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Caroline Manzo Officially Filming A Spin Off Show Pilot!


Good news for Caroline Manzo! The Real Housewives of New Jersey veteran will be filming a pilot for a spin off, confirms The Wrap, after rumors swirled earlier this year.

What is the basis of the show? “Under the working title, ‘Manzo’d With Children,’ the pilot will follow the Housewife in her duties as the ‘ringleader of the crazy circus that is her Italian family,'” reports the web site.

Albie is single and ready to mingle, Chris is trying to come up with “the best idea since the stripper/car wash” and Lauren is getting ready to see if marriage is the next step. Caroline’s sister Fran will also be a regular on the show if picked up.

If a series is ordered, Caroline will be the first RHONJ lady to get spun off by Bravo. Do you predict Caroline’s show will get picked up? Is her family spin off worthy? It’s an interesting pick, to be honest…it’ll be interesting to see what happens!

I wonder if this means Caroline will be dropping out of next season of RHONJ, set to film later this fall?

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  • I’d rather watch my dog try to sniff his own ass or try to chase the imaginary ghost in my living room.

    Btw Laurens chest looks like a burnt sausage.

    You’re telling me I have to endure watching this wanna be goon squad on my TV for an hour? hmm…I know Andy and Bethanny “skeletons” Frankel has been trying REALLY hard to have the MANzoinks get their own spin-off, and reach to the top and be the best of BRAVO. (Yes, theres a blog going around talking about how Bethanny hates Tre for using “Skinny” for her branding, yet Tre actually trademarked the name before Skeletons even branded her shitfest drinks. It pissed off Skeletons so she went after Tre with Andy WHORhans blessing. Unfortunately for them it backfired. Tre is one of the most loved of bravo. And hopefully Skeletons show will be cancelled too since her fans have now become Tre fans. If anyone knows what i’m talking about, please find the link and read it. It’s Great!

  • I did not recognise Christopher in this picture. Wow. He’s stacked it on.

    We have a little song down under (well chant really) that the blokes sing to each other in situations like this. It goes:

    “Who ate all the pies?
    Who ate all the pies?

    I think Christopher may have eaten all the pies.

  • I can’t stand the Manzos. They aren’t interesting. At best they are boring, and they are usually just incredibly annoying. I won’t be watching.

  • No time to read this whole thread of comments but real quick:

    1. I think this would be a total snoozefest.

    2. Melissa’s head must be spinning in 360s right now. “But I wanted the spin-off. Why CAN’T I have a spin off??… I’M the one that brings the drama and heat!!!… I’m gonna get on that show and bring Caroline DOWN!!”
    Carry on.

  • The show description sounds awful. Chris’ storyline is literally that we will watch him brainstorm business ideas? Doesn’t he have BLK? Albie’s storyline is that he is dating? We saw how frozen he behaved with Alexa Joel and then how awful his mother and Lauren behaved toward Lindsay- that’s more cringe-worthy than entertaining. Lauren’s storyline has the most potential if she and Vito were not so awkward to watch together- that scene where they made mozzarella, their meaty paws smashing against each other coated in cheese curds! Gross! Not sexy. Caroline is the ring-leader? More like her children are basically her primary sources of companionship and she has nothing better to do than meddle. And Frannie? I’d rather see Dina. Even the title is terrible- as someone mentioned earlier here, it’s seemingly a riff off “Married with Children.” Umm… what? How creepy and uncreative. Blech… I will pass. Hopefully, for those who want to watch though, it will be everything they dream of 😉

  • I thinks it’s time to block “Bravo” on my cable box. I’m nausious from the fact that that UGLY Punkin-headed ass hole is getting her own show. WTF ?????


  • I won’t be seeing this and my bet that caroclown will not have any migraine during her spin off. Ugh.
    In fact I won’t be watching any of the housewives shows. The Bravo editing has become a joke. I will come to this site for a recap. lol

  • ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ give her the spinoff…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz watch her tank…. bye bye Caroline and your brats that never grow up

  • Isn’t Albie pushing 30? And he needs Mommy’s help to learn bow to mingle socially? Don’t think so. Bet Albie himself HATES that spin. Makes him look like a dork.

    Christopher is thinking of the “next big idea”? C’mon, Bravo. It’s pretty obvious Chris is following in Dad’s footsteps qnd settling down to building a solid business with the new restaurant. Quit making the kid look like a complete scam artist.

