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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: The Season Finale Of RHONJ Will Be Edited To Look Different Than What Actually Happened

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The season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been talked about for quite some time now. For those of you who don’t know, Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis was in a brutal fight with Chris Laurita and Joe Gorga, leaving him bruised, the walls bloody and sinks ripped out of a salon at Kim D’s Posche 2 opening! Johnny felt attacked and believed the entire fight was staged accusing producers of being behind it. Johnny pressed charges due to embarrassment and the Laurita’s filed counterclaims.

So will we see the most talked about brawl? Nope! According to my RHONJ sources, Johnny and his wife Penny will be completely cut out of the season finale.

“The brawl was originally supposed to air with Johnny but after he filed charges, Bravo completely edited both Penny and Johnny out of the season finale. At one point, Caroline says something along the lines of “this is all your fault. Are you happy with what you did to this family?” Referring to Teresa and Melissa’s relationship and the camera points to Kim D. Caroline was originally saying this to Penny but because Penny was edited out, Bravo wanted to make it as if Kim D and Caroline are arguing.”

The source continues, “Penny who didn’t plan on feuding with Caroline fought back and accused Caroline’s husband Albert of cheating on Caroline for the past 5 years. Bravo also edited this part out. The finale is going to look as if the arguments that were originally going on with Penny are actually Kim D. Bravo felt like they had no choice with all the legal issues going on.”

Isn’t it crazy how much power producers have and how easy it is for them to edit anything and make it completely different then it actually was? It sucks that we won’t get to see what really happened but it is understandable. Are you surprised Bravo decided to even air the Posche opening?

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  • Melissa came on this show to take down Teresa and destroy her, so that she could be the star. KARMA is finally at her door. She has lied about her wealth…now she’s renting; lied about knowing Penny (known her since her wedding day) treated Jan badly and now they are exposing her secrets. She said on national tv she didnt want the guidice girls near her or her kids and for one year didnt see them until season 5 filming started. She came on the show willing to air dirty laundry so now its her turn. I can hardly wait to watch !!

  • I am a huge Teresa Fan. In saying that, all these ex-boyfriends of Melissa’s need to go away. If Joe and Melissa have a solid marriage, GREAT FOR THEM. They have little kids that none of these people care to think about. (Same for the people talking smack about the Giudices).

    People are spewing lies about all of the cast to get their own 15 minutes of fame. I would enjoy the show so much more if it showed them all getting along and having fun.

    • Oh so would I! In fact, since NJ got so dark, other franchises are following suit- dont like it! It seems there is more backstabbing then friendships, screams instead of giggles, drama over nonsense half the time… repeat now it seems like on other franchises. Waste of time.

    • I just don’t get whats the point at this point, you know? We all know Melissa is a psycho but for these people to come out and release articles about her is just stupid. She has KIDS. But Teresa has gone through the same thing as well, I mean how many times did we see those stupid articles of Juicy at TGI Fridays or him at the casino or Jacoholic saying hes cheating with the baby sitter. It’s a shame no one thinks of the kids..

  • First off I would like to say that I’m 100% Team Teresa and can’t stand the Gorgas. That being said, I want to know why people don’t realize that the Greeks are huge famewhores and will do anything to get on the show. Johnny and Penny USED Teresa’s fan base to gain Twitter followers. They also used her fan base by having them tweet Bravo TV and Andy about putting them on the show. In the beginning they were all about how Teresa had nothing to do with outing Melissa as a stripper. All of a sudden they shifted on her. They subtweet about Teresa and their friend Will Love throws shade at her all the time now. I stopped following them a long time ago because I realized they were scummy. I think they truly are contributing to the demise of the Gorga and Giudice family relationship because they are so desperate to be on TV.

    • Well now they ( the greeks) really have some leverage.. the other ex of Mel’s is at their home tonight! It was stated that Mel tried to use her legal peeps to get him to not put his “story” out.. people thought he was a liar and fake, but not the case. Im a little interested in what he has to say.He came up from Florida to Bergen to do his interview.. Ruh -ro Mel! I agree with the crap from outsiders affecting the family, but we are talking about adults in this family! Mel and Joe had many opportunities to actually fix things, move on but they are the ones dragging this out, for their camera time and dollar signs. It is because of their own actions and reactions that the family is in disarray. if melissa did not lie so much, or never did anything so bad, all of these people would have nothing to say. Also, Will Love is too up Penny’s butt , IMO.. he acts like a drama queen at times on his twitter.

      • Hi mich!

