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Ryan Culberson Blames Editing For RHOC Finale Blow Up With Lydia’s Mom, Judy; Plus, His Domestic Violence Past Surfaces!


Vicki Gunvalson’s son-in-law Ryan Culberson has had a lot of backlash come his way after his appearance on the season eight finale of Real Housewives of Orange County this week! Ryan was shown cursing at Judy, Lydia McLaughlin’s mother, after she rested her feet on one of Vicki’s couches at her party.

Ryan is now speaking out to Marine Corps Times, saying “There was so much more … that led up to that incident which they fail to include to make me look like the crazy Marine. It definitely was a crazy night and I cannot get over how the producers edited it.”

Producers might edit scenes out of sequence but I doubt they animated Ryan to make him look like he was cursing out a woman and acting like a lunatic! And claiming that it was his house, before correcting himself?

Ryan adds, “I said somethings in the heat of the moment that I wish I hadn’t. But if the true story had of been painted it would be a lot more justified.”

I’m not sure I buy this. Editing can do a lot of things but Ryan still said those things and they were caught on the mic.

“I think you just need to make sure you steer clear of any drama that would make you look bad or bring discredit on the Marine Corps,” Ryan said about appearing on TV. “I think, unless it’s something positive, it’s just not a good idea. Putting anything negative out there is only going to create problems.”

Vicki also spoke to the site, telling them that Ryan told her off-camera that Judy was being very rude and disrespectful during their exchange, leading him up to that level of anger!

Do you think Ryan had a right to speak that way even if something had led up to this that was not shown? Do you believe Ryan that Judy was being rude and disrespectful to him?

UPDATE: It turns out that Ryan has a past with domestic violence! In 2010, his ex-girlfriend Rachel Lawrence had him charged for domestic violence and he was arrested for it. Check out the screen caps from the Orange County Superior Court of California web site:

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.54.46 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.55.12 PM

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  • This loser can blame editing all he wants. Just shows what a lousy liar he is! Seriously, Culberson! Can’t you think of a better lie than that!? Boy, you suck at covering your own butt! And you call Brooks “a piece od shit” (your own words via Twitter)??? Well, congrats, buddy! By your actions at Vicki’s party, you made Brooksy look like a GENTLEMAN!

    Sucks to be you, don’t it Ryan? HA!

  • Back to this Ryan issue…if you go back to listen to the “argument” he had with Lydia’s Mom, you will hear that he first started to say that “he owned the house”, but then stopped and said he lived there. I think that he feels his piddly monthly contributions earn him the title of the Man-Of-The-House. He for some reason feels very entitled and I am beginning to think that he too is an opportunist, just like Brooks.

  • Well I’m glad we all agree on something!! This kid is a hot headed douchebag. Brianna doesn’t look too happy no wonder she’s raining on her mothers parade.

  • I dont believe for one minute that Bravo would edit a marine serving our country to look bad. That would be very risky and bad on their part and would discredit them andtheir comp. The backlash would be huge.

    So no I do not believe it was editing, AT ALL. I called it what it is the first time I saw the outburst, abusive behavior. He definitely demonstrates that as well as Brianna already shows the classi behavior of someone being abused.

    Abuse is mental, physical, AND verbal.

  • Ryan Culberson is a disgrace to the uniform. I have been a military wife for 18 years and have never ever seen a vicious display of behavior like that from any soldier especially toward a woman. The boy is obviously mentally unstable, a liar, dishonorable, and delusional. He can blame editing all he wants, but those were his words and actions. That woman did nothing to deserve such a tirade. That livingroom is not a battlefield. The fact that Ryan Culberson is unapologetic makes him look even worse. He is a loose canon. Glad he is gone, he will not be missed .

  • Maybe Briana isn’t as smart as we all thought. The fact that she keeps bringing up Brooks just makes me think she’s trying to distract everybody’s attention away from her incredibly aggressive husband. There is nothing that Judy said or could have said (although I don’t believe his “edited” story. He’s clearly lying just as he did when telling everyone that Judy said “who the f are you” we all heard her and she said no such thing.) Ryan was not only out of line with his abusive comments but for him to continue to lie about it is just disturbing. He’s clearly got some anger control issues. His reaction to Judy, Vicki and uncle Billy were totally extreme. You would’ve thought that Judy smacked his baby or something the way he acted. I despise Ryan and I hope Briana will stop excusing and enabling him. Ryan’s outburst had nothing to with “feet on the couch” he just chose Judy to bully since it seems he always needs to bully someone. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Definite red flags that Ryan needs some mental health help. His quickness to rage leads me to wonder how he will react to his baby, Troy, when he gets into all the mischievous situations that young children do. I also fear for Brianna and her safety. No matter what was edited or not, Ryan’s reaction was out of control and definitely abusive. He shows real signs of anger and abuse issues.

    I have always felt that Vicki is a strong and intelligent person. My hope is that she will stand her ground with Ryan. Her focus now needs to be the safety of her daughter and her grandson. Brianna seems blind to the fact that her husband’s behavior raises many red flags. I fear that Brianna is already a victim of abusive behavior by Ryan. I sure hope he seeks help.

  • Vick is a grown adult, she can date who ever she pleases. Her mistakes to make.
    Her daughter should look at her own life and stop judging her mother.
    Ryan needs help and maybe a few anger management sessions.
    My partner has served and doesn’t act like that nor should it be an excuse.
    He was wrong in my eyes the day I watched the episode when he set up cameras around Vickis house, what the….?

  • As the Gold Star Wife of a Marine I would like to say:

    EVERYONE UPSET WITH RYAN PLEASE READ: To the enraged Mob ready to lynch (some of the responses I’ve read online weren’t far off from this, some were even worse) the military man who cursed and went verbally overboard on an elderly woman I would say –
    Please remember you are viewing an EDITED situation on a reality tv show. So many are calling for action to write letters to his commander etc. and I ask,
    Who does it help to get this one person either demoted or thrown out of the military?
    So he’s even angrier with completely free time on his hands since he no longer has a job and no longer has health benefits so he can’t get ANY sort of help for mental problems, whether they be PTSD, anger management issues, or something else, not to mention growing frustration since he will have great difficulty getting another job with a dishonorable discharge on his record. Seriously, I ask you to think, WHAT WOULD THAT SERVE?? How would that benefit anyone?

