Al Manzo Addresses Why He Always Seems Unhappy On RHONJ, Blames Producers!

August 12, 2013 |By Continue Reading


Viewers have doubted if Caroline Manzo is truly happy with husband Al Manzo (or vice-versa) because this season on Real Housewives of New Jersey, he seems to be quite unhappy on camera and making some not so nice comments.

Al is now opening up about his portrayal on the show, telling North Jersey that the producers, “proceed to get you as aggravated as you can get before you get started filming, and then hopefully they try to get a little bit of attitude.”

The couple recently dined at Bibi’z which aired in a recent RHONJ episode. Al reveals that he and Caroline were left waiting for a whole hour in the car before producers told them they could come in!

“Then finally I got aggravated and said, ‘I’m coming in.’ OK, so they’ll make you wait by the lounge a while; they have to get the lighting right. They know how to get you fired up,” explains Al.

When Al saw the scene he reveals that he acknowledged how nasty and mean he looked. He adds that even Caroline will tell him, “You were mean that day!” to which Al replies with, “Well, you know, you were there, you know I wasn’t mean.”

I can see how that part of filming the show would get frustrating for Al, considering he is not used to it as he doesn’t film a whole lot like OTHER husbands who swear they are Housewives themselves.

Do you think Al seems unhappy because of the filming process or is it reflecting of his marriage?


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Comments (34)

  1. Mom of 3 says:

    I don’t believe him for a minute. They are tying to make him look good now for the spin-off. It’s not going to help Albie Sr. you still have a piss poor attitude and the new show will FAIL. 😛

  2. Shirlee says:

    Who cares…….all scripted and a bunch of b.s. all the housewives, Miami, Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, and Beverly Hills all are scripted. Wake up people and clear the Internet for commenting about something irritant in this world. It’s all about someone singing, writing a book, or advertising their restaurant…..advertising and scripted…if it were for real who cares about the g.d. Lighting and no other customers in the place.

    Al’s right and Caroline’s wears his pants and thinks she is a queen Physic doctor with all the answers.her boys are wuzzzies and the girl is a big mouth just like mommie.

  3. SaltySulk says:

    Hey Al, those nasty producers just called to rescind their offer of a spinoff show – a wily old bugger like you should know not to the bite the hand that feeds you…

  4. Oahu Stacey says:

    He is just a grouchy dick. However he wants to spin it….he is a grouchy dick.

  5. Laurie says:

    Al is such a peripheral player on RHONJ… I’m sure he’s not thrilled when production dictates that he must be filmed. The guy runs a business and works hard so I don’t blame him for getting irritated.

    I’m sure he’s actually very thrilled that the show gives Caroline something do to and keeps her occupied so he can work 90 hour work weeks and not be guilty of leaving her alone.

  6. whodat13 says:

    I like Caroline, warts and all.
    Al told her to STFU….say what?
    That’s not cool.

  7. Maru the Cat says:

    I can understand the waiting around for sound & lighting levels may be tiresome, but this is the 5th season, he should know the ropes after 5 years.

  8. Jazzy says:

    Oh now everyone is blaming all their problems on production but two seasons ago, they all said Teresa is going to use that as an excuse. How hypocritical.

    • Texas comments says:

      Exactly. Plus actors say that doing movies is allot of waiting around because of lighting or this or that. Don’t go on a show and expect everything to snap snap. Bet he likes the money for his kids and wife though. Bet he just hates doing the show period.

    • Bobby says:

      THANK YOU! Its funny how its the blame game for some people

  9. Shipp says:

    Not giving Big Al and excuse, but I have heard this before.

    One of the previous N.Y. housewives (Alex I think) said the same thing about producers/production. Making them wait, sending their pick up cars late, aggravating them before filming.

  10. Kara says:

    I do think procures try to make a certain person look miserable or happy by only showing certain scenes

  11. samael says:

    This is why this couple would do awesome on their own show.

    They are both real with each other.

    It would annoy the hell out of me to stand around for 7 hours to tape a 3 minute scene!

    Oh well..contract already signed and money already deposited… let the camera roll!

  12. CanadianHousewiveFan says:

    Couldn’t care less….I think it’s time for both of them to retire from the show. Actually time for all the Manzo clan to get off the show, they are angry, boring and uninteresting….

  13. michers says:

    He has filmed the least out of everyone on the show, so him using that excuse? Maybe? I think its everything, not just one thing. I really dont think he ever wanted any part of the show and maybe he is bothered his family is still loving it? Since he is always working and about business, maybe he feels them being on the show is not a good look for his Brownstone? Who knows.. Being filmed is what got his ass busted for lying/ getting fired from Water Commissioner.

    • cammierari says:

      Hi michers! I think that because Al and Caroline are getting the bad edit and their faults, moods and foibles are being shown, they are scrambling to put the blame somewhere other than on themselves. They were HAPPY to inform us that the camera doesn’t lie when it showed other people in a bad light though-typical Manzo hypocrisy.

  14. T says:

    I call B.S. on editing Al. Your own wife has said that you can’t blame editing. It’s obvious to me where your lovely daughter gets her attitude from.

    • Valerie says:

      He didn’t blame editting, he blamed production. I find it funny that everybody here can talk about someone else’s bad attitude while spewing their own bad attitude!
      I know I am in the minority here but I don’t find Al’s attitude to be that bad. I think that he was right in saying what he did the night of the family dinner. He was basically saying “enough!” and he was right.

      • T says:

        I’m so sick of commenters getting all hurt cuz other commenters comment about these reality TV attention whores.
        Oh & ok he’s blaming the producers…gimme a break

        • Valerie says:

          I wasn’t hurt by anything you or anybody else has said! Maybe you should read before you type, if you did you would see that Al blamed production and I said I find it funny…! You seriously give yourself too much credit.

          • T says:

            My point is Valerie Al can blame the producers or editing all he wants…doesn’t change the fact that he’s a cranky old man with a bad superior attitude.
            You can say whatever you want about & my attitude if that makes you feel better.

      • pixntrix says:

        ITA with you Valerie!!! I guess he should be more like Joe Guidice and say shut the fuck up and walk out of the room…

      • The FEDS says:

        Damn I have to agree. Producers can make you and break you. I think nearly all husbands/fathers have to step in the way AL did and tell the mom to back off. Kids are always “the baby” to moms and dad is usually the one to step in and say back off. Al manzo was no different and not anything special in that scene. I deffinetly wouldn’t judge if their marriage was happy by that scene alone. That was a true reality moment

    • Texas comments says:

      U know. I agree with that. Lauren has quite the attitude and her brothers like to laugh! I think her and Caroline r fine and Al is sick of the whole thing. The rumors and fights etc can’t be good for his image. Plus Caroline’s story line just isn’t interesting and allot of us got really turned off last year by HER attitude.

  15. Jersey Chicklet says:


    Who cares if he appears unhappy….I’d say that he’s a perfect match for his wife and why the heck are
    they on the show….boring beyond belief!

  16. just sayin says:

    I don’t know, for what they are getting overpaid for what they do they have no right to get aggravated because they had to wait in the car, please, pay me to sit in my car for an hour and wait in the lounge of a restaurant.

  17. kim says:

    I think its both.

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