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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Jan DeDolce Explains Her Falling Out With Melissa, Exposes The Melissa She Knows!


While season five of Real Housewives of New Jersey filmed, Melissa Gorga was facing accusations that she had cheated on Joe Gorga with her ex boyfriend, Bryan “Bulldog”. Bryan surfaced on Twitter during this time and dropped hints about the accusations.

When the show aired, Melissa brought her friend Jan DeDolce on the show because Bravo wanted to film Melissa with her friends, but as it turns out, Jan also became upset with Melissa. A few episodes later, Jan was seen outing Melissa’s meeting with Bryan while she was already married to Joe Gorga!

You might be wondering why Jan “turned” on Melissa, but she has her reasons! I got in touch with Jan recently and she agreed to answer all of your burning questions about her history with Melissa, and she is not holding back! After Melissa said Jan is desperate for attention on WWHL recently, Jan is speaking out after turning down money for paid interviews.

Jan was a very good friend of Melissa’s up until she got on the show, which is when things began to change. Jan has had enough saying, “I can’t watch her lying. She’s just such a good liar.” Check out AllAboutTRH‘s chat with Jan, found exclusively here!

AllAboutTRH: How long have you known Melissa?
Jan DeDolce: I would say over 12 years.

How did you guys meet?
We met a long time ago through a mutual friend, this girl Melissa Giordano. Melissa [Giordano]’s parents were divorced, so she would spend time here [Jan lives in Northern Jersey] and she she would spend time down the shore. She would always take Melissa Gorga out with her, so that’s how we met. And then I started dating someone from down the shore so we were just able to get together all the time.

You guys were friends and then you were in her wedding to Joe Gorga, so when did things begin to change?
Well, people get married and have kids and go on with their lives so we don’t get to see each other every day, but I guess when she got on the show, she just got weird. She is not the same person that I was friends with seven years ago.

Before she was on the show, did she ever speak negatively about Teresa?
Yeah. She didn’t like Teresa before the show. She asked me to write an anonymous letter to Bravo so she could get on the show.

Did you do it?
No, but someone else did.

Yeah, that’s how she got on the show. She would take me to Dina Manzo’s Ladybug conventions at the Brownstone and Melissa would follow the freakin’ camera around. Melissa would be seated in the back corner, and then she would always get up and prance around in front of the camera.

So obviously she was bitter that Teresa was on TV and she wasn’t.
Yeah. What she asked me to write to Bravo was that Teresa was hiding a younger, prettier girl who had more money than her.

Is Melissa that much better off than Teresa?
I mean, not at all. Her husband owes a lot of people money.

The house that they live in right now, was that built for them to live in or to sell?
What Joe does is he builds homes and sells them. So they were trying to live in this house but they can’t because they owe too much for it.

Is this why they are selling it now?

What type of house did they live in before this one? Was it a modest house?
Well, no, when Melissa first met Joe he had a beautiful McMansion in Franklin Lakes that he sold to a football player or somebody. Then, they moved into a house they rented in Lincoln Park until this house was built.

Even when they were moving in, they were talking about when they were going to sell it. That’s what they do. It’s like, the bank owns it, but they did move in before the show.

What did you think when she finally made it into the show? Did she tell you?
Yeah, it was actually my daughter’s birthday party. She came in and she was all like “They cast me! They cast me!” She was all excited, and I was so excited for her. She was like, “Don’t tell anybody!” yet, but then she went around to each person and told them all that she was on the show.

Did she promise to feud with Teresa in order to be cast on the show?
Well yeah, of course. They want that. They weren’t going to bring anyone who wasn’t going to bring any kind of drama to the next season.

So how did Bravo find out about you?
So, it was weird because Melissa and I started having problems. I don’t know what her deal was, but she started talking about me to people. Very two-faced. That’s when I started getting mad at her.

A picture came on Twitter of her [Melissa] from that girl Penny that only I had. What happened was, I was doing my extensions, and they were saying she had her nose done. And at that time, Melissa hadn’t had her nose done and I was like, arguing with them like, “No, her nose is real! Look at this!”

At the time, the guy [her make-up artist] was just contouring it, but now her nose is done. Her nose is completely new, so when she denies it, she’s lying about that.

So I was showing them the picture trying to prove that it was the same nose, and the girl Penny must have taken a picture with her camera. I didn’t even have a Twitter account at the time. I signed onto Twitter maybe four or five months ago but I don’t use it. This picture went up about one or two years ago.

So Melissa calls me out of nowhere asking if I had put up that picture. I said, “What are you talking about?” She started sending it to me and I told her that I had shown people the picture because they were saying she had a nose job and I was showing them that she didn’t.

So, we talked. We got set up for lunch, whatever. But of course, it was just to find out information. We didn’t talk for a few months because she’s so busy with her life and what not. There was something that went on Facebook that had upset me that she put up, and I was just over it.

How did she approach you to film with her and her other friend Maria?
Out of nowhere, she calls me to go meet her for lunch. Again. She wanted to know if I told anybody about the night we were out at Sushi Lounge with Bryan. I said no, but of course there were other people there. And Bryan is friends with Penny!

So she asked me if I would come on and film with her to say that there was no meeting together. I didn’t really want to get involved, but she asked me to film because she needed girlfriends to go to lunch with her. Melissa doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends. If you look at her wedding party, I’m the only friend at her wedding. It was all family. Her two sisters, her cousin, Teresa, me, I think Kathy might have been there too.

She was like “Please, please, please,” so I said alright. Now mind you, I denied a majority of the stuff because I just didn’t want to get involved in this. So we go out to lunch and after that, Kim D and Penny start calling me and my partner. At first, they tried telling me that Teresa had a hair product line and she wanted it in my salon.

Kim D has this guy Damien who was friends with my old partner, set up a meeting behind my back with Penny and they wanted to see if we could get me to come on the show. I said I didn’t want to get involved, but then they said it would only be about the hair products and Melissa wouldn’t be there. Kim D gave me the whole run around.

My partner then begged me and said it’ll be good for the business. At the time, I was still mad at Melissa because she had used me to get information about Bryan and to deny all that stuff. So when we get there, they push Malcolm, who is my partner, to the side and they place me next to Penny to make it seem like we came here together.

The night at Bellissimo’s [with Teresa, Kim D, and Penny] I was defending her. They were attacking her and ambushing her. And once again, I’m sticking up for her and Bravo switched it up because apparently Penny has a lawsuit with Bravo, so they didn’t use her in that scene bashing Melissa. I don’t know, maybe they wanted to make it look realistic. I have no idea. The whole thing was just fake.

They just started bashing Melissa. At the table, when they showed me saying all this stuff. It had nothing to do with Melissa. We were talking about an old boyfriend. It was just stuff that had nothing to do with Melissa. They re-arranged the entire conversation which was really messed up.

So then someone behind the cameras asks me to tell them about how Melissa cheated on Bryan, and I said no. I knew we went to dinner together, but I didn’t leave with them so I don’t know what happened.

So what you know is that you all had drinks with Bryan but you don’t know if she cheated. When was this?
This was right before she got pregnant with her third son.

Did Joe know that she was going out and Bryan would be there?
Absolutely not!

He obviously wouldn’t have liked that.
He would’ve killed somebody! She wasn’t even allowed to go to my bachelorette party, that’s how crazy they are together.

So who’s idea was it to hang out with Bryan?
Hers! She set it up. They were talking.

In this week’s episode you say she deserves an Academy Award, why do you say that?
Because she’s full of sh*t! She’s a confused person now. Everything about her is a lie. She’s like a “shore girl.” She slept around. She did whatever she could to get money, houses… She pretends to be better than everybody.

For example, her relationship book about how to keep a man. She’s just trying to make money. First it was her singing, now it’s her trying to write a book. The Housewives is going to be short-lived, I mean how long is she going to carry this out for? She doesn’t have anything else.

She’s just not a real person.

Do you think Bryan will tell his side, since he insists that they hooked up while she was married?
I kind of hope he does because she’s saying that I’m desperate for attention. Really? I’m not pushing 40 on stage trying to be a singer. I’m not trying to follow my sister-in-law’s footsteps.

She said you’re desperate for attention, but she brought you on the show first to defend her about allegations?
Yeah! Every magazine has tried getting in touch with me to pay me for articles, to bash her, sell pictures and what not. And I didn’t do it. There was one guy [reporter from the National Enquirer] who showed up to my salon twice, showed up at my house, the next day he left a note in my mailbox, called my salon.

If I wanted attention I would have done that. Bravo wanted me to get involved in other stuff. Kim D wanted me to do other things, and I just said no. I wanted no more part of it.

Do you think you would attend the reunion if asked?
I don’t know. I just think it’s such a degrading thing and I’m mad that I even got involved. I don’t want to bring that back to my family. I don’t know. I have a little bit of a temper, and I’m just afraid that I’d get to the point where I’d smack the shit out of her.

What would you describe the real Melissa as?
Melissa’s very selfish. She’s very cheap. Seriously. She’s the kind of person who will go into a store and wants to get everything for free. She’s never had style, she never knew how to dress herself. She had to call my sister or somebody, ‘Where did you buy this? Where did you get this?’

If she saw Teresa wearing something she had to find out where Teresa bought it. She’s just never had a mind of her own. She went and took Teresa’s freakin’ make-up artist, her hair stylist. It’s just crazy.

For her daughter’s Holy Communion this year she had people doubting if she actually paid for the big party or Antonia’s dress because she was constantly tweeting about the designer and vendors and plugging their business. She even had a paparazzi photo agency take pictures at the reception.
Probably because it was free. She did that because she probably didn’t pay for the dress. Trust me. She gave a gift to my daughter once for her birthday and on the tag of the outfit it said it was for Antonia.

How did she really meet Joe?
She went on the show lying at first. ‘Oh, I was a secretary, that’s how we met.’ No, he met you at Lookers. What do you mean? You were working at a strip club. No, she wasn’t a stripper. But she would only date guys with money. [If] you didn’t have money, she wasn’t dating you.

So she met Joe Gorga at Lookers?
They met in Cancun years ago, I think he hooked up with her friend in Cancun when they were on spring break. Then he saw her again at Lookers. That’s when she called me, “I met this guy he wants to take me out, but I don’t know. He’s a little short for me…”

When she finally went on a date, he took her back to his house, and all of a sudden she made up this whole story that she had to get out of her apartment, her roommate bailed on her, just so she could go and live with him.

How soon after they began dating did she move in with him?
Like, six weeks. Six months later they were engaged. Six months later they were married, and then six months after that she was pregnant. Crazy.

She was so nice to Teresa in the beginning. I don’t like Teresa, I think she’s sneaky, but I do know for a fact Teresa tried to welcome her as a friend, as a a sister, and as soon as they got married she started treating Teresa like shit.

Is her new book about having a sexy marriage a sham?
She wasn’t even into him [Joe Gorga] like that. She was not attracted to him. Of course, I’m sure she fell in love with him eventually, but the first thing was the money.

When she first met Joe she was hooking up with like three other guys at the time. There was a guy Dave who she came to see at my house after she was married. She didn’t hook up with him, but why would she come to see her ex-boyfriend? But she couldn’t be with Dave because he didn’t have enough money.

Thank you Jesus, right?
Thank you, Jesus. Please! She did tell me, I remember, we were driving home from a wedding shower for our mutual friend. We were driving through this nice part of town, and this is when she was with Bryan.

Bryan and her didn’t have that much money, he had just broken his knee so he was out of commission for making money. And she kept saying, “See, this is what I want. I pray to God to send me someone with money. I want a nice house, I want this, I want that.”

She would say that? I read the first chapter of her book and in it she writes that her family had the first Lincoln town car in her neighborhood…
Her dad may have had money, but then they were poor. Her mom used to go to a salon and she didn’t have money to tip. She’d ask if she could bring a bottle of wine or something. She didn’t have money to tip her hair stylist.

So ultimately why do you think Melissa is making up her whole act?
Right now, I think it’s for the public eye, so that they like her and not Teresa. And she is putting on an act for Joe. Joe’s family is old-school Italian, he doesn’t want to be with a girl who slept around. If he had known how many people she slept around with he would have never married her.

So do you think he knows now how she used to be?
No I think she has him blinded and he will just say people are jealous. Listen, they couldn’t ever leave each others’ side. They were always trying to hook me up with one of his friends, because Melissa wasn’t allowed to go out without him. This is why it was a surprise to me, how she got out that night for Sushi Lounge. I think he was going somewhere.

He’s very jealous. He slapped her on the face one time because she was dancing with his one friend down the Jersey shore. He got mad at her because she was dancing with his friend and he thought she was flirting. She was dancing with him trying to be friendly, and Joe didn’t like that. So, when they left the club, when we got in the car together, he smacked her on the face.

