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Does Adrienne Maloof Think RHOBH Ended Her Marriage To Paul Nassif?


Adrienne Maloof divorced Paul Nassif last summer right as Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wrapped its third season. The divorce might have come not as a surprise to some people who often viewed the couple bickering on the hit show.

A year later, Adrienne is going strong and has now launched her new Beverly Hills Gypsy Collection, which is a line of jewelry designed by the businesswoman herself, found at Bloomingdales. Adrienne reveals in a statement:

“Living in Beverly Hills, fashion and jewelry are everything,” says Maloof. “Creating a line of luxurious feeling accessories has always been a dream of mine and with the launch of Beverly Hills Gyspy, these luxuries are made affordable to all.”

While promoting the line, KTLA 5 asked Adrienne if she believes the show contributed to her divorce. “Eventually, I probably think we would have ended in a divorce. The show  just probably happened to speed it up a little bit quicker than what I assumed,” she admits.

“It was a stepping stone and, as a business woman, I saw the opportunity, philanthropic-wise, so it was actually a wonderful opportunity for me but it was time to move on,” adds Adrienne.

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I think Adrienne’s answer was honest and I agree with what she said! It’s like Kyle Richards always says, if there are cracks in a marriage, the show will break the entire thing.

Do you think Adrienne leaving RHOBH was for the best?

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  • Ican understand if you don’t like adriene but to not see how hurtful and shady Brandi is is not cool you do not say stuff about people especially on tv and think its okay that one episode they show her just talking crap about others that looks very ugly on a grown woman with kids that can turn around and bite you in ass and it will she doesn’t tell it like it is she talks out of her ass and doesn’t know when enough is enough that goes for her drinking also god don’t like ugly but he aint to fond of pretty either

  • Yes, I always said that most of the ladies should not leave. It’s a great opportunity for exposure and to really make millions with endorsement deals, free advertisement, appearance fees, product sales, ect. over the course of a few years. However, after what happened to Tre, I no longer feel this way. When it becomes ugly and starts to destroy your family, it’s time to move on. No kind of money is worth that. And Adrianna is one of the women that are actually rich and did not need the money from the show (I think..ummmm).

  • Sure she was a philanthropist. She highlighted the plight of sweaty out-of-work Oompa Loompas the world over and their tragic secret shame of never being able to sit on white furniture or be physically intimate with another person without ‘leaving their mark’.

    It’s a very serious problem.

    She also brought attention to the plight of the middle aged maven and that horrific problem of the camel toe.

    Bless her. Bless her and her charitable ways.

    Whatever shall we do without her?

  • Do any of you recall Adrienne doing anything philanthropic on the show. I know Paul did that walk in heels at the behest of Taylor Armstrong, but what philanthropy was Adrienne promoting or raising funds for? Even her house parties were all promoting business enterprises, not foundations or charities.

    As to her designing accessories. We all saw on the show what kind of designer she was, bringing shoes designed by other people and asking her people to rip them off. I assume there was more of the same for her accessories line since clothing is legally a utilitarian object and not protected by copyright.

    At least she is no longer blaming Brandi and recognizing her own toxic bitter personality as the wellspring of her divorce.

    • I don’t recall Adrienne being involved in ANY philanthropy.

      Taylor: domestic violence
      Kyle and Mauricio: cancer
      Camille: cancer and bowel syndrome
      Lisa and Ken: burn foundation
      Kim: Taylor

      But Adrienne, no. So if she’s claiming the show was a platform for phlanthropic work, no one knows what…unless it’s saving the young(er) children of has been musicians from fashion faux pauxs or something.

  • Adrienne ‘Mood Hoover’ Maloof, here to suck any good atmosphere dry (including her own marriage. I bet Pauls pet name for her was ‘my little doom cloud’.

  • And whats up with the hem on her dress ? It looks as if someone rolled it up & then taped it ? Not even pressed the hem and way to short for her ! UGH what a mess

  • You would have hoped by now, she would have gotten rid of the awful pink shade
    of lipstick. Don’t any of these woman believe in a stylist, they can certainly afford one.
    I thought the best revenge was looking fabulous!……..Not so much, Adrienne.

  • I love Adrienne and will really miss her on the show, but I can see why she left. The ladies were all turning against her and going through a divorce can be very trying. She has her boys to think of and needs time to be with them. I wish her happiness and success in her future!

  • I remember she initially blamed Brandi for the divorce which was really stupid, so I’m glad she is finally being honest….Anyway I won’t miss her on the show that’s for sure!

    • Lol I was going to say the same thing about her blaming Brandi! Imo it was was the last straw to seal the crumbling marriage. Not the secret itself but that it was outed which caused Adrian to go coo coo. Btw did they ever revel exactly what secret it was Brandi spilled that didn’t get aired? I know the rumor was surrogatecy but was it ever confirmed?

      • Yes Aunt Sadie, Adrienne confirmed it on Life & Style Magazine…But even before that Kyle said it in the Moroccan Madness episode, you can hear her on the background saying “It’s not about the surrogacy” I guess Bravo didn’t notice or maybe the did…

        • Why didn’t Adrienne and Paul call Kyle (boys name) a shit and bitch then. Adrienne said it was a lawsuit. But if it’s the truth! Anyway, glad that ugly cow is gone.

