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Melissa Gorga’s Newest Book Rated One Star On Amazon With All Horrible Reviews!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga has finally released her first ever book, “Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage.” The book revolves how she keeps her marriage so happy plus details about her life. The book is officially out to buy and has been rated 1 star on Amazon with all horrendous reviews.

Check out some of the reviews below

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  • Im really disgusted to see in one of her signing pics that most of the crowd are young girls, very young. One actually had that nasty book in her hand 🙁 Dont they need to be a certain age to buy that crap?

  • Hello Mzjulesaz, thanks for that link, laughed so much I struggled to breath for a few seconds.
    Off topic what happened to our Famewhorgas, (suffering bad withdrawal symptoms) How can I get more information about what is going on with Fame? Thanks a bundle

  • I didn’t read everyones comments but what I did read was that people are saying Teresa isn’t with her kids – actually I can PROVE that is BULLSHIT .. (or horseshit if were talking about the SIL’s fecies) …

    I met her once and she had Milania with her … and when I asked where the other girls were she knew right away .. and they were all busy doing their own respective things. (Gia, dance .. Gabriella, sports I cant recall if it was soccer or just practice of something else … Audrianna was with Juicy who I wanted to meet so bad cuz hes so hot) but Teresa is soooo aware of what is going on with her kids. I’d NEVER comment on someones parenting so I won’t say what SIL does but I just know it isn’t as hands on as T. We love you T. Blame an “army” .. blame “Tre Fans” but it speaks VOLUMES that after Bravo has given Tre the bad edit for over 2 seasons and made her look vilanious and evil she STILL is the TOP housewife regardless. LOL@ How criminal charges just show how strong the love for T is .. I love it. T fans are so loyal, we love love love her.

  • Hello…Earth to Marco Sisters, Andy Cohen and NBC (because Bravo and Sirens are beyond help), wake the f up. Melissa is NOT popular, she does not have a fan base that wants to see her weekly or learn about her marriage. A 300, 0000$ advance was reported for this piece of trash book and St Martins really made out like a bandit. Less than 300 books have been sold on Amazon. Hmmm so each Love ITalian Style is worth $1000 and the cost of this desperate press tour to you St. Martin.

    I think it’s time this publishing company breaks their contract with Andy Cohen and his pseudo hipster (decrepit and filled with botox, yes you Kelly Ripa and your fancy husband)friends. We are literally laughing at this publisher. SOmething tells me Val Frankel begged not to be credited. LOL Melissa, LOL

  • You should check out It updates hourly with the sales info for books on Amazon. Melissa’s masterpiece sold 111 copies in September and 157 books in August. This is truly pathetic for a woman who is on a hit show with 2-3 million viewers every single Sunday night and is currently airing.

  • I can see purchasing recipe books from Kathy and Teresa. I can see purchasing a book on interiors and event planning from Dina. If Lisa Vanderpump wrote abotu gracious living, interiors or restaurants, that could be interesting. Carole Radziwell is a real author. Perhaps something from Kandi on songwriting or production or Vicki on financial planning.

    If people have real expertise and demonstrated success in some field, there’s nothing wrong with getting their books.

    As to advice books from people whose lives are tawdry enough to be entertainment – not so much. For many of the people on these shows, their lives may have a bit more glitz and glamour and privilege than the rest of us, but they are no happier or well-adjusted. In fact, there’s a certain degree of maladjustment necessary to be willing to bare so much of your personal warts to the public for a bit of low-rent fame. That’s true for all of them.

    As to memoirs, well, Patricia Hampl proved you can write great memoirs about quiet lives, but only if you have a vivid and thoughtful interior life. Deep thoughts are not things I associate with any housewives with the exception of Carole Radziwell. If you are not philosophical by nature, then you need to have lived an interesting life. I could imagine Ken and Lisa’s life as restauranteurs during the heyday in London with the Shadow Lounge, etc. could be interesting – if the focus is on the business, the customers etc.

    But the rest, sorry, shallow lives focused on materialistic acquisition and fame are boring.

      • I have T’s cookbooks and they are good for me, as I prefer painting and decorating to cooking, but love good food.

        I bought Brandi’s book and lol in the couple of hours reading it, bc she was self- depreciating, and we know the girl knows how to drink and tweet. I’m not a huge Brandi fan, but the humor was refreshing from these housewives.

        Note: if your going to be an artist of any medium. Write, sing, paint, compose what you know!!!

    • Please don’t give her any ideas,LOL. But tbh the bitch probably already tried that, Vivid wasn’t interested in watching STUMP BOY moan and groan for the 1 whole minute he can keep it going “hot &sexy” and they couldn’t figure out a way to angle the camera so her warts infested va-jay-j wouldn’t show and make viewers vomit.

  • She’s a joke!!! “Hot & Sexy marriage”???? STUMP BOY is a pig who treats her like the whore he found at the Strip club & she looks like she throws up in her mouth every time he touches her. What is hot & sexy about that?

