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Jacqueline Laurita Teases The Brawl With Penny’s Husband, Johnny!


Next week is part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey season five finale, which as we know now is the Posche 2 opening at Moxie Salon. Jacqueline and Chris Laurita were in a brawl with Penny’s husband Johnny, as well as Joe Gorga, which is why they’re in the middle of a legal battle now!

The story is that Jacqueline beat Johnny with a stiletto while Chris beat Johnny with his hands, over allegations that Johnny had been tweeting negatively regarding Nicholas’s autism. Jacqueline took to Twitter to tease the big moment, saying:

I wonder what Jacqueline means by this. It sounds like she is saying Johnny provoked them, or something?! But hey, at least we might get to see the fight. What do you think will go down?

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  • Penny and her husband are nothing but trash. If they’re ever part of this show I will never watch again. Penny looks like she was run over by a train and her weave looks disgusting. She must have had it done at the bald guys salon. Her husband tweets whatever anyone tells him to is just disgusting too. What a fat slob. I think it’s all Kim D 100% giving them all information. I don’t understand why she’s even on the show. I actually think Bravo might have told these people if they could get positive feedback from the viewers they might allow them on. These people are so gross and have made nothing but fools out of themselves just like Kim D does every season. It’s funny that tramp is the one with a connection to all of them.

  • I’ve been trying my best to get on famewhorgas to get more info when it comes to Penny and JTG but for some odd reason she has put her blog on private. It saddens me because she had some good stuff on there. haha… I remember a few commentators were saying how they believe that Penny and JTG are sneaky and are also no different than Melissa and Joe. While others including Fame was saying that Bravo edited the hell out of these episodes and mixed up these scenes because when Melissa saw Penny at the restaurant that night, Teresa’s hair care event was the night before and how the Arizona trip was taped after Penny and Melissa had that chat. Some are saying it’s a setup because if Melissa just so happened to see Penny why did Penny have on a mic? Now that Penny and JTG are getting heat for being shady they’re now suddenly saying that they were set up and how Bravo are liars and scammers. I personally think that Penny and JTG are sneaky and though I do believe they have dirt on Melissa I just think they want to be on the show before they air it out. Now, anything they say means nothing to me because they are no different than Melissa and her midget hubby. Jacqueline is definitely stirring the pot and it seems like she trying to get Kim D. in trouble too.

  • Where can we find Penny’s blogs here? I would love to see them – Ms SH, do you have the most recent ones, absent the didacting?
    Does anyone remeber Caroline saying that none of them knew how thisseason would end, it depended on the editing?

    I think we are at the point where, with as much as we know about production, from Fame ,Ms SH, and All About, we have a clear understanding that production changes whatever they choose as they create each episode, and there is little or nothing of reality, as filmed, (and we know how much is manipulted for filming) that makes it through to the final version.
    For me, the thing that made the series so real – and the point where the franchise took off ,was the JIll/Bethenny feud, after the Kelly/Bethenny jealousy- the audience truly connected emotionally with verious members of the staff, and cared about the outcome- so it went from being am amusement to being emotionally gripping. That and the Table flip led Bravo to add drama to all the franchises, to maximize its presence, to enhance the other shows’ appeal, and audience.

    But now that we know how much is staged- and how little is real- and that Bravo chooses which buddies get the good /bad edit the majority of the time, THERE IS NOTHING TO CONNECT WITH. The people are no longer reacting/speaking for themselvs, there is less integrity in what is on the screen, let alone what we believe to be true.
    We spend much more of our time noticing the editing. talking about what is filmed/visible, and we care much less. The issues are fabricated, as are the responses.

    Bravo had us caring, but they have treated “favorites” poorly in editing while focusing on people who don’t appeal to most, like the Manzo’s, to reverse impressions tney themselves have created in the audience, as an example.
    And they have allowed too many “outsiders” “intruders” into the mix- that door opened when they let Mel & Jo, Kath and Rich in, they rewarded ugly behaviour with TV visibililty, and created an additional crowd who believed they could be “on TV” if they acted up/lied enough, just like Mel & JOey.
    Now it’s gone so far that they are in court over events they manipulated for TV drama- and have bloggers they have to didact 95% of what they say-

    I just don’t see any entertainment any more- it makes me angry, not happy. It’s a circus. And I’ve become cynical enough to believe that, as they wind up the audience for BH’s inauguration, I don’t believe for a minute that Brandi’s supposed anger about a meeting between Brandi and Scheana, that was shown on TV a year ago- is causing issues that are just arising now, as an example. And I don’t know that many others do. And BH is the most attractive one now. NJ could disappear and most wouldn’t mind- Bravo has manipulated it for too long that I don’t believe it and am frustrated and waiting for honesty, seeing the lying cheaters get their do and allowing the truth to prevail – instead of all this manufactured nonsense.

