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PHOTO: Lisa Vanderpump Unfollows Yolanda Foster On Twitter After Fight In Puerto Rico!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster began filming season four as the long-time friends that they have been, or is it now, that they were?

Yolanda brought Brandi and Lisa along to her filmed life events such as her US citizenship ceremony and David Foster’s big unveil of his Hollywood Walk of Fame star, but now it seems that as season four filming progressed, the two may have become distant.

An AllAboutTRH reader, points out to us that Lisa Vanderpump no longer follows Yolanda on Twitter! Lisa seems to micromanage her Twitter account only following her co-stars and her businesses, along with a handful of her close friends. Yolanda is no longer on that list.

Furthermore, there is a photo found on Instagram of Lisa and Yolanda in what seems to be a tense conversation! See the photo of the two filming at Sting Ray Cafe at El Conquistador during the cast trip to Puerto Rico earlier this month.


Instagram user @nativiris wrote: “They were arguing over something. (They are sophisticated, not loud) They were outside for a long time. Yolanda was outside most of the time and after Lisa went inside she was talking to Kim and Kyle. Joyce then went outside and called the group to go inside. Part of the group was celebrating in the restaurant. I was shocked when I saw Brandi, she is a twig.”

We’re aware that this is just speculation, but do you think RHOBH caused a rift between another real-life friendship, or is this just coincidence? Kyle tells AllAboutTRH that season four will air this November, so I guess we will find out then!

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  • Hi Rox,
    I emailed you under my email I used here. Was hoping you could read since RHNJ is airing tonight.
    Shannon 🙂

  • Just checked Twitter and Lisa is following Yolanda again. I really hope all these rumours aren’t true!

  • I always thought it was blatantly obvious that YoYo lied about not saying what Kyle and Kim said she said about Lisa in Paris. Part of the conversation was aired on TV with YoYo saying Lisa didn’t care about Kim or whatever. I also think Lisa knows Yolanda did say those things but sided with Yo because she was pissed at Kyle. Lisa didn’t say she believed Yolanda over Kyle, but she did say trusted Brandi out of all 3 of them. As far as Brandi/Lisa feud. I don’t believe it. Brandi isn’t dumb enough to take someone else’s side over Lisa.

  • Brandi tweeted: “If un-following some1 or Twitter is ur way of dealing w/, really, anything!! Esp friendships, ur WEAK and probably crooked as fuck!

    • Makes u wonder! I will be surprised if Brandi and Lisa are at odds. Never would of thought that. I remember one thing, when Lisa was promoting VR she used Brandi with that whole confront Sheina crap.

    • Since she also said “on Facebook”, I’m not going to jump to conclusions that this is directly related to Lisa and Yolanda. I also highly doubt that Brandi would write that about Lisa. She could be talking about any number of people, especially since she seems to have been trying to remain friends with one of her ex-es, who seems to play a lot of mind games with her.

      • That is what I thought too Ellen. I saw somewhere recently a pic ( here?) of a friend of her ‘s that is now with LeLe…

        • That friend has been gone for 4 years though, so I’m still placing money on it being someone else. I just don’t at all see Brandi calling Lisa crooked. That would take a pretty big controversial event, right?

      • Well of course she could be talking about anybody…its just odd that she happens to say that right when this “unfollowing” gossip hits the blogs. Along with tweeting all these pics of herself with Kim, Kyle and Yo and not being pictured w/ Lisa in months or responding to her tweets makes me guess that its some Housewives bs and they may be at odds….but like u said, its pure speculation and she could be talking about ne1…we’ll have to wait until the season trailer gets released to find out.
        I just think its funny that so many ppl (not u personally) say “oh those bitches” when a negative story about the Richards comes out like its a fact, but when a story about Lisa, Brandi or Yo comes out everyone says “oh my god, no one knows that for sure, we have to wait until the season comes out…”

  • I wouldn’t be surprised. HW will continue to put friends against friends. For one, none of these women can NOT talk about eachother and two bravo will always air that part for all to see.

    Until HW stops filming the fighting will not stop. That is why they pick very vocal strong minded women. The “housewife” rule doesn’t apply anymore and neither dose the money for that matter. As long as they know everyone or live in the general area and can cause the most drama they are in.

    It’s far from what it was meant to be and that is rich housewives living as socialites throwing parties and raising their children in lavish life styles.

