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Danielle Staub To Appear On Watch What Happens Live In September!

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Are you ready for this? Because I know I am! Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is finally going to make an appearance at Andy Cohen’s club house this September! Danielle has been MIA after exiting the show but Andy met up with Danielle months ago and she will stop by on Sunday, September 8th!

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Set your recordings because Danielle will be the only guest for the night meaning it’s going to be all about her and I know many of you are curious to know what she’s gotta say! Will you be tuning into Danielle returning?

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  • I can’t wait to see Danelle, I wish so much that she would come back to New Jersey cuz I would really love to see Melissa Face when Danelle walked in a room with her right there , LOL !!!!!

  • I think they treated Danielle like dodo when she was on the show for no reason at all, but we all reap what we sow.(Although Danielle did turn out to be a real drama queen)

  • Get rid of Melissa and Kathy and bring back Danielle!!! Please let it happen, please!!!

  • Every time I’ve seen Danielle on WWHL she’s seemed drugged. There were many times on the SHOW where she appeared the exact same way, and each time her daughters were upset and behaved as if they’ve seen her that way many times before.

    I don’t know if she actually was or not (on drugs, that is — and I don’t mean lightweight drugs, either), but she was very obviously dealing with some serious emotional problems which the show only exacerbated tenfold.

    If she’s gotten her shit together (WHATEVER her problems happened to be), I couldn’t be happier. As it happens I really like Danielle and think she’s extremely intelligent and sharp as a tack. I ALSO think she was treated like absolute crap by the rest of the cast during seasons one and two, who IMO were deliberately feeding into whatever problems she was already having.

    But does she belong back on the show? Hell, no. That could wind up being her undoing all over again.

    And she’s way to smart to ever hook up with a numbskull like Teresa. I can’t see her pretending that she thinks Teresa is anything more than an idiotic piece of trash, and Teresa requires that her friends at least PRETEND that she’s some kind of genius and major celebrity. Danielle would laugh right in her face.

    • If she were brought on just to antagonize Teresa, that could be fun — but since Teresa is soon going to be sitting on her fat ass in prison for quite some time, that probably won’t happen either.

    • Estelle,
      I have to tell you that the Marco plan of attack is pretty formulaic, boring and predictable:

      Accuse them of doing drugs: (They accused Kim, Bryan, Jan, and now Danielle of that.)

      Say they are ugly.

      Say they are fat.

      Say they are just jealous of Melissa.

      It’s actually pretty boring. You guys need a better strategy. The one you have is pretty old.

        • Estelle,
          I don’t post for you. I don’t care if you care.

          I post to call you out as the idiot that you are, so that others can see it.

  • My theory is that the day of her wwhl appearance will be her first reappearance on the show. And I think her and Teresa have made amends, I read something about t filming with d a couple weeks ago, plus when Kim g went on twitter after ts indictments, d responding something about keeping her name outta her mouth and I took it as d saying she Wasn’t thrilled like Kim g was about the news

  • Forget about WWHL! What Bravo needs to do is fire Melissa, Joe, Kathy and Rich and bring back Danielle.

  • Im excited to watch but I agree w/ most posters above that 2 things are more than likely to happen 1.) Andy won’t let her see anything against Caroline and 2.) She’ll probably talk about a bunch of “proof” and “evidence” that she has regarding Melissa and Wacko Jacko and then say she’ll “release it soon”, as she’s been saying the past 3 years.
    The most interesting thing will be Wacko Jackos timeline on Twitter during the appearance. You know she’ll be going on a looooong rant lol

    • Jacko’s rant on twitter? Now THAT is something I may stay up for. Good call, Afton, I didn’t even think of that. She’s already making her Xanax and Vodka sandwiches for the show.

  • I love Danielle, yes she’s crazy, but she was a great ‘villain’ on the show (although the real villains were actually Teresa and Caroline constantly bullying her). The fact is RHONJ has sucked ever since she left. It’s been three seasons of the same boring feud between Teresa and Melissa & 6th housewife Joe Gorga.

