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Ramona Rizzo Officially Quits Mob Wives; Confirms Carla And Karen Won’t Be Returning!

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Talk about shocking! Mob Wives star Ramona Rizzo has officially quit Mob Wives and gave all the juicy details as to why to Mara, the Hip-Hop Socialite. Ramona revealed, “I like to get paid, and they don’t want to pay. That’s one of the issues, yeah.”

Ramona then confirms that Karen Gravano AND Carla Facciolo won’t be returning either adding that the producers liked to stir up some drama with the ladies behind the scenes. When asked if she ever felt pushed to say certain things or act a certain way, Ramona said, “I don’t feel I was forced, I felt like I was lied to behind the scenes. I was told a lot of lies and then when me and the girls got together, it wasn’t true.”

Ramona continued that when the ladies all got together they discovered that there were so many lies made behind the scenes from producers to create drama. I’m very surprised that Drita has not yet quit but think Mob Wives should come to an end with 3 of there main characters leaving the show! Are you surprised by the news?

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  • First of all let me start off by saying Jennifer you are nothing but shit. Go find Ramon and beg for forgiveness. Karen you had a baby with Dave hoping it would be something. These hoes except for Drita and Carla had babies with black men who both there fathers used as slaves. They have mixed kids and really really wished they didn’t Anthony disowned them bitches for the fact he but his business out in public. Get it together Karen and Jennifer you lame ass bitches. Go find a Italian man to wipe the floor with not our black men. Thanks just some truth…..

  • I miss Carla!!!! But still LOOOOVVVVEE the show. I didn’t even notice Karen and Ramona were gone until I read this, lol, so long bitches!

  • There could not have been a more boring character on TV than Karen Gravano…good riddance. She always seemed so awkward and uncomfortable, and all of her “confessionals” seemed like she was reading from a cue card.

  • I used to always get up off the couch everytime it was Carla’s turn to talk cuz she just sucks. Shes cold and just annoying to listen to. Bitch brought absolutley nothin’ to the table. The show is definetley not the same without Karen Gravano, her and Renee both were born into that lifestyle if shes gone now it just doesn’t make much sense, lets be real. Drita’s hilarious, shes crazy obviously but its awesome. When she says shes gonna fight she actually does haha how awesome is that? Ramona is such a fucking bitch dude. I hate her voice when she starts talking. Drita punched her in the mouth because she couldn’t mind her own fuckin business.

  • Teresa, I agree with you. I know this is mostly crap fake manipulated reality tv, but Carla was wise to get out. This woman has class.
    Ramona is a criminal more worried about her damned jewelry ( which was rightly taken by authorities and should Never be returned) and threatening people than being a decent person. She is just Karen’s hanger on. If she marries that thug I have no sympathy for her at all. Too bad she has kids who will go without when she supports the jerk in prison. She probably hid the money he stole. Now on to Karen. Not the brightest or even likeable person and even though she was raised in a criminal environment, she doesn’t have to base her life on it. I hope her daughter’s father gets sole custody and runs like hell. Karen switches between trying to be ghetto and gangster. She really needs some help in resolving her identity. How is she getting the money to keep a house and her apt ? Totally alludes to her also having hidden some family money. The fact that she let her father take a prison sentence over admission of her own crimes seems true to the show’s portrayal of her nature.
    Renee needs treatment for bipolar disorder, probably with underlining PSTD. ( worked in mental health for years so I feel comfortable in giving my humble opinion, but she needs inpatient psychiatric treatment combined with dependency.)
    Then there is Drita, whom I want to hang out with and go to her new shop. Does she have a website with her product line? She and Carla are so much classier than the rest of this group. Drita may have a short fuse , but look at what she has to deal with. And Big Ang would be welcome in my home anytime. Wise, funny and confident. A true peacemaker. Liked her first show, but the second set in Miami isn’t to my liking. After watching the first episode I deleted the series from DVR.
    I hope the new season of Mob Wives with the “young blood” is good, and there is more history of the mob experiences rather than beating one another. So glad they cancelled Mob Wifes Chicago. That was ridiculous. Can’t even remember their names but only two of the cast didn’t belong in long term facilities! Is Love in jail,yet? And is that nut job/ financial vulture digging up her father again or was that resolved? And why was that beautiful blond with that loser boyfriend/business partner?
    That is it for now. I just had a few seasons of opinions and questions piled up. Thanks everyone!

  • Ironic that the 3 unpopular girls of the show decided to quit. So it comes down to are they not getting paid or not getting paid as much as the others? When it comes down to it, Big Ang and Drita are the most popular characters and Renee loves the attention. So it’s no wonder they quit.