    Do you realize that we currently lose over 20 soldiers a day to suicide? And that the average wait time to get a mental health appointment (even if you are suicidal) is TWO MONTHS?! This is inexcusable. These people are the ones ensuring your freedom to sit behind your computer and voice your opinion on a reality tv show. It is quite obvious from his behavior that he has a problem and that he needs help.

    I would charge you instead to turn this negative into a positive – Why don’t you write productive letters to your senators and ask them to please increase the funding SPECIFICALLY for military mental health care so that the soldiers with PTSD, depression or anger issues can actually get help?! Perhaps, instead of just droning one lone person out of the military, we can use the horrible verbal altercation with Judy to bring about something good and productive. Join me in trying to make a positive out of this situation!

    FYI, you can google military mental health and find lots of information for yourself, but here are just a couple links that show what a real tragedy is occurring and scarcely covered by the media:

    Thank you for reading.

    PS Many people are jumping to some really vile accusations about Ryan. No matter how much you dislike him (I personally, deplore his actions on that day which I was able to view, I don’t condone anyone yelling profanities at someone else) please think twice before you put something out there (such as a poster who KNEW this incident meant he abused Afghan women) when you really do NOT know the entire situation regarding his life/character/behavior or even this situation, you only saw the few minutes Bravo edited for you to see. Please be careful with your words and only type what you would if you had to show your full name, address and phone number along with your post.

    • I can agree with you on every aspect of the millitary but I can not with Ryan. I have not said anything regarding his actual service but his personal life actions are what I question. I still dont think it was edited, Bravo would not or hopefully could not be stupid enough to edit a military man serving our country to look bad. If it were to come down to a possibility of him being DD’d then you better bet the military would want that full unedited filming, I just can’t see them going off a silly reality tv show to determine to let him go after risking his own life for our country and freedoms.

      However Brianna said atleast twice that episode that his family is not like ours insinuating that this is where the behaviour comes from, not the military. But in their talking heads they blame stress etc. But i still dont believe it.

      • Sorry i hit submit too soon, I still dont believe because i see him as just a jerk, controlling and abusive. To what extent, I do not know, obviously, and if it is edited and it comes out as a fact then Bravo will lose a whole lot of viewers because to me editing a soldier of any kind to look like that is in very poor taste and almost like a crime of betrayal to your own country.

        • Oh please everybody: calm down. Just because this guy is in the military it doesn’t give him license to act like a complete dickhead.

          There are lots of people in the military. Like in any job, plenty of them are excellent people, but I’m willing to bet there are quite a few wankers.

          Just because he’s a serviceman it doesn’t mean he’s a great guy, and it doesn’t mean he’s a jerk either. Just like every bloke who ever delivered the mail isn’t a psycho killer just because ‘Edmond Oklahoma’.

          He’s a jerk because he’s a jerk. Whether he’s a jerk in a uniform is redundant.

          Unfortunately the most relevant thing is that he’s a jerk with his stupid fat head on my tv picking on a poor old pothead who thinks fairy dust is real and calls her daughter ‘man’.

          He needs a paddlin’.

  • He always seemed like a little brat to me, like in the episodes when Vicki’s brother is talking to him and basically tells him that this is Vickie’s house and he needs respect that and not act like he can make the rules., Ryan was still being a prick, not as much..but you can tell it was brewing inside him. It kinda seemed the way that Vicki’s brother kept mentioning the fact she shouldn’t let these kids run her house, technically her life that he kinda already knew where shit would lead with Ryan and his attitude toward being “the man of the house.” I have plenty of respect of soldiers, marines and so forth. Some of my closest friends have been soldiers and went to Iraq a few times being very young…and they are so of the most respectful gentlemen I have ever met, and no matter what never disrespect a girl, even if something they did was wrong they always handled any situation with such maturity that it made me always think such wonders of them. Serving for the USA, teaches men a lot of respect and to knock off that selfish brat attitude…I know there’s PTSD and I know what that can do and all..but still acting the way Ryan was even if Judy had an attitude first he should have knon the right thing to do, and how to act. He always seemed so sketchy to me and just like a little bitch, not that a marine is…because they are far from it. But I’m separating Ryan from his job. He needs to realize if he wants a life like Vicki’s so much…and house like Vicki’s…go out and get one. You don’t just take over…and if Vicki’s always speaking her mind she shouldn’t have ever taken Ryan’s word that Judy was disrespectful first..look at her daughter and her seriously such fun loving people I just can’t see. Grow up and move on Ryan. Please and thank you.

  • I would be cautious if I were Vicky , He said he owns her house? Hmmm I know he has and is overseas , and in the USMC and I have to thank him for that , but to repeatly use the Marines in his excuse as he has . No one insulted the marines , I think he is a Trash , and yes he is the controller , Vicky needs to get Brianna away from him , Yesterday !

  • Ryan is vile and dangerous. I am sure Briana knows all about Ryan’s anger issues and walks on eggshells around him. Now her love has turned into fear. The Brooks problem doesn’t seem so big now……

  • Ryan has obvious control and anger issues, I found it strange when Vicki had her arm on Judy and Ryan yelled don’t put your arm around her, and Vicki very quickly dropped her arm. Vicki trying to protect her daughter will protect Ryan I think any mother would, having the real heart to heart discussions off camera. The whole argument was disturbing to watch, and I agree no editing can MAKE Ryan look bad he did it on his own.

    • I noticed that rapid obedience to his barked order, too, and it made me think she has been abused in the past and is perhaps conditioned to abusive, domineering men. Perhaps Briana is, too, and Ryan lucked into two trained women, wife and mother-in-law, who will tolerate far more than emotionally healthy women would.