    Let me guess all the Melissa fans are claiming once again SUPER T has control over Amazon too? Damn maybe Teresa & Joe could get all their legal worries to disappear,I’m sure SUPER T controls the courts too.

  • Rox or Jose

    In regards to this Sundays episode

    Its important to note that it wasn’t a big secret that melissa didn’t visit her father in law for two weeks in the hospital. Teresa and Melissa had a public confrontation at the all white burthday party at the beginning of the season.. A bunch of producers and also friends including Kim D heard this out in the open… So Penny knowing this information doesn’t prove Teresa told her anything.

    I feel like Kim D stirs up a lot of crap

    Ps. There is a new post at fauxreality entertainment breaking down the actual convo between penny and the Gorgas and how it was edited to death

  • The reviews are probably more entertaining than the book. What’s hilarious is Melissa Gorga left her own review. Read her review under the name “BARBIE” where she calls her book MAGNIFICENT! Someone calls her out on the fact that her other reviews are of the exact bedding she has in her daughter’s room. LOLs

  • Is anyone suprised? Nene’s book did bad, Danielle’s book did bad, and the same with Caroline’s. Tell me one housewife autobiography that did well?

    Melissa, maybe this furnishing stuff maybe your calling, but if you make a tape like Danielle did, I bet people will watch and you’ll make a decent amount of money? Maybe to back go to that teaching idea? You need to stop with these shallow ideas.

    • Didn’t Teresa furnish the gorgas house(the kitchen at least)? Wasn’t it already established by Dina on her first wwhl that Teresa called her about designing(furnishing) her brother’s house. I think it was the story about Teresa calling dina’s company about her brother’s house and not knowing that she was speaking to dina herself. If I am wrong, someone let me know.

      • I think Teresa furnished Joey’s FIRST house, the one in which he was living when he met Melissa — NOT that EMPTY piece of crap Joey and Melissa just sold (I’m not just saying that because I detest Melissa. I like Teresa, but I don’t like the way her house is decorated or laid out either).

        • I like Teresa also Lola F. but her house is too gaudy. She’s kinda tacky with the say she dresses herself and the kids.

  • Just read review that said why is this book not on the New York Times Best seller list. Because it has to be a best seller and it probably needs a better rating than 2.5 stars. Also I tried reading a sample(wont waste my money) and It is so discombobulated and from what I have read in the press it is mostly lies!

  • I think its hilarious about her book reviews!!!

    On a somewhat related side note…anyone know whats up with the fame whorgas blog? I’m addicted to this site and that one 🙁 It looks like its been made private.

    • Hi Jaime

      Usually when a site “goes down”..the site usually will give their fans updates on their twitter account.

    • Melissa was on the Today Show with Kathie and Hoda pushing her book. Loved when one of the gals asked if all 3 kids were Joey’s.

      • Good morning my6girls2012

        Wow a guest actually asked M!

        Did the audience from the show get copies of her book, usually the host will give each audience member a book of the guest.

        This is another way negative review’s can exist for this soft porn book.

      • I don’t even like Melissa but that was a horrible thing to ask her on tv. I feel bad for joey jr. because it will always be known that people doubt that joey is his father. As for the book, I would never take advice on marriage from anyone, especially from someone who has been married only 8 years. Second, just because the dynamic of someone’s marriage works for them doesn’t mean that is how I want my marriage to be.

        • Hi anonyomous82

          I agree, I am surprised that the questions from the audience were not approved first.

          I know shows want “realism” to be believable,but
          to let that air instead of “beeep”ing it out is equally offensive.

        • It may be horrible, but Im not surprised. This is the path that she led herself down! If she came on the show a genuine person,and not the way she did with the character traits she has, things would be different. All of the ugliness coming her way, is from her own doing and how she has lived her life thus far.

          • Hey michers

            I just watched the clip (3minutes). The host Kathy Lee Griffin (?) asked M – all three kids yours – M laughed – and said yes of course – and co-host asked something about that question – Kathy responds-I’m a reporter -I gotta ask..they all laughed.

            For someone that wrote about herself she seemed to leave a lot out of the she said the first 3 years of their marriage they argued.

            The hosts did not seem to know anything about her – and asked questions about Teresa.

      • That was wrong for them to ask that question. I would have walked out. That too me was a taboo line for Kathie Lee to cross.

  • When there are only 5 star and 1 star reviews I chalk it up to campaigns to sink or push the book.

    I wouldn’t read it if it were given to me and it just goes to show Melissa needs to work on her image.

  • I was reading this last night and I was enjoying it. I agree with Lia above and will say I don’t think probably 90% of those people giving reviews actually bought the book, but it was still funny as hell. If you read the first chapter you can only imagine what the rest of the book actually has to say. I’ll probably buy it when it becomes 99 cents. Kinda like Carolines book!

  • Is anyone really surprised?

    Melissa is not an author, the same as Caroline is not an author. Also the same as Teresa is not a chef, chemist or dental specialist.

    I will never give ANY of these women any of my hard earned money. I feel sorry for the people who do.

    Quit having these women peddle their shit products.