  • I an interested to see what she has to say. I love her daughters. I think they should bring Danielle back and keep Kathy as just a friend of the housewives.

  • Yes, I’ll be watching. I didn’t like Danielle, but she kept things very interesting. I want to see who she is causing trouble for now!!

  • My prediction is that she will appear in a couple of episodes, dish some dirt on what Melissa did to try to expose/take down Teresa. That is certainly where the story has been leading us. Teresa actually blogged positively about Danielle and her daughters a couple of weeks ago. Is see the Marco machine is already on the attack against Danielle. So it can’t be good for Melissa. We’ll see though.

  • Yes. I will be watching. I not so much like HER as much as I like her on the show. Does that Make sense? Lol. Meaning I’m not a fan of hers but I liked the drama when she was on the show!

    • That’s totally how I feel Madelyn. She was clearly up her own arse on the show and came across as a little cray cray to say the least. However, she really brought the drama. NJ was much more fun when Danielle was there.
      Maybe she will be returning for a couple of episodes as that was rumoured for a long time.#Bringbacksquaretits

    • and the best part is that D didn’t sell a relative or a best friend down the river. Compared to Jac,Mehor and Caro the bulldog, Danielle is nice.

    • Madelyn- I agree. I felt the same way about her. Love or hate her, she brought entertainment! I did kind of feel bad for her at one point though, and I give her credit for her daughters! They are great girls who do well in their life.

      • @michers, I felt sorry for her, even though I did think she was nuts. She’s a damaged person, and tried very hard to be accepted by the other womAN lol on the show. She was sure not a wallflower, and hit back hard, but she really was treated badly.

        And she has a reputation as a good mother, and her girls have turned out as good, or better, than the other older kids on the show.

        • I agree- there were times I felt like it was unnecessary to keep treating her the way they had. But yes, she was a little nuts at times, however, I think it was because she tried so hard to leave her past in the past, be accepted, and just have friends. I thought it was sad that she did not seem to have at least one genuine girlfriend at her age.

  • I would personally love for her to come back to NJ. Seasons 1 and 2 were my favourite seasons of ANY hw’s show.
    I will be watching WWHL.

    • i would like to see her come back for next season, constant face offs with MeHor and Jac@ss.

      At least no one would accuse them of riding Tres’ coattails to keep their spot on the show.

      I can just imagine now the big “D” scratching out the eyes of Heckle and Jeckyl Marcrow. Hell that will completely put Jerry Springer into retirement.

      And to top it off lets put cherry little CAndy Cohen between WacJac and “D’ on the reunion show,all three parts!

  • Whoa micher’s called this in the beginning of summer!

    So I am assuming we are being prepared for her return to RHNJ.

    From what I remember of Danielle, she made Teresa flip a table, and Caroline had the audacity to “show/tell” poor little Jac’s about Danielle’s background.

    Danielle wrote a book, and all hell broke loose.

    Didn’t Danielle bring a hell’s angel to a party she really was not invited to?

    Who are her friends on RHNJ – Caroline’s sister?

    Good thing this was planned and her return I am assuming has already been taped and is to air probably within two weeks.

    Seat belt at the ready!

    • Hey sam 😉
      Well, I dont think anyone is really her friend anymore. Jac and her were the closest, she wanted to skin Dina like last year’s Versace, LOL and wear her, and her& T made some kind of peace but are not friends. Her and Car- no way. Melissa used her to help get herself on the show, and denies “knowing” Danielle.

  • Didn’t Danielle and Teresa make amends? If she does say anything new, it might be about Jac, but I won’t hold my breath…..

    • Tre apologized. I don’t know if they actually made ammends.

      If someone spoke to me the way Tre did, in front of my kids, there would be no forgetting. Anybody could be on D’s list at this point.

      (Yes, I know it was D’s choice to keep the kids in the room. It doesn’t erase what was said by Tre or Caro)

  • And we need to see her why?
    She is painful to watch. Angry, dangerous and psychotic.
    I was annoyed with her in S1. But I was done with in S2 after she brought Hell’s Angels to a charity event and made it all about her.

