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Alexis Bellino’s Business Partner Blasts Her! Says She Uses Her For Fame And To Make Money!

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The drama never ends with the Real Housewives and Alexis Bellino isn’t going to be very pleased with her design partner, Tal. For those of you who don’t know, Alexis teamed up with Tal Sheyn who creates couture dresses from her studio in Hollywood, California. Together they came up with the clothing line, ‘Alexis by Tal Sheyn.’

Our friend at the Jewish Journal, Ilana Angel was recently invited to Alexis and Tal’s event and had the opportunity to interview both ladies. Ilana said that Tal was shockingly trash talking Alexis throughout the interview.

Ilana revealed that Tal said she only uses her business partner, Alexis for her fame and money! Ilana explained,

“When I first started to interview Tal I was taking notes.  When she started to speak badly about Alexis, I began to record our conversation.  I knew she was going down a slippery slope and I wanted to make sure I was hearing her correctly. In listening to the conversation now, I can tell you with no hesitation, that Tal was unprofessional about her partner.  She said Alexis has nothing to with the line and made no design decisions. She said she uses Alexis for fame and to make money.  She said that Alexis claims to be a woman of God but she never congratulated Tal on her wedding or her pregnancy.  Tal said she was kosher, and Alexis brought her kids to a meeting and fed them bacon cheeseburgers in front of her. She made fun of Alexis, in both English and Hebrew. I was surprised by her answers and you can hear me laughing at many of her answers in disbelief.”

Ilana later interviewed Alexis and revealed that Alexis simply praised her partner. Alexis has yet to respond to what her business partner has said about her. Tal doesn’t seem to be very pleased with the interview according to Ilana who tweeted, “Threatening a law suit against someone for telling the truth is lame. Just saying.”

It’s obvious Tal said what she said and feels stupid now. I’ve interviewed many people countless times who say one thing and then act like it wasn’t said because of the backlash. Are you surprised Alexis’s business partner slammed her and revealed she only uses her? Do you think Alexis should drop her?

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  • Tal…

    You go into partnerships with the intent to make money- to do so otherwise would be foolish.

    Alexis as your partner is not required to be your friend… your friends and family (I would hope), wish you well; your partner wishes you to make more money.

    Alexis’ children are allowed to eat bacon cheese burgers because THEY are NOT Kosher… plus Alexis is a little limited in her understanding about world cultures.

    Get over yourself… and if Alexis continues to work with you- STFU and just make money!

  • Alexis is just out there in the Winds everything she had done goes right over her head most of the time, Poor Jesus jugs , lol !!!!

  • The bottom line is from watching the show, it’s obvious that Alexis doesn’t know about designing dresses. We saw her treat Tal horribly on the show. I’m not surprised if Tal does bash her.

  • I take everything ilana writes with a grain of salt. She never posts an actual interview and only summarizes the interviews she has. She also has a weird obsession with bashing Leann Rimes, it’s almost unhealthy.

    • I have read quite a few interviews she has done. But she also blogs recaps on a few shows. As for Leann Rimes- Le and her tribe have harassed her often, making her dislike Le even more. Everyone has their opinion and hers is not a good one in re to Lele!

  • Alexis should be very insulted. These were very rude and uncalled for remarks. If Ileana has a problem it should be discussed in private. A lot of times one part ner will be the silent partner or the one that backs the business and is not involved in the creating. Alexis’ role could be any number of things and would have been known when the business was formed. Sounds like someone is looking for fame!!

  • I personally think the Kosher food issue is a personal thing. I don’t eat red meat. I would be full-on vegan, if I thought it was the healthy way to go. I don’t expect anyone I’m dining with, or any of my neighbors who love to barbeque (even though I find the smell disgusting) to eschew eating red meat just because *I* find it offensive.


  • I remember the first season that Alexis’ line debuted on the show. She took a scissor to the designer’s dress (the sleeve) & you just know that was a bad start.

  • Tal can’t help herself, she’s Israeli. They talk crap about Americans all the time and look down on us. #ungrateful

        • Hi Jarlath

          Thanks for responding,if I have misinterpreted your words, I will apologize.