      I think one of her husbands was abusive, not Donn, but an earlier one. Donn was certainly emotionally abusive, calling her a bitch in front of other people as he did.

  • For the person who’s blamin VicKy and Billy forRuan acting a fool is a bigger fool
    Ryan is a grown ass man.I thought that he was gonna whip that ladies ass. Wow we need to keep his big bad over there with the terrorist. Brianna said I can’t even put my feet on the couch! Big deal. Brianna is just happy to have a man. She has book sense but no common sense. And Vicki can date a serial killer, she’s grown and lives in her own home. Ryan was so wrong by all means! Editing couldn’t have made that crap up. His face and eyes spoke a thousand words. Ryan is gonna meet his match.

  • I cringed watching this “man” treat sweet Judy so badly. And the way he jumped in front of Billy (V’s Bro) and swung at him DEFINITELY showed that he has a REAL PROBLEM! I’m shocked by “New Briana”, Old Briana would have ripped him a new one. Clearly, she’s terrified of him.

    • I dont think Ryan swing at Billy. It looked like Brianna was grabbing his arm to get him away and he wrenched his arm out of her grasp. Still violent. Brianna was upset with her mother calling him a loose cannon. She said something like. “Ohh again with this. Stop with the loose cannon stuff”. Which sounds like this is a repeated topic. Same with what Billy said. Ryan is so frightening.

      • I agree with Renlan. I watched that scene over a few times and it DOES appear that he was pretending to elbow Uncle Billy, then started stretching his neck the way boxers do when they’re getting ready to go into the ring. I think if the cameras weren’t there, he might’ve thrown a punch at someone.

      • I agree Harley’s mom. I watched it several times and it appeared to me that Briana grabbed his arm (low and inconspicuously as not to alert the cameras) and he jerked away from her. He was angry enough to hit someone though. Just not what he was doing right there.

  • karma… Brianna – your husband is a monster and to think you thought Brooks was…. also… shame on you and your husband for talking behind your Mom’s back to the other cast members – Slade & Gretchen. Both of your tru colors came out in this episode.. shame on you Brianna and you better run as fast as you can from that stinkin husband of yours.

  • I thought ryan was married until 2011. Why did he have a girlfriend in 2010? Am i missing somethng?

  • I don’t feel Brianna and Ryan should be on the show
    at all. To Ryan, everything is real and probably doesn’t understand how this show works and the make believe actors.

    It could also be the producers told him to do something outragous. Did Judy use the word, “fairy”
    dust to Ryan? That could have set him off too not
    understanding what she meant.

  • The 11th MEU can be reached by dialing the Public Affairs Office phone number, by email, or by mail.

    Capt Joshua Diddams

    BOX 555361
    CAMP PENDLETON, CA 92055-5361

    If you would like to reach another office at the 11th MEU, the numbers are below:

    S-1: 760-763-8267

  • I understand why Vicki is defending him — because of her daughter, so her intention is good. She said she had “concerns” about Ryan last season — I think she knew about his past. She’s only dumb when it comes to her own men. Judy is a complete, self-admitted stoner. Stoners are completely mellow — consistent with what we saw on camera. Ryan barking orders “don’t hug her” and continually calling the poor woman, “bitch” and “fuck her” “get the fuck out” & threatening to throw her out — plus, his lack of alternative explanation, makes me think he is a liar to cover his own ass! His response is COWARDLY! Needs help! I hope the MARINES get after this dude!

    • I agree with you 100%. Judy even asked THE HULK..(Ryan. To stop using the f word. I wonder why Lydia husband wouldn’t punch him in the face for disrespecting his mother n law. I wonder do Ryan holler at men like that.

    • Ryan Culberson is abusive to all women. He spoke to Judy, Vicki, and Lydia with absolute disrespect. He is no gentleman and a disgrace to the Marines.

  • Let me get this straight Briana, so you mom can’t date Brook’s because you think he’ll use her for her money, but you can date a woman beater that mooches off your mom’s money along with you?! riiiiight!

      • Thank you!

        Brianna constantly has her hand out for money with one hand (she likes all those free Vickie vacations too) while she insults and speaks horribly to and about her mother. I have always had a huge problem with the lack of loyalty and respect Brianna and Michael give Vickie, Yes, she is controlling and annoying, but from money, to careers, Vickie gives them everything and deserves better.

        • True. I really do believe Vicki adores her kids and would do anything for them. I would never treat my mother like this!

  • Oh, Ryan; please do not insult my intelligence and say it was editing….ummm..ok!

    Apparently Ryan needs to be reminded he is a MAN. I don’t care how disrespectful (which, I highly doubt) a 64yrs old woman “might” be; his reaction was totally disgusting and horrible to watch.

    Instead of being a man; and going to Vicki the OWNER of the home; he takes it upon himself to be aggressive, disrespectful and rude to not only to a woman; but, a 64yrs old woman.

    Besides, I can’t believe that Judy was disrespectful and rude as he claims. I really think Ryan would be extremely upset if a man talked to his mother the way he spoke to Judy; and if he says anything different Ryan would be a liar Oh, oops, my mistake Ryan is a liar, I watched the encounter he had with Judy.

    • I have been a military wife for 18 years and have never witnessed a display like Ryan Culberson’s tirade at the Gunvalson party. There is no excuse for such behavior like that or the excuses he is giving to the press now. If Culberson has PTSD then he needs to be in a psych ward which does not excuse such gross behavior or mitigate future abusive behavior.

  • “If its negative steer clear from it?” All this kid has done since appearing on the show is spread negativity! Hes all up in the Brooks drama.
    Once again, Vicki is a HYPOCRITE…her big issue w/ Jeana all the time was Jeana “defending and making excuses for men who behave badly and treat women poorly.” god shes such a joke.
    so according to Vicki either A.) Bravo edits her family to look bad (which would make one think she would no longer participate in the show) or B.) Shes admitting the show is fake bc she claims they were already moved out by the time of the party, yet we all watched Briana threaten to move out when she told her she was guna start letting Brooks come over. Either way, its time to retire the “OGH” once and for all.