  • Is Ramona even a Mobwife? She is not even in the credits and this chick wants more money? She’s luck to have a job, she can barely spell. As long as Drita and Ang stay I’m happy.. Bye Bye to the drama

  • I always wanted Karen to go, and I can’t stand Ramona. I will however really miss Carla, She was a fave of mine. IDK if this show is gonna be watchable after hearing this. Shame !

  • No surprise here. We all know or should by now that these so called “reality” shows are all scripted and edited. If the producers didn’t start shit between the women why would we watch them? I was an extra on a very popular reality show and to film a 2 minute line took about 2 hrs, sure reality , don’t think so

  • If Chicago was not our doing..we really had no control of what direction we wanted to go and show you. Just saying 😉 They should call it Robot Reality

  • So-long Karen. You never fit in with this show anyway. You are more suited for ghetto gansta trash.

    Carla, I love you but you are boring and you appear to have a comfortable lifestyle so I doubt you ever needed this show.

    Ramona, you should have thought this out first. You have a good heart and it clearly showed through last season. With that said, you may request for more money and even if you were refused a raise, you should have stuck it out anyway. Television opens a wealth of opportunity and you could have used this moment to write a book and use the show to advertise that book. You could have been a spokeswoman to sell products. You had a window of opportunity and once you close that window, it will slam on you. I hope you are able to re-negotiate and do what you can to remain on the show because you’re a good Mother to your children and frankly, they could use all the financial help they can get from Mom.
    Now, I hate to say this but something tells me all these women were fired. Nobody would close a window of opportunity on themselves. Not many people get the chance to be on a television show that requires no education or skills. You will all find yourselves working in a grocery store slicing deli meat.

    • Oh Crap! Sorry for commenting twice. I didn’t think my first comment went through and so I re-wrote it again. Oh well. 🙂

  • I don’t care for Karen, she can go. As for Carla and Ramona, I think they should have thought this out more, especially Ramona. Ramona has children to raise and could use the show to help open windows for herself. She could have written a book and maybe the book would sell well or maybe not but the point is, being on television gives her the opportune time to do so. Once she is off the show, the window slams shut on her. Carla seems like she doesn’t need the money but Ramona could use every dime she can get together for her children. Ramona is a survivor but she should have really thought about what she was giving up before she turned away. An Opportunity To Do Things She Will Never Get To Do Again. Anyway, I do hate to see Ramona go because I think she has a good heart and she’s a single parent and really needed the show. Karen doesn’t belong on this show. She should be on some other show titled, “Ghetto Gangsta Biotch Style!”
    Carla I did like but she’s verrrry, verrrrrrrrrry boring.

  • Bringing Love on last year ruined the whole show. Went from, couldn’t wait to watch it, to reruns, if that. Jenn obviously has issues and turns them into Cast issues, very sad woman.

  • Damn i’m very disappointed. I love this show and I loved ALL the characters. Very sad to see the three leaving..and wondering what is going on since I don’t follow them on twitter. Very sad, and very disappointed yet not shocked. I follow Somaya Reece from Love & Hip hop on FACEBOOK..she has talked about it many times how VH1 has tried to make her look very bad, also Chrissy didn’t even want to meet the exec producer of the show during the reunion and even admitted on camera that she was trying to make Chrissy look bad, and place her in situations that would cause a fight. So I can’t say i’m at all shocked. ALL the producers do this kind of shit to start drama, and it’s very sad!

    • I didn’t care for how Chrissy seemed to not like having Yandy Smith on the show, it came off like she thought she was above Yandy. Wonder what the season will be like since Michelle K wouldn’t film with anyone but her own friends. She has said in interviews that Erica Mena tried to film with her over and over and she refused. LOL

  • I love Drita and Carla. As much as Ramona and Karen got on my nerves with their I was connected back in the day BS, I started liking them. Unlike the RHONJ those women may piss each other off, but would have each other’s backs in a heartbeat.

  • I liked season 1 also. Except for Drita. Drita is so immpulsive,angry,and jumps to fight like shes on steroids. The show made her look like shes some tough guy. Meanwhile she weighs about 110lbs. LOL I would throw her. All of these ladies have kids and all of them wanted to fight each other. I liked Carla the 1st season. Then she comes back like a tough guy too. That was it, I stopped watching it all together! Carlas Ex. made more sense than she did! Good Bye!

