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Kim D Questions Why Melissa Gorga Was So Happy Walking Over To Her Enemy, Penny!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kim DePaola is really confused as to why Melissa Gorga would be so friendly to her enemy, Penny Drossos. Kim took to her official website to discuss Sunday’s episode and calls out Melissa for being so friendly and acting happy to her enemy, Penny Drossos!

“It was very refreshing to see the Giudices and Gorgas have a nice family dinner at Rare. As an aside, if anyone is looking for a new steakhouse in our area of Jersey, Rare is fabulous! The seafood tower they were eating is to die for! Anyway, I was very happy they were all relaxing and getting along. I love Antonia! She is such a wise woman and I have the utmost respect for her. She stole the entire scene! And didn’t Teresa look fab in her black and blue striped peplum top? It’s one of our faves, Torn by Ronny Kobo from Posche!

Juicy Joe clearly makes a juicy steak! My mouth was watering just looking at it! And loved the lesson on Fertility: 101 by Joe and Rosie! They had me cracking up. I thought Teresa did a very good job coaching Jacqueline with her speech, despite Chris laughing about it in the interview! It was all in good fun, and I thought his reaction was very cute!

Quick thought: I completely agreed when Joe Gorga told Johnny the music manager that “love is everything”, not sex. And Melissa is also wearing Torn in this scene. We have a few of those gold bodysuits left in the store…so sexy!

Richie was a big help in prepping for the big cannoli launch! My favorite part of the entire episode is when he drops the cards all over the kitchen floor! Haha I laughed so hard! And when the sign falls over outside! I will reiterate, Richie is hysterical this season! I wish Kathy a lot of luck, as I can speak from personal experience and say that owning your own business definitely has its ups and downs. I have never had the pleasure of tasting one of her cannolis, but I am sure they are very good!

Jacqueline’s Autism speech was very touching, and I thought her delivery was spot on. She is a wonderful mom and Nick’s progress is truly remarkable. He has come so far, and I think it’s very commendable that Jacq wants to help others by raising awareness.

Question. At Chakra, why does Melissa act so happy when she walks over to Penny at the bar? If she and Joe really believe Penny is the one who is actually spreading these rumors why act so calm around her? And better yet, why is Joe so quick to point a finger at all the women with regards to this cheating accusation? Why not go right to the source? I didn’t start the rumor. Teresa didn’t start the rumor. Jan didn’t start the rumor. And Penny didn’t start the rumor. Melissa’s ex did! It was all over Twitter. Whether it did or did not happen, HE is the one Joe Gorga should be confronting! Maybe it is just easier to always blame Teresa. Hmm…

Well, by the looks of the previews I guess you could all see I’m back next week! My Posche 2 opening at the Moxie Salon is the finale and it’s a two parter again! We’re gonna go out with a bang! Can’t wait for this one and I can only say one thing: Drama will be delivered!”

It really was very odd and uncomfortable to see how nice and friendly Melissa AND Joe were being to Penny, someone who they say have started so many rumors about them. Thoughts on what Kim D had to say?

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  • It’s obvious Teresa did not start the rumors. They started with the men involved and their cohort of friends and confidantes with whom they shared their claims to have had sex with Melissa after her marriage.

    It’s quite likely Teresa asked for more details when she heard the rumors. Anyone would – and not for malicious reasons, but to find out whether the rumor is credible, whether her brother should be warned, etc. Of course, she’s unlikely to warn her brother ever again since the last time she warned him of something in private and off-camera, he brought it up months later on camera because he is better at stirring shit and building houses.

    Again, I wish she would cut her losses. She has other relatives. She really does not need that worthless roid-raging famewhore and his pathetic abused wife.

  • Kim D should spend a bit more time questioning why she smiles as she tries to destroy the relationship between the Guidice’s and the Gorga’s by constantly stirring the pot and a bit less time worrying about when and where Melissa smiles!!

  • Kim didn’t start a rumor?

    uhm yes you did broad. All this Melissa whorga drama started BECAUSE of her. She decided to bring Angelo into the mix and she has been trying to get Penny and Johnny to talk trash about Melwhore since last season. Brian has not started any rumors, but the Gutter trash Twins (MarcHO’s) started harassing Brian on twitter, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut anymore. She needs to stop pointing the finger and if she has an ounce of courage, take her haggard ass to the mirror, and look at it. She has caused enough drama and made Teresa look like the bad guy in the end.