  • This would be good for me. I already don’t watch the Matchmaker show, The Tamra gets married show, or the Eat, Pray, whatever show . . . the less things that interest me on Bravo, the more work I get done around the house!

  • Oh God Noooo! She is so full of herself and her 2 boys that will never get out from mommy’s wings. This I definitely won’t watch.

  • Are they nuts? They are not personable in the least and their faces are not camera friendly. There are so many reality tv shows of the ‘young & rich’ and the one common factor is a beautiful cast. These adult children don’t even live an enviable or interesting lifestyle. It won’t work.

  • I’m not surprised about this. Andy has wanted this all along, he loves loves loves Meatball Face and her goofy kids.

    I’m not gonna lie, I will probably check it out if it, just to laugh at it and come on here to snark about it.

  • If they gave Teresa a spin-off where would that leave New Jersey? Dead in the water more than likely. These diehard Teresa fans need to realise this is a blessing in disguise – keep Teresa on the show she’ll always be famous for and Caroline can take her children and play the ham game in the spin-off.

  • Who would want to see this yawn-fest of a family?

    I wonder if the opening show will air Caroline’s
    middle finger flipping video of herself! That’s all I will ever remember about, well that’s not true…all those nasty facial expression from the hw show should be included in the opening.

  • A better name for the show would Manzoids (man-like creatures). I predict this show will put the makers of the sleep aid, Lunesta, out of business.

  • Boring. I rather watch Ramsey Gordon fixing up different restaurants than to watch the paint dry on the Manzo men restaurant for 6 months.

  • It is one thing to watch the crazy antics of the RHONJ and quite another to “hang out”with this family. Don’t we all have our own families that are funny and fun and silly and striving to succeed. Between this crew and my own family I take may own, we are smarter, funnier, kinder and more complex than this tired group of show offs.

    Resisting this show will be like resisting cod liver oil.

  • Starting to buy a lot of pillow especially the one that support ur neck. I SLEEP SITTING UP!…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ LOL

  • I won’t be watching. Caroline is tolerable, just. Her children are not. I am so tired of those underachieving, over-privileged sad sacks being paraded around as something special. Yes, they are her special snowflakes, but in terms of most people their ages, they are less than mediocre.

  • Melissas ex bryan tweeted: Ps don’t blame Teresa we never even met! U wanna play!? I will be finally getting my side of the story out or should I say”truth” very soon

  • Jose or Rox… This blog post is great at showing timeline and examples of proof from other shows.. Worth sharing 🙂

    By the way.. It is so irritating when the cast acts like they don’t know how this system works. Example:

    Producer: so teresa are your cousins cannolis edible? (Obviously bitchy question)

    Teresa: they ARE edible.. I’m proud of her blablabla

    Producer: let’s do that again u wre rolling your eyes

    Teresa: was I rolling my eyes?

    Now lets all pretend producers don’t exist. Just look at mob wives.l they all left due to producers causing shit behind the scenes.

    • How would you prefer her hair to look? Haha, I wonder what Caroline would look like with a red pony-tail like Penny’s! 🙂

  • Regarding a spin off… As a member of Team Nobody.. Lets look at numbers.. Facts

    Perspective on Google hits
    Lauren Manzo About 695,000 results
    Albert Manzo About 775,000 results results (this would combine all 3 Albert Manzos)
    Christopher Manzo About 801,000 results
    Caroline Manzo About 1,750,000 results
    Greg Bennett About 30,300,000 results
    Teresa Giudice About 59,300,000 results
    Andy Cohen About 59,500,000 results

    Who should get a spin off? Enough said

    I don’t want Teresa on a Bravo spin off anyways. She needs to be in Food network or Cooking channel.

    • I just saw that this happened! WTF? WOW! They really must not like what Penny has been saying huh? What the hell are they afraid of? Hmmm..

    • Wow, Bravo isn’t messing around!

      So either Penny was lying about the things in her blog OR she violated some kind of nondisclosure agreement. Maybe a combination of both.

      I guess we now know why Bravo employees keep their mouths shut about production!

      • They ( Bravo) cannot have themselves to be proved LIARS and frauds, which most of us already figured out that Bravo slices, dices, sells out, manipulates to get their goods. Too late guys- most of us read Penny’s side!

          • I agree, they’re afraid of their secrets being revealed.

