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RHONJ Season Six Will Start Filming Next Month To Cover Teresa’s Trial!


Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice have their arraignment today in court after being indicted on 39 counts of fraud. Of course, this storyline means ratings for Bravo, who has sped up season six production to capture all the raw emotions that may occur!

RHONJ began filming shortly after Hurricane Sandy last year in November. Now, production’s been bumped up to September, reports Wetpaint exclusively. “Shooting will start earlier than expected because producers wanted to capture what’s happening with Teresa and Joe,” says their source.

But what if Teresa ends up on house arrest? Their source adds, “If Teresa gets put under house arrest, she’ll shoot from home.”

It’s no surprise Bravo wants to capture all the events that will occur as part of this trial, with Joe potentially getting deported and Teresa potentially being on house arrest. What if she has to serve time behind bars, though? So much to wonder about!

Do you think Teresa should sign up for the next season of RHONJ?

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  • Why not start filming before the trial. No matter what they do they will be critized. Either for doing it or not doing it – take your choice -! I prefer they do it if that’s what they want. It’s their life!! I always try to see the good in people whether they’ve done something wrong or not. If it was taking a life of course I’d look at it differently. I wouldn’t be supportive at all.

    As it is Teresa and Joe have an ordeal to face and I for one hope their family supports them because a lot of their fans don’t and everyone deserves this consideration.

  • JEEZZZZ! My head is spinning from all the speculation!!!

    I’m not going to comment on things I know NOTHING ABOUT, like most of you here! What I do know is that MANY people get off for many reasons, in fact I know several people who were facing 10+ YEARS for white collar crimes just like the Giudices are, were TOLD they were “definitely getting the full time”, had their trials at Newark in New Jersey, whom ended up doing 0 jail time in the end! In fact one was told he was getting deported!! Lol Take a wild guess where he is now??? Yes, living in New York City!

    And if you actually believe ANY JUDGE in this country would send BOTH PARENTS of 4 minor children to jail at the same time for white collar crime, you are much more delusional than you think. Forging signatures and lying about income to get a mortgage may be a crime but SERIOUS enough to serve major time w/4 kids on the outside??!? For a couple of million TOPS?! IF THAT MUCH…Yeah, I don’t think so…lol Their crimes were committed years ago before they had SERIOUS $$, doubt we’re talking about more than a million.

    • Hey LookersMisses Melissa

      Nice of you to not comment on what you do not know. Perhaps you can tell that to the children they emotionally crapped on.

      Uh…as to your speculation, I could say, no wonder people get away with crime, there you are poo poohing the poor Giudiece’s.

      Now the girls have an awesome story to tell, first day of school, “how was your summer”..

      “Well my mom and dad went to court …..”

      Try focusing on the actual innocent victim’s instead of speculating on how easy they will get away with their crime.

  • Oh Please say it aint so… I can not stand Teresa and her lying ass.

    She should get off TV. It ruined her and her family… will she ever learn.

    And BRAVO… why encourage her… yes it may make you money but dont go down that road PLEASE. I wILL not watch her.

  • I watch all of the HW shows, and let me tell you, BRAVO is flat out WRONG for capitalizing on someelse tragedy. Whether guilty or not, it’s quite sick. I will no longer watch any Bravo shows except for any shows that involve Jeff Lewis.

  • Good grief! Teresa should bow out of next season if this is true. Shore rat and katfish are irrelevant and the other hags are boring as shit. T needs to get it together and take care of herself. She messed up and needs to face the music. I really hope they cancel this show.

  • Well I hope that the Gorga/Laurita/Laurita vs JTG assault charges/trial are also shown on the 6th season – if not then there is absolutely NO reason to have those lowlifes back for another season…
    Andy come on, just think about it! True Trials of the Real Bad Housewives of New Jersey!! Bring the others down along with Teresa and see who actually makes it back to the top of the barrel you scraped. Viewers will stay tuned if you take the others down..ratings…sponsors…ratings…sponsors

  • The thing is, RHONJ cannot survive without Teresa. The rest of them have nothing to say that is not about her. They have nothing to do that is not about her. So, let’s not pretend there will be a RHONJ without her.

