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PHOTO: Melissa & Joe Gorga Take Gabriella & Milania Giudice Out During Teresa’s Arraignment!


Things seem to be getting better for Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice! Melissa, who once said she wanted her kids to be away from Teresa’s, celebrated her daughter Antonia’s birthday today by going to see Annie on Broadway!

Along for the festivities were Milania and Gabriella Giudice! Gia, probably did not want to see Melissa, and Audriana is probably too young for this bunch of ladies. Melissa took a group photo at the theater and simply wrote, “All ready to see Annie on Broadway! Happy Birthday @antoniagorga!!!”

Gia did take to Twitter to say she was in Coney Island with her friend and dance partner instead of with her cousin for her birthday:

It’s nice to see Melissa taking the Giudice girls out especially since today is Teresa and Joe’s arraignment date in court! It’s refreshing that the family is on good terms even if they aren’t super close just yet.

Are you glad to see Melissa reaching out to the Giudices during their difficult time? At the end of the day it’s all about the kids!

UPDATE: Joe Gorga also joined in as the day’s festivities continued!






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  • OK where do i start with this crew, Teresa crazy! off her fakefacecrazy, Melissa FAKE trying to get a record deal, Caroline Mothergodfather who needs to mind her business and continue to follow her grown azz son around does she even like her daughter ,lol Jacquline bored as hell but I do Pray for her and son is which where her energy should go not tweeting, Joe Gorda aight, Joe Gudice AZZHOLE! OH don’t get me started on RICH he’s a big azz troublemaker that needs to grow UP! AND KATHY please just SMack the shiznick out of Teresa. ILOVELOVELOVE Jaquline’s Husband the only one on the show that i truly respect.

  • I am happy for little Antonia, this is the first time in over 2 years that she’s been able to celebrates with the young people she loves the most; her cousins and as it should be. As for why she tweeted the picture, I agree see needs to even the score of good aunt good uncle, Melissa needs credit thrown her way, she appears to have some issue with not always having a share of the lime light i.e., I writing a real book not a recipes, I watch my kids, T has a nanny, I have a happy marriage, T/J needs my book on marriage, T has a place of worship at her cabin I say thank you Jesus. The birthday party real for Antonia, the tweeted pics are for Melissa’s image, IMO; and everybody has one

  • Did she really wear her hooker shorts to take these young girls out? Just keeping with her usual tasteless tradition I guess.

    • You can take the girl out of the gutter, but you can’t take the gutter out of the girl I guess. No matter where she lives or how much money and fame she has, she will always be a cheap trick.

  • Whatever her motive was for taking the girls, and tweeting pictures, who cares?? It was her daughter’s birthday, and she took Antonia’s two cousins and a couple of friends (or relatives), and made it special for her daughter, and all the girls really. They all look they had a good time and were happy. We have all seen how much the cousins love to be with one another, so I am glad they got to be. If TSIL had any ulterior motives, I don’t care because the children were together and had a memorable time together. She took them to a play and dinner and it looks like they went shopping, so I am sure the girls had a wonderful time–and that’s the most important thing. It was for her daughter’s birthday, and I am sure it was one Antonia will remember fondly. She isn’t my favorite person, but she did something really nice for all the girls, so everyone should applaud the effort and cut her some slack on her motivation. I am happy for the children, that’s how it should be all the time.

    • IA melinda.

      And it’s nice to see Gabriella — she always seems to take a back seat to her sisters, but she’s my fave. Such a cutie.

  • It’s nice to see the cousins together and celebrating Antonia’s Bday. It looks they had a great time . Happy Bday Antonia!

  • Agree Nut Nibblergorga- (little joey bites mens balls) JPG is a Douche Bag… great Jersey word. The T haters don’t get that if/when T goes down the SHORE WHORE GORGA is out of a job! bye bye messy (and to quote the pig JPG) hahahahhahhahahhahahhahahahhahah!

  • Question…why do any of you reply to JPG/Estella ( a Marco or that sorry excuse for Messy’s makeup artist) they wish bad/evil on people/children. Vile, bitter, jealous DOUCHE BAGS, IGNORE them and they will go away.
    Also, they need to face facts, Melissa will be unemployed if and when anything happens to Teresa who is the STAR of the real housewives of NJ. Morons.

    • Nut Nibblergorga – BTW, that is the best name on the site. I agree with not engaging them. I have and I’ve realized that it’s pointless. Who cares about MEHO… I really just want her to go away. She’s not supporting T- she just knows that not publicly supporting T will harm her future book sales. That is if there are any?