Are you shocked by what Jan had to say? Do you believe Melissa has cheated in the past!?

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  • I won’t say they’re stupid but naive maybe? It’s so easy to see she’s as fake as a two dollar bill. She lies and lies and twists things in her favor. All anyone has to do is compare her own blogs written in her own words. She’ll say one thing one week and the next week it’ll be a completely different story. POS Anyone can see that unless they don’t want to. As far as Teresa, she has her problems to but I don’t think she is evil like Melissa is. Jacqueline has as many problems as Teresa does and may be going to jail herself. Why does no one ever bring that up? She steals money from charities and Chris bankrupted his own company by spending the money from it for personal gain. There is a lawsuit going on. He also destroyed evidence which I’m sure he’ll be charged with. It took a bit of time for all of Teresa’s problems to catch up with her. Jacqueline and Chris’s will be catching up with them too.

  • great interview,at least someone came out, not like bryan,he is all talk and i dont see him doing anything,i dont know if bravo is paying him to save for last or is paying to shut him up, but if he has something he needs to speak.

    do i think meho cheated on joe? yes

    i dont think joe knows about it,i think he suspects now and i do think they have a lot of drama behind the scenes. i think meho is concerned not only about the skeletons flying out but also what joe will do to her.

    do i think he abuses her? yes

    i think he has that temper that he could have and is slepping her when he is angry.

    i dont know what is bravo or andy thinking, but they are crazy if the think that we like seeing on going drama bulling and abuse that happens with one of the cast memebers,especially when we see she isnt the one to be blamed. dont think im teresas fan, im not, i just dont like the situation and thats it, i didnt like danielle but when they all ganged up on her i felt bad for her, even though i could see her part in it, i was still against everything that happened with her, teresa was wrong there too.

    dont even get me started on jax, what an ass my god, she isnt good in anything, its enough to look at ashlee(ashley) to see how poorly raised she is,she is a copy of her mom with twitter bashing and so on.

    i stopped watching the show and i refuse to continue it, i dont want to see unfair tretment of the person anywhere, i dont like it and thats it.

    • Go read >> jezebel.com on what Melissa says in her book and see how incredibly violent and bullying Joe Gorga is. My gawd I hope he doesn’t kill someone.
      Melissa and the kids need to get away from him.
      Please share the story on fan sites.

  • Hmmm. Looks like the chips are starting to fall where they may huh?

    I’m just going to say about “Reality TV” and Bravo. I do believe Bravo jacks up the tension. I think they are manipulative to a degree but I keep saying, “Don’t y’all have people like this in your family?” I do. I think Teresa has wondered the right things. It has been completely blown out of proportion what Teresa’s reaction to Mego coming into the family was. That’s a Mego spin.

    I don’t watch Bravo anymore. It’s poison as sure as I’m sitting here. I refuse to add to the mess they are creating.

    I USE to be Andy Cohen’s biggest fan. Andy use to be funny & seemed like he loved most everyone until he let bitterness over Teresa shoving him & Joe Guidice “gay” slur. Everyone assures me this is why Andy hates Teresa. Andy’s tweet saying “Teresa was strong, she could take it, did it for me.” I saw the tweet. Saw the whole thing & Andy told on himself. I am giving him the “JackHole of the Year” award to him.

    In closing, I believe Bravo has a lot of control of what happens on their Real House Wives franchise & I believe they do have to a certain amount of “re-filming”……However…. if Bravo’s Reality TV could, I’m sure Camille Grammar & Russell Armstrong want re-writes.

  • How DARE you call anyone who supports Melissa stupid! Speak for yourself! Bravo wants Melissa on the show, and she has every right to be there! Many people feel the same way about Teresa’s fans, and question why they support her considering the mess she is in.

  • How DARE you call anyone who supports Melissa stupid! Speak for yourself! Bravo wants Melissa on the show, and she has every right to be there! Many people feel the same way about Teresa’s fans, and question why they support her considering the mess she is in.

  • How DARE you call anyone who supports Melissa stupid! Speak for yourself! Bravo wants Melissa on the show, and she has every right to be there! Many people feel the same way about Teresa’s fans, and question why they support her considering the mess she is in.

  • Jan sounds mean AND crazy. So it was wrong for Jacq to allege cheating and that one of the Juicy’s kids could not be his, but this Jan is just telling the truth? I think these people are showing themselves to be the liars they were suspected of being. If this is all the Bravo producers, and not Teresa, how is it possible that it just KEEPS happening? She’s lunching and hanging out with people who are plotting behind her back? REPEATEDLY? This clumsy B.S. is exactly, IMO, the reason the Giudices were so easy to catch and are under indictment.

  • IT is so f**king frustrating how none of these people ever make any damn sense. She is obviously trying to sit the fence now, and pretend she was never out to get Melissa. Too bad she sounds like a complete liar. I believe the cheating, but come on Jan, own your crap. I mean, someone took a picture of a picture you had??? COME ON! And your convo about her cheating was about an old boyfriend but not about her cheating??? The footage was just perfectly edited??? You are full of it! You came in a la Lori of the OC with guns blazing. Stand by that decision instead of looking like an idiot and a liar by cobbling this nonsensical story together.

  • damn it seems like maybe jan is a little jealous of melissa? not for nothing she looks like a man, ugly girls are always jealous of their pretty friends. shes kissing her ass one day at lunch and tearing her up the next. anything to get her 15 minutes. i know its good for ratings but come on i dont want trash like that on the show. also that older women what is she the new kim g? at her age she should above this kind of stuff.

    • I think Jan is a way better looking than Melissa. I don’t think she’s jealous of M’s looks. Who is the old lady you’re referring to? Penny?

  • I have no doubt this total famewhore use to sit next to Melissa and gossip with her about the Guidice’s and now that THAT is no longer workingfor her she’s out to destroy Melissa.

  • Jan looks like a hot tranny mess. I don’t think all Jan had to say is a lie but so much of it is just vindictive and getting digs at a former friend. I think she is filled with hate. Needs to let it go. She sounds a little Lauri Petersonish to me. Especially about Melissa seeing an ex boyfriend right before her third child was born. If you don’t know, don’t insinuate.

    • As I said, Melissa chose her. Do you really think Melissa is going to have a high caliber of friends?

  • Well I believe the part about Melissa being cheap. She always shops in forever 21 garden state plaza and willow brook. Melissa needs to fess up and come clean about her dirty laundry before it gets aired out in the worse way.

  • ALL these people lie. I’m sure there’s some truth to what this Jan person says, but probably not all of it. It’s quite simple-if you really don’t want to be “famous”, you don’t appear on tv. No one forced her to do so.

    The fallout with Melissa is so childish. If someone starts acting weirdly or does/says something you don’t agree with-move on and cut the person out of your life. That’s the mature thing to do. Don’t continue interacting with someone and getting into drama over it-that’s very high school. Jan has shown herself to be perfect for housewives.

    • Very true but Melissa chose her as a friend. She also initiated the meeting.

      I’m actually happy there are finally people coming out to expose Melissa for the POS she is. Pretty soon, no one will be able to deny it. You know, for those who are blind to her true character. I still can’t understand how anyone can’t see through her – her lies alone should give her away.

  • Melissa claims that she was the most beautiful girl in all the land, so naturally every girl was a jealous hater and every guy was desperate to get with her. She is still trying to maintain this lie even though there are pictures of her from back then that show Melissa was FAR from being a supermodel.

    Notice in this photo of her friends in their 20s, Melissa is easily the least attractive girl in the bunch: http://friendlydish.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/br9lgcpccaaq3eh.jpg?w=490&h=370

    • I agree. She’s got nice teeth even though they look ridiculously white. I don’t know if you watched “Friends” but it reminds me of the episode with Ross and his over whitened, glowing teeth.

      • Forgot to finish my thought – her teeth are the only thing about her that’s attractive. Although as I said, they’re shockingly white.

  • Waaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

    Today is a bad day to be a Marco, huh Estelle & JPG?

    LOL!!!! Better have an emergency meeting today!

  • Wow. This whole season is just bizarre for me because I’ve flip-flopped on everyone, LOL!

    I was never a Teresa fan, but now I do like her (even though I think she’s guilty of the charges). But still, I think she’s been treated unfairly by everyone, especially Melissa. Even though I think she should be held accountable for any illegal activity, I do hope the best for her.

    Melissa I did like in the beginning, but where there’s smoke there seems to be a whole lot of fire. I do think Jan is telling the truth here. I didn’t like in the last episode how she kept blaming Teresa for the “rumors” of cheating. She needs to stop blaming Teresa and start looking at what the truth is in her own life.

    And god help me I even really like Juicy Joe this season! I hope the best for him as well, although I fear he’s going to go to jail and possibly be deported after he’s served his sentence. That’s sad for his kids.

    Oh, but Albie is still a cutie. 😉

  • These women as well as you avid watchers of the show. Are weak by definition. You live all your lives behind a man. You have no worthy career. And you never will.

    • I respectfully disagree. I have a good job, which I’ve been at for 15 years. I also enjoy the Housewives. The only TV I watch is Housewives and Breaking Bad. Both are compelling, but in different ways. I got hooked on Housewives after being sucked into a marathon of episodes during my maternity leave.

      You know what’s funny (and a little scary)? I agree with the other people on these posts who are saying one of Melissa’s sisters is posting a lot of junk on this thread today. I’ve spent 2 minutes of my life reading her tweets. The tone, message, context… all the same here as she is on Twitter. It’s unmistakeable. How freaky is it that they care so much what WE think?

      • digital deserves no respect. She states her lowly opinion of people who watch the show yet here she is posting on a blog for this same show. What an a$$.

    • It says more about you that you would make such an ignorant comment about the many posters here when you have no idea who any of us are. That’s the epitome of foolishness and idiocy. I am not going to defend myself to someone as low as you but I assure you that my situation proves how inane you are for making such a statement.

  • “Like, six weeks. Six months later they were engaged. Six months later they were married, and then six months after that she was pregnant. Crazy.”

    Did anyone else notice that Melissa likes to do things in the number six month increments – 6 6 6 – Thank you Jesus huh?????

  • I think it’s funny that Melissa’s getting a bad edit this year because she and Joe Gorga have been super-annoying for a long time. She reminds me so much of Gretchen from OC… a compulsive liar who is constantly putting on this little show, acting like the Melissa she thinks she is supposed to be. I don’t necessarily think Jan is lying about a lot of it. For one thing, her conversation with Teresa at the girl’s night was all sliced together in a fake way. (And BTW, so was Jen’s conversation explaining to Melissa what Jan said.) Jan is saying she never said Melissa had sex with her ex. Yes, that is true! I think Penny is the one spreading those stories. Jan said Melissa met the ex for drinks and lied to her husband about it and used Jan as an alibi. That is VERY SHADY for a grown, married woman with small children at home. Who knows what she was up to. Maybe she wanted to rub it in his face that she’s rich now. Maybe she is still attracted to him. Maybe she just wanted to flirt and she really craves lots of attention from men. If my husband met an ex behind my back I would be soooo pissed. That is no small thing. But if he really hits her, that’s terrible. Why does she put up with that?!

    • I don’t think it’s as pedestrian as a “bad edit” but something that had to be addressed due to all the off-season gossip, re: Bulldog Bryan, etc.

      Of all the reunions, this one should be very, very riveting.

      • I’d love it if that’s when Bryan showed up with all of his proof. And I do believe he has proof.


  • I rather think this is all a bunch of hoopla to get people talking about Mel. I think she and her friends (including the ex) are all in on it. Her skeletons come out, it gets the fans talking about her and in the end she can blame it on Teresa. It’s all a set up. No such thing as bad PR right?

    • Hi D,

      Agree with ya. Brilliant P.R. stunt!! I think on the show Teresa was just trying to clear her name and Melissa’s. She stood by to make sure Mel didn’t get attacked which was more than Mel does for her when Teresa’s getting attacked by everyone else. Example, Caroline ripped T a new arse in that Jacuzzi scene and Mel just sat there petting JAc’s head like she was a freaking cat…lol Do I think they fight for real? Oh yes, I don’t doubt that. I’m just 99% convinced like a dam DNA test result..haha that this is all fake drama. No way these people fight/make up fight/make up like they do and still can film together…JMO. 🙂

      • Why didn’t she speak up and admit that she was present on the night Jan claimed that an affair took place? That didn’t require a fight. Instead those rode hard-put away wet hags attacked Melissa and instead of standing WITH her SIL, the queen of indictiments stood with them facing DOWN her SIL. I can see why JoeGo is just over it. He could see clearly what was going on.

