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Lea Black Says There’s A Lot More To Adriana’s Story, Adriana Explains Why She Lied About Being Married!


On the season premiere of Real Housewives of Miami, we learned that Adriana de Moura had already been married to Frederic, legally, and that Lea Black was very hurt to find out that Adriana had kept this from her!

Additionally, Lea feels that Adriana has since betrayed her by forming alliances with “the hater club.” Lea is taking to her blog to discuss this situation, saying there’s a lot more to the story about her helping out Adriana when she was a single mom. She writes in her Bravo blog:

Speaking of friendships, where did the Lea/Adriana friendship go awry? And why did Adriana turn against me? According to her, I didn’t have her “back” her when she slapped Joanna. A true friend has the guts to tell you when you’re wrong, and Adriana, you were wrong. Does telling her to “take the high road” justify her betrayal and her joining of the hater club?

Back to the luncheon, I didn’t go for a couple of reasons. My son was on spring break and we had family plans in L.A., and does anyone really think the way to mend a friendship rift is at a luncheon discussing it with a bunch of girls over cocktails? It would have put me in the position to discuss all the ugly facts in front of everyone. I just thought it would be more appropriate not to bring everyone into it and have people taking sides and giving opinions.

Why air all of Adriana’s dirty laundry in front a group? Why embarrass her? Of course she did an excellent job of embarrassing herself by saying I only bought things from her and didn’t give her “cash.” Wow! A lot more to that story.

My instinct was to have a one-on-one conversation with Adriana, and hopefully just put it behind us and move on… Well stay tuned to see how that works out!

And the Frederic/Adriana soap opera drama…really? LOL! Was that a set-up for the latest “marriage story”? His impersonation of me could have been funny, had it not been so mean-spirited. Amy Phillips’ is much better. But who can blame a guy for backing up his wife of 5 years? And thank you, Fredric, for promoting my new handbag line!

Meanwhile, Adriana is taking to her blog to explain why she kept her legal marriage a secret. She writes in her blog:

Speaking of surprises, some people were surprised by the fact that Frederic and I had a marriage license that we got many years ago. At that time, we were dating for just a few weeks and he asked me to marry him. I was swept off my feet by his charming French ways and said yes. So we proceeded with the formal legalities needed for getting married and that entails a marriage license. Just a couple of weeks prior to the wedding ceremony, he canceled due to my son not being emotionally ready to see me walk down the aisle and begging me not to do it.

I became very stressed out and divided. Frederic too was second guessing his decision… All of this will be better explained in the episodes, so I won’t bother you with the details now. However, for the protection of my son’s emotional being, we never considered or called ourselves married, and to tell you the truth, without the religious ceremony I never felt married and still had many issues to work out within me due to failed relationships in the past. This was our journey and I didn’t hurt anyone or commit a crime.

However, I was very disappointed at some cast members who were quick to pass judgment and cast the first stone, as if they were perfect, but to them I quote: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” -Oscar Wild

I am very perplexed by this situation on both ends. On Lea’s end, Adriana claims that Lea knew she was legally married to Frederic, so is Lea just exaggerating this for a storyline? Also, who cares if she didn’t defend her at the reunion? She can be friends with both sides! She is clearly taking a page out of the Lisa Vanderpump cast mate rule book.

As for Adriana, this story is just so sketchy. For two season she painted herself as a struggling woman trying to cope with how her ex-husband left her and betrayed her. She said she didn’t want to re-marry because of this. Never did she say it was because of her son Alex not being ready! So now that her legal marriage was put on blast, she is latching onto a different story. It doesn’t add up!

Screen shot showing that Adriana was MARRIED, not just obtained a marriage license:

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 1.45.20 PM

I guess we will have to keep watching. Do you think Adriana, Lea, or both, are not being real?

