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Caroline Manzo Insists Her Marriage Is Fine, Says Albie Needs To Relax; Talks Jacqueline & Teresa!


Caroline Manzo is taking to her Bravo blog this week to discuss the meeting on Real Housewives of New Jersey between Jacqueline and Teresa, which she helped orchestrate. Caroline is glad that both women met to get closure and hopefully get to a civil point.

Caroline believes that both women were hurt deeply by each other and she’s glad they met, saying:

I’m glad that Jacqueline accepted Teresa’s invitation to meet and discuss open ended issues between the two of them. I don’t care how many times I’ve heard that it was over and put in the past from each of them, I never believed a word they said. Now, some may wonder why I would ask for such a meeting when the animosity between the two is at a level 10. That’s exactly why! Look and listen and watch as they speak about one and other — it’s hurt masked in anger and resentment. The level 10 is based on hurt, not anger. I believe they both needed to have an honest conversation, and if nothing else, get true closure. I didn’t think they would come out of the meeting as best friends, but I would like to think that they could come to terms with their feelings and at least be civil towards one and other, nothing more. Mission accomplished… I think.

Another topic for Caroline this week was her marriage, and her son Albie being worried for his parents. Caroline insists that Albie needs to not worry, there is no divorce looming, and that Albie should make more time for fun.

Albie makes me so sad sometimes. I hated to hear him say he wasn’t ready to be happy. He’s such a serious kid, or man, I should say… I understand and agree that my children have a strong work ethic, and believe me, that’s something that Al and I instilled in the three of them from a very young age. However, a balance of work and play is very important for the mind. Albie is incapable of creating the balance. My husband Albert is the same way and he can’t see my point, therefore, we do disagree from time to time when it comes to the kids. Do me a favor, relax and don’t read too much into his attitude at the dinner table. Albert and I have been together for over 32 years and have had our fair share of ups, downs, and everything in between. There is no divorce hiding in the shadows or discontent with each other. It’s a simple disagreement between two people that have been together for nearly a lifetime. End of story.

When I stopped by Albie’s apartment to talk to him, he mentioned that he was worried about me and Al. Again, relax! I remember when Albie was younger, we would go into the city every now and again without Al for lunch, etc. This kid would actually hold my hand and look after me as if I was the child and he was the adult. All three of my kids are fiercely protective over me, and I love them for it. However, there’s a difference of being protective and living your life in fear of a “maybe.”

I’ve told Albie more times than I can count that God forbid his father predeceases me, there’s nothing he or anyone else can do for me. Al and I have always lived within our means, saved, and invested carefully. We have life insurance policies in place for each of us and a home that is nearly paid for. The bottom line is this — I will be a very wealthy woman with a shattered heart. Money can’t fix that. Having my children around me healthy and happy is what I will need then. Everything else has been carefully thought out and prepared for. Ugh, I hate this discussion, let’s end it.

I think that if Albie sees an issue with his parents’ marriage, there must be something that is off considering he has known them his entire life. I could be wrong though! Do you think Caroline is being honest about the status of her marriage?

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  • Caroline needs to stop being a know it all and stay out of everyone’s business. Al looks disgusted that she’s still on top of her 3 adult kids. Let them be and get a job or something or volunteer for a worthy cause. She keeps tooting her own horn and praising those kids about their “good work ethic”. Looks to me like they all had their jobs figured out and handed to them from someone. Albie and Lauren do not look happy and don’t look confident. But out Caroline and let them figure things out for themselves.

  • Their marriage is normal. Kids embedded in their careers and trying to find their way. I am sure he picks up on a distance with his mom and dad. I agree that the exposure has made Albert mad. Remember the political dinner fund raiser the 1st season? Caroline had a bad season last year and maybe that attitude carried over into her marriage. I beleive they r fine yet r struggling this season. Normal marriage and tuff times don’t have to mean divorce. This is reality and normal!

  • When Caroline mentioned that she always has her
    children…yes…but not in the same way. Hopefully
    they will get married and have a family of their own.
    A M-I-L has to be very careful not to interfer and step away. Their wife must come first.

  • Your hubby told you to STFU on national TV. It might be the first time your hubby told you to STFU and I just got caught on tape.. Yea, right. But the first time my hubby thought to tell me to STFU ONE time and he might be eating his teeth.
    I like you.
    You are trying WAY too hard at parenting. Time to focus on, well, you tell me. What else do you have?

  • I felt bad for Albie, and I do understand that it’s hard for Caroline, as a mother, to see one of her kids upset. He seems to take on the weight of the world.

  • i just can’t get enough of these fucktards, i mean manzos. they are so down to earth, interesting, humorous, and likeable.

    **insert eyeroll.**

  • To me I think Caroline needs to keep track of her own relationship and work on why hubbie is angry.

    Normal people ask spouse what up- or at least why are you exploding?

    From the little footage we have seen with Al and Caroline, Al is all kinds of happy when he is alone with his wife….angry when no private time.

    So Caroline, your spouse wants time alone with you…take it and be with your life partner.

    • And she should also apply those methods of angry people working it out with her own family, nit just hubby, not just Jac and Teresa.

  • Is it only me or do Al looks angry and tired? …I think he is not happy, something in his attitude tells me he is not in a good place in life with Caroline…She might be in denial but I do not believe everything is hunky-dory with the two of them….

    • I think AL is angry over the show in general. It’s become the downfall for his undercover businesses. He is desperate to get back into the political game. I read that he is running for mayor or something in hoboken. A city that’s notorious for dirty politicians. Seriously, known as a city where votes don’t count. Only votes that are counted are the ones attached to money bribes haha

      • Your 100% dead on, he’s mad because his undercover businesses aren’t able to operate anymore they way they used to.

    • I actually feel bad for Caroline if she thinks that she has a happy marriage,he always seems pissed off ,bored or just plain disgusted .I would not want to be married to a guy with his miserable personality