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Brandi Glanville Reveals She Felt Used By Lisa Vanderpump Adding She Is Done Being Her Sidekick!

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Last week, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville revealed that she and her former friend Lisa Vanderpump are having a bump in the road. Many questioned why or how this could happen considering the two are so close and Brandi has finally revealed what went wrong accusing Lisa of using her.

Brandi writes a column in the NW Magazine in OZ and explained what went wrong. See what Brandi said below

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I honestly never thought this friendship would last so I’m not very surprised the two have drifted. I am however surprised by the reasoning. Do you think Lisa was using Brandi?

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  • sounds like Kyle had it right way back when. I think both Lisa and Brandi are shady and I wouldn’t expect either of them to have my back if there wasn’t something in it for them.

  • Lisa used Brandi. Brandi used Lisa. Difference is, Lisa doesn’t need to get over it because she never fell behind on understanding what was going on.

    See, Brandi, when you use folks, you really need to keep your eye on the ball. Lisa is over you like last year’s Louboutins.

  • Now brandi is claiming on twitter she never said this on this article…..ummmmmm yeah that is why they have it in quotes right B? Usually when articles make shit up they use “sources say” or “someone close to production states…” This article is a direct quote from Brandi…probably from the millions of times she opens her big fat mouth to whoever is around. I can’t stand this famehungry biatch, she has ruined the once classy BH franchise.

    • She’s not actually denying it. She chooses her words pretty carefully. She says she’s not allowed to talk about the upcoming season (which doesn’t mean she hasn’t and could imply this happens in the season) she says she hasn’t given interviews about anything true or untrue (which doesn’t mean she hasn’t fulfilled contractual obligations to a magazine to write a column and she doesn’t deny it’s true) and she’s asking where ‘you guys’ read this stuff because she hasn’t told this stuff to anyone.

      That’s interesting. Because again, she’s kind of implying in the way she says it ‘I haven’t told this stuff’ that the stuff itself is true, but that she just hadn’t told anyone about it yet.

      Anyway. I can see why she might feel a bit used by Lisa over this and Scheana shits me to tears too. But I really like the friendship that Lisa and Brandi have. So I hope that we see it play out during the season, that they kiss and make up, and that everything is cool balls again.

      And I hope that If Brandi has felt like a sidekick she gets past that and puts on a Wonder Woman costume or something on her day off. Because I would like for this show to get back to being an ensemble deal now that Adrienne is gone.

      • Hey Aussiegirl

        Long time no hear

        “everything is cool balls again”.

        Ahem…it is a true red white and blue loss for RHBH in Adrienne’s case!…


        • Hey Sam!

          Well, it’s cool balls as far as I’m concerned 😉 you know how much I lurve Adrienne and all (lol. And pigs are flying and unicorns are farting rainbows too)


          I’ve missed me 🙂 xxxxxx

          (And you x)

          • Missed you tons, hope you are well bud, and how is Aussieboy!

            by the way there was a person who left a post wanting to get in touch with you:

            Story: RHNJ recap: Joe Gorga has had enough etc..

            Date: september 9 at 2:00a.m.

            Name: Kate

            Right now I think I am going to two movies, the first one is the Oprah movie..and the second one premieres on Sept 13 with Robert De niro…called The family.

          • Hey Aussiegirl – Got your msg & I replied (JoeGo thread). Tx Samael. I’m going to change my name to “Katie A” cuz the other Katie is back 😉 U guys R great!

  • For some reason i do feel lisa used brandi for publicity for her own spin off show..just how it all played out from the housewives going into vanderpump rules…im sure lisa and the producers talked brandi into meeting with scheana so they could hype up the show…

  • Who would watch a spin off about Schaena? She had such a miniscule part on Vanderpump Rules amongst such an awful cast at that. She is a horrible singer, bad actress, no talent.

  • Give me a break! ! You mean to tell me that Brandi didn’t know that sitting down with Sheana at Lisa’s restaurant would bring publicity to all invloved? Not buying it! If Brandi was so upstanding she wouldn’t be out having lunch with Kyle….which is a direct hit to Lisa!

  • Scheena?? Who the hell cares about that stupid whore. She may be young but she is cheap, not all that pretty and is a waitress for godssakes! I remember thinking when Brandi sat down to talk with Scheena that it was simply like a prelude for Lisas new show. Brandi was helping out Lisa to get viewers is all that was about. All of these women are calculating, self-absorbed twits.