    I did not watch the episode (and will not watch for the rest of the season) But if Melissa knows Penny has been running her mouth why act so calm around her? I would’ve whooped that ASS. I think it shows Melissa is afraid of confrontation. When Jan went up to Melissa and asked her if she had a problem Melhorse looked so scared! lmao. These people are clowns and Bravo is the ringleader. Melwhore and Stumpy McGee-stop COMPLAINING. This is what you two asked for, remember?? FAME. Bravo will do whatever they want with you guys.

  • Wow. Joe is definitely a sissy. Bryan just challenged Melissa and Joe Gorga. Told Melissa let’s do a sit down and invite Joe and get it out. Also said let’s get a lie detecter going. He challenged Joe to a man to man talk. Both so far didn’t take the chalenge. Sorry Melisa your little trick with Penny isn’t working because Bryan is making a chalenge. Your a liar big time. Joe how come u want to go after ladis but won’t go to the man who knows the truth. Coward much? Sissy!

  • I agree, trashy Melissa and trashy Penny met prior and agreed on the spot. Melissa really is a terrible actress, so lets pray she does not try that road. Penny is a rat and Melissa is trash. They really should be friends.

  • I don’t understand what has happened to this show. It’s like ever since the christening they are showing things out of place. Penny has stated SEVERAL times that Teresa had nothing to do with the rumors. Also it was reported in the media that Teresa wasn’t at Posche when the drama kicked off but they showed in the preview that Penny confronted Teresa there. I’m so done watching this crap. As a Jersey girl myself I’m embarrassed by the foolishness.

  • What I deduced as far as “evidence” of why Penny now even exists is only my supposition.

    Since we the viewer’s already know about the fight at Poshe2 and the criminal charges against the three hood rats, I believe Bravo made another quick deal with Penny and John.

    Remember- the evening of the fight John is screaming about charging everyone including Bravo. The morning after – he is giggling like a little girl about it on twitter.

    I believe Bravo agreed – in lieu of being charged by John:

    – actual film on his wife Penny
    – Penny’s now has a new blog (she was barely on film before)
    – no matter how Penny and John are portrayed, they are fine as long as they are on TV
    – rumor of Penny being added as a cast member next season
    – Penny agrees to say she “lied” whenever anyone asks her a question about anything.

    All of this for John and his noggin, instead of charges of Bravo’s creation/script/filming of fight til police arrive.

    Of course this is all supposition- based on actual facts that we the viewer’s are aware of.

    • I respect ur speculation, but I saw his tweets the following day and I didn’t think he was giddy! I thought that he legally wasn’t able to say exactly what was happening or going to happen with pressing charges. And I like you, I am also guessing at it.

      All I want to know is the rumor TRUE or NOT!

      Nobody gives a rats arse who started the rumor.

      • Hi Jersey Chicklet

        For me, this is pure M and J spinning. Not once have either one denied any “rumor” regarding either one of them.

        Innocent people make declarations”I do not_______” and _____________is lying.

        Nope, I get to presume these rumors are true

        • Melissa’s stench is overpowering, she would never know what the truth is even if it hit her while she was on her pole…collecting nickles.

          Dedicated husband Ass Gorga- keeps a grip on M via the choke chain. He has never once said “my wife is dedicated to me”

          Of course they are terrified that all of M’s whoreish behavior is being shown to viewer’s and ex boyfriends/ex- bff are coming forward…buy bye

          Whore and Ass Gorga

          Does anyone have any fabreeze?

  • I don’t care WHO started the rumor…nobody does.

    We only want to know is it true?

    Bravo needs to get off this stupid storyline of
    “who dunnit.” Who gives a flying fig!

    • Nobody, not being talked about, cares who started the rumor. If you were being talked about you’d want to know who started it. . I think that is the storyline Bravo s trying to create here.

      I think that if Penny was able to provide real written, photographic or eyewitness proof of Mel’s cheating, then that would have been the storyline. Since Penny was unable to, Bravo went into the “who is talking about me” scenario. Unfortunately for Tre, intentional or not, she runs in the Penny circle via mutual friends and doing appearances in Greek family shop. This made her a great target for this storyline.

  • Newsflash, Kim. There’s this little thing called “having good manners,” or “social etiquette.” But never mind, since you’ll never in a million years understand this. Neither will Teresa. Neither will your and Teresa’s low-life friends.

    And I don’t think that Penny 100% convinced Melissa and Joey about anything based on just what she said. They ALREADY KNOW that Teresa was behind the rumors and are trying to let it go (they said they forgave her in Arizona), despite the fact that Teresa is still lying about it.

    I think they’ve finally realized that Teresa is, indeed, a sociopath, and have totally given up on the fact that Teresa is EVER going to admit to ANY wrongdoing on her part.

