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Gretchen Rossi Responds To Brandi Glanville Calling Out The RHOC Ladies!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County stars all seemed to have a moment on the reunion and was called out from Brandi Glanville about fake crying! Brandi tweeted that there was so much fake crying going on at the OC reunion part 2 and both Tamra and Alexis responded. Alexis explained that she had real tears and didn’t understand why she let Gretchen get to her and Tamra told us that we all know who she is talking about insinuating that it was Gretchen.

Gretchen has finally responded herself and wrote, “not sure who you were referring too but my tears were not fake, I was beyond hurt by the woman were saying.”

Brandi has yet to respond to any of the ladies basically ignoring any of their responses. Do you think Brandi was calling out all the ladies or just Gretchen? Thoughts on Gretchen’s response?

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  • Gretchen was hysterical. She is so botoxed up she cannot cry. Fake Fake Fake. And by the way I believe she planned that engagement so she could get her own wedding spin off show. No one wants to see Wretch and Slimey get married. Gretchen is only on this show to sell her cake makeup. Ive never seen any of it in any department stores. Is it only sold online? Anyway after have been engaged three times and married once you should go to the justice of the peace and have a civil ceremony and get it over with. It beats having to return all the gifts when slade moves on to the next housewife.

    • Pain is putting it lightly… Gosh, Gretchen is exhausting to watch! Her fake crying makes her look more pathetic.

  • After wiping away pounds of makeup and still managing to look same, but not
    ONE tear, yes Retch, I think Brandi was speaking about you.
    The dogs and a few coyote’s were howling, WTF…………but NO tears.

  • Okay, last year Slade wanted to propose to Gretchen. She blatantly said NO, I don’t want to marry you until your DEBT is gone. Is that love? HELL NO!! Now, Slade shapes up his act, “as much as Slade can.” He gets a job on a radio station, and now he’s bringing in some $$$$. Why not propose to him? He’s got some money now. She’s a greedy cow. She deserves everything a narcissistic person should get, and that’s 100% alone time forever, since they love themselves more than anyone else! PS. Slade no longer has that job to date, lol. I wonder how much she still wants to marry him.

  • Actually, I’m glad Brandi brought that up, because we were all saying the same thing from home. On a 72 inch screen HDTV you can see a bead of sweat form, yet not one tear from Gretchen when she “cried,” however Alexis had real tears, they were seen. Bahahahaha!!!!!!!! Get her Brandi!

  • OH please. Gretchin has the dry-est tears around! Watch…she’ll eventually pop up to explain that she has ‘tear-rad-oh-theraphy’ and CAN’T shed water! haha!

  • lmao oh Gretchen. We could all see you had 0 tears despite trying your hardest. Next time bring a bit of onion and wipe your hand over eyes to make yourself more believable.

  • Alexis Tears : 100% Real

    Tamra Tears: 100% Real…but it looks almost as if she had to think of something worse than her depression to make them come on. I know what’s worse than that?…lol but I felt she was upset, but just not enough to really cry cry. I hope you get what I mean.

    Gretchen Tears: 100% Fake Funny part is that if I were fake crying I would do it like only ONCE!! Lol. She was doing it more than anyone for a longer period of time which made it even more so painfully noticeable.

    All JMO of my observation.

    • Agreed! She was ridiculous! There were no tears or anything running from her nose = FAKE! I absolutely believe Brandi was referring to Wretchen!

      • Hi Lawd,
        Gretchen was probably still mad that the girls were calling her out for her alleged “indescriptions” that she couldn’t muster up the water works, imo.

  • Why can’t Brandi mind her business? She was so quick to cry foul on Nene speaking about her, saying “she should get to know her first”, and here she is constantly running her mouth about the other ladies.

    • I don’t think Gretchen could cry with the botox, her forehead is fabulous by the way. I think Brandi should focus on not being a drunken mess in public. Her calling out the OC didnt sway me to forget. Love em all tho. Except Heather.

    • As a viewer Brandi has the right to an opinion, just like the one you have of her. With that said, should we say that you should mind your own business and that you are running your mouth about her? And your comparison is not valid as getting to know someone is a lot different than noticing something that was pretty apparent.
      Wretched did not have any tears, which quite frankly was frustrating and made her seem that much more of a manipulator and a liar. They should award her a Razzie for that bad acting. All Brandi was doing was stating the obvious and what the majority of viewers have stated as well, don’t believe me look at any recap or comments about that episode.

    • She writes like an illiterate high school drop-out. I think she’s the one that brought her college diploma for tonite’s show and tell.

  • Hmm, didnt see any tears from gretchen. Dont wanna bash her but i’m sure it hurts that everyone has an opinion about you and your fiance. But the way gretchen and slade have gone around things I just honestly don’t blame the other women. Slade couldve been the bigger person and kept his mouth shut about the other women but has not and I think what hes said about Tam and vickis looks have crossed the line. He even has talked about alexis and gave an interview about their relationship with her..i mean do you still have your balls? I’m a woman and I don’t even act like hom

    • IMO I don’t think he ever had balls. Remeber him fron Season 1 the way he struted his shit around the OC he was a famewhore from wayyyyyyy back.

      • Jen I caught a few episodes with him & Jo and I hate the way he broke up with her on TV! And then brings another whore to the season finale party. I mean what kind of person is slade? Hes an asshat

        • I couldn’t stand the way he treated her. He treated her like he owned her and she was his personal whore and servant. I think this guy has serious women issues.

  • Her tears weren’t fake???? Umm I didn’t see ANY tears!!!!! Just alot of “sing songy” voice going on!

  • Big Head is beyond ridiculous!

    Did she just finish reading Brandi’s tweet..sound out the words and say it slowly..example

    commiment – is actually pronounced compliment

    Big Head waiting 7 days to pronounce your feelings is beyond ridiculous.

    Really hope RHOC is cancelled due to all actor’s are beyond stupid.