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  • its all very good television…. hmm the green card is an interesting point if its true that would make total sense and if its the reason she should just be honest with people and be like ” look we got married so he could stay and I choose to act like it wasnt real because I was trying to help him out while we were figuring out our relationship and in the meantime her friends think the wedding was cancelled and Adriana goes about her life as if nothing had happened. In fact I do truely believe this might be the reason because why on earth would she have ever kept this secret from her son? I don’t believe she is some Con artist I think she made a stupid mistake to help her bf but she does sound pretty ridiculous trying to explain she should take a deep breath and tell the truth which her pride won’t allow her to do
    And no a marriage license is not the same as the actual certificate of marriage.
    Adriana did try to play that off but none of us are stupid we have the internet.. and Where is Ana with all her legal knowledge?? thats right she got demoted this season! lame Bravo
    I have never been a fan of either one of these women especially Lea Black and her so called Gala and all the bashing she does of poor Marysol and her so called joking back stabs she does to others with that hideous laugh of hers ARG drives me crazy. She is very pretentious so much so she has even adopted the fake rich voice she believes she is supposed to have to let others know she is rich. A huge difference between the rich and the wealthy… She is no Oprah but of course who is. At the end of the day both women make for damn good entertainment.

  • If I were Lea, I would sue Adriana for fraud and recoop some of that money she conned her out of. Her husband is a well known attorney, shouldn’t be too hard;-) Not much of a Lea fan but definitely believe her.

    Adriana underestimates people who have gotten married and knows how the process works. Her story is just plain stupid and insulting to the viewers!

  • Does Adriana realize that some of the audience members who follow the show have been watching it since the beginning? Adriana lied to everyone including her own son. She manipulated Lea to get money out of her which is terrible! I would never trust Adriana again and I seriously think she has a psychological disorder like borderline personality disorder. Watch your back Lea.

  • COME ON GUYS!!! Adriana knows EXACTLY what she’s doing. She knows perfectly well that a marriage license is just a document giving you permission to get married in that state. Just because you get a license doesn’t mean you’re now married. Which she knows. That’s why they actually went back 1 month later and OFFICIALLY got married on December 4th. She lied to Lea for years and took advantage of her generosity by pretending to be a struggling single mother with no one supporting her. That’s manipulation at its best! Now she thinks she can back pedal and twist everything around to make it look like Lea betrayed HER! You can tell that Adriana knows she’s CAUGHT and I’ll give it to her…she’s really working over-time to twist every little thing Lea says around to benefit her! God, she even brought her son into it when she was leaving Lea’s home tonight (because Lea was no longer hiding the fact that she had spent thousands of dollars on her). She was deflecting everything she could by repeatedly saying how good of a kid her son is and that everyone loves him (what did that have to do with anything??) and how she was never good enough to be Lea’s friend etc etc. She was trying to think of anything she could to take the attention off of the real issue which is her manipulating and lying to Lea for years for her own self-interests! All I can say is WOW!!! After everything this woman has done for you, Adriana & all the money she obviously spent on you in the name of friendship & love & compassion you have the gall to be THAT ungrateful!?! And to turn around and make Lea feel bad in any way by saying she’s “throwing it in your face” that she helped you is insane!? She’s not throwing that in your face you idiot….she’s simply calling you out on being such an unappreciative, manipulative scumbag after everything she’s done for you. The least you could do was to be honest. Boy Andy Cohen, I’ve been a fan of TRHO– franchise from the beginning and I don’t think I’ve ever been so disgusted by any $one person’s behavior…..until now. At the very very absolute least Adriana, you need to admit it all & come clean to Lea. Sounds like you had an amazing friend there that loved you like family. You better learn how to gravel, I don’t think there are many people that would suggest she give you another chance….GB!!!!

  • Lea wouldn’t be pissed off without a reason. Adriana is typical of many women who grew up in poverty – she is shrewd and street smart, good at manipulation. If you come from or have lived somewhere with poverty you can see this in people

  • Adriana is a liar plain and simple. Her excuse now is she “doesn’t feel married and needs a churchified wedding” – wondering if she got her other one annulled because if she didn’t, then she can’t have that feeling married ceremony in a catholic church.
    The whole two weddings in one season just seems too contrived. One storyline was leading up to either an over the top wedding or a spectacular break up. But Adriana’s seems like a PR move because more of her shady past is surfacing.