          “They (Israeli) talk crap about Americans all the time and look down on us”

          You are applying this to one person in a form of “they”.

          For me it did read as racist when it is “They and us”.

          • I’m basing my comment from my own personal experience of with Israelis. They ridicule and attack Americans as naive idiots. So to me, that this woman would attack Alexis, whom I do not care for, only reminded me of this duplicity. Even the journalist was shocked by the comments Tal made.

            Israelis even hate American Jews. I think that was once called “anti-Semitism” (and I put it in quote because anti-Semitism now means being critical of Israel)

          • Hi Jarlath

            I understand your experience makes you aware of things that I am not aware of, yes I watch CNN etc and the stations show and interpret an Israeli male person glibly saying “Kill American’s”.

            I have not had a personal experience that you have had. Wow, the feelings you must have had when experiencing the behavior towards you.

            My issue was, it sounded like you were placing Tal in a category of “They vs us” based on one interview.

            Geez Jarlath sorry your experience with Israeli people was so derogatory and ugly.

        • My experience is that Israelis are awesome. I have never had a problem in Tel Aviv. In Jerusalem it was a bit different, but in Tel Aviv it is like South Beach and the people are so much fun and open.

  • Why bite the hand that feeds you? Regardless if they are doing good or bad in the company you don’t disrespect your business partner, especially one that is still WORKING with you! I think tal makes thd clothing but alexis definitly comes up with a lot of the ideas and designs too. And I like her clothes. But Tal is unprofessional all around. I really hope Alexis reconsiders working with her. Was totally confused what Ilana was talking about on twitter and thought she was bashing alexis but come to find out its asshole tal. Shame on her! Glad Ilana caught it on tape too!

  • The minute Tal said she used Alexis for fame made me disregard anything else she had to say, especially the negative. It puts a huge doubt over the accuracy of her claims and suggests it’s more than likely she’s saying this bs to garner more fame and attention. Shame on her.

    Anyway, who would congratulate someone on their marriage and pregnancy if they spoke about them like that.

  • The minute Tal said she used Alexis for fame made me disregard anything else she had to say, especially the negative. It puts a huge doubt over the accuracy of her claims and suggests it’s more than likely she’s saying this bs to garner more fame and attention. Shame on her.

    Anyway, who would congratulate someone on their marriage and pregnancy if they spoke about them like that.

  • Tai was extremely unprofessional no matter what interviewer she was talking to. I can see if maybe they still weren’t partners and had a falling out but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I think Alexis is more involved than Tai says. Remember the episode where Alexis cut the sleeves off that gown? It actually made the gown look better IMO. We’ve also seen her sketch designs on camera but to what extent she’s truly involved none of us know.

    Regarding the Kosher thing… there is no understanding that I know of that requires gentiles to honor Kosher laws unless a) they are sitting in a Kosher restaurant and Alexis brought the food from outside or b) the meeting was in Tai’s home or office that has been deemed Kosher. Article doesn’t say where the meeting was. So again, who knows?

  • All the celebrity “designers” use other designers to do their designs. Heck, even famous real fashion designer employ other designers to supplement their collections. Most of them do this in nameless obscurity. Tal Sheyn had a great deal where she actually got her name on the clothing line. So, she’s complaining about nothing.

    As to eating pork in front of someone who eats kosher, it’s a tough call. I would refrain because the non-kosher meats are seen as unclean. Likewise, i would not eat pork in front of a Muslim because their perception of it as unclean can make it nauseating for them. However, not all Jews are that strict at all. They say they eat kosher and will but cheese on their hamburger. And what did she expect Alexis to do with her kids? Stick them in a closet?

  • IMO this Tal chick really shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds her. I’ve never heard of her, IMO her dresses suck and I’m sure they are only being sold because its linked with BRAVO somehow. This girl sounds very immature and really needs to get a reality check. Who the f*ck is she to say what someone elses kids eat, I’m sure the money Alexis handed over for the partnership was not kosher did she mind taking that?

    • I agree with you Jen. I think she’s trying to kick up some dirt b/c sales are probably dropping and she’s upset. Her new hubby better start bringing in more money. Why is she so worried about what Alexis’ kids eat? I don’t. I’m sure they eat fruits and veggies and have a lot of outdoor play time so what if they eat a bacon cheeseburger. As a matter of fact, that was our last nights dinner ;-).