  • Not to change the subject but did anyone else notice how upset the bartender was when JoGo stabbed the knife in the bar top. She blew a gasket. They sure edited that out. But yet JoGo never uttered a word when Jan and Penny were accusing his wife. Hmmmm.

      • It was a lady and she said “are you F—- kidding me” and then you can tell it was edited and showed them smiling.

        • I’m not talking about the scene in the bar. I’m talking about at the hair thing when Jan and Penny were obviously lying about his wife and proving to be the worst actresses ever. Joey was laughing his ass off.

          And I loved it when he tried to get rid of Teresa (who was determined to stay and make sure everyone got their lines right) by saying, “Why don’t you go mingle?” And he was smiling when he said it. He TOTALLY has her number. 🙂

          • I believe Teresa was truly relieved that it was proven she wasn’t involved – but she really should have butted out towards the end. She was unintentionally making the whole thing about her. She should have taken a walk at the end.

          • Except that the only reason Melissa finally broke down and exasperatedly said, “YES, Teresa, we BELIEVE you,” was to make her GO AWAY, which she just wasn’t doing despite ALL their efforts.

            IOW they didn’t believe her AT ALL, and if anything Teresa made herself look even MORE guilty about the PFS setup.

            And Joey’s impression of Teresa, (“Make sure you tell dem I had nuttin’ to do widdit, RIIIIGHT?”) was HYSTERICAL! 🙂

          • Like he’s that smart! You give that oompa loompa waaaaaaay too much credit. If it has nothing to do with his penis, he’s oblivious.

          • Sure. Joey laughs his ass off when anyone says anything about HIS wife – HIS property. Just like he came charging in the PFS last season to hunt down the guy who dared to say “hi Melissa, remember me”? Right. Joey is so even tempered. You can say it as much as you want Estelle. It will never make what you’re saying true.

  • Not sure I believe any of it. It doesn’t add up. Really Melissa is beautiful – she doesn’t need that punk JoGo. He’s a midget, in debt up to his eyeballs – certainly not what she wants. I just don’t see her taking any of his shit.

    • Right. Because Melissa is such a sweet girl and quite the catch. Actually I’d be worried about what I’d catch from either one of them. They deserve each other.

  • From what I’ve seen of Jan, I would NOT want to get on Jan’s bad side. And it looks like Melissa has done just that.

    With Teresa it wasn’t a fair fight. She’s just not capable of engaging in a catfight and winning it. Jan on the other hand looks like she’d fight to the death. Whether or not anything she’s saying is true, I am completely entertained!

    • Jan looks and acts like an desperate, washed-out and totally hardened drug addict. I think her days of caring about what’s true and what isn’t are over.

      • Actually, I think she’s quite beautiful, and so is Melissa; both are gorgeous to look at. I think Melissa looked even better before this recent nose job; she never should have touched it, as I think it gave her face more character. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that’s just how I behold her! 🙂

      • But not as desperate as Melissa-that cheating hooker! I know she’s your sister and all—but come on we all see what she is! 🙂

      • For someone who just complained upthread about nasty insults and mean rumors, you sure do have a lot of nerve calling someone a drug addict.

        Face it, Estelle – you just don’t like it when people disagree with you.

        Anyway… I guess I’ll go “shove it up my ass” now since that’s your favorite comeback.

        Good day.

        • I said she LOOKS and ACTS like one (which she most certainly does); obviously I have no clue whether she is or not.

          Have fun.

          • I see.

            YOU can make assumptions about the character of others bc of the way they LOOK and ACT… How special. You must be so unique.

            Well you ACT like know-it-all snot and that makes you LOOK like a hypocritical child when you get caught making an ass out of yourself on these boards day after day.

          • And spare me another one of your lame-ass RECYCLED comebacks. You use the same ones on everybody.

            “Have fun”… derp… oh-kay.

            …Next you’re going to say “it’s just a show, I don’t care” HA

      • Wow, that’s harsh. You know what else is harsh? I’m just going to say it, and I’ll probably get a lot of criticism. But doesn’t anyone else see between the lines of what so many are really “saying,” re: the paternity of Melissa’s youngest child (including Jan in this article)? Melissa says herself that Gino is the annoying, aggressive kid because he’s “All Gorga.” What a thing to say, haha. So, first Danielle Staub says at the Season 2 reunion, Teresa won’t acknowledge her new nephew. Jan and Melissa say on the episode last night that Teresa and Joe Giudice were also at this infamous sushi restaurant that night when Melissa’s having drinks/dinner with the ex. If that’s true, I’m sure that got Teresa’s wheels spinning if she saw that. Then Jan says (story above) that Melissa got pregnant with her third child right after this infamous meeting. This is the child who looks nothing like Joe Gorga, or even Melissa for that matter. (The one who’s not “All Gorga?”) Jan seems to be going out of her way to say: 1. Melissa met up with her ex. 2. Melissa was pregnant right after that. 3. Look at that kid’s face! Come on.

        And call me crazy, but I read that very brief twitter war between Teresa and Jacqueline last year where they were both releasing each other’s incriminating text messages. One of Jacqueline’s messages said something like “Gabriella doesn’t look like Joe Giudice either.” And that really struck me.

        This is what is at the heart of the REAL controversy, but none of them will actually come out and say it. Teresa has always questioned this kid’s paternity. And that’s why she’s digging up information. That’s why it’s a big deal if Melissa secretly met her ex. That’s why Teresa’s talking to Penny, who maybe is crazy or maybe knows the truth. Teresa doesn’t care about the drinks with the ex. She cares about the kid’s paternity.

        If you think of it this way, then the brawl at the christening makes sense. Teresa is probably hinting at it to everyone. (Maybe, “hmmm this kid doesn’t look like my brother, does he?”) Melissa is complaining to everyone that Teresa doesn’t “acknowledge” little Joey. Even feeding this info to Danielle Staub. Then Teresa shows up at little Joey’s christening and wishes them well, and Joe Gorga goes nuts and tells her she’s a phony.

        • It was harsh. I don’t like it when people come on here acting so self-righteous about rumor-mongering and/or name-calling but then in the next breath do the exact same thing to someone else!

          Either do it or don’t. I understand some commenters don’t like the vitriol and that is fine but you’re either in or out, I say.

          But I guess she said “look and act” so that makes everything okay. I’ll have to remember that one 😉

          As far as the rest of your comment: very compelling! I think you may be on to something with the paternity thing. It definitely would explain a lot.

      • There is the Marco strategy shining through. When in doubt call them drug addicts. If they have brain cancer, gloat that they’ll be dead soon anyway. Estelle, you don’t do much to make your client more sympathetic. You just make people detest her even more. I hope Melissa is not paying good money for your advocacy, because frankly you really suck at it.

  • This girl Jen is so desperate for her 15 minutes.

    Whats worse is an interviewer is supposed to guide an interview not stick to one side. Its clear this site will never give Melissa a break. At least all things real housewives gives a fair review on all ladies.

    • Melissa has gotten nothing but breaks! Seriously? Why does she deserve a break anyway? She’s nothing but a backstabbing, cheating, lying, friendless wench.

  • I’m sure there is some truth to this, but it’s also vindictive, messy, and dirty laundry. Just because Melissa longed for security does not mean she is a gold digger – some of it is context. And no proof of cheating. Really, everyone’s lives are messy and imperfect at points. Even Jan says M eventually fell in love with Joe. They have a family together. Melissa never said her marriage was perfect – she said they had some hard adjustments to make. They seem cute together. Move on. Tre and Juicy’s marriage is very hard to understand, but you know what? It’s their marriage and family. Life is complex.

    • Well said! I am so sick and tired of these he said she said allegations. Juicy has had his fair share of cheating rumours along with Chris Laurita. It’s hard to prove anything unless there are pictures or videos.

    • Well I think you’re wrong. I believe there is proof of cheating and we will be provided with it at some point in the near future.

  • Well,this is actual trash talk.

    There is no way to prove the truth, she said-she said.

    What a safe way to spread rumor’s or lies. Also what a creative way to promote the same storyline for M- cheating rumors again.

    Alot of this sounds malicious and provoked by jealous behavior.

    Jan decided she wants to be on RHNJ – so what better way to do so by inferring that there could be a question about the paternity of the third son.

    This is what Bravo does, after all M did the same to Teresa since she started on RHNJ.

    Unfortunately, we will never know what is truth and what is a big fat lie. And of course this too will be blamed on Teresa somehow.

    • Something I forgot to mention, let’s not forget, at the time that M dragged her two “BFF” to lunch to discuss her book…both did the eye roll and both said how much M ignored them since being on RHNJ and they almost LOL when M was blabbing on an on about her perfect marriage.

      Now I understand the conspirital eye roll and choked laugh at M.

  • Actually, the fact that she has been offered money and hasn’t sold any of her information gives her loads of credibility in my eyes. What she says make a lot of things make more sense. I believe Jan, and believe she knows a lot more but is not interested in getting involved. Good for her!

  • Here’s my opinion. If you are someone’s friend, you keep the secrets you learn as a friend, even after the friendship is over. It’s a matter of respecting that friendship. Certainly, if you were okay with being someone’s alibi during your friendship, you don’t get to get righteous after. So, I don’t like Jan and hope we don’t hear from her again.

    The thing is, Melissa is right. There is a pattern here, a pattern of someone whose friends and acquaintances are coming forward to say she is lying about her past and her character. It’s not one person, it’s over a half dozen now. Where there is smoke, there is fire may not always hold water, but this is a lot of smoke from a lot of people.

    As to Joe Gorga mistreating her. I believe it. I think she is unhappy and I think her unhappiness is rooted in being married to Joe, who I think is far, far worse than she is. I cannot forget the way he treated her in Punta Cana. There is such a thing as marital rape, and we certainly see that he quite flagrantly does not respect her agency as a woman. He pushes her into sex when she does not want it, hitting her in the face is less shocking and offensive than that. One of the reasons I believe the allegations about him raping someone in his youth is the way he treats Melissa.

    So if she married him for his money, she has been punished for it plenty.

    I don’t like Melissa, but the true root of the problem is Joe Gorga. We have seen his violent outbursts at the Christening, at the retreat and I am certain we will see more. He is a thug. She is just hungry. They deserve each other, though she got the worst of the bargain.

    • Never thought about it that way. I had always thought of Joe Gorga the dumb dumb being manipulated by Melissa. But I can see it. He “owns her”…but does that mean the open marriage rumors are BS?

    • Cajsa,
      Thanks for this. I had never thought of Joe Gorga as anything more than Melissa’s dumb puppet, but you may be right. Frightening!

    • I do agree with you about Joe Gorga and you make very valid points. Joe Gorga is even more to blame for getting on the show and continuing to hurt his family in the worst ways possible. But they make a good team as they are both selfish people who only care about themselves. It’s an absolute joke that people can possibly think they have a great marriage. Neither one of them truly knows what love is or how to love anyone, anyone but themselves.

  • Omg, Jenn, why am I not surprised??? Why are all these people such chicken shit? I don’t get it. He was talking all tough and badass, and then this sorry ass interview did nothing… Lol. I knew. Once again, someone else backed out! Ugh.

    • Hi IsaBP,

      I was so excited waiting to hear his side…and let me tell you why…

      Yes, I am a Teresa fan of the show…not of her alleged legal issues. Her family dynamics entertain me.
      No, I am not a Melissa fan, because IMO I feel she’s trying to keep Joey away from his family…
      BUT as I always say I am a fan of fair. And I was excited to finally see her name cleared cuz rumors like that “does not make a hot and sexy marriage” IMO this is P.R. for her book 🙂

      • The show has Officially proved itself to be a Total Faked Farce Crapola — so would not be So Shocking to find that BryanB was “Paid By Bravo” to please walk away Nicely and don’t say anything ….. so book can sell.
        TSIL and Hagettes will probably do The Spin —

        You ladies have been funny and fun to read … but this last batch of Episode crock on Bravo has just finally ended it for me. Won’t watch again.

        Fame – God Bless!!!! You really do an excellent job with your site.

        • Sorry Ladies – My COMPLIMENT to All About The Real Housewives – got posted in the wrong spot!!!!!

  • Im inclined to believe parts of this interview especially Joe Gorga slapping Melissa. I remember after watching one of the early Season 3 episodes I posted a comment on here about his behaviour and the words he used speaking to her, they were very telling of a controlling husband. He has just became more aware of the cameras now and hides this side better.

    Maybe I’m confused but Jan is saying Melissa asked her to come on the show to deny these rumours but I thought the first time these rumours were mentioned was at the dinner with T, Kim D etc and then that Jennifer girl told Melissa maybe it’s editing but I’m confused over that.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Jan but I do believe she cheated on Joe with Brian, I follow him on Twitter and he seems like a very grounded nice guy whose just had enough of the attacks on him by M’s crazy sisters.