  • Adriana is such a liar!
    According to the info above they obtained a marriage license in November and were married in December.

    IMO, the real reason for the marriage was that Frederic needed a Green Card. That makes more sense then anything else.

    And Adriana was taking advantage of Lea by portraying herself as a single mother who is struggling financially when she was married and had all the rights to financial support form her husband.

    Adriana and Frederic a BOTH scam who were taking advantage of people.

  • I enjoyed Kenya getting caught in a lie 110x more .. “Walters gay” lmao …. She got caught faking her relationship so she called him gay. That’s TV GOLD!

    Adrianna’s lie is just as blantant, backtracking and transparent as when Meho denied ever saying they were moving away from Teresa’s kids when she said it at the reunion and in her final blog from season 4.

  • I wonder if Adriana has a picture from the day she had the civil ceremony, if Lea was there (as the maid of honor), I’d like to see it.

    I can totally understand why Lea was hurt that Adrianna didn’t stand up for her at the reunion, but from what I read at the time, Ana had a file filled with stuff that we never got to see or hear. How would Adrianna have known about all of that? Sounds like it was an overwhelming amount of information.

    I believe bits and parts of both Lea and Adriana’s account of the situation, and they both seem capable of hiding facts. Like, I still don’t know who to believe regarding Marysol, Lea and the impersonator (can’t think of his name!)

  • That scene with Lea and the decorators was priceless comedy. They know how to make money! And Lea is too vain to notice the over the top toadying flattery for what it is. She actually preened, thinking they really meant it. Sorry, but when you are just too good is used by relative strangers that you are paying, it is ironic, not real flattery.

    Art is an investment – it appreciates in value, particularly art from a successful gallery curated by an expert. Lea will make money on her art when she sells it, so it’s not charity. She is not Lady Bountiful. Frankly women who talk about their social standing and social circle as though they are some Regency dowager at Almack’s are a joke in this day and age. She looks like a fool, a pretentious panjandrum so full of herself she cannot see what a joke she is.

    Adriana is silly and overly dramatic. She has said in the past that her son was opposed to their marriage, so that part of her story is authentic. However, I don’t get the impression that she is scrupulously religious that a civil ceremony does not “feel” married to her, no matter how much that may be true of some women.

    • I was amused when Lea was saying there is my Dali, etc. & the decorators pick up a big piece of Art that was just sitting on the floor & saying yeah look she’s just got this sitting here. I bet Lea got a great price for that art which only goes up. To act like she was ripped off was not convincing. A Dali, just wish I owned 1 piece so I could sell it or a Monet or a Manet ( different than Monet) or Van Gogh or Jackson Pollock. You would be set for life if you were an average Joe. Most people with this kind of art do not leave it without it being properly hung, & displayed. I have to say Adrianna is smarter than Lea educationally & speaking over 6 languages. I thought Lea really cared for people, but when she said she collected people I thought about that & it bothered me. I liked Lea & she comes from humble beginnings & I hope she remembers that. She has been married quite a few times, couldn’t she cut Adriana some slack if they were real friends, plus I don’t need my friends to fight my battles, I am perfectly capable of tearing your head off on my own, though if my friends are attacked in front of me, run for your life. I wish these women would act like real friends do. Funny that Lea attacked Adriana while Adriana said nothing but actually got into a fight with Frederick & was upset about Lea.

    • Do you really believe that art Lea bought from Adrians will appreciate? Prices go up or down. Study art world.

  • You forgot to mention Adriana crying about not being able to afford to send her son to school and Lea offering to fit the bill for her. Adriana is just an ungrateful witch and a social climber. Lea has every right to feel betrayed.

