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Teresa And Joe Giudice Federal Fraud Case Postponed!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her hubby Joe have been charged with 39 counts of fraud. Both are pleading not guilty but the case has officially been postponed until next year!

They were originally scheduled to stand trial on October 8 but a judge decided to set a new trail date of Feb 24, 2014 according to North Jersey. For those of you who don’t know, Joe Giudice is already standing trial on state trials and U.S. District Judge Esther Salas thought it would be better to move his other case back saying, “the failure to grant a continuance would unreasonably deny him continuity of counsel and the reasonable time necessary for effective preparation in this case.”

Joe Giudice has a court case set for October 28th after he presented marriage and birth certificates that belonged to his brother to have a drivers license. Joe license was suspended after he got into a major accident flipping his pickup due to be intoxicated.

If Teresa and Joe are found guilty of these charges, they can face up to 30 years in prison.

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  • As far as Juicy`s DMV charge, They would have to charge and convict every high school and college kid in America for “fake IDs”. That`s not even counting every illegal working, driving, and getting Gov. benefits with no ID. HELL, homeland security just set up a fund for attorneys to represent and protect any illegals from this very thing. so Juicy DEF should qualify.

  • I do not know alot about this case, but the thing that really gets me is why r they wanting film from a reality show when most people have stated that the show is not real. I just think that the federal government is trying to find evidence from a reality tv show they do not have very much to go on. Also I thought they were suppose to get 50 and now it sounds like it is only 30 years

  • This whole cast has some sort of legal issue going on wonder if they can get a group rate on an attorney?

    BRAVO really needs to recast this entire show. Every season since season 3 has been the same old sh*t. Time for a new story line.

    I say recast, start fresh, & maybe to a follow up special with this cast in a year.

  • Unbelievable. Reading all the detailed comments of the Giudice financial pronlems here. If you people were to put that same passion into all the American companies making a living off the American people but claiming to be a foreign country because they have an empty office somewhere in Stockholm, you too might be able to have a mansion. They evade taxes like it’s nobody’s business. Put millions of American out of work. This hillbilly mentality of let’s get the Guidice is like watching a show of Honey Boo Boo. Get an education and lobby Washington for what really matters.

    • @Praussie

      You’re right. There are legal ways to avoid paying taxes or at least reducing tax liability. Personally, I think the tax codes should be amended to rid many corp tax shelters.

      That said, for me, the worst part of this whole debacle is/was the BK fraud. There were many “creditors” on that list that were just regular people. People who did work for the G’s. Had the BK been allowed, they may have never been paid. Due to the BK, at the very least they took at least 1 year to be paid. Who knows if they have been paid in full at this point? Certainly, there is no reliable info regarding what debts have actually been paid. For me, the punishment for the BK fraud should be harsh. I don’t know what the penalty is, but I think screwing over people while crying poor and living it up should come at a price.

      I think the “hillbilly mentality” is justifying someone’s bad behavior by pointing out that there are bigger offenders. I do agree lobbying Washington to amend tax codes and prosecute white collar crimes more vigorously is important. I do not agree that holding the G’s accountable for attempting to defraud people doesn’t “really matter”.

  • I hate to be a told ya so, but I will be. Told ya so, told ya so ;). CONTINUANCE!! And, in Feb. there will be another continuance.

    So many peeing their pants wanting to see Guidice’s go to the slammer. Hah, don’t hold your breath.

    • Hi shipp

      As far as i know and heard of there’s never been court case I’ve know or heard of that hasn’t been postponed.

      And yeah agree there will be another continuance (probably)

    • Thats what i said also :)! They will be lucky if this case goes to trial in 2015 so I hope Andie wasn’t holding his breath while waiting to film again to catch it for BRAVO

  • If they go to jail they can’t work to pay off their debts. This way they have more time to pay. Would be something if they are able to clear this mess up by the court date!!

    • I agree 100% Aunt Sadie

      Given the option, work to pay off the debt/fine or go to court and shake the dice I hope this is what is in the works for the Giudice family.