    • Melissa knew it was coming. She knew her ex who was the one she cheated with was found by someone and he and his name was outed on a blog. There were follow up blogs about it and there were also many tweets by Bryan himself. She knew exactly what happened and she also knew it wasn’t Teresa who outed her. Melissa knows very well Teresa would never do that to her brother. Again, that’s Melissa. A little liar who will blame Teresa for everything just because Bravo has always let her get away with it in the past.

      She always wanted Teresa’s life on the show and now that she’s on the show she wants Teresa’s fame and popularity. She’s foolish to think she’ll ever get it but then again she’s delusional thinks she gets everything she wants. Melissa’s fans feed her delusions. They overlook all her lies so she thinks she can eventually get everyone to do so. Melissa. Is. Evil. As evil as they come.

  • LOL @ Jenn2013

    ITA Your post has me cracking up.

    This whole thing is just so ridiculous remember the episode of South Park when the crooked carnival game to town?

    Well I am calling “Shenanigans” on this whole thing…and unlike Bryan…you can quote me on that.

    • @RR Thanks!! 🙂

      I used to love South Park… That was more real then this.

      …and I co-sign your shenanigans quote!! lol

  • Well BRAVO for #Bravo when i thought u couldn’t get any lower look like u can no surprise Andy is such a bitch he actually gets off on this shit and makes tons of money outta of it.

    Shit Im in the wrong business lol

  • Jenn2013

    LOL I’m you got that outta ur system and i respect your opinion, and to a point a kinda agree with you.

    But Bryan has always said when he’s ready he’ll spea,in his defence he and Anthony didn’t want to get involved esp Tara Anthony wife she actually told me but being harassed by calls and being threatened that the Gorgas are connected they finally reached their breaking point and it does take most ppl a while to reach that point took of over 5yrs before i blew a fuse and spilled all i no and i had actual proof pic time stamped ph message with time and date texts etc coz i knew deep down inside this bitch will somehow screw me plus working as a bank manager then transferring to the fraud department i learnt alot never throw anything away that can slander ur name always back ur self up coz ppl don’t just believe words.

    Coz of my training and working alot with police i consider myself a person that can read ppl pretty well.

    I do feel that before married Joe she did sleep or go out the men who can afford to buy her anything i also believe she’s a golddigger and would go out with any man who had money but that’s just my opinion and a real deep gut feeling.

    • Hi Summer,

      Thanks for replying to my mini novel…lol It’s all in good fun. I don’t know any of these people personally, that’s why I stressed it’s just my opinion like 513 times…haha. I have no dislike for any of them. I’m just not to sure I believe any of them anymore because no one ever comes through with proof, so I think it’s just a fiction TV show. And that’s fine if it’s fake, hey if that makes them money acting…making an honest living…god bless 🙂
      Thanks for your input though. I always welcome and appreciate any responses to my banter to see someone else’s viewpoint whether you agree or disagree. I like to discuss their shenanigans.
      Oh and I know right? I’m in the wrong business! lol

  • I have seen with my own eyes JOEY and brother in laws overly flirtatious with bartenders at I think a bar TIFFANYS in Toms River.

    I watched him grab the bartender by the face and pulled out his phone, she was embarrassed and kept saying No!

    I defiantly heard him say “you and your girlfriends can come”

    • Hi Cutes,

      Thanks for sharing. I could only imagine what would have been said or done if creepy Richie was there.

  • You guys seriously buy into this garbage? I hardly ever watch this series, I dont intend to support a network that perpetuates this trash for the next generations, and it’s incredibly depressing to see you all celebrate and egg on this random attention wh^re.

    Please, no one is offering her money for an interview, not only does anyone hardly care, but the ONLY way they MIGHT offer money over such a gossip piece is if she had ANY form of evidence to support her claims.

    If she “wanted out of it” then why wouldn’t she just say her ‘goodbye piece’ while also making a few bucks? Why do it for free on some random blog.

    During the episode, she certainly didnt act like someone who “wanted out of it.” She went up to Teresa to “congratulate her for her hair product” (is that even a real thing?) and subsequents says hello to all the women until it becomes awkward enough for her to say “So, Melissa, you have something you want to say to me?”
    Yeah – right – doesnt want any sort of camera time. Imagine your mother or sister or friend doing that – they NEVER would – unless they desperately wanted to be on camera.

    And she never even names a reason why she would betray Melissa. Something about defending her nose job, and then she “kinda posted something on Facebook.” There’s absolutely no articulate reason as to why she would go after her, and I’m sorry but no one normal would want all this publicity “just because I’m sick of seeing her life.” THEY ALL LIE. THIS ENTIRE FRANCHISE IS BASED ON WOMEN WHO LIE AND PRETEND THEY HAVE MORE MONEY AND STATUS THAN THEY DO.

    You don’t know these women, you only gossip about semblances of their lives that Bravo Corp decides to release; I can imagine Andy and his crew sitting back and laughing at the masses that take all this so seriously.

    • Where is the “logic” in seeking out a blog about a show you don’t watch and then commenting on it?

      • hahaha! It is the pot calling the kettle black now isn’t it. If someone can’t see through Melissa’s lying, manipulating, selfish ways I can’t take much credence in anything they say or any opinions they may have.

    • I want to hear more from Jan….on tv shows and magazines!!! She is the piece of the puzzle that has been missing! It makes the viewer once and for all understand Melissa. I am so sick of Melissa playing the Victim card…I never understood why Teresa never had any backup. ..not from Caroline or Jackie. Now Jan can at least explain who Melissa is. Not the wonderful wife and mother that she has portrayed for 3 years thanks to BRAVO and Andys hatred of Teresa….but the jealous fame whore that she truly is! The scene were she teaches her kids to stripper dance was disturbing. She has trashed talked Teresa from day 1to Teresas family & friends …yet expects Teresa to defend her??! Why?

      • Tell me about it. Melissa’s fans also seem to skirt that issue. I can’t fathom how Melissa can have any fans at all but even Satan has his worshippers.

  • Great interview! I believe what Jan’s saying otherwise Melissa would have fought with her hard to prove she was lying! That’s what she’s done with Teresa in the past! Like at the retreat and how she was on her knees begging! I think she knows that she can do what she likes to Teresa and Teresa won’t fight back because of loving her brother! Let’s bring on Melissa’s Ex’s now and hear their side!

  • This interview made my night. Clearly Melissa has skeletons to hide, she looked like she was going to puke just having to show her face to the people who know her best. Obviously she’s a liar if your going to lie about your nose job when every other woman on the show has been open about their surgeries. As for people mouthing Teresa going to prison. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business but their own. People get caught up in the moment and money can be a wicked thing.

  • Well. An interesting retrospective of the life and times of Melissa Marco Gorga. Might I add, it’s a little more engaging than the first chapter of Melissa’s book 😉

      • Chuckle. Yes, I am of the opinion Melissa should have come out “owning” her baser character traits “Yeah, I don’t like my sister in law, I’m a greedy girl and I’m a gonna get my dopey hubby to help me get a piece of her action” would have been a succinct summary. Then we the viewers would have had a clear view of her, and set about noticing any redeeming factors, which would have been more apparent had she seemed honest from the start. The way she’s set things up now, everyone is chipping away at the thin fake veneer, looking for what lies beneath.

  • I am not Melissa’s fan but I find hard to believe this woman Jan. She wants her 15 minutes…

    They were filming during 4 hours (according to Penny) and most of the time Jan was bashing Melissa, Teresa left the table. Jan wanted to appear on RHONJ.

    Thanks for getting the interview, Jose!

    • I agree Joseph, this Jan chica is a freakin loon in my opinion, just like Cracker Jac. Yes Kim D and Jennifer Dalton and Penny,said Teresa left the table. Also that Teresa never said anything about Messy.

      • I agree Jan seems jealous and clearly wants her 15 minutes, she is probably lying about most of it but I believe that a little of it is the truth but a hell of a lot of her story is motivated by envy.

  • Interesting interview, and watching the episode Jan was very believable and Melissa’s body language and responses really gave it away. Now we all know there is some truth to the meeting the ex thing (however it went down), but that Jan is a sneaky snake. As much as we all know its the truth, you can’t help but feel bad for Melissa – to be thrown under the bus by a close friend. I wonder why Mel didn’t invite her sisters? I doubt it would have gone as smooth if Mel had someone in her corner other than Joey.

    • What?! So Dancer got thrown under the bus by a friend. How about T being thrown under the bus by her own brother and sil? And, the rest of the cast.

      Her sisters probably weren’t invited because Bravo didn’t want their sue happy asses there.

          • At first, I wanted to see her, but I saw pictures of her younger half sister with Meho and her wicked sisters… They all seemed fine, and I don’t know if it’s true, but I read that they were pretending to feud so she could get cast on and have MeHo’s back. I don’t think Meho would want her on because she is a lot prettier and has a lot more going for her, but not sure… Just going by stories from the media. Any news on that??

        • Michers, help. What were the details of the hags suing Bravo. I can’t remember.

          Will get back to you Yuck.

          • Shipp, honestly I have no idea. Ask Holy, she may remember . Im thinking it has something to do with all of this nonsense and Bravo “messing with their employer who happens to be their sister. On one of the other blogs, I think they had a story about this. I think the hag alongs really git into it with production at one time because they did not want to film nor cast them! And because of their won financial woes, that is probably how they make their living besides Mel- suing people.

        • Yuck
          r u kidding me u feel bad coz Melissa was thrown under the bus by a close friend.

          Oh honey Melissa and Teresa brother and cousin have been throwing Teresa her under the bus for yrs just to get on the show and on the show.

          I first read that it was her half sister that could actually sing but i recently read that it’s one of the drag queens i think it’s Kim that can sing and has i good voice and was a little pissed that Melissa made it her story on the show it was her dream to be a singer when in fact it wag Kims dream from a child and the video Mel showed of herself singing on the table that was it it was never her dream to be a singer it was Kim the middle sisters dream.

          Yep one of her friends DM me on twitter bout this story this person is the person she describes in her book that slept on the couch real inside info.

          It’ll all be coming out in writing next wed stay tuned guys.

    • VOILA! The Bravo “VICTIM” Edit – Goes – To – TSIL. Again.
      People will be running up and down yelling about “Bad Jan” …. and calling TSIL the
      “Poor Innocent Victim” Not Even Watchable.
      If anyone ever puts together a combined tape of Giudice family with kids from all of the past episodes — That’s One people would probably watch!

      Melissa – Seriously – No One Cares if you stripped or cheated or did Whatever. (Except your husband and the people whose lives you’ve dug up and brought negative attention to, who Now have to Clear Their Names)
      You came. You made a Mess.
      Now Move Over and off our screen! Thank you!

    • I’m thinking that Mel didn’t invite her sisters because of the reporting out there that Andy and Bravo no longer wanted them on the show after one of them threatened Andy on twitter. She said something like “if you come after my sister, you will have to go through me first”. Not the exact wording but the same thought. There was a solved blind item on this not too long ago that Bravo said they will never have the sisters on because they did not like how they go after people on twitter.

    • “Thank you Jesus!” for this interview. Entertaining if nothing else, and I always love when they out how much the producers manipulate this shit.

  • “I kind of hope he does because she’s saying that I’m desperate for attention. Really? I’m not pushing 40 on stage trying to be a singer. I’m not trying to follow my sister-in-law’s footsteps.” – Lmao. No you’re just talking shit to anyone who will listen.

    “She’s not the same person I was friends with SEVEN years ago” No shit, Sherlock. I don’t think anyone is the person they were SEVEN years ago.

    She herself states they have not kept in touch over the years and yet she knows every intimate detail of Melissa’s life? I ain’t buying it. She’s a famewhore with a fever. (they all are, OBVIOUSLY)

    This chick is an idiot.

    • The lies started becoming so preposterous that I couldn’t even make it halfway through. And you’re right, she really is an idiot — no hiding that fact even in print.

      • Typical Teresa worship. With 39 counts of criminal activity that she has been charged with and she is “innocent until proven guilty”

        One interview with this bimbo who doesn’t even know Melissa anymore and it’s gospel.

        You can’t make this shit up.

        • You don’t find it a little odd that numerous amounts of people come out about Melissa, but none of the other housewives. I keep up with all seasons and I find it odd that she’s the only one with so much dirt on her.

        • Melissa didn’t seem to deny a bunch of them went out for Sushi at one point…what seems to be disputed was if Bryan was there or not.

          The bottom line is …only the people who were actual there that night know the truth.

          If someone as a viewer believed it happened or someone believed it didn’t…it carries the same weight…as it’s matter of opinion.