            I am just thinking that they had some legal grounds for getting an order for the blog to be “redacted” . Bravo is not to be messed with, LOL

          • I agree rhfan!

            I’m telling though it really has been questioning Bravo even more so now, I think everyone should ya know?

          • This is did Bravo get control of Penny’s blog to redact it?

            Was Penny’s blog given to her by Bravo?

            100% evidence that Bravo production does not want their lies uncovered…This is so strange,another housewife blog inferred the same interference from bravo, based on what was being disclosed on their website.

            bloggate…who is watching them to do this?

    • No wonder Kathy was so confident recently insisting Penny should shut up, and BravoWWHL tweeted for her.

      Bravo WWHL ?@BravoWWHL 15 Sep

      .@KathyWakile says for Penny to keep her opinions to herself! #RHONJ #WWHL

      What a hack job this show has become…

  • I like Caroline and I like her kids, but I don’t think they can carry a show. When she chose to move near her sons it showed that this woman is so wrapped around her family that it undermines her as a role model. The intention of raising children is to allow them to grow the f up… allow them their independence and get your life!

    In the end, it’s a parents role to model values and instill confidence in your children so that they can go into the world and make their own way… there’s nothing more sad than watching a middle aged Mom trying to insert herself into the lives of her grown children.

    Caroline should work on re defining herself and re igniting her marital fires instead of becoming that future mother in law who never allowed her kids to wean from her sauce filled tit!

  • It seems that Bravo/Sirens has removed Penny’s blog but it has been *forever* memorialized by the relatively unknown Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

    It takes snapshots of websites and permanently archives them for historical reference.

    Faux Reality is tweeting that her new blog should be up soon….so I don’t know what exactly is going on?

  • Repost:

    found address for

    bravo viewers relations
    3000 w allameda ave suite 250 burbank ca 91523

    lets send them loads of letters expressing our disappointment over the major editing that has been going beyond the norm

  • I take this spin off as a way to give Lauren a wedding, because I don’t think Bravo will give Lauren her own show, but with the rest of the family, I guess Bravo thinks this will be a success. SMH

  • I quit watching the last two episodes and don’t see anything interesting about Carolwhines “kids”. I’m disgusted with the NJ and OC franchise. I just hope Bravo don’t eff up my all time fav BH!!

  • Wait, so is she going to film this and RHONJ at the same time? As for the show, not interested. I am more interested in the Wakiles family than this family. I am all about families that bond, but I do not like their attitudes. It makes sense why they got a spinoff though out of all the others. I don’t think this will last for them but I wish them the best. She really needs to let her kids to and live her life. They are grown and were grown from when we first met them. Do all that you can before you get too old to do so.

  • Well, Andy has been pushing the Manzo family as stars since the beginning. only problem with that is Caroline and family are really boring and nasty. Albie is the only one of that family who acts decent most of the time. Chris looks like he doesn’t bath regularly. Lauren is a nasty hateful person. Albert doesn’t even want to be bothered.

    Andy has even Caroline and family, a radio show, book deal, advice colum, and the pod cast, none of these has turned any of them into shining stars.

    Caroline has said that they are a family of class and priveledge. She has said that its about them ad they are better than. This attitude is why their show will not last.

    • The show won’t last because she and her kids are boring and dumb. Why does Andy keep promoting them? Caro clown in her new Hoboken apartment, on her own.

      No Sex in the City

      • lol no sex in the city…. i bet you are 100% on that one.

        Caro with the ice bag on her head,,, and Al shooting out the back door to his girlfriends house

    • I think you’re right about AC wanting a Manzo spinoff. I remember reading, after the fight in Punta Cana, that the Manzo boys were set to have a show. Due to Bravo having to deal with the fight, it was put on hold.

  • Personally I do believe that Teresa was in line for her own show..she has a billion fans (me included) but 39 fraud charges later.

    That sucks to the highest degree. I hate that for Teresa.

    Who was Bravo going to give a spin off too?

    -M & Ass Gorga – lien’s galore and awaiting criminal charges

    -Jac and Chris – bankruptcies and criminal charges and alcoholic

    – Kathy and Dick – less interesting

    So that left Caroline and Al – have their own issues – and off spring.


    I would have wanted the spin off to be about Teresa dealing with her new reality. hmph

    • A billion? Doubt it, but she is the most interesting and I do believe she would have gotten a spinoff in a year. There was no one else other than Caroline.

