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Teresa Giudice Calls Caroline Manzo A Liar Plus Calls Bravo Out For Editing!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice normally sends her blogs to Bravo once she finishes but this time she posted her blog onto her official website. Teresa blogged about Sunday’s episode explaining that viewers didn’t get to see everything happening. Teresa calls Caroline a liar plus calls out Bravo’s editing! See what she had to say below

“Well, I loved this episode & I hated it. I loved it because I really loved the entire experience in Arizona. I love new things. You didn’t see me making fun of the counselors or putting it down or whining in bed because I really appreciated everything about it. Part of life is to keep learning new stuff, and I love that. I was open to everything: the drums, the psychic, the horse, the high-wire. We were there to get some healing, and I was ready. I was tired of crying! Some good vibes and happiness were welcome!

I hated this episode though because you got to see everyone else’s full experience with Wyatt the Horse Whisperer except mine. I know they can’t show everything, but both my brother and I were able to approach the horse with openness and honesty, and he lifted his leg for both of us. For me, it was a really big accomplishment, and I’m sorry you didn’t get to see it. I’m also sorry that Melissa chose to speak for me on Twitter and say that we all regretted not opening up for the horse. I don’t regret it because I did open up! Why she alone didn’t is for her to explain…

Everyone is afraid of something, and for me, full-grown, giant-ass animals that I’ve never been around before are it! I was so freaked out that the horse would turn around and bite me or kick me or something. It’s no joke! Maybe if I had known the horse since it was a pony, I wouldn’t have been afraid of it, but I didn’t. I had a bad experience on a horse once in Aruba. And I know animals sense fear, so that made my fear even worse!

But one thing I’m not is a quitter. I like to push myself and learn new things about myself, and I didn’t want to give up. I did get the horse to lift its leg for me, I did scrape its hoof, and I was soooooo proud of myself afterwards!

I’m super bummed that some of the people that were there with me like Caroline and Kathy and Melissa, who saw me overcome my fear and work with the horse successfully, acted like I didn’t. Everyone is afraid of different things. Caroline grew up on a farm, so the horse was no problem for her. It was scary and different and strange for me. The next day when we were up on the high-wire, I had no problem, but Caroline had a melt-down. Heights are really hard for her. She was hysterical crying, and wouldn’t do it. I didn’t judge her or say she wasn’t opening herself up. I knew it was hard for her. I encouraged her, reminding her that I overcame my fear with the horses, and she could overcome her fear of heights.

For Caroline to say I’m just like Melissa, and that I’m superficial, says a lot about her character. She saw that I did open myself up to the experience, so for her to lie like that makes no sense to me. I thought we were there for healing, and I certainly didn’t belittle her for her fears. She was miserable the entire trip, fighting with Albert the whole time. And she has the nerve to say I didn’t embrace it? Disappointing.

You could see how into the whole experience I was when Jacqueline was up there crying and I ran up to give her a hug. I was just really happy the whole time, so happy we were all there to support each other.

We were filming at the ranch for hours and hours, and at one point, natured called and my Joe got up to go to the bathroom. When he was walking back, Milania called, so he answered. He waved me over so I could talk to her too. We had been there all day, and I wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything wrong at home. I missed my girls! I can’t believe of all people that Kathy didn’t understand that, but I guess she and Rich have a limited memory for things. For Rich to talk about my husband delaying legal issues is insane to me. My husband cannot control the legal system, and Rich of all people knows this. Rich’s had his fair share of lawsuits and I would never comment about his behavior in them. Shameful.

I’m glad you got to see a lot of the good times we do have though. Joe resting his head on my shoulder. Albert opening up. Caroline saying she wanted to hug Joe. Chris saying he loved me. Jacqueline and I cleaning the bottom of each other’s shoes… I think you got to see a lot of honest interactions, and different sides to all of us.”

Clearly Bravo wouldn’t post Teresa’s blog since she’s basically calling them out for editing so I don’t blame her for posting the truth onto her site. Thoughts on what Teresa had to say?

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  • Thanks egg!

    I agree with you, Tre is probably tired of the manufactured drama and feels like there is nothing to lose. I just hope she didn’t burn her bridge too soon.

  • I think Tre and her friend Heather have the absolute right to say whatever they want on Twitter, blogs or in interviews. There are consequences though when you choose to speak about your employer(Bravo). Bravo doesn’t want ANYBODY to tell how the “magic happens”. Regardless of what people think of Bravo’s editing, they are still her boss and speaking negatively about your employer has consequences.

    I think someone on here commented somewhere about Tre maybe being fired or quitting? I think that could be a possibility. I still think that JillZ was fired not because fans didn’t like her, but because she was talking about creating the fight with Bethany for dramatic value. I think Bravo wanted to make sure that the “magic” stayed a secret. I guess we’ll see what happens, but Bravo has proven to have a very low tolerance for HWs who try to “pull back the curtain”

    • rhfan, I agree with you 100% about the “pulling the curtain” on Bravo’s magic. Melissa’s sisters learned that lesson the hard way, as did Jill Z. I consider you to be one of the only objective posters on this board and enjoy your perspective on things. My theory is that Teresa has nothing to lose at this point voicing her opinions. I think she’s about had it with the manufactured drama, and is taking a chance losing her job with this bold move. There is a chance she may be sentenced and figures what the hell, I might as well say what I want because I won’t be around next season.

  • Kudos to my Super T; she must be distancing herself from Bravo, maybe her contract is expiring soon. Glad she took the bull by the horn.

    It is hard not to think that Caroline hates Teresa because Teresa knows how to be happy. Think about it, if you ever had a friend who couldn’t share your joy. Caroline doesn’t like it if she is in her role as Number 1 and everyone is coming to her for their needs.

  • I like T better when she takes the high road, too. But honestly it has been years…..listening to her cast mates criticize everything about her, her marriage, her parenting, her financials, her other friendships, her conversations, her products. Cant you cut her a break on one snark? Really? Why dont the T haters get upset when Melissa snips at T weekly in her blogs? Is it because we all KNOW Melissa is a biotch? Because we expect that from her? I dont care what happens to the Giudices concerning their upcoming trial. I think people should get what they deserve most of the time. But the RHONJ, as a television show, I think T has been screwed upside down, sideways, and twice on Tuesdays for years now….by Bravo, by her castmates, by their spouses, children, and probably the guy who gets everyone coffee in the morning. So in the strictly “Teresa as a Tv character” sense, I have to root for her. I think its the right thing to do.