      • That’s your definition of a sociopath? Someone who can’t see that “both Melissa and Teresa are rubbish?” Is that in the DSM-IV? LOL!

    • Estelle, last night’s show was filmed a month before the Arizona episode. Bravo is fudging around with the so called reality show.

      • Truthfully I do not see what difference it makes whether the Arizona episode happened before or after, it does not affect the outcome.

        • The real timeline is that Melissa and Joe’s meeting with Penny at Chakra happened before Arizona. During the Arizona trip, Melissa tells Joe that they have no proof yet that Teresa started the rumors.

          This proves that the Chakra meeting with Penny did not prove that Teresa started the rumors, and that the footage of the Chakra meeting that we saw last night is sliced, diced and manipulated by Bravo to implicate Teresa. It’s not real.

          • They don’t have actual PHYSICAL proof yet, which only goes to show that they even took what PENNY said with a huge grain of salt.

            But they know that she did it anyway, NOT just because of the mountains of evidence pointing directly at her, but because THEY KNOW HER.

            Who in the hell ELSE would even be aware of the EXISTENCE of some schnook Melissa dated over ten years ago? Or high school boyfriend, no less?

            That information (as well as the multitude of other rumors) had to have come from someone inside the family and from someone who despises Melissa for all they’re worth. And totally lacks anything that resembles a conscience.

            That leaves Teresa.

          • Oh! And who ELSE could dream up a POS hate blog called “Famewhorgas?”

            Or are we still pretending that Teresa has nothing to do with that?

          • Kim D says on Twitter that Melissa’s ex-boyfriend is the one spreading the rumors, but that Joey would rather confront women (Teresa and Penny) than him.

            And what about Melissa’s friend Jan? is that Teresa’s fault too?

            Melissa and Joey went to Danielle and gave her private information about Teresa, so they are in no position to play the victim.

            Melissa plays the victim very well.

          • Yes, emily, its not real. Estelle will preach otherwise (because she knows things the rest of us do not, i.e., private name calling between siblings, what Teresa told the Security Guard at the Fashion show, and that Teresa is the mastermind behind Famewhorgas) and then deny she is related to Melissa! Most of us know its producer driven bullshit. Why do we even care anymore?

        • I disagree- it does affect it because they even had Big Al losing his shit to unite, face the sources, etc.. knowing full well, they ALREADY talked to Penny and found out that Teresa is NOT to blame, yet carried on like they gained some secret knowledge that Teresa is the mastermind behind people not liking Mel’s lies and being fake on the show.

          • That whole cast are fakes and liars. Sickening. So much for Caroline’s tag line about always telling the truth. What a joke this franchise and network is.

      • I know that. Which is why it’s clear to me that they ALWAYS DID believe that Teresa was behind all the rumors (which they STILL believed in Arizona — despite the fact that they’re able to be more than civil to her).

        They’ve just given up on the fact that she’ll ever admit it, their conversation with Penny notwithstanding.

        It’s my feeling that everyone on this show has just stopped giving a shit about Teresa. She won’t (or can’t) change, and they all know it.

          • Why won’t Melissa and Joey admit they contacted Danielle? Jealous losers, both of them.

            As for the other women, they didn’t have a problem with Teresa until her cookbooks became successful. To this day none of the other women have been able to launch any successful products.

        • “Who in the hell ELSE would even be aware of the EXISTENCE of some schnook Melissa dated over ten years ago? Or high school boyfriend, no less?”

          Hmmmm, maybe Meho and the guy she cheated on her husband with? God knows what Meho told her ex about her husband … Little Joe stated last week that because they knew such secrets about him, it had to be Teresa (?) … really? It couldn’t possibly have been his wife running her mouth off to her ex?

          • I really wish you guys would give it up with continuing to push the idea that Melissa cheated on Joey with ANYBODY. You’re starting to sound really stupid.

            Your constant wailing of “What I want to know is DID she or DIDN’T she!” isn’t fooling anybody.

          • …or while she was probably texting one of her men while Midget was sexing her. If my man was all over me just to work off tension with his sister, I may text an old flame too.

    • Newsflash, Estelle. Mr. & Mrs. Gorga wouldn’t know “having good manners” or “social etiquette” if it bit them on their oversexed asses, so just have a seat already, ok?

  • Oh my god, how was it possible that Penny was at the same place as the Gorgas, all ready to be filmed! And how unexpected that the latter were willing to discuss such a sensitive topic in front of the cameras!