    • That’s what I was thinking – she totally blamed Brandi during filming of RHOBH.

      She is still sounds fake, not sure what else to conclude from her comment, (the show) “I saw the opportunity, philanthropic-wise…”

      1. Of, relating to, or marked by philanthropy; humanitarian.

      2. Organized to provide humanitarian or charitable assistance

      All she has done is launch different businesses/spokesperson deals: vodka, purse line, shoe line and now this jewelry line. What are her humanitarian pursuits?

  • Well from what we were shown so always seemed so mean and ungrateful towards her husband. I know you’re all older than me and will not the reference but google “slappy the evil dummy” from Goosebumps. Lol That’s what Paul reminds me of. Anyways, hopefully she is happier now that she is off the show.

  • I heart Adrienne
    I heart Adrienne

    Leaving RHBH was the best decision for Adrienne to leave.

    I do not miss seeing her on TV, because I have bee watching her excel in her business and personal life.

    To survive RHBH and divorce is a healthy thing to keep it moving.

    I am glad both are excelling and happy.

    • Oh Sam, I think you are the best thing since sliced bread, but on this occastion, I disagree. I’m glad she’s gone and how she let Bernie degrade her houseguests and husband was just a sad act on her part.

      Ken & Lisa are still on RHOBH and thriving with their marriage and businesses.

      • Hey Bev(Yorkshire Pudding)

        You are too sweet

        Yeah the scumbag part of her is Bernie and blaming Brandi for the ability to break up the marriage that only two people were involved in.

        As Kyle said, your marriage has to be strong before you sign that contract.

        Clearly Adrienne and Paul had their issues before RHBH.

        Their whole schtick was how crappy could Adrienne treat life partner.

        At this moment both Paul and Adrienne are fine and happy being single.

        For that I respect them for it.

        • Oh eck, you should read what I posted below before calling me sweet hun lol.

          Adrienne doesn’t seem to take responsibility for her actions, it’s always someone else either doing the dirty work for her or someone else to blame.

          Aslong as the kids are not affected by their parents seperating and both parties are not at a stage where they have moved on (though I must admit I’ve been grossed out a bit with the pic’s of AM and Rod Stewards son, especially the pic of the black all in one short outfit, complete with camel toe).

          • I read you post…

            We base our opinion on what we see,and we did an ugly part of Adrienne true.

            One of the good things Adrienne did do-she gave Brandi an opportunity to have her first job after Brandi’s life exploded.

          • Hi Sam, it wasn’t AM who gave Brandi the opportunity, the producers had picked up on her story and asked Brandi if she would be interested. Brandi said yes, and a last minute call, she was invited to Kyle’s Lollipop charity night. The story that she was AM friend was a producer induced story.

          • Holy smokes

            I thought Adrienne strolled in with Brandi on crutches and Brandi’s existence was explained that Adrienne brought her to RHBH..

            I thought this was even stated on WWHL

   wonder Brandi did not thank Adrienne.

          • Hey Bev (Yorkshire Pudding)

            I really had to do digging, cuz I have no problem being wrong, but I needed to see why I thought I was right.

            Rumorfix Nov 25 2011

            Did Brandi lie to get onto RHOBH – yes

            She claimed to to be bff with Fredrick-hoping this would get her on the show – lie

            Brandi later spoke to Rumorfix
            “I got on the show because of my friendship with Adrienne maloof, she suggested me for the show.

            “I am friendly with Cedric but that almost ruined my chances to get on the show because he is not liked on RHOB”

            So Brandi still owes Adrienne a thank you for being able to get her first pay check after divorce.

          • Extract from Brandi’s book, she’s not been sued yet so there must be something in that, right?:

            “My first thought was, Could I really be a Housewife, without a husband…. or a house?

            When Evolution Media (the production company behind The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Real Housewives of Orange County – and a trillion other hit shows) came to me in July 2010 to discuss the idea of my joining the Beverly Hills cast, I was over the moon about the possibility, but doutful that anything would actually come of it.

            Alex Basking@ I jokingly refer to thim as the “housewife whisperer”, for all the bullshit and drame he has to deal with…..

            After several interviews, months and months went by. I didn’t hear a thing form the producers, so I chalked it up as antoher loss.

            A few weeks prior I had broken my ankle in a an horrendous “walking accident”.

            Right before the show was set to begin filming it’s second season, I got a phone calle on a Tuesday evening in the spring.

            “Is this Brandi”, “yes this is she”. “this is Sally-Anne King from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we were wondering if you’d be interested in coming to a party tomorrow night and being on camera?”. Brandi said, “of course” and that was it, no AM involved.

          • So Bradi lied again?

            That is so weird. the interview was Brandi speaking.


            in 2011 she says adrienne then she states way different in book.

            What the…………..

    • Sam: I loves ya, but you know I hates me some Adrienne! Somebody call the Darkside: a Sith Lord is on the loose again. And this time it’s selling tacky jewelry 😉