  • Look the Guidices went to an attorney to file their bankruptcy obviously they got very poor advice. As far as mortgages go, have any of you gone for one in the past. Well these loan institutions cut people a lot of slack, they wanted to give these loans. Especially building loans, they make plenty of money for relatively short term. Not a huge criminal conspiracy. So once any paper is conveyed by mail or the like then its mail fraud. Thats how these charges go. If every person who ever fudged on earnings to aquire a mortgage the courts couldnt contain them. So really this family are big bad criminals. Excuse me, want to see real criminals turn on the news our polititons are double dealing plenty. This is a joke, a witch hunt it is horrible what is being done to these people.

    • I really hope Teresa is outta contract and leaves this circus of a show.

      I wonder if or when Teresa leaves who Bravo will target next hmmm.

      And i know that bout 3-4 will be saying the show will go on and Teresa will go to jail blah blah blah.

      Either way wonder who Bravo will target next?

      will Andy and Bravo go after
      The Melwhore or jacoholic or Caro and Al marriage.

      I can’t wait i truly hope verdant doesn’t come back. For her sake and her families sake inc her parents

  • I think she’s finally had enough. She’s been trying to make things better, and seeing the snotty comments from the other “ladies” (and some househusbands) may have just pushed her over the edge.

    I don’t care who likes her or not, but how anybody can expect anyone to take this shit for this long is delusional. Any one of us would finally say OK ENOUGH! She’s been the whipping post for too long.

  • Love how she called all their soryy lame ass’ out including the biggest d*ck MS ANDIE. Hopefully she does the same at the half ass reunion. Maybe she has had enough with this BS and realizes that her stank ass whorsey looking SIL along with BRAVO basically screwed her over big time.


  • I think if it were only editing, Teresa probably would have let it go. However, with Caroline commenting on the fiction that Teresa and Joe as well as Melissa failed the test, that is not editing. That is lying. Melissa tweeting that fiction to further Bravo’s editorial frame is lying.

    I don’t blame her for getting tired of the double standard. There she is in her talking heads naively believing that everyone is being honest about moving on while everyone else is stabbing her in the back in their talking heads. They constantly complain about her. 95% of their conversations about about her. They are probably upset that she doesn’t talk enough about them, that she cares less about every little thing that they do than they care about her every word.

    Whose every facial expression, tic and utterance is scrutinized by her castmates for some subtext that can be used to condemn her? Teresa. She does not spend a twentieth of that time poring over their actions and words. She has more things to do and more thing to worry about. Frankly, they should follow her example and get a real life and focus on that rather than on hers.

  • Teresa went into this with an open mind whereas a lot of others didn’t. I would have been upset too if my big accomplishment at overcoming a fear wasn’t filmed. Why film Caroline when she grew up on a farm? – editing leaves a lot to be desired sometimes.

    Joe too is opening up. He has always seemed like he could handle anything and nothing bothers him. We are seeing that he does need to talk does need support even though he doesn’t ask for it. He may be proven guilty and separated from his family.

    For once I empathize with Caroline and her fear of heights. My deepest fear is snakes and I’m sure I would have a melt down or worse if I had to face one. I will never overcome that fear.

    Anyway I wish we had seen the whole story and achievements instead of being left wondering.

    • @ginny, I also think that Teresa went into this with an open mind. Not bitching and complaining like some of the others.

      And I do empathize with Caroline and her fear of heights. Like you, my fear of snakes is epic and I’m scared to death of heights.

      Because Teresa is afraid of horses (she said she had a bad experience in the past), and she was able to overcome it, it would make sense that she was upset that it wasn’t shown that she was able to complete the excercise.

  • I wonder if the stories & defending of tre will change by you women when stubby goes to jail for breaking the law & tre has to move in with her parents??? Huh???

    • Me too. Why was Govenor Christie firing Al Manzo from his politically appointed job and having to pay back the salary to the people of N.J.not shown on my TV. Albert lied and listed his residence as the Brownstone address. All of a sudden the story became how Al only came home one day a week. Chris and Jaqueline are in as bad a legal case as Joe & Tree, never one word about it on my T.V. Melissa and Joe living in a spec home and losing the Sr. Gorgas home to a loan shark, just to have the money to get his wife on the show; also not on my TV.Only Teresa and Joe have no privacy.

  • Caroline knows Melissa is pure evil and tries to loop Teresa into the same category. She will say anything that could make Teresa look bad .If Teresa and Mel were so much alike I think they would get along better. Melissa couldn’t lift the horse’s leg because of her inability to ever be real not because she was afraid to challenge herself in front of others as Caroline stated which was a strait jab at Teresa. And kudos to Teresa for not caring what anyone thinks and speaking her mind about the whole crew. Its about time because they certainly say the worst about her.

  • I wonder what Bravo feels about her posting her own unedited blog on her website? Reminds me of Jim Bellino posting blogs on his website last season after every episode. He defended Alexis and himself, ripped on Bravo, the cast and blamed editing. I thought it was hypocritical then as I do now. Biting the hand that feeds you.

    I’m sure each cast member could complain about editing. It’s probably upsetting to see certain things cut out that they wish were aired. This comes with the territory of being on the show. That’s what the money is for!

    Teresa and Joe have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion in regards to the many charges they face. Her blog does little to alter that for me.

    Could care less about the trivial complaints about editing right now. This is a distraction from far more serious things she’s going to have to deal with. At some point she and Joe will need to take responsibility for what they’ve done. They won’t be able to blame editing for that.

