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Tamra Barney Talks Gretchen Rossi Faking Tears At The RHOC Reunion!

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Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney is at it again calling out her former “bff” Gretchen Rossi. On this year’s RHOC reunion, Gretchen Rossi seemed to break down when the ladies called out Gretchen for doing such a big engagement simply for TV. Gretchen was taken back and began crying except no one really saw any tears according to Tamra. Check out what Tamra had to say when a viewer asked her if Gretchen was faking her tears at the reunion

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Here’s what I’m confused about. Why was Tamra comforting Gretchen if she believed Gretchen was just faking it? Do you think Gretchen was really crying?

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  • That is so 3 weeks ago! Who cares if the tears were real or fake, stop talking about it Tamra!!! Don’t you have better things to do in life? Comes to show you that she doesn’t have a storyline for next season (IF there’s one) and she needs to keep the feud alive….She is a sad excuse of a woman

  • I noticed the no tears of Trashen and the abrupt change in her facial expression as soon as it was over. This woman and her trashy boyfriend really need to go.

    • Yes, I thought it was amazing how she was so emotional, stopped, looked at Alexis and did the soap opera ” I wish you were there Alexis”.. LOL

  • You know who else fake cries – Kathy wakile. She might occasionally be able to produce tears but she always does that fake hand wave thing to hide her face like she wants to cut filming due to the “emotion”. Fake cow.

  • @shesmygirl. If that were true than why was she drying her non-existent tears? She sure looked like she was trying to stop the flood gates. No offense but I’m not buying that theory.

  • Tamra is only saying she saw no tears now because we the viewers are questioning it. If she thought G was faking at that time she would have THEN called her on it.

    As for the tears, I know botox can stop them, I also know that someone can cry and if on certain meds those tear wont form.

    SO whether real or fake who cares I am sure her feelings (G’s) were hurt. Tamra should have kept her ass where it was…

  • Seriously is this STILL a topic of conversation??? Of course it is, bc all Tamra does is tweet about Gretchen on an hourly basis. Its like an obsession.
    I cant stand Gretchen – AT ALL. But what drives me insane is that Tamra and Vicki are NO better if not WORSE. All they do is project, project, project…throw out whatever they can about anyone else so that people aren’t paying as much attention to their bullshit. Everyone w/ the exception of Alexis and Lydia fake cried (and Heather who Im not sure has tear ducts).
    Whats more interesting to me than Tamra STILL harping on Gretchen and whether or not she had a “real tear” is the lost footage episode that completely validated Lauri. The best scene of the ENTIRE season IMO was the last one of the lost footage, of Vicki completely denying the “Greek God” claims by Lauri…followed immediately by a scene proving Vicki the LIAR face she is and Lauri right. So I believe EVERYTHING Lauri says now. And Vicki, going on and on about the dates shes been on, when the episode before she claimed to “not be dating at all.” what a joke the woman is.
    I also enjoyed Jeana Keough busting Vicki on Twitter by thanking her for the “fun night” out with her and Brooks. You know Jeana LOVES to stir the pot and tweeted that out right after Pt 3 of the reunion on purpose. I can just hear Vicki now..”What?!?! I never went to dinner w/ Jeana! I dont even eat dinner! I mean I had supper at a diner but thats not dinner at a restaurant! And I havent seen Brooks in 6 months! Or spoken to him in 3 weeks! When I talked to him today, he even told me that! Besides, Jeana’s just trying to cause trouble like she always does…and I dont even know a Jeana or even heard of her!” (Said really fast in Vicki talk with her head whipping back and forth and every which way)

    • Thank you Afton I’m reading these blogs and yrs is the only one that makes since. I also now believe Lauri re:Vicki that should be the topic. So Gretchen fake crying BIG DEAL. Tamra fake crying also a lot, especially when her and Simon was in the limo the final episode LET.IT GO TAMRA BTW aren’t you married now.

      • @ Aunt Sadie, sorry to disagree Sadie but there are lots of fakes that can be produced about Gretchen…her purses, her own makeup line (what a f’n joke that is) her relationship with Jeff and her TEARS, gimme a break Gretchen is a total piece of tupperware!

        • U know what ur correct…however my problem is that there are JUST as many fake things one could point out about Tamra. Her fake tears, being w/ Eddie w/in wks of her and Simon splitting up, her “wine club”, her “surprise” engagement, lying about it at S7’s finale, her fake attempts to be the “new Tamra” in hopes of getting more viewers, her rushing over to comfort Gretchen at the reunion, the lies she told me on Twitter…I could go on and on but u get the idea.
          As I said, Im not a Gretchen fan at all…but I cant handle the hypocrisy of Tamra and Vicki who are guilty of the exact same things but their MO is to throw stones first to deflect from their bad things/moments being talked about.