        Oh Jesus, this guy! WTF? I for one could freakin care less what Antony, Bulldog, JTG, and Penny have to say about Messy!! OMG!!!

        I’m so over ALLLL of them and that little yappy guy Wlll Love too!

        • Yep the other ex! ( Anthony). Either its crap, or they really have something to prove Mel is a lying, cheat , manipulator! They sure are persistent and have some balls, LOL!

          • I dont think they will… only because she pissed people off. When people feel wronged, lied about, harassed, they sometimes don’t stop until they feel they get even. I kinda think this is her own fault. If she was not such a liar, people would have nothing to say or do. It is getting “UGH” though…

  • This is a little off topic but I’m really curious. Does anyone know why Theresa hasn’t posted her blog on Bravo just on her own website?

    • There’s no chance Bravo would allow her to put that on their website. She’s calling them out on their editing.

    • She’s mad at Bravo (and the rest of the cast) because she says she DID lift the horse’s leg and Bravo didn’t show it on purpose just to “make her look bad.”

      • She was also sticking up for Joey. He lifted the leg, too. She was very clear about being pissed for both herself AND Joey.

  • Well cannot say Im shocked! Not the first we have seen them edit things!
    I also have “heard” that Penny& JTG had their chat with Joe Go and Mel prior to the spa getaway/birthday. Didn’t see that yet did we? It took place in Feb., and spa was in March! So then , down the road, all of the sudden there is an assault after these 2 situations, and now that is edited, LOL!! Last season was all out of sequence as well.. leaving everyone WTF-ing with PFS finale.. oh and of course- making Teresa looking like the puppeteer..

  • What else is new? You mean Bravo producers are going to edit a scene and make it completely different than what actually happened? I’m in shock…lost for words ;p

  • I’m always confused by people who think “reality” shows are any hint of actual reality.

    I also don’t get everyone getting so upset at Bravo. ALL of these ladies are not new to this game and continue to sign the contracts knowing what they’re in for.

    • @jpg

      I don’t really care about how Bravo edits the actual scenes. The HWs know what’s up and agree when they sign those contracts and cash the paychecks.

      What bugs me, if this story is true, is that Bravo is totally changing the fight scene after the story has been out on twitter and blogs for months. I would prefer them not showing it at all instead of creating a total fiction.

      • I agree it’s stupid at this point to try and recreate it, but I don’t always believe these sources.

        I guess I’ll wait to see what Bravo actually does.

      • You are absolutely right. They can edit it however they want it to, but that will not change the fact that Joe and the Lauritas have an impending case!

    • I agree with you JPG! Everyone acts like Bravo and Andy are satan, yet these ladies are the ones signing up because they like the fame and the money. How is this Bravo or Andy’s fault? They’re in the TV/ENTERTAINMENT business.

  • We should all sue for FRAUD!!! Class action lawsuit. If they aren’t going to show REALITY then they are misleading in their product description. Same with all of them; the Adrienne BS on BH, the Punta Cana brawl, Tre and Juicy’s charges, on and on. More crap they can’t show than they can. So we’re left with boring ass therapy sessions. Oh, TMZ is reporting Apollo beat the crap out of Kenya’s assistant over…ready for it? The workout video. Same crap as last year.

  • I’m not shocked. Legal reasons aside, the ONLY way Bravo would show the scene is if Teresa and Joe beat the crap out of The Greek and then sent Filomina Giudice in to finish him off with her shoe to his head.

    If they’ll edit this to make it look like Kim D is taking the brunt of it all, just imagine how they’ve manipulated viewer reaction and opinion to *others*. Just sayin’…

  • Editing is one thing, but damn! I understand that the amounts of footage that is shot needs to be pieced so that the show could be entertaining and so people can follow the story, but Bravo cut big chunks of footage and created a completely fake piece of crap.

    There’s only so much the producers/editors could do to recreate this mess. How could they think the viewers are not gonna see right through the fake feud between Caroline and Kim D? So done with this show.

    • Bravo managed to do it last year at the PFS with Angelo and Tre so yes, they can manufacture snow in August if they want to.

    • She tweeted before the season even started that she wasn’t going to be on the show. I think she is actually going to be on the first WWHL when it returns, so we will seeeee.

      • Yeah she is supposed to be on this Sunday I think. I dont remember her saying she was never going to be on it, but I know everyone thought she was based on her going to Bravo offices and other things she did tweet. Who knows?!

        • Oh THIS Sunday? Niice! And I thought I saw something along the lines of “I went there but it’s not what you think….Sorry to disappoint…Blah blah blah.” I could be wrong, though. I really just don’t see a point/purpose to bring that psycho back. I saw a few episodes of season one when Bravo had a marathon a while back and it just reminded me of how nuts and annoying she is.