  • As many have stated, I hope this is not true. I like these women, and would like to have a good season for once. I feel Adrienne ruined this last season, there was Russel’s untimely death the year before, and that terrible fight between Kyle & Kim in the back of the limo the first season. Gah! We need some ‘Beverly Hills darling…she, she, she, she, she…’ as Kevin would say!

    • LOL! BH is not my fav. I used to love NYC. It was the best when B was on it. The one liners were hysterical. But if not NYC when a bethenny was there then NJ and Alt and that is how it is ratings wise at least followed by BH

      • Oh Jennifer: I sooooo loved RHONY too! It was the whole reason I watched any of these franchises in the first place. And I didn’t even really have faves: I just liked the way the original cast worked off each other. Yes: even bat-shit crazy Ramona.

        I didn’t love any of them, just loved watching them.

        I still rate NY. These days I just totally get into Carol and a bit into Heather. The rest of them just shit me to tears.

  • Just checked Lisa’s twitter account, she is now following Yolanda.

    Sometimes, the “follow” can be accidentally activated by just leaving the cursor on the “follow” button for more than three seconds, that will “unfollow” and remove that person.

    • I still think something is going on or went down between them….I know Lisa has a ton of fans that hate when ne thing negative is said about her but IMO she is very media smart and manipulative. She stopped following Yolanda well over a week ago….Yolanda starts posting things about the truth always prevailing and having to put up with bs on reality tv…then all the sudden today the blogs start reporting they may be feuding and Lisa stopped following her on Twitter and all the sudden Lisa is following her again after weeks of not, without saying ne thing (as some1 pointed out above, Lisa doesnt let rumors about her go without addressing them.) So if it was simply some mistake or Twitter glitch, Im sure Lisa would be tweeting some witty little tweet to Yo about them feuding. The last tweet she sent out was in regards to the story about ppl suing her for snatching their restaurant from them…outside of that Lisa has tweeted less than 10 times this entire month, which again as someone pointed out above, is unusual for Lisa.

      • Lisa is very manipulative and that is a fact. I don’t love YoYo because she is a bore and she can lie as she did at the reunion in re Kim but now it is YoYo and Lisa. Love it. It is Bravo drama. These women are not friends. Only Lisa and Kyle were actual friends but that ended.

        • Hi Jennifer,

          Brandi mentioned something about this on her twitter indirectly saying something along the lines of “real girlfriends don’t unfollow each other.” kind of sounds like she is siding with Yolanda on this.
          I actually think Lisa and Yolanda’s friendship was real. JMO At the dinner/singing party at Yolanda’s house they both spoke of how Lisa was at her wedding and how the four of them (Lisa, Yo, David & Ken) have been friends for years before RH even came to be. I think the fakeness comes in with Bravo once again stirring the pot and probably taking a disagreement between girlfriends and turning it into a major fight.
          If they can make Yo and Lisa not be friends anymore, no one (relationship)is safe on these shows.
          It’s a shame too because I really like Yo and Lisa’s friendship…and Brandi thrown into the mix add spice to it

          • Jenn,

            Do we really believe that this is not pre-planned by Bravo? They do this every 3 to 4 season to capitalize on ratings. But real friends usually don’t and if they do by accident which can occur they re-follow when people notice and give a reason why.

  • It could have been that she unfollowed Yolanda by mistake. For example, Lisa will PM her followers from time to time, then unfollow once she has left her message. I know this first hand as I have had a PM from Lisa myself.

    This could just be something about nothing really.

    • You can DM someone if they follow you. But you can’t DM them if they don’t follow you. (Confusing, I know lol)

      • I follow her on Twitter, I made a post, she temp followed me, posted a DM then unfollowed, no confusion.

      • Please don’t try to assault my IQ, I’m on point and very aware (worked as a UK Legal Secretary, and studied law), lets keep this on point and lets not try to deminish anyone’s credibility or understanding of what you deminish or not, in your oprinion, thank you.

        • Loser, if you’re going to tout how high your IQ is, learn how to spell..DIMINISH

          • Michers,

            I do not think Jose or Rox can fix it. Using other names was from the inception and it had not changed. It is likely whoever is host of the site registration security. Since this a non-confirmed registration the security for posting is always weaker. Rox is doing the best she can and if she could have changed it I am sure she would have. Likely they will migrate to something better but migration takes time, so be patient.