      • HAHAHA NUTNIBBLERGORGA…LOVE IT and JPG the nut nutnibblergorga is right you are vile, nasty and a DOUCHE BAG!!! (Good Jersey word!) and very true without T the shore whore will be out of a job! HAHAHHAHA!!!

          • Apparently no one is a smart as this JPG character when it comes to Teresa and Joe. Every lacks intelligence or insight; or even life experience in comparison. JPG you are late in the game of life, because somewhere in all of my years on this earth I missed, “life according to JPG”. Catch up please on your lessons of genius and knowing all so you won’t be so lonely all by yourself on top of the big throne you possess. Do you need a friend…or is KIM G the only self help resource you need?

    • You sound like a child, someone does not share the same opinions as you, so you insult them. Grow up. You should take some tips from posters like michers and RabbleRouser and some others who even if they disagree with you, conduct themselves with dignity, do not hurl insults at poster and deport themselves like mature adults.

  • The girls look as if they had a marvelous time. It was nice of Melissa and Joe to do this for the girls. It would have been nicer if Melissa had worn some pants, but I know it’s baby steps, and things are getting better over all. I can’t believe her husband is alright with the way she dresses, but if he can handle it, whatever. I just like seeing the cousins together and smiling.

  • We need to give Melissa the benefit of the doubt. She may honestly be trying to help out Teresa. It was good that the girls were occupied today, even though they are a little young to know what is going on, but they can sure sense any tension if there is any. Anything for the children!!! Thank you Melissa!

    • After everything that has been said and done- you would think to give her the benefit of the doubt? She didn’t think that her antics were destroying a family on national TV?

      • Emily- your so spot on with TSIL. She doesn’t have a compassionate bone in her body. She lacks real empathy.

          • How did she do that, btw, especially the fake pay stubs?

            I’m starting to think it was some kind of family racket, with each member having their own little “job” to do (obtaining false documents, forgery, giving false references, etc.)

  • I think it’s nice that Milania and Gabriella were included in Antonias B’day outing. I’m not going to hate on Messy for this.

  • That tanned and overly contoured shore rat acts as if we were all born yesterday. I bet you anything that she is enjoying every second of this and is only trying to appear to be the loving. This scum bucket said she wanted to move away so her spawn would not get bullied by the girls. TSIL really is a lowlife bitch. It is great that the cousins are together but when they get older, I’m sure tension will arise.

    • Steff- yeah, what happened to, “I don’t want my kids to grow up around T’s kids?”
      TSIL is a lowlife. I can’t believe that people don’t remember her accusations regarding T hitting her, moving her kids away, etc…

  • That tanned and overly contoured shore rat acts as if we were all born yesterday. I bet you anything that she is enjoying every second of this and is only trying to ap

  • Melissa did a nice thing today. I don’t think bashing her because Gia’s not there or bashing her because she tweeted it is fair.

    If she had tweeted that she took Antonia and some of her little girlfriends, people would be all up in arms that she didn’t take the Guidice girls and ‘distract’ them from the arraignment day of their parents.

    Would you all prefer that the Gorgas and Guidices were still back in 2012 and in a shitty place with each other? I’m enjoying truce.

    • I don’t buy the truce. Teresa needs to watch her back. Melissa can’t be trusted. She is a pathological liar and a user, and right now, it suits her to be friendly with Teresa because she has finally realized that she cannot take her down. But if Melissa ever saw an opportunity to better her situation by damaging Teresa or her girls, she would jump at the opportunity. It is who she is, she has shown us who she is repeatedly, and we should believe her.

      Teresa, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

      • Right now, Teresa’s only enemy, is Teresa. And the only person responsible for taking Teresa down is again, Teresa. Quit blaming Melissa for the illegal financial decisions Teresa has made year after year. Melissa does not owe Teresa anything and from the looks of it, none of the other housewives are running to Teresa’s side to help out.

        • I’m not talking about the financial stuff at all. In case you have not been watching the show for the last 3 years, Melissa’s mission has been to destroy Teresa, estrange her from her brother, and try to take Teresa’s place on the show. Melissa has failed, and even in the face of the financial challenges that Teresa now faces, she is more loved and popular on her worse day, than Melissa will ever hope to be on her best day.

          • Exactly Emily! TSIL has tried everything to destroy her and now she wants more airtime so she is playing the viewers. If that woman was truly trying to play nice with tre, she would psychopath wacko. It baffles me that TSIL and her stump will do anything for fame. They completely trashed Teresa for a few seasons and now act like they support her. Those bastards are only relevant thanks to Teresa.