          • Yes, Im pretty sure this Sunday, the 8th.And I think you are right about her saying ” I went there..” blah blah.. weird because it was prior to filming this past season. Maybe she dropped off her evidence against Mel, LOL?? Or maybe they paid her to throw her evidence out? Dun, dun dun….

          • Gimme that’s cause she was caught in the offices with Andy and the viewers thought she was going to be on RHONJ again, she shot the rumors down saying she wont be on the show.

  • Day reunion filmed was same day Famewhoregas dropped story bout M& JGorga being the 2ppl responsible 4 leaking Guidice $spending info (4the past 3yrs) 2 atty Chacon,who then leaked it 2 feds! Yes! his OWN flesh/sis! How dare he scream @ Tre!? Im sik thinkin bout it, pukey ppl!

    • I don’t believe this for a minute, but let’s just say they did talk about it.

      How is that worse than actually DOING it?

    • @LVgrl

      Even if that were true, do you really believe the Feds would build a Federal case going back years simply based on hearsay?

      I do believe that Monica, in the process of researching the G’s finances as is always done in a civil suit, came across discrepancies. She then forwarded that info to the Feds AFTER the G’s filed BK in order to avoid paying the judgement they were ordered to pay to the former biz partner.

    • That story is nothing more than a comment made by one of the fans of the show who claimed some inside information. It’s not even as credible as the National Enquirer. Those crazy loons over there are eating it up though, they will take any tidbit of information as long as it’s negative against Melissa and Joe. The Giudice investation and charges by the federal government stem from their fraudulent bankruptcy filing. Anyone with any sense understands this.

  • Get rid of T? I don’t think so. Wouldn’t it play into network hands to have actual court room drama, or the residuals thereof, instead of trying to create their own Hunger Games?

  • pathetic but not surprising. This is why I can’t understand why some here get so emotionally involved in the “drama” as most of it is manufactured, cut and paste or completely acted out. Time to totally to recast the show.

      • I agree. I think they have pushed this baby as far as they could, and its getting tired. So are the people on it.

    • Or why some of the cast members take it to Def Con 3 over some dumb offhand comment they see on TV. I’m sure ALL of these women have seen some of their own actions and words edited and taken out of context to create drama, they can’t make the intuitive leap that things might not have happened exactly that way when it comes to the others?

  • So they’re going to edit a scene where Caroline accuses Penny of ruining the Gorga family to make it seem as if she’s actually accusing Kim D.? How weird.

    IF this is true they should just cut the scene completely since it’s just going to wind up looking ridiculous. Are they going to do retakes to EDIT IN responses from Kim D. to Caroline’s accusations? This doesn’t make any sense.

    • I don’t get it either. There’s been so much press about what really went down and Bravo is going to edit it and think we won’t know? Stupid.

    • True! It’s a slap in the face to viewers to do this. They are so lucky a great portion of their fan base only purely watch or go to Bravo’s site for blogs or “behind the scenes” footage. If those fans knew the half of it. I think more people are starting to look around the web for more info for this cast. That’s how I found this site. After season three the show took a dramatic turn and I wanted I’m glad blogs lke this exist.

    • They’ve also already shown Penny in the bar scene (with Jan) and the cast has referred to her on numerous occasions. If Bravo is so afraid of the legal ramifications why has she even been shown or heard about at all?

      I don’t believe this “source” at all, and I’m trying to figure out who would benefit from putting such a ridiculous story out there.

        • @ Estelle, I’m just guessing some lawyer got to Bravo and sent and cease and desist letter concerning any footage of the brawl since it’s all in civil litigation now and would affect one or the other’s side of the case.

          The fact that the judge on the criminal case thought that the brawl was staged for TV speaks volumes as well. Now, it’s a civil matter among them all. My guess is whomever has the biggest $$ to spend on lawyers will outlast the others.

      • Melissa …ahem “Estelle”….of course you wouldn’t want Penny or as you refer to her “this source” on at all….one less person to expose your dirty secrets!!!!

        Estelle and JPG….still got your number!!! Messy Marcos 4 Eva!!!

        • Except that from what I understand, Penny is about to expose TERESA’S dirty secrets to both Melissa and Joey. The meeting among the three occurred in March (which is pretty much where we are now on the show) and has yet to happen on the show’s timeline.

          Whether they choose to show it is another matter, although I sure as hell hope they do.