  • The more I read ya’lls post the more I agree with you. No matter what she did, even if she said something incredibly vile, that was edited out. He as a young man should have walked away and never confronted her.

    • Or if he felt it “confrontational” he should of went to the owner of the house and politely informed her he was disrepected. That’s what Judy did.

    • True. Even if she was peeing on the couch and shouting expletives the correct reaction would have been for him to discretely inform the host and owner of the residence – Vicki.

  • I read a very interesting comment in the Marine Times from someone who claimed to be a mental health professional.

    The made the observation of Ryan was dressed in comparison the the rest of the guests. They felt felt like it was a deliberate attempt to stand out at the same time suggesting how he probably felt isolated and very different that the rest of the group.

    • I noticed that he was casually dressed at a formal party too. He also referred to Judy as “entitled,” I believe. What I get from that is he probably came from humble beginnings and resents people with money. Well guess what lyin’ Ryan, Vicki WORKED her way into that 3.5 million dollar house–she didn’t inherit or marry into money like he did.

  • Meh: the guy is a dickhead through and through. Everybody can see this now. He has a serious issue with his temper and an overblown sense of entitlement. He needs to be told to fuck right off.

    What shits me to tears even more is Vicki closing ranks behind yet another fucking wanker and justifying his behaviour. STOP THIS MADNESS!

    If you let these punks get away with shit like this you are endorsing it and that’s just as bad. No wonder they feel like they have a free pass to arseholedom: you give them one!

    There are none so blind as those that will not see.

  • So now we know Ryan has fallen through the cracks, it would seem several times and he desperately needs lots of help,which he seems unwilling to freely provide for himself. What is the next step?
    Does the military call him in for a psych evaluation and put him in the hospital?
    How does one go about helping these people to live a more healthy, happy and productive lives, as opposed to the hellish one he is trapped in now.
    Let’s hope he can get squared away for himself, and his family.

  • Vicki’s bro called it – the guy is a loose cannon. He was over controlling before. Judy is not an aggressive person at all. I’m sorry, I don’t buy his excuses about editing. She was totally blindsided. He went off the deep end and she didn’t hop to quickly enough probably out of shock and not understanding he was serious. He is a nutcase and Vicki is probably on one hand, trying to protect her daughter, and on the other, enabling that psycho. At the time, though, I understand saying whatever to get him to calm down. Her daughter is already learning to placate the aggressor. It’s sad. Maybe he should watch himself again. That reaction was crazy. It would make sense for nothing short of kidnapping, rape, or assault – not for putting feet up. What would he do if someone spilled a drink?

  • I hate that Ryan made me think that maybe Brooks isn’t all bad. Ugh. Brianna run forrest run!!

  • So is he going to say the domestic violence charge from 2010 was a result of bad editing too? He seems like a real jerk. Even before this incident he came off as an entitled, arrogant SOB

  • A couple of observations…

    1) Ryan seemed amped up and ready to get into it BEFORE his confrontation with Judy. I’ll bet he was being encouraged by producers to take Brooks on for the cameras. And since Brooks didn’t attend the party, he took his aggression out on poor unsuspecting Fairy Potmother instead.

    2) Briana had an outsized reaction Vicki’s use of the term “loose cannon”. Bet they’ve heard that term before in the context of the DV charge. And I’ll bet Briana was sensitive to the term being used on camera because she was afraid of the DV charge becoming public knowledge.

    • I agree with both of your observations. I think I read on here yesterday that someone said he installed those cameras on Vicki’s property and can access through his phone. He’s already said his phone has everything recorded. Was he watching EVERYONE, looking for someone–anyone to confront about anything at all? He wasn’t even properly dressed for that party (how the he!! would Judy, etc. even know he wasn’t a maintenance man or something?), all the other men had at least dress shirts on, I can imagine him sneaking around, spying like a little creep acting like the owns the place (in HIS mind it’s HIS house, after all), looking for a scapegoat to release his rage on, since Brooks didn’t attend. He is devious, arrogant and extremely dangerous.

      • Very good point. I’ll bet he did have those cams up on his phone or ipad. Probably looking for Brooks’ arrival so he could go after him. And he probably caught Judy on one of the cams going inside and followed her. Very shady. I sure hope Vicki has changed the password on that security camera account.

    • Agree with both of your comments! Briana’s reaction to the loose cannon comment said it all – bit too close to home/truth hurts.

  • Editing may take words out, but they don’t put words in your mouth. Also, when she said please don’t say fuck, I would take that as a signal that she did not say who the fuck are you. Besides, she’s too mellow. It does not sound in her character, but this is totally in his character. He’s been an ass since his first appearance.

    • Yup. I just don’t see Judy acting out and going off on anyone, especially in this stupid situation involving a COUCH. She’s too much of a care-free hippie.

  • So let me get this straight. Ryan has defended our country on more than one occasion but he felt threatened by a 65 year old woman that wanted to sprinkle fairy dust on him? Methinks the man is in the wrong profession.

  • Well, the only positive thing about this, is that it’s all caught on camera. The true Ryan is being exposed along with all his skeletons. If he hurts Brianna or the baby he already has a record. I really hope he gets help, because not only for physical, but Brianna will have to deal with verbal abuse. That us still traumatizing. Imagine him living at home 24/7, how she will have to deal with that too.