          • To JPG – The Giudices did not sell their family down the river for fame. Melissa and Kathy did. Remember that Melissa contacted Danielle Staub and fed her dirt about Teresa for the sole reason of getting on the show. And once she got on the show, she was completely unscrupulous in her attempts to hurt and damage Teresa so that Melissa could take over her place in the show. But she failed. And even if Teresa goes down in flames after this is all over, Melissa will never be loved or popular or successful in her own right because she has no charisma, no talent, and no work ethic. She is a cheap, fake attempt at copying Teresa and JLo, a wannabe without an original thought.

            Melissa is astute as a fox though, and she has come to the conclusion that she has to hang on to Teresa to be relevant, and that is what she is trying to do. You may buy the act, but most people do not.

          • “The Giudices did not sell their own family down the river for fame”

            This is EXACTLY what they did. They felt it was more important to steal money for their false, opulent lifestyle, then to put their own children first.

          • Emily I agree with everything you’ve said about MEHO. The only x-factor that MEHO has is being on the pole and on her knees. Don’t engage JPG. That person is an idiot and thinks that T should be above board and everyone else is never to be held accountable.

          • Well MC you resorted to name calling, so that shows the strength of your “argument”.

            And it really is adorable how you try to tell strangers on a blog who they can and cannot converse with.

            Is the 8th grade not turning out to be everything you had hoped and dreamed for? 🙂

      • If I was Teresa I would not let my kids around Melisa and Joe without me being there. If this were a normal family fine but Melissa and Joe are only out for themselves. I have yet to hear an apology from either of them for any of the things they have said or done.

    • I agree Laurie and I can’t stand TSIL. I’m glad Antonia was with her cousins and a few friends on her birthday. I hope they are really still in a good place.

      Do people honestly think TSIL did this as a publicity stunt, no. It was planned weeks ago and she posted pictures. What’s the big deal?

    • Yep. And since Im in a feisty mood ( Im glad for the GIRLS)
      I love how she is trying so hard to turn her “edit” around from this season! I want to believe she is being sincere…but she makes it hard! Her sissy threatens Bravo, the real her is shown, and now all of the sudden the demon is an angel?? Not buying it!

      • Agreed. The shore rat is trying to change her image. Who ever buys her book has done serious issues.

        • Michers and Steff- I agree with the both of you. There is just no sincerity in her. It’s all premeditated. I just wish she would go away. There is nothing that I like about the gorgas (hooker and stump) or the wakilies. If anyone thinks that it’s okay for adults to fabricate hate for a story line…they have serious issues. Jealousy about money is the root of this family–that’s it! I am a T fan but her blindness about her brother is her fault. He’s the one who is ultimately the divisive factor in his family.

          • The main issue for me is this: they spent too much time destroying family and real relationships, so whatever they do now it looks like its fake to turn their images around while Teresa is in the mess she is.. if they had been real family from the get go, the comments and feeling would be different. To me, they are only caring about PR and photo ops- not the family that just needs love and support.

  • Antonia has an Instagram? How old is she, again?

    Either way, I think it’s nice that they’re getting along or pretending to get along well enough that the kids can be together. Antonia and Milania obviously love spending time together and their parents shenanigans have kept them apart for far too long. People tweet pictures like this all the time. I don’t see anything wrong with it even if it is Melissa.

    • NO one brings that up when they are trashing Teresa for allowing her 13 year old to be on social media though…( Instagram)

      • IDK.. I was being a beyotch, sorries. I thought she did have one though according to her mother! My oldest has IG, and I think peeps hashtag on it. Some of the kids’ IG’s go right to their twitters these days also.. technology today…

        • Haha michers, I didn’t notcie any beyotch-ism. I didn’t know if you had to have a Twitter account to be hash-tagged. Like, could Melissa just make her a hastag on Twitter but without her having her own account?

          I don’t know how I feel about kids having their own Twitter accounts. I don’t have kids so I haven’t had to consider it. But I would have to say that a six year old having one seems pretty ridiculous! 😉

          • I have one going into senior year. The only reason Im considering him getting one, is because of all the sports teams he plays on, and for College looks, communication , recruiters, etc.. Apparently now even those people are tweeting! Also on his SAT organizer, there is now a link for FB and Twitter! I feel like serious things are even just “social media” and non -chalant( sp?) now a days! It kind of annoys me, LOL Plus, being a military “brat” alot of his friends come and go so often with moving. I guess most of them have ditched FB for twitter?