          And where did I say Penny was the source for this story? I already said that I can’t imagine WHO the source is since I can’t figure out what can possibly to be gained by it. Although I’m working on it. 🙂

          • So this is you Melissa!!! LOL

            Well when I say “dirty” secrets I mean “dirty” as in – cheating, blow jobs in parking lots, sex for boob jobs, stripping for money, sex for drugs abd money, etc. – that kind of “dirty”.

            That in no way has anything to do with Teresa & Joe’s legal issues. What they did is separate all together. Was it wrong? Yes. Was it “dirty” as described above? NO!. So don’t bring Teresa into this discussion. It’s time to stop blaming her for everything.

            If you want to blame Teresa for something, blame her for MeHo and Stumpy’s opportunity to go on national TV and totally DISGRACE THEMSELVES!; MeHo’s opportunity to put her horrible singing and elementary writing skills “On Display”; Stumpy’s opportunity to maximize his “roid rage” in order to play victim and remain on the show; etc. etc. etc. (need I go on???)

            I’m sure you are trying to reveal “the source”….just FYI – it was Bravo asking Penny the details….not Teresa…..Teresa doesn’t have time to give a shit about Melissa and her brother…he screwed himself the moment he said “I do”.

            Anyhow….give up the blame-Teresa-jig…its soooo played out….Teresa has bigger issues to deal with, inlcuding her current charges. But of course, since she’s so FABULICIOUS, she makes it look like a cake walk!!!!

            You should watch and learn instead of hate and judge. 🙂

          • I guess that we all have our own definition of what “dirty” is.

            The fact is that Melissa didn’t do ANY of the things you mentioned, and everybody (except a few freaks who are still in denial) knows this by now. But supposing that she or ANYONE ELSE had, what the Giudices did is a STILL whole lot dirtier. To be specific, 30-50 years worth of prison time dirtier.

            And give me a friggin’ break with blaming Bravo for everything. If Tree’s Trolls are so convinced that Bravo is involved in some kind of conspiracy to make Monkey Woman look like a schmuck, then why do you even bother to watch the show at all?

          • I watch because I looooooove watching Melissa squirm because she can’t keep her lies straight. I watch because it’s hilarious to see her talk about being a “pop star” and watching her make an ass out of herself trying to learn to dance. I also love to see what she’s wearing because I can always recall the exact same thing worn by Teresa the season before, but in a different color. I also get a kick out of how she
            so desperately wishes she was J.Lo and I think she actually thinks she really looks like her!!!! Now if she were to think she sings like J.Lo, I’d give her that – J.Lo actually sings like shit too, but…just for the record… Melissa’s singing sounds worse than shit!!!

            Anyway- I also find it so incredible that she claims to be such a good mom, yet she never shares an embrace with any of her children – she can’t even stand to be in the room with them! (Actually this is really, really sad for the kids!! Especially Antonia – she breaks my heart, she has such a sweet little face and just seems lost and always seems to be wandering around the house, around her parents, hoping to get any crumb of attention she can).

            Should I also tell you why I love to watch her shorty? Lol

            In a nutshell, I watch because it’s THE TERESA SHOW!!!!!
            I’ve been watching since Day 1. I love watching Juicy Joe, Teresa, and especially her girls and her parents. The beauty is that I always DVR, so I forward through the Manzoids, LooneyLauritas, and WallpaperWakilies.

            The Gorgas I watch for pure entertainment and utter pleasure in watching them eat their bowl full of shit!!!! 😉

            This is what full circle looks like. You get what you give.

            And thank you for calling me a Tre Troll!!! I’m going to change my name here – that’s so cute!!!! I wish I would have thought of that before!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

            Have a great day Melissa!!! Good luck on the new dream house!!

          • I kinda like “Tree Troll,” too — it’s really grown on me. (Although my all-time favorite is STILL “Tretard.” 🙂 )

        • @ ( estelle)Except that, Penny herself has said that its already out of sequence!!! The meeting with her and Messy took place in Feb, not March, prior to B-day trip to Mirival. So I guess we shall see what airs next , in what order, depending on Bravo. Because People have been duped and or pissed off, I will be surprised if they air any more footage that can and will be called out!