          • It’s not just the sushi bar story, it’s the 150 OTHER accusations she makes in this interview that imo are nothing more than attention-seeking lies. The stories are so over-the-top and so MANY that most people would simply dismiss them out of hand.

            And I still don’t understand the logic of describing someone as a back-stabbing snake and horrible friend, while at the same having no problem believing that everything that comes out of her is mouth 100% believable.

            And even if people DIDN’T believe that (that she’s a snake), why would anyone just mindlessly believe a bunch of ugly rumors being put out by ANYONE who they DON’T EVEN KNOW — outside of having seen them for a total of five minutes on TV?

            There’s just no earthly or even SANE reason for assuming that this is someone who’s word should be taken for ANYTHING.

          • Hi Estelle,

            I didn’t really see any other ‘accusations’ in the interview abet at this point with all the people creeping out with their innuendos I have pretty much tuned all the crap out.

            She doesn’t think Melissa was a good friend to her and felt like she had an ax to grind. She seem to suggest whatever she was going to say about Melissa started out fairly benign but she took a left somewhere and went down some slipper slope.

            Just because some of us (myself included) think that Jan is a snake and a crappy friend, doesn’t mean she is lying about what happened.

            Some of my friends have done things I will take to my grave before I would ever snitch them out.

            Given all the inaccuracies or straight up revisionist lies that appear in Melissa’s own book, I can’t say I trust her to be her own historian.

          • I will never understand the logic of automatically giving full credence to every vicious rumor that comes out of whoever’s mouth and then demanding that THE PERSON BEING GOSSIPED ABOUT prove that the lies that are being spread about them are untrue.

            Mainly because there IS none.

          • That is so funny because you Teresa haters do the same thing; give credence, believe it, make up your own crazy stuff 🙂
            Now, if there is more than ONE person saying certain things consistently about ONE person, Im thinking there is some truth in there somewhere.

          • I think Jan is a jealous bitch, but that does not mean she is lying about everything, some things maybe but other things she said I believe, because it fits Melissa’s shady character.

          • You believe SOME of what this “jealous bitch” (your words) says on the sole basis that it fits what you perceive to be “Melissa’s shady character.”

            Thank you, Amelia. 🙂

          • Yes Estelle I believe some of what the jealous bitch said. That is my opinion do you have a problem with it. From what I have watched on the show, I do not listen to unsubstantiated rumours so I only go by the show Melissa seems shady and boy is she manipulative.

            Why do you care if I think Melissa is shady or not, it is just a show and if I think some bitch on the show is shady then so what.

            I think they are all shady and all trashy quite frankly, but very entertaining regardless.

          • Oh my Amelia.. you are on the hit list now, I feel it!
            Anyway, I agree. The reason I feel the way I do about Melissa, is due to her own actions/lies. She came on the show a manipulator- clear to see. The longer she was on furthered my suspicions of the kind of person she is. Destroying relationships, manipulating and lying to get things done her way, and obtaining camera time and “fame”.

          • Please reread the third sentence of what you just wrote, because by that reasoning ANY person ANYWHERE could make up whatever the hell they want about Melissa, which would be the very definition of “unsubstantiated rumors,” which you claim NOT to believe, that is UNLESS it happens to jive with “Melissa’s shady behavior,” in which case you WILL believe it.

            Do you see the problem I’m having with this?

            In any event, I get it, you think Melissa is shady, and that’s just fine by me. The only time I have a problem with people who dislike Melissa is when they try to justify their dislike with something that makes absolutely no sense.

          • Look Estelle I understand what you are trying to say, but I still believe some of what Jan says. A lot of what Jan the bitch says I do not believe and I believe it is motivated by jealousy but some of the little things she says I believe because I have always assumed those things as well.

            I believe her when she says Melissa treated Teresa different after her marridge, I believe her when she said Melissa was not a stripper but she did meet Joey at Lookers, I believe her when she says Melissa likes men with money (I mean, who doesn’t). I believe her when she says Melissa was Jealous of Teresa’s fame and wanted to be on the show.

            I do not just believe these things because they are gossip but because these are things I have always believed and assumed about Melissa even before Jan said them. So of course I am going to believe them.

            The rest of what she says I do not believe at all, the letter to Bravo thing is dumb and not believable, I believe Bravo probably contacted Melissa themselves after she was giving Daniel info. I do not believe she knows anything about if Melissa cheated or not, she is just making shit up and Bryan is just teasing and saying nothing, which leads be to believe that Melissa never cheated, and they are both lying.

            I believe some of what she says,because I have always thought those things, and I think Melissa is shady and Manipulative. But a lot is just lies motivated by jealousy.

            Still do not understand why you care so much if I believe it or not, Melissa is just some bitch on a TV show what is it to you if I think she is shady.

          • I’ve said a million times that I genuinely could not care less if someone dislikes Melissa or any other member of the cast; the whole concept of caring about who likes who more on these stupid shows is too ridiculous for me to even fathom.

            The ONLY time I have a problem is when vicious, below-the-belt lying is involved to try to prove your point.

          • @estelle, This interview could be half truths, the full truth or complete BS. No one knows except the people involved. There’s nothing to prove at this point that what she’s saying is true. But, the same is true for everything that Melissa has said, No? It seems like you ‘mindlessly believe’ Mel and that’s ok. But if someone ‘mindlessly believes’ Jan, they’re idiots? And, before the whole ‘attention seeking, 15 minutes’ defense comes out, they’re all, Melissa included, guilty of that.

        • Oh thank you so much jpg, i was thinking the same thing!! There are actual court documents that implicate Joe and Tre and people are still trying to say it is not true or it’s the Manzo/Laurita family’s fault or they are being used as an example. It is crazy the that there has been so much proof of the wrong Tre and Joe have done yet, this lady wanting her time in the spotlight is the know all of Melissa Gorgas life. What???? I love that she said “I don’t want to be involved in any of it, BUT Melissa had an affair with her ex right before her 3rd child was born!”. Give me a break! Someone who needs to reaffirm how innocent she is 16 times in one interview is clearly trying to convince herself of these things.

    • Wait! Jan said that she has not being friends with Melissa for seven years? When was she her alibi to see her ex? When she was pregs with Gino? Haha! Jan needs professional help ASAP!

    • jpg ….And yet …. TSIL asked Jan to come on the show. Quite Recently. Means Jan can’t be That Far A Stranger.

    • You obviously didn’t read the interview very carefully. Melissa started treating her differently when she got on the show. That was only three years ago. She was in her wedding party. Do you really think she knows nothing about her once good friend? But you Melissa fans (it amazes me that those two words ever go together), good try. But epic fail once again.

  • I am glad she said she didn’t care for T, that shows that she was saying this on her own and not because T wanted her to.

  • Wow Joe smacked Melissa in the face? So maybe the rumors of them being swingers were never true…

  • Good job getting the interview Jose!

    But I gotta say.. I think this Jan is a whack kinda like freakin Cracker Jac!!

  • Kim D. is such a bad seed. Penny is also desperate to be on TV. All of this nonsense is just sad. Jan pretty much confirmed with Teresa said years ago about Melissa changing on her once she and Joe got married. I think one of the big issues is that Melissa is used to being the center of attention in her family. Her parents and sister fawn over her yet the Gorgas don’t give two shits.

    I can believe Joe hit her. His temper is out of control. We’ve seen him threaten to hit Kim D., he looked like he was about to attack Teresa at the christening and even on tonight’s show he basically said he wishes he was a woman so he could hit Jan and Penny.

    • She really is. I wish Teresa would realize that. But she is loyal. When everyone turned on her, Kim never did.. maybe because she was plotting who knows? Kim is always the one behind the “setups”…

    • Joe Gorga is abusive, and I never trusted him. I’m sure he would slap MeHo again, but knowing how they’re in the spotlight… I doubt he would beat her. Then again, to have a dirty wife like MeHo would be difficult. You never know what she has up her sleeve.

        • Right on, socalsoccer! I was just gonna post the same thing! Roid Rage! The local authorities should really run an undercover investigation on steroid sales at Joe Gorga’s gym. It is widely known by anyone who is into the gym / bodybuilding scene that these transactions often take place at the gym.

          • Just want to add, I when I said Joe Gorga’s gym, I meant the gym that Joe belongs to. In case anyone thought I was implying Joe owns a gym.

            Figure of speech.

      • TB and TSIL probably get along better nowadays … now that they have a Mutual person to publicly hate, attack and verbally beat up on. (T) Jointly hating T may be taking the pressure off of TSIL (with TB’s temper/violence). Everything gets thrown at T as The Culprit. What happens when T is no longer an excuse for their “Problems” and “RAGE”?!

    • I do not know about the Joey hitting Melissa thing and I do like to speculate because that is a serious accusation, I need actually proof to believe it. But the Melissa turning of Teresa after she got married thing, I buy that. Melissa is manipulative, I can see her being friendly with Teresa until she got the ring.

      I agree KimD is poison, she and crazy Heather, make Teresa look bad, it gives credence to the accusations that Teresa have her friends act as her mouth pieces and attack on her behalf, and that she sets up Melissa. I do not believe this, and I don’t even like Teresa, but she have always said what she had to say on her own, in her crazy nutty way, and I don’t believe she set up Melissa.

      • Amelia, I agree with you about the “set up.” I’m so sick of hearing about that. At what point is Mel going to take responsibility for her actions? Where there is smoke, there is fire. Mel is manipulative opportunist.

        • so agree with you Amelia and socalsoccer!! You took the words right out of my mouth! Socalsoccer you and I usually are pretty much on the same wave length on all these sites!

  • It’s an interesting read but I don’t think it definitely proves anything one way or another. It looks like just another she said – she said.

    Good job on getting the interview though.

    • It backs up what a lot of other people have been from Melissa’s past has been saying. I seriously doubt they’re all lying. It also isn’t hard to believe that Melissa would do this. Not at all. It always appeared to me that she wasn’t really into Joe Gorga. It looks like it disgusts her when he touches her. There’s no reason NOT to believe Jan.

  • At least we have the story from someone who was there, and not from gossipers. I never knew Joe G. slapped her! His temper shows with the violent out bursts. This I feel sorry for Meho. Good interview!

    • Twice on the show he gave her a real hard, get out of my way, shove. At the Christening, and at the Retreat.

      Doesn’t surprise me at all he smacked her in private too.

    • Hi Aunt Sadie

      Yeah that part surprised me, I really would not mind if this was a rumor.

      Hitting a woman is supposed to be a deal breaker. Jan does not mention if this happened while they were dating or after they got married or when the children appeared.

      Either way, why stay if someone hit’s you? That is sad for M.

      • hi samael… I think perhaps she stays because she has three little kids and no means of self support. She is pathetically and rather tragically trying to earn money first through her delusionals of a singing career and now as a “Best Selling Author.” If I liked her more I would feel sorry for her. She is so greedy and self absorbed though that I think she will stay with him until she is either rescued by some fool with more money that wants a skinny skank or Joe leaves for a younger hotter version. Just imho!

        • I honestly don’t believe she has any sense of responsibility oor love for her children- we surely don’t see it. She loves herself and wants all she can get from life while she thinks of herslf as beautiful and special . Did anyone els enotice as she was pushign for more “fan” on her book cover shoot, she menioned it was her FIRST book cover??
          Bravo laughed at her as they had her pretend to learn how to dance before performing last year, when the teachers all rolled their eyes and ocmmented on her inability to do simple steps- they laughed at the “mroe fans” for the photo shoot- Andy said it on WWHL,
          they see her to be just what we see. If they can use her they will- and if they can laugh at her too they will.

          Melissa, as you read this, I hope you think again- it must be very hard to know the audience sees the truth. Stop what you are doing, and try to build a new life based on being a mother who loves her children- and forget the rest. There is richness in that life- and get away from him if he is in fact abusive. The gig is up and you can still exit gracefully, if you start to focus on the truth and move on, This story is too ugly and you have played a pivotal part in making it despicable. But you can reverse this if you decide to.

  • Wow !!!!! There are no words, lets see how this plays out. I feel sorry for Joe Gorga. Love Love Love Teresa!

    • I wanna see how this will play out, too. MeHo and Joe will continue blaming Teresa for their past. It’s annoying, and its like… Stop it already! Can you ever admit to anything?? Even lying about a simple nose job is pathetic. Makes her look more stupid by lying to everyone. Especially her fans!