  • I am no Melissa fan, but I like to see the cousins together.And, OMG Gabriella’s pantsuit is everything! Looking so fashionable and fierce. She’s actually my favorite of all the kids, such a beauty. Milania steals the show, but I can’t help but love Gabriella!

  • You Teresa fans are so cuckoooo. She takes the kids out to see annie for her daughters birthday and ya’ll talk shit because she didnt take all of them.

    Listen to your selfs. You guys sound nuts

  • She has to tell everyone because she’s faking family closeness. And, once again, she’s dressed like a hooker!

  • Annie?? What a great treat for them. Hope they had a blast.

    Now, the conservative side of me doesn’t think a sheer shirt over hot pants and a bustier is appropriate attire for a mom taking little girls out to a Broadway show. To one of her many club appearances, yes, but for Antonia’s birthday, not so much.

  • I think it was sweet that she’s taking the girls out and I really don’t find anything wrong with her posting it.

    • LOL it you have followed this case close enough you would know why these idiots got jail time.

  • I find it hilarious (and yet again, hypocritical) how so many of you dog Melissa for tweeting for HER DAUGHTER’S BIRTHDAY, but act like Teresa is the strongest woman alive for blasting social media with her utter disregard to the seriousness of her criminal charges.

    Too funny.

    • I think it’s hilarious (and yet again, ridiculous) how you defend Melissa no matter what she does. You act like she walks on water.

      Too funny.

      • jpg doesn’t not find anything wrong with Melissa, she just doesn’t find anything right about Teresa.

        See the difference? 🙂

        • BM barbie- so true about jpg. jpg is just annoying. I bet jpg is a secret fan of T. I have no doubt someone who spends this much time reading blogs that have anything to do with T is simply infatuated.

          • Correction. Blogs about RHONJ. And reading about Teresa’s fake life going down the drain? Eating this shit up with a spoon 😀

    • NonnaB- coming from you…that’s breaking my heart. Your on the pulse about this witch and can you honestly believe that she is being sincere?

      • Where kids are concerned, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. I think Melissa’s life growing up wasn’t a bed of roses, it wasn’t the typical fun loving family. Her mother was a piece of work as was her father. Her sister’s weren’t the best role models. Unless somewhere along the line you have someone (teacher, neighbor, mentor) to show you a different loving side of life, you tend to fight dirty and that’s what I think she does. I hope she finds peace, I hope they all find peace with their lives. They need to be away from this show – it makes them all morally corrupt and I can only imagine what it will do to their children years from now.

  • I am very happy about it. It means no matter what the adults feel toward each other they are NOT keeping the kids away from each other anymore

  • I don’t like Messy and I don’t think she needed to tweet this.Bu I am glad Antonia and Milania could be together today. Love those girls!

    • It would be a lot more authentic to me if Melissa On Display just tweeted a picture of the girls having fun celebrating Antonia’s birthday! Come on, who wants their mom in their birthday pictures dressed like a hooker no less….

        • I agree nothing wrong bout tweeting a pic of the girls after all its Antonia bday, but would she tweet a pic of herself with the girls can’t she just make it bout her daughter.

          Yes take pictures with your daughter and her friends but only tweet the one with Antonia and cousins and friends.

  • I think it’s so sad that you would take such a sweet picture and feel the need to add that Gia isn’t there because she probably doesn’t want to be near Melissa. Is it really necessary to be so nasty all the time? Gia is older then these girls and I don’t blame her one bit for not wanting to spend the day with 5 little girls. It’s a great picture and I’m thrilled for both families that the kids are back in each others lives.

  • This is how it should be and I don’t find anything wrong with it. I’m actually happy to see the kids all together.

  • Even though I am team Teresa, I definitely love to see Melissa with the kids. It is better when everyone gets along. The fighting has ruined RHONJ.

    • Agree. I don’t like Melissa but I doubt she tweeted this in a selfish way to make herself look like a good aunt. 😡

      • Jose, it that a photo of Dancer (with kids)from the theater?

        If so….who the hell goes to a Broadway play dressed like THAT?! The mind reels. Not talkin’ ’bout the kiddo’s, but Auntie Goody Two Shoes.

        • In her defense Shipp, she’s always on the clock looking to turn a trick. Gotta respect that. Great work ethNic.