  • Lisa…..move on and good ridince to the attention WHORE Brandi and don’t look back. I pray and hope Lisa stays classy and ignore this obvious attempt by Brandi and Yolanda to try to tarnish her. I knew Kyle was telling the truth about Yolanda talking shiit about Lisa and I hve a strong feeling Lisa knew the truth too. Lisa knew Scheanna waaay b4 she even knew Brandi…so don’t get why Lisa needs to stop her relationship with her. Brandi needs to grow the F up and put a cork in it. NO matter how hard these broads continue to try….Lisa’s popularity will always remain strong. Each season there is a new broad trying to take her down. Keep ur head up Lisa and IGNORE the haters.

  • I didn’t get the “Lisa’s not allowed to be friends with Scheana” thing that everyone else seems to be getting from her column. I think Brandi’s point is that she probably didn’t know how close Lisa was to Scheana and we saw Lisa present to both Scheana and Brandi that she wanted them to have a sit down because Brandi will be around the restaurant ocassionally and Lisa didn’t want her to feel awkward. Lisa presented that as if she was doing it for Brandi’s benefit and Scheana’s feelings weren’t a part of why he needed to happen. I don’t blame Brandi for being pissed off if she found out that Lisa’s reasoning wasn’t genuine or wasn’t what she thought. Brandi seems to feel that Lisa pretended to care about her feelings in an effort to get Scheana’s name in the minds of viewers so she can eventually get a her own reality show which, let’s be real, will most likely use the angle of her being a mistress trying to go legit.

    And lol @ people telling Brandi to get over what her ex-husband did. Um…I don’t care how long it’s been, what woman would be okay with assisting her husband’s MISTRESS on a quest to become famous?

    • Rach,

      By Lisa’s own admission she has known scheanna for a while…..scheanna has worked at villa blanca for some time before going to Sur. There have been SEVERAL times when Lisa has told scheanna to leave the restaurant as to not make Brandi uncomfortable. To me that is more embarrassing for scheanna when Lisa continues to kick her out in favor of brandi’s feelings. Brandi is he type of person that you always have to watch ur back around….as u never know when she will turn on u. Brandi did this to Adrienne…..she did this to Camille……she did this to KYle even after they made up….now it is Lisa’s round. I don’t think ANY of these women really trust Brandi…because they know what this attention skank is all about. However, they have to do a show with her so they will all play their positions. Yolanda should watch herself cause she is the only one Brandi hasn’t burned YET….but it is still early. I called Brandi turning on Lisa months ago. Thankfully Lisa has a great husband and good kids to gain “sincere” support from because it seems all of these women are coming for her. Each franchise seems to follow the same theme….everyone tries to take the queen down.

      • Yup. Lisa even told Scheana herself on VR season 1 that Brandi was her FRIEND while Scheana just “worked” for Lisa, clearly implying that Brandi was more important.

        • I don’t remember seeing the waitress at Lisa’s wedding renewal party or coming over for tea.

          She’s an employee. Plain & simple. Maybe Lisa is just getting a bit too ambitious.

          Oh, and I didn’t see Scheanna consoling Lisa & getting her to continue her wedding renewal party. Isn’t that what friends do? NOT employees. Besides, Scheanna wasn’t a HW.

          It was obvious in Paris that Brandi & Yolanda got along great. They have more in common–having been models.

          Who knows? It’s probably something Bravo cooked up for drama. As if we need more drama on RHBH.

    • I think it should have been readily apparent to all those involved that the sit down with Brandi, Scheana and Lisa was just to create a segue for Lisa’s spin off show.

    • Yolanda is her number one target – Brandi knows to replace one filthy rich friend for another. She has gone from Adrienne & Paul (got Brandi on RHBH) , then trashed them and moved on to rich Lisa & boyfriend Ken, trashes Lisa in print and is now attached at the hip to Yolanda. Yolanda might want to be careful what secrets she shares or doesn’t want in a magazine this time next year.

  • I’m not surprised by this at all. I’ll have to see it play out on camera to really understand but if Lisa knew Scheana before Brandi what’s the problem? I could tell Brandi was uncomfortable talking to her before and I get that but Lisa can help anyone she wants.

  • If Brandi doesn’t want to keep bumping into women her ex has had affairs with, perhaps she should consider moving….Its going to happen & especially when one of them has been friends or known to Lisa a lot longer than Brandi has…

  • Somewhere in Beverly Hills Kyle is probably smiling, feeling vindicated. Guess her brutally honest opinion of Lisa 2 seasons ago wasn’t so far off, now was it?

    • Sure it was. Kyle is stupid, mean & jealous. It was clear that Brandi & Scheanna were being used for a plot line. Everybody involved was more than willing to use their story for tv time.

  • So this is Brandi’s new story line? Someone used someone?

    Lame Brandi, better than wobbling in on crutches though.You pay the price for fame and this can be considered her price for a possible bump in salary this season.

    Who cares.