    • To be fair, at least Teresa didn’t write a book about herself. That’s where these housewives go completely wrong. No one in their right minds think that these women have life stories interesting enough to read about. We see most of their sh*t on TV.

      Like a said above, Melissa doing a pole dancing workout video would have been the smartest way to capitalize on her Bravolebrity status. Bet she would have made more money than Kenya or Phaedra combined.

        • @jpg, yeah we know Teresa had a co-author unlike Melissa who hid her ghost writer. Although, I’m guessing Val Frankel offered to PAY St. Martin’s just to not be attached to anything Melissa Gorga. It’s no secret, she’s the most hated housewife in history.

          Heather was given credit for her work. Her name was beautifully written in equal size to Teresa’s and she is documented as a CO-AUTHOR.

          • Teresa had to take her mother’s recipes and have someone else write her book.

            She again just slapped her 2 inch forehead on the cover with a “Look! I wrote a book!”

            She’s worthless.

      • jpg, fine. How about, Teresa’s book wasn’t about her. Better? Either way I don’t think any housewife should write about themselves and definitely not advice books.

    • I know that Teresa has help with her books and while she may not be an author, her family has some really great recipes. There is not a week that goes by where we don’t cook one. I know that she also did not create *Milania* either but when it was put out on Twitter and I was lucky enough to win the product to try, it was a lifesaver for my granddaughter’s hair and we have purchased it many times since. What is comes down to is quality and there is quality in what Teresa has chosen to put out there. Melissa has a furnishings line coming out, maybe that will be her calling. If it is quality items, I will be buying. So far, her music is not quality and her book is not something I would buy since I am married over 20 years. I am older than Caroline and could probably give her more advice than she could ever give me. Cannoli are so easy to come by where I live, that I would never have the need to make them on my own.

      • Again, anyone who gives ANY of these women but especially the FRAUDSTER money is a moron.

        My opinion. You want to pay for Teresa’s McMansion and legal team, go right ahead.

        Great product pushing by the way. Hope that earned you another free bottle of hair care.

          • I don’t doubt that they do have some good recipes. First generation Italians know how to cook. That whole generation does.

            But there are no recipes in them that you can’t find for freebon the internet or in dusty old cookbooks in your Grammy’s kitchen.

            I never would have given her money before and I definitely wouldn’t now.

    • I feel sorry for people whose lives are consumed by what other people do with their own money.

      I don’t feel the need to buy any of the Housewives products, but if you look into the people behind some of your favorite products, you wouldn’t find angels.

      • How would you know? That’s right you don’t.

        But when someone tells me they give money to this crook and will continue to, yes it is their right. It is also my right to point out they’re a moron 😉

        • Hmmm when I got my cookbooks my daughter’s money went to Amazon not Teresa. When she bought my Milania at Christmas and for my birthday, her money went to Youthful 8 not Teresa and when I bought Fabellini, the money went to the Liquor Store. Not one cent went directly to Teresa. :p

  • Why did Messy not post pictures of the line around the block for her book signing last night?? Why? because there wasn’t one!! HAHAHAHA!

    I will be at the Northvale bookstore tonight, not to buy her book but to see if anyone shows up. When Teresa is there for a signing the line goes out the door past Applebee’s to Starbucks!

    • That really is the signature of success.

      A line that goes past Applebee’s all the way to Starbucks.

      Big time shit. 😉

      • Jpg, I am truly not attacking you, I just want to know if you read the first chapter of the book. And if you did, I would hope you found it horrendous.

        • I did and it was.

          I’ve stated several times before, these women have no talent. NOT A ONE OF THEM. That’s why they are reduced to doing reality television.

          That’s also why NONE of them would ever see a cent of my money. Bravo overpays them as it is.

          • JPG, I admire your honesty with that answer. I may not agree with all that you say, but I appreciate that you answered fairly.

            And, from what I gather on here, you live in Colorado. I hope you and your family and friends are safe.

          • I had always assumed from your comments that you were grossly biased against Teresa, but damn, I respect you and your honesty.

          • Thanks NJ – my part of the state was minor compared to the north and northwest. Colorado has been through the ringer for the past couple of years, but I love it here and we are some strong folks 🙂

            Jo – I do not like Teresa in any way; that is true. But judging from her first chapter it’s a shit book. I really do wish people would quit spending money on any of these products. It only encourages Bravo to peddle more of this crap 🙁

          • I do like Melissa. But I wouldn’t consider myself a “fan” of any of these women. When I’m a fan of someone it’s because they offer something. They can sing, write, paint, act, create. None of these women can do anything other than expose their lives on tv – while entertaining, hardly a talent and hardly something to admire. You have to wonder what’s wrong with all of them.

            That said, I do hate Teresa. I knew she was full of shit from Season 1. She’s always been materialistic, shallow, self centered, stupid and egotistical. She has no qualities I admire or even can stomach. Her recent legal issues have proven to me, my take on her was dead on. Anyone who puts that much value on THINGS is seriously lacking In the heart and soul department.

