. The song and the women strutting down the boardwalk should always be the openning, but each season should show them wearing new clothes and should also include the new person on the show. Big Ang Should Be Included in the “Boardwalk Strut.”

  • geeze the mob wives are shooting it out on twitter. As nonnie would say “Dal frutto si conosce l’albero”

  • I agree with the firing. I’ll explain using a good source as an example.
    I’m sure we all remember the television show, Friends. I recall the celebrities on the show becoming more aggressive for more money each season. They were never getting enough. Every new season,they were more greedy than the previous season and they were raking in the dough. Still, holding the show hostage, threatening to leave, they demanded more, more, more money. I think since Friends have been off the air, they are to this very day held as a big lesson that if you give them too much, you become the weaker. Nowadays, you see celebrities on television programs. Friends has changed everything. When the star of these shows use the pay up or I will leave threat, the show quickly shuts down the show or they get a new star. Big Wigs at the top don’t take shit from these people nowadays. This is why you don’t know who a star/celebrity is anymore. Nobody allows an actress or actor become to high because they know the celebrity will demand too much. Sure we see celebrities come out of the woods every now and then but they aren’t getting big roles for big bucks.
    My point is this…
    let’s say you have a show to run and it’s not really raking in a pot full of cash. The ratings maybe good but ratings nowadays are not nearly as big as they used to be. The Nanny brought in 13 million viewers. Nowadays, with all the stations available today, Nanny would most likely only top 3 million viewers.
    The shows are not big anymore and viewers have lessened by the millions.
    Mob Wives most likely only top 2-3 million viewers. Now their main charactors are threatening to leave if they don’t get a raise. So I would think, “Honey, you are not a celebrity, you’re someone I picked off the street and you can be replaced quite easily.” Then I would ponder on this thought, “What happens when the next season comes around?” More Demands And Bigger Threats?
    Friends should have been cut off at the first threat. I would have shut the show down and say, “We had a good time while it lasted so we’ll leave it while it’s still a good show.” Instead, the network gave in, gave more, and more, and more until viewers stopped tuning in and the show flopped literally over night. Friends should have seen that coming. Viewers who watched were mostly blue collar workers. They may have liked the show but deep inside, viewers were pissed off with the Friends celebrities for demanding such extreme amounts of money. Forty Million Dollars for that one season. Viewers stopped watching and the network realized they made a Huge Mistake.
    See, you can’t let your employees screw you into a hole. If you don’t put a stop to it right away, you will have the same situation play out again and again.
    Mob Wives brought in Big Ang and we all loved her immediately. We don’t know who will replace Karen, Carla and Ramona, but who knows? Maybe, just maybe they will find three more of Ang or another crazy Renee? Renee and Big Ang are a blast to watch because they don’t hold anything back. Karen was more ghetto trash than Italian.
    Carla didn’t want drama, she didn’t want to reveal much, and she was too stand offish. Frankly, she was too reserved even though she knew the show needed her to be more open about herself. She was a mistake for this show.
    As for Ramona, she was too aggressive, too angry and too immature.
    Drita can be boring but what makes her is that she really is a nut and she goes bonkers in an instant. I’m glad Drita is staying because you never know what will piss her off and she can’t control her temper. I Like That! I don’t want to watch a bunch of calm women playing with their children. Boring! I want fighting but I don’t want it like New Jersey housewives.
    Big Ang is most likely going to get a big role on the show. We All Love Her and you know you will watch if Big Ang Is On That Screen! lol
    I’m looking forward to new women. I think it will work out better for Mob Wives going down this new road with a new cast.
    My Only Complaint About Mob Wives is the opening of the show. I love the song, Big Big Bang but they never kept up with the women. It always showed Carla, Renee, Drita and Karen walking down the boardwalk but failed to show Ramona when she was on the show. They failed to place Big Ang In The Greeting. I think when Mob Wives gets a new lady on the cast, they need to include her in the boardwalk strut.