      • At this point with 3/4 of the cast with criminal charges as well as awaiting trial, for me it is not a loss at all if Bravo shuts down RHNJ.

        The emotional violence of last season and the physical violence in this season and the court dates pending….this is crap.

        All cast need to go home and look after the lives they created.

  • Ok, now this crap really is becoming a 3-ring circus!

    Listen, if Bravo is going to film the trial (I hope they’re not allowed in the courtroom – that would TOTALLY piss them off!)- and if Teresa and Joe sign a contract giving Bravo permission to exploit their troubles, then it’s really not saying much for either party.

    If the Guidices can’t or won’t keep this trial off of national TV, what does it say about them as parents to their girls? Do their daughters really need a video autobiographical diary showing them how their parents fucked up and went to prison for it??

    I feel sorriest for Gia who has to take the shit about this in school.

    Enough is enough.

    • I don’t know whether filming the trial would be allowed, but it actually might be a good strategy to leverage the Feds with. Once you to to trial its a roll of the dice. The Feds can’t possibly want this trial to be a three-ring circus involving a reality show with some pretty dicey characters as their witnesses, a very much loved Teresa as their target, and all sorts of issues as to whether the evidence is credible or not. For example, the whole thing about the cash furniture buying spree was edited by Bravo to make it look like Teresa paid in cash, but in truth she only paid a much smaller portion of the bill in cash. If the Feds are relying on stuff like this to make their case, they are going to have a heck of time time overcoming reasonable doubt with all the editing that Bravo does to make things look differently. Plus having this trial televised would make this an extension of the reality show, and I am sure the Feds don’t want that.

  • This is true reality folks! Why wouldn’t Bravo cash in on something of this nature. All over regular news, now if it makes it to Nancy Grace and Jane Valez Mitchell it will be bigger then Bravo could ever make it. I’m sure Tre will demand to reap some of the profits to help with attorney fees and such and Bravo will pay it. Can’t say I blame her one bit!

    • OH no! Nancy will be heartless!! Jane will be me more rational and level -headed, LOL She does not get snarky like Miss Nancy..

  • While I do agree that everything this two did was completely wrong, I don’t want to watch an entire season of Teresa and her kids crying, because that equates to me sitting on my couch and crying for an hour because I’m a baby.

    • When have you ever seen Tre and her kids crying – okay, yeah a few times, but honestly, Teresa takes it like a man. She is the strongest person I have ever seen to put up with the shit they have done to her without having a nervous breakdown or becoming homocidal.

  • Honestly, IMO I think it’s disgusting if that’s the reason they are speeding up filming season 6. There intentions aren’t good. It just buys them more time to “edit” the heck out of what’s going on…and this story is big. probably their biggest one yet. I can only imagine how they are going to tear her up with this. I am a Teresa fan, but with that said I think it’s terrible to exploit what’s going on for $$ and ratings. I hope that they edit her fairly, but we all know they are gonna take her darkest moments and magnify it x1000. With the evidence against them, I know it’s gonna take a miracle to avoid jail, but if she is found guilty I agree with the punishment…just not exploiting it because her children are gonna have to face their classmates with what’s on the news…and now with how the shows gonna kick her when she’s down.

    • Here the thing. Teresa is probably plenty worried about how she is going to support her family if this goes south for her. She has bills and lawyers to pay and kids to raise. If money weren’t an issue… but it is.

      So she needs to be careful what she allows on TV about the trial, but for the moment, she can leverage as much money as possible out of Bravo. I would ask for the biggest salary possible. Break the bank and go for 5 million so that she can pay off her debt. Then at least she can have a clean slate moneywise.

      • Problem is she probably already signed her renewal contract months ago for season 6…so whatever salary she negotiated…she is stuck with.

        • I hope not. I remember the NY ladies were balking at signing contracts last year, delaying the beginning of filming, and Bravo threatened to fire them if they did not fall in line.

  • Just when you thought Bravo was scrapping the bottom of the barrel… No shame. This franchise is just too much, but I have to admit, as terrible as it sounds, it will be entertaining to watch!