    • Clearly you didn’t read her blog – she didn’t blame editing. She seemed very understanding that they couldn’t fit everything in … HOWEVER for Caroline, Kathy, and Melissa to pretend she also didn’t do it is what she was referring to

    • Each cast member HAS complained about editing! What’s the big deal if Teresa complains about it and tries to set the record straight. Every other cast member (aside from Caro for she never gets a bad edit) has taken the opportunity to complain about editing ESPECIALLY this season. Caroline lied about Teresa and her experience. Some want to turn a blind eye to the fact Caroline is a bold face liar and choose instead to focus on and condemn Teresa for saying Caroline and Al were fighting the whole trip.

      I’m already tired of this trial business because every discussion for each episode (which is still in the process of airing) turns into rant about their impending fraud trial. A blog on something that was filmed a few months ago “a distraction from far more serious things” is a little reaching don’t you think?

    • There is only one problem with the “Teresa knows what Bravo does, she knows what she signed up for, she knows they edit to suit their needs, so why should she get upset about it?” scenario. I dont think there are many “fans” on either side of the T debate who would argue that Teresa hasnt been the Bravo bad edit target for quite some time. So even if one might say “what goes around..comes around. T should just wait for the Bravo tides to turn on Melissa amd take the high road for now”, what should Melissa be doing right now? Didnt Melissa have an even greater knowlege of what SHE signed up for? Given that the show was then a few years old when she came? And she was warned by many about the tabloid exposure, the sneaky edits, the family turmoil? Why should SHE be upset then? Why should Melissa be upset when T “is just going along with the Bravo game?” Clearly, every little possible slight, fake or real, she addresses in her blogs, talking heads, has sisters online defend her. Geez. Can you imagine if SHE got the same edit as T? I dont have a problem saying they should all accept what they have signed up for…but it shouldnt just apply to Teresa.

  • Teresa may feel that at this point, she has nothing to lose so why not unleash 3.5 seasons of lies and distortions? I think it can actually show that SHE was the one to get the most out of the AZ experience. She’s facing her fears, calling them (her fears and her detractors) out, and feeling authenticated and authentic in the end. She’s telling her truth, and doing it on her own because she doesn’t want to be edited by those who’ve done the most to tear her down. Wasn’t that the point of the horse experience?

  • Caroline has this problem thinking that she’s ALWAYS perfect. I would take that nonsense with a grain of salt. The ONLY reason Caroline was halfway nice this season, is because she was getting death threats, and tons of hate mail. So, She figured she had better bitch up, and get with the program. None of it is sincere. She constantly has something negative to say about EVERYONE, and thinks that they ALL need her advice. Sorry “DEAR CAROLINE,” you’re not needed for advice here on this show. Get your own life together first.

    • Caroline is not one to talk. She talks a good game about truthfulness while she lies like a rug. Pretending her daughter was on that fake die, a deal she had worked out with the doctor. The plan for everyone to want to use it once they saw how much weight Lauren lost was blown when the hospital outed Lauren’s lapband.
      Or the Manzos tweeting that blk helps cure autism, before we knew Nick had it, nothing shady there.

  • I just think enough is enough. Tre has taken a bad edit for years. I don’t think she has changed, I just think Bravo allowed some of who she is to be seen. So now I think she is finally calling them on it. Look what has happened to her, vicious people have built a case that is very serious. Bravo has allowed these influences to paint a devious picture of Teresa. When others are guilty of vicious attacks on steriods, for there personal gain and fame. What goes around comes around, eventually the lies and manipulation will come to light, it won’t be pretty.

    • I don’t understand this claim that Teresa has had a bad edit for years.

      I’m sure there has been some manipulation with editing and story lines. But they haven’t always been detrimental.

      She knows she’s on a reality TV show and has profited from the celebrity it’s given her.

      I think more people like her than not, so the bad edit for years argument doesn’t really make sense to me. However the show has been edited, it’s made Teresa the star of the show.

      • I agree. I think every year someone looks worse than the rest. In my opinion this year it’s Melissa.

    • I agree, Mia. I think that she’s very sensitive to how she’s being portrayed at this point because Bravo has repeatedly taken hit after hit to her character. And her character *does* matter in ways beyond the show at this point. The public has no way of knowing if her Bravo image is genuine or if there’s calculated bias — despite the fact that by now, most viewers know this is a scripted, edited entertainment vehicle. If she wants to set the record straight, for any reason, I say…let her.

    • Im sorry your comment has me incredulous. Vicious people have built a case ????? You HAVE GOT to be joking ! Teresa and Joe’s criminal activities so far allegedly go back to before the case. It has nothing to do with Bravo edits it stems from them thinking they could just file bankruptcy erase their debt and get back to scamming the government. The case stems from arrogance, malice, greed and other character flaws that both Tre and Joe seem to share.

  • Loved Teresa’s blog. Loved that she told the truth about the horse, about Caroline, about everything. Love that she is no longer being a Bravo puppet, and sticking up for herself and calling Bravo out.

  • Teresa is a hoot, this is proof of an assertive and confident person. Snaps to Teresa for taking it to the street and saying what she means and means what she say’s.

    So Teresa is not allowed to say the obvious, so far almost all cast members of Bravo have whined about it, Teresa points out and explains.

    Because Teresa has been set up in a specific manner to explain every eye flutter/cough and speech, this is Teresa’s ongoing method of outing crap.

    She called out everyone,without name calling or sarcasm, fact based and mature.

    Clearly people have misinterpreted the “sit downs” to mean – throw darts 24/7 no probs – what a bunch of stooges and everyone is saying “I don’t know if I can trust Teresa”. There they are bashing her again.

    Good for Teresa…oh well M

  • Well I see Teresa has not changed her stripes! It’s still all about me, me, me. Teresa knows the show edits and I don’t see her explaining bad edits for the others. This blog just created more distance between Caroline and Melissa. The others blog according to what was on the show…read your contract Teresa! Keep it up Teresa, you and Heather may just blog your way off the show (if the Feds don’t do it for you). This could have waited till the reunion. Overall, Teresa has lied before, so just because she said it doesn’t make it true. Also, the ‘whining in bed’ comment was nasty. Teresa knows darn well Melissa was sick…shame on her!

    • Why wait until the reunion, Sally? So the others can scream over her, which was done for the past 2 reunions? Or have Jac screech, Liar, Liar, Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiar! like she did in her talking head? I said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s about time she said what she WANTED to say. Melissa knows darn well Teresa got the horse to lift its leg, shame on HER! Melissa lies CONSTANTLY, but gets a pass. This double standard shit needs to stop a.s.a.p.