      Sorry for Joe? Why? I used to feel bad for him because he has such a conniving and manipulative wife, but he did this all to himself. He has a brain that he hardly uses… Let’s his wife call the shots, and doesn’t care about his family. He came on to destroy his sister. He uses her, mocks her, hurts her, brings her down, destroys his parents hearts, and ruins his nieces lives (especially Gia) by behaving the way he did the few times Gia was there. Does he give a damn about anyone?? No. Just himself and his slut wife. He even treats her like a hooker because deep down inside, he knows what she is. Why does Joe go EVERYWHERE WITH HER AT ALL TIMES? Yes, he’s her husband, but it’s mainly because he doesn’t TRUST her. No one does…

      Joe Gorga will always play victim and will always be a BITCH in MeHo’s eyes. If I had a bf that is as stupid and blind as Joe Gorga, I would see him as a bitch, too. I only feel bad for him maybe by a pinch because we can all see it’s easy for MeHo to control/manipulate him, but not bad enough because he could have fixed it… Destroying his sister and family all for the love fame is what’s most important. These idiots have no shame in bringing everyone else down. As long as they’re in the spotlight… All is well for them.

      • Isabella

        love love love your post.

        Except u forgot to mention he lost his parents house for the spec house he and the shore whore are “living” in i say living with a wink they’re never home only come home to sleep and hv sex Eww that image is haunting.

        But i don’t have a grain of sympathy or empathy for that little stump midget on roids.

        I must admit the first season i did feel sorry for him coz i thought he was being manipulated and just so blind and in love with his skank, boy was i wrong he’s just as bad if not worse esp what he’s done to his parents and calling the inspectors on juicy coz he didn’t want juicy to get cr for building his parents a home.

        Seriously Teresa i feel like shaking her and slapping her until she understands that her brother is a pig he’ll never change and she should just cut the sibling cord already he’s a lost cause

        • Yeah, I agree. I don’t think I would feel bad for Joe until I see her destroy him right before our very eyes. Let’s face it, Joe isn’t smart nor educated. He is as dumb as a rock, and can’t even think for himself. He gets easily manipulated by his wife while playing victim and destroying the Gorga side. How ashamed his parents must feel?? I would be embarrassed to be related to him. Doesn’t matter if he’s my brother. He is sick and twisted. As for Teresa, I adore her and I respect her for standing by her stupid brother and not exposing him, but she is ALLOWING HIM to walk all over her, treat her like shit, destroy Gia in the process, crush his parents emotionally, and take no blame… Sorry, but Teresa should tell him to watch his mouth before she spills! She can’t even say that to her bitch brother. I don’t know why… He’s a man, right? He should be able to take whatever she tells him. After all, they can come after Teresa and Teresa just takes it? Nope. That’s just stupid on her part.

          • Teresa shows the same kind of blind devotion to her own waste of a husband Joe Jay Douche Chay! I still vividly remember her desperate sex in the wine vineyards on that trip last season after he called her a cunt and bold faced lied to her about who he was talking with. Sometimes I felt like shaking her to wake up! She really does mean what she says about her family. Even when they are very toxic bad people. ie her husband and brother…. THAT is exactly why I haven’t been watching this season. Doesn’t mean I can’t still read about all of them though!

          • Mate: you can’t ever give up on your brother. No matter how big a twat he behaves.

            You might need a kidney one day 😉

        • Sandy – the difference is Teresa doesn’t destroy people at Joe’s whim. Teresa would never go against her parents like her brother has. If it came down to Joe Guidice or her parents, I’m not sure she’d pick Joe. Joe Gorga has destroyed his family for his wife. You are comparing apples to oranges.

  • Jan keeps saying she doesn’t want to be involved/wished she hadn’t, so why is she giving this interview? My point is, she is loving this attention, probably wishes she gets cast for next season. The way Melissa got on the show (promising to bash Teresa), is exactly what this Jan woman is doing. She is bashing Melissa (pretending to not want to, but she chose to) to get her 15 minutes. Great interview, I’m glad someone is finally speaking out against Melissa, but this girl is just Melissa 2.0 in my eyes

    • I think she did interview because after she outed Mel on tv, the crew starting harassing her and spreading rumors. She is trying to clear the air in her defense. hat is what I got from it. And by crew I mean anyone employed by Melissa. She was hurt and sick of the lies. People are allowed to defend themselves . Some people ( Mel) should watch bridges they burn, because you never know when you need to cross one!

        • Rachel

          that’s exactly right she (Melissa) and her drag queen sisters harass ppl eg Bryan (bulldog) and others that they eventually have enough shit written and said bout them they speak up people can only take so much before they snap.

          Yes i believe Melissa the shore whore would do or say anything for fame and the almighty $$.

          I wonder who wrote the letter in time this too will be exposed it won’t be long before she pisses off that person.

          Bitch you have i cemetery in your closet why would you want to be on tv unbelievable can’t believe anyone can be that stupid to think ppl u’ve pissed on aren’t going to come after you and dish out the dirt.

      • Speaking of “crew”, I think it is interesting how the crew at Bravo play into the manipulation and distortion that we see. From what Jan says it appears that Bravo had a story to tell and will edit anyone’s words to tell that story.

        In addition, Kim D really is Teresa’s worst enemy. She always seems to be involved somehow somewhere.

        I do have to question Jan’s motives about her involvement. I guess time will tell if she is attempting to be on tv or just simply clearing her name.

        • I agree about Kim D. She is toxic. I had a feeling after PFS, that she is Teresa’s devil on the shoulder. I hope T has figured that out. I cold be wrong and I hope for Teresa I am.. but she is always involved and Teresa gets the blame. Teresa is loyal to those who appear loyal to her and that sometimes bites you in the arse.

          • Kim D is still speaking about Teresa is a positive way, in regards to this current legal situation, so I would assume she and Teresa and definitely on good terms. I think Kim D and Bravo had an understanding this season (as well as a paid agreement) that she would be the “villain” to take heat off of Teresa (not that there should have been heat on Teresa) and in return, more Posche advertising through camera time and she would be paid this season. I think Teresa understands the nature of the show/how things are edited and really likes Kim D so that is why she continues to hangout with her when filming isn’t happening.

          • I know. I just hope she really is an honest friend to her, but it does appear that she is manipulating things that put Teresa in a bad light. I dont like that!

          • A devil with that smirk on her face and tacky eyeshadow. Everyone always kisses Kim D’s “arse” including Teresa and I guess I can see why. She is a true fame whore.

        • I wouldn’t trust Kim D as far as I could throw her. I would give her all of 10 seconds to throw Teresa under the bus if she was ever made a full time housewife.

          • I’ve never liked or trusted Kim D, she knows that Tre is loved by alot of people given that she was named most liked housewife for two seasons.

            Plus she has so much more follows on twitter blogs etc so she’s up Tre ass, but she would throw Tre under a bus in a second if she had to.

            Kim D is feral she looks like an old haggard prostitute still trying to turn tricks lol

        • what Jan said about the Bravo editing was very interesting i knew they did edit alot of things but to completely manipulate a whole story is just BS Im really starting to hate Bravo and Andy more and more yes i no its all bout the ratings and the $ and we’re all contributing by watching and we’re hypocrites Blah Blah Blah.

          • I agree Summer about the editing and she is not the first person to say this. Bravo loses morals and ethics with each increase of ratings!

          • I actually stopped watching last year. Still read about it. It was ridiculous how they made Melissa out to be the victim when the opposite is true. I couldn’t look at that witch’s face any longer. Melissa and Kathy completely ruined that show.

    • Prob. because Melissa went on some interview claim her kids father was a drug addict and she was going though some crap because he was in jail or something. I know Melissa gave an interview talking crap about her.

      • Wow, that’s harsh. You know what else is harsh? I’m just going to say it, and I’ll probably get a lot of criticism. But doesn’t anyone else see between the lines of what so many are really “saying,” re: the paternity of Melissa’s youngest child (including Jan in this article)? Melissa says herself that Gino is the annoying, aggressive kid because he’s “All Gorga.” What a thing to say, haha. So, first Danielle Stab says at the Season 2 reunion, Teresa won’t acknowledge her new nephew. Jan and Melissa say on the episode last night that Teresa and Joe Giudice were also at this infamous sushi restaurant that night when Melissa’s having drinks/dinner with the ex. If that’s true, I’m sure that got Teresa’s wheels spinning if she saw that. Then Jan says (story above) that Melissa got pregnant with her third child right after this infamous meeting. This is the child who looks nothing like Joe Gorga, or even Melissa for that matter. (The one who’s not “All Gorga?”) Jan seems to be going out of her way to say: 1. Melissa met up with her ex. 2. Melissa was pregnant right after that. 3. Look at that kid’s face! Come on.

        And call me crazy, but I read that very brief twitter war between Teresa and Jacqueline last where they were both releasing each other’s incriminating text messages. One of Jacqueline’s messages said something like “Gabriella doesn’t look like Joe Giudice either.” And that really struck me. This is what is at the heart of the REAL controversy, but none of them will actually come out and say it. Teresa has always questioned this kid’s paternity. And that’s why she’s digging up information. That’s why it’s a big deal if Melissa secretly met her ex. That’s why Teresa’s talking to Penny, who maybe is crazy or maybe knows the truth. Teresa doesn’t care about the drinks with the ex. She cares about the kid’s paternity.

        • Okay. Let’s “pretend” this Paternity Thing – is the case and the Big Issue. Well then – The Matter could have easily been answered and solved LONG AGO with $2,000. and a few hairs from the kid’s head. Without all the public idiocy. Anyone concerned with “paternity” – could have taken Gorga dna to a lab with those hairs from the kid – and compared them. If they are not related by blood – the issue would have been long ago solved. Cut and Dry. Clear and Clean.
          And WHY would these women Put Another Child’s paternity “out there” in public? Ridiculous and Stupid.
          This sounds like STUPID PEOPLE AT BRAVO … with no morals, scruples, principles of any kind. trying to drive or draw in a Smut audience … with Smut. Real People Don’t Want To Know about a stranger’s child’s “paternity” – if it is in Question. Especially when a man calls that child “His”. It’s Too Private.
          WE WANT THE GUILTY “FUN” PLEASURE BACK BRAVO … NOT SMUT!!!!! Andy and crew are just TOO – Hopelessly Misogynistic.

        • See I think you’re wrong about Gabriella. I think she’s the only one who DOES look like Joe Guidice. Teresa’s other daughters are the spitting image of her.

          • THANK YOU, wtf! I felt like I was the ONLY one who thought that. Gabriella resembles Juicy the most. Audriana, too looks more like Juicy than Tre. Gia and Milania are their mother made over!

  • And another thing- Im glad she confirmed what many of us thought- Mel did anything possible to get filmed and get on the show!!! I wonder who exactly wrote that letter for her??? Now, if we could just read the emails between her and Danielle Staub.. that would really put the nail in her lying coffin. Now I m guessing there really is that “tape” also to get on show!!!! Funny- things really do come out eventually.

    • Haha! Right? Of course it’s true. I would love for Bravo or Danielle to show it. Hmmm… Maybe one day… There might be a HOUSEWIVES EXPOSED in the future! Haha! They had one for America’s Next Top Model years ago when it was still popular, and the stuff they did to each other behind the scenes and how shitty Tyra was to others was a little surprising to watch.

      MeHo needs to get hers… It’s funny how she still has fans. They’re blind as hell…

    • Hi Mich, I believe it all. If Messy would lie about such an obvious nose job, she would lie about everything. She is as phony as the day is long. Now I can see what Teresa has had to out up with all if these years. Gold digger sums it up.

      • I said this in a post below. If she could lie over something as small as a nose job or lying about her family, she’ll lie about anything. I know Teresa puts up with a lot, but I don’t know why she just let’s MeHo do it. It’s not right. She should stop MeHo. Who cares about her brother. He’s crazy and abusive.

      • Socal: she must be digging for fool’s gold. Aren’t all the NJ peeps up the financial shit creek?

        That little Oompa Loompa she’s married to looks like he doesn’t know his arse from his head when it comes to business. I’m sure I once caught an episode where the other Joe accused him of being ungrateful because everything he learned about business ‘he learned from him’.

        If that IS the case, then in light of recent events, wouldn’t you think J2 might soon have some ‘splainin to do of his own?

        Amiright? 😉

    • I think MeHo wrote the letter herself. There were some old posts from the first season on the internet that came out, before Melissa was on the show where she posted that Bravo should put Teresa’s much younger, prettier, richer sister-in-law on the show. Her sisters also posted on the forum under their own names (dumbasses!:) ) that Teresa has a younger, prettier sister-in-law.

      I believe also, that there is a tape of Mel and Joe promising to take Teresa down if they are picked. She was that desperate, it was so obvious.

      • Ho DLL.

        I also remember the old posts about Tereesa’s SIL. I also don’t think more than 24 hours went by after Danielle alluded towards Teresa not acknowledging her nephew (another one of Melissa’s lies) before Melissa’s ‘sprinkle cookie gate’ tale of woe was leaked across the net and she and the Marco sisters were active on twitter.