  • The Marine Corps. Paper was full of comments that were appalled at his conduct. Although heightened alertness is one sign of PTSD, & I am speaking to putting security cameras on Vicki’s property without asking her, I do not believe his behavior is anything but abusive & controlling. It disturbed me & other viewers that saw Vicki quickly withdraw her hand from Lydia’s mother when he barked at her. She reacted as if she afraid of him. I think Briana is also making excuses for his behavior & I am worried for them all. What if he were to snap & hurt her, the baby, & Vicki. I think this behavior was around before he entered the military, & clearly Lydia’s mother asked him to stop saying the f word. She also said be careful or I might fairy dust you. If he finds that threatening, he needs to be on a mental health hold. I hope the other women will support Lydia & her mother & address Vicki that they are concerned. I would have called the cops for him getting in my face & her other daughter & son-n-law were in there & witnessed it. It was not edited to make him look bad. They have always said you cannot blame editing. Even the marine corps paper had someone who was a film editor, & said the same. Also what does he do in the Marines? Their were some comments on his rank & job that military people were making, indicating he was pompous & egotistical. Ryan your skeletons are coming out because you invited them. Past abuse, BINGO. When he said Brooks had made crude comments in front of him, I thought he was looking out for Vicki in a good way. Now I just see Briana making the same mistakes as her mother. I cringed at the way Brooks talked to Vicki in that same controlling, you are going to be old & lonely threat. I hope her brother has a serious talk with her & Briana about men, & how to attract good ones. I also heard Briana & Ryan had an online relationship. It all sounds bizarre.

    • The part about Vicki justifying it as editing is the most disturbing. That’s teaching Bre it’s ok for him to behave the way he did. Was Don a controlling man or did Brooks manage to manipulate her? Either way Bre believes this is “normal” behavior of how men behave.

    • I read Ryan was a Jtac.

      It basically is like a the ground radio operator that calls in and directs the location for air strikes.

    • So she met him on-line???, first mistake ever. She could have Google and found his record, and if she knew about it, her own fault.

    • Trishibebe, I totally agree!! Ya know, lets say Lydia’s mom got shi*t-faced drunk and was a nasty, foul-mouthed old bitty. STILL, he should not have spoken so aggressively to her. Under no conditions is it ever appropriate to act that way.

  • I agree with what pretty much all have already covered on this site so to remain non-redundant… I bet if a poll was held biggest douche 1) Ryan 2) Slade 3) Faye 4) Melissa Gorga … melissa would win hahaha despite all this. Unless of course it was held by Bravo on WWHL then we all know Teresa would magically win even if she wasn’t an option

    • Hey bobby

      100% right

      kinda surprised douche did not name Teresa as instigator…everything magically is Teresa’s fault.

      Happy friday

      • Interesting that you bring Teresa’s name up here… I was thinking earlier (must be a slow news day -;) that everyone on RHONJ and subsequent haters easily blamed Tre for the Posche set-up — but as fans we ALL blamed producers for the creative editing.

        Ryan is total douche and you can’t excuse the words we heard BUT what exactly WAS edited out to make us believe it was all so 1-sided. Things that make you go hmmmm…..

        • LMAO So you think we have it out for Ryan?? No .. it was clear as day his part. Your a moron otherwise.

          Teresa and the POSCHE show was extremely different … she was already being blamed for everyones problems. Watch next week; when Jacqueline goes in for her 900th surgery and they try to make it dramatic like she isn’t used to it .. Its Teresa’s fault she got fat and is vain.

  • Typical of the abuser to pass the blame onto everyone else justifying their behavior….and the abused (verbally Brianna family/friends)to make excuses for it. I just can’t with this one.
    Regarding the UPDATE of domestic abuse.
    1. Great!! and this is someone that the government (I’m sure they did background checks) is comfortable with administering a GUN license to and protecting our borders if this is true. I would love to hear his version/justification of this. Still waiting on his video recap of his fight with Judy that he says he recorded from his phone?
    2. If Briana knows about this, she’s not to wise to be with him.

    I certainly hope that Briana’s family is gonna intervene before someone gets hurt.

  • He has absolutely no clue of what a BOUNDARY is. It isn’t his house, no one deserves to be spoken to like that, etc., etc.

    No surprise on the DV charges, saw that one a mile away. He truly is a douche bag.

  • Ok Ryan, if you claim it was editing that made you look bad, then tell us what really happened. This guy is an arrogant asshole and Brianna made a big mistake when it came to marrying and having a baby with this douche.

    • Brianna made the worst mistake of her life marrying him and having that baby. She is fortunate in that Vicki has plenty of money and lives in a gated community, so hopefully they can rid themselves of him. He has a history of abuse in relationships with women. Now it looks like he is arrogant enough to start up with strangers and other family members. Things are only going to keep escalating…

      • And he behaved like this on tv! Can you imagine how he is behind closed doors? Good thing he is out of country. If he was stateside when this aired Bre would of taken the heat! I bet he is blowing up her phone.

        • Brianna needs to get her act together, get a job and move on from this creep. He will have rights to the baby, you choose a loser, you have that hanging around forever. Poor baby Troy.

  • Is this douche in competition with Slimey?

    He needs to STFU!

    What an ugly dude, what situation (according) to him will justify him abusing a woman/mom?

    Geez if he is surrounded by his troupe…I assume nancy is embarassed.

    • His excuse will be some nonsense like she challenged me …. his controlling behavior is evident. Sure hope Brianna dumps this jerk ASAP. What’s worse is he is now a father that will be responsible for the development of another human being.

      • Hi LMAO in Louisiana

        This is pure ugly.

        hopefully this is his good-bye if RHOC return’s next week.

        Still patiently waiting for him to apologize to his victim.

        tick tick douche…

        • of course I meant

          hopefully this is his good bye if RHOC return’s next season..

          not because of this incident Bravo should shut down RHOC as well as RHNJ.

      • I said it yesterday too Brianna needs to get this jackass far away from her and her son before Troy thinks this is exceptable behavior

  • Not to mention Vicki is taking up for Ryan saying he has a sweet nature about him and that editing is to blame. If I could dislike Vicki more I would. This kind of publicity is not good for Ryan”s career. And if the rumors are true about him having domestic charges against him in his 2009 divorce, this could be another strike against him. We don’t know if he has been written up or not for disrespect in the military before either. Sounds like Vicki is trying to save his career. I like the part where he said he got hid family attorney involved. Is that Vicki’s attorney? If so he is still claiming Vicki’s things as his. I do believe there is more to the story, and one that does not paint Ryan in a good light.