  • Oh Teresa. You are so sad.

    One, I DON’T believe you lifted the horse’s foot.

    Two, with all the horrible situations you’ve created for yourself in your life, THIS is what you’re worried about?

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    • The horse is out of the barn (no pun intended) concerning Teresa. There was a point in time where I felt sorry for her when she was being ambushed last season. Now that recent events have come to light, I can no longer trust anything she says nor her motivation. Clearly that scene with Teresa and her husband was staged by Joe’s lawyer. And I too do not believe she lifted the horse’s FOOT er hoof!

    • What baffles me beyond belief is that she continues to find excuses to bash Melissa, who will probably spend much of her time caring for Teresa’s children while Teresa’s in prison.

      By continuing this behavior she’s potentially sabotaging the well-being of her own daughters while she’s “away,” all because of her obsessive need to continue her hate campaign against Melissa. These are her priorities. The woman is nuts.

      And I don’t believe she lifted the horse’s leg either. Does she expect us to believe that the ENTIRE REST OF THE CAST is conspiring to “make her look bad” for not lifting a horse’s leg? And then she devotes her entire blog to trashing them for not backing her up?

      I repeat, the woman is nuts.

      • Hi Estelle, what makes you think that if Joe and Teresa go to prison their girls will be left in Melissa’s care?

        I really don’t see that happening given the nature of the relationship between the two of them, not to mention Teresa’s brother.

        She isn’t en-debited to Melissa for ANYTHING at this point and likely never will be.

        It’s one thing to think that in-laws shouldn’t be at each other’s throats (and that is very much a two way street) but as to why you feel that Melissa is deserving of any sort of accolades has me a bit lost.

        • They were left in Melissa’s care on the day of Teresa and Joe’s arraignment, so I’m assuming she would be equally willing to watch them during the Giudices many upcoming court dates.

          I have no clue who they’ll be left with permanently after they’re sent to jail, but I’d think it would either HAVE to be Melissa and Joey or one of her Giudice in-laws — none of whom I understand are that crazy about Teresa. They’re probably blaming her for Joe winding up in this mess.

          • Not all of the girls were left with her; only 2. And IMO, I would think that Sheila, Pete, Maria and her hubby would have the girls if need be.

          • How could have then been in their care when Joey and Mel were in Vegas?

            There is just no way I see them being left in Melissa and Joey’s care when there is definitely more commendatory with the SR Groga’s and the Guidice side.

            I have never heard of a single Guidice family member say a single word about Teresa. There was a rumor that her and Joe’s sister might have had a problem but nothing ever came of it.

          • They were in Melissa’s care on the day of Teresa’s arraignment. She took them to see “Annie” and then Joey took them all out to dinner afterward.

          • NOT ALL of the kids Estelle- only 2. Gabriella and Milania. And it was no favor she was doing- it was for Antonia’s Birthday.

          • Well that was really for Antonia’s b’day and they only had 2 of them not all 4 she also had other little girls there so it’s not like she was going out of her way to look after Milania and Gabriella.

          • LOL! “It’s not like she was going out of her way?” So what WOULD be considered going out of her way?

            And btw, WOW! LOLOL!

    • I question it as well, because all of the other cast mates are alluding to the fact that she didn’t do it. If she didn’t do it, and she’s calling out Bravo’s editing, you better believe that Andy Cohen will call her out on it! It will be interesting to see…….

  • IMO. Yes, Teresa IS superficial and shallow just like Melissa.

    After reading recent blogs of all the cast members, I kind of got an impression, that they are all fighting again. It’s again S3-4, Teresa vs. everybody else.
    So,I guess, Caroline was right? They went, they filmed, faked make-ups and nothing was resolved.

    I guess, it’s time to let this whole G vs.G crap go. Let’s admit it, nothing will be resolved. T and M hate each other and will hate each other for the rest of their lives. Period.
    Move on. Get new story lines, or cancel the show.

  • A big thumbs down to Teresa’s blog. Her desperation is so evident. First of all, I loath blogs that must include a mention of whatever a housewife is trying to sell or promote using a pathetic segue.

    Secondly, Teresa has now lowered herself to Melissa’s level with the remarks about “whining in bed”. I guess the high road is no longer taken. That is one thing I used to appreciate about Teresa is she didn’t stoop to that level in her blogs.

    And next Teresa is whining that it isn’t fair that they didn’t show her entire experience with the horse. Yes, both Teresa and Heather whined on twitter about that yesterday. What a tough break getting the bad edit on a semi scripted reality tv when a bad edit is part of the job. How much is Teresa paid per episode?

    However Teresa is trying to spin it today, she truly did not get what she was supposed to get out of the horse therapy. As proof, Teresa said that in the scenes following.

    Poison: How’d you feel about today?
    Teresa: I don’t know!? I mean, I really didn’t get it!
    Poison: It really didn’t help me, but what I liked about him was, if you have some weakness, he was able to figure that out.
    Teresa: But like, I didn’t. I really don’t have insecurities or, I feel like I am, I’m Teresa. Like, I don’t try to impress people. I’m, I’m just me!
    Teresa: People who have insecurities or, you know, have issues, it was a good thing for them. I was afraid of horses, like that was my big thing, that’s why I couldn’t do it.

    IT WASN’T ABOUT THE HORSE. The experience was supposed to provide insight into how one deals with emotions, relationships and the hard stuff in life. It is about isolating patterns of behavior such as fear and doubt and learning about yourself.

    First of all, Teresa does have insecurities. I could list them, but this post is too long already. If Teresa feels her only insecurity is being afraid of a horse, she is more delusional than I assumed.

    Questioning Caroline’s character is priceless coming from someone with multiple counts of fraud against them. Frankly, Caroline is correct. Teresa is superficial. We have been watching that behavioral pattern from the very first season.

    Next Teresa must take a further dig at Caroline with her comments about Caroline’s behavior on the trip especially the point that Albert and Caroline were fighting. That high road just cannot be taken. I guess Teresa cannot away just love, love, love.

