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Sheree Whitfield’s ‘Chateau Sheree’ In Foreclosure, And It’s Not Even Completely Built Yet!


Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield had been trying to keep up with a lifestyle she really just could not afford. The story that repeats itself with Housewives…

While driving Aston Martins around and having expensive hand bags, Sheree also sued her ex-husband for unpaid child support. Meanwhile, she was building her “dream home” which she dubbed Chateau Sheree, or as NeNe refers to it – “Neverland” – because it’s never going to happen, and it looks like Ms. NeNe was right.

Funky Dineva reports, “A real estate agent source has revealed that Chateau Sheree is available for immediate short sale for $340k. Additionally, they divulged that there are two loans on the property and that the home will most likely be sold for something in the low to mid 3oo’s.”

So after years of having an empty lot with some “sticks” and a “No Trespassing” sign, it looks like the banks have given up of Sheree and her dream house is being foreclosed on before she even had a chance to sleep in it for a single night!

Are you surprised by this? I mean, we all pretty much saw this coming!

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  • Kim needs to slow down. She is having to many kids. To fast. Troy is only 26 are so. Wake up Kim sex is not all it take to keep man. Going to fast. He will shake it off one day.

  • I feel sorry for Sheree. She is having a hard time. I hate people like NeNe. She brags to much. Talk bad about Sheree. Because things are going good for her she puts the other ladies down. I wish the best for Sheree.

  • I DID’NT

  • I didn’t like Sheree’s attitude. She always acted like someone owed her something. Yes her ex owed. But on the show with Iyanla he was trying to come to some agreement with her involving the kids and she always gave resistant. I think she is getting what she deserves.

  • Sheree will complete what she starts in the way she wants. For African American women you can now see why its so hard for you to get ahead. So against one another. A person you’ve never even said 10 words to, but you want her to fail. One thing you fail to notice is that Nene {the demon} has called Sheree big nose and all. Sheree has not leveled to low-class calling her names back. Nene has everything fake on her and she knows Sheree is not hardly ugly. Nene is fake from top to bottom, wig, nose, belly, smile, teeth, breast, etc.. Throw stones and wish bad upon someone is the devil’s work.

    Sheree took no shit on the show, seems like someone was scared to run up, but you saw them all over Kandy and others. Kandy didn’t quite stand for it either. She seem to be kicked off because of jealous Nene who can’t seem to keep Sheree’s name out of her mouth wanted Sheree off. You know Nene was jealous and hated no one more than Sheree. People don’t think that her kids been thru enough and does not deserve people speaking poorly of their mom. They deserve the same as Kim & Kroy kids..

    Kim is only doing swell because of sheree. Life was given to Kim via Sheree. If Sheree didn’t walk over and grab Kroy, Kim would not have her perfect K name family, husband and all. She’s building, BUT its all from Sheree. She had no life before Sheree made it possible. Because Sheree is black you look down on her not wanting another black person to do well, but because Kim is white you want for her to bring it. All Kim’s gain is because of African American people. Nene got her the job, Kandy gave her the music spin off career and sheree gave her a life with husband and family. What has Kim given, nothing but Kroy a bunch of kids so she’ll be relevent in life and have someone around her for the next 18 yrs unless she die or Kroy leaves with the kids. You’d think she’d reach out to Sheree because her now life came ALL because of Sheree.. I’M JUST SAYING.

  • I’m not a fan of Sheree’s but I don’t believe in kicking someone when they are down. Most of the housewives are guilty of living beyond their means. The Guidices are the perfect example of what happens when you live beyond your means!

  • Ummmm(holding my finger up) excuse me Sheree are u havn a garage sale for yoyr bags!?!?!? when & wher hunty !??!! let me get 1st dibs

  • I sure feel for her babies. When they are struggling to pay university fees in a few years, they can be happy that their mummy drove a nice car and had great handbags for a while.

  • Sherree is trash. A garbage dump is a more appropriate home for her. NeNe should be doing the happy dance all over Atlanta.

  • I feel terribly for Sherre! To have so many personal failures televised! “She by Sherree”, her marriage, her messy divorce, being dropped from RHOA and now Chateau Sherree. Painful to go through any of these, let alone in front of a television audience!
    To see what she was driving and what she was building while her son was sleeping on an air mattress?!
    It was interesting to see her AND Bob on Iyanla VanZant’s show. It was obvious that Sherree is unrealistic about so much of her life. Iyanla DID discuss with Sherree on camera about Sherree being more realistic and to give up this false hope of Chateau Sherree and focus on developing herself and her children. Sadly Sherree would not consider anything she suggested.
    Well, I guess now we know “who is gonna check her Boo?”, she’s been checked!!!