    • Vicki’s concern should be to save her daughter and grandson who gives a f*ck about his career.IMO his career is not the reason why he is abusive plenty of people lead stressful lives they don’t abuse.Plenty of marines have been on tours and don’t abuse their spouse.He would be just as abusive if he stocked shelves at a grocery store thats just who he is and thinks its ok.

      • I totally agree! Abusers will always have an “excuse”! Ryan has a record, now it’s been seen on national tv he has a temper too. Going off on an elderly woman? And Vicki has the gol too defend him? I’m disgusted.

        • And i really can’t believe what has happened to Vicki,first she’s defending and wiping Crooks ass now she is defending this abuser who she wants to call her son in law.I always thought of her as a strong woman that didn’t take crap or need a man for anything now she is coming off like a spineless moron.

          • She is trying to protect her daughter, Brianna jumped at the first guy who wanted to marry her. She wanted to shock her Mother with a marriage. She made a bad choice.

          • Remember the crap she gave Jeanna for having her husband around? Vicki has serious man issues! And now briana seems to as we’ll.
            But with this info on Ryan, monet for an OC attorney and her there to protect Briana, she can divorse him and he cannot prevent her from seeing her grandson. I think the problem is that Briana is refusing to admit he’s abusive and is standing by him and blames his stress and the other women in his life and thinks she can help him. All the things she told her mother she was a fool to do. But Vicki never did anything but fix teeth and look like a fool. Briana is risking her life and that precious bundle.

      • The way Vicky is “protecting” Brianna will end up with Brianna in a hospital bed…I really wonder why Bravo is exempt from their duty of care to their “employees”?

  • Don’t know why he felt the need to say “crazy Marine”,no you looked like a crazy abusive boy.Sorry being a marine is not an excuse to be abusive towards women and I’m not giving him a pass because he has a stressful life and has been on 5 tours, Grow the f*ck up and be a man!!!

  • Even if she was rude – he has no right to talk to one of his mother-in-law’s guests like that in her home. I think Judy might have laughed if he did come in acting all commando, especially if she didn’t know who he was. She probably thought he was joking at first. Like others have said, you treat your elders with a certain amount of respect.

  • Like mother like daughter. She should have checked his background first. What was just as disurbing was Briana was laughing with them

    • IMO i think Brianna was laughing was nervous because she wasn’t sure what he was about to do.Which kinda tells the viewers she has been around this behavior with him before.She should listen to the advice she gave her mother about Brooks and get herself and troy the hell away from him.

    • It was a nervous laugh. She was trying to cover up and diffuse the situation – her face said it all.. There’s no doubt she’s seen this behaviour before. Very sad.

  • Ryan is an ass. I don’t like the way he talks to Vickie either. It is not right the way he moved into Vickies house and took over as if it was his and he made the rules for Vickie to live by. Did you notice how he almost said “i own this house“ to Lydia’s mother. He can blame editing all he wants but I think we already knew he was an ass. right ? How he talked to lydia’s mom was disgusting.

    • I didn’t like him from the first few episodes when he talked disrespectful to Vicki and for Brianna to sit there with her mouth shut.If my mom moved my family into her house and my husband treated her that way, him and his sh*t would have been on the curb before he finished his last insult

      • My mom would have never ever put up with that type of behavior in her home. Her exact reaction to this was the same, if your husband ever were to act like this, his ass would be out and his $hit would be on the curb!!!

      • He would have found his bags on the curb if it was me, and if Brianna threatens one more time anything to her Mother, she could join him. In a few months, she will be wanting to move back when he pushes her around.

        • Totally agree! I used to like Briana but she needs to stop worry about who her mum is dating and starting sorting out her own shit. She’s married to a psycho tool. It could take a while for her to get it, but I think she’s starting to.

        • She really needed a good screen, do people still marry without a background check? I mean how stupid to not bend over backwards making sure she and her babies would be safe. Maybe a young person who doesnt know how to use the computer! But shes a full grown woman with a degree,vicky at least should have warned her. Its a fact that military and policeman are used to crossing the line and are typically physically abusive. But as i recall she went behind her moms back to bad, not to smart, she’ll be suffering alot with his attitude. POOR GIRL dont you know that marriage is the biggest crap shoot in life. You really should have checked him out better, or better yet, let vicky do it, she picks good ones,, lydias mom asked nicely who ryan was and she asked him not to use the fu?k word, i dont recall how she was being rude, shes adorable and she does smoke pot, i have no problem with that. But she was kind polite and whats wrong with putting her shoes off and resting them, she wasnt filthy, she did no damage and she was kind and scared by his STORY what a nut job he was, id be disturbed if it was her, he came on strong and lied about it, making a huge scene, and i now doubt breannas choice, poor girl, she seemed over it, and she was probabaly horrified that he was making such a scene. I’m so glad i’m just normal, those people are crazy and i’m done.

    • let’s see…………….”Judy said who the fuck are you”? Hmmmmmmm was that edited? What we hear is “who are you” in a very respectful manner.

      Thank you for fighting for our country though.

        • In Ryan’s revisionist account of what happened, he claims she said “Who the F*** are you” and he says he replied “I live her B****”, when what was actually recorded was “I own, I live here”, which makes me believe they did not alter or edit the conversation. Why would they omit Ryan using the B-word in that particular exchange but still have him use it in every other word.

          It seemed to me, the anger Ryan got when people questioned his behavior, the more and more profanity he used.

          I don’t believe for one second that Judy used profanity at him as her entire demeanor and personality type doesn’t strike me as someone who uses that kind of language.

  • Go to the Superior Court of Orange County, California website and look up Ryan Culberson. You’ll see in 2010 he was charged with domestic violence. Get out ASAP, Briana!

      • There are two different actions with separate filing dates. In one Ryan is the petitioner, but not the moving party. He could have been petitioning for anything. In the other, he is the respondent or responding party and he was responding to motion made by his girlfriend on an accusation of domestic violence.