          • I agree with you Jpg. All the housewives are drinking the kool aide. Theyre writing books, selling their products etc. Most have financial problems. I read JoAnna Krupa didn’t pay the rent on her mansion,oh my. They are all driving luxury cars, living in mansions, competing with each other and being catty and nasty. I honestly don’t know why I watch any of these housewives…we all know ,by now, its scripted. We’re smart and intelligent women. For me personally, when I started watching these housewives the ladies used to be fun and light hearted. Look at what reality tv did to Kate Gosselin and Ms Jill Zarin? I guess I could watch Honey boo boo or sister wives…sigh! What has happened to t.v.?
            I just can’t believe I have been arguing with someone over a housewife. I respect the reasons why you don’t like Teresa. I will tell you I AM NOT a Melissa fan. I think these housewives bring out something personal in all of us. For me, my dad (who passed away recently) taught our family to stick ALWAYS stick with your family. You never, ever, air your dirty laundry…Ever! When Teresa’s family came on the show it triggered feelings for me. Shame on Bravo for airing dirty laundry.
            My dad always told me Believe in something or you’ll fall for anything! 🙂 So you keep voicing your opinion. I think the ladies would miss you here 😉


    If you click on one of the very first positive reviews there is a picture of Melissa’s sister with her husband…she probably removed it since a reviewer called her out.

    I don’t really see anything wrong with writing a positive review for family though but I just thought it was funny.

    Also, please notice all of the positive reviews are short and brief, even repeating words like clever….AND best of all, if you click on their profiles, the people who posted positive reviews have never reviewed any other book but this one.

    That is all 🙂

    • Honestly, I thought the sister’s review was not that great. She only said it was fun and interesting and they she was going to buy one to give to a friend. I don’t think the sister even read the book.

    • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with leaving a good review on Amazon for your sister. I don’t understand why a person would go so far out of their way to insist they have no relation to that sister on a message board.

      No need for the “only a viewer” proclamations all the time.

  • @ Lia…. ALL TERESA’S FAULT… LMAO… Well Teresa is laughing all the way to the bank… Melissa not so much

          • It would seem that Melissa did not always come home to her man or children and that truth is really going to hurt some day.

          • “It would seem”

            Again, where’s the proof? We have all the proof we need and more on Teresa’s illegal and vile activities.

          • Damn, y’all are cracking me up, but both are bringing up great points. Teresa is causing the cheques, but she will be cashing them to her debt which will lead her to go to prison. Melissa will be home while the Giudices are in prison, but spending time with the kids? I am not going to go there but for all we know, they can spend time together but Bravo does not show it.

          • Teresa is with her family far more than Melissa is . In fact, she usually includes her family on some of her endeavors/trips/signings. And she does not leave them for dive bars/clubs. ( that I know of)

          • I’d like to know how you figure that, Michers. Considering Teresa endorses 6, 7 or 45 products. Whatever she’s up to now. With all the appearances she has to make, she def ain’t home with the kids.

            On a side note, I did see and reply to your inquiry about the floods. Not sure if you saw it. Thanks 😀

          • No I did not go back to that thread, but you are welcome jpg.
            Ok back to this: I figure that based on what fans that go there say, pics that are posted etc..she is also shown supporting her kids in all sports/events they participate in. The other one ( Mel): whenever she is out on “appearances”, her sisters post pics those same days /nights with the kids. It is also pretty much common knowledge now that her sisters ( or at least one of them for sure) are paid employees of her. Im pretty sure that most( not all) appearances that Teresa has had to be at for her businesses, are scheduled during the day therefore allowing me to form my opinion about this.

          • c’mon now, jpg, you see the pictures. She’s NEVER home with her children. That statement actually made me chuckle!

  • While I’m sure this book is an absolute piece if pure drivel and crap, I’m gonna chalk these reviews up to her being so widely hated by the public. I mean I have read some awful awful books and the reviews aren’t as bad as this. Plus a lot of the reviewers cross over or are fresh accounts. Curiosity is probably why people read this, similar to the iTunes success. I support all the housewives grabbing whatever they can from the fleeting celebrity, but please don’t write a book about having a healthy marriage until you’ve actually had one. Being dogged by cheating rumours and not being able to function with your in laws doesn’t make you a guru honey.

  • Um, look, I’m not a fan of Melissa but did you actually go to the profiles of the 1 star reviews you posted? The first few created accounts only YESTERDAY just to “review” Melissa’s book. And then there’s “tracy” who gave the book 1 star, but who reviewed Teresa’s book and gave 5 stars, “classy” gave Melissa 1 star for her book and her CD but yet gave Teresa 5 stars for her book, “becca” 5 stars for Teresa’s book and 1 star for Melissa’s. See a pattern yet?

    So while I think the book is probably utter crap, I certainly would not go by these “reviews” from Amazon when it’s obvious they are from Teresa fans. Just sayin’. 🙂

    • Good Morning Lia

      I have never written a review for a book that I bought, so please correct me if I am wrong…

      when people buy the book, don’t they have to have proof that they bought the book like a receipt in order to leave a review?