    Bravo, it appears the theory the franchises began was to hire appealing, eccentrics, who represented elements you were trying to highlight at each location, and let them make magic.
    They can do that- you’ve gone too far with what you thought were good ideas- but the manipulation and lies are not working . If you have any intention 0f keeping a franchise here, fix it. Add local crazies , with some lovely women like Lise at each one, and we’ll get reconnected. But you’ve destroyed most of NJ- now you have reality as it is lived to film in NJ- delete the liar and sad sacks and you might get us back.

    Leave it as it is, keep playing the same nonsense and expect anyone to believe that Mel and Joe are sincere , successful members of a family they care about , let alone pretend to have skills they don’t- and you have lost a lot of us. You have gone way out of your way to give one family the bad edit, but have completely avoided the integrity issues/law suits/bankruptcies of every other member of this cast. It is dishonest- the truth is what you should be convering- that is the real story. If you put one family through it, why not the others? We have waited through three seasons of nonsense for you to get real here, Bravo. mPlease get real- or I will be gone. I have no more energy for the nonsense.

  • Wait a sec – I didn’t care about getting on Stoopid Housewives, but I read Famwhorgas also and cannot get on the sight – wll we ever be able to read it? I love this blog also – just wondering is Fame gone????

  • But so many people talk shit, is that an excuse to go and physically hurt someone? I understand 100% that Chris and Jacqueline are going through a hard time and i’m pretty sure it’s stressful trying to take care and recover your child from autism. Even if Johnny said “go and take care of your child” That doesn’t mean you can go over there and beat him with a shoe. Out of everyone i’m hoping gets in trouble, I do hope it’s BRAVO. Bravo is behind so much shit and problems. Well actually every reality show now that you think of it. Look at what’s happening over at Mob Wives. Three of the ladies are leaving. Love and Hip Hop when Chrissy was frustrated the producers were putting her in bad situations to start a fight. She even called out the main producer on camera. It’s a shame whats happened but I hope Bravo is royally punished BIG TIME. I hope Johnny sues Bravo also.

  • Jacs tweet is probably to lay ground work for her defense coming up with the assault charges. She testified that JTG had not been invited. So now I think she is making sure it is out there as to why she said that, to cover her ass in case it comes back and is proven he really was.

    • He has since deleted those tweets. Kind of proves he stalks her time line when he responds to her tweets.

  • Johnny responded:

    Keep this in mind:
    Before going anywhere, Beevis & Butthead came to my place to discuss how & what to say. I got suckered.

    • just because he tweets it doesn’t make it so. For three years now johnny has been tweeting up a storm that he’s going to blow the lid off Melissa and Joey. Three years and nothing.

  • I don’t think they will show the fight, especially when it’s still a pending legal matter and Bravo is directly implicated in it.

    If anything…they might black out the fight and just air some of chopped up audio that suggests there was some sort of melee.

    • It might be a wordpress thing..or maybe FAME put the sight in lock down and only wants a select group being able to view it.

      There are so folks who think that Bravo and Siren’s legal team might be intimidating bloggers who are revealing how the show is a pack of lies. Just like how who ever published Penny’s blogs had most of it redacted.

      • I tried to log on to it, too yesterday. It took me to a page to create a WP account but it led nowhere. Strange!

      • Strange thing about Penny’s blog though, faux is the only one who is claiming legal issues over the blog. You can find Penny’s blog all over the internet/blogs including here.

  • Wait, only 18 episodes? Weird.

    We all know that they are altering the scene sonI do not know whys he is bragging about it. And she should not be bragging about her or anyone’s behaviour in the Posche 2 show.

    • I can’t stand JTG, but the only thing I have ever seen him post on twitter is that Jacqueline should get off twitter and take care of her child.

      Sorry I don’t think that is such a terrible thing to post, I have said the exact same thing myself on these threads many times. And I stand by it.

      Also I have never seen Penny post anything about Nicholas on twitter ever.

      • I don’t follow him but for a while there were people on my timeline who retweet things he said and I also never saw him say anything about the child.

        I can see him or others saying that Jac should get off of twitter and focus more on her kids..

        or that being critical of the fact that Nick’s dx is being used as a storyline.