    • they do.. dont want tampra, or kim , or kandi or nene,, no vanderpump.

      quit watching BH after Russell killed himself over the fear of exposure,

      so many reasons to stop,watching all together.

      bravo’s brand is degerating with the HW and spin offs

  • Im really really surprised its not called FEBUS. Ya know that nice term they coined.. Eff everyone but us. Cute…. Housewife to no one at home, mothering her adult kids .. nah, I will pass.

  • hold on another thought, we could all watch as Caroclown mother of the century gropes her two son’s and in turn they hang all over Mummy while at the same time we get to watch her call the “lapband” 5 pounds of sausage in a three pound bag, chuck a muck, an asshole and a bitch. Might be worth tuning into. Mother of the century I tell you!!!

    The Manzo’s SUCK!! GO scratch Bravo!

    • That’s hilarious! Can’t stop laughing 🙂 Her name calling and then defending herself was jaw dropping. Although, if Lauren was my daughter, I would be frustrated & annoyed too!

    • I second that, nobody cares. Her whole family is boring on the show they are on now…they don’t need another show to show us even more boring times. I also don’t care to hear any of her whiny children anymore. And I feel like she’s said that she was over the reality shows…give it to someone interesting pleaseeeee. Bravo needs big time help

  • I loved Caroline season 1 ans 2. Love the boys Lauren not to much but Fran is real divorced loves animals and hard working animal activist I will watch for her

  • Will never watch the Manzoids. Crap 28, 26 and 25 year olds are adults not children. Albie is not right, Chris is a pig and Lauren is just a vile bitter bitch. WAY TO GO ANDY!!!

  • Eh, personally I’d prefer to watch something with Teresa over her, but she’s second best of the bunch. I’d say the order of the list goes: Teresa, Caroline, Rosie, Jacqueline, Kathy, Cannolis and then Melissa. It makes sense to film with Caroline since Teresa is kind of a liability at this point :/.

    • I call this year Caros redemption tour.Her behavior last year was horrid and totally baffling. I never understood where that level of anger came from, but this year all is forgiven, right? I say give them their own show if it will prove once and for all just how popular this family is.

  • This is excellent, Caroline will flourish. I will watch humans being honest and intrusive and supportive and drama queen’s.

    Caroline deserves this,this is healthier for her and her family.

    This is probably the weird vibe and the ‘exclusive” behavior of the “guests” they are all auditioning for the empty slot.

    This is the kind of “reality” show RHNJ should and can be.

    Good Luck Caroline!

  • Good work! I know it’s not a popular opinion round here but I really like Caroline and her family. I knows she gets a lot of grief for how she treated Teresa last season, but in all honesty no one complained when everyone was putting her out there to attack danielle staub. They all sat happily at a dinner table ready to let her fight for them. And as viewers we all cheered her on. Then last season we didnt agree with her opinion, but its hers to have. Personally I am getting so sick of all the housewives shows that I’ve stopped watching but come here for updates. I might actually watch this though.

    • its not that we dont like Caroline its tht I dont understand why she acts like she has an answer for every situation but her kids arent independent. im about the same age as Caroline and I have 3 kids around the same ages except one who is 16 and she is more mature than Lauren. its sad tht we see this on televisio. as for Danielle I wasnt one who cheered Caroline on. i felt wht they did to Danielle was total crap. caroline should know her behavior was wrong. who goes out of their way to expose someone like tht on National TV and hurt someone elses life. tht is where I didnt respect Caroline. it was horrible and look what it did to her. her books sales are bad, the business ventures are going no where, her radio show didnt take off and her relationship with Dina is nonexistent. i dont buy wht she is selling.

      • You’ve got some good points, but I’m never going to say Danielle staub got a bad deal. The woman was, still is and always will be insane 😉
        I think Caroline’s a hard worker with a good heart and a loving family. I think the show probably derailed the kids a bit and changed their path, but who am I to hate on them. I watch other reality rubbish with kids who don’t work at all !

        • Please exactly how is Danielle crazy/insane? I don’t agree at all. Her exhusband has tried to manipulate the American public by saying none of what she wrote was true. Of course he’d say that….he doesn’t want anyone to know how evil and violent he really is. He does. want everyone to take pity on him for living with this crazy woman for so long. But that hehas created hardships for his ex and their children by with holding payments due, so she lost her house,and they all went without. No he never did anything mean or cruel.

          So how is Danielle crazy?