      • I don’t understand why they are not downsizing. First to go would be their mansion, unless they owe more on it then current market value. Second would be fancy cars and downgrade to a ford or chevy. After this case if they are found not guilty or pay heavy fines to stay out of jail then they can rebuild their empire. Just my two cents worth.

        • you got that right. Aunt Sadie

          This duo may also get probation, I don’t know how these type of charges are dealt with.

          Like a billion years probation…joke

          • Personally as long as something happens to this duo…I am okay.

            I could care less if it is probabtion and fine or complete payment of defraud amount and court ordered work ie;

            joe – habitat- work for them for one year – no salary

            Teresa – work in a Women’s shelter

            As long as they don’t stroll away. Time will tell but at least the girls will have time with them.

        • @Aunt sadie
          Very good points you bring up and totally 1000% agree with you.

          That would be the logical thing to do work and pay off as many debts and down size ur home, cars extra.

          And it may also work for them in court

        • They did down size, they the mansion and two cars. The shore house belongs to Joes dad, and all the other businesses and building’s were sold. When that was done the debt went. Joe refused to pay his ex partner. I guess he wants him to be the last debt they pay.

          They have downsized, the mansion home to them and Teresa’s parents since Slojo lost their home.

    • @Sadie

      Unfortunately, they are not being prosecuted for failure to pay their debts. They are being prosecuted for fraud and tax evasion.

      I think at this point the G’s paying off their debts would be like a bank robber returning the money and expecting all the charges to be dropped.

      • Exactly))) They are not going to pay the fine and walk away.

        I also don’t have even a smallest reason to bring T back for s6.
        What her storyline will be? Legal mess? But given the fact she brought her lawyer to the reunion, it’s obvious that she wouldn’t talk about it.

        So what’s left? Same fight with the family? Who cares…

        • Smart to bring your attorney when filming a reunion. Bravo is notorious for editing to make things look as they are not. Also Tre has more of a storyline then any of the other housewives on the show and more successful business which is a big part of the show. The hair care party was filmed. Kathy’s cannolis are also aired along with meho’s “book”. Wacko jacko way overpriced blk and carolwhine’s brownstone. It’s just one big commercial with Tre being the biggest entrepreneur.

          • So what? Same businesses. Nobody cares about them and the family feud anyway.

            Now everybody wants to know about T’s legal mess. But she wouldn’t talk about it. Understandable. Is she going to film S6 with her lawyer by her side?

        • I agree, and for anyone who’s cheering that the case has gotten postponed (and I’m assuming will be even happier if it gets postponed repeatedly), bear in mind that all this means is that Teresa won’t get out of prison until she’s is her 60’s-70’s instead of in her 50’s-60’s. By the time she gets out she’ll probably have at least twelve grandchildren.

          And I am also looking forward to a Guidice-free RHoNJ. The only thing that caused this show to get “dark” in the first place is Teresa’s vicious and underhanded behavior toward her brother’s (and everyone else’s) family; I predict a much more entertaining show without them.

          All of the other cast members are interesting and funny people who love their families. It would be really nice to see that type of personal interaction among the cast, WITHOUT the threat of Teresa’s wrath constantly hanging over their heads.

          • But, without the Giudices, what would the show’s focus be? The contrators that are suing Joey? There are many of them. There’s one that I know of that lives in my town. Or the Gorgas hot and happy marriage maybe (if you can overlook the fact that she looks disgusted by him and his advances).

            Or the Laurita’s upcoming charges? How do you cheat a cancer charity and still show your face?

            Maybe the assault charges? Unhappy Caroline? Sourface Al? Albie so stressed he seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

            And please, this show turned dark the night the Christening episode aired.

      • Have the court documents been released yet? Charged but not convicted at this time. I’ve also read that not all charges are going to stick and that some of the evidence that old hag gave was embellished. Could be they will just pay fines, could be they will do jail time. We will all know more when more info is released.

        • @Sadie

          You’re right. They have only been charged. nobody knows what will happen.

          One thing I do know, it is not illegal to not pay your debts. They are not being charged with failure to pay their creditors. So even if they paid every dime they owed to all their creditors, the charges the Feds have will still be there.