  • I hope it’s not true but I won’t be surprised if it is. Teresa and Joe are so badly in need of money that they’re willing to film their fraud trial, behind-the-scenes and aftermath? Their poor kids.

    Another reason why I hope it’s not true is because I can’t deal with a fourth season of the same damn cast! It’s beyond boring at this point. It’s crazy how Bravo will change the other housewives’ casts but not this one. It doesn’t have to be “all about family”. There are plenty of other tacky, trashy NJ women out there who would fit in perfectly on this show.

    • Actually, I would like it if Bravo found some dramatic ditzy fabulously wealthy Jersey housewives instead of continue to portray Jersey as the trashy, broke, frauds of the franchise. …so embarrassing for my home state…

      • Based on how this show has gone, no one with a good reputation would want to appear on it lol. The best they can hope for is finding rich women who are still messes, like Kim Granatell.

  • I definitely won’t be watching Bravo exploit someone’s legal problems and strong arming a person in trouble because she is under contract.
    Well, I hope it isn’t true, but I wouldn’t put it past that rodent-faced Andy Cohen to do something this classless for rating$$. After all, he’s the same piece of garbage who exploited a man’s suicide while being the judge and jury in convicting a dead man of spousal abuse.

    • Me either, I did not watch it last week. I was exhausted but could of. But ever since the indictments came out, I just don’t have any interest. Like I said I don’t wish any real bad things on any of the women, even the ones I may think are not so likable I don’t know them in person, I see a bunch of sound bites & bravo selective editing. I think we are having a Christians thrown to the lions mentality & that isn’t something I want to watch. I am not anyone’s judge. Only God is in my opinion. If I have ever said something in any comment that made me seem like I was judging then I humbly apologize and ask for everyone’s forgiveness & will try never to do it again. It was something that seemed harmless, but now it bothers me that it is getting so facetious. I think we are all good people that are letting Bravo play us all. God bless & peace out.

    • She is not under contract (that 5 year contract thing is not true) her contract is only for a season they all sign new contracts before a new season begins. That is how Bravo does it for all the housewives shows, and for every housewife. If Teresa is on the new season it is because she signed up to be on it Bravo is exploiting her legal issues but with her help they are not strong arming her.

      • How do we find out about contracts? How do you know what is real or fake about that? I believe Heather tweeted about this for Teresa and dais she was locked in 3- 5 year contract? I heard NeNe was locked in also on ATL at on time. And same with Kyle Richards on BH.

        • Bravo likes to replace or downgrade these women if they get too boring in the previous season, so Bravo would not lock themselves into a contract with these women for 5 years.

          Bravo do not need long term contracts to lock these women in, Bravo is there source of income and fame, free publicity, and a great platform to launch any new business ventures. These women are only going to leave Bravo if something bigger comes along or Bravo fires them, and Bravo knows this.

  • Wetpaint as the source. LOL. I’ll believe it when the network announces it. Other than that, it’s just a rumor.

  • Hahaha, you would think they would give Tre a spinoff for this. But instead the may reroute the entire show around them! Better then a spinoff! And they would probably keep the entire cast since bringing in new during this time they would be grossly overshadowed.

    • Bringing back the Manzo,Laurita and Waikiki bags is such a pathetic crime to the viewers. Andy is a wounded mean Queen who will bring them on jus t to gross out the viewers who don’t like Jac, Clown and Katfish.

      He knowingly asked legal questions from the Guidices which did not have to be asked and were injurious to Juicy and Tres legal case.

  • So if this rumour is true does it mean Melissa and Kathy will be back next season? If so, I’m done and won’t be watching….

    • Another New Flash, attorney said that T & J will be on the reunion in a “couple weeks”. Hmmm, reunion soon?

        • Last season’s was filmed in early September, but with a late May season premiere. If things stay like that, this season’s reunion will be filmed early October, right before the trial starts. That’s my guess.

  • If they are starting to film, it’s apparent the Guidice’s will be back…but I wonder about the rest. I imagine they will keep the Gorga’s so they can still keep up the ‘we are in a better place’ line.

