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Danielle Staub Hints That Jacqueline Laurita Has A Drinking Problem!

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Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub stopped by the clubhouse this past weekend and dished on everything including her one-time friend Jacqueline Laurita. When Andy showed Danielle a clip of Jacqueline referring to Danielle as a stalker till this day. Danielle wasn’t happy and called out Jac telling her she needs to put the wine down. See what Danielle said below

For those of you who couldn’t watch the video, Danielle said, “I think she [Jacqueline] needs to put the wine away and possibly seek help for that. I have not been around her. I haven’t tweeted or I haven’t talked.  If you want to check timelines it’s on the internet and you can’t erase it. We all have regrets about that.  I think she might possibly be the worst example of somebody creating a truth. I moved on from her the moment she showed her true colors.”

Oh snap. Shockingly, Jacqueline didn’t respond via twitter to anything Danielle had said which is very surprising considering she does that any time her name is mentioned by anyone else.

Danielle also spoke about Teresa saying that she actually loves her and has no problem with her while she said she wasn’t very fond of Caroline. Andy mentioned how Caroline’s biggest regret was calling Danielle a clown but Danielle said she isn’t buying it.

Do you think Danielle went to far hinting Jacqueline probably has a drinking problem?

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  • I think if we all viewed season 1 and 2, knowing how everyone one is now, we would see more clearly now and actually realize just how crazy Jacqueline was.

    • Oh, and we would most likely catch how spiteful Caroline really was.
      You can watch season 1 and 2 on youtube.

  • Who cares what this lady says, she’s trashy and nailed Andy in the interview that he told the press he fired her, I would have fired her.

  • Danielle didn’t go to far. She the things that fans have been saying about Jacquline, she likes the drink a little to much, she rewrites the truth to suite her, she is a mean hateful tweeter. She told it as she sees the situation.

    Danielle also cut Jacq some brakes, she covered for Jacq on the book, she didn’t tell Laurita family information or the Manzo. She even dropped the charges against Ashlee.

    The ladies all agreed not to interfere in each others lives after season 2 reunion, Caroline and Jacquline didn’t do that. Caroline went to court against Danielle and Jacquline has talked about her on twitter and other outlets. The only one who has not broken that agreement is Teresa.

    Teresa is also the only out of the bunch who said he was sorry for the way she treated Danielle.
    She said she realized she was wrong for her part on the situation, because it really wasn’t her issue with Danielle but the Laurita’s. She also realized that Danielle was used by the person who gave her information about Teresa, Melissa.

  • I loved how Danielle said “I’m not buying” Caroline’s BS. Caroline is a classic bully personality who always needs someone to pick on to make herself feel better. She bullied Danielle right out of the show, and then she turned her guns on Teresa.

  • Danielle is a delusional criminal who is a proven pathological liar. Jacqueline tried harder than anyone to cut her breaks. Theresa was the one flipping tables on her and chasing her down at an event.

    • Jax daughter assaulted her.. whats your point? Who is innocent on that cast? And when haven’t we seen Jac DRINK? Teresa lifted the edge of a table…get over it. If anyone is pathological, its Melissa. Jac flip flopped with Danielle. She kissed her ass for a hot second so she would not press charges on Aslee. She played games with Danielle and that was not cool, crazy or not! Teresa was pissed because Danielle kept making little digs that only Melissa knew and she was telling Danielle.

      • @michers

        I agree, what Jac did to Danielle playing her and running to other ladies telling D’s secret was bad. I thought D was CRAZY but nobody deserves someone to backstab them like that. For me, that is when I stopped liking Jac.

  • Danielle is an idiot. She hasn’t been friends with Jacqueline for years and has absolutely no clue what her day-to-day life is like now. Just because someone was a certain way a few years ago doesn’t mean they are the same person now. If that were the case, Danielle would still be driving around to parties she’s not invited to with her daughters in the back seat begging her to go home!

  • What I am really wondering now is what Jac thinks of Danielle saying that Melissa was in contact with her to bring Tre down? She hasd one of the loudest mouths calling Teresa a liar when Teresa was trying to get all to believe that was what was happening??? DOH Jac, it would appear that Melissa and Kathy lied to you when they said they were not there to take Tre down. Yes they were so but probably production let you all know that and you chose to lie right along with them. Don’t you look like a fool AGAIN!!!

  • I felt that Danielle had no reason to lie last night. She isn’t associated with these women anymore, she really doesn’t talk about them, she has no stake in RHONJ anymore. I don’t see how lying would help her, so I think that after last night, anything she said was pretty much true. She always has had a tendency to stretch the truth, which is possibly what she did last night, but I think for the most part, she was accurate in her answers. And the fact that they let her be live (unlike Jill Zarin’s recording) tells me that Bravo trusted Danielle.

  • I don’t think she went too far by outing Jac as a wino. Staub raised the bar for going too far when she hauled Ashlee Holmes into court for assault.

    If anyone knows the Manzo/Laurita back-stories, it’s Danielle Staub — thanks to Jac Laurita. So, that family might want to reflect on *why* Teresa doesn’t feel like opening up and spilling her probs to her so-called family and friends.

  • Yes Danielle went too far. She admits she hasn’t been around Jacqueline so how does she know drinking too much wine is a fact. Also, the last I remember Danielle was not running from Jacqueline it was the other way around. She was like a leach that wouldn’t let go!!