    What can she say about T’s legal woes?
    She filed BK last summer. She was caught lying on BK petition as well, and papers were filed against her for that. She just paid about $35K in fees and fines.
    And I am sure right now she is watching T’s situation and crapping her pants hoping that the feds won’t go after her.
    Unlike Teresa, Danielle already has very serious criminal record.

    Geez, Andy, just let it go.

  • I suspect it’s going to be a lot of fluff and no substance. I don’t expect Andy to outright ask her about Melissa. He loves the Gorgas too much to expose Mel. Count on the fact that he WILL ask her opinion on the Guidice mess and she’ll give some sort do demure answer. Zzzzzzzzz

    • I don’t think Andy will hardball Danielle either. It will be fluff. But, ya just never know what D may say or do. She’s a loose cannon.

        • You never know maybe miss andy knows that the Guidices may be indisposed next season and the Manzos are suppose to have their spinoff (ahaahaha) and without Teresa missy is well nothing so he’s looking for her next arch enemy and next seasons storyline the Danielle/shore whore storyline.

      • I hope she gives us her rebel side, LOL! if she pulls out those damn emails from Messy.. OMG.. it will be on like donkey kong!

  • Prior to this season airing, I think it would have been great to have Danielle appear (why didn’t she just come to the S4 reunion?) But now, I want to believe, especially with all of Teresa’s legal woes, that she and Melissa are on good terms. Nothing good can come out of Danielle coming back and telling us that Melissa and she were speaking prior to Melissa being casted on the show. Danielle telling us Melissa promised to take Melissa down is just going to cause a rift (more of a rift) between a family that really doesn’t need that anymore. Starting next season, I think RHONJ needs to get off the family drama and start focusing on friends (like the rest of the series. Sure, RHOBH has Kyle/Kim drama every now and then, but its’ never the focus. RHONJ can keep Melissa/Teresa drama for every now and then but focus on other drama with other people).

  • I mean what is danielle gonna say at this point that we already dont know? We know a lot lol. We know mel went to her to get on the show. I’ll be curious as to what she has to say, so I will be watching. Just dont know what she will be talking about lol

  • This Danielle on WWHL just seems like more of the same. Lots to say, nothing to back it up.

    This is all about ratings. D isn’t liked by the original NJ ladies and is alleged to have conspired with Mel to get dirt on Tre. Who better to try and get viewers interested in RHONJ than D?

    I just hope it’s better than the JillZ interview.

    • You are so right rhfan. But I don’t think it will be any better than Jill Z’s appearance. Both desperate and irrelevant, looking for the next 15 minutes. Besides, what can Danielle tell us that we don’t already know? I think I’m gonna pass and get a good night’s sleep.

        • Don’t waste your time! You know if she does drop something good it’ll be on here the next day. lol 😉

        • Oh I’m watching too, Shipp. I want to see/ hear for myself what the whack has to say, and why the f Andy has her on. You know damn well he won’t let her say a damn word against his precious Caroline, or Messy!

          • Holy, I thought thought also. Remember months back, Danielle was spotted leaving Bravo, and everyone was thinking she was coming back? I bet he already gave her “rules” for her appearance . But D may take this chance to tell Miss Cohen to wazz off.. No one puts D in the corner, LOL

        • @Shipp

          I’ll watch too and hope for a bombshell.

          I think the better show would be the RHONJ ladies’ watching Danielle on WWHL, wondering what she is going to say about who. After all, all the ladies, except Kathy, have tangled with D and D seems like the type to hold a grudge.

  • I honestly don’t see how Danielle could possibly benefit from this unless bravo is paying her to appear or they are leading her to believe she stands a chance at getting re-cast. During her time on the show she came off as a paranoid trainwreck with a shady past…and then bravo flat out dumped her for Teresa’s family. I highly doubt this interview will put her in a favorable light (just ask Jill Zarin). Not a smart move Danielle!

    • I don’t think Danielle has a habit of making smart moves. I’m sure she’s getting paid for this interview, and she could surely use the money.