    Teresa is mad at Ritchie for bringing up Juicy’s DMV trial delays. Teresa states that her husband cannot control the legal system. Actually Juicy’s legal team has been trying to manipulate the legal system with countless delays for a couple of years now. The latest one is probably one of the only ones that was truly legitimate if you read the actual documents.

    Lastly, I have always been confused by what can and cannot be talked about concerning the Giudice legal problems. For the past few seasons, Teresa becomes so offended when any of the cast mentions anything about it for the cameras. She calls Ritchie’s words “shameful”. He didn’t say anything bad or anything that anyone already didn’t know. There was compassion in his words. What is shameful is Teresa comparing a criminal trial to civil lawsuits.

    Sorry, Teresa. Your dirty laundry is out for the world to see and you do not like it. Do not blame your cast mates. You are not the victim. You and your husband created your own legal problems. Perhaps that should have been something that Wyatt could have helped you with….oh, that’s right – you were just afraid of the horse.

      • Sorry, LouLou. The last thing that I am is some fame whoring attorney from New Jersey, who I actually think I have mocked in a past post.

        If I am Monica, does that mean you are Kim D? – totally kidding. That is a low blow.

    • I will disagree with you respectfully on the following points:

      1. Caroline is always the one the judge all the characters and she has made a point of it. She has also received a pretty bad rap for it. Teresa making one comment about her being cranky…well she is. Tre is being tit for tat but i have a feeling she is over the two faced deal.

      2. The say Teresa is so bad for her fraud case you might want to not say the manzos are angels the manzo family Albert in prticjular was in some legal trouble recently for lieing on thier taxes as well as for constantly opening their arms to people who have defrauded the government google: Bernard Kerick.

      All and all we all have opinions.

        • Good points, Miss V. Tit for tat is the problem because it just goes on and on. I had more respect before Teresa started making digs of Caroline and Big Al bickering.

          Teresa knows how it feels when the cast talks about her marriage and she becomes very defensive. Why not be the bigger person and not go there? Why lower yourself?

          As to the other castmates legal matters, it is evident that Juicy and Teresa are in a lot of trouble that truly devastates four children. When the other castmates are in that deep, I will comment and compare the situations. Until then, it is apples and oranges to me.

          • I see where your coming from Portland. I in reality wouldn’t want to be in a Tit for Tat situation but this is TV and they have to make ratings good or bad it seems.

            Teresa and Joe’s legal situation doesn’t look good and obviously you are correct Caroline and Albert don’t compare but i do think more of the other casts members legal doings will come up eventually and the pot shouldn’t be calling the kettle black and vice versa.

            I still miss season 1 RHONJ 🙁

          • WHY BUT WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY does Teresa ALWAYS have to be the bigger person? Its seriously frustrating how she can be the bigger person all season; never criticize other people’s marriage; everyone can say things about her; everyone can blame editing; Melissa’s sisters defend her but Teresa’s friends cant etc…; but once she sticks up for herself she is wrong!

            Haters expect her to be Jesus Christ, a perfect angel and still criticize her.

      • Also I have heard from someone polically connected in New Jersey that Albert is the one who turned Joe Giudice in for the license. They couldn’t find Joe driving so they pulled over his brother and took the case to court that way.

    • Hi Portland

      You made quite a few points of how you see Teresa.

      My take on Teresa commenting on her fear of the horse is:

      – Teresa is aware of what the “horse” therapy- end goal was supposed to be. Therefore she feels that her fear of horses did override her ability to complete the exercise.

      – I think Teresa’s point is not editing (everyone is aware of that complaint) her comments were that she did complete the exercise but it just was not shown and cast members are pretending Teresa did not complete the task

      – I also believe that Teresa wanted the experience of being “read” by the Dr. but because of her feelings of fear, she could not have the same experience as the rest of the people.

      Teresa is not whining or lying – she is only letting us know (as other cast members have)she did complete the task.

      I hope you know that I am not jumping you 🙂

      • I have to disagree non of the cast members said or pretended that Teresa did not complete the exercise. They simply said she did not get what the experience was about. A fact so clearly pointed out in the above transcript.
        I believe what rubbed her the wrong way was the comparison that Caroline made to her and Melissa.

        • actually the castmembers and especially Melissa pretended that Teresa didn’t accomplish her goal with the horse. that makes the other castmemebers LIARS!! if everyone is truly in a better place then why lie about that? Teresa has every right as much as the other castmembers to denfend herself and explain the situation in an episode that is what blogs are for.

    • Portland it’s kinda scary how obsessed you are with Teresa. That wasn’t a post on a blog, it was an essay

      • Are you kidding? People write paragraphs upon paragraphs about how much they hate the cast except Teresa. Half of these people dedicate their littler user names to Melissa and Jacqueline! It’s hysterical.

    • Thanks for the positives on my “essay” and to @Portishead, that comment is more comical than LouLou thinking I am Monica Chacon considering the general culture of this blog.

      I do not even follow Teresa Guidice on twitter, but I love, love, love the Faux Milania. Now those are entertaining tweets.

      @Bobby – I guess I think Teresa should take the high road because she tells everyone she takes the high road, that she is moving forward, that she doesn’t hold grudges, that she just wants everyone to get along….. And then I feel Teresa perpetuates a situation. If Teresa really is that bigger person, than be that person. The other cast ultimately looks more the fool.

  • Once again you did not write your own blog because it is not written they way YOU speak English. Secondly, if your brother had to pick up the horses foot for you then I suggest YOU were unsuccessful as usual.

    • Can someone correct me if I am wrong – I am from Jersey – I speak a lot like Teresa does – I too am Italian. Maybe its because we are talking with our hands and just going … or this is common amongst most humans but I CAN WRITE MUCH BETTER THAN I SPEAK.

      Granted my comments may prove otherwise but if I really was trying to articulate a well thought out blog I too would also write a lot better than I could say it. You have to remember when you are speaking it usually is on the spot whereas writing a blog you have a chance to reflect and get your point across as strategically as you wish.

      • Hi Bobby, I can understand what you are saying but with Teresa were aren’t just talking about a single word used here or there reserved for just print as she can’t say it correctly.

