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Kenya Moore And Porsha Stewart Still Feuding Plus Kenya Wants One Of Kim’s Babies!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently filming it’s next season and unfortunately Kenya Moore AKA the gone with the wind fabulous star will be returning. TooFab caught up with Kenya earlier this week as she was headed out of the airport with a mystery man.

When asked about any new possible cast members, Kenya said, “We’ve met someone named Mynique but I won’t officially say if they were part of the show or not.” Kenya and Mynique have gotten close and she is rumored to be the newest housewife and has been photoed with Kenya several times.

When asked about Kim being pregnant with twins, Kenya said, “this girl is crazy! She can get pregnant by sneezing. She needs to give me one of her babies” adding, “if it works for her and her husband it works for anyone.”

And it seems like Porsha and Kenya are still feuding because when asked about Porsha’s new hair care line, Kenya said, “I’m sorry, who?”

Kenya was taped hugging the mystery guy and called out for being with the much looking younger guy. Kenya didn’t take too kindly to that questioning why people thought he was younger which he IS. Kenya then made her exit excited probably that she was stopped to begin with by paparazzi. Thoughts on Kenya returning? Do you think she makes good TV?

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  • I can’t stand Kenya, Nene or Phaedra, the latter being an ignorant racist just like nene. Kenya is just boring and stupid. Cynthia is very pretty but married to a super-low-life. She is rather dull as well. Kandi is okay in my book but overall, to me the show is not the same without kim. I won’t be watching especially after seeing Michael Vick’s jersey framed in a place of honor in fakedra’s tacky house. That spoke volumes to me about that stupid woman!

  • Kenya is the best and she is a pretty black women look at her so pretty. She made her own money and made history what did porsha do? thats right nothing her whole life so who is a loser and envy not Kenya. Who the hell names their child after a car? really. Kenya should start dating white men because they love pretty black women I should know 🙂 I am a dark skin women and Kenya made history cannot take that from her. I am a huge Kenya fan from Canada 🙂 People just hate pretty black women who made names for themselves.

  • Kenya is a very self absorbed woman and doesn’t really listen to anyone else unless it is about her. She needs to come down off her high horse and show some feelings about others before anyone is going to have positive feelings about her. She chases men off by being so overstifiling!!

    As for wanting one of Kim’s babies that is, of course, ridiculous. It would be raised by a nanny

    and I’m not sure Kenya knows one end from the other.!

    Porsha on the other hand is just misunderstood a lot and she also misunderstands others. She’s a sweet girl and wants to be a Mom someday. Hopefully she’ll meet someone who deserves her.

    Sorry Kenya fans, but I didn’t pick up too much positive on Kenya this season!! Not my favorite housewife.

  • Sorry, I can’t stand Kenya !!! She’s fake. There’s nothing real about this chick. She lies about EVERYTHING, especially about being so damn fabulous. I think Porsha has it all over her. Porsha is beautiful, classy, witty and smart. I would take 10 Porshas over one Kenya. I’m disappointed to hear she’s staying on.Maybe it’s time for me to cut off Atl. I’ve already done it with Miami.

    • Look: I agree that Kenya is a total bottom feeder and Porsha is about a thousand times better than her.

      But smart?


      Come on…

      • Your right Aussie….def not the sharpest crayon in the box but atleast she was a sincere and beautiful LADY! Something Kenya will never be. Kenya is FAKE as hell and nuttier than squirrel sh*t! LOL

    • I’m on the same page. Don’t watch Miami and I’ve always liked Atlanta up until Kim left and NeNe got all “Hollywood” as someone said above.

    • Porsha is one of the most BASIC chicks in the industry that I’ve ever seen and now I see why Kordell moved on. Bless him! LOL. Hell, both Kenya and Cynthia can knock Porsha right out in the looks department and they are in their damn 40s, plus Porsha is very childish and doesn’t fit in with these ladies at all…

  • As cringeworthy that Keyonce was I will look forward to watching her antics through my fingers for next season.

    • I agree Sadie! I can’t stand Kenya! That girl is nuttier than squirrel sh*t!

  • I can’t stand Kenya. The whole rent a boyfriend thing was so pathetic.

    I also think she is so BSC..she can make Kelly Bensimon look lucid at crazy Island.

    • ITA! I think we forget about the stunts she’s pulled. The rent-a-boyfriend and the flirt with everyone’s hubby.

  • I’m not a Kenya fan, but she does know how to bring the crazy and the shade

    “…if it works for her and her husband it works for anyone” I don’t remember there being any issues with Kim and Kenya, so I don’t get thay shady comment.

    All I can say is Kim keep an eye on those babies. Kenya is on the loose 😉

    • Hi rhfan. I’m not a Kenya fan either but she is nuts, lol. I wonder why she got so offended when questioned about her much younger man? I wonder if the other ladies brought it up during filming? Hopefully it’ll be an interesting season.

      • I didn’t pick up that she got offended and he didn’t look that much younger than her. Vivica dated younger guys…why can’t Kenya?

        • I personally don’t care who she dates. She shouldn’t be offended when asked IF that’s the case.

  • I LOVE Kenya. She MADE last season. Ever since Nene went all Hollywood the show was missing the ratchet appeal that drew me in. I also love Phaedra and Porsha. I don’t dislike anyone on ATL although Cynthia is such a bore. Good for her and her man im happy for Kenya. #gonewiththewind

      • I LOVE KENYA too! She was the STAR of the ATL last season. I want her back! I think they should get rid of Kim she is Boring! I never cared for Porsha I think she was so sub servient to her husband it was embarrassing to watch! BRAVO Please bring KENYA BACK! We Love KENYA!

    • I’m with you, I love Kenya as well. I don’t care for Porsha and Phaedra though and although Cynthia is sometimes boring she is pretty but I can’t stand her arrogant ugly husband.