          • In my opinion if i were Teresa and out of contract i wouldn’t sign up for another season.

            Yes i realise she needs the Bravo paycheck but I’ve heard her books are selling off the shelves and her hair care line is also taking off.

            Maybe she can approach another station to get a cooking show, she’s always said she’d like one.

            But again in my opinion I’d steer clear of being on tv i just think her being on tv may work against her

      • Rhfan – thanks for clarifying the point:

        “Unfortunately, they are not being prosecuted for failure to pay their debts. They are being prosecuted for fraud and tax evasion.”

        I also thought that this was more about failure to pay debts, but now I see it is about lying on federal paperwork. Don’t know how they can get out of that.

        • Isn’t tax evasion fraudulent for not paying the government what you owe? I’m not to familiar with it but from what I gather u do get hit up with fines. And the bankruptcy filing was the fraud charge right? They withdrew it and are paying their creditors. Ugh confusing.

          • Tax evasion, not fling and not paying your taxes is illegal.

            Not paying your non-govt related debts is not illegal. Some of the fraud charges were related to the BK. Giving false info on your sworn financial statement that you submit to the US govt when filing BK is what is illegal. So, even if you withdraw and start to pay your creditors, the fraud still exists.

            In this case, the G’s were facing fraud charges so they were forced to withdraw. They did not withdraw voluntarily.

          • People go to jail for income tax evasion all the time. I think Juicy should do some time. I think Teresa should be exonerated. And I love Juicy. But, he made some really dumb mistakes that brought him to the attention of the feds.

  • This totally makes sense! There are so many BS stories out there about this! I don’t believe they will do a minute of time but will pay heavily in the fine dept. !

    Also, I’ve been reading speculation(on many sites not just this one)she got fired/left RHONJ….. Seriously?! Bravo can’t afford to let her go!!!

    #1 most popular HW= ratings and $$$$$$
    #2- Tre needs this income as much as BRAVO needs her! NO WAY are they letting her/is she going
    anywhere!!!! IMHO……………..

    • I have not read this! I hope the rumors are false. Otherwise they would not be in such a rush to film the next season to make sure they got the trial.

    • I’ve not heard that, but if its true age either has a spin off of Jersey is going off. Honestly who would you watch on that cast now? Melissa? No. Kim D? yeah right. Whether you hate Tre or love her, she’s talked. She’s literally the most polarizing housewife out their. No other housewife elicits more comments, attention, or viewers. If she’s gone from Jersey- then Jersey is gone from our tvs.

      • It’s all speculation!!! I read the speculation from commenters on here and other blogs………… Though, it is TRUE that no other HW garners more comments/opinions than TRE! That’s EXACTLY why neither of them (TRE/Bravo) can afford to lose the other!!!

    • I can believe Tre would leave the show. I believe she stayed because she was under contract and she was making the most of the platform Bravo gave her. But that fame came at a high price and she needs to get out now.
      Maybe Bravo rushed s6 in hopes of catching the trial of jac, chris, and stump. And if we’re being honest who doesnt want to watch the three ring circus that that trial will be?

    • @original
      Yeah i agree, there are so many rumors and speculations bout this case.

      And Im just thinking if their lawyer/s were absolutely certain they didn’t hv a chance or the evidence against them was rock solid and couldn’t defend the charges wouldn’t he advise them to take a plea.

      Something bout this whole indictment doesn’t sit well with me.

      I hope the defence Teresa and Joe use this extra time wisely and make a or hv a good case.

      Like you @original i also thought the Guidices wouldn’t do any time if they did i thought Joe would do some time and both would be getting hefty fined and get community service maybe even house arrest.

      However Im starting to think if the courts find them guilty they will make an example of them for others just to prove coz ur on a tv show you don’t get any preferences or a lenient sentence

      I really hope if this does go to court they’ll be fairly charged as if any of us who aren’t on tv would be charged and the court won’t feel obligated to make an example of them and throw the book at them.