    • @ginny

      No, I disagree Danielle didn’t go too far. Danielle said what most viewers have seen. Jacqueline does drink too much, which she admitted to as well.

      Now, as far as that friendship, Jacqueline was always giving mix signals, on one hand she was all about being Danielle friend; then on the other she would not like Jacqueline. IMO I believe her behavior was because of her family relationship with Caroline and Dina, who we all know couldn’t stand Danielle.

      Hence, she was sometimes Danielle friend…sometimes she wasn’t. You never knew what side of the fence she is on. #NEXT!

      • I think she went too far, only because Jaco has three children and she has embarrassed them enough without Danielle drawing attention to it. Sometimes you need to look at the big picture before you open your mouth.

        • Danielle didnt go any further than Jacqueline has. Danielle is also a mother….she may have subjected her kids 2 things she shouldnt have but thats on her and her business since they are her kids. Jacqueline has made FAR worse allegations against Danielle…if anything D took it WAY too easy on Jac.

        • This is the same Jacqueline whose daughter ripped hair out of Danielle’s head while her back was turned… and Danielle then felt forced to hide in a car for her own safety… totally hysterical… while Jacqueline stalked outside of the car shouting at Danielle? I doubt Danielle feels she owes Jacqueline anything after that traumatic episode. This is the same Jacqueline whose SIL… Caroline… proclaimed there was “no light” in Danielle’s daughters’ eyes… I’m sure Caroline thought long and hard about “the big picture before [opening] [her] mouth.”

  • I think Danielle got out what she wanted to get out. She stuck it to Andy about not being fired and not taking pay. Andy didn’t deny and defend himself to much. She also got how she has a new show. We will see about that. I don’t particularly care for Danielle but feel empathy for her. To me she is a person who is just like the rest of us but wanted more, she never truly feels good about herself but acts like she has it all and has control of everything. Not much different than Teresa when she puts on a strong front even though life sucks at the time. What I do like about her is she is willing to apologize and she seems to have two great kids which tells me she must be doing something right and must have a good heart.

  • Danielle didn’t have to mention a word about Jac and her drinking because we all see it week after week and read her ramblings on twitter

      • Danielle called out Jac for being a drunk and vicious twitter fiend and that Melissa spent a year before she was on the show plotting to destroy her own family, SIL, nieces, In-laws–truths any of us with a brain have seen for ourselves the last three years. In other shocking revelations Danielle also exposed that water is wet, grass is indeed green and money does not grow on trees ;)!

  • Oh Danielle…. WTF was with the white eye shadow??? Not a good look for a woman over fifty or hell any woman. (I am in my fifties.) I do not care for Danielle much either but think she was being truthful. I also think she has had help with how she presents herself. The poised educated woman she portrays is pure bullshit. “precocious OCD.”???? Oh Danielle….. Just stop already. Obviously she wanted to plug her own show

  • I don’t know how much I believed Danielle in the past, and not a fan of hers for sure, however some if the things she brought up are making more sense now, than they did a few years ago, so I see some truths there. I think she knows more about the women, than she will tell…for instance remember the statement about Carolines family & the mob connections ? So I think she knows, that we know, that she knows we know lol !

  • Of course Dan loves Tre,now that Tre has been indicted. Later in the interview she says the “bulk” of the HWs are criminals. That was a dig at Tre.

    D can throw love and light around, but she is still full of shade.

    • I didn’t see that as a specific dig but more of a general opinion. Dina: allegedly forged some signature? Jac, Chris, Ashlee: alleged financial issues and lawsuits (bankruptcy stuff, stiletto gate, attacked Danielle physically). Teresa and Joe: 39 counts of alleged fraud still playing out in court. Caroline and Al: Gov. Christie was quoted as saying Al “abused the public’s trust” and suspended/fired? him from a gov’t position. Richie and Kathy: alleged lawsuits (Exxon and landscaper). Melissa and Joe: the spec house issue?, supposed tax liens, allegedly using Papa Gorga to get credit…

      It is my opinion that it’s weird when anyone from this cast, including Danielle, tries to draw a moral high card.

      • I think it was a dig at Tre and the others. Sorry, I should have been more clear.

        I do agree that the RHONJ has no biz pulling the moral card 🙂

      • Minerva, where did you learn about all that and where can i read more?! I’ve love to read about the wakile’s law suits for ex.

    • Exactly – when Jac talks frequently about starting her day with alcohol in her coffee, most people would say that might be a sign you are drinking too much.

  • I mean she didn’t say anything that America doesn’t say ever week. But it was still pretty funny. Danielle is so full of shit, but I believed almost everything she said. Except when she said she didn’t watch Bravo since she left- but it was so gratifying when she checked the hell out of Andy. She wasn’t letting his ass off the hook. Lol.

  • Something is “off” about Jacqueline although I’m not sure if it’s alcohol. Jacqueline claimed that she has never been on meds but her eyes are vacant at times and she seems to be disconnected with her surroundings.

    • Yeah, there’s definitely more going on there than just alcohol. Not only is the woman a drunk but she’s mentally unstable too, a bad combination. She need therapy asap.

    • Yup I do agree with you on that and we have seen Jacqeline drink a lot at times an she could be as well on some kinda Med’s cuz even at times she just can’t get her words out an Jac makes No sense when she talks .