      For me, if you paid money and you want to write a review, go for it, I don’t pay attention to review’s of books.

      Is this a book club that you have to belong to in order to leave a review?

      I assume the people that left the review’s of one star were angry that they gave into their impulse’s and after reading the book decided they were disappointed they wasted their money.

      Again, I actually don’t know about how these reviews are created cuz I figure you spent the dough..say what you want.

      • No you do not have to actually purchase the item at Amazon to write a review. You have to setup an Amazon account (which is free), but then you just click on the “write a review” button and you can review it. You don’t need to prove you have ordered anything.

        • The problem with your theory here is … It’s not true! you can’t write a review on amazon without first buying the book, I’ve tried! and I doubt anyone who hates Melissa would give her the credit of buying her book. How about these people went there hoping the book was good, bought it, (BTW you have to make an account in order to purchase the book) and then found out it was utter crap! ? Is that a possibility in your Kool Aid infested thinking!?

          • As soon as I read the part that was released of her book, I tried to go write a review! Can’t be done without purchasing the book! Lame theory there honey… I think the book is actually written like a high school not that girls pass around in class! It’s really really BADLy WRITTEN, AND IT’S OBVIOUSLY WELL EMBELLISHED WITH HER IMAGINATION AND tendency toward lying without thinking about the fact that people keep track of how many different versions there are of every fact she has told. Versions that have come from HER mouth, not gossip!

          • Mommahurley

            Are you serious?

            So in order to leave a review- you really do have to provide proof of purchase.

            I am not savvy in the amazon world, does amazon sell just books?

            Hey who is lia…really..joke.

          • actually, you can leave a review w/o buying the book. I have left reviews for items I have purchased but not thru Amazaon, that might help someone else, You do have to have a account set up w/ Amazon. That is why under some of the reviews you see “Amazon Verified Purchase” that way you know the re-viewer actually did purchase this item from Amazaon

          • NOT TRUE.

            You absolutely can leave a review for *any* product, including books, at Amazon without purchasing them from Amazon. I have done it many times.

            You login to Amazon, write your review and submit it, and then you will receive an e-mail from Amazon to verify that this is your review. That’s it.

            And here is the official policy from Amazon:


            Does the reviewer have to buy the item from

            No. It doesn’t matter where an item was purchased, or if it was a gift, or if the reviewer just borrowed it for a weekend. If someone feels moved to write a review of an item, and they are a registered customer, they are welcome.

          • Wrong. I just went on to with my account and clicked on write a review and was able to do so. I have not purchased this book.

        • BINGO! I have an Amazon account and yep I can log on and write whatever I want about a book I did not buy or even read. The fact that there are so many negative reviews tells me that *viewers* of the show who have Amazon accounts are going to slam Melissa for not being real. It’s expected! What I was hoping to read in the reviews was a couple where the book was actually read but I can’t find one. Mostly it’s general things like badly written, a bunch of lies etc. Nothing specific. I did read the chapter that the publisher put out and from I was read there was not much there regarding any *secrets* to a hot marriage. I will definitely reserve my review until I buy this book from the Dollar Tree along with Caroline’s because from the reviews I am thinking this is where these books will end up.

        • you are correct Lia. I wrote a review without purchasing through Amazon, though I do have a long standing Amazon account. Im not positive but I think if a person uses a ‘pen name’ their previous reviews for other items will be private. At least in my case. As long as someone is signed in they can review anything . I did not purchase her book, thank you Jesus, but I read the first chapter and that was enough to see the rest of the book would be BS. I prefer Teresa over Melissa , but that doesn’t mean all Mel haters are Tre huggers.

          • I have to say you’ve gotta be pretty lame to go through the effort of posting a review on something you haven’t read just for the hell of it. People have too much time on their hands if they’re doing that.

    • Oh goodness. You beat Melissa and Joey to the punch. Blame Teresa and her “army.”

      Of course, there’s going to be overlap among the fans of the show. But where are Melissa’s fans? Better yet, where are the people who enjoyed the book? If you can’t use reviews, what can you use? Everyone except for six people gave it one star. All of those people are Teresa fans? They couldn’t possibly be people who read the book and thought it sucked?

      I won’t be reading the book, but just the chapter that was released was a good foreshadowing of how the rest of the book was going to be. I thought it was a joke.

      • Well blaming Tre at this point it time will just come off as silly since bloggers, tabs, and even Danielle have outed Melissa as being a not so nice person to have in ones family. Melissa has only herself to blame. Also, I think the most of the fans of RHONJ are still single or married way longer than 9 years so they would not need a book like this. It will be a lesson learned like Caroline. Fans of the show saw how Caroline turned on a 10plus year friend for Bravo so why would they ever buy an advice book from her. A couple of fans told Melissa, we want a marriage like yours. Apparently not enough to buy a book about. She would have been better off just e-mailing a couple of *secrets* to each person.

      • Teresa sent a tweet congratulating Melissa and Joe on their book… must be the “code words” for the “army” to attack! :O

    • @Lia

      Really! You were doing well when you wrote the book is utter crap.

