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Teresa And Joe Giudice Back In Court!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa and her husband Joe Giudice are back in court today! Teresa and Joe have been scheduled to enter a plea in New Jersey this afternoon.

Joe and Teresa will plead not guilty to 39 counts of charges that include Tax and Fraud evasion as well as exaggerating their income when applying for loans then hiding their money in bankruptcy filing. This will be Teresa and Joe’s second appearance since being indicted.

Charges could land the couple up to 50 years in jail. We plan to update you on all that happens.

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  • It’s just love, love, love…
    Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $2,000,000.
    God, I hate liars,..

  • Does nobody else find it weird that the statute of limitations for bank and wire fraud is five years……..

  • At this point- I do respect the fact that Teresa and Joe showed up themselves – other known TV/film actor’s send their PR or Lawyer to deal with their mess.

    Nope–there is Teresa and Joe front an me that is a strong woman.

    This is of her own doing, but her emotional state must be “on the brink”.

    If I lived in NY I would be front and center clapping for Teresa – she is fulfilling a contract.

    Oct 8…the clock starts again.

  • Soooooo….we don’t use the word “allegedly” when we’re talking about a case we don’t know the facts of? Has anyone here read the indictment? When the facts come out then I will have an opinion.

  • This is a quote from the judge that just sentenced both Jessie Jackson Jr and his wife to prison for misuse of campaign funds and filing a false tax return:

    “There are numerous parents who are sentenced every day,” Graves said. “That isn’t a basis for a probationary sentence.”

    He did agree, however, to let them serve their terms consecutively so that at least one parent will be home with their children.

    If Teresa and Joe are both found guilty, maybe their judge will allow them not to be in jail at the same time.

  • Criminals are not known to be smart. Devious? Yes. But never smart, which is why they almost always get caught.

    What really bothers me about this whole thing is apparently it started in September 2001. Anyone else remember anything big that happened in September 2001?

    I find it disturbing that when our country was at one of its lowest points and hardly any type of commerce was occurring, that’s when they decided to start defrauding the system.

    I’m not nor is this a conspiracy theory, it just bothers me greatly.

    • It was perfect timing, they knew the country was heartbroken and not really paying attention to little scabs like them.

  • So sick of the “But so and so did it! The banks messed up too!”

    It does not matter who else engaged in this ILLEGAL activity, nor does it matter what the banks did.

    People are responsible for THEIR OWN ACTIONS. Teresa & Joe knowingly committed FRAUD, several times.

    Glad to see SOMEONE in the world is making them accountable for their own behavior.

    • well you forgot the government that’s rights those politicians that break more federal laws then any American citizen. You hate Teresa that’s the only reason why you are so concern about he violating the law when higher up people are betraying the constitution as for the IRS I support not telling them they take too much money an use it on stupid crap and defraud us the Taxpayers

      You have a blessed day!!!

      • You apparently didn’t read a WORD of my comment.

        I would be very CAREFUL saying you support tax evasion. Don’t be surprised when they audit your dumb ass.

      • life12: I get where you’re coming from, and I say you GO ON with your bad self! There ARE many criminals (who call themselves politicians) in our government who make our laws and defraud the people of the United States by the minute. The person you were commenting to just has a ton of pent-up hate for Tre and Joe and nothing will change that. I hope they don’t ever have a crime perpetrated against them by all the other criminals out there getting away with cr*p — the justice might be too busy prosecuting white-collar tax evaders to help them.

  • I am pretty sure people on this site know I am a new Teresa fan. At the moment it is beyond surreal to watch RHNJ knowing what the children have been through at the time of taping this season and what the girls are going through right now because of Teresa and Joe.

    During the period that the feds collected evidence of fraud, Between 2005-2010—10 thousand residents filed foreclosure in New Jersey.

    During this time people were scrambling due to a recession and bankruptcy and foreclosure – suicides were happening all over US.

    Meanwhile the financial institutions created “way”s to get a loan quick/no questions asked.

    Teresa and Joe are not the only people who grabbed at that type of loan – and Teresa and Joe went for multiple loans (according to evidence Feds collected).

    On July 15 2010 Teresa gave an interview in retaliation to “rumors” that Teresa was selling her furniture – at that time Teresa was selling her home for 3.9 million.

    In this interview Teresa stated “Danielle is telling everyone my house is under foreclosure and it’s not-I own a lot of properties in my name – some good investments some bad investments- the economy is bad”.

    So Teresa and Joe forgot to mention – by the way here we are IRS!

    My personal experience in this time frame – my sister and husband had to file foreclosure on a home they raised their four boys. He was self-employed but his construction business fell- still waiting for the “boom” to hit.(construction)

    The most I could do is listen to my sister cry about losing her home and business and being ashamed that they have to tell their children the same.

    If I had the bucks to help her…I would be there. Not once did this type of loan that was offered to Teresa, never was offered to my family,

    Not once did it occur to my family to defraud.

    I know since July 29 2013 people have been stating that “most” of these counts will go away. I don’t care if they fly off on a magic carpet.