          • The point where I knew D was crazy, was the episode when she wanted to crash Caro’s party. She was in the car with her girls and they had to talk D out of crashing the party. That was the episode where I knew that D was too crazy to be on this show. I felt bad for her girls having to deal with that crazy.

            That was early season 2, I believe.

          • My thinking she is crazy has nothing to do with the book. It’s when she takes gang members to the brown stone to cause trouble, pretends she has a donation to give and doesn’t, fakes a lesbian relationship for publicity, leaks her own sextapes and photos then presses charges against the guy saying she didn’t know she was being taped (then admitted lying about it later)… A few examples of insanity 😉 let’s agree to disagree on this one!

        • Caroline doesn’t do any physical work. She likes to sit around and run her mouth alot though. She probaby gives herself a headache! Kids shouldn’t work…if you’re talking about minors.

        • Caro, was not good hearted toward Danielle. A woman with Caro’s advantage could have been kinder to Danielle, but considering how she treated Dina, maybe it is too much to expect from Caroline. who is so defiant that she wont even go do a decent stylist, in spite of the fact that she is on national tv AND she looks at least 5-10 years older than her real age. No Im calling bs

    • What her and the rest of the cast did to Danielle was beyond wrong. She as trying to be nice because they are filming a show together and she wanted to make a good impression; it ain’t that deep Caroline. All of them gung up on her and cut her off whenever she was trying to talk. Teresa had no problem with it for 2 season and did not really give her a chance by now I am supposed to feel sorry for her? I feel 1-4% bad for her because some I the people out for her are family, but she had no problem when it was another and she was the biggest attacker. She is delusional, but she getting a spinoff would have been more interesting. Caroline is not the almighty who knows everything and needs to check her mentality. I did not watch all of S4 but I watched enough to see that she was a bitch, but told the truth about Tre then.

  • NOooooooooooooooooooooo
    I can’t even stand the manzoids as ‘part’ of an ensemble let alone the whole dam show!!!!!!!!

  • this is disgusting, well i hope they get a spin off and it fails.

    will they have a cam following big Al going to his girlfriends house?

    • Why is it disgusting? Personally, I would definitely watch a Caroline and Co spin off as on the whole I think they are a nice family.

      • It’s disgusting because Carochop is a bitter jealous hag, who tore into Teresa and called her out constantly. She’s a pathetic excuse for a woman, and I do not think she raised nice children. I have seen and heard via media her spawn act just as rudely and crudely as she does.

        who are her chidren to laugh and lie about the guidices? they need not act as if they do not have skeletons and who know what else, in their closets. thats why i want no part of this, scamming family who has shielded their fathers illegal activity and infidelity. All the while calling others out on it.

        I am so grateful I do not know CaroManzo in real life.

  • are you kidding me? these are grown adult children. they need mommy to wipe their asses? why does Albie learn how to mingle socially? omg Lauren cant make a decision to decide to marry or mot? she cant decide if she is truly in love and make the relationship prosper so she needs Caroline to make this decision? i will not be watching. im hoping things work for theresa so she can spin off and get away frm the gorgas.

  • No, I will not be watching Caroline ‘s kids placing ice packs on her head. She should get off the air and have her migraines in private. Also, she is boring enough on RHONJ.

  • I wonder if Melissa knew about this she has been talking about wanting her own spinoff for the past couple of weeks

    • oh Yeah whats her show going to be about? we will be watching how Joe will want Tarzan to play and she will say ewwww. now thts Love Italian Style. lol oh wait no it will be her doing autotune and making music and clubbing. they show nothing on rhwnj but teresa teresa teresa. bravo is really reaching here.

    • I do! I actually think she has the most integrity on the show. I may not always like her actions, but I believe she’s more authentic than the Gorgas, Guidices or Lauritas. I understand everyone has their opinion of why her and Dina are fighting, but she won me over by refusing to talk about it and staying only that she loved her sister and would deal with the issue privately. No one else in the while show has been able to give that respect to their family members whether they were right or wrong. That said though I’m hoping there’s enough happening in their lives to keep it interesting!!

      • I just don’t think she makes good TV. It’s one thing when she’s playing the voice of reason in an ensemble cast, but overall her scenes with her family is usually uneventful. I can’t imagine that making good TV or at least not good enough to warrant a spinoff.