      I don’t know how true this case is or if the evidence is strong but as much as i love the Guidices if u do the crime be prepared to do the time, again i truly hope they won’t be made examples of

      And for those who hate the Guidices so much don’t forget the Lauritas and the Gorgas hv financial issues esp the Laurita i don’t like Jax very much but if her and Chris would go to court bout their 55M scam they pulled id be saying the same thing hope they get a fair trial and not be made an example of coz their on t v.

  • Wouldn’t you think Teresa and Joe’s attorneys would advise them NOT to film anymore? The upcoming fraud trial is major news (and is probably only going to get bigger) and it won’t be possible NOT to discuss it on the show.

    Furthermore, everything they film will just be that much more evidence for the feds to comb through, and these two are their own worst enemies when it comes to pretending that they’re model citizens. At best they come across as a two-bit gangster and his moll. And really dumb ones.

  • When in America has any court case or hearing actually happened when calendared? Ummmm, never. No surprises here. Glad they have to extra time with the girls.

    If speculation is true, Teresa won’t be filming S6 anyway…. maybe now she can. 🙂

  • Well as I said previously, the RHONJ sure know how to pick lawyers that can drag out a court case.

    What is it they say, “the best lawyers never actually try a case, they just make deals” or something like that….

  • Makes sense. 1,5 months for 39 indictment federal case was unreasonable.
    It’s one of the largest cases I’ve heard of.

    But it also gives the feds more time to prepare and look through additional evidence, like all RHONJ unaired footage.

    • Yep. I remember the prosecutor promising that there would be no delays in this trial. I said then, yeah right. They were expecting Joe and Teresa to plead. Now this gives the prosecutors time to review case notes, strategy, and yes- as you stated- the dreaded Bravo footage.

      • Andrea, you may be onto something.
        Wonder now if the prosecutors set the first date quickly hoping to scare them into pleading out. ROL had a rash of made up stories about their so called plea deals.

        How could Joe & Teresa film season 6 with this looming. I know I’d be a nervous wreck!

    • If I was them I would have pleaded, remember the Fed will be digging into everybody associated with them. I hope they don’t come up with information that they are hiding assets in their family name (classic technique that the Fed knows). They may even come up with even more counts after looking at footage and other information.

      • @Buck Henry. I think they will both end up taking a plea. I would be totally surprised if their lawyer’s let them take the stand. They prosecution would tear them to shreds.

    • Since reality shows are all fake, good luck presenting that as evidence against the Guidices. Teresa has said that it was Bravo’s idea that she run around with wads of cash buying furniture and such for the show. They bring in evidence from the show, and Bravo is completely exposed as a fraud once and for all.

  • I am not surprised that this has happened.

    So this can possibly mean they are in S6 of RHONJ? I am indifferent towards that, but at least they get the chance to spend more time with their families, which is what they need to do (not just their kids)

  • So Joe’s original case will still be heard on Oct.28 and the 39 counts will be Feb 24 2014.

    I thought the Joe’s lawyer was dealing with both together.

    Wow, for the judge to take note of all the financial and document evidence that needs to be perused by the defense lawyer,to agree to Feb 24, that would give me at least one sleepless night.

    For lawyers for the government and Teresa and Joe’s lawyer to ask for a continuance would also create the need for a drink.

    At least this will give Teresa and Joe time to spend with their girls and make more $ so fines can be paid.

    Good for Teresa and Joe and innocent girls.

    • This is no suprise. Joe has postponed his trial for obtaining a drivers liscense with information from his brother, for 3 years now. They have scheduled court dates to schedule dates. When they go to court for one date, they get to that date and then they have a reason to reschedule it for another date, and at that date, they find a reason to postpone that date. It’s ridiculous. One court date had to be rescheduled because Joe was attending a teeth whitening seminar. I predict that the court date for the DMV charge will be postponed again. Probally because he’s working on his fraud charge. As long as they can postpone a trial, they’re happy. This is why it’s stupid for Bravo hurry the next season to include their court trial. The trial will always be postoned.
      I hope Bravo ends the New Jersey housewives. Most of the New Jersey people have legal problems. I personally will not watch Bravo anymore if, Teresa is not fired.