      So, now it Teresa fans fault; how about those who purchase the book didn’t like it. How about neither Teresa nor her fans had nothing to do with it. How about Melissa wrote an uninteresting and boring book; and those who read it gave it the rating they saw fit!

      This making EVERYTHING Teresa’s fault has gotten so out of hand! As if Melissa didn’t write a book that was BAD. However, funny how you assume that it was the same Tracy who read both books; and it could not be two people with the same name. I understand the confusion since the name Tracy is not a common name. YEAH RIGHT! I CAN’T — I am Just Saying!

      • Woah now. I’m not blaming Teresa herself! I like Teresa. But come on, you can go to those 1 star reviews for yourself and see that they are brand new users, some of who have only reviewed Melissa’s book and some of who also gave Teresa’s book 5 stars. Let’s not be naive here.

        Do people honestly not understand how reviews at Amazon work? Maybe you should inform yourself about it before you get your rant on with me.

        Again, I’m not blaming Teresa for anything and I have absolutely no opinion about Melissa’s book because I haven’t read it. I will assume, however, that it’s not good based on her idiotic views of marriage.

        • Hey Lia

          Well you can’t actually be surprised by the posts to your words

          “I would not go by the “reviews” from Amazon”

          nor would I

          “when it is obvious they are from Teresa fans”

          The only thing obvious thing to me is

          – unless you have matched the names on the reviews to Teresa’s twitter/facebook that make comments, how are you able to make a declarative accusatory comment about the people leaving the negative comments.

          chances are this is a fluff soft porn book as stipulated by M herself.

          M – fan base should be flooding the “review” section if all you have to do is press a button…not the case at all.

          • @samael

            Let’s take a sampling of one of the 1 star reviews from “Classy” who has ONLY reviewed 3 items total from Amazon: Melissa’s book, Melissa’s CD, and Teresa’s book.

            Melissa’s book:

            “The only way I would recommend anyone buying this book was if the world ran out of paper to light a fire with & it was your only means to survive.This woman has no secrets as to a happy marriage because she doesn’t have one. Her in laws hate her, she has men coming out of the wood works stating they had affairs with her and she calls her husband an idiot on national television. Your better off asking Tiger Woods for marital advice. There I said it.”

            Now, let’s see what she has to say about Teresa’s book:

            “I had Teresa’s 1st book Skinny Italian, honestly it taught me how to cook. I loove Teresa and ALL THREE of her books..they are delicious! Ive cooked for so many people NO ONE has not liked the recipes!! Healthy,delicious. Your crazy not to love Teresa and her books!!”

            Hmm. Don’t you agree that someone who “looves” Teresa and says we are “crazy” if we don’t LOVE Teresa is, in fact, a FAN of Teresa?

            You want to believe that this is not the case? That’s your choice. But IMO the proverbial writing is on the wall with many (if not all) of these 1 star reviews. That’s why I said in my first comment that you can’t necessarily trust some Amazon user reviews.

            Again, not that Melissa’s book doesn’t warrant bad reviews, because it probably does. And again, not that I am blaming Teresa herself for this, because I am NOT blaming Teresa at all.

            Oh, and I’m sure Melissa will rally her fans and have them spam Amazon with 5 star reviews as well. LOL.

          • @Lia

            While it would seem that this reviewer is a *fan* of Tre’s it could be because Tre’s books are very well written and she did enjoy learning how to cook. Come on now, one does not have to be a *fan of Tre’s* to know that Melissa cannot sing so why say that she can. People who do that are not being fair to Melissa. She needs a vocal coach in a big way all year round not when the cameras are there. And, please, someone who has only been married for 9 years can have a *HOT* marriage but there is no way she has *secrets* more than someone who has been married 20 plus years so that person may find Melissa’s book not that helpful. Just saying…

        • Teresa’s books ARE 5 star… so someone who’s put their faith in the Housewives books, is going to expect Melissa’s books to live up to Teresa’s books standards, and they’re going to be sorely disappointed. There are some fans who would go on there and write a bad review just to harm Melissa, but where are the people buying the book?????? How can Teresa’s fans stop people from buying the book? C’mon… defend the defensible… don’t make yourself an easy target with really lame theories!

          • I don’t understand @Lia, what’s the problem with Teresa having fans??? How come Teresa’s HUGE fanbase (that far exceeds anyother wife in the franchise)is called an “army” who are at war but every other wife in the franchise has “fans”, mind you very very few. It is not Teresa’s fault that we LOVE her, stand up for her, buy her products and find her entertaining. Milania is reason enough to love Tre on the show. Maybe the other rhonj women should get a clue, stop being such bitches and smile 🙂

            It’s amazing. Teresa survives every triumph with positive thinking and instead of applauding her, the wicked witches (Kathy, Melissa, Caroline, Jac and the whiny househusbands) say she pretends nothing’s wrong and not in reality. This italian f$#king in ten minutes or less is proof enough that it is Melissa who is delusional.