    • I think the viewers DESERVE to see what really happened. It’s a shame they always try to make it look like something its NOT, oh wait…………this is bravo we speak of. Nevermind! I would love to see all the women try to FAKE ACT that whole scene didn’t happen at the season finale. I mean for gods sake Chris, Jaq, and Shorty Mcgee are going to court over this whole debacle. Not cool that they are probably gonna make the housewives LIE and blame Kim D again for causing a commotion. I would’ve loved to see what they did to that hair salon and what actually did happen leading up to that moment. Of course Bravo cuts out the good shit…

  • I am not surprised Bravo isn’t going to show Penny/Johnny. They begged to be on TV, then turned around and pressed charges. Bravo doesn’t like “legal complications”

    I am surprised that they’re going to edit the seen to point the finger at KimD. If she had nothing to do with the rumors that those Greeks were spreading, that’s crappy. On the other hand, KimD and Penny are longtime friends, so maybe there is some involvement on Kim’s part, who knows?

    As a fan, I would prefer Bravo to just ends things before the fight started and then show after the fight. They could just throw up some MSG saying due to legal constraints we can’t show it, etc. if this source is correct, I hate that Bravo is going to totally reinvent what actually happened.

    (sorry for the duplicate post, my 1st post was entered with the wrong I’d 🙁 )

  • I am not surprised Bravo isn’t going to show Penny/Johnny. They begged to be on TV, then turned around and pressed charges. Bravo doesn’t like “legal complications”.

    I am surprised that they’re going to edit the seen to point the finger at KimD. If she had nothing to do with the rumors that those Greeks were spreading, that’s crappy. On the other hand, KimD and Penny are longtime friends, so maybe there is some involvement on Kim’s part, who knows?

    As a fan, I would prefer them to just end things before the fight started and then show after the fight. They could just throw up some MSG saying due to legal constraints we can’t show it, etc. If this source is correct, I hate that Bravo is going to totally reinvent what actually happened.

    • Like Teresa, Kim D can take whatever gets dished her way. Viewers have been blaming her for years for what she is asked by her employer Bravo to do.

      • Yes, KimD can take it. She’s the first to admit her being on the show is all about the money and furthering her business.

        When I said it was crappy, I meant it was crappy that Bravo was trying to make viewers believe that something happened differently than it actually did. Especially since the Greeks were spreading the rumors on twitter, interviews, etc.

  • For me this is the first responsible act of human responsibility that Bravo has shown.

    Let’s see what Bravo is responsible for:

    – calling jonh to invite him as guest
    – giving script to Joe about arguing with john to address rumors they are spreading about M

    – Bravo taped everything til the police arrived
    – the second John stated he was going to charge all including Bravo, suddenly Bravo might be called on their disgusting story lines approved by Andy Cohen

    – I think that Bravo is being watched by the FCC – as stories afterward about complaints to Bravo and FCC came forward

    – I think this was put a stop to because Bravo is not sure what the outcome will be for the three stooges and how it will affect Bravo

    I never wanted to see the fight, too many are promoted and too many story lines that are guided towards physical violence exist already, thanks to Bravo story lines that are approved by Andy Cohen.

    This decision gives me hope that Bravo finally acknowledged the viewer’s disgust at Bravo being responsible for creating situations that will lead to physical violence.

    • Hi Sammy. Wait till next week when roid rage animal stump man starts his verbal abuse, again, and throws a glass at the wall.

      • Saw the First look last night. He wasn’t so bad actually. I get he’s pissed at all the rumors. It wasn’t directed at Tre.

        • Hi Laurie

          My issue with Teresa’s brother, he never stands up for Teresa, but he hears a hint of a whisper about his wife who claims to be a whore – he throws something or somebody.

          That mentality is abusive. M is just used to being ignored and watching him in his knuckle drag mode is for some reason okay with M.

          Each fight …there is Joe and he is either starts or join’s the physical fight.

          Reacting in a violent way to typed words, tells me he is used to abusive behavior and is not going to bother changing.

          I could car less who he directs his violence to..wrong is wrong.

          I am in no way saying that he is the only violent one, he just makes sure he is involved.

          • Oh, ITA… He’s always quick to blame Teresa. I was just stating that he wasn’t directly calling her out with the glass-throw (keeping it context.)

            I’m wondering if the “Mike” phone call from last December still makes it to air, too and is inserted into the fake timeline of events.

          • Hi Laurie

            You are beyond right abut that, who is Mike…

            When I watched, I was wondering if it was Jen/Kim D/Penny…the list is endless of how many people that can’t stop talking about M!

            I thought it was his phone that he threw his cell phone!

            Wish he wasn’t so violent.geez…he is the biggest drama queen


          • Why would be stand up for Teresa who has been spreading rumors about her from day one.. Lets say she was a stripper or even a prostitute .. Her brother is now MARRIED and has kids. A good sister would just suck it up and shut her mouth instead of trying to destroy her brothers life!! Jeezus are we watching the same show here?