      • Hi Terry

        Good point.

        I didn’t even realize that Joe’s case is 3 years old.

        RHNJ needs to be cancelled…everyone will be talking about court cases all season since almost all are awaiting court case.

        Joe’s fraud case is a serious one, do you think his lawyer is trying to locate Joe’s application for American citizenship exists, therefore the delay allows the lawyer time to search?

        • I think that Joe and all his family knew he wasn’t a citizen. They would have had to know because the group went to Italy. If they had really not know about that, they would have found that out then. Surely through graduation from high school or getting married, that question would have come up. ( wait , Joe didn’t graduate, he got his GED ) They will postpone this forever if they can. I think as long as a judge or jury doen’t say quilty, it’s really not true to them. They don’t believe in consequences for their actions. He didn’t kill anyone therefor he want’s us to believe he’s not a criminal. Who doesn’t want to go to prison, prisoners through out the country don’t want to go to prison. I believe that every time they got a postponement for the liscense thing, it was like a big FU to everyone. To the court, to everyone they owed money to, to us. He’s not suppossed to drive. There is a picture of Joe DRIVING a New white Corvette. Get that visual, and see what reaction you have towards Joe. There are things I like about Joe. I do beleive Teresa when she says that Joe doesn’t hold on to grudges. On one of the reunions, when they had the husbands sitting behind their wives, Joe got hungry and at one point, he told Teresa ” don’t say anything, just let them talk” That was very wise. It worked they finished and probably did go eat, he really was hungry. ( I loved that, it was funny )

          • Postponing court dates is just a way for lawyers to keep bleeding a person out of money. It always happens that way. As far as them going to jail, that will never happen either. They will pay a hefty fine and get 5 years probation. Joes gift he never killed anyone. I am tired of hearing about the 39 counts. Why don’t they round up the drug dealers and the dead beat fathers and mothers who are behind in child support so welfare has more money for those that need it. I am sure that the guidice s give back to the state of New Jersey many times. And if they are pleading not guilty then they know they are not guilty of 39 counts. This is ll bullshit as far as I m concerned. As for bravo they need to take everyone of those shows off the ir.
            Put something on that channels to educate this nation rather than put the crap on t.v. So our young children see this. I have that channel on lockout so my kids do watch the stupid shi@ that comes out of those housewives mouths. Jackie and her husband and Ms know it all Manzo are a joke also. Who cares about their lives. They are all nuts.

      • It’s not always just the defense side that needs the postponements, sometimes they just ask hoping to continue it for the defendant to stay with family longer. One must realize that the District Attorney that is prosecuting the case is also prosecuting many others. Most of the time the D.A. doesn’t care about postponing because they are working on other more criminal or violent cases. The D.A. & the Judge can both deny the request so you can’t put that only on the Giudices’.

        • Hi Acoreschick

          I mentioned that in my original post that both lawyers an the judge agreed to postponement based on financial and documented evidence.

        • True in the case of a District Attorney but these are Federal Prosecutors that handle far less cases than a local DA.

        • I think this DA wants to go to trial. He’s ready, he’s been working on trying to get this man a trial. He’s offered many pleas. At one of the dates to make dates, the judge set a time for the trial. He asked the DA and Joe’s attorney if they would be ready at a certain date. The DA said that he definitely be ready, and Joe’s attorney said that he would be ready. WAIT For that date, Joe’s attorney asked for a postponement because he was defending someone for murder and it happened before the – drivers liscense thing- and he needed to not be distracted by a small problem of defending a charge he’s been working on for 3 years.

      • Joe’s lawyer is known for having his cases postponed so much that by the time they get to trial, people have forgotten what even happened. Then there’s not enough evidence to prove anything.

  • makes sense since he has the same lawyer for both the fraud case as well as the DMV case. Guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

      • Always like this I said it from the START when the pitch forks came out & people w/zero clue about things were claiming they’re both going to jail for years & years lol..please. Wake up people. They didnt murdeer anyone just like Joe said on the show. This is white collar crime maybe joe will do some to time, this is about MONEY. They’ll pay hefty fines which she can make in a year.