        We are talking about entire concepts, correct used of metaphors, idioms and literary techniques.

        She literally uses two fingers to type at probably the rate of 4 words a minute. There is not way at that speed I think she could even remember what she was going to say in that sentence never mind structure an entire blog.

    • rosie maybe you need to re read the blog again because Teresa’s blog is exactly how she speaks. she says love a lot and sometimes she throws in some of her “expressions”. what did you expect? she has an accent and how on earth are you going to hear an accent on typed words? the only way someone types the way they write is either if they talk in slang or are illiterate. she graduated from college so she knows how to read and write and there is such a thing as spell check. get a clue already. stop making excuses just because you Melissa trolls can’t stand the truth.

  • Did anyone notice that Teresa wrote how Caroline was miserable all weekend and fighting with Albert yet on the episode we only see hrgetting along with her husband? Either more Bravo editing or Caroline is just careful to act like the good wife while cameras are rolling.

    • Albert doesn’t come across as the type of guy who could hide his annoyance or disinterest well. If they were really going at each other the entire time…he must have had plenty of time to cool down before the camera’s caught up to him.

    • albert always seems to be miserable and as I recall there was even an episode of him acting kinda rude to caroline and caroline blogged about it and made excuses for him. so it could be true that albert and carline were fighting all weekend. caroline usually looks miserable on vacations. so no surprise there. I think she is more aware how they look on camera and is a bit more careful.

  • I saw this blog last night and it made me fall right back inlove with her. She kept it 110% real. She was modest in saying they may have not included everything due to time but why the hell did Kathy Melissa and Caroline pretend they didn’t see Teresa do something she obviously did. Its gross. I also think it was gross how Bravo tried making it Napa part 2. TERESA FOR LIFE!!!!

    • Bobby,I agree with you. Glad she isn’t letting them push her around anymore. When Rich first got on the show he was being sued for selling gas but not paying Exxon for it. He was banned fromm ever having a gas station again, they didn’t even have a car, that is why Kathy was riding a bike to the store.I have never heard Teresa talk about any of that. How dare that hideous mouth breather Rich say anything about Joe’s postponments.I think Teresa is not playing the Bravo game anymore and good for her for telling her truth.

  • I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a second here and I am sure I will get jumped on for it but here goes…

    While I totally understand T being upset they didn’t show her entire scene she should know the editing game by now. That goes for all of them. How does she know Caroline’s interview wasn’t edited in a way to make it look like she was bath mouthing T the whole time? Obviously Caroline said those things but what if she was asked about when T first started the exercise then went on to say T did pick up the hoof but it was cut? Idk I guess my point is, Teresa has every right to be upset for it looking like she didn’t do it but should understand an interview can be pieced together as well. I kind of agree with Caroline in regards to T and M being a lot alike. They can BOTH be self centered, materialistic, guarded, etc. at times.

    I am pretty sure at some point she was complaining about some on the exercises and looking very uninterested so she can’t say she was happy and open about the entire thing.

    • Fair enough, I don’t agree with you but it COULD be true. However Melissa straight up tweeted about Teresa not doing it.

      • I think Caroline has been a lot more diplomatic this year so I just find it hard to believe she would have totally acted like T didn’t end up doing it. I do agree she kind of missed the point of the whole exercise as did M. I’m not on Twitter so I don’t see what they all say about each other unless it is posted online later.

        • “acted” is the key word for me about Caroline. She’s obviously trying hard to rehabilitate her image after the hit it took the past couple of seasons.

          • Aren’t they all? Teresa is doing the SAME thing! Trying to “take the high road” which she rarely does and saying how important her family is and all that jazz. They ALL want to look good.

          • Teresa rarely ever takes the high road..?? Are you kidding? IMO, Tre has done nothing BUT take the high road for the entire series!

          • In my opinion she just constantly SAYS she will take the high road but will then write backhand comments like these in her blogs or say nasty things in her interview.

          • Teresa almost always stays positive in her blogs, especially compared with the jackals she has to interact with on the show.

            With the exception of Caroline this season (spin, baby, spin) the rest have been making nasty passive-aggressive comments in their blogs.

            I’m so happy Teresa said what she did. Enough is enough! With everything going on in her life now, I guess her tolerance for bullshit is not what it was. Why shouldn’t she speak up for herself? At least she’s telling the truth, which is more than I can say for the other “ladies”.

        • Smashly I was thinking the same thing with regards to Caroline’s blog being edited by bravo is it not entirely believable that if caro had written that Teresa did lift the horses leg that bravo would edited it out because tat was not the storyline they were following??

          • Exactly! Everyone is saying T is absolutely right bc Caroline’s interview and blog didn’t say she lifted the damn hoof but if they edited the scene they can obviously edit other things as well. I will be honest, I wasn’t aware they edited their blogs as well but if they do it to T they likely do it to the others.

          • Apparently they do edit all the blogs if the women write something that isn’t in line with the story bravo are trying to sell.

      • Melissa has a serial issue where she believes EVERYTHING on the episode and takes it for face value (because for whatever reason, editing tries to not make her look as bad as Teresa). The set up at the end of season 4, Teresa being at dinner with Jan and Penny (even though Teresa left when they started talking bad), and now Teresa not scraping the hoof – there are plenty of other examples as well lol. And since she believes these things (or is at least promoting that she believes them, who really knows), she defends the episode rather than defend reality. This is why I can’t stand Melissa. She isn’t honest, she goes along with the bs editing, and thinks people are gullible enough to believe frankenbit clips are reliable, accurate tellings of what happened, all because it makes her look better (for the most part) over Teresa.

      • I just noticed Teresa said “I know they can’t show everything, but both my brother and I were able to approach the horse with openness and honesty, and he lifted his leg for both of us.” Unless I am reading that wrong she DIDN’T lift the horses leg, her brother did correct? Also, I saw Melissa’s tweet which said “Wish Teresa, Joe, & I could have gotten more out of the “horse” I think we all missed a big opportunity:-( still not opening up…” Again, in my opinion she didn’t say Teresa didn’t lift the hoof (which by T’s on account seems to be true) she said the three of them didn’t get much out of the experience which seems very accurate. None of them (Joe, Melissa, or Teresa) seemed to take it seriously.