            There is an entire philosophy called Positive Psychology that is fundamentally about having more joy and less sorrow using positive thinking but Teresa’s not being positive, no she has to be doing something negative and she’s “broken” while the tribe of misery (rhnj women and whiny househusbands)are flawless. Right, they just have 3 fans though.

    • You are so righht @Lia! I am also not a huge fan of Melissa but, I really do not like Teresa. It is the same story and it works both ways. Tre’s fans will give Melissa’s book horrible reviews and ratings and give Tre glowing reviews and ratings and vice versa. Maybe, the book should be out for a little while before people start comparing her book to Tre’s family recipies in book form, that has been out forever. Just to be fair, right?

    • You make a really good point, and some of the reviews were just talking about how she ruined Teresa’s family and Teresa kept on getting brought up out of thin air.

    • @Lia – You make a very valid point. The reviews on Melissa’s book appear to be from biased reviewers.

      I own a business that is reviewed on sites such as Tripadvisor and Yelp. Melissa’s book reviews remind me of when a new restaurant is opened and the first reviews are either from friends and family of the new eatery OR haters and the competition. The haters can be anyone from someone with an axe to grind with the owners, ex wives or even the jealous…..and some of the reviews are from people that never stepped in the new restaurant.

      Just as with a restaurant, the true test of time with Melissa’s book will be sales, best seller lists, a second book…..I wish her luck with that. LoL

    • Did you read the first chapter? The book clearly SUCKS no matter who your favorite Bravolebrity is. What is this, a parallel to who started the cheating rumors? If you haven’t read the first chapter, please do. Then you won’t care if the Pope gave it a bad review, because the book SUCKS and she deserves all the backlash and ridicule it is generating.

  • All that sucking up that M had to do..first her tunes reach aluminum..then her first soft porn book sky rockets to 1.__.

    Of course she probably brought a number of books herself to heap upon the victims ..aka audience..of TV shows stuck interviewing her.

    Oh well, she “worked her way up to” Ass Gorga..failure is her battle cry.

    Okay – got that out of my system…she must be throwing Ass gorga around her McMansion by his back hair’s..screeching..”This is all Teresa’s fault!”.

    But how could that be…they are all in “a good place”?

  • So the five star reviews were from people who are using the book to prop up a table leg?

    LOL, that’s what I’d use it for 😉

  • I wonder if she will do a press tour for the book, book signings, etc. Or will the book wind up in the bargain bin before Christmas…..

    • I have Tamra as a friend or liked her page on FB (whatever) and Tamra posted a status saying good luck to Melissa, she starts her book tour today and she can’t wait to receive her copy.

  • Teresa’s fault. Teresa’s fault. I keep hearing Melissa proclaim that teresa will never have “a proper” endorsement. Then I look up and see that her drink is offered at The MetLife Arena, her food line is coming out, Milania hair products are doing well and getting rave reviews, and most importantly- none of her books have one star ratings. LMAO. Maybe Melissa should’ve tried to get her own ideas on what to instead of high jacking someone else’s. her singing career- FAIL. Her writing career (I know that’s even more comical Melissa a writer)- FAIL. And her design career- FAIL. What’s next?

  • The reviews were awful when the 1st chapter of this drivel was released! Now they’re hilarious! Did she (or her publisher) really think this would be well received?? Oh PUHLEEZE!!

    Some other blogs are saying that one of the “good” reviews is from one of the hag sisters. I think the name is “happily married”, they say you can click on it and a pic of the sister and her hubby show up……….. PATHETIC!!!

    • I saw that it was her sister too. LOL, and 3 out 50 found the review helpful which means that everyone hates the book. Good luck on your piss poor book MeHo!

    • It’s kind of sad really. If you read the reviews (good and bad) many, if not most of the reviewers did not buy the book. They said they read the first chapter on line. That’s it. I understand people’s intention both ways, but I think it would have been better if people had just let the book rise or fail on it’s own. My guess is it still would have tanked, but just because it’s ridiculous and she’s no writer. The over the top comments may end up having a reverse effect.

      • I agree, I can’t stand Melissa but Amazon reviews are supposed to help people decide whether they want to buy a book or not. It’s weird and unhelpful when the reviews are obviously by people who haven’t read the book but have some kind of ax to grind. It happens all the time, not just with Bravolebrities, and I’m sure many people end up disregarding all the rants and useless non-reviews and taking a chance on the books just out of confusion.

      • This. I hate Melissa, and yet I actually feel bad for her. After skimming through the reviews, I’d say 1 out of 5 people wrote along the lines of, “No of course I didn’t waste my money on this book, but the preview of her first chapter could have been written by a 1st grader.”

        I think she’d have a full 2 stars if people were judging her less extremely and with less bias.

  • These are the reviews from all 33 people who bought the book…..Suckers! The parts they previewed online read like a 5th grader wrote it

      • Gia wrote a text, not one of Teresa’s cook books, but I’m sure Melissa would let Antonia tx as well if she wants 😉

        • Not that it matters because according to who you listen to Tre didn’t write her cookbooks or her blogs either!