  • My only question is why? Is she going to dish more on Carolines family’s alledged Mob connections ? Or Teresa’s current legal woes ? Ick, I can’t stand her but things she said did ring true & came out eventually. But I do despise a RAT !

  • Seriously?? Why?? If she doesn’t ” produce” any of the emails/ texts,or any of the shit she says she has from Messy, and that Producer, Rebecca Toth ( or whatever her name is) that she has said she has. I could give a shit what this nut has to say. Plus I don’t care what she has been up to as far as “her career”.

      • Make me third! Believe me, everyone, if you’re looking for anything new, you’re in for a big disappointment.

        • But you have to admit guys that Danielle was sooo crazy that she was actually funny I mean visiting the priest so she could learn to pray for them, Danny the bouncer, drive bys, her sex tape!!!! Hahaha

          • I agree Silvana!! She makes great TV plus I love how she made the rest of the cast go absolutely crazy lol I wish they’d bring her back!!!

    • Fourth for me! I agree, Holy Cannoli! She better have some proof instead of making tv viewers confused or curious at what she’s saying. Not everyone reads blogs and goes on Twitter, so I hope Danielle doesn’t sugarcoat anything.

      I do miss Danielle though… MeHo’s really made Seasons 1-2 really fun to watch, and I would rather have MeHo replaced with Danielle than seeing her and Kathy act so obnoxious in almost every episode I’ve seen. Sucks how I’ve skipped 3 episodes of The RHONJ now because I really cannot stand watching MeHo and that perverted husband of hers. I read Roxy’s recaps instead. Of course, I’ll eventually watch the episodes, but not anytime soon.

        • Gotta say, Danielle did put Teresa on the map of N.J. housewives. It was the book argument dinner, followed by the table flip that made T the star of N.J.

          Now all the cast members wants their table flip moment. Hahaha 😉

          • 🙂 You got that right!

            It would be nice if Danielle mentioned some “hidden” stuff about Jacqueline. You know how CUCKOO Jac will get. Anything anyone says will set her off in 2.5 seconds. I still don’t know why Jac’s past isn’t that known though. No one has come forward about her and Chris.

          • Are you kidding me, LOL? Jac is probably already tweeting crap about Danielle, LOL!!! This should be fun until the episode airs!!!! She is going to lose her shit when D is on! Oh and Mel’s sisters will too Im sure!

  • This woman’s face is just hideous.

    I never missed Skeletor. Though she did know exactly how to set Teresa the fuck off. Every time. Lol.

  • UGH….can this woman just go away now please? The same way the rest of the housewives on any of the franchises usually (not always but usually) do? She may be quite lovely in person but exhibited vile behavior while on the show. Enough *love and light” already.

  • Danielle’s return to Bravo is literally the most exciting thing about RHONJ this season. I hope she dishes all the dirt she can.

      • I heard she was going to be on an episode of RHONJ this season. So far nope, but still wondering if she might just pop up.

        • I read she would be in 4 episodes. Whether she’s in 1 or 4 episodes, I hope Danielle brings proof of all the things MeHo has done to Teresa. I can’t stand her any longer! MeHo and her dumb posse needs to go already…..

      • Unless she talks in circles and avoids answering anything honestly. She’s done that before, which I find very annoying. When Jac asked her about the book if any of it was true, no cut and dry answer, just cryptic nonsense. When Andy asked if she was a lesbian, no answer. Just a bunch of evasive babble. Hopefully she’ll actually have normal honest discussions without the games.

        • Caroline called her out for not answering directly at the S2 reunion too. She does tend to avoid answering

      • I hope so too! Even is she doesn’t her craziness might be interesting and a nice break from the stale storyline……

        Totally OT, Idk if it was posted on here but have you guys seen the “live performance” TSIL did in Florida??? OOOOMMMMMGGGGG!!!

        It’s even worse than the overly auto-tuned crap songs she normally puts out!!!! I guess if that’s all you have to do to be a singer, I plan to be on stage next week… 😉