    • I see where your coming from and im the first person to say its not the editing but all horse business aside Bravo made a call between a father and daughter appear as if he was speaking to his mistress. It was a poor judgment call on Bravos part IMO. I also think Tre was just annoyed with Carolines commment b/c she is thinking they are in a better place. Like can you imagine if Tre made a comment about Caroline like that the whole manzo clan would attack her.

      • Oh, I COMPLETELY agree with you about the call! It was absolutely disgusting and in VERY poor taste. I did find it interesting that she didn’t complain about that only that Kathy and Rich brought up the fact that the had left at one point. Being annoyed is one thing but she should know her interview was very likely cut short and Bravo put in what would make for good TV/drama. I think for T to them bring up Caroline being miserable the whole time and her and Al fighting was low. Caroline looked like she was loving the horse exercise and was engaged while everyone was up there. Couples, especially those who have been together a long time, bicker. I have been with my husband for 10 years and this weekend was just one of those weekends where we just weren’t jelling.

        • I agree smashley she is just sick of Kathy and rick it seems they could say anything and Teresa would not like it. I think the ship has sailed for her and Kathy. I couldn’t really deal with that type of family betrayal let alone on TV.

          • I agree she is done with them but I think she just throw low blow after low blow with almost everyone. I thought Rich for once sounded sincere and concerned (trust me I am NOT a fan of his AT ALL) when talking about Joe’s legal case and didn’t say anything specific either. It was so unnecessary for her to bring up him having lawsuits in the past. She should know anyone can be sued for any reason.

          • ITA on that Rich was being sincere and im sure he DOES feel bad just for the simple fact that four children are involved. Low blow after low blow wont help the situation. If i were tre i would just ignore them if anything. She should try that road next time.

          • Apparently Richie made a cryptic tweet yesterday that I can’t remember can someone help here but it did look like a dig at Teresa and joe something bout liking when sharks get eaten??

          • Wish I could remember where I read that about Richies tweet think it might have been at famewhorgas in the comments section on her most recent storey. Hate that when you can’t remember.

          • Just went back to famewhorgas it was there that I saw the comment about Richies tweet it was ” don’t you love it when the so called shark gets eaten” but the poster has said that she went back today and Richie has deleted the tweet. Wonder why??

      • You know, honestly after hearing Joe talk on the last phone call and the way it sounded…it is making me re-think about the phone call he took in the vineyard. Maybe it was an employee after all.

        But that being said, if that is the case…Joe does sound like a total creep on the phone. If Joe’s phone voice and mannerism’s had a face…it would look like Richie Walkie.

    • @smashley. I agree 100%. I think that if Teresa did end up lifting the horses leg, the interview was edited as well, and Teresa maybe should have thought about that before responding to Caroline in her blog. I know Caroline has made harsh comments about Teresa and her marriage, but if they’re ‘making peace’ she should have stated her case about the leg, maybe even questioned Caroline’s commentary about her, but leave the marriage out of it. Just my opinion.

      QUESTION: Why is EVERYONE saying that she didn’t lift the leg if she did?

  • This is why this season I don’t read kathy s blog. I think she is the worst. I know alot of people can’t stand melissa on this blog but Kathy is family by blood.

    • I think Kathy and Caroline are puppets of the producers and Bravo and try to further storylines with their talking heads and blogs.

  • Sounds like Teresa is speaking from anger, she is criticizing Caroline but then says nasty things about her. I wonder what is up with this blog? Normally Teresa goes along with Bravo’s edits which is what they all do, it is their job after all. I wonder if something is going on between Bravo and Teresa with all the legal things she has going on, we all assume she will be on next season, but I wonder if there is a problem. Just speculating is all.

      • I guess I just think outing her for fighting with Al all weekend is nasty, a persons marital problems are private and I think it is nasty to tell everyone that, I would say the same about someone who said it about any of their marriages, Teresa’s included. I think being on this show is very hard on the couples for whatever reason and I just did not think it was nice of Teresa to say that, that’s all.

        • @just sayin, no disrespect but you Are either a fool or you are Caroline because that is the same woman who confidently predicted Teresa’s marriage would soon end in divorce. Caroline then took it a step further and said Teresa would exploit the divorce with a book. Apparently you heard it here first. I defended Caroline all last season but now I see her for the fraud she is. It started to occur to me that Lauren’s vile and vicious attitude is because that is how she learned to behave from her mother. My guess is Caroline is being phased out of rhonj. Her kids thankfully have barely been on this season. I’m sorry but you defending C saying marriage is private? You sound ridiculous. Teresa’s marriage was and is open season to the woman of rhonj.

          • @ Portishead, no I am not a fool, nor am I a blind follower of anyone. I did not defend Caroline, not sure why you feel I did, what I said was it is wrong to discuss someone’s marital problems, anyone’s. Did I say Caroline was right to say that, no I did not, I said the opposite.

          • I agree Portishead i like Teresa ,but she never gets called out on her bitchy underhanded remarks if someone elses blog had of said her and joe were fighting all weekend the T fans would be up in arms,my thing is there all the same with there comments about each other Teresa included …

      • Kuku- I agree. And to me, I have read the others’ blogs for too long now where they take their shots, say things about her so I agreed with her finally calling something out as she saw it.

    • if you truly think Teresa was bashing caroline then I say good for her. how many years has her own family members and so called friends have been bashing her? even to this day her castmates are still making underhanded comments about her. so Teresa isn’t allowed to do it back?? spare me. Teresa was trying to make a point and the point is caroline and the other castmates are liars and hypocrites.

  • Love that Teresa spoke up about the editing. I honestly think you have to take the good with the bad but for the other cast members to chime in and act like she didn’t open up…well they are all good actors.

    I do have to say how disturbing it is bravo tried to make Joes call look suspicious again. get a life bravo stop revolving the whole show around Tre if she is so annoying.

      • And i would be upset too if Bravo took a call between father and daughter and tried to make it sexual (like it was another women) its sick and disgusting.