    • Ohhh I think someone finally heard something. Not for one minute do I believe that Andy decided on his own to go from @BravoAndy on Twitter to @Andy! Something is up. OR I could be wrong!

      • Hi DonnaLee

        I noticed that too, this also may be just more drama that Andy is creating for the Reunion, and then once we watch the Reunion…voila his Bravo account is back…maybe right?

        We will never really know what is up.

        • I didn’t know that Andy changed his twitter name/handle. What for I wonder? I’ve been out of the loop!

  • Does anyone know who this Penny is, and why she has such a vendetta against Teresa’s family?

    Sorry, I’m confused….

    • Penny does not have a vendetta. She did hair and makeup for Melissa’s wedding. She bought the salon whose previous owner had paid for Missy’s boob job back when she danced at Lookers. All of the stylists knew Missy and about how she went after Joe for his money. Melissa’s sisters started a Twitter attack against Penny, her salon and her husband John (who owns Rutt’s Hut in Clifton). Penny has been trying to defend herself against very nasty attacks on Twitter. Bravo *invited* her on several occasions to be filmed and then reedited everything to make her look bad. At the Milania Event, when Missy asked her specifically *who* had asked her the cheating questions – remember how she responded by saying she didn’t want to say who? It was the Bravo producers who had asked the questions to her and she would have been in a huge amount of trouble if she had said so. She only looks like she has a vendetta because of the Bravo editing.

      • Penny and her husband run with those “big dogs” Kim D refers to a lot when she is calling out lil Joey Gorga.

      • Her husband owns Rutt’s Hut? Didn’t know that. IMO, Hot Grill beats it hands down LOL! That’s been a debate since I was in High School 🙂


        • It’s not very complicated. At the time Penny was hoping to be a paid member of the cast, that’s why she was following the instructions of the producers. If she revealed their machinations, no contract – which didn’t materialize anyway but she still got some screen time and an opportunity to market her salon.

        • Are you serious? LMAO. Everything about this show is producer driven hun. I’m pretty sure Penny isn’t the type of bitch to not rat out Teresa if it WAS Teresa. She would’ve called her out in a second because they ARE NOT FRIENDS, HELLOOOOOO.

  • I’m not surprised at all. Weeks ago I said they wouldn’t/couldn’t show the brawl (legal reasons). To add, all those expecting the Guidice court hearing/trial/proceedings….that won’t air either. No cameras in the court.

    But, to edit the brawl to look completely different than what actually happened is just plain Bravo bull shit.

    Done with this cock and bull story Bravo is pushing down out throats. Bravo actually thinks we, the viewers, are stupid.

    • Ok- I am only speaking for myself here, but despite the fact I know the producers are editing in order to totally misinterpret what really happened and purposely give certain HWs a bad edit at times…..I am still watching this show (and only this HW show). When they maintain their viewers, they interpret it as we are stupid and don’t catch what they are doing; OR we know what they are doing and don’t care. Only protest available here that counts is to stop watching since that is all they understand apparently, having no moral compass to guide their actions.

    • Exactly. For legal reasons, much cannot be aired, but don’t air anything. Editing it, is BS, we all know what happened, sources, and twitters have been out there. This show has to end.

  • See, THIS is the biggest reason I don’t get involved and invested in any of these shows or the “characters” on them. It’s ALL bullshit! Just sit back and watch the train wreck!

  • Why anybody would even be surprised? We never got to see that Punta Cana (?) brawl either.

    I just hope that Bravo will recast.
    Teresa must go, she has to deal with serious issues in her life. And the outcome of those issues is totally unpredictable, prison is a strong possibility. If nothing else, she must leave for the sake of her children.

    Without Teresa, Melissa, Kathy+husbands must go too. Enough od old family drama.

    I’d keep Caroline. And bring a whole new group of people, not related!
    And I don’t want to see Danielle back. She is mentally unstable and sickening.

    • Jacqueline is just as if not more mentally unstable as Danielle. You’d keep Caroline over T? LOL … There is no show without T.

      • Yes, I like Caroline. Is that a crime?
        And I don’t like T.
        I did explain that it’s not time for T to do any show. It’s not a joke.

        Jac should go too.

        With the new group of people there will be new show. Nobody is irreplaceable, you know.

        • I think Caroline has to go too. She is boring and I can’t stand her preaching. Watching her family is a snoozfest.

        • Hey Masha

          Caroline is my BFF..did ya know..joke.

          Yeah I love her to, for me, she still goes around spreading gossip,when she really doesn’t have to. Remember her tour of “I’m going to meet with Teresa” or when she told Kathy not to try and work it out with Teresa, cuz according to Caroline, Teresa is not ready.

