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Alexis Bellino’s Business Partner Blasts Her! Says She Uses Her For Fame And To Make Money!

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The drama never ends with the Real Housewives and Alexis Bellino isn’t going to be very pleased with her design partner, Tal. For those of you who don’t know, Alexis teamed up with Tal Sheyn who creates couture dresses from her studio in Hollywood, California. Together they came up with the clothing line, ‘Alexis by Tal Sheyn.’

Our friend at the Jewish Journal, Ilana Angel was recently invited to Alexis and Tal’s event and had the opportunity to interview both ladies. Ilana said that Tal was shockingly trash talking Alexis throughout the interview.

Ilana revealed that Tal said she only uses her business partner, Alexis for her fame and money! Ilana explained,

“When I first started to interview Tal I was taking notes.  When she started to speak badly about Alexis, I began to record our conversation.  I knew she was going down a slippery slope and I wanted to make sure I was hearing her correctly. In listening to the conversation now, I can tell you with no hesitation, that Tal was unprofessional about her partner.  She said Alexis has nothing to with the line and made no design decisions. She said she uses Alexis for fame and to make money.  She said that Alexis claims to be a woman of God but she never congratulated Tal on her wedding or her pregnancy.  Tal said she was kosher, and Alexis brought her kids to a meeting and fed them bacon cheeseburgers in front of her. She made fun of Alexis, in both English and Hebrew. I was surprised by her answers and you can hear me laughing at many of her answers in disbelief.”

Ilana later interviewed Alexis and revealed that Alexis simply praised her partner. Alexis has yet to respond to what her business partner has said about her. Tal doesn’t seem to be very pleased with the interview according to Ilana who tweeted, “Threatening a law suit against someone for telling the truth is lame. Just saying.”

It’s obvious Tal said what she said and feels stupid now. I’ve interviewed many people countless times who say one thing and then act like it wasn’t said because of the backlash. Are you surprised Alexis’s business partner slammed her and revealed she only uses her? Do you think Alexis should drop her?

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