          • Just checked. The 2009 case in which Ryan is a petitioner is his divorce: Culberson v. Culberson. It is unrelated to the 2010 case Lawrence v. Culberson. Hopefully the following link works. This a list of all the documents/motions filed in the DV case (there are a bunch) including a restraining order.

    • wow that’s not that long ago that he was married to someone other than Brianna!!! He must be the abusive, possessive, swoop you off your feet kinda guy that wants to get married after a couple weeks. That’s pretty crazy how fast Brianna moved. I am guessing after the cancer scare and health problems she was a vulnerable. Hopefully Don has a little discussion with Ryan as he doesn’t seem like the type that would tolerate a minute of this shoot to kill personality that Ryan runs around with.

  • Bull!! You can’t blame editing for the words that came out of your mouth and the agression you showed towards Judy, Vicki’s brother and Vicki herself….Disgusting!!!

    • WOnder if they want to blame editing for Vicki’s brother who said he has to stop this shit and it always happens?

      • Doesn’t anybody even find it strange that Vicky’s brother was there? We have seen more of him this season, than all of the other seasons put together. In the scenes he was in, he was either talking about Ryan behind his back, or in the finale, yelling at him. I think Billy has gotten the 15 minutes of fame bug, and Vicky’s story line all season, was her and Brooks and him not being able to come to the house. Vicky used Brianna, Ryan, Billy to her advantage to have the story line this season, of all about Brooks and her relationship. It was all about if they were dating, not dating, and what were their obstacles. Brianna and Ryan of one opinion and Vicky’s brother of another, backing up Vicky. Billy from Chicago, was at the season finale, why? Then Vicky conveniently tells Brianna afterwards, that she is going to see Brooks, and that it is her life, her home, etc. Seems Vicky needed to tie up her story line by making a decision at the end of the show–all prompted by Ryan’s confrontation with Lydia’s mom.

        Doesn’t anybody think that is all too convenient? An alignment of the stars–all the right things fell into place for Vicky to tie up her dilemma in a neat little bow at the end of the season. The whole thing wreaks, with Vicky and Billy and Bravo, being right in the middle of it all.

        I don’t say Ryan’s language was correct and don’t condone it, but I believe there is more to the story. I believe editing was at play and Ryan was sucked in, so everyone could tell Vicky, you have to talk to them–this is your house, your life, and you need to take charge and talk to them and make a decision and put your foot down. Magically, it all came to a head at the finale (and there is always drama at a HW finale and this incident was the most dramatic). Brooks and Vicky all season, with Brianna being in the house and their demands, at the center of the problems for Vicky and Brooks–and then the incident with Ryan and Billy (all the way from Chicago at a finale), and Vicky then uses it to speak to Brianna.

        Very convenient, a little too convenient, considering Vicky and Brooks relationship, the lawsuit, and now Brooks is the only being sued. Vicky had nothing interesting going on, so this was her story line, and I think she used Brianna and Ryan, with some help from her brother and Bravo, and Ryan is now getting all this backlash. Bravo editing was at play, I am sure, and it doesn’t show all that was said and happened–it isn’t the first time. Shame on Vicky to do what she has done to Brianna and Ryan, to have a story line this season. They should both get the hell away from Vicky as fast as they can.

        • That did cross my mind! But I thought surely Vicki is not THAT conniving or have that much pull with BRAVO. If this is the route Vicki took just to have icky crooks back she is even more horrible then I could ever fathom! Destroying her own child for the sake of a scumbag. She might have wanted Ryan gone and knew his past would be revealed if he snapped on camera.

          • If it was a set up i can grantee you the military will not have it! As wrong as Ryan is they don’t like being made a fool of. There will probably be some form of punishment even if just a counseling statement but they will go after the culprit who helped with the shenanigans. You don’t mess with the military , they have more pull then Vicki or BRAVO could ever imagine.

        • If it was a set up I can grantee you the military will not have it! As wrong as Ryan is they don’t like being made a fool of. There will probably be some form of punishment even if just a counseling statement but they will go after the culprits who helped with the shenanigans. You don’t mess with the military, they have more pull the Vicki or BRAVO could ever imagine.

        • Billy has appeared more than once at Vicki’s finale parties especially since the divorce. I think he’s just looking out for his sister. If I’m not mistaken, he’s the only brother Vicki has. She has three other sisters.

          As far as Ryan is concerned, he needs help. Briana is a smart girl. Too bad she didn’t do a criminal background check on him before dating him.

          • I agree Nisey78. Ryan is apparently tech savvy enough to rig up cameras in Vicki’s home, maybe their phones are tapped also? Can you imagine not having ANY privacy at all, as when she wants to discuss Ryan’s hostile, disrespectful attitude towards her, with Brianna? This guy has a history of abusive behavior with women, *maybe* one of those women contacted Vicki and told her about him? *Maybe* THAT’S why Uncle Billy was there–to protect them. For Ryan to act the way he did, with a total stranger, proves to me that he has no self control and they might be fed up with it, by now.

          • I agree. I just hope Briana is careful. I wonder what his mental state is like now that they’ve moved out of Vicki’s house?

          • She really needed a good screen, do people still marry without a background check? I mean how stupid to not bend over backwards making sure she and her babies would be safe. Maybe a young person who doesnt know how to use the computer! But shes a full grown woman with a degree,vicky at least should have warned her. Its a fact that military and policeman are used to crossing the line and are typically physically abusive. But as i recall she went behind her moms back to bad, not to smart, she’ll be suffering alot with his attitude. POOR GIRL dont you know that marriage is the biggest crap shoot in life. You really should have checked him out better, or better yet, let vicky do it, she picks good ones, NOT

        • what the hell does Vicki’s brother has to do with ryan’s attitude? Vicki’s brother is hardly on film and when he is. he’s there to support his sister. you think Vicki wants people to think that ryan is a lunatic? she’s very protective of briana and in the process protects ryan as well. she’s been making excuses for Brianna and ryan since day one.

          ryan’s bad attitude is all his doing and nobody forced him to behave that way and nobody forced him to join bravo. Brianna and ryan both made the decision to sign that waiver and move in with Vicki. so if anyone wanted 15 mins of fame. it would be ryan.

          bravo couldn’t edit ryan to look like an asshole. ryan managed to do that all by himself.