          And still I heart Caroline, I like that she is addressing her relationship with Al and she also acknowledges that she too makes mistakes…doozies.

          For me I think RHNJ should be torched. All have made money and been there done that in the physical and emotional violence department.

          I would absolutely watch Caroline and family in their own reality show.

          And I would absolutely watch Teresa and family in their own reality show.

          It is not a crime to like Caroline, makes sense to me.

          • Hi, Samael.

            Well we all have our opinions.
            I am not a fan of anyone, but out of what we have in NJ I like Caroline the most.I’d give her own show a try.

            I would not watch T’s show ever. And as I said, it’s not the time for any show for Teresa.

            If Bravo recasts the whole group I wouldn’t cry either) These fake old family feuds/make-ups really got on my last nerve.

        • Yes on this site it is a crime to dislike Teresa. Every article praises every shit she takes like she craps gold nuggets and trashes everyone other HW on NJ.

      • ITA – a totally new cast with new dramas would be best. But I also believe Teresa should do another show as she let Bravo beat up on her for three seasons – call it combat pay.

      • I agree with you T! 100%. I think the whole cast needs to get the boot. I have been saying this since I heard about the reunion. Tre needs to handle her court situation or go to another network since they continue to make her look bad. Mel is as boring as a bolder on the side of the highway. Tired of Cannoli kits and her cry baby hubby. Jaq is…………..ugh. Caro is boring as hell. Tired of seeing Lapband Lauren complain ALL THE DAMN TIME the boys on the other hand are okay. I like Chris he’s entertaining. Albie is okay, he stresses out too much you can tell. I want to see newer, fresher people! I’m tired of the SAME SHIT story line for THREE YEARS NOW bring on people with REAL MONEY Younger fresh faces and not frauds like Melissa WHORGA

    • The Punta Cana fight also involved police and I think a lawsuit by the customer who got champagne spilled on them. This salon issue, also has a lawsuit, I’m sure, just the fact that charges were issued against the Lauritas, warrants that the show cannot air the fight. I think the cast has contracts that state they can show just about anything, but I’m sure nothing that involves lawsuits against the network, or criminal charges as a result of a fight because the footage needs to be used in the case.

    • Ummm since the beginning of reality tv! All those shows are edited. However, Bravo has the worst producers and editors ever. Their shows are don’t even make sense at times..LOL

  • Well then at least we won’t see JTG blame Teresa for digging up Melissa’s past. “Go ask your sister” will not be heard.

  • Not surprised in the least with all of the litigation but Bravo will show the Poshe party because it’s now tradition.

    If Johnny wants to sue anybody it shoukd be Bravo.

  • Not surprised. I don’t know why Bravo is always editing everyone else, but blames it all on Teresa and Kim D. It’s annoying. Is Andy that scared of the Manzos? Lol. They should be exposing the fugly Marcos by now, but too scared, I suppose… Makes me wanna shy away from the show even more.

    • I think it’s ridiculous Bravo is doing this! I mean EVERYBODY knows about the brawl and when it happened, so how could they NOT show/talk about it? Stupidity.

  • As predicted Bravo was going to scrub and sanitize that whole debacle.

    And why can’t Richie button up his shirt…I almost threw up.

    • Richie is gross! Last night I caught the preview of next week’s episode. His shorts were so short it was vulgar. No man should wear short shorts…..ever!

      • He sooo reminds me of the Bob Filner the EX-mayor of San Diego and Bravo is trying to make him seem human when he is a disgusting PIG. But they tried not to listen to the women of San Diego and it back fired – Bravo should listen to their women viewers and oust Richie from the show.

        • Out of all the gavons on this NJ crapfest, Juicy is the only bedable one, IMO!! 😀 LOL, and you would never go hungry or thirsty with his homemade wine in a jug and a soppresetta in his pocket!! Where do you get “beer gut” from? I have never seen him drinking beer. But I have seen him do the splits better than Splits Richards and I have seen him kick high on his boxing bag!!

          I have also only seen Juicy paying homage to the elders in his family and scaring his daughters with monster shenanigans!! I adore Juicy!! He has never changed for the camera. He is who he is.

          Unlike Little Boots, his elfin BIL, Juicy is a man and maintains his own cajones in his own pants! Little Boots, the folletto maligno husband of Malissa (the mal is intentional), could stand to observe his sister’s husband on how a real man behaves. What man can call himself a man who behaves as this boy does? He would do well to think for himself though I believe his capacity to do so is limited by a low functioning brain! The way he began his foray onto RHONJ will forever brand him with the worst descriptives!! He is so…limited, I don’t know if he will ever understand this. Teresa asks for more from her brother than he can even think to give. You can’t squeeze love or intelligence from a block of wood!!