  • Tal Sheyn should be grateful. I’ve never heard of her other than through Alexis and have certainly never seen any Tal “couture” dresses on any Hollywood red carpets.

  • I don’t want anyone to misinterpret me as bashing Ilana, but is it her usual style to post summaries of her interviews instead of the actual interview? I’ve only read maybe 2 or 3 “interviews” that she’s done and none of them had actual quotes from the people. They were more or less her critiques of the interviews with people instead of transcripts of the actual interview.

    I only say that say that I disagree with the “It’s obvious Tal said what she said and feels stupid now” part of this post. Unless we know what Tal actually said, you can’t really say that it’s obvious that she bashed Alexis. Unless Ilana has posted actual quotes and I missed it…

  • I enjoy Ilanas’s column.

    IMO if this interview was being held on behalf of: elle/other mags for designer’s , I guess I would consider the comments unprofessional.

    But this was an exclusive for another blogger. Being honest is something people want. Alexis is not a designer or seamstress, both used each other.

    How in the world can this person be sued for being honest.

    Should this blossom into a lawsuit that would be idiocy supreme, as Alexis would have to prove what she actually did, besides view drawings of design’s and try on the clothes.

    Alexis herself said she wanted this design be created for mom’s.I highly doubt anyone expected “design’s created by alexis” to exist.

    Their company name says it all “Alexis BY tal sheyn”.

    • Just looked up who this person is, Tal is an accomplished designer.

      In 2008 she opened her own studio and she also has designed many dresses for emmy’s/golden globegrammy night as well as on new Beverly Hills 90210.

      She participates in the Los Angeles Fashion week and

      Also Alexis is using a dress that Tal designed for Alexis on the RHOC good bye dinner.

      This is an accomplished designer being honest.

      • Honest? LOL! Most unsigned partner sign a CA clause and in the CA you usually place in a morals clause. It is unprofessional and IF true, then Alexis she brake the contract and sue for the business from Tal. I assume they have a JV or some partnership in place.

      • Hi Casja

        Your comment directed me to the actual blogger’s journey with Tal.

        Thank you

        The original blurb about this “interview” was three sentences long.

        Tal wasn’t even sure if she was going to do the blog about this- the interview was supposed to be about “faith”.

        Apparently Tal is an idiot, I still say Tal has the right to her opinion and it is her decision on how she wants the interview to flow.

        This would have been a non issue if Tal’s ego did not take over. There is nothing that is legally actionable.

        • I wonder what she’s so upset about? Maybe Alexis has a bigger % of the profits? Who knows? Still, she’s getting recognition and making $ if things are going well, so not sure what her fuss is all about? Lol, I could HATE my business partner, but if we’re doing well, why rock the boat?

          • Good afternoon
            it’s a little fat shoe

            Ilana mentioned that she was approached for this interview and asked for it to be confirmed that this interview was about “faith”.

            The “show” was apparently in a small little shop. It sounds like the line is not doing well.

          • I clearly remember ALexis getting very excited about the dress line a few seasons ago, demanding a dress Tal had designed and sewn, lose a sleeve- to the point where, after Tal disagreed, ALexis ripped it off the dress and said something like, “this is my line and you will do what I say” though it was Tal doing all the work. WHIl e I know many have forgotten the arrogance,stupidity and mean selfish behaviour whic ALiexis exhibited, I haven’t . She was completely rude to this woman- and obviously hasn’t changed. My guess is tht Tal continues to do al the work but Laexis’ name has brough opportunities and nsome business contacts, so the partnership continues- on same level. I’m not the last bit surprised she would say what she did- unprofessional as it was. At first, JIm was grudgingly allowing a few minutrs of ALexis’ time to the project, but he put money into it, in order to better control her and the project. My guess is he doesn;t add much to partnership and unity in ocncepts.

          • Hi Di, I remember that. I couldn’t believe how Alexis just hacked the sleeves off the dress….even though I did have to agree with her that it looked a million times better without them.