    • I think the Long Island Medium contacted Penny and told her to have dinner there that night and bring her own mic. That is the only logical explanation. 😉

  • Brian may have tweeted about it but faux penny and Johnny were all over him like white on rice. They found another way to get to Mel since the stripper rumors didn’t pan out the way the wanted them to. Sorry but penny and Johnny are nothing but wanna be hws looking for their 15 mins of fame. I don’t know what if any part teresa has in this but penny and Johnny with the help of faux are the real culprits.

  • I love KimD’s blog! She makes sure to plug her business and the fashion she provides the ladies. I love that she promoted a local restaurant. Good for her making the most of her position on the show.

    That said, I do disagree with KimD about Mel and Joe’s demeanor at the Penny meet. As someone sad above, of course they’re going to be all nice, they want Penny to talk.

    I do appreciate how she tries to be positive and supportive in her blogs, while still getting her points out there.

    • I agree! KimD does keep it positive, but at the same time…she’s a little pot

      Bravo had Penny at the restaurant purposely and Melodrama and Spray on hair #2 knew she’d be there! It was staged and that is why Melodrama
      look happy to walk over…camera time keeps them relevant.

      Bravo edited the scene btw the Gorga’s and Penny.
      They made it appear Penny was saying things in response to Spray on hair #2’s questions and they rearranged the conversation so that it appeared Penny was throwing Tre under the bus.

      The scene with Penny saying “your sister” was from another scene where Penny was asked “who invited you to the Milania hair line party?” Penny replied “your sister”.

      • I agree, KimD is an absolute pot stirrer!

        My fave KimD moment is when she said “information just falls in her lap” as she owned all the drama she stirs. LOL

      • @JChicklet

        I agree the scene was heavily edited.

        I do think Penny was pointing the finger at Tre, regardless of how it was edited. If that was not the case, why did Penny make a point of saying that Tre had done personal appearances at the KafeNeo, a place owned by the Greek family?

  • Bravo has ruined these HW shows. Too much editing
    and splicing and chopping of the scenes. They are
    force feeding us scenes that are out of sequence.

    Penny’s scenes were she says “you’re sister” was her reply to Joe Gorga when he asked who had invited her
    to the Milania hair line party. They took that scene and clipped and made it look like she was
    replying to Joe Gorga asking who started the rumors.

    Bravo is ruining the show.

    • I had to correct my above grammar..I need an edit button on these blogs!

      My above statement should read as:
      Penny’s scene, where she says “your sister”, was taken from another scene. She was actually replying to Joe Gorga’s question which was “who invited her to the Milania hair line party”, and Penny replied “your sister.” They took that scene and clipped and made it look like she was replying to Joe Gorga asking who started the rumors. Bravo purposely rearranged conversation!

      Bravo is ruining the show.

      • What about where she called Teresa a liar (for denying that they were friends)? And that Teresa was the one who told Penny to approach Joey about Melissa’s ex? And that her husband not only has texts from Teresa but has GOTTEN HER JOBS?

        • I felt so embarrassed for Melissa this episode that music producer was soooo not feeling her. It was uncomfortable to watch. She kept trying to come up with reasons why she sounded horrible…my ear piece….static…

        • Estelle, Estelle she got paid for saying that. Don’t you get it yet. Bravo is not making a reality show. It’s all pre-scripted.

  • They were comfortable because all they cared about was getting Penny to blame it all on Teresa!! In real life…they would have ignored her . Seems strange Gorga only has fits of rage w his sister ( christening, retreat, arizona) but he’s calm & pleasant to a person whos been saying his precious wife cheated on him.
    His hatred for his sister is so sickening to watch.

    • I believe that Joe Ga has been jealous of Teresa his whole life; most likely because of the parents. Joe know that the parents loves Joe Gu and does not like Melissa at at all.

      Joe has clearly shown his contempt for his sister, continuing calling her names (scum and the B word come to mind) NEVER believes her even when he know different, etc.

      Even with this episode, telling Chris that Jacqueline shouldn’t take advice from Teresa. Why does Joe Ga constantly put down his sister; however, I want to see where Teresa has put him down and called him names! Just show me the episode!

      It is so oblivious those two (Melissa & Joe Ga) want what Teresa has! UGH! With family like Melissa and Joe Ga who need enemies!

      • TEAM FAIR said, “I want to see where Teresa has put him down and called him names!”

        She called her brother a “retard” on last season’s finale. She’s also called him “pussy-whipped” and has accused him of “not being a man.” She’s also called him stupid at least ten times.

        I know for a fact that she’s called him a whole lot of OTHER names as well, but they’re not surfacing just yet. I’ll get back to you, okay? 🙂

        • That is so 100% different. Baby Gorga constantly says mean, nasty things about his sister, thinks the worst about her, and calls her ugly, vicious names. Both to her face, and overwhelmingly behind her back to anyone with a pair of ears.