    Teresa and Joe put their girls at risk. It would be awesome if someone allowed Teresa and Joe to be responsible and accountable for their illegal actions.

    Sorry I am sure that this era did not juts affect my family but this is huge.

    • You know I loves ya Sam, but we really do have to wait to see how this particular case plays out. And, that won’t happen today. xxoo

    • Hi sam, Hope your well today. Its a horrible thing that happened to your family. It affected so many people and was really the fault of the banks that lent out all this money that people were never going to pay back. I believe they will be held accountable for their actions just i would prefer community service and paying it all back plus hefty fines. I am not about jailing the loan recipients until the banks that approved the loans are sitting in jail next to them.

      • Hi MissVigyal

        thanks, I am okay, apparently this is a huge button for me.

        My sister is now divorced and ex lost his company and works for his old job as welder.


        • samael: How terrible for your sister and her four boys. Divorce is especially hard on children. I hope it was not terribly vindictive and that the boys still have a relationship with their father. From reading many of your comments here I know that you have a good heart and would do anything to help them.

    • I think it would be equally awesome if the Feds took on the lenders and banks that issued sub-prime mortgages to people, too. Not regulating the system and doling out huge amounts of cash to people without verification on apps is just as wrong to me as the actions of individuals who took advantage of the system.

      • Hi emma

        When this story broke, many lawyers stated that the SEC rarely publicly state who which financial institute they are investigating.

        It may have already happened or is happening or the SEC may have decided to not go forward.

        We will never know.

        By the way HLN is covering the arrival of Teresa/Joe or their lawyers…happens in approx. 15 min.

        • Thanks, samael! I didn’t know there’d be live coverage. And, jmo, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for the banks and lenders to be held accountable — at least, not in my lifetime.

          • The Justice Department filed suit against Bank of America last week for its misdeeds in 2008 related to home loans.

          • Both are leaving court right now.

            Both leaned on each other while court taking place. Court room packed.

            Teresa and Joe showed up! Good for them.

          • The layer miles said Teresa and Joe will not testify against each other.

            Teresa got upset with camera person last week when asked about her children.

            Teresa and Joe will appear on “live on Bravo” after the season’s last show.

          • DebV, I’m actually following those proceedings. I have clients who were affected (or, “mis-deeded”). It’s a start, but how it will end remains to be seen. jmo

  • They will get a hearing date after entering their pleas.

    I personally think that this is a waste of taxpayer money. Here is my reason, in the past 3 years they have paid 6 million dollars of the 11 million debt back.

    The trustee and court did not allow Joe to file for bankruptcy. The Court and Trustee that approve Teresa’s bankruptcy.

    As for Joe not paying his taxes, charge his ass.

    All 39 charges are not against Teresa, just Joe. How many are against Teresa? And why is it reported like it is?

    • Red, it doesn’t matter if they have paid off some or all of their debt. They lied under oath and committed numerous frauds. Frankly I don’t believe they have paid that much if any. Teresa doesn’t make that kind of money to payoff $6M of her debt. It has been reported she only made $250K on each book, Fabalini and her hair products def does not make that kind of money (small potatoes) and $6-7K per episode of housewives. Her other endorsements are not enough as well. There are a lot of people behind her books/products that need to be paid. Their legal fees have probably hit 7 digits by now starting with Joe’s DUI, lawsuits, license fraud, and now the 39 indictments. They haven’t even paid Joe’s xpartner yet (over $250K). From what I understand, there are even more lawsuits against them. Plus, they are still driving around in expensive cars (not one car but numerous expensive cars). Teresa is still sporting the latest, expensive designers this and thats. Gia was seen on the show carrying an adult size Louis Viutton bag at 12 years old. Hopefully they are paying their residential bills. Most likely, they will have to sell everything and it still won’t make a dent in their debt and lies.

      • They got rid of a lot stuff, like all those buildings, all the cars but 2,they downsized, a lot and sold or got rid of stuff.

        Joe’s legal fees may have added back to it.

        I think Joe’s ex-partner will be the last debt they pay.

  • They will enter their plea and the Judge will set a trail date.

    They both do not have 39 charges. Joe has 39 charges against him. I forget the total against Teresa.

    I will say this, this is a waste of taxpayer money. I say this because, they withdrew both bankruptcies. They have been paying back the 11 million debt. they now owe about 5 million. In the last 3 years 6 million has been repaid.

    Joe not paying his taxes, get him for that, but the bankruptcy stuff let it go. Joe’s bankruptcy never actually happened and the Court approved Teresa’s.

    • The court DID NOT approve Teresa’s. She was in danger of (and eventually was) being charged with bankruptcy fraud for hiding her salary from RHONJ and business income from the bankruptcy court.

      • I know, she will go to prison just like joe. The difference is that Joe is getting deported over this.

      • Teresa paid to the trustee for an entire year. It was written in the New Jersey newspaper, The Eagle, I think it was.

        The income what was not correctly reported was the book advance not her housewife salary. She got the book advance and didn’t report it. The Trustee caught it, it was corrected.