          • We never had this problem the whole time we posted here! Now every time we come back we have to sign back. Someone had mentioned that about a month ago or so, “Disquss”? was on here for like a day.. I hope its not messing with our ” stuff”… IDK what that is but it seems like since then, its been causing us grief !

          • We have had this problem intermittently. I have posted since inception in November of 2011. If you delete cookies it happened all the time. This is a non-confirmation email site. But it happened in 2012 as well in around April.

  • Interesting tweets from the Lemon Queen:

    1) @YolandaHFoster ?Just finished a long day, trying 2make sense of a whole bunch of nothing #truthalwaysprevails #realitycheck

    2) @YolandaHFoster ?So keep it real……… #getwise

    (That link goes to a photo that says “I’m not a bitch. It just pisses you off that I can see through your billshit and lies.”


      • I was just about to post these! Lol….theres also one where a viewer said Yo should have her own show bc they are tired of all the bull on reality shows and she said “me too”..and the same week was when all the pics of her, Kim, Kyle and Brandi together, all smiles and happy. So clearly Yolandas either got a problem with Lisa or Joyce, and I really think its Lisa.

  • Uh oh! I hope it was just a mistake or something! I love them both and don’t want them fighting 🙁

  • I KNEW this was going to happen! I called it 6 months ago. After the Puerto Rico trip, Yolanda did tweet something about having a hard day of filming and tweeted a picture of herself sitting down for one of her talking head interviews and said something along the lines of “the truth will come out, it always does”….and just days prior to that she was tweeting and re-tweeting pictures of herself with Kyle, Kim, Brandi and Joyce. So I dont think shes talking about ne of them….I think this is goong to be the season that Lisa does herself in….YoYo just might win me over yet!

    • Come to think of it most pics posted lately by the BH gals is minus Lisa. Lots with Brandi and Kim. Gee I’m ready for the season to start!!!

        • Very true Aunt Sadie…Kim and Brandi have been tweeting a ton of pics of themselves and with Yolanda. Theres also been several posted of Kim, Brandi, Kyle and Yolanda. Lisa has yet to turn up in ne pics with ne of them in months.

          Lisa has not been tweeting much at all…but Ive noticed that shes tweeted in response to some of Brandi’s tweets and Brandi hasnt really been tweeting back…and then Lisa deletes whatever she tweeted to Brandi w/in a day if she doesnt respond.

          All signs point to this NOT being Lisa’s season. I do recall reading not long ago that Lisa had come to Kyle and wanted to rebuild their friendship…of course thats just a rumor but something is telling me that this season is going to go for Lisa much like Season 3 of NYC went for Jill Zarin.

          • I read something about Lisa’s new restaurant; can’t remember but some problem. Lisa might not have time for tweeting. We just don’t know.

            When is Vanderpump Rules back on? Has it been cancelled? She might be busy w/that.

      • Me too. It’s something about Yolanda thats not quite right. I can’t put my finger on it but I’m ready for the new season to start also.

  • Well this is how Bravo creates drama and interest for the next season.

    Either way can’t wait to start on a brand new slate with only the expectation of seeing these women frolic/eat/party and support each other.


  • Lisa and Yolanda have been friends before the show. The two of them seem so genuine and above all of the b.s. along with Brandi.
    People un-follow for different reasons, not all bad. Could be Yolanda tweets a lot, could be just to stir up drama via Bravo. Kyle did it to Marissa last year and later tweeted that she didn’t do it and right away re-added her.
    In my opinion theirs a legit reason. Lisa is good at addressing rumors right away. So when she hears this one we will hear about it. So I’m just gonna wait and see. But I would be shocked if she said anything negative about Yo. At least I hope Bravo didn’t destroy this friendship.

    • Jenn2013 Couldn’t have said it better myself. Remember a few months back when the shit hit the fan about Brandi and Lisa being accused of spreading the rumor that Mauricio was cheating on Kyle? Then we later hear something to the effect that Lisa and Brandi had read that info in some magazine or something and were merely giving Kyle a heads up to prepare her. It seems the media just likes to hype these things up. I can’t tell a darned thing from the picture of Yo and Lisa that are in a heated argument. I think it is all pretty bogus.

  • I think following/unfollowing, congratulating/notcongratulating etc people on Twitter is much ado about nothing. I have unfollowed quite a few people and not known it. I have seen other people gripe about the same thing.Then again maybe they aren’t cool with each other.