          Since I never get a chance to comment with my mobile device, I just want to take time to say finally, that the writer of this blog does an awesome job and, IMO, writes fairly and as she sees things. I congratulate you and I enjoy reading your blogs. We often bring your links into our FB group! <3

  • Who’s really surprised. I read somewhere else where Penny called Caroline an old hag. Damn what I wouldn’t have given to see and hear that.

    • I’m right there with you!

      I knew chuckies image rehab was just that, image rehab. After T letting it out that she did complete the horse exercise, and chuckie talking trash about T and the experience in the talking head knowing full well what she was saying was bullshite, it confirmed what I already knew intuitively- that she’s still that vile biotch from last season.

      • yeah yeah hoolie – Chuckie’s image rehab was quite frankly just a chuckle. Ain’t no changing Chuckie, or the Righteous Meatball, as others here have hilariously referred to her.

      • Something always goes down at the Posche fashion show hahaha that should be the setting of EVERY RHONJ episode!! Would make it more interesting to watch.. This season has been a snooze fest.. I’d rather be watching the OC girls.. And we all know how interesting they are

      • Hollie when did Teresa complete the exercise!!?? She ran away saying she was “scared” of the horse!! Bet if the horse lifted its leg for her it would have been a different story and we would have never heard the end of it how “the horse lifted its leg for me and not Melissa, that must say something” Melissa and tree are both disgusting and Caroline is right!! They are both the same person!! Cold evil Bs

        • Andy Cohen admitted on twitter that Teresa caught the horse’s leg but it was “hours later and everyone was gone”. This was in response to a tweet asking why Bravo didn’t air it.

        • Apparently she said on her blog which she posted on her own website that she and her bro lifted the horses leg but it was edited out and she wasn’t to happy.

          • Yes, he did. He said she did it long after everyone else, including the camera people, had left.

            Not quite the same thing. And Bravo can hardly be blamed in not including it, since 1) there was no one there to record it, and 2) the actual therapy session had long since ended and the rest of the therapy group was no longer even there.

            The point of the exercise is still obviously and completely lost on her.

          • Yes Teresa did Completed it an the horse did Lift its leg up an it was Edited out an that’s why Teresa was really up-set she said it in her Blog then Teresa put it on her Facebook page everything that happen. I feel it wasn’t right what Bravo try to do to Teresa really was a nasty thing ………..

          • They DIDN’T edit it out. Since she did it long after everyone else, cast and crew included, had left, it DOESN’T MATTER.

            What doesn’t she get? And how much extra time do you want to give her, anyway? Why not make it a WEEK later? Or a MONTH?

            It STILL doesn’t matter, because it didn’t happen DURING THE SESSION.

    • Im not surprised at all ( see my post way below)! They do things out of sequence also, just like last season.

      • True, but look at who we are talking about.. when Caro called Danielle names, we thought same thing! Ehh, whatever 🙂 Its a riot when any of them call each other names when you think of how old they are!

      • Well Gimme, she may not have been referring to Righteous Meatball’s looks – possibly her deeply ruminative, vengeful nature and liberally sprayed verbal aggression instead. You know how Meatball likes to hand it out. ITA, Penny is quite wacky. When she was blathering in Melissa’s face, it was one of the most pointless scenes ever filmed in reality TV – and that’s a huge call! Never been a fan of the “Cheater Melissa” boredom – or hanging any woman over her sex life. Melissa is unpleasant in a dozen directly observable ways, no need to dig thru her shadows!

      • Hahahah GImme Pizza SOOOO true!! She’s way more then wacky looking.. She IS an old troll with no room to talk

    • Not surprised at all..this is what Bravo does in the hopes that somehow, somewhere there are viewers who are still dumb enough to believe what they show is real. Bravo’s substandard production team has ruined the show. AND, if they did show it, we would all see that Penny and Johnny were set up!

    • It’s going to look like crap, and everybody knows it. So how are they going to do this. A commotion happens and the camera doesn’t show what is going on and then we see Chuckie saying you are the one tearing this family apart and then show Kim D? People are going to wonder what set Caroline off in the first place, and with that much damage and not showing it people will wonder what happened (we all know what happened). Will Bravo say that a fight happened with a patron and thats it?

      Sooner or later Bravo is going to get their butts handed to them when one of their people on a show kills someone (not themselves) but someone.