    • Icky Vicki was soooooo caught lying!!! She is fake fake fake! Lauri called her out, and I think most didn’t believe her until the unseen footage! Vicki has been caught lying on twitter an awful lot recently. One saying Brianna and Ryan did not live at her house during the final taping when Ryan attacked Lydia’s mom. Bull ish. Put the ol mare out to pasture, she is too gross to watch with her pathetic self chasing crooks.

      • Ur right Sadie…I love how now that theres a little proof that Lauri is telling the truth, every1 glosses over it. Its SO much more important to still be talking about Tamra tweeting her 90th tweet in 2 wks about Gretchen “fake crying.” (Why do I feel like this is going to be the “big issue” the first few eps of next season???)
        I think what Bravo did to Lauri was BS. Andy’s admitted to trying 2 get her to come back since S6. Its obvious they wanted her on for the purpose of exposing Vicki. Then when she finally agrees to it, they show only scenes of her bashing Vicki and none of the scenes showing what a liar Vicki is (minus the 3 min clip at the end of the lost footage). I can only imagine how many more of those scenes are on the cutting room floor.

        • That was crazy! Vicki calling her a “filthy liar” and then them SHOWING Vicki saying EVERY WORD Lauri said she did!

          Now I think Vicki just lies so much she can’t keep her own lies straight. She was probably lying about this supposed “Greek God” and couldn’t remember that she indeed lied about it meaning that Lauri was actually telling the truth about a lie! LOL

          This whole show is SO FAKE.

  • Gretchen squeezing her eyes real hard had me laughing so hard. I’m sorry but I couldn’t understand how some one telling you that your engagement is fake will make you cry. Especially when she did the same thing when Tamra and Eddie first became engaged. They are all fake but this has to be one of the funniest scenes in my opinion.

    • OMG I was laughing SO hard too! The squinting & the way she was “squeezing” those words out. And about THAT??? Lmaooo these btchez have been calling her fake from the GATE! They’ve outed her for CHEATNG on her DYING FIANCÉ. She never batted an eyelash and THIS is what made her breakdown & cry?? Slade coached her & convinced her to fake cry bc it would garner sympathy from the audience. Never ever forget that Slade thinks he’s smarter than most ppl..then again, he’s managed to stay on a show about OC HOUSEWIVES as a guy who never even married one this far! Lololol perhaps he IS a bit smarter than I give him credit for. But this plan went awry bc Gretchen can’t deliver. She sucks at eveything, ESP acting, so it was a FAIL.

  • As if anyone needed Tamra to tell us Gretchen wasnt even crying!!! WHERE THE FUK WERE THE TEARS?!!? Humans actually produce TEARS when they CRY! Stupid fake btch. Her eyes weren’t even watery!!! Can’t stand this icey heartless btch Gretchen. Of course she’s perfect for Slade, she IS HIM just in female version! Shallow, self centered, narcissistic, cold hearted, famewhoring, rude, delusional aholes. The both of them.

  • Tamra needs to STFU and worry about herself and her new husband, her new show last night was so stupid and shows how FAKE she is. Even Eddie told her “what are you trying to be?” with those invitations alone. Is she going to OWN her fake everything on her new show? Gretchen is right “they” can do anything they want but the moment someone else does something close to it, they get called out! Tamra is almost 50 OWN IT and ACT like it!!! phew I’m done 🙂

    • The ONLY way Tamra is fake is with other women & their “friendship”. Other than that HOW is she fake??? What is she TRYING to be with those invitations??? Someone who was born poor and handed a very shtty deck who made herself into an actual wealthy semi celebrity. This woman had a kid when she WAS a kid, was suicidal, had terrible parents, married two aholes in a row, was cellulite ridden and I the dumps. I’d say she wants the BEST of the best for this wedding because SHE CAN, bc she’s proud of herself. You obviously have zero clue what it’s like to grow up being told & shown & trained that you will never amount to anything..just to turn your whole life around and be a millionaire ALL on your own bc it def wasnt any MAN who helped her. I’d day those invitations represent ALOT more to her than ignorant peope will ever understand.