        • It just proves that the call at the vinyard very well could have been ANYONE! … BRAVO and cast tried soo hard to try to convince everyone it was another woman.

          • Well, I don’t know about all that. It seemed pretty obvious it was another woman. At the very least he called his wife a derogatory name which isn’t excusable.

          • @kristen, I agree. That was the first thing I thought too! Maybe it doesn’t prove it wasn’t another woman, but it definitely put some doubts in my mind!

  • Soooooo proud of Teresa for calling them out! Especially Caroline who hardly ever participates in anything!!! I’m just so upset that bravo wont put it on their site! Effing hate them!

  • I love that Teresa posted her Blog( BTW, I love this Blog) on her own website, she has done this before.

  • I think it says a lot that she chose to post her blog on her personal site rather than Bravo. Tells me that she was afraid they would “edit” that too. Good for you Tre – you have to speak up for yourself because it is clear your cast mates won’t!

    • Yes thats exactly what they do. Edit their blogs before they post it on their website. Notice how teresa is even talking about next weeks episode before it even aired? None of them have done that before. I say good for her. They tried to make her look like she wasnt successful in the activity when clearly she was. Instead of showing the horses dick they shouldve showed both her and joego lifting up the leg of the horse. I think the only two who didnt lift the leg was richie and melwhore (no brainer) i am tired of bravo and how they have tried so hard to make teresa look nad all these years. Glad shes stepping up and putting her foot down. Dont know what will happen with her case but i hope this is her final season. Bravo can kiss her italian ass!

  • I’m glad she is finally standing up to Bravo about the bad editing. Enough is enough puppet master Andy Bravo.

  • Glad to hear it straight from “the horses mouth”! You go Teresa! Don’t let negative people bring your spirits down.

      • Fantastic!!! She called out Melissa and Caroline on their lying about what truly happened. She did it in a mature, honest way. I hope she does leave Real Housewives because no matter what, I’ll follow her products and career because she made me care. I honestly do feel like I want to support her. The other woman have not made me want to support them and I would even if their products weren’t good. Teresa made me care about her and she has good products and that “something” that makes me want to know and see more about her. I hope her legal issues get handled in the best way and I hope very much to see more of her in the future. If you’re reading this at all Teresa…. All The Very Best!

    • Love this girl! She’s not perfet but who is! She gets a bad rap and I’m happy she was able to clear that up!

      I feel like she’s an honest person unlike most of her other cast members!

      • ” An honest person”?!?

        Lmao. Yes an “honest person who commits fraud, forgery and tax evasion. Too funny.

      • Wow. Who you “love” says a lot about who you are. Your character, integrity. Clearly those who “love” Teresa Guidice are not the sharpest tools in the shed. She’s a straight up fraud and pathological liar and what’s interesting about this is that is not hard to see this about her, at all. Im so thankful for the ability to know good character when I see it. Sadly a lot of people are blind and dumb. She’s continually manipulating and deceiving those around her and I pity those who are so incapable of recognizing this.

    • It looks like Bravo and Teresa must have had a falling out sometime in regard to next seasons filming schedule and them filming her federal case.

      • doubt it. This is not the first time Teresa has taken to posting her own blog on her site to avoid bravo editing.

        I do wonder if teresas contract is up!

    • It is very sad to see down below comments that are obviously spam by Melissa and her sisters.

      Estelle and JPG (probably the same person) every time I check in on this site you are bashing the shit out of Teresa. GET A LIFE!

      Teresa most certainly did lift that horses leg or the pack of wolves would be jumping on her for saying she did. Melissa, Kathy and Caroline are jealous, hateful bitches that will do and say anything to make Teresa look bad, and that’s the sad truth.

      • Dont bother. You forget that because Teresa may have comitted some crimes, she can never ever say, do, hear, anything right. Ever again. She can never make an honest statement. She can never speak a word of truth ever again. Everything she will ever say until she takes her very last breath.. will be a lie. All the other cast members… the opposite applies. As long as you follow that simple illogical thought pattern, you will be in good with the self righteous who have obviously NEVER lied or else they, too, would be forever liars.

        • No, I thought she was a pathological liar long before the criminal charges; I haven’t believed a word she’s said in about two years.

        • Teresa was an obvious liar long before it was made public that she’s also a criminal and a fraud. Good try though. Maybe you can convince her less-than-intelligent fans…shouldn’t be too difficult considering they’ve been duped by someone as blatantly (to those of us with a thought in our heads) arrogant and deceitful as Teresa. If she can find supporters then there’s hope for anyone. Literally, anyone.

    • Its about time! While I commended her in the past for taking the high road, I can’t fault her for finally hitting back. Yes, it seems trivial that she is pissed off over the horse’s leg, but I think Bravo and her castmates have exceeded the amount of bullshit she was willing to take for the sake of a paycheck. We are all aware of the 39 counts, but they have nothing to do with what is takiing place on the show. Shoddy editing has manipulated situations to make her look bad. The accusations her brother & his wife have made are beyond ludicrous. Caroline predicted a divorce for her on TV. I won’t even bother with Jaq, as that would be a thesis. Kathy has never said a nice word TO her or about her. Kathy’s vile husband is a crook (yes, he stole gasoline), yet talks to the gorga’s accountant about Teresa’s finances! This is merely a highlight of the past 3 seasons that we have seen. Imagine living it? For those who hate her and want her to go directly to hell for her indictments, I think she already did her time with this manfactured, fucked up storyline since 2010. I give her a standing ovation for this move.

      • Wow. It’s unbelievable to me that people like you are watching the same show that I am. Teresa has targeted and attacked every single member of that show, past and present. I don’t pity someone who constantly goes out of their way to make others lives miserable. I guess some people are simply incapable of recognizing and understanding the ebb and flow of life’s ups and downs and the issues we face. Teresa is responsible for 99% of the crap that’s happened since season 1 so forgive me for wanting to puke at your inaccurate and rambling description of the actual events up to this point. Maybe try getting below the surface of the issue, including all the hurtful things Teresa and said and done, when excusing her behavior. She does not deserve an “ovation” for behaving the way she has and for those who support her, I say…it is my hope that each of you meet someone exactly like her.