        But twitter would have blown up if he or anyone said anything bad about Nick. He is an innocent child.

      • I agree Holy.. and I think Jac is reaching for some kind of flawed defense with that. That would have happened how long ago? Everyone would have been on it like white on rice! In her mind, she thinks he did!

        • I know mich!

          Now recently like after all this shit that has come down after the fiming of this event he was been rough on her, but still I have never ever seen him speak about her child, not once. Just her!

      • I agree what JTG said about Jac getting off twitter is probably true and nothing many others have not said.

        But, if somebody, you barely knew, said that to you, you would probably take offense too. I know I would.

        • Kind of, we all know Jac cannot handle a damn thing anyone says that does not kiss her ass. BUT if something so small can make her get violent, then that is a big problem. Others have said worse to her .

          • Cracker Jac doesn’t “know’ these people, even ” kinda know these people” in the clip that they show when she talks to Penny she says she doesn’t know her.

            JTG is just someone on twitter saying what 1000’s of people have said about her getting off twitter and taking care of her child, and mich is right there have been 1000 ‘s of people that have said a hell of a lot worse to her on twitter.

          • I do agree. Hitting someone with your shoe was definitely an over reaction.

            If it were me, I would have said something to him, but I would not ruin a good shoe over it 😉

          • rhfan

            I get what you are saying, and yes if it were me. I would say something to him. Like keep your opinions of what “I’ do to your freakin self, you keyboard coward.” Or something like that. And walk away..Enough said. But to go all looney freakin tunes and drag her wanna be tough guy husband into the mess is bullshit!

            Now in my opinion Fredo Gorga has/had more of a issue with JTG( and Penny) and what he/ she has been tweeting about Messy for about 3 years. That in my opinion he was absolutely 1000 % right about confronting him and being upset.

            Now I’m curious if the rumors out there are really true and he and Tricky Dicky actually met with JTG BEFORE THIS EVENT, and squashed the bullshit and came to a understanding.. And when JTG came to the event he thought all of this was over, and Bravo/ Production stirred the shit up all over again. And this fight broke out.

          • Hi HCannoli…

            I agree with you on all counts 🙂

            The Lauritas absolutely overreacted. Joe Go was right to confront that JTG, unless like you said, the issue had already been worked out. Who knows with these people?

        • Johnny repeatedly tweeted nasty things about Jac for over a year. I think that’s what pushed her over the edge with him.

          I’m sure the tweets will be part of the court case against johnny.

    • I’m not a big Tre fan but I am seriously done with the finger pointing…I really hope she isn’t blamed for this too. I know that they all sign up to do this show but really Bravo has out done itself! Teresa is blamed for everything (I’m sure she had something to do with the conflict in Syria, Bravo is just trying to figure out the storyline…just kidding), families torn apart, kids being talked about in a negative light, and on and on!!! I remember when they all use to be friends and the show was fun to watch. This is just sad!!!

  • I actually do not want to see the fight. first responsible decision of Bravo…shocker!

    Because we the viewer’s have been aware of this fight since it happened April 29 2013-it is awkward to see Bravo edit/spin/infer what we know did not actually happen.

    I don’t understand Jac’s tweet – as we the viewer’s were told in interviews that John is an invited guest by Bravo.

    The next last episodes are going to be confusing because we know Bravo is covering their legal butts and we now get to see a ton of film on Penny as per Bravo’s behind the door’s agreement (my supposition only).

    I would think that Jac’s tweet would say”this is where I lost it and am now paying for it”..(MMA terminology).

    for me, since this fight, it feels as if Bravo is getting us the viewers ready for the cancellation of RHNJ.

    I am okay with the cancellation, these people have real problems to deal with in their own lives.

    • …and even if anyone said he would be there or not, is no excuse for them to do what they did! So, is she implying by this ( and I hope the prosecutor does not see, LOL) that if he did not show up, he would not have got stilletto’d???

      • Hey michers

        I know stupid move for Jac’s.

        This is such a weird and defenseless twitter, and as you said, there is no need for physical violence.

        Maybe this is her attempt at humor…that leads to criminal charges?…nope..can’t figure out a scenario where this tweet is appropriate.

        These following remaining episodes give me the willies..knowing that abuse occurred and that Bravo has split/edited to “view differently”.

        Maybe Jac’s is following some weird memo from Bravo..pretend or fired.

        I would rather be fired or better yet quit!n Then I would spill my guts to all.

    • Well the problem is I don’t think Bravo is legally allowed to show the video now. :;SHOCKER!:: since Bravo LOVESSSSSSSSS recording these people getting into physical altercations and not doing anything to stop them.