        • Agree with you here. A little bit worried it’ll be a snooze fest, but perhaps the producers know more than us. After all there’s hundreds of hours of footage and we all know how Bravo likes to edit if unrecognisable!!

      • Teresa has tried to avoid talking about her families peoblems and Caroline went after her w/a vengence! Her fam issues may not have been fodder for discussion,but she sure slamed everyoone elses. I have no respect for her. Wonder if she’s ready to have her fam issues combed on TV.

      • Your wrong, big time. For one, the Dina issue is extremely bad. You have to have betrayed your sibling to the point that she doesn’t want to be around you (she supported Jax when Jax was spilling stuff about Dina’s charity that was untrue and Dina found out and yet her sister picked Jax over Dina). And then what about your other siblings Chuckie, there is more to this than just a bad day.

        Also if you don’t think that Chuckie and her husband didn’t get some of that money that Chris and Jax and his family bled out of that company to the tune of 55 million dollars, I have a bridge to sell you.

        • The problem is that all the Dina stuff is that we only know heresay. Neither of them will talk about it in public. And as someone who had 4 siblings, one with which I don’t speak, I know these things can be a hell of a lot more complicated that meets the eye. Even if the blame for the family rift falls at Caroline’s feet, she hasn’t exploited it and seems genuinely contrite when addressing the issue. It’s too easy to point fingers at Caroline because she’s in our eyesight, but don’t be fooled into thinking something as complicated as a sibling rift comes down to 100% right and 100% wrong. While I don’t know the full story (and accept that) I think that Teresa tried her best to act with dignity and not address the family issues, but was forced/paid to by Bravo. I don’t think any of the cast members had the option of not speaking about the gorga/guidice drama. It’s the only storyline for three seasons now.

          • Caroline did exploit the Dina issue- she twisted it repeatedly on camera in order to bash Teresa to the point that Dina repeatedly clarified on twitter that Teresa had nothing to do with it. Caroline did not change her tune and continued to hold Teresa responsible on camera (familiar theme). Caroline seemingly used Dina as an angle to drum up sympathy for herself and generate hatred toward Teresa. That’s devious.

          • Caroline believes that Teresa contributed to the situation by being in Dinas ear saying half truths. It’s the same as Teresa saying that Melissa has come between her and her brother. Both parties would deny it but that wouldnt change anyones opinion. Ultimately you’re responsible for your own actions, but we all have varying degrees of what we believe to be true. Just my opinion.

      • Sambsam

        i understand what ur saying however why does Caro feel the need to interfere with other peoples families.

        Joe Gorga asked her to help fine she was asked but on many many occasions she felt the need to interfere in the Gorga and Guidice family issue even in Arizona she just had to stir the pot even Wacko Jacko commented on it.

        But god forbid anyone ask or talks bout her family double standards much

        • I don’t think she’s perfect by any standards, but I think everyone has realised by now that what we are watching is highly edited, producer led, pseudo reality. To say that anyone’s character is being accurately portrayed is a stretched. It’s like a magic eye. You gotta squint and go with what someone seems most like 😉

          • Caro has said to others, dont blame editing. Naw,,,shes a devious bitter woman. Why shouldn’t she be, her adult children are still entirely dependent on her for their livelyhoods. L and C are rude slackers. Caro has done such a number on Albie no good woman wants to put up with him. No way on any day would I watch more of this dysfunctionalism.

          • Sambsam

            true i agree with you on that there HW shows are highly edited i didn’t realize how much til started reading articles from ex HW and friends how manipulative and edited the shows are.

            I’m actually mad at myself 4 getting sucked in to it :-):-):-):-):-):-)

    • Maybe she’ll have one of those “killer” migraines and won’t be able to film it. Here’s hoping!!!

      • LMFAOOOOOOO. Yessss please!

        Caroline and the clan is disgusting. I only like Albie, and that’s probably because I think hes hot .. other than that the clan sucks. Thankgod Greg is across country for this too. Cant stand him,

        • I agree about the Albie part he is very cute. I also like him because from what I remember he has never said bad word about the other cast mates and has ever called his mother out

  • Is “Manzo’d with Children” supposed to be a play on “Married with Children”? If not, I don’t get it.

  • Hell no… Just no,nononononononoononononononon, FUCK NO!!! This is disgusting who wants to watch…THEM?