  • You know, this is so ironic. I remember when the season first started filming, I tweeted Kyle and said that it looked like all of the women would turn against her this year, and she tweeted back and said “sounds like fun”. It’s so ironic how the season ended, with everyone turning on Lisa !

  • Okay, these women clearly used each other. Lisa used Brandi as her mouthpiece and to look like a saint, and Brandi used Lisa for popularity.

    • Brandi got to promote her new book in that sit down. Lisa did not “use” Brandi. She gave Brandi more air time and a chance to preach her story. This is a Brandi’s BS attempt at getting her side out before the season airs. Which probably means that during the season we will see Brandi had a completely DIFFERENT and invalid reason for being miffed at Lisa and it was shot down. Now this. It is utterly stupid and makes me think less of Brandi.

      My guess is, Brandi got sloppy shit faced drunk and ended up on the tabloids. The only friend that Brandi had that would tell her the TRUTH is Lisa. Lisa probably told her to clean up her sloppy image because she was helping to get Brandi a spokesperson role for the skin care company that she had been repping for years. This is just preseason spin zone. Buckle up.

  • Oh what irony!! Kyle was hurt by Lisa because she felt replaced by Brandi, and Brandi gloated and loved being richie-rich Lisa’s project and BFF. Brandi repeatedly chided Kyle for not being loyal to Lisa and told her to get over the fact that Lisa could have new close friendships.

    Now Brandi sees that Lisa, who always finds someone to mother and a “project” has been working her fairy godmother dust around Scheana instead, while rebuilding her relationship with Kyle, and Brandi does not like having to be just another friend and not in the number one, lavish your attention and money on me spot. So many of us predicted this would happen, so oh, the karma.

    I personally think all these housewives need to be better friends, forgive and move on once in a while instead of having so many judgements, grudges and loyalty oath requirements for their friendships.

  • I always knew this friendship would fail however I think its the other way around! Brandi used Lisa! Lisa was nothing but wonderful to Brandi.

  • I thought that at the time when Brandi met with Scheana. You could tell she was uncomfortable. Of course Lisa is all business but I don’t see how Scheana could get her own show, she’s so blahhhh. What happened to Brandi’s spinoff? And didn’t Lisa help Brandi? Lisa always had a u scratch my back I’ll scratch yours in her friend clause. But when she’s done with you she no longer has any use for you. I admire Lisa but she lacks in the friendship department. I even felt Lisa was using Brandi when I did not care for Brandi. How many people are jumping on that train? Even Eddie and leanne are attempting to use her by asking her too appear in their scripted reality show. Brandi needs a better manager if u ask me.

    • You absolutely nailed it Aunt Sadie. Everything you said I was thinking the same. Brandi isn’t the brightest bulb and definetly needs a better manager. I did not know Leanne and Eddie wanted her to appear in their reality show. God. Can it get any more stupid, silly or aggravating?

  • I am not surprised but Scheena has moved on, admitted she was wrong and the affair is over.. Brandi really needs to do some soul searching and just learn to forgive and release all of Eddies trangressions.. She will be more happy and less angry and her life would be so much easier!!

    • It isn’t about forgiving. It’s about a person’s character. Talk to me when she’s slept with your husband.

  • I just don’t know what to think. I really like them both, but it would have been smarter for Brandi to talk DIRECTLY to Lisa rather than give a sound bite to a magazine or whatever…

    And the truth is, I just don’t see Lisa doing this…am I wrong? I feel that the perception of things plays such a big park in all of these franchises. How I see something is not how you will see it. And, unfortunately, that is just how it is with life. But, if they are really that good of friends, what they need to do is TALK!

    • I completely see Lisa doing this, when Kyle said that “Lisa is like Bobby Fisher” I knew exactly what she was talking about.

      Brandi knew too, she didn’t mind doing anything Lisa asked her to do as long as Lisa protected her and gave her the possibility to be a full time HW, now that she has secured her spot, she doesn’t need Lisa anymore and Yolanda fits her plans better so off she goes.

      Plain and simple, Brandi uses her sappy story of being a broke single mother to get into these rich ladies good graces, she appeals to their instict of protecting the underdog and once she is done with using them, she moves on to a newer and better target, that is Brandi’s MO

  • Lisa is allowed to have friends other than Brandi. Brandi needs to get over Scheana. It was Eddie who treated Scheana like a real girlfriend taking her out in public and meeting her family. Scheana is here to stay.

  • Didn’t Lisa know Scheana BEFORE she met Brandi? So why can’t Lisa be friends with them both?

    Jeez, these friendships are so high school.