    • P.S. I wish I could be good enough to be on Mob Wives because I’m a lot like Drita. I’m good hearted but when someone says something I don’t like, I confront it right there and then. I am nice one moment but then I get crazy the next. lol
      Can’t help it and frankly, I don’t want to. lol

  • Karen doesn’t want to be a mother to her daughter, Ramona has no story to tell, and Carla’s story is wearing thin. Love Drita! Love Renee! Love Big Ang! So we see new faces. I can live with it.

  • I don’t like Karen or Ramona, I do like Carla.. But I actually like all of them together( Carla, Renee, Drita, Ramona, Karen) if that makes sense. LOL.

    The only one I was glad they got rid of was that freakin whack Love!!

    • Ha! Yes, as I like Karen and ‘Mona, and not Carla, but want all 3 together on show, LOL And for the most oart, we have seen that all of them can get along. They even laughed and took trips together! I think Miss Jenn got greedy. and BTW- Miami Monkey sucks. Never watched again after first episode. Bigg Ang should be doing something different, or keep the same thing going that she had before that crapfest show.

  • Looks like someone was taking their money and acting like a manager and I think that comment was directed probably towards Jen Graziano.

    Another thing they were complaining about was editing and how it was making them look bad. I’m not mad at all, just a little upset how 3 of them are leaving the show. They can all hate each other but they are all tied together and have known each other growing up. That’s what made the show so interesting for me to watch. Sad the three wont be coming back but if they aren’t being treated fairly I totally understand and support their decisions!

    • I agree. Unless they bring in new, some how related (whether friends, or family members) I won’t enjoy watching it as much. These women had such a long deep history that contributed to the show.

  • Did I understand the blog correctly?

    Producer doesn’t want to pay the cast anything for doing the show?

  • Hmmmm, It seems really stupid that these girls would put themselves out of a job esp.Ramona who isn’t a “brand” Karen seems to have a lot going on and Carla is in the soap biz. Does not seem like a smart thing to do esp. with her 3 kids and her old man in the joint for years!

  • Samael, so the upcoming eps will have all the ladies? Will be interesting if they have some sort of exit for them.

    • hey Baloney

      yup Mob Wives already finished taping the new season, VH1 has been running season 1-3 to hype.

      All the ladies are present. At the reunion how much dough do ya wanna bet…sorry’s or squaring up is in order.

      Renee seems to be running not only her big yap, but the show as well.

      I think in true Renee fashion, she will admit to being over reactive..blah blah blah.

      • Renee is a mess. She’s one of those friends that always does and says bad things and keeps apologizing but never learns. And please! Enough with those bedroom shots she’s doing. Mirrors ladies. Mirrors!!

        • I actually like almost all the Mob Wives – except Carla- she screeches when she walks.

          I even thought Love was a pistol until she jumped Carla.

          Renee does have some “real” moments that I do like – when she talks to her son
          and when she went to rehab.

          I support and encourage Renee’s continued sobriety…but she needs to get the F over herself.

  • Season 4 of Mob wives started filming in August 2013 and have completed filming. The new season on TV will start December.

    So, I get one more season of Karen and Ramona, that I will enjoy.

    I could care less for Carla..she was getting all kinds of angry about being outed as a slut.

    Karen and Renee and Ramona will always be buds and if this dispute is about $ – why not ask for more this coming out of Renee’s vault in her bedroom?

    I do feel bad for Ramona- single parent of three beauties.

    Sounds like the reunion will be “interesting”. Hope they have someone with the cajone’s to hang with this crew.

    • Sounds like this is a publicity stunt then. Is the tweets about producers so we will tune in to see what those lies actually were? Lol I think so!

      • Sorry Samuel I don’t think those 3 are in season 4 saw on Carla’s tweets that this season will suck because they are not in it:-(

    • Are you sure about that? People on Twitter keep asking Ramona if they’ll be on Season 4 and she keeps saying no. Renee tweeted that she’s doing an event with the Season 4 wives, Ang Drita and some new one. Maybe they’re confused between Seasons 4 and 5, but it sounds like they’re off the show already

    • I agree, even though at times I did feel bad for her. IMO, she is the greedy one! And as its mentioned above, without all 3 of them, even some I cannot stand, the show is poopoo

  • Here’s another show that I used to love and still watch occasionally. Karen is a beast and needs to be reminded there are mirrors you look into before you leave the house as well as show some damn remorse for the murders your dad was involved with. Renee is Renee, an entertaining mess. But I have to say that Drita is the one I’m most interested in and I did love her friendship with Carla.