        There also was a video, Jac confirmed it. She downplayed it and said it was satire.

  • Nope, not shocked at all. I heard he smacked her a year or so ago, someone on here actually brought it up, think the name was ” The Source”- always had good intel, and it seems they were right. So , you mean to tell me, that ALL of these people form NJ to Florida are lying, just because they are jealous of Melissa? No freaking way. The girl did some dirty stuff and people are sick of her lying and getting away with it- point blank.

    • I read he slapped her more than once. Someone sent a link on RealityTea during Season 3, and when I read how crazy their relationship was… I was actually shocked! He could control her, and he knew how she was a stripper before, so he had to be with her all the time. She was crazy when he would go out and talk to other women, too. Now that I’ve read this… Not shocked at all! They are all shit!

      Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Be careful, MeHo… It’s coming….. Tick rock, tick tock, tick tock…

      THANK YOU, JAN, FOR THIS GREAT INTERVIEW!!! It’s about damn time a close former friend is spilling the beans on this dirty whore. I hope she goes on the reunion with backup and Bryan should be there to defend her. After all, he knows how the shore whore will twist things around. Talk about single white female syndrome. MeHo is really strange and I hope she gets exposed with proof of everything she’s been lying about. I feel so bad for Teresa’s family! Having to put up with this skank and all her bullshit. I’m surprised Teresa hasn’t slammed her face yet. I would NEVER accept a dirty whore like her in my family. That’s just too much.

      • Yes and she also is crazy! Slashing tires and what not! But knowing he really did hit her is horrible. Now that that truth is out again, she will write a book in future, he will be away from her she will be the single mom.. heard it hear first! Caro – right prediction, wrong couple!!!!

        • Caroline’s prediction thus far is uncannily accurate.

          She didn’t call Teresa going to jail too, though.

        • I was gonna say this… Lol. She could hold this over Joe and threaten to expose him if he doesn’t listen to her. Lol. He could get in a lot of trouble (I’m not gonna bother mentioning it but you know his shady past), and this may be a way to divorce him if needed be. She could write a book and say “I’m a victim. I was too scared to open up. I love Joe and I wanted us to work.” Lol. She needs a sugar daddy who will provide for her first. Usually, women who stay with their man are financially stable, doesn’t have a decent job, isn’t making money, and has no way of supporting herself or her children so she stays with him. It’s sad how he actually hit her. Can’t stand her, but no matter how whorish she is, don’t ever EVER lay your hands on a woman. Joe Gorga is SICK!

          One time, my ex and I had a fight. He gets mean and abusive when he drinks Hennessy or Whiskey, so he started yelling and slapped me for the first time. I was so scared, and I cried which I rarely do. He felt bad, apologized, kissed me, and promised to never do it again. He did it again but even worse (I won’t get into details because it’s too violent), and I escaped enough to drive off to my friend’s house which minutes later he showed up. He apologized and wanted me back, but I broke it off and I told him if he doesn’t stay away from me, I’ll have my uncles and some of my cousins come after him. So, we have been distant ever since. There’s times when he’ll see me randomly with my friends and he’ll say “Hi. You look beautiful today. I hope you’re happy and doing well.” And I’ll reply and say, “I’m doing fine, thank you.” He is actually realky sweet and kind until he starts drinking. My friend’s boyfriend is his cousin, and the last I heard was how he beat his gf up so badly when she told him to stop drinking. She’s still with him and it’s been over 2 years. Sad and scary, huh? 🙁

          • Please don’t apologize Isabella

            Not only have you not done anything that requires an apology on your part, you deserve a hug and to be thanked.

            It’s very brave of you to share something so painful and personal.

            I’m so very proud that you found the strength to walk away and not fall into the trap of abuse.

            You keep smiling sweetheart knowing you don’t have to sleep with one eye open.

          • RabbleRouser, thanks, hon. Yeah. A lot of women get abused daily so I mentioned this story because I believe Joe Gorga may have been the same way. I can’t stand MeHo, but if this story is true (which I’m inclined to believe it), why is she still with him? I think she stayed all these years for the money.

            Joe Gorga needs help. He has a scary abusive side that makes me uncomfortable to watch. I know Teresa loves her brother to death, but he does mentally abuse her. Of course she’ll have her brother’s back and stick by his side, but it’s partly her fault if she allows this to happen. Even my mom and bf noticed how strange he is. When I watched reruns of RHONJ with my bf (he hates it when I watch The Real Housewives, btw…) back in Season 3, he thought the same things I thought. He said, “this guy acts like a pervert and reminds me of a bitch. Why does he treat his wife like a sex object? I don’t get it.” I told him about MeHo and all the stories I’ve read about her past, and he said, “oh, no wonder he’s like that. It’s like he doesn’t respect her.” LOL. He even thinks Joe Gorga is worse than Slade which I agree. At least Slade has his degree, isn’t stupid, treats Gretchen with respect, doesn’t treat her like a whore, and can actually read! 🙂 Okay, that wasn’t nice, but if he believes MeHo is so innocent… LOL.

            There’s SOO much dirt on Meho… It gets tiring reading her crap. I fell asleep reading, but it is quite interesting. Thank goodness there is a loyal site to expose her lies. I wonder if her fans read this, and still don’t believe it?

          • Hi Isabella,

            The accusation against Joe is concerning to me and made me wonder, if he did slap Melissa then maybe the story about him rapping a girl in college is also true.

            He does objective his wife and I vividly remember once him seething with anger and resentment because the night before, she turned him down for sex. At the same time, it seems like she uses the lure of sex as power over him. Which is one of the reasons why I don’t look to their relationship as some sort of ideal.

            One thing I have noticed is that it seems like a lot of people on twitter who think that Joey and Melissa have a great marriage and want to buy the book as their guild line…aren’t in relationships. I think that is significant.

          • Isabella, you are a strong woman and should be commended for standing up to the epitome of a bully. I’m thankful that you had the strength to get him out of your life.

          • Wow. Isabella P. Sorry you had to go through that. The fact that you had the strength and good sense to walk out the door and not look back is pretty amazing. You are my hero of the day!

          • Isabella Patricia, I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I am glad you found your way out of the situation. Thank you for sharing with us. Even if just on this blog, someone could be reading your story and it could help. God bless 🙂

          • And now we have MeHO’s 2nd book title, I’m a Victim & Got away! Think you nailed it Isabella P! Her hamsters in head r running now plotting her next move. I totally believe this Jan girl & don’t think it’s for 15 min. I think if my good friend went on show doing what Melissa does then I may speak up. It must get annoying week by week reading BS when you know the truth!
            The fact that Melissa wrote a book is mind boggling to me. What? IMO, their relationship is extremely controlling and so NOT healthy! Melissa just needs to give it up and go back to teaching.

          • Isabella: I fucking love you.

            And you know that.

            And nobody has a right to put their hands on you except for me when I am virtually high fiving you right now for telling that loser where to go. Which is far, far away.

            You deserve many Tim Tams for your bravery.

            He deserves public shaming a a swift kick to the janglies.

            My heart to you babe xxx

          • Good for you Isabella! It does take a lot of courage to speak out as you have. You are an inspiration to many, hope others read your post and follow in your foot steps. As for Joe Gorga being abusive, I’ve seen it from day one! Like Joe and Teresa I too come from an old school Italian family, my parents are also off the boat. Which I guess is why I can relate to Teresa at times. Having been around old school Italian men my whole life I know how they can be, and they can be very mean at times. My father used to always say that I would marry a nice Italian boy, I told him he is the only Italian man I have patience for. He is 81 now, I love my dad dearly, but I believe he allows things to build up and then he blows. Today he wonders what is wrong with Italian guys, and is happy that he is the only one that I have patience for. Joe Gorga from the start just showed he is insecure, he has this overblown ego trying to cover up for his short comings, they way he talked to Teresa sorry to say but my older sister has spoken to me that way as well. Being brought up in this environment I don’t tolerate it. I would not question if he has hit Melissa, but it is clear that he has an psychological and emotional abusive personality as your boyfriend observed. Part of being abusive is controlling your victim. Having read the first chapter of Melissa’s book that was published online, it appears that she enjoys being the victim. I just pray that the two realize that they need professional help and get it. I feel bad for anyone seeking her book as a guide to relationships, it’s a clear indicator that they do not value themselves very much.

        • michers
          Isabella Patricia

          ITA with u guys but if he’s that old school there’s no way he’ll divorce her and risk losing the kids and $$$, they certainly deserve each other their both friggin nuts.

          I hate the fact that he hit her even tho i can’t stand her and would love to smack the shit outta her myself there’s absolutely no reason for a man to hit a women.

          Little stumpy needs to get off the roids and get anger management.

          Im also very surprised that if has that much control over her.

          Well to assume someone is cheating and to be so jealous then they must be doing the same thing IMO

          • If he hit her and she wants a divorce, he doesn’t have a say in it. Actually even if he didn’t hit her and she wants a divorce there’s not a damn thing he can do but watch her walk out the door. Of course he can punish her by not making it easy. There’s things he can do to make her life hell. But if it’s a divorce she wants, she’ll get it. She can’t do that until she has another rich man or until she can make enough money on her own. Whoever said what Teresa repeated, in confidence to her brother, about Melissa being with Joey until she finds a richer man is right on the money.

      • Well said! I totally believe her interview! I think Melissa is a gold digging, selfish , piece of crap! Her children are RUDE and treat Joe with no respect at all! I’ve seen that ” little Joey smack Joe in the head and call him Stupid a number of times

        • That’s the older boy and his name is Gino…he looks like Old Man Gorga. Who I also think was/is probably a mean drunk.

        • Come on…get real….They are ALL selfish and on the show for the money, not just Melissa! And the ONLY well behaved children on this show are Kathy’s, Teresa’s children are just as rude as Melissa’s!

          • I hate it when people say things when they have no idea what they’re talking about. Have you read Kathy’s kids tweets? They’re horrible and vile and should be ashamed of themselves. As far as the other little kids, they’re KIDS! Give it a rest. Like all of you I’m sure have perfect little angels.

    • @michers

      AMEN sister was just thinking that so many ppl from NJ to Florida are that jealous of her PPHHLLEEZZ.

      Im on twitter and friends with two of her ex Bryan just made a little interview yesterday he’s put the link up and he’s had enough and he’ll be doing another full interview telling his side and what he knows what happened.

      Also another ex which Im friends with is also being interviewed but it’s in writing WITH PROOF.


      yeah Melissa your that gorgeous and talented we’re all jealous of you LMFAO

      • Isabella Patricia

        Hun Im so sorry you went through that, and plz don’t apologize i wish more women had the guts to leave their abusive like you. So proud of you girl it’s not easy but you certainly did the right thing.

        And thank YOU for sharing only hope your story would help other women only if it’s one.


        i noticed the same thing i think she controls him or gets what she wants with sex

        If he did know she was a stripper or he didn’t trust her y marry her, she must be gr8 in bed, coz i don’t ever see her cooking, at home playing with the kids, she can’t sing her book is a joke it reads like Antonia wrote it. Sexy wife sexy life my ass.

        Joe Gorga def has a temper and needs anger management not joking it’s serious i don’t like Melissa but i hope he’s not beating on her there’s just no excuse or reason to hit a women.

        Joe Gorga strikes me from the first esp he was on as a violent man and wouldn’t hesitant in hitting a women if the camera wasn’t at Kim D party last season he prob would’ve had a go at her but he knows she’s connected.

        I think the only time these two morons would leave each other is when Melissa leaves him either for a richer man or when he runs outta money.

        • Hi Summer,

          I also think that Melissa must be great in bed (and while we are at it, Kim Z because I have no idea how she lands either sugar daddies or a seemingly great catch like Troy …but I digress).

          But I think her major talent is making Joey think that HE is the one who is fantastic in bed…as ego’s need stroking too. 😀

          • Hi Rabble

            Good point she prob does stroke his ego & makes him feel as tho is some amazing lover in bed. Yuck lol

            who’s Kim Z?

        • A lot of women go through much worse than me so I’m thankful I got out. I was a lot stronger back then because of God. I speak to Him everyday, and praying helps me get through a lot. I’m not perfect, but He helps me… Even when I don’t ask for it.

          As for Meho, I don’t know how Joe can put up with her. I think they are both controlling, but she makes him crazy! Look at all the past episodes… He acts all calm and normal around Tre, and MeHo says a few words to tick Joe Gorga off and he curses and gets violent in a matter of 2 seconds! She likes that he’s violent. Like her ex said, MeHo always wanted Bryan to fight every other weekend because she loved the fighting and drama.

          During Season 3 Episode 1, I remember MeHo saying how she IS “a whore in the bedroom.” I believe she’s wild and will do anything in bed to gain or want something in return. She’ll use her pink parts to her advantage. It’s obvious she calls the shots in this marriage!