          • She’s just a Midget hooker. I have seen her several times in real life. she is not more than 5 feet tall. She is shorter than her freak husband. She want’s to be noticed, but she is too short to be model “Striking.” I have been in restaurants when real celebrities have walked in and the whole restaurant has stopped eating and looked up. She will never have that. She just looks like a midget hooker on a midget “John’s” arm.

        • Yeah the short shorts and sheer top might be too much for a theater day with the kids, but at least she’s looking amazing these days! I love the lighter hair on her.

          • I remember 2 years ago there was a video of a 10 year old Gia Giudice dancing in booty shorts (shorter than melissa’s) and a Midriff-baring shirt, on this same website. And many on you same people where defending her dress, with comments like “but that is how the kids dress these days” and “this is how you dress to dance”.

            If you can defend a 10 year old wearing pants up to her ass cheeks and her tummy out, then you should have no problem with this grown ass (however old she is, Don’t care enough to find out) adult woman wearing whatever she wants.

            Can we as women stop trying to slut shame each other based on how we dress.

          • I couldn’t agree more, Amelia.

            Also, all the people complaining about Melissa’s outfit being inappropriate for a Broadway show have obviously never been to one…on a Wednesday afternoon.

            Wednesday is Matinee Day where tickets for all the Broadway shows are seriously discounted and the atmosphere is much more casual and informal than a show opening or even a regular evening performance.

            They always find something to complain about when it comes to Melissa.

          • Comparing her dancing outfit to Auntie Mel is ridiculous also. Mel went , as an adult to a broadway show, yes? So why dress like she went to a dive bar? That is all people are saying. Bringing up Gia and compare it to this is really reaching, and cannot be compared. Its not an excuse that is the “costume” of choice for certain types of dance.

          • And Jewels, some of you always find something to complain about when it comes to Teresa or her children.

          • Michers bringing up Gia is not ridiculous or reaching, booty shorts are booty shorts and belly tops are belly tops, if you have no problem with 10 year olds wearing them no matter the occasion(Gia did not need to wear what she wore to dance she could have danced in less revealing clothing and get the same results), then you should not have a problem with Melissa wearing them.

            And Jewels is right it is Broadway on a Wednesday, Melissa is not dressed like she is going to a dive bar she is dressed like many people who go to Broadway on a Wednesday.

            People are so biased against Melissa (not that she does not give people a reason to be, she’s a bitch) that they will attack the stupidest things. Things that they will overlook in the people that they like. I stand by my comment if 10 year old Gia can reveal almost to her ass cheeks and her belly button with no criticism, then grown ass Melissa should be able to do the same.

        • I agree Shipp
          Booty shorts- heels & a completely sheer blouse…totally appropriate for hanging with children 😉
          You can take the whore out of NJ but you can’t the the whore outta Melissa 😉

          • Nope ! Oh and things just got juicy- Her old BFF has twitter now, LOL just in time for Sundays episode. ( Jan)

          • Would it have been better if Gia and her danced partners were dressed in cheerleading outfits, majorette outfits, two pieces fringed dance outfits or hip hop attire (which is basically what they were wearing). From little league all the way up to the professionals wear less clothes than Gia and her friends wore. Don’t bash the kids, their attire is purchased an authorized by adults, most of which their parents. And that is their parents business. It is when you become an adult a parent no less that coming out in public less than half dressed (like the whole world wants to see your half naked behind) is what needs to be discussed. Heck you can’t take your kid grocery shopping or to a market for a quick soda without chancing a look a stringed bikini nasty but or barely covered nipples. It’s disgusting rag on the adults who at least can fire back at the comments without being called growny or needing to stay in a child’s place. Yes Melissa dresses like the characteristic and personality she’s been accused of and not the humble mothering figure to all she proposes. For some any attention is good attention and no doubts thinks that anyone who comments is simply jealous of her self proclaimed gorgeous body.

        • Amber

          Im def not a Melissa fan and truly hope this just wasn’t an opportunity for her to get brownie points from the many viewes that don’t like her.

          Im hoping she did this and is coming from a good place.

          As for her clothes no Melissa bad choice. A nice summer dress would’ve been more appropriate

          • Besides a 10 year old has nothing to reveal. I can’t believe some people. The way they think makes me think they’re typing from jail.

      • Jose but her in the middle of almost all of those pictures tells me that she wants these pictures taken so that she could appear to look like a “good person”.

        • jose- I love your articles…but come on, you know that she’s tweeting these pictures because any excuse to look like a doting aunt/parent, she will definitely jump on. What happened to your best lines of, “trick, please!”
          “I can’t with this ho!!”?

