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UPDATE: Kenya Moore Abandons Puppy After Eviction; Kenya Responds!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is back in the media this time for disowning her puppy after getting evicted from her $3999-a-month mansion. For those of you who don’t remember, Kenya’s landlord filed papers against Kenya for not paying her rent and having late fees.

According to Radar, Kenya actually abandoned the dog once she was evicted from her home earlier this year. Neighbors revealed, “Velvet is currently living with one of Kenya’s neighbors. Apparently, Kenya never picked up her dog from a neighbor!”

Another neighbor adds, “I have seen the dog running around the neighborhood on several occasions. She even went back to the home that Kenya was renting, looking for her owner. It’s all very sad! Kenya has not been back to the neighborhood since she moved out, not even to drop off a bag of dog food. She needs to come back to the neighborhood and get her life and dog. Poor Velvet.”
One neighbor added, “Kenya’s dog was always on the loose. Owners were concerned that the value of their properties was going to go down when Kenya lived here because she never maintained the landscaping, nor the pool and even stored furniture outside.”

So basically Kenya was the neighbor from hell. Not surprised. Kenya’s puppy was even made a twitter account with her bio saying, “I’m the dog of the Queen B @KenyaMoore | I’m just a cute dog living in a doggy dog world!”

Kenya Moore has officially responded via twitter
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Looks like Kenya’s landlord is just trying to start trouble!

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  • It is disgusting how Kenya is holding Velvet in this picture. There is no attachment
    to Velvet, Kenya is just holding her like a prop.
    Honestly, I wouldn’t give this woman a stuffed animal, she is heartless.
    Keep this woman away from all God’s creatures.

  • As vile and disgusting as this story and Kenya sound, this is such a blessing in disguise
    for that adorable little dog, Velvet. Velvet doesn’t have to live with that monster, ever again!
    We can only hope that this story spreads like wildfire through the animal/pet shelter communities, and Kenya will Never be able to adopt/buy a dog again !!

  • Who know the real truth? But one thing is for sure…we will never get it from Kenya. She had lied may too many times to believed.
    IF she abandoned her dog let’s just hope she never has a child.

  • First, that landlord is a piece of work. When the eviction news first broke and Radar had a whole essay of quotes from this woman, I already knew what the deal was. Glad Kenya straightened this mess out.

    • I agree with the landlord, but I don’t agree that Kenya should have rented that house without kids, or with them if she had them. ATL property values are similar to Houston where I owned several and raised my kids. She was strapped for what? Again, single woman living in a cool downtown apartment or near the suburbs, would have allowed her persona and budget to go along way.

      She should have never had a dog , tho. It was obvious he was an accessory when she visited Kandi. I trust Kandi!

          • Damn iPhone. So was the diva tenant….she had no business renting that for herself and her dog when she was late for a 4k a month payment for herself!

            As you can tell, I don’t like divas. However, NeNe earned hers bc she does keep it pretty real, and never would do what Kenya does to be a “star”, lie, cheat, and yes misuse friends and a dog!


  • I am a profound animal lover and if she gets this puppy back or she gets another I am going to be sending letters to every law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where she resides. What a piece of SH*T!!!

  • I don’t know who this woman is and I don’t really care.

    She’s a waste of flesh. Quit “adopting” dogs you worthless sack of shit.

  • ah and all that was needed was to look at Kenya’s twitter and instagram accounts. On twitter she laughs at the stupid rumor and says her ex landlord started it after she lost the case. If you look on Kenya’s twitter she has a short video of her talking to Velvet about the “crazy rumor online”. It’s NOT true, people. Kenya is crazy on the show, but she’s not evil in real life lol. I wish the site founder here would do more info checking before blindly posting tabloid articles.

  • guys it’s radaronline lol most of their stories are BS. Let’s wait and see. Kenya seemed so attached-I really can’t see her just abandoning Velvet.

  • I would really hope Kenya did NOT abandon her pooch. Velvet is too cute!!!!!!! She can do whatever she wants with her house but to leave your dog is just bullshit. And not even worry if your pup has food? It’s funny I JUST had a dream about this last night. I had three tiny pups and I was afraid they weren’t getting fed because I forgot to feed them lol. I just hope the rumors aren’t true!!

  • I really hate it when people treat their animal companions as accessories – which is what Kenya apparently did. Ugh. I hope little Velvet is being taken care of by more responsible people now.

  • Something about this story is not making sense …. Since when is a renter responsible for pool and landscaping maintenance? If the dog is abandoned, just contact ASPCA and someone will pick it up and find a home for it. Why are these neighbors still talking about Kenya and not complaining about the property owner?

    • Since she is renting a private residence and not a condo or apartment she would be the one who either does the lawn work herself or she could hire her own landscaper/pool maintance company. I know that is how it works where I live. That is a big reason why people that want to keep a property they are not living in rents the home so, they don’t have to be there to do all of those things. If you watch Kim in Dont’t Be Tardy she is hiring people to come to her rented home and do the things Kroy didn’t have time to do and she paid for it.

      • Could be but I know people that have rented private, expensive homes and they maintain the upkeep of the landscaping, pools, etc. They just factor those cost into the rent/lease. The owner has a vested interest in making sure their property does not lose value due to poor upkeep.

        • Depends on the landlord. Why in the hell does a single girl need a 4k a month home in ATL? She could rent a cool apartment downtown with her dog, and be the envy of mortgage strapped, McMansion cast mates!

  • If I lived in that neighborhood, I’d just be happy the trash has moved on and my home’s value went up.

  • To treat a precious little dog like that is like treating a child like a piece of crap. They both cant take care of themselves. For an animal lover I totally am even more disgusted with the person…I can even call her a lady because she has no class or morals. For an Atlanta fan, I was already disgusted by her. She makes me sick. As a 40 year old person you would think she would have it a little more together. Gross

  • She don’t need the puppy back! Joanna sic her lol! Start a twitter account to adopt the puppy, do a contest to see who would be the best home for the furbaby and give it a furever home!