      • Sorry but a Man DID help her, it was because she was MARRIED to that “wealthy” husband that she got on the show! haha and Trust me I know about poverty and then making a lot of money so I do understand. Tamra being Fake with the other woman on the show and their “friendship” is exactly my point she is Fake with the other woman so why be a hypocrite and sit on the couch with Gretchen and pretend to care in “real life” and then trash her about it twice on twitter? It’s the fact that she doesn’t “OWN” her hypocrisy that is irritating to me, since she herself is the one saying “Own this and Own that” every damn episode of RHOC….and I’ve never seen a real tear come out of Tamra either! haha

      • U just described over half the women in America. Her “story” is not special. And if I may use Samaul’s words, Tamra does not act like a women who overcame such obstacles. Or something to the effect. So not impressed with this trash hag.

      • Personally, I think it’s ignorant when you come from a humble upbringing, come into a LITTLE BIT of money, and then start blowing it all on stupid things that don’t matter in life. It clearly shows she hasn’t learned a damn thing from her upbringing.

        I am from the same area Tamra grew up in, and let me tell you, Glendora, the city she is from, is hardly the type of town she makes it out to be. It is known to be a well off city, with an excellent school district. Trashy Tamra chose to be the trashy biatch she is.

        Don’t assume that NONE of us came from poor upbringing, because I myself did.

        And please, Tamra a millionaire, I doubt it.

        • OMG she grew up in Glendora!! hahaha Glendora is Beverly Hills compared to where I grew up (Huntington Park) she is totally exaggerating coming from a “bad town”

  • I didn’t see any tears either, just a lot of sing songy voice,moaning, heavy breathing, & dabbing of the dry tissue all over her face. It was truly the most embarrassing thing to watch and if anything was wet maybe it was Vicki’s chair from her leakage from laughing her a** off at that piss poor performance.

  • I am so bored with the OC series. It had its fun moments and good times but like its gurgitating throw up all their continuous fights. Its never anything new. Pleaaaaase do a cast change up – I like Lydia and Alexis but one of the mean girls need to go.

    • Lydia & Alexis? Really?!? I mean I think Alexis is by far the most GORGEOUS & Lydia is ok bc of her spirituality but THESE TWO on a reality show? What will we watch? Jesus bible circles and phoney set up “we are the happiest perfect couple ever” scenes?? Don’t sleep on these 2, the entire OC IS FAKE, they just hide it much better. Lydia with her phoney ass giving herself a 10 page “modeling” spread in her own magazine? Being SO PETTY as mentioning that Lisa Vanderpump has a higher rating on IMDB therefore deserves a mag cover over Heather Dubrow? What the fk is she 12?? Who gives a SHT about IMDB anyway? Then whipping out the magazine issue and saying “BOOYA!!” Did that really really happen!?!!? Lololol Alexis wa so boring this season I almost fell asleep she needs to actually pay Tamra a commission for abusing her therefore making her relevant. It’s a SHOW. On TV. For entertainment. Tamra & Vicky are the STARS. Believeeee that. Or else Tamra would NEVER have gotten a spin off. Smartest one of them all..brings the drama for the ratings. Anyone who actually believes this woman GAF about the other girls is a but delusional about what they’re actually watching lolol it’s a SHOW in the world of SHOW BIZ.

      • Have to differ in opinion with you. It was HEATHER who kept bringing up the magazine cover, not Lydia. Lydia simply answered her questions. Lydia never mentioned IMDB. So really, no one gives a fuck about IMDB, other than you. And why wouldn’t you place a better rated, more well known person on your magazine cover? Isn’t that just good business practice? All Lydia said was that Lisa is higher rated. Plain and simple, she is. Heather wanted an answer so badly, she got one. And lets be completely real, most people other than Real Housewife fans, still have no clue who the fuck Heather is.

  • I personally did not see any tears flow from Gretchen ‘s eyes. Say what you want about Tamara she was just answering a fans question. I don’t know if Gretchen has a problem with her tear ducts, however I saw no tears from her for the whole three episode reunion. Call it what you want to, fake or whatever, still no tears!!!!

  • I am sure Tamra didn’t see the lack of tears until she sat up close for a while. The kleenex hid the lack of moisture!

  • Tamara’s just confirming what we as viewers already saw for ourselves. No tears were actually shed by Gretchen. Tamara was sitting right there and didn’t see any either. Gretchen is as fake as a $3 bill.

      • Hi Gimmie Pizza You Old Troll

        No it is not Tyrant’s fault at all, Tyrant is so eager for attention, she brigs up the same response twice…what a stooge.

    • Hi Samaul! Trash hag is so ugly on the inside no one sees her outside anymore. With her flabby thighs and arms, and no belly button frekish tummy is catching up fast!!

      • Aunt Sadie

        OMG…rolling on floor laughing, typing with my toes…

        Trash bag oops hag

        She truly insists on tearing these responses from our keyboards.