          What Teresa said to Joey – to his face, in the heat of argument – was trying to plead with an irrational baby, saying, in effect, “you can’t believe such horrible things about me, and say such horrible things about me, because we both love each other. For you to think so poorly of me is because you are “pussy whipped” by your wife who hates me.” Abd “For you to act that so aggressively and fightenly you must be retarded to believe such things and to say such things”


        • Hurry up & get back to Team Fair, Estelle. We don’t have the first hand information you have on the names Teresa calls Joey and are just dying to know. When are they going to surface? Don’t tell me YOU’RE writing a book too?

  • Come on folks…wouldn’t you be on your best behavior if you wanted info from a pot-stirring troublemaker like Penny? They finally had the chance to find her alone and asked honest questions. It didn’t appear to me as though they planned to ask her over for dinner anytime soon…yes? Hey…keep your friends close…keep your enemies closer. As for Kim D and Teresa, both wanted to sink Melissa. Teresa keeps the trash girls close so that the rumors keep coming but “they” has nothing to do with it. Yeah right!

    • @Rosie

      “Hey…keep your friends close…keep your enemies closer. As for Kim D and Teresa, both wanted to sink Melissa.”

      Now, if Teresa and Kim D really want to sink Melissa then why did Melissa do everything…and I mean EVERYTHING in her power to be on the show, i.e.
      1) Giving Danielle S. personal family and wanted to be filmed talking with Danielle about this (Danielle didn’t want to be part of that; and told Melissa so and

      • @ Rosie

        2) Stalking Bravo for nearly two years!

        NO, the person who is guilty of sinking would be Melissa. Her and Joe’s jealous of Teresa being on the HW series is what this is all about!

        Besides, Melissa don’t need anyone assistance in sinking…she is doing a good job of sinking herself!

  • I know everybody is blaming editing and saying that Penny didn’t say what she did because Penny wrote a blog denying it. I am calling BS on that.

    IMO what Penny said is exactly what she meant, there might had been editing and chopping but what Penny intended to say was loud and clear.

    My theory is that Melissa and Penny had a meeting behind doors and agreed on place the whole blame on Teresa. I can almost picture those two harpies plotting about how to put the blame on Teresa and then the Gorgas would be exonerated of all and Teresa would take the fall, Penny would get exposure and maybe a role on the show, all pre-planned.

    Unfortunately for these two harpies, they can’t trust a hiena like them, Melissa and Joey turned their backs on Penny by beating up her husband and now Penny is turning on them by blaming editing,

    Penny and Melissa are two birds of a feather.

    • Anyone can clearly see that they chopped and edited the scenes between Penny and Melodrama!

      I have hardly watched this show because of Bravo manipulates the scenes and we are not seeing the
      real reality. For some reason, Bravo has a pre-planned villain and hero…and it is so obvious that they are doing it. I hate the show now…Bravo killed it.

      Penny’s words were edited to fit Bravo’s planned out drama….

      • Parts of it might had been edited but the meaning of Penny’s words were loud and clear.

        Penny tried to take down Melissa last year with the PFS and it backfired because all her scenes were delated, who is to say that the producers promised her that only if she threw Teresa under the bus they would let her be part of the show?

        I am not saying that Teresa is in fact behind all the rumors, what I am saying is that to me a person like Penny has no loyalties and can easily had an agreement with Melissa to rat out Teresa, even if it is a lie.

    • look in the background of the scene….it keeps changing. Full of frankenbites….they are never facing you when things are said

    • Hmm. Lexy, I

      Good thinking! never thought of that possibility. I was wondering why Penny’s blog says different than what we saw on the show. I can totally see Melissa promising Penny more air time if she throws Teresa under the bus. SMH..

      Melissa is as phony as her auto-tuned singing voice. Joe obviously is embarrassed b/c the rumors must have some truth to them

    • Hey Joe Gorga,

      It was me, not your sis. I tell everyone ur wife is a manipulator, has and will again, cheat on you. Nobody has to tell me. Melissa shows her true self every airing of the show. The only one who doesn’t see all this is you! Ur wife wrote a book about how to manipulate you and other men. Teresa of course sees it and worries about you as we do. But you can’t see beyond your * * * * *. The music producer told you that “love is what it’s all about, correcting you when you said “sex is what it’s all about”. You are acting so ignorant, joe. You need to stand up to your wife and tell her you love your sister, who clearly loves you. You are so lucky to have a sister like Teresa and you need to apologize to HER. Then get your manipulative wife in check. The Horse Man even told everyone how manipulative Melissa is. Please wise up.