    The Manzo’s and the Laurita’s didn’t add anything of interest this season..not to mention the Walkies. Richie makes me skeeve and I hope I never have to see him again.

    • Wondering if the recent leak about the Manzos’ getting their own show was BravoAndy’s way of sidetracking them, while new replacements are being recruited for RHNJ? The Man/boys podcast show or whatever series never got off the ground. The Manzos, Lauritas and Walikes are dead weight and viewers have been saying that for two seasons now.

  • I’m sure Bravo is gonna to make mega bucks on this, but I am a little astounded that the Guidice fam would continue filming and bump up re court dates. Regardless of being transparent, there seems to be no boundaries on the overexposer of the families personal business. The effects it will have on the children in the future and the older ones currently are to much for kids to get over, this is not the “TV” reality they were told to act in.
    The possible ramifications on the future of this real family is scarey, the fact that they just doesn’t step back and re-evaluate the meaning of ‘family’ makes me wonder what really is important to the Guidice’s and who/what they won’t use to stay in the spotlight. Truly sad outcome of a show that was meant to be fun, a bit snarky and wives who are friends. My opinion is not re liking/disliking Tre but the fake rich lifestyle that was protrayed on Season 1 and from the sounds of it before they got on TV

    • Who said they bumped up court dates ? Look this has been hanging over their heads for a very long time, they were not surprised @ these charges. I am sure their lawyers are prepared to fight this the best they can, and probably as quick as possible, to try & clear their names,(if they can).Teresa & Joe need all the $$$ they can earn right now, & if that means being a willing participant in filming so be it. And if they are found innocent on national television, the ratings will go through the roof and more $$$ for Joe & Teresa. I wish them luck.

      • don’t think you read my comment correctly, Bravo bumped up filming sooner in order to catch court dates. IMO & if this was my family (what’s left of it) I’d pull the plug and start over. Cut my $ losses and try and redo the last 5 years. This will hang over the families heads for the rest of their lives. The Guidice & Gorgas like most Italians are very prideful people. Family shame and scandal is as low as you can go. Bad gossip is not good and travels faster than twitter.

  • I don’t know what Bravo expects to shoot, if indeed the move up schedule is true. This case is going to be continued for some time. T & J won’t be able to discuss it.

    I suppose Bravo can shoot around the hags going at T & J, about alleged charges. But, really that wouldn’t make any of them look too good.

    • Shipp

      That would be vile to watch the cackling and dart throwing.

      But how much can the cast blab…almost each of them have charges filed against them?

    • I think bravo is going to use this as the bringing everyone together storyline. I don’t think any of the housewives would say negative things, even if they are thinking it. This season will be the “rally around Teresa” season. Thats what I think at least.

  • Time for you to bow out of RHONJ, Teresa. Oh wait, that’s right. She can’t afford to.

    Her life is such a joke of a circus.

        • Caro maybe. I think she is the only one. But now, dont forget, they have all the business dealing for her kids they put money into. She also has her huge house, and her apartment to pay for on top of that.

        • LOL!!! LARGE MARGE might be able to quit if she didn’t have her 3 adult children still breast feeding off her & kathy thats funny. Her jackass she is married to pumps gas for a living and she cuts hair.Really,ya think they can keep up appearances?

    • Their contracts are renewed every season. If they don’t want you back, you don’t get “fired”, you just don’t get a new contract.

      I don’t think that story of Teresa having a 5 season contract was ever true.

  • Whether you like T or not (I completely ADORE her) but I love how she isn’t deflecting or crawling under a rock. She is one of the strongest people I’ve ever observed.

  • Teresa is friends with someone over at WetPaint. She is planting what she wants. Bravo is stupid to keep her.

    • Teresa needs to get out of the spotlight and put her children FIRST! Her and her husband need to go out and get real jobs and give their children a normal childhood, free of cameras following them around!!

      • Because she’s a woman with a limited vocabulary that’s being accused of fraud… Among other things…

    • wet paint always has up to 5 articles a day,all bad about teresa, i get it everyday on fb,wish i knew how to delete that rag

  • I checked rumorfix regarding this, because this became a rumor a while ago.

    Still a rumor, not fact yet.