  • This has been floating around for weeks now. Carla & Jenn the exec producer 7& Renee’s sister had a twitter war over the weekend. I am not surprised nor do I care that Carla has been let go from the show. I was surprised about Karen not coming back though. She had a real story line being Sammy the Bull’s daughter, unlike Renee’s father most had never heard of until the show (sorry Jenn). I really liked this show, but again, it got ruined, by the producers setting up scenes, lies etc. The women turned into bullies showed no class and all they did was fight…literally. They all set bad examples for their children,IE.,Ramona marrying a convicted drug dealer doing 15-20,Renee with her dependency issues(although she supposedly is doing well) but she is still a bully, thinks SHE is the Mob, Karen with her nasty attitude, wanting to beat everyone up or threaten too, because shes Sammy’s daughter, & even Drita with her fighting. Tnis is not a show young people should be watching. It started out being about surviving the lifestyle, & ended up being a violent shitfest. And Jennifer screwed everyone over. No surprise there !
    Jenn’s new show w Big Ang is a total fuck up too. Another Bad girls club. What a crock. Heres an idea,Jenn, make a good show worth watching oh gee nos you can’t, you fired them all, stupid stupid stupid move.I will be surprised if this isn’t the last year or it get cut altogether.

    • So right. I found the S1 so interesting since most people had never been exposed to this type of lifestyle and how to deal with the trappings and association. It turned into the Bad Girls Club with seemingly sensible women becoming senseless hags. One thing that really changed was the understanding and almost apology that there was violence, murder and unhinged families because of their father’s associations to the embracing and almost boasting that their fathers did indeed do these disgusting deeds. Just a gross spectacle. And while I think Ang is a great “character”, would you ever in your right mind associate with something that looks like they were an experiment?! NO!

      • Good one Baloney! I use to roll my eyes when the wanna be’s called out the Feds for being so bad, like ruining a holiday to arrest their husband or father, or harassing them…thank god for the feds to keep these people off the streets..their crimes were not victimless.

        • You are so right and I forgot those holiday comments. Their holidays were ruined:( What about the families without a family member!!?? And Karen was the worst about that.

          • Now that Carla’s gone I wish they would bring Love back she was crazy and would make me laugh……..maybe they should send her to RHONJ imagine a Caroline V’s Love war and she already knows and hates messy so it would be top ratings.

          • Silvana, I have to say that Love scared me. It was like each episode she filmed was set in an insane asylum. But, to bring her on RHONJ would be so rich.

          • I’m glad Karen is leaving! Karen is a RAT’S daughter, she came from a Long line of RATS! They were popped selling Estasy in Arizonia, KAREN’S entire family RATTED their way out of a lifetime Sentence. I have No respect for her! Her ugly daughter looked like a no talent , homely, spoiled brat! Ramona is another WANNA BE LOSER! CARLA was not relevent and so boring!glad to see these Losers go!

        • wasn’ that crazy and funny? complaining so bitterly about how law enforcement is mistreating them? HEY, HERE’S A TIP : you don’t want to get arrested? stop being a criminal. and we’re supposed to cry and commiserate with them !! talk about lack of contact with reality. jeez.

      • ya know, wealthy people who like to golf and go to country clubs….. THEY have a lifestyle. these women are not having a “lifestyle” — they are leeches, benefiting from years of death,corruption and mayhem. Organized crime and murder are not a f__ ing “lifestyle.” Talk about minimizing and euphemisms !! what utter bulls_ t. i watch the show and usually like it, b ut let’s please be truthful here…… they are boastful about their mates who are incarcerated thugs !!

  • It is shocking that so many are leaving. I like Ramona so much more, I’m sorry I judged her harshly. For her to admit they were being told wrong info behind the scenes is really sickening. These ladies are interesting enough with their real life. No need to amp things up. I never watched Chicago and am not sure if I’ll watch this season.

    • Chicago sucked. And the sad thing is, the girls were very very close to Jenn the producer. So considering how the season played out, they did well. I kind of feel sorry for Ramona because she has 4 kids. Hope for the best for her. Im sure Karen will do well and Carla…merp! Im sad the OG group will not be whole even though I do like Carla.

      • I liked Chicago except for that idiot Nora!

        Meh Ramona and Karen never cared for either one of those wanna be’s, but I have to say I do feel bad that they do not have a job anymore ya know? But at the same time they seemed to do ok, before the Mob Wives so being on the show and getting exposure and starting business and stuff I’m sure they will be ok. They do have fans and have made even more connections.
        Carlas seems to be doing good with her soaps thingy.

  • Al I can say is that with Karen gone, there will be room for others in scenes. She is a repulsive, unapologetic, unsympathetic and uncaring loser who has no regard at all for others. Good riddance. And Ramona? Well, was she ever appealing?

    I do hate that Carla is gone but without Drea or Renee, there would be no show.

