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NeNe Leakes Explains Why She Made Gregg Sign A Prenup

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes stopped by Watch What Happens Live yesterday after her spin-off premiered. On Tuesday’s episode, we got to see as NeNe revealed she wanted Gregg to sign a prenup. Many questioned why considering they were married long before she was famous and had money and NeNe explained to Andy why it’s a “smart” idea below.

Here’s my thoughts on this. I don’t care that NeNe had Gregg sign a prenup BUT I personally feel like if the roles were reversed and Gregg asked NeNe to sign a prenup, she would NOT be happy about it. Especially since they were married before and have known each other for several years. Do you think NeNe makes a good point on why she made Gregg sign a prenup?

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  • Interviews that Melissa gives as little as one week ago completely contradict when and how she met Joe in her book… This is so embarrassing 🙁

  • Just wanted to say I love this blog – its my birthday – so the fact that I am even bothered with coming on here says a lot haha .. love all the posters on here (even the Marco sisters JPG and Estelle) much love and blessings. Thanks to all the posters on here for giving me something soooo funny to look forward to reading .. you guys are awesome. Thanks to all the housewives for being entertaining (minus the ones that aren’t entertaining) … Thanks to Teresa for being my favorite Tre to hug <3

  • Random thought….

    I hope ANDY ASKS caroline about Lauren commenting on Teresa’s kids being raised by wolves.

    If teresa said that.. It would never fly with anyone!

  • Nene Leakes production produced the show–her first show. So the wedding expenses were paid by production and upon selling the show to Bravo would recoup the costs.

    I find Nene and Greg shady in their financial dealings and question why they need to bring in all these new people.

    I tried watching just didn’t hold my interest. Why is it Nene thinks people need to kowtow to her as if she is the Queen of England? Who would want to be friends with someone that demands so much respect? She is a RH with a couple of short term small roles on network sitcoms.

  • In my opinion a prenup is the only way to go. My husband and I both signed one before we married in 1999. Thank goodness we are still happily married.

  • I think Nene is being very smart. I could care less if the divorce was just for a storyline or for any other financial reasons. that is between them and the prenup is between them also Gregg didn’t have to sign it if he didn’t want to. I really can’t blame Nene for asking for a prenup when Gregg messed up financially and became so desperate to ask Dwight for money. she’s protecting what’s hers because who knows how long their marriage will last and what other financial mess Gregg might get himself into. I hope it lasts for a long time because to me their love is real. she’s been with him for many years. longer than the other housewives marriages.

    as for the if this was reversed “Nene wouldn’t be happy about it”. I believe that to but I guess Gregg wasn’t smart enough to think of a prenup first. so that is on him.

    • Hi Jarlath

      no clue- I know I’m not going to watch no matter what her story line is.

      they freak over the strangest things at the top of their lungs an in front of their children.

      Will you be watching..which person is your fav?

  • Load of rubbish. Deliberate and strategical divorce if ever there was one. How much did they gain financially? Spin offs and storylines, Greg got rid if the debt by declaring bankruptcy and nene raked it in individually.
    I liked nene but this is a load of bulls@@t

    • When did Greg file for bankruptcy Sam? Please inform, would like to know if the divorce was financially motivated or spinoff/storyline motivated? Either way, smart move. Nene was a housewife and I am sure Gregg made a lot of bad business moves over that 15 year period. Especially when I saw him asking Dwight for a small investment in some business idea.

      • Hi Free Kroy

        By the posted with Sambsam..ahem…

        Gregg filed for bankruptcy Oct 1,2006
        divorce filed April 2910
        divorce finalized Sept 29 2011

        Could not locate second bankruptcy..may exist..just cannot find.

          • Bit confused ‘you posted with sambsam’? I was under the impression that he had declared bankruptcy AFTER the divorce so it looks like my info wasn’t correct. It still all seems suspicious to me though.

  • I assume that Donald Trump said..really? prenup?

    Divorce inflicts pain and makes you feel vulnerable and judged. the ugly in each person is hurled at each other.

    I think both realize that-being single is doable and Ne Ne financially flourished.

    Ne Ne is protecting her individual assets that she earned while divorced, why should Ne Ne or Gregg just pour money into each other’s bank account.

    the fact that Ne Ne and Gregg are not strangers to each other is the reason the pre nup is a good thing. They both know what each other is capable of.

