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Love It Or Hate It: Vicki Gunvalson Shows Off New Hair-Do!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County love changing up their hair and this time it’s Vicki Gunvalson! Vicki got a new hair-do and posted the photo via twitter thanking her stylist writing, “@tyalexandersalon Love my hair!”

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Love or hate Vicki’s new do?

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  • Vicky’s hair looks the same!! She should get her hair cut short!!! Any one know if she is still with Brooks?

  • For her to not like Gretchen, it seems to me she’s almost copying her hairstyle, smh. I hope her and Gretchen do not return next season.

  • Iris, do you suppose you could cut Caroline some slack? I really believe that Caroline is getting beaten up by her hormones. It’s called menopause. Heard of it? Been through it? Until you have,you won’t recognize the behavior,and that will only happen then if you have been able to realize what you have said and done in the recent past. That’s not easy esp. while you are still going through it. Don’t try to point it out to someone else either,you’ll just set them off (something else you can’t control ). You will struggle everyday with the basics, like doing your hair. And I won’t even mention the thought of having someone else mess with your hair or face because nothing will feel good or look good in your own eyes. So getting your hair done something most of us love becomes torture for a while.
    I think Caroline started this journey about the time filming started and it has just gotten worse every year. Things will start to get better from here on so maybe we will see the funny,fun Caroline again. Also,the masty remarks she has made to lots of people,family and friends alike are part of this cycle.

    So cut her a little slack,and pray. your family and friends do the same for you when it’s your turn.

  • I love Vicki but why isn’t she keeping up with her hair? California isn’t that humid to have your hair like that.

    Looks like me when i’m getting out of bed after having sexy times (Borats voice)

  • When you say ‘new’, I’m assuming you mean ‘washed’ and ‘brushed’.

    Because that WOULD be new for her.

    Well done, Vicki. Welcome to the land of shampoo, conditioner and combing your hair. I bet it feels different without the birds and squirrels that usually take up residence in there. I’ve often wondered if you take hair styling (and temperament) tips off the South Park bus driver lady.

  • What is it, about one inch shorter??? Wow Vick, what a change! It just looks “done” for once. She should think about changing the color! She’s getting a little too old for that total bleach blonde look. A few low lights might make her look better.

  • I am so over all of the housewives long, ratty hair made worse with extensions. Blonde, brunette — they all have the same style no matter where they live. It makes them all look older IMO. Alexis’ bob looks so good and sophisticated. I hope she keeps it that way and the others realize that long hair makes the 40-55 year old women look like 20 yr old wannabees. The worst in my opinion is Caroline Manzo. She used to look chic and stylish in her short spiky hair. Now she looks like she just got done cleaning the Brownstone top to bottom with a qtip. She looks washed out and haggard. I’m embarrassed for her and all the women.

    • Iris, I agree. I thought Alexis’s haircut was great and I hope she keeps it. The extensions look ridiculous on all of them. And Caroline’s longer hair drags her face down. Not a good decision. Why do these women think that longer looks younger? Because it doesn’t.

  • I see no change… at all…
    V-boo…get a flat iron… some anti humidity product… a therapist… a life coach…some hormones… and stay the feck away from Brooks and life is sure to improve all around!

  • Vile is an idiot who would prefer an intimate relationship with an abuser, than a healthy relationship with her daughter.

    Vile is putrid no matter what she wears or does not wear and who cares about the mop on her head.

    Vile should be fired and RHOC needs to be cancelled.

    • Hi Samael!

      Agree, u can put a wig on a pig and she’s still a pig! Nothing will change how messy she is on the inside.

      • Hey Aunt Sadie


        isn’t there another saying “you can put perfume on a pig,the pig still stinks”

        I could do this all day.


        • Nothing can help that snake!! She slithers thru the creeks & valleys. I hope they close. They Need to Take this Show Off!!!! Vicki just start Vicki is Ugly Inside and Out!!!!

          • Instead they would rather get rid of Gretchen! I heard Gretchen and Alexis have been fired. Isn’t it nice of Bravo to keep the abusive and abused to make a tv show? They are making sure they keep the worst of the worst and there is NOTHING entertaining about abuse! I think Andy should be thinking about his female audiance because there must be a better show that dosen’t use the abuse of women as a form of entertainment. Isn’t there a problem when someone knows abuse is going on and not doing anything? Oh wait, he is doing something…making money! Yuck!

          • Would ppl please stop insulting and bashing pigs? They are truly innocent and intelligent sentient beings that don’t deserve to be compared to a Housewife or any ignorant and hateful humans.

          • I read the blogs but no longer watch any of the franchises anymore. I don’t find them entertaining anymore.
            The only way they would take one of HW show off the air is if the ratings
            drop due to lack of people watching.

    • Agree!!
      She is my absolute least fave. They should have gotten rid of her.

      My only saving grace is thinking maybe they asked Brianna to be a full cast member since they fired (allegedly, of course) Gretchen and Tamra.

      Who will Vicki be a vile bitch to now that these two are gone?

      • Hi srt_3

        Well if Vile is still slithering around, we already know she will do anything to Brianna and disregards her sons wishes, so skies the limit for Vile.

        Her victims shudder


      • *all.
        P.S. just waiting for scumbag Ryan to go postal in a Navy yard next, after he massacres enough Afghan women and children. Scum of the earth.

        • Too much… you really should have thought that comment through before posting. Crass & careless… completely insensitive.

          • That’s your opinion and I have a right to mine and how I say it. As a 9/11 survivor, I’ve heard real inappropriate comments but it’s ACTIONS that matter. IMO Ryan will be the next Sgt Robert Bales if they don’t get him out. I don’t want sickos like him in the military using my cause and my friends and famiilies’ memories as an excuse for their psycho behavior. #PCpolicetakeaseat

    • @samael, saying Vicki is an idiot who prefers a relationship with an abuser than with her daughter is a little extreme IMO. It is very very obvious that Vicki has a problem many women who are attracted to abusive men have and she should not be fired for it, she needs serious help.

      As for the hair, looks beautiful but very similar to her previous style I think.

      • Meh. Just sayin, if she wants help that much, she could always get off TV and stop cashing in on her relationship and emotional problems and actually seek it.

        She kind of courts the drama.

      • Hey just Sayin

        No, I think there is a closet full of reasons that Vile needs to be fired.

        – She ignored Brianna presenting evidence that Crooks is an abuser
        – She is okay with her son-in- law being an abuser
        – She prefers the company of someone that directs Ryan to beat Brianna
        – She is insecure and in her personal life
        – She is secure in her business life – although after this- I am sure her customers have dropped her due to her obvious inability to maintain a healthy life
        – She has ripped most women about being a slut-years later- she is one herself
        – She was supposed to promote a “house wife wine” and instead – she went into her own business for herself with her vodka
        – She crapped in Donn’s mouth every chance she got, instead of reading him the riot act and tell him how she needs to be respected.
        – She ripped on Slade for being a dead beat dad (which he is) for years, yet she hooks up with a dead beat dad

        As I said there are many many reason for Vile to be fired…Of course the main reason is, she needs to emotionally look after herself..not act like a bitch infront of the camera.

        As far as her looks go, again this is one of her many insecurities, as she actually brings this up each season finale, she even got work done on her face based on “viewer’s comments”

        Again we are back at her insecurities, she needs to stop the camera and look in the mirror and get help.

        Her head does look like a mop to is that important.

  • I love Vicki but the hair looks the same…just combed…which looks good instead of the messy look she always has.