    • Exactly, Lisa has far more years with Sheana than with Brandi, but the funny part of this story is that Brandi didn’t mind that she was used by Lisa when Lisa was protecting her against Adrienne, Brandi didn’t mind being used while Lisa was confronting Adrienne and her own husband was confronting the maloofs in their alleged lawsuit, Brandi didn’t mind being used when Lisa was introducing her to magazines to have shoots of her as a model, Brandi certainly didn’t mind having Lisa using her when it came to present a united front against Kyle at the reunion.

      Brandi is using this BS excuse of feeling used because if she would say “I am sorry but Lisa has no more use to me and I am onto greener pasturs- namely Yolanda Foster because Yolanda has a romance line that would fit perfectly with my project for a spin off about dating and finding love, so Lisa can go scratch” , then all her fans would come to understand who Brandi really is and how she uses people to get what she wants.

  • Who cares if Lisa is trying to help Scheana out! Lisa knew Scheana years before Brandi and Scheana is a LOT young than Brandi! And why does Brandi care so much? Brandi should not care who Lisa helps out! Lisa has helped Brandi out too!!! Let it go Brandi. Brandi needs to move on from Eddie and her past. Grow up!

    • I am LMAO at Brandi calling Lisa a user.

      Is this the same Brandi, who used Cedric to generate interest and controversy and capture the producers atention and make it into the RHBH?

      is this the same Brandi who used Adrienne to be accepted in a circle that was closed to her for her link to Cedric?

      Is this the same Brandi who used Lisa and dumped Adrienne at the drop of a hat because Lisa was more popular and willing to take her under your wing?

      Is this the same Brandi who has used Lisa to become a full time Bravo HW and who used Lisa’s popularity and influence to sell the sappy story of her being sued by the powerful Maloofs?

      Is this the same Brandi who now has found a new friend, just as rich and likeable as Lisa, so now Lisa becomes disposable?

      I wish I could laugh at Lisa’s stupidity because a blind person should had been able to see that Brandi can’t be trusted but I just hope that Lisa wasn’t fool enough to reveal any of her personal secrets to this harpy or the world for sure will know.

      • umm im pretty sure producers used cedric as a way to introduce Brandi. satchesofgold needs to take a chill pill with her brandi hate as its starting to look like a personal problem.

    • I agree with you Marie. I still think scheana is a big ass whore so I feel no empathy for her. And you are right Lisa has helped out Brandi too and I know Brandi loved all the lavish things and places she was being invited to thanks to LISA! So I think Brandi was using Lisa too. I think Lisa wasn’t picking sides and this was obvious because we all watched the show. Scheana is a loyal worker to Lisa and Lisa has said she wont fire her over this situation. I think she saw that was “Lisa has no loyalty” But I think that’s bullshit for Lisa to pick sides. Glad Lisa has kept it professional. If scheana does her job right I don’t see why she needs to be fired because an ex wife is pissed off. Scheana did apologize after all, whether it was genuine of not that’s in scheanas heart to tell.

      • I don’t think it’s about getting fired. I think it’s about not respecting Brandi’s feelings. Lisa had them both sit down & talk. Brandi never expected Scheanna to get fired nor did she ask Lisa to let her go.

        Something else has gone down. Let’s not forget that Brandi was pregnant when the the little fame whore waitress slept with Eddie. Why should Brandi forgive that?

        And what happened to Vanderpump Rules, anyway? Maybe Lisa is ambitiously giving the show with Sheanna more importance than her friendship with Brandi. It’s obvious Lisa is disregarding Brandi’s friendship. If I were Brandi, I wouldn’t stick around either. What for? More disloyalty?

  • I thought tent went to dinner together and were like friends again. Dang another housewife friendship bites the dust.

    • I believe the reason they “went to dinner together” was because of Brandi’s charity auction or something….She auctioned off a dress and the winner was promised a dinner with the dynamic duo, so they couldn’t back out. Again, I THINK that is the case.

      To be honest I really thought this was a true friendship and I’m sad it didn’t work / isn’t working out!

      • I’m also very surprised. But I think Brandi, being loyal herself, puts a high price on loyalty. As much as I liked Lisa, I don’t blame Brandi for getting pissed. Her divorce is a touchy subject & if Lisa won’t back her up with the waitress that cheated with Eddie while Brandi was pregnant, then she can’t be trusted.

        Some might think that time heals all wounds, but like Brandi, I still won’t speak to a previous best friend who slept with my ex-husband another lifetime ago. It’s about character & trust. Some things just can’t be forgiven or forgotten. Obviously Lisa isn’t that loyal–unless it happened to her, of course. Lisa wants loyalty but isn’t willing to give it. Maybe that’s what Kyle knew.

        I’m glad Brandi has Yolanda. Sounds as if Yolanda stuck by Brandi. Good for her.