          • Right. What happened at the party with Ryan is the last thing Vicki wanted. She did not want Ryan exposed as an abuser. The Bravo finale planned confrontation was Vic vs Slade, and Gretch vs. everyone else. Ryans outburst was a Bravo bonus.

          • Precisely, #PTSD pants on fire Ryanis a hanger-on to Vicki in order to gain fame. It backfired because he is a fool. But, the Marines will handle his bad.

        • Maybe her brother is concerned for his sister because he knows more than we do about her situation with Ryan AND Brianna. They are controlling and abusive and he probably knows about Ryan’s past. He seems like a concerned brother. No offense but you are digging a little deep with your “theory”. Please don’t take offense. It’s just a little far fetched.

        • No, I don’t agree with you at all. In fact, I think you are WAY off the marker and not watching the same show!

  • Cry me a River “Saving Private Ryan” there was no reason whatsoever editing or not that he should have reacted the way he did. Too late to back pedal now

    • IMO he is embarrassed now because he looks like an asshole so he is going to say well if you saw the whole situation you would understand.Kinda like when an abuser beats the crap out of their wife/girlfriend and wants to say well if you didn’t get me mad. Thats it Ryan keep defending your poor actions with excuses because that really makes you look like a man.

      • ITA! I think if he had been more humble, and said something like, he shouldn’t have said those things and he’s sorry for it, then we would be able to give him a break. On the other hand, he’s probably trying to protect himself for putting himself out there as a Marine and looking like an idiot!

        • The Marines will not like this, family of Marines here! When they see this, he will be held accountable and he knows it.

          • I thought for sure, when he watched his behavior it would be an eye-opener. I thought his response would have been a lot more humble. I hope he does get held accountable by the Marines.

            Lets just say Lydia’s mother was an old, mean drunk (which we saw clearly she is not), but lets just say she was drunk and nasty to Ryan – how could a grown man get so heated over that? Still would’ve been uncalled for.

        • foxymel11

          I totally agree with you. I was hoping he would’ve taken this time to say. ” I’m embarrassed and I apologize to Judy, Lydia and Vicki for my atrocious behavior, ANYTHING!! then I would’ve gave him the benefit of the doubt. but all he gave was an excuse and has the nerve to blame the woman he was verbally attacking. he’s not taking any responsibility at all.

  • The whole situation with him and Judy did happen off camera….but they were mic’d and we heard the whole thing! I really don’t see how they coudl have edited this one. We see Judy leave from the outside and the camera doesn’t move when we hear them two seconds later and he is the one who starts the conversation yelling……

    • Also he is saying that she put her feet on the couch and had a glass of red wine in her hand but when you seeing her walking inside I don’t recall her having a glass in her hand does anyone else?

  • So off camera Ryan told Vicki that a woman who is old enough to be his grandmother was being disrespectful to him? Is that right? I just don’t understand that comment, I was brought up to respect my elders not the other way around, Ryan was being a jerk no matter if scenes were edited out of order or not.

    • His past is coming out and it’s no surprise, this kid got problems. Brianna you can sure pick them.

      • He is a disgrace to the uniform, no excuse for his behavior, in fact he is scary. He lied about the conversation, the Mother never said anything wrong to him. He is no better than Brooks, so Brianna better clean her own doorstep, Wait, she has been living off Vicki!

        • If Briana didn’t have such a hard-on for being a patriotic military wife, none of this would’ve ever happened. She was OBSESSED w/ joining as a military nurse years ago seen on the show with Vicki putting her foot down and saying HELL NO! She wanted to be a trauma nurse. Anyway, lots of women (and men, too) get off on all things military and never bother to check for the warning signs. She probably found him on a military dating site for crying out loud. She needed a white knight and let him run with it, controlling their lives. I’m still FURIOUS w/ him installing a frickin surveillance unit on Vicki’s house which Vicki I’m sure is paying for. What a sick bastard. He reminds me of the militaristic violent gym teacher on Beavis and Butthead.

          • I totally agree with what you said! There’s this girl that I know in my town…well everyone does…lol simply for the fact she’s the skeeze jumping from solider to solider doesn’t even care about looks personality nothing…I’ve never really given it a thought people are truly like this until your post. So sad. Now I see Vicki’s daughter could potential be just like that in some way.

    • Ryan behaved disgracefully towards Judy, he should own it & apologise. He obviously has serious issues and a personality disorder which needs attention ASAP!!

      • It is a simple fact that abusers, both verbal and physical, never, ever acknowledge their abusive behavior but will always find an excuse for their pathetic behavior. Policemen and the courts see this played out all over the country every day.

        The bigger problem is that Brianna and Vickie are allowing Ryan’s behavior and making excuses for it, so nothing will stop him from continuing. Until Brianna stands up for herself, she is putting herself and her child in the path of a world of hurt.

        • I agree. Abusers never admit that they have done something wrong. It is truly sad that he makes excuses for screaming and cussing at an elderly woman instead of just acknowledging that his behavior was terrible and apologizing. In addition, it is sad that Vicki and Brianna both defend his behavior. Even after seeing it on tape, Brianna continued to defend him. Shame on her.

    • I hope the military brass understands that he has clearly demonstrated that he is too unstable to be on active duty and on top of that to be deployed. He clearly has anger issues (who yells at a 64 year old woman and accuses her of disrespecting him and getting in his face?). I guarantee that he abuses his authority on the poor people overseas that he is there to protect. Further I’m also sure that once he does return home, his problems will further be exacerbated by whatever he goes through in Afghanistan. Therefore, anyone he harms should sue the military as they have all the warning signs on tape and did absolutely nothing!!!