          Now… Joe Gorga being old school? Not even close… All the nasty stories about him show otherwise. More like a sick, deranged pervert. Old school doesn’t get divorced. He married Meho so he’s stuck with her forever… Until she leaves him. Hey! He wanted to marry her just because she’s freaky in bed?? He’ll pay the price later… I would maybe feel bad. Should I? No, but with a woman like her… I can’t help it. After all, he’s not smart, has difficulty reading, is easily fooled, etc. Would you feel bad?

          • Isabella Patricia! Girl you rock! I too left my abuser oh so many years ago! I am an old gramma now! LOL! I too left my abusive first husband after he almost severed my spine throwing me down a flight of stairs. At the time I was twenty-five and 98 poundstupid peoops. I was hospitalized two months in traction and cast and he went to jail for two years!! I of course divorced him and eight years later married my best friend who I have been with over twenty years now. I think Meho and Joe have a sick kind of co-dependent relationship. I wouldn’t be surprised (as horrible as this sounds) if she likes him slapping her. OKay that may be a stretch as that is so horrible to imagine but maybe in her twisted way she feels maybe sub consciously she maybe deserves it??? Of course NO woman deserves to be abused physically emotionally or verbally. Joe is dumb as a stump and Melissa is a little gold digging whore. The world unfortunately is full ot people like them. When she gets older and not so hot to him, he will stray just as her own father did. Don’t the shrinks say we always marry our father or mother?? Just saying

          • Sandy, omg, your story is so sad! I don’t know what I would do if that ever happened to me. Mine is so minor compared to yours. I’m so glad you have moved on and married your best friend. As long as you’re happy. I hope you continue to stay strong. It has affected me and my relationships, but I have learned to let it go.

            I will never understand an abuser. I have seen and witnessed a lot of men that has gone to jail for beating on his wife, women who stay with their man who continues to abuse them for years because deep down inside… they believe their man loves them, and women who actually have a sick obsession with being abused. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to see Meho like the idea of being hit only because she may think, “Oh, look at my husband. He slaps me because he’s jealous and wants me all to himself. He must care so much for me.” Some women are confused and will take a lot from a man. I believe she’s one of the many that makes excuses. He does take a lot of mental abuse and bullshit from MeHo, but I think he gives it back to her just as hard. He clearly doesn’t respect her, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he forces her to have sex. I’ve seen cases that some married couples are in when the wife doesn’t wanna have sex and the husband always wants it making her do it, she’ll take it. Marital rape. Even though you’re married, doesn’t mean you should be forced to always have sex. Jow’s behavior paints the type of man to demand sex. Then again, I don’t think she gives much to him unless there’s something in return. Doesn’t look like she’s even into him at all! Well, Meho wanted this lifestyle… She got it. Now, she’s paying the price. If not now, it’ll come.

            Makes me wonder how they really are behind closed doors…..

      • Take away that crap we know from last 2 seasons; that BOOK itself will do her in! And that is ALL her fault also! Im still waiting for the Boca Bitches to show up ( if they are real , LOL)

          • No one knows… only Melissa 🙂
            There are talked about in her “book”… hehe..
            If you go online the fist chapter or tella novella, is out there somewhere. So if you are in the mood to piss your pants laughing, have at it sister! Allegedly, they were girls that finally befriended her only to be jealous of course of her beauty and turned on her. And like 30 of them , in a remote area mind you, bullied her and attacked her… The Boca Bitches.

          • I watched a Lifetime movie once that had the same storyline. Girls were jealous and took their former friend out in the desert and beat the crap outta her. I think they killed the girl in the movie. Guess Meho didn’t want to go that far 🙂

          • Omg, that story! Haha! I find this hard to believe because I don’t find her attractive in the least. Who the hell would be jealous of MeHo?? Especially girls in Florida?? There are a ton of exotic women who are actually pretty and have a lot of style. I doubt this story is true. You know how many women would come out spilling her ass if this were true? MeHo would be scared as shit to release something like this.

            Such a stupid girl. MeHo, get over yourself! You are not pretty. You have no style. Your face is unattractive (that’s why you’ve gotten so much work done on your face), you lie all the time, you’re so self-absorbed, and you’re evilness shows.

      • Omg say it ain’t so!! Looks like you got the scoop!! Post the links in here! My nosy self wants to see!! Lol I’m a good judge of buckshyt and I’ve always thought Melissa was sneaky. I told my husband when she first got on the show ‘something about her is off…she looks sneaky as fuk’ Lol and bam! Here Ya go! I knew it!Lol

    • Sorry Crazy J Im not replying to your specific post but reading all of this Jan sounds like a very jealous, vindictive angry young women who would love her 15 minutes of fame. Im sorry this is all way too weird, timing, details etc. Why now Melissa has been on this show for three seasons now and why now. Anyway its all ridiculous unless she was in the car with Melissa and Bryan she has no idea what she is talking about. This is TV people. One last thing will everyone STOP SAYING THAT THIS WAS TERESA”S SHOW!! this has nothing to do with anything but ratings rating ratings. If teresa wasnt such an idiot she be boring. Bravo is a gold mine they know exactly what they are doing and its all about the almighty dollar

      • There’s nothing in that interview that screams jealousy. NOTHING. I can believe what she’s saying for a few reasons…one is that she isn’t asking for money unlike bulldog who is waiting for the “highest” bidder. That doesn’t mean I’m going to disbelieve him…I just won’t believe all that he will say…if he ever gets around to it. It is him I feel is looking for 15 mins… but not Jan. I do believe Jan when she says Mel and Bryan met up… Jan didn’t say they had sex or knows for sure they did anything other than met up. The way Meho’s mouth runs I wouldn’t be surprised if she told Jan what they did together.

        Jan didn’t really say anything shocking or unbelievable. She gave us an insight to Melho.. so yes, I believe what she is saying and do not believe jealousy plays in it at all.

        I feel this is an honest interview. Thank you Jan for doing this interview.

        Finally someone is speaking out! I’m sick of ppl saying they know something and not saying anything. It diminishes your credibility in my eyes.

        Do I believe that Joho slapped her? Yes. I have for awhile felt that he is very controlling of her. I read I think it was on famewhoras that he wanted her skinny while she was pregnant.. doesn’t surprise me because I feel he wants “arm candy”. I strongly dislike Mel but I also feel sorry for her.

        Mel if you’re reading this ….. please know that you have a chance for redemption. Use it! Tell the truth…get away from the controller and make your own money. Live a life that’s yours not one you are trying to steal. You have a shot at changing into a person with integrity…. use it! Come clean and I’m sure you’ll be forgiven..if not you at least can say that the lies are over and you can at least be proud of yourself and make your children proud of their mother.

        • I agree. No jealousy at all, but she is quite disgusted with Melissa’s behavior. You used the perfect word, “insight.”

          Melodie, this interview is in alignment with the airing of the episode, no shenanigans here, I believe.

          I think when people mention it is “Teresa’s show,” it’s because she is an original cast member compared to Melissa, who is desperately riding her coattails because she feels she deserves the fame and fortune, not Teresa. There’s the jealousy — all in Melissa.

          • Well said Honnie Badger! While I can no longer watch this show, I still loving reading about it in this blog and all the comments that follow. I have always felt Melissa is self-centered and cheap so I love when her former friend resounded on those particular traits too! She is super skanky looking and cheap. I can believe Joe wanted her skinny while pregnant. Stupid asshat that he is. Not a lot of brains in any of them though to be fair. Just mouthing off imo.

          • There is a story on a blog called reality now that says Messys book was all a scam by BRAVO! They knew her book was full of lies. I don’t believe anything I see on the show anymore. Who knows whats scripted anymore?

        • I am quite sure you are wrong about Bryan. Why would you say he’s waiting for the highest bidder? You don’t know that he is and it’s wrong for you to judge him like that. He’s already spoken to one blogger and didn’t get any money. Bryan got dragged into this. He wanted NO part of it. Did you read his tweets? When he was first asked about Melissa he said it was between him and Melissa. Then Melissa’s crazy a$$ sisters started threatening him and saying horrible things about his illness. That’s when he changed his tune. Wouldn’t you? He possible he would have gone further by now but he’s concerned about her kids. It’s one thing to talk about the people that are on the show, but you are wrong to talk about Bryan when you know nothing about him.

        • I believe Jan 150%, she could have lied and said Mel was a stripper, or called her out on a lot of lies, but she kept it real and i think she held back on alot of answers and prob could have buried her. You can tell Mel was scared facing Jan at the party. What kind of ITALIAN would not speak up ,scream ,yell do anything when someone accuses you of cheating if its not true, she did NOTHING!!

      • So if Brvo is all about the almighty dollar (and ratings, of course) and Melissa is all about the mighty dollar (and fame, of course)…they make a perfect match. As for believing Jan…..I don’t believe what any reality television personality says. They are all in it for the 15 minutes of fame…and the almighty dollar!!

      • I 1000% agree! Bravo WANTED Melissa on the show or she would not be there! Jan does not even like Teresa and said she is sneaky. So Jan is saying Melissa is not “real” when she is the one begging for her 15 minutes of fame to be on this show!!! She would cut off her right arm for Melissa’s life! What a POS!

        • Ridiculous. How the heck do you know she would want Melissa’s life? Who in their right mind would want Melissa’s life? Out of your mind.

      • Don;t know how you failed to read how many times she said she wanted nothing to do with this. That doesn’t mean she is going to let a lying bish like Mel rock out with all her lies. I would have called her out too. That simple.

        • Yeah, love it that they are saying she wants her 15 minutes of fame. Bravo has come to her and she said she wants nothing to do with it so there it is. She’s been offered her 15 minutes and she’s smart enough to turn it down.

      • I agree, for someone who was supposedly so supportive and not going to do interviews, she completely trashes her “friend”. She’s so cheap, she doesn’t pay for anything(ok so she got sponsors for a very expensive party, good and smart for her),If you didn’t have money, she woulnd’t date you(big whoop, that’s not trashy, that’s discerning), She has no style(She asks people where they got stuff, she copies Teresa(oh where oh where have we heard that line before)Oh Teresa welcomed her like a sister(wow, I’ve heard that before, even in those same words from Teresa on the show)

        I don’t believe this friend. Even if your ticked off at someone you have been close friends with for many years, and say you were defending, and dont’ want to hurt her, then you sure as heck don’t trash her in an interview.

      • Because her and her friend are no longer friendly that’s why! She’s spilling the beans on her friend cause they aren’t cool anymore. Period. Happens all the time. Melissa is just getting exposed

      • Totally agree with you Melodie! This interview screams jealousy! If Jan didn’t want any attention, and turned all these people away, why did she accept this offer? My eyes rolled at almost every explanation she gave.

    • Yes thank you for the information, it fills in many gaps. Also I think Jan told us something without telling us. Remember she said she hooked up with Bryan at the Sushi lounge BEFORE she got pregnant with her third son. There have been rumors that one of the kids at least aren’t Joe’s but one of her boyfriends.

      Jan really told alot.

    • At first I thought this Jan chick was starting trouble….but for what? Then I realized how her and Melissa were bffs. That’s when I realized it could be truthful… so I waited till she was confronted by Jan … I was like woooowww you couldn’t pay me enough to not go buck wild on someone who is ACCUSING me of cheating on my husband while my husband is literally feet away from me watching! Melissa didn’t nearly defend herself the way most women would! Which kind of shocked me cause she’s gotten roudy before…all of a sudden she’s ‘civilized’ b.s!! She didn’t go all crazy cause she knew Jan was yelling the truth! You would of thought Jan was the one being accused of cheating! Lol she was all up in her face!! Like YEAH! You did it!! And Melissa was acting shocked :/ I don’t buy it. There’s more to the story and Melissa’s body language is giving it away! All I know is I would be going buck wild if someone ‘set me up’ like that. So her lack of anger makes Melissa look suspicious in my book.

      • Amen! Couldn’t have said it better. I agree Melissa is dead guilty and a fraud. When Jan walked up to her and said do you have anything you wanna say to me? Melissa was like no actually I heard you had stuff to say about me. I would have been like yeah bitch and go at it but Melissa was shitting herself. Her face, body language, the nose rub and then when she put her hand on Joe’s chest, were all signs of guilt.

        I believe Jan for many reasons and I don’t believe she’s trying to get her 15 mins either because Melissa already gave it to her at the lunch when she told her and Maria about her new book deal. You knew right there by the way Jan and Maria were exchanging looks. They were prb thinking is this bitch for real!?!. She’s gonna write a book about her hot and sexy marriage when she’s got all kinds of skeletons.

        There’s validity to everything Jan said.