  • How long has Lea known Adriana? Didn’t she say in the first season that she found Adriana sleeping on the floor of an art gallery?

  • As far as Lea goes, she fancies herself as the Vicki/Jill Zarin/Caroline/Lisa V of Miami. She’s awful. And not as funny as she thinks she is. She really thinks that “thanks Frederick” for promoting her handbag line is not as hilarious as she clearly thinks it is (considering shes now said it about 14 times). I dont know how holding a big board is promoting her hand bag line (whicch who knew she even had)…shes using it to promote it. And is his “mean spirited” impression ne worse than her friends impression of Mama Elsa?
    Regardless of whether or not Lea knew Adriana was married (which I believe she did…notice Lea hasnt addressed the “maid of honor” comment, when shes jumped on everything else) I still dont get it…even if she didnt know that Adriana was married, she still knew she was living with a wealthy man…so whats the deception?
    I agree with what Ana said…I think Adriana was a little blindsided by everything Ana said to Lea a the reunion, and why should she defend her? She was doing a fine job herself. I also think at that point Adriana felt guilty about backing Lea against Marysol.
    As far as Adriana goes…Im not her biggest fan. I dont love her, but I dont hate her. I do feel like I remember her saying in Season 1 that her and Fredrick were going to get married but her son and fear of commitment brought it to a halt…Im remembering that wrong?
    Either way I dont see the big deal…all these women get married for the cameras sake anyway.

  • I’m not a fan of Lea and find her to be quite annoying, but I believe her version over Adriana’s. Adriana is a proven liar about EVERYTHING. Whenever she’s in the wrong she’ll exaggerate and make these ludicrous accusations against other people lol. She makes for great reality tv but not a great person.

    I just can’t with her saying Lea never paid her bills. Lea bought paintings and jewelry from Adriana, so indirectly, yes she did pay her bills. On top of that, Adriana could use Lea’s name in her future sales and say how she was able to sell paintings to someone like Lea Black. That made Adriana look good as an art dealer. What an unappreciative woman she is.

    It sounds like Adriana basically conned Lea out of money by claiming she was this broke, single mother when she was secretly married and being taken care of by Frederic.

    BTW anyone wondering about Frederic’s finances? Why is it that after a year’s time not much work was done on the boat? That to me makes it sound like he can’t afford everything he claims.

  • ok…I have a question.
    Where I come from, obtaining a marriage license does not make you legally married… it has to be signed by the person who performed the cerimony and witnesses to make it legal.
    So what gives?
    Is it different in Miami?
    And for the record…I think Lea is the shady one hands down.

    • MamaBear, straight from (Florida)

      “And, believe it or not, just because you have your marriage license sent to you in the mail does not mean you are officially married. You need to have a justice of the peace or a religious clergyman sign the document. On your wedding day, you’ll give your chaplain your marriage license, then after the ceremony, he’ll sign it and send it to the proper government agency for validation.”

      There’s enough shade in that cast to prevent skin cancer in the whole state of Florida.

    • Check what a marriage license means. It doesn’t mean s church ceremony. Snd married in white@@@ Andy seeks a balance of trash and class.

  • I honestly dont think Lea has any reason to be mad at Adriana.

    I find Lea to be a shady bitch.

    • I don’t care of she lied. I have always loved Adriana! She is very entertaining and fun to watch!

    • Agree cant stand lea,she thinks shes a queen or something,gotta say tho that who scene with Adriana and fred was the most staged bad acting thing iv ever seen.

    I think you hit the nail on the head in regards to Adriana’s story being sketchy. I understand her trying to put a spin on it, but lets face it. She lied to create a story line for herself and she got busted. I’m pretty sure she felt married when she filed her taxes for the past 5 years. I think Lea probably knew they were getting married and it was called off, but didn’t know they were legally married. Which probably explains whatever help she was providing her. I don’t understand how deep that goes, so I do think Lea could be over reacting. Everything will come out in the wash, it always does.