  • Sheree was living in a fantasy in her head. It doesn’t matter that she was once married to a wealthy football player-they’re divorced now. She has overspent in an attempt to keep up that wealthy image. Sheree really ought to be ashamed of herself for wasting money on building a house she could never afford in the first place.

  • Of course this was going to happen. Who the hell builds this type of house or any when they have no JOB????

  • Sheree and Bob were on the Ilyanda program on OWN. Bob told her he didn’t like her. She made it very hard for him to see the kids.

    At the end of the show, they were still angry at one another and Ilyanda had said THIS COUPLE STILL NEEDS
    MY HELP! I never saw the second part. Truthfully, it put Bob in a good light.

    • I know nothing about Bob Whitfield, but a court doesn’t order someone to pay child support by mistake.

      Look, I can see his side on the spousal support issue, because I can also see Sheree demanding way more than she was legally entitled to. But child support…that’s another thing altogether. Now, maybe he needed a reduction because of loss of income…but he also needs Sheree isn’t doing a damn thing to bring in whatever extra is required. So it sounds like they both needed to scale back in order to provide for the kids.

      Kids don’t need luxuries. Food, shelter, clothing, medical care. It’s nice to give them extra, but the focus should be on the obligation to the basics first. When the parents are so concentrated on their own luxuries, that’s just pathetic.

  • Are any of us the least bit surprised by this??? Of course not. This sad delusional tool just screwed over her mother and her kids for her fifteen minutes. Self entitled stupid fool.

  • Another housewife living beyond her means…all for 15minutes of fame. Why live a lifestyle you know that you can’t afford all to sign a few autographs along the way, because unless you get lucky like Kim or Nene, no ones gonna remember you after RH’s. All these people you made yourself broke for to impress can care less about you in the end. Was it really worth it?

    Funny part is she continued to deny there was trouble, like she was floating the boat all on her own with her “business’s”?? in interviews she kept saying everything was coming, just wait, the house, the clothing line.etc I think she was waiting on a multimillion$$ payoff from Bob like he was hiding assets..but I read last year that her mother actually has the mortgage in her name for Sheree. Now her mothers credit is ruined as well

    Sad picture as well, I’m embarrassed for her that she would agree to a photo op to look so broken down and homely wrapped in a blanket outside of her home. She must really need the money 🙁

  • Hopefully Sheree was not waiting for ex to cough up the court ordered financial part of divorce.

    He has paid her $425 thousand of the court ordered $775 thousand to Sheree. And still has not paid a penny of child support ($2142./month).

    Living beyond your means is ugly and very few people survive. What is Shreree doing for a job?

    Pride Pride Pride….

    • I think that was just what Sheree was waiting for, although why she thought a piece of paper was going to force the ex to cough it up is beyond me. She certainly should be more familiar with his tactics than that.

      I’ve got no patience for a woman who won’t face reality, or for a man who doesn’t own his responsibilities. They should get remarried. They sound perfect for each other.

      • Exactly, just because the court says ya’ gotta pay…doesn’t mean you’re gonna get it! She was relying on living on Bob’s income post-divorce like she did in the beginning. This is a clear case of denial because she knew Bob’s football career was over so where was he going to get that kind of money?

      • I read the reason he won’t pay her is that the mansion she lived in the first season was still communal property. The had an agreement that she would move out for something like 450k so that he could sell the place.

        He gave her the money but refused to leave which forced the property into foreclosure because he couldn’t afford the payments, which ended up costing him something like a million bucks.

        In the season where Phaedra was representing Sheree, I think it was alluded to because Sheree said something like when it was all added up, it was pretty much a wash and Bob only would have owed her something like $150 bucks.

    • Hi Sam,

      I didn’t know it was that much. I though he paid her like $40K of 75k?
      what the heck did she do with 400k then…lol That was enough to put down to finish this house

    • She’s lazy and feels like she’s above everyone else. She’s a fake IMO. She needs to get a real job. I wonder if her son is still sleeping on an air mattress. Sad.