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SNEAK PEEK: Lea Black Cries To Joanna About Feeling Betrayed By Adriana!


The Real Housewives of Miami premiere is just days away, and Bravo has released some teasers for the first episode of season three! Of course, the season is all about the weddings being planned by Joanna and Adriana, the drama that ensues within the group because of it, and the falling out between Adriana and Lea.

The premise for the season is set in this sneak peek clip where Joanna and Lea discuss the word around Miami that Adriana has secretly been married to Frederic Marq since 2008! Lea cries as she explains how betrayed she feels that Adriana would lie to her, when she thought she was just helping a single mother get back on her feet.

Check out the clip below:

Adriana has said that the license was applied for but she decided not to marry Frederic afterwards! Do you think Adriana fabricated her real status with Frederic to create a wedding storyline?

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  • If I was Lea, yes I would be upset. Here she is thinking Adriana is helping this poor, young girl and her son, and thinking she literally has nothing when it’s bull. I don’t have compassion for Lea, but Lea did help her a lot! More than Adriana’s other families and friends ever could.

    This clip alone was quite boring… I’ll try to watch the first few episodes though. Hope 3rd season will be better than the last two. I don’t know why I just can’t get into it?? The storylines aren’t interesting enough, and maybe it’s because of so many reports of RHOM cast members starting shit and retaking scenes for more fake drama.

    • What did she even help her with? Adriana said Lea just bought paintings from her. Whta’s the big deal

      • Apparently Lea bought close to $100,000 worth of painting because Adriana wasn’t selling any, and she helped to find her somewhere to live. The story has changed so much. I’m still a little confused. She does admit that Lea helped her out A LOT and was responsible for getting her back on her feet.

  • I would feel the same way if someone I thought to be a friend, betrayed me this way.
    However it is very difficult to muster up any compassion for Lea Black, in lieu of what
    she has allegedly done to her so called good friend Elsa.
    BOO HOO LEA, don’t care………Friends, don’t betray friends!

  • The first episode is already available on OnDemand if you have Comcast. I watched it last night. And Adriana did admit that she has been legally married this whole time. I would be upset if I was Lea too, thinking that I was helping a poor, single mother when the woman was married the whole time…

    • I watched it. It was great but I don’t know how I feel about Lea and Adriana not being friends anymore. That’s sad

    • I was confused as to why there was no review of the episode yet since I saw it the other day too… Did you notice that this season’s cinematography seemed very different? I liked it.. but it almost seemed like they were making a movie

  • Of course Adrianna got re-married for a storyline…Funny to think that she accused Joanna of the same…Deflect much? Ugh! I can’t stand Adriana…

  • I don’t believe that Adriana was married to Fredrick for five years. I think it’s lies and gossip and Joanna is trying to make Adriana look bad.

    • But Adriana has already admitted it. She says on the first episode of this season (which is currently already available on OnDemand)that she has been married to him for five years, but she has never “felt married” because she never actually had a wedding and because her son wasn’t happy.

      • I know, and Lea feels betrayed because she probably read the stuff from Adrianna’s ex (the one who is the father of the child) sister in law who wrote what Adrianna was and how things did happen. I bet anything she took money from Lea but Adrianna won’t admit it. Also I heard that Frederique is house sitter for people.

      • Thanks Queenie, I thought I even read that on here somewhere months back that she was a liarface about being married. And Lea? She never cries!!! So Im sure she was very hurt. She really went above and beyond for Adriana as a friend for years.

      • Hi Jose, Not sure of the reason why they didn’t want to go public, but I read when this story first came out months ago that they were never “legally” married because one of their names on the marriage certificate was spelled wrong, thus making it invalid.

        • i think some people are forgetting that fact that Adrianna has been “acting” like she is not sure if she wants to marry that guy, when in fact she said yes 5 years ago and went thru with the process. The truth is, she has been caught in a lie and is now trying to spin it with phony excuses.

  • I’m glad Ana is gone, but when she and Lea were going at it on the reunion, why should Adriana have gotten involved? It was a one on one verbal fight. I hate when these women think that because someone has something to say about them, their comrades are always supposed to jump in. You’re a big girl, you can handle yourself.