  • I wondered. Someone pointed out that Yoyo was twitting that she wasn’t a B. None of her tweets mention anyone except her daughter, no hash tags or anything from the cast mates. And she is in NYC and so is Taylor yet they haven’t shared tweets.

  • Well YoYo did call Lisa out during last season in Paris. YoYo lied & said she didn’t at the reunion. Maybe now Lisa is getting her evens with YoYo who knows???

    • Hi T,

      I’m trying to remember what you are saying. Kim or Kyle at the reunion told Lisa that Yolanda said something not so nice about Lisa? But Yolanda has Lyme’s disease and she said at that time her brain wasn’t functioning properly so if she did, she didn’t remember…and Lisa, said she believed Yolanda over the Richards sisters. I just don’t remember what they accused Yo of saying exactly.

      • Kyle and Kim said that Yolanda said that Lisa is piece of shit, fake on camera and was only pretending to care about Kim for the cameras sake. Yolanda said she never said that, altho she later said she did say that, just not as harshly as they were putting it and she only said it to make Kim feel better.

        • Yo doesn’t talk like that & the day Kim or Kyle tell the truth is the day pigs sprout wings & fly south for the winter.

          • She doesnt talk like that??? She said everything they said she said on camera except for the “shes full of shit”….and she called Taylor an “asshole” (but then blamed that on her disease) so Im not so sure she doesnt talk like that…

          • Did you not watch the episode?! Yo is a two faced snake who uses her “illness” as an excuse to be a lying bitch.

      • Hi Jennifer
        Afton answered your question. I wanted to add that Yo was also on camera bad-mouthing Lisa in Paris.
        I’m sorry IMO the Lyme brain was just an excuse…she seemed very clear about everything else.

        • Thank u T I completely agree! i thought the lymes thing was a cop out too, especially when she was so clear headed on everything else. And then to throw that jab at Kim “Oh u remember darling??” after complaining about her own memory problems was the cherry on top! It was just silly to sit there and say “Oh I cant think clearly, I cant even remember saying this or that, I couldnt read or write” and then in the next breath poke fun at someone else and adamntly deny saying something she clearly said. I could tell by Lisa’s face that she knew damn well that Yolanda said that and Lisa just wanted to punish Kyle more by saying “I dont believe it”

          • And IMO, IF this is true and Lisa is fighting with Yolanda, then shes screwed bc Brandi is guna side with Yolanda bc I believe they built a genuine friendship with each other, where I always felt that Lisa and Brandi’s friendship was born from reality tv and neccisity.

        • totally agrre t, i believe kyle 100% at the reunion yolanda’s true colours did come out. her facial expression when kyle called her out was priceless. Lisa new aswell but she decided to go against kyle for whgat ever reason. i do recall that production gives newbies a nice edit at first then puts them on the chopping block AND it usually takes a couple fo seasons for the real person to come out rather than the ‘pretend for the cameras’ person. i had much respect for kyle in the reunion.

    • Hi Afton & T,

      Thanks for replying. With that said…OUCH!!lol that was harsh. I gotta be honest with you, I got the same feeling that Lisa didn’t believe Yolanda, but said she did to punish Kyle for “not having her back.”
      I love Brandi, Yolanda, & Lisa together. So I hope this isn’t another “relationship” ruined because of this show.

    • I can’t imagine Yo talking like that. Wasn’t it at a lunch table where Yo said that Lisa needs to let something Kim said about Lisa go? I think Kim was high & Lisa asked her, after Kim mentioned she wasn’t sleeping well, if she had any sleeping pills. A normal question but Kim interpreted as Lisa accusing her of falling off the wagon–which she did anyway. Afterwards Lisa felt guilty for the slip of the tongue; this was after Kim had been acting weird walking with Lisa & husband (who looked like he wanted to jump into the River Seine)–either that or throw Kim in.

      And then, of course, Kim turns on Yo after Yo, who wasn’t feeling well herself, helped Kim with her suitcases & poopy pillow because Kim & Kyle were arguing at the airport in Paris. If anyone is fighting, I’m sure the sister’s from hell have something to do with it. They alway do.

      • I don’t remember Yo bad mouthing Lisa in Paris, on or off camera, except for that comment which was nothing.

        Yo spent most of her time with Brandi. I doubt they’re arguing about something being said almost a year ago. We won’t know until November.

        Maybe Lisa took Yo off because she’s at the clinic again. Who knows? None of us do.