    • I’ve never read any interview other than what johnny himself wrote, that johnny was invited. Guess I’ll wait to see if kimd weighs in.

      • Oh you know she will, LOL!!! I just recently heard that they are not friends with Kim D anymore. If so, then I am wondering if Penny’s tweets we thought were throwing T under the bus, were actually about Kim? I suggested that last week. To me that makes more sense- Kim is always stirring a pot, she probably worked her ass off to get Penny on to blow Mel’s cover, and one minute Penny is doing all of this to defend Teresa knowing they are not friends, but then tweets something alluding different! Im thinking its Kim D…. who knows?

        • When I saw that tweet I too thought of Kimd. Honestly, I don’t care if Melissa cheated, I don’t care if Joe cheated, I don’t care if Al cheated. Not my marriage. What I don’t get are the behind the scene people, Penny, Johnny, Kimd stirring up crap. Well Penny and Johnny have been wishing for close to 3 years to get on the show, I say be careful what you wish for. Editing or no editing,(and I think most viewers understand this show is edited)next week Penny clearly tells Teresa f u

          • I dont get it Tricia, but I can understand ( and that does not mean I always agree with it either). People are frustrated because she portrays a fake version of hrself since joining show. She lies constantly. She is shady and manipulative. She has destroyed many relationships. If you have so many people calling you out or are willing to, and they have been consistent with what they say, then me thinks you have a problem or 2! Mel’s side- their side- truth in the middle 🙂 I will tell you what I dint care about: WHO started the rumors, LOL! Many have been saying this from NJ to Florida for years. Lets not worry on where there started because there are people that have something to discredit you Melissa! Lets us see how you and Joe can act your age and handle it properly . True or not.

      • hi Tricia Simpson

        I read it in nj.com the morning after the fight when Johnny was saying he was going to charge the 3 stooges as well as Bravo..

        Then he tweeted a day after that about the reports of his attack :

        “Hurt? LMFAO” – he deleted it the same day

  • That is strange! Mostly because the Wakiles called them night before to make sure he would be attending. ( supposedly- which I believe ).

    • I read that too mich, on Penny and JTG’s twitter..WTF??

      I don’t know that I believe it..I have a real hard time believing those 2 asshats!

      • Honestly Holy, its sad when simple truths cannot just be said and or believed anymore! I will say this though- I do believe that Wakile called to verify his presence because in the grand scheme of things with this hell show, who has lied the most, been the most fake, backstabbing, etc? So Im inclined to believe something that has been consistently said that has to do with an event that is now a legal matter, which is believe they were called by Wakile . Sorry for that little rant 🙂

        • Don’t be sorry for the little rant mich.

          All I know is that this whole freakin thing is a cluster F!!

          I honestly believe Teresa had zero part in any of the shit Penny and JTG have been doing/ saying..I really think there is something seriously wrong with these people. They are freakin weird.

          • Like Melissa and Joe, Penny and Johnny wanted on the RH show at all costs, so just like Mel and Joe, they lied, plotted, made up stories mixed in with some truths that would get them hopefully air time, did what Bravo told them to do, blamed one person one day, another the next and used Teresa’s name for their own benefit in the hopes of being a STARRRR. Penny and Johnny just followed Melissa and Joe’s game plan.

            Melissa, Rich, Joe, Penny, Kathy and Johnny all have zero credibility because they all lie and play the Bravo game for fame and money while throwing family and friends under the bus.

    • I agree, michers, I believe Rich called the JTG, at production’s request.

      At this point, I am sure this season, and probably all of RHONJ, is “SCRIPTED REALITY”. Looking back, even season one had to have been scripted. These women would never have been involved with Danielle had they not been forced to.

      So, I will continue to watch this sit-com, marketed as reality becase the actors are pretty funny 😉

      • I also believe it’s scripted reality. What really offends me is production set something up that caused real violence and damage, and police were called to the scene and now court time is being taken up with this nonsense. Bravo should reimburse NJ taxpayers for law enforcement and court fees.

      • rhfan- I always try to find the humor, but I think its sad what people have done for “fame”, what type of people they have become, and instead of making a point with dignity and morals, they come back and do it again! I dont care why Dina left, but she left when she could still hold her head up- smartest one of them all!

        • I agree, michers.

          It is sad what some people will do for fame. The lengths they continue to go to, even after seeing themselves act a fool, are so ridiculous, I just have to laugh. At least they aren’t filmed 24/7 so maybe they’re “normal” then 😉