    With Jen running the show though, can you even imagine what a nightmare Renee would be?

    • Jen always ran the show from start. I will still watch..those ladies don’t stop anything. I was never a Carla fan.

    • I give Drita credit for toning down the violence,she seems to get that she will benefit in the long run.More opportunities for her if she is seen as smart and sensible. Big Ange is ok in small doses but cant carry a show and she scares the crap out of me!

  • I am glad they r gone. It will be interesting to see new blood. I did like Ramona though. Silly she didn’t continue. Drita and Angie r my favorites. I liked Ramona’s husbands story. No reason his story line can’t continue. Girlfriend of the mob perspective. Will he cheat or will he stay out of jail? Karen was fun at times but she really is mentally off. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

      • lol “tag” means she included her twitter name on the tweet which shows up on the other persons timeline

        • Ok are they getting paid at all or do they want a pay increase? Im confused if their not been paid at all well Im with the girls why put your life on “display” lol for all to critic and not get paid at

    • The three of them (Carla, Karen and Ramona) have all been getting getting along really well on twitter since being fired/quitting (whatever the truth is lol). They are claiming that the producers were telling them each different things the others were saying to create drama on camera and they found out about the lies. Who knows what the real truth is though haha

      • Carla, Ramona and Karen are only getting along for one reason. To ban together as a threat to Mob Wives. They concocted a plot to ban together and threaten the show for a raise or they will leave. They most likely asked Drita to come into the group but Drita is her own woman and refused. Smart for Drita. She knew this show is a window open for other opportunities such as, publishing a book, being a spokesperson for product sales, guest starring on a television show. She used her management skills and stayed away from the group.
        Now that Mob Wives has made it clear that they will not stand for a ‘mutiny’ and give into threats, the women are angry and are attempting to trash the show. A Show Such As This And Bravo Housewives works like this…
        Have a party and have all the women show up. Make certain there is plenty of wine.
        If any of these shows didn’t do this, It Would Be Boring! You see how boring it is when these women aren’t together. We sleep or we use the boring segments as intermission. We would not watch. These women have a lot to say and sometimes, let’s face it, alcohol gives some of these women balls to say what they really want to say but don’t say it when sober. The networks or producers don’t hand these women a script. They do get these women together and what happens all goes down because of the women. Not The Producer.
        I think Mob Wives made the right decision to fire Carla, Karen and Ramona. These women have been fired and look at their reaction now. They a angry and they are now claiming the producer forced them to say and do things they didn’t want to do. This tells me that had Mob Wives given into their demands, these women would ban together in future contract negotiations using the same tactic. Ban Together, Demand A Raise Using Threats Against The Network. Give Us A Raise Or We Leave.
        You can’t have your employees screw you. It doesn’t work that way.
        I think we will see more of Big Ang. I just hope Mob Wives will not hire vile and violent women like Love.
        I hope they hire someone who is more like me. I’m more like Renee (my ultimate favorite) and Drita. Calm, smart, can have a discussion but nuclear explosive! lol

        • I hope they hire someone who is more like me. I’m more like Renee (my ultimate favorite) and Drita. Calm, smart, can have a rational discussion, handle an issue right then and there, and goes nuclear explosive when pissed! lol
          That’s why Renee and Drita are my favourite. They say what they mean and they are not afraid to say it.

        • Your correct, they wanted more money and Renee’s sister (really the network) didn’t want to pay more. Now they are trying to figure out how to get back at them and also get another show but that won’t happen. I think who’s going to be on the show to fill their spot will be Carla’s ex and his girlfriend, you know she was trying to audition for the show.

          • Carla is saying that only Renee and big Ange were offered pay rises and her, Romona and Karen were not happy bout that so they left.