    I want T to get a spin off. ;/

      • With ya on that! As much as Tre has fans her ‘pretend everything’s fine and it’ll go away’ attitude wouldn’t make for good solo TV. She’s entertaining for sure, but a solo show would be weird. Just my opinion guys don’t be hating!

        • Sanbsam I’m not hating with that said, I don’t get why it’s considered such a shitty thing for Teresa to keep an upbeat attitude in the face of adversity, some consider that a sign of strength not denial. Would it be more acceptable if she were to break down, cry and bemoan her troubles to the world on each episode like Jax has done in the past? Myself I’d rather watch an upbeat Teresa facing her troubles squarely as she as always done over a sour puss Caroline and her shiftless adult offspring any day of the week.

          • I wasn’t saying there was anything wrong with Teresa’s attitude. In fact I think that woman is damn strong and we could all do with a bit of that. I just don’t think it makes good TV. Whether we admit it or not we watch shows like this for the highs and lows (admittedly bravo has forgotten about the highs lately). Teresa won’t talk about negative things and pretends everything’s ok when it’s not. Personally I would get bored with watching her do that. And dear god don’t even joke about Jac getting her own show!

          • let me just say this I love Teresa and her smile she puts on during great adversity, I wish I could do it but the article is about the Caroline Manzo spin off and I don’t know why people would want after 6 years of watching 3 spoiled rotten children get everything they want even businesses handed to them.
            I’m not interested especially that Caroline has now been proven a complete hypocrite and have a husband that has been cheating on her and her children have mounted to nothing without Mommy & Daddy’s financing.
            and I am not in the mood to see any more of Jacqueline and her crying that Dina is the reason that she’s no longer on RHONJ and the income was taken away and can’t help her son Nicholas maybe she should look in the mirror and the plastic surgery she got in Beverly Hills might have better been put to use to help Nicholas I’m over Caroline and Jacqueline all together.
            Actually I’m over this whole family show that has become so negative. So I refuse to watch Caroline’s spin off show!

      • Wtreaandjoe


        WTF..not everyone likes Caroline..I heart Caroline but even Caroline knows and say she is a bitch.

        I am going to enjoy each second!!

        • For one Teresa cannot talk about her her issues as they are legal and she’s banned by her attorney to talk bout em.

          I for one wouldn’t go round esp if i were on tv discussing my legal issues and making things worse for myself.

          Anyway back to Caro and her tribe. NO DEF not watching i can barely watch her or her family on NJHW esp that Lauren I’ll prob record it and if i can’t sleep I’ll put it on i think it may work better than a sleeping pill.

          Yes i believe the show will get picked up Andy LOVES Caro as for the ratings and staying on tv i don’t think it’ll do well but who knows

      • I sure am hating, oh boy I hope I don’t turn into one of them, because that is ALL they spew-hate.

        I still stand by what I said and I wish that Teresa was getting her own spin-off.

        All this show will be is- Al looking very comfortable and irritated (if he even appears on the show) with Caroline, Caroline will be stuck up her kid’s asses and playing Mommy Dearest, as she pretends to be some Know it All and dish out her oh so helpful “advice”. Lauren will be bitching about Vito, her family,her weight, her life, and the boys will be plugging in that dirt water.

        • Hey @Samael, I bet you are excited!!!

          I’ve tried to give Caroline a fair shake, and she isn’t by far my least favorite cast mate. I have even listened a couple times to her podcasts, and frankly it was like watching (or listening) to paint dry.

          Her banter with kids can be amusing, but mostly these podcasts Chris and Lauren are rude. Lauren, espscially. I just can’t picture watching her on a spin-off….so moody and spoiled!

          • Hi Laram

            I am happy, but still think that Teresa is the best bet..overall, I would watch her meetings with lawyers/fans/book signing/school events.

            I know, rub a lamp right?

            This crew does something for me, Caroline could care less…blubber blubber blubber..she wears it with pride.

          • @Samael, :-). I may give it a shot! Sure beats Below the Deck! Lol

            That is a huge MAY give it a shot. Only to keep up with buddies like you….but if it’s the Lauren and Caroline wah fest, Christopher exploiting women and a snoozer like their podcast, I’ll catch ya on another show. 🙂

      • Seriously. They were all adults when the show first started. I think she knows she has no storyline without them.

      • I’m with you. I will not be watching even one second of this grumpy Bitch, who’s husband has a mistress and the adult “kids” that can’t ever get their own things. For crying outloud, cut the freakin apronstrings please!