        • …and Gia little text summed up a whole situation which really meant “Comon now do you really think we are going to let you take our little Malania off alone with you?” Teresa’ real thoughts were “what she said”. My point, we all know that Melissa got the whole point from Gia’s text.

          The first THREE free CHAPTERS of Melissa’s book left everyone asking WHAT and others WTF?

  • I bet the 6 reviews that were 5 stars were her and her family. I would never buy that book just based on what I see on tv. I have to say I’m not surprised that not too many people like it. Come on its Melissa. She should probably get in contact with Teresa’s “ghost writer” (lol)…she might sell more books. I feel embarrassed for her.

    • No kidding, Sarah.

      The reviews are either 1 star or 5 stars. Wonder which ones are ‘planted’? She & her team don’t even have the brains to plant reviews properly.

  • I looked at the 6 people who wrote the 5 start review, it was all about how they love Mel and Joey but nothing in depth about the book and why they gave it 5 stars. Interesting…

    • I agree, I normally also look at other items people review trying to get an idea of the person doing the re-viewing. Out of all the 3-5 stars only 3 had every reviewed anything else before, so you have to wonder about them giving a high review on this piece of trash.
      To be honest, I was never going to buy this, because I don’t like her, but more important I couldn’t get past the first free chapter.
      I am trying to figure out why they released that because it showed everyone how bad the book was going to be. Maybe they did it so there wouldn’t be so many complaints/refunds

    • LOL. Yes, I have no doubt that Melissa’s fans will submit their own 5 star reviews. All Melissa has to do is send out a tweet and I’m sure they’ll be all over Amazon!

      Again, my point is that you can’t always go by Amazon user reviews because anyone can create an account and review anything.

      I think the better indication is how the book actually sells at Amazon and other places. Unless Melissa pays people to purchase her book, which… I wouldn’t put it past her!

    • Lysa responded to a tweet about her writing one of the 5 star reviews under the name “happily married”, she replied ‘whats so scandalous about that ? Unlike others I support everything both my siblings do ”
      I was kinda surprised she admitted it ! Now the other 5 must be Kim, Melissa, Joe, Kathy, and mama Marco.

      • Now I truly believe Lyssa is Estelle. Answering a question with a question! Lol. The bigger question is can you BE happily married if your husband hangs at gay bars?

  • Apparently, she doesn’t write any better than she sings. ON that note, did ANYONE other than me see the tape of her singing “live” at that radio station before it was yanked down? OMFG! I SOOO wanted to see the faces of her audience. It was seriously the worst performance I have ever seen. And I have two kids, so I’ve been to a LOT of bad, talentless performanes at school!!!

    • I saw it too and I also saw how on the last episode, Johnny Wright almost couldn’t keep a straight face. Ahahahahahahahahaha He know’s she can’t sing….or dance….or write….or mother childen. Jeez, come to think of it, what IS she good for? Oh, we know, we’ve already heard from several of her past “skeletons”. OUCH!

    • Yes! OMG, that really was really bad, and never got better. And this performance is after her vocal coaching in Florida? Isn’t that her storyline, that her new manager had her get voice lessons?!

    • So much second-hand embarrassment. The way that Johnny Wright came in and swooped up all the online videos so quickly shows his deft in management, Melissa’s lucky he won’t allow her to sully his good name. (It was too late though.)

      I hope someone had the foresight to download it off YouTube. Maybe Heather lol

  • I think this is awesome……And I am sure the negative reviews will continue to come in……I don’t get why people who are on tv just think they can write a book, or sing a song. It is just laughable…


    Ah, hahahahahahahahahaha


    • All the negative reviews will be Teresa’s fault too! Maybe it will be said that she wrote them or had her friends write them! Ok…..maybe no one is interested in your marriage!

      • @Ellen

        On my, those were my thoughts as well. I see Melissa & Joe Ga some how with their limited thinking abilities blaming Teresa for the low rating. Because, Melissa getting a bad rating couldn’t be because the book is a just BAD, Teresa HAS to be behind it all!

        I am waiting for that outburst from Melissa and Joe Ga, of course!

        • Ahahahahahahaha Ellen and princesspr. You are so right! I am totally waiting for them to blame that on Tre. Well if Tre hadn’t started all those cheating rumours and calling out my lies, my book would have been on the best seller’s list. That darn Tre. Pahahahahahahahaha

        • Ahahahahahahaha Ellen and princesspr. You are so right! I am totally waiting for them to blame that on Tre. Well if Tre hadn’t started all those cheating rumours and calling out my lies, my book would have been on the best seller’s list. That darn Tre. Pahahahahahahahaha

    • Well, it is prob like when you pass an accident….you just have to look and then when you do, you wish you never did!!

      • You know whats really funny, the people who gave her 5 stars, they are all first time reviewers (i.e. this is the first book they have reviewed on amazon) or its there second review, as the first one was for Teresa’s book which they have given a negative review.

        Hmmmmmm…… Funni hehe