    • ITA Baloney about Karen. She was so tough acting an thugish,it was funny to watch. Ramona was annoying as hell too. The one I did enjoy was Drita who seemed to soften and learn to tone it down as the show went on.I think BIG Ange was ok in small doses but she is too cartoonish to be a main character!

  • I am shocked that Carla and Ramona quit the show. I really got the impression that they needed the money, even if it wasn’t as much as they wanted.

    Regarding Karen leaving, I am not surprised. Last season while she was discussing trying to get her Dad an appeal or release from prison, it seemed like they wanted to keep it low key. I think maybe her leaving the show makes sense because of that. Also, the new lady coming on the show is the daughter in law of someone Sammy the Bull supposedly put a hit on? So I think Karen probably wanted to stay away from all that.

      • Thanks Just Me.

        So, now I have to change my opinion, lol.

        I am not surprised she was fired. She always seemed high maintenance.

        Also, I just saw the other info you posted. Thanks for the update.

    • You said that you got the impression that Carla and Ramona needed the money? Well what impression was that? I mean they were living their lives and paying their bills before they were offered a spot on the show. Now that they are no longer on the show, I assume that they’re gonna resume their same lives that they had before the show!!! So what do you mean they needed the money? I mean, where they homeless or something before the show, what?

  • I’m surprised that they are letting 3 main cast members go… I will not miss Carla at all… I don’t have a problem with her… but, I didn’t think she brought much to the show… Karen is a HUGE member to lose in my opinion… I will miss her on the show… she had grown on me and I had become a fan… Ramona, eh hated her at first… now, I can take or leave her… she was a lot better last year IMO

  • This is so weird, both Karen and Carla participated in a charity event on Saturday and not a peep.

    This sounds like weird hype…it does not make sense for Karen to walk away, she moved there to squash and move her daughter there.

    It would really make sense if Carla was fired, the most we now know about her is that she is a slut…loves dating married men.

    Maybe non of this is true..I know Big Ang is doing a Miami reality show…hmmm..curious.

      • I still think this is an ugly rumor or VH1 is hype the new season.

        Why did the feds cancel Ramona’s fincee’s leave- they stated the leave was supposed to be used to see his dying dad, but the Feds say, cancel, this is not going to be used in a reality show wedding!

        That was September 3 2013.


        • Hi Samael, its not a rumor, Ramona quit, Carla &.Karen were not renewed. I watched the whole thing unfold on Twitter Sunday, it was nasty, mostly Carla raising hell, Karen seemed fine she is moving on the other things I think in her case it was mutual.

          • Hi Just Me,

            Holy smokes what a difference one day makes.Who’s twitter was this revealed on?

            That is sad, Karen rocks and Ramona can be interesting ,very glad Carla is gone.

            Thanks for the info Just me

          • I just checked Karen’s tweets..this apparently happened September 7

            Rennee seemed to be running this, she tweeted karen/carla/ramona.

            I am truly gobb smacked…season 4 taping has already ended, so this means something happened before the reunion or during the new season.

            Hope the women can work this out.

          • Hi Samael, Carla,Jenn Graziano & Renee went at it all day Sunday on twitter, Karen & Ramona were pretty cool with it but Carla really was pissed. She made some pretty bad accusations against Jenn, which most are true, but some of course are said out of rage. But no doubt the producers did some screwing over people.

          • Ok, Saturday not Sunday, oops ! I think the reunion had already been shot & I thought tbey had already started filming again. Renee tweeted awhile back they were. But then (like last year) the start date for the show was. Moved back from Oct to now Dec., so who knows ?

          • Actually Samael now that I think about it, it started on Saturday but continued on Sunday with Carla & Renee ( what else is new ?) But Karen & Ramona did tweet Sunday also.To me Carla won’t be missed, but like I said earlierI think Karens story line was the most important on the show, but I think production made her more of a villain. Ramona seemed more mellow this season, but Her loyalty lies with Karen & I wouldn’t want to be on with my best friend either, which brings up Drita, wonder how she feels about Carla not coming back? But listen when I tell you when Carla burns her bridges, she really has done just that. As much as Carla likes to tweet & stir the pot I am sure we will hear more details of what the Producers & Production did to her. I may not know all my Housewives but trust me I do know the Mobwives show, and I also know people that know them personally & this was coming awhile back. Its too bad, it could have been a much better show if the producers hadn’t f*****d it up

          • Hey there Just me

            So cool that you have connections wink wink! It’s like having an exclusive 24/7, can’t wait to see what happened to Renee, since it was Renee tweeting this trio.

            I hope that these women chill out (karen and ramona) and work it out with Renee. Karen and Ramona were both there for Renee when it came out that her ex is a rat.

            kind of still hoping this is weird hype..I know rub a lamp right.