        Teresa withdrew her filing when Joe’s was denied and the Trustee said said he was hiding assets. If you remember Joe plead the 5th when questioned by the court. Joe was the only one about to charged with any thing.

        Yes I looked this up after people, like you, kept saying things about the bankruptcy case.

        • “In December 2010, approximately one year after Teresa and Joe Giudice filed bankruptcy, the US Trustee overseeing their case accused Teresa and Joe of lying to the court by knowingly concealing various assets, which were legally required to be included in their bankruptcy paperwork. Specifically, the Trustee accused Teresa and Joe of knowingly concealing the following assets: three cars, a boat, the Giudice family pizzeria, three homes and several other investment properties, dozens of bank accounts and Teresa’s pending book deal and business interests in TG Fabulicious LLC and 1601 Maple Avenue Associates LLC. The revenues generated by Teresa’s book, Skinny Italian, alone exceeded $280,000.”

  • I hope Teresa gets out of it unscathed. I’m convinced that she didn’t know about any of this. I think her first clue that anything was wrong was when Joe handed her the bankruptcy papers and told her to sign them. I’m pretty sure Joe will have to do jail time. I feel bad for their kids.

      • She def knew when she solely went to a bank with forged mortgage paperwork to get another mortgage in her name. Folks this is serious and having kids (don’t care what her lawyer said) is no excuse for probation only. I’m sure the judge will give them hell because of the kids. Also, I’m sure the Feds checked the authenity of signatures prior to indictments. I don’t care if folks think Teresa is ignorant of the law. She paid over $100K cash for furniture instead of writing a check or charging it as well as thousands in clothes and material accessories. Who keeps that kind of money in their home unless they are hiding it. I know I would ask my husband where the money came from because I know it just didn’t fall from the sky. No one is that ignorant. I’m sure they will plea but I’m also sure there will be prison time attached. It’s 39 Federal indictments not 1.

    • “Unscathed”, regardless of the legal outcome, I think her reputation has taken a big hit.

      Sorry,either she was complicit, which I believe, or clueless. Neither of which will instill confidence in any future invester, business partner or producer.

    • C’mon. Teresa has bragged all along about making her own investments, owning properties separate from Joe’s, etc. And she allegedly hid her salary from Housewives-you are really saying she didn’t know about THAT?

      She’s not that dumb. She knew.

    • Really, are you serous how can you say that Teresa knew nothng, she gave false W-2’s, false jobs,but her sgnature of Bank papers. I’m sorry that she’s a Mom, but she was a Mom when she was dong this and should be held responsible, she is no better then Joe.

  • I’m not too familiar with the legal process. Does anyone know what happens from here? Today i know they plead not guilty…then they get a new court date where one side begins to present evidence and it just goes from there?

    • They’ll be given a court date when this will go to trial. There will be plea bargain negotiations in the mean time, and possibly delays for various reasons, though I doubt the Feds will let them keep things stringing along as the NJ authorities have.

      • It was Joe’s fault that the trial for the driver’s liscense is being postponed. Joe and his attorney keep postponing his trial by jury, that he chose. They have postponed Joe’s trial for 3 years. They once had it postponed because Juicy attended a tooth whitenening seminar in Florida. This last postponment was bedcause his lawyer had another trail that was more important than the case for Joe. ( it might have been for a murder trial ) It will probably postpone it again.

        If his lawyer can, he will probably have this trial postponed.

        • I read somewhere and it’s likely wrong but the statute of limitations on the fake ID case is something like five years. After that the case will be dropped hence all the delays. Sounds too easy so I”m not sure whether to believe this or not.

          • Since the charges have been filed, the statute of limitations no longer applies. That is the time from the crime to when the charges are filed, they cannot run out the clock with delays. For example, Roman Polanski can hide in Switzerland for 150 years (if we lived that long) and would still face trial if he came back to the US.

      • So in the mean time the Giudice’s lawyer explains to them what the prosecution is going to present and then advises them that either
        A. They are screwed and should start entertaining plea deals where at least they will know their punishment…or
        B. Roll the dice because the evidence is weak and they have a chance.?
        The time between now and the trial is basically time to make a decision if they want to go through a trial before it begins. Once the trial begins though, if they see things not going well, do they have the opportunity to change their mind and entertain any of the previous plea offers though? Thanks for everyone’s input b.t.w.!!

        • You can submit a plea deal, assuming the prosecution agrees, up to the point right before the jury comes back with a verdict. Even if the trial has begun, if the prosecution and defendant come to agreement, they can stop the trial if they agree to a plea negotiation.

      • Wow, that is an old picture. And if I’m correct, T was pregnant at that time, right?

        I seem to remember her saying she was due any day, at the fashion show.

  • I understand the support Teresa and Joe are getting but they both committed crimes! Living in a huge house with all the fixings is desirable but if one doesn’t have the means to obtain it you don’t lie to achieve it!

  • lets hope they plea out and this doesn’t go to trial. Its not looking good for Juicy 🙁 fat joe the rapper just got four months in jail for one year of tax evasion that he paid back plus interest. SMDH