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VIDEO: Lea Black Laughs As Her Friend Mocks Marysol Patton’s Mama Elsa!


Lea Black had a falling out with co-star Marysol Patton last season on Real Housewives of Miami all over business dealings gone wrong! Lea hugged and made up with Marysol during their trip to Bimini but the pain was still present by the time the reunion was filmed, and it seems the two may still be at odds.

Lea’s friend Frankie J. Grande was visiting with Lea in LA at her summer home and shared a Keek video of himself mocking Marysol’s mom, Mama Elsa. Watch as Lea laughs in the background:

Aug 4, 2013 | Me as Mamma Elsa on the Real Housewives of Miami… #rhom by frankiejgrande on Keek.com

Do you think it was just in good fun or was Lea laughing maliciously? Season three of RHOM premieres August 12! I guess we will see where the rift with Marysol and Lea headed once the show begins!

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    • That’s Frankie from Big Brother 16. He is so hated on the show and I can’t wait to share this video to show how despicable he really is. Wannabe star who never made it and will ride his sister’s coattails.

  • It certainly sounds like Lea laughing, but possibly she’s just laughing at Frankie’s antics and not about Elsa. I really can’t see her laughing because he is doing Elsa.

  • this sounds like just an attempt to get more buzz for the upcoming season. It wouldn’t surprise me if Lea, her friend, Marysol and Elsa were all in on this. If it is real, Lea is just stupid.

  • If it was meant to personally attack someone, why would Frankie post it? I think it was totally a joke that people are taking the wrong way.

  • Wow I didn’t even find that funny. I certainly do think it wasn’t all in good fun. If lea and marysol were friends idk if I would look at it the same. I guess this is the “love yourself for who you are” what this guy and that sister of his tell their fans?

  • This is just sad and disgusting. Making fun of Mama Elsa’s looks, the way she acts, and how she talks is just wrong on so many levels. I can understand making fun of someone a lot younger than them, but Mama Elsa is an elderly woman. Even if they don’t like her, at least have enough respect to keep this video private. I happen to love the many qualities she has. Mama Elsa is one of those one-of-a-kind characters that’s unique and wonderful to watch. Her cute accent gets me every time! How do people not like her? She is a HOOT, and can brighten up a whole stadium! 🙂

    • I agree! I am beyond disgusted! If you could see the look on my face (like I just sucked on a lemon)reading this. That was just gross, mean and in poor taste. Unless Mama Elsa was there and asked him to do this, which I highly doubt, he get $$ in the douchebag jar. She’s the reason I watch this boring (IMO) franchise.

  • I don’t think that is Lea’s laugh…sounds different. And I think it was all in good fun.

  • Exactly what I said about Lea Black on another site; she has her ‘friends’ to do her
    dirty work for her .
    Mocking an old woman, for a cheap laugh, disgusting, and sad, shows the untold and dark side of Lea Black.
    Maybe he and Slime Shady Slade should get together and take their act on the road, a
    very long twisted, narrow,bumpy road.

  • Classles, immature and disgusting!! I used to like Lea, not my favorite but I liked her, but after hearing her laughing at this jerks stupidity, I’ve lost all respect for her…

          • that is totally lea laughing. and please don’t oversimplify this gross behavior (by an adult, and senior–lea is not much younger than mamaelsa) by calling it a “joke”. #notfunny

    • She should have never mocked Mama Elsy that is so wrong. I would like to know how Lea Black would like to be mocked when she gets up there in age.

        • lea was laughing that was insulting enough. and no that wasn’t funny. it was mean and I wouldn’t blame marysol and elsa being upset. lea was a friend and this is how she treats them?

          as for it being a joke. yeah it was a joke to this Frankie douchebag and lea but guess what it isn’t a joke to marysol and her mother.

          Frankie dickweed was stupid enough to upload the video.