            When the new season begins I was going to follow Ramona and Karen, had to unfollow them cuz they have too many followers clogging my twitter account.

            I am still going to follow both,and I noticed some people are asking Ramona and Karen if they were fired.

          • Hi again Samael 🙂
            I think emotions are running high right now but things will calm down Karen & Renee have been friends for a long time & Ramona too. Its natural that Rennee takes up for Jenn her sister right now & she should but I am sure feelings are hurt & that is just going to take time. Karen will be fine she has a new book coming & a new hair line & the music thing Ramona I would be concerned about her, she really has no family support, she really needed this job with her 4 kids but she did stand by her friend & thats what these chicks are all about…loyalty. As for Carla she has her soap line…..I could care less about her she ‘s a liar. I feel bad I really liked this show now its ruined. All Jenn cares about right now is Big Ang’s new show & it sucks but drama & the new bad girls club ( MiamiMonkey) will draw a certain age demographic & sell & its all about the bottom line ! I just hate seeing Jenn sell her soul….well you know….SAD

          • Hi Just Me


            Carla’s tweets to Renee are vile, Karen tweeted to Carla to stop including her in the tweet.

            Carla sucks logs. Glad she is gon!

          • Karen asked Renee to not include her in the tweets.. Karen and Renee kinda got into it. Jenn retweeted Rennes tweets.. Yea, Renee thinks she is the whole show.. Well she is kinda, her sister created it, produces it, etc. she’s set. I think that’s what got Carla, Ramona, Karens pistols loaded, I’m pretty sure she makes the most money too, which I’m sure pisses them all off.

    • Carla has said on twitter that only renee and big Ange were offered pay rises that is why romana, Karen and Carla walked.

        • I agree mich.

          I love Big Ang, but her getting a raise when she has a spin off sucks. Renee getting a raise when the others didn’t is bullshit too, they all should have gotten some kind of raise in my opinion.

          I like Big Ang’s new show Miami Monkey!

          • why does no one notice that, if you pay attention to Big Ang over time, she really comes off as phony, greedy, superficial and other bad stuff that’s not coming to mind at present. at 53, she acts and sounds very pouty, childish, whiny and unpleasant. and i’m sure she was a man. she is just awful to her husband, Neal. I can’t see at all what he’s done to deserve the shitty treatment she gives him. it’s shameful. Even if they don’t feel happy with each other, at least have the class to not emasculate and attack him on national tv. If you’re that unhappy, get a f__ing divorce and stop making the guy miserable. Jeez, are you ever a man-hater. that’s real obvious. probably jealous because your package doesn’t measure up. and take a good look in the mirror — you look like a clown. those tupperware boobs and lips are not pretty, sexy or feminine. they look ugly, waayyy overdone and sadly desperate.

          • I agree, I love Big Ang and her new Miami Monkey show, I can see why she did get a raise, she’s very likeable so I’m sure they wanted to keep her. Now that Ramona isn’t on anymore, drita is back to talking tuff shit like breaking faces, etc. which she chilled off of once Ramona was on there, I liked drita at first but now I think she’s so fake, especially after the “rap” B.S. episode, LOL!!!

    • You call Carla a slut because you said that she sleeps with married men? Then you turn around and say that you don’t know if it’s true? You, my friend are a dumb azz! How in the hell are you gonna believe what people say on a half-azz reality show??? Would you want someone to call you a whore or have people believe that you are a whore just because your enemy says that you’re a whore? Whore!

  • Oh, wow! I’m actually quite shocked! I didn’t think Ramona and Karen would ever quit. How will this show be now that three women are gone? Drita needs the show to build her makeup business, and that goes for Renee as well. Production is always making things worse! No Production Team is worse than Bravo though. I wonder what the contract is like for RHONJ. I can’t even picture anyone on that show leaving since they all need money and fame so badly.

    • How the hell do you know that these people need money? You don’t know that! You just made that shit up! Women and their assumptions…They think they know everything…Where did you get that these people NEED money??? Please tell me what facts you have!

      • Do you remember the episode where Renee was crying that she was broke, and that all she had in the house to eat was a loaf of bread (she would have had some cheese, but Junior ate it)? If Renee was being less than truthful, she deserved an Academy Award. At least in the beginning, whether these women were broke or not, the feds were looking over their shoulders and at the show to see if anyone had any suspicious income being generated by their incarcerated husbands, boyfriends, or fathers. I might have been able to deal with Karen, Carla, and Ramona leaving — just move Love up, but rejects from Philadelphia? I’m sure that New York has enough criminals and their relatives to be on the program, rather than bring in ringers from alien jurisdictions.