    If true…Pimps gotta do what Pimps gotta do!

    • This is crazy! This is a serious issue for them!! I cannot believe they would really exploit this even more. It should not surprise me.. I just think that is awful.

        • Me too 🙁 I wonder if Teresa even has a choice though? because of contract ? I just think its so ugly of Bravo to speed it up.. Im sure they could wait until after trial,if they really wanted to. All they see is ratings gold instead of people with a serious issue.

          • I would kill myself to get out of that contract or at least say I you don’t let me out then I would get a psychiatrist to say it was putting me & my girls under cruel & unusual mental punishment to have cameras there when they are suffering. And may I add it is. If Bravo pushes this then they are the Whore of Babylon.

          • I agree to speed up production is not cool Bravo has shown they don’t care about the children involved.

            And would be saying the same thing if were the Gorgas or any other cast of any reality franchise.

            Really Bravo shame on you

          • I totally agree michers, Bravo has pretty much lowered itself to vulture status picking the bones off people in need just to get their ratings up. It’s so sad for those poor little girls to be going through this even though I believe their parents are totally responsible for their own actions Bravo doesn’t need to broadcast it to the whole world.

      • You cannot put all the blame on Bravo Teresa and Joe did not have to sign up for a 6th season they could have declined. The Giudices are exploiting themselves. I cannot believe that they have not given thought to how this will effect their daughters.

        Gia already gets bullied at school, you would think that with all these legal problems her parents get off the show until this matter is cleared up to save their children any further embarrassment or pain.

        • I agree AmeliaJ!

          If they don’t want to air their business, don’t sign another contract and don’t do the show.

        • This why I thought she was locked in: someone close to her , maybe Heather? said she was locked in for a few years, tried to get out when family joined, but she cannot! This upcoming season is last one for that contract.( supposedly).
          On the other hand, even if she could get out, I imagine she will most definitely more than ever need the money now. Also, maybe she thinks “keeping it normal” by filming is good for them? What seems normal to one may not be normal to one of us? The whole thing is just sad for the family/girls…

          • I think Heather said that but Heather will sometimes lie or stretch the truth in her bid to defend Teresa. I never believed the 5 year contract thing because in did not make any sense from a business stand point. Why would Bravo bind themselves to any of these women for an extended period of time without knowing how they would perform in any given season. And why, out of all their housewives would Teresa alone be selected for a 5 year contract, but not someone like Nene.

          • She doesn’t have to shoot if she doesn’t want to. There is no way to force performance. The old Warner Wolf case takes care of specific performance and is one point. She is choosing to preform. Good for her. She needs the money for whatever plea she will arrange. Teresa is smart to take the money.

      • I don’t think T and Joe have a choice.. She makes around 700k a year on Bravo, which is money she absolutely needs for fines and attorney fees alone. This show will not last forever, so she’s got to make the money while she still can. When it’s’s over, and her income will never come close to that again.

    • What did the Jesse Jackson & wife get today nothing so Joe and T. shouldn’t get to do any time behind bars!!!

      • Actually Jesse Jackson Jr. got 30 months in prison with 36 months of probation after on ONE count it ONE Count of conspiracy. And even then he asked and got leniency on not getting the federal sentencing guidelines of 46 to 57 months in prison. His wife got 1 year for one count of tax fraud ONE COUNT. He is also asking that they stagger the sentencing because they have children and allow one to do their sentence first and the other second.

        The judge may grant the staggered sentencing because of the amount of time for the Jacksons. But in regard to Joe and Teresa, they are in alot of trouble. I don’t think they will get staggered and I think they will get years. Joe has shown a contempt of the court from his fake license to DUI and now all his frauds. If they think they can skate on a 39 count federal indictment with multiple agencies they are out of their minds.

        Hell they can’t even stall or postpone, they have the trial coming up in October. In a few weeks we will see some type of plea offered to the prosecutor.

        • How has Joe shown contempt for the court? A current charge on fraud which does not end in a conviction is not contempt of court nor would it be even if he were convicted. If you want to bring it in as evidence dealing with his credibility then you must have the conviction first and pass the test for probative value.