  • I am surprised Tal, or anybody else who wants to keep a biz partner, would trash their partner so publicly. Not a smart move if you want to continue making money.

    I am NOT surprised Tal feels this way. I bet there are alot of designers/creators of fashion lines/products that feel resentful of their “celebrity” partners. The designer does all the work but the celeb gets all the recognition. You often hear about these type of partnerships ending badly.

  • Sounds like Tal is looking for attention, as for being Kosher, Alexis is not and can feed her children whatever she wants,Tal should not, IMO, expect Alexis to restrict their diet in front of her just because she does not eat it,too bad. It is in very poor taste to say things about your partner, just makes you look bad.

    • It depends where the meeting was held. If it was held in Tal’s home, or personal offices, then yes, Alexis is expected to honor kosher law.

        • I can almost guarantee that Alexis has no idea what it means to be kosher. I doubt she realized she was being disrespectful.

          • Probably not, but then it makes me question how good a Christian she is (which could be Tal’s point as well). The roots of Christianity are Judaism, and a truly educated, devout, Christian should understand Judaism first. You need to know from where you came to understand where you are. I am not defending Tal, just giving some possible Jewish perspective.

          • It’s hard to tell by the way that it was written but it looked to me like Alexis was feeding her own children a bacon cheese burger. If that’s the case, what does that have to do with Tal keeping kosher…unless maybe the meeting was in Tal’s home.

          • I am catholic and went to a catholic school and had religion lessons everyday at school and I know nothing bout kosher habits or what is expected.

        • There are strict rules involved with keeping a kosher home. Bringing in non-kosher food, or eating non-kosher (ex: mixing meat and dairy) contaminates it. Obviously, this is a very basic explanation. The whole explanation is looooong. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t take a ham sandwich into a synagogue. A kosher home is no less important.

          • I am a Christian who would want to be respectful to all other people’s religions, but I got to say also, I would have nooooo idea that I couldn’t feed my kid a burger in someone’s office. I doubt she meant it to be disrespectful. Also, even though the bible states that Jesus himself was jewish, as someone who was raised in a Christian home, I have no idea of jewish kosher laws, nore did we ever discuss them in a Christian church. You said that Christians should know Judaism, but that’s not what the focus of the Christian bible is on. So she really could have had no idea. Like I said, I would have had no idea that I was causing offense to someone. Tal should have simply informed her so that she could have waited to feed her kids, or taken them into another area or something. If that were me, I would have appreciated being informed from her so that I didn’t make the same mistake again.

          • I understand but I doubt Alexis understood that feeding her children a cheeseburger even without pork is against Kosher laws. Most Christians do not know it. Even in Israel, Tel Aviv you can get a cheeseburger. At least when I was there two years ago you could. It depends how strict Kosher someone is. I have friends who are strict Kosher and they do not care if I eat prosciutto.

            Everyone is different, but we are talking about Alexis. I doubt she would know. I doubt she would want to offend someone, especially in regards to religion.

      • Expected to honor it by whom? Other kosher people perhaps.
        For people who talk about Jesus being Jewish and that Christians should first know Judaism — do not understanding the teachings of Jesus — Jesus said that it is not what goes
        In To A Person that Defiles —
        but What Comes Out Of A Person which defiles. Sounds like this is a perfect example of how that works ….. kids eating bacon vs a mean heart.

    • Did Ilana get her consent to record her? She better have CA is a two party state and if she doesn’t have express consent she can be sued and rather successful.

      • I thought that was sooo unbelievably rude! Especially because Tal begged her not to do it.

      • And then Alexis offered two different versions of the dress in her line. One with sleeves and one without. Plus, clearly Tal admits here she needs Alexis’ money and fame so that means Alexis does get a say in the look that she signs her name to.

        Sorry Tal, but without Lex I wouldn’t know who YOU are.

    • What’s important to note is something I think most people know. A) Alexis lies and acts as if she has anything to do with the fashion line. We all know she doesn’t and never has so the fact that she plays designer is a joke. B) The comment about her being fake regarding her religion. This is also something all the women have said about her. I am glad the truth is finally out. At least Tal was honest about the partnership. Something Alexis has never been.