          • Trust me I still don’t like her, but I think since it’s Antonia’s birthday, she would’ve posted these pictures anyway.

            Like, should she have aseked Milania and Gabriella to not be in any of the pictures?

  • That’s sweet, it really is. But what’s wrong with keeping something’s to yourself? Oh, you can’t look like the savior you’re NOT if you don’t tweet and talk about everything that you do.

  • What a haunting memory for Antonia – birthday on the same day Aunt and Uncle go to court.

    When it is a family gathering of cousins, I never paid attention to age differences, just happy to play with and jump around with family.

  • And of course she had to Tweet about it…See everyone, I am a good aunt and “I stand behind Teresa” blah blah blaaaah!!!

    • It’s for her DAUGHTER’S birthday. DUH.

      Glad to see she’s making that the center of the day for all the kids.

      • Teresa has been tweeting pics of her and her fat, gross husband the past two weeks!! I would rather see Melissa and the children than Jumbo Juicy any day of the week!

        • That isn’t fat, that’s his juiciness! 😉

          Love love love the Gorga/Giudice kids of RHONJ … I DO NOT however enjoy the Manzo nor Lauritta kids.

          • AGREED!!! These kids are the cutest! I mean, just look at them in the pix lol of course it’s the Giudice & Gorga kids only throwing up the deuces (what we call the “peace” sign in NJ)!!! Lolol ugh those Laurita kids are boring and barely speak on camera, not cute at all, no spunk, no personality. There’s no comparison, I barely recall Wackos kids’ names! This family’s kids could actually have their own spin off & ppl would watch!

          • You did not mean to say the Laurita kids, right? Cj is a quiet boy. You cannot compare a shy boy who’s for the most part grown up as an only child to Teresa’s 4 young daughters. Girls are louder, more outgoing, spunky, sassy and the more you add to the mix the louder one has to be to get noticed. Not ok to compare Cj to Teresa’s girls.
            If you meant gorgas than I will completely agree. Melissas children appear ignored and brow beaten. Like they aren’t allowed to have fun or be themself. Careful not to make their momma mad. 😉

      • I’ll tell you what’s wrong is that bar slut attire for a Broadway show. Short shorts and a see-through blouse? For a little girls birthday party. Puhleeze.

    • I think it’s nice that she took the girls out. Glad she tweeted the pic.

      Those are some really short shorts. Always the working girl. Does she every stop selling her ass? Gotta give her props. She’s a hard worker, unlike Lazy Laurita. No wonder Glitter Gulch fired her ass.

      • “She works hard for the money…” Thanks NYGirl now I’ll have THAT song in my head all day. Well, better than “The sun will come out tomorrow….tomorrow….tomorrow.” SHUT UP!

      • NYGirl – “Those are some really short shorts”.
        That was the first thing I thought of too!

    • Teresa is lucky ANYONE is standing behind her at this point!! Teresa has been tweeting pics of her every move since she was charged with fraud, so if Melissa wants to tweets a pic including her daughter BIG DEAL!

    • It’s so funny you wrote that because today Bravo aired the s3 season premier episode and Teresa and Joe dance with baby Joey at the Christening and Melissa goes on about how they only did it to make Joe Guidice look like a “good uncle.” It’s funny how years later now she can be perceived as the same way.

      • MeHo is always talking about Teresa and Joe when she is far worse than them. No matter what, she did this because the show is still on. MeHo didn’t give a damn last time, and many other times, but because she’s on camera… she wants to look good. Typical. At least Teresa always plans stuff with her daughters with or without cameras. She puts them first.

    • CanadianHF- I agree! I don’t anything TSIL does is genuine. It’s all about publicity and attempting to garner public affection. She’s in the middle of the kids and not the one taking the picture….that screms, “see me!”
      Can’t stand that ho. I don’t think there is another housewife that makes me skeeve.

    • This was all about what happened with Gia and Joe having their time together. She had to give a better impression that she isn’t the monster that everybody makes her out to be, so she gets pics with Teresa and her girls making it seem nothing is wrong with her. Remember Melissa, you said you where moving to get your kids away from Teresa’s kids, why isn’t that ever brought up again?

      • Oh it was brought up again – but backtracked everything. She said that it wasn’t true or that wasn’t the real reason why when clearly that is exactly what TSIL said at the reunion and in her final blog of last season.

        I don’t blame you for forgetting … the lies are so hard to keep up with.

      • Buck, you think that’s it? I tend to believe Teresa is now filming her spinoff and this was part of it. 🙂