    • Agreed! She looks amazing!! That being said this woman can have WHOEVER she wants yet is remarrying her OLD aging decrepit ex! I think that says ALOT about her! I didn’t love her before but remarrying Greg has completely changed my opinion of Nene Leakes! This woman is the REAL DEAL! As for that bankruptcy story, who are you? You know them personally? I know for myself, I only speak in such detail on private lives of reality ppl I personally KNOW (which is just a couple of them lol)…I can’t really get down with that story unless theres proof, that’s pretty personal. Nene stated her reasons which btw she really didnt HAVE to! Why the fk is everyone soooooo curious as to why Nene wants a prenup?? EVERYONE with anything these days has a prenup! WHY in heavens would anyone want the divorce attorneys making the hundreds of thousands they make off peoples divorces??? FUK those lawyers…they’re evil devils & it’s truly disgusting how much they make & how much they take ADVANTAGE of divorces!!

      • And I came back to add that those same divorce (aka “matrimonial”) lawyers iron-clad those prenups as well. There are statutory guidelines to follow as well as loopholes to anticipate and avoid. Of course, a layperson can write the prenup himself.

        You can dye your own hair in your bathroom and take the risk, or you can pay to have it done by a trained professional hair stylist who dyes dozens of heads a year. Know what I mean? Consumers’ choice.

        Ok! Sorry for digressing 🙂

        • Lol @ Jo.. I think she looks good, really the best look shes had, and her cheek bones are popping with weight loss.

          However, I am surprised she isn’t bald for the bleach in her hair, for a long time. Espscially, AA/black hair. I have naturally curly strawberry blond/red hair, that is long and I sometimes blow out. I’m her age. My hair would fall out, definitely if I added bleach. Maybe short hair takes it better.

          • @Lara, I actually suspect that Nene’s wearing a lace front wig in that vid. Every strand looked a little too perfect and her hairline looked a bit unnatural, you know?

  • Nene & Gregg divorced to assign debt to Gregg’s name to allow him to file for bankruptcy so that she could keep her earnings seperate and so that they would not have to pay their bills once Nene made some money.

    Just like the Guidices, they are playning funny with money- only a little smarter.

    This isn’t a love story; it’s hood style high finance shenangins on television. Gregg and Nene were never apart.


      • That makes sense to me. Something is just not right about Nene anyway. She lost that show she was on (it was awful) Glee is on it’s way out, yet she is living large and spending all her money. If she were wise, she would put it in the bank. She acts like it is all going to keep just rolling in, but there aren’t any other Ryan Murphy’s out there who think she is fabulous, When you are a d list actor, these roles are few and far between. And I’m not buying this whole marriage thing with Greg. I am so sick of seeing gold-diggers fake another marriage in a spin off. Not watchin’ it. Not buyin’ it. Sorry. And I got nothing against Nene, I think she is fun on RHOA.

    • Wow I have not watched RHOA for about two years, could not handle Kim screeching for her employee 24/7.

      How many times did Gregg file for bankruptcy – I know of the one he file for October 1 2006.

      Doesn’t any RH cast pay their bills?

    • wow never thought of it that way…I hope it’s not true, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it is. Nene should be more grateful for her success, and show it by using the money her success brings to pay past bills.

    • ITA Beyoncé, what a croc of shi….I heard that the wedding cost over 1 million, Bravo really another faux wedding to shove down our throats? I enjoyed these women much more before they got so famous for nothing. How many bridesmaids for a second wedding? 9 or 10?They hand out spin offs like it was gum. It seems like a 16 year old girl is writing these scripts!

    • Is there proof of this. Or is this what you think happened. I think they got divorced for a story line. And the spin off. Bankruptcy is public knowledge and I’m sure it would have come out by now. If Greg is planning, as you suggest, I am sure they would wait to get re-married until after. Prenup or not, if you acquire debt as a married couple, it’s both of yours. Again, I think it was for the storyline and they spin off not financial favor. And even if it was, big businesses do things like this all the time. Spilt companies, sell off sectors to other partners, reassign debt to bankrupt other parts of the company. Didn’t the Twinkie company do something like this recently. Oh and Nene’s mentor Donald Trump uses any type of financial advantage that he can to keep getting richer. #spinofffab

    • There is only one problem with your theory.

      Debt accumulated as a married couple belongs to both of them, it doesn’t matter if they divorce, the debt is spill responsibility of both, affects both credit and they both a legally bound to pay it.

      If getting divorce would be the solution to save your hard earn money and to save your credit then there would be millions of couples getting divorced and remarried.

      Case in point, my brother was divorced for 8 years and his divorce decree clearly stated that all credit cards with “their” names should be canceled in a “reasonable amount of time”. His ex-wife closed all of them but one. My brother, checked that they were closed but forgot about that one because it was from a retail store. One day a collection agency called him and told him that he owed 4K+1K in interest accrued. His ex-wife had charged that card to the max and never paid.

      My brother had to sue her to force her to pay because 8 years was more than “reasonable time” but that is still in his record and will be for the next 4 years before it clears up. Now wherever he goes to apply for credit he has to carry the decree that forces her to pay back and explains that he was not liable for that.

      Maybe is different in Atlanta but somehow I don’t think so.