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Lea Black Denies Laughing When Friend Mocked Mama Elsa; Photo Shows Otherwise!

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Lea Black was hanging out with her friend Frankie J. Grande when took a video of himself mocking Marysol’s mother, Mama Elsa. You could hear as Lea laughs in the background but she has since took to twitter denying it was her laughing. Lea says it’s a false accusation and wrong person but the photo below show’s otherwise. Check out Lea’s tweets and her friend posting a photo of the two before he made the video!

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Watch the video here


Marysol responded to the mocking saying, “Disgusting people!”

It was obviously Lea laughing and I think she should just own up to it instead of trying to spin it. Do you believe Lea was the one not laughing? Thought’s on Marysol’s response?

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  • I looked up everyone’s ip addresses and some comments on here have the same ip and routing as a certain housewife who’s initials are M.P….at least use a proxy if you’re going to pretend to not be yourself.

    It fess up and say its you. It’s ok to comment on here. I felt sorry for you and your mom until I realized this.

    The reason I checked was to see if lea was doing it. Seems like something shed do. But she didnt. Sad to see marysol stooping this Low. She was my fav!!

  • who really cares? it was funny. if it had been a skit on saturday night, nobody would give two shits. i mean, for real, there are bigger issues in the world and what he did, changes nothing.

    • you don’t care fine but this is marysol’s mother and she has a right to be offended and care about who’s attacking her mother and especially be concerned about whether a friend was involved. this wasn’t Saturday night live now was it? even if it was it still probably would offend marysol. in fact many people are offended by SNL’s skits.

      if there are bigger issues then why in the hell are you here reading this blog and commenting? I guess you couldn’t find something bigger?

    • SNL would never stoop to this level, this is not humor!
      AND you say ……’if it had been’ that is because it has never been done
      on SNL, and why would that give it the cache’ to be funny? SNL has all
      forms of humor, but they don’t make fun of an innocent elderly women,
      because of the way she looks and speaks.

  • Hmm…I’m gonna have to wait and see when I hear her laugh next week. I’m 75% sure it was her laugh, but Mama Elsa will know for sure. I feel sorry for Lea if it was, cuz Mama Elsa’s gonna rip her a new one.
    If she was there, then shame on her! Just wondering why such a “Pillar of the community” in Miami hangs around such scandalous and shady people. I feel bad for her husband, cuz I can only imagine the talk around the water cooler at his office if it was Lea. How embarrassing. I’m surprised he’s ok with her doing this show because isn’t he a well known respected high profile attorney?

  • lea is not much younger than elsa…petty and cruel “humor”–with all that money, doesn’t she have better things to do? tacky.

  • Frankie went above and beyond the realm of good taste. To mock Marysol’s mother,
    not only because of the way she looks, but also her dialect as well. He physically distorted his face. Despicable and disgusting.
    The woman laughing uncontrollably in the background could not contain herself.
    This just speaks to the complete lack of character about this woman.
    Where is the compassion for Elsa or the apology??

  • What Frankie did was such a cheap and cowardly shot at ridiculing Marysol’s beloved
    mother. It wasn’t funny, humorous laughable or amusing by any stretch of the imagination, on the contrary. And to laugh at this display, as hard as this woman was
    laughing, tells you all about her complete and utter disregard for another. A complete lack of character .
    Its pretty sad when you have to make fun of other’s misfortunes and derive such happiness and joy from it.
    Its not about being Politically correct, it is about having compassion for another human

  • I dont want to click the link but regardless, is this guy joking around or is he being serious? If hes mocking her in a joking way I would tell marysol to lighten up. But if its in a rude way than shame on him and lea shouldve said something.

    • LMFAO THE HORSE WHISPERER hahahaha I’m dying. Love your name!!!

      That’s what I was thinking .. maybe Marysol needs to lighten up but like I said before, he didn’t even say words he just mumbled things … kind of insinuating Mama Elsa is retarted or something. I could see if he said “Im gonna hit you with my pocketbook” or something to that effect. Its 36 seconds of innocent fun regardless though. No big deal.

      • if someone was mocked they need to lighten up? are you serious? I don’t know about you but I personally don’t like being mocked. it’s rude and disrespectful and if lea’s douchebag of a friend mocked an old lady that obviously had really bad plastic then that is even more disgusting and offensive. would you like your mother or grandmother mocked? I don’t think so.

        • Jesus, lighten up. Some things can be a joke and others may not. As i have stated above i did not watch the video. If they were JOKING yes she should lighten up, but if he was gonna go as far as to make fun of her looks and face than yes, lea should have stopped him or atleast made sure the stupid video wasnt going to be released. I dont care if anyone mocks my grandmother or even my mom. Sometimes things are said as a joke. But i think if my mom was there and she could laugh about it, than who cares. But it is upsetting that lea was friends with mama elsa. I need to watch the video.

          • I cant watch it cause my cell wont let me but i see he’s pulling on his face. Elsa’s looks should not be a topic of discussion. It was something horrible that happened a long time ago. Why can’t people have respect for people these days? Especially everyone knowing elsa went through bad surgery. I watched the reunion and they happened to show even joanna and lisa talking about mama elsas looks. They should have apologized.

          • you’re not seriously saying that marysol should lighten up when people make fun of her mom? I get jokes, I like jokes, I watch tv shows that can offend people but what I don’t get is making fun of someone’s parent, grandparent, or children. that is crossing a very thin line and can be extremely rude. marysol doesn’t need to “lighten” up. the jerkoff that was mocking her mother needs to shut his filthy mouth.

            if mama elsa was there and she was joking along with this person then I would say yeah everyone was having fun and joking around but mama elsa and marysol weren’t there and this douchebag was making fun of elsa.

            there is a huge difference between laughing WITH someone and laughing AT someone. this jerkoff was laughing at elsa.

      • Thnx bobby! And did he say he was mama elsa or anything like that? Its just sad. Because even when lea and marysols friendship dissolved elsa still loved lea. Lea shouldve stuck up for her.

  • Ya I don’t think Lea was the one who laughed in the background..idk it just doesnt seem like something she would do!

  • If Lea was uncomfortable with what her friend was saying he would never say it to begin with. My friends know what draws the line and they only mock people that they know I’ve talked about

    • They were friends until the whole gala problem took over their friendship and james was a big factor too. Totally sad its come down to this.

  • OMG !! Who cares if she’s laughing !! People need to lighten the f**k up. Everyone tries to be so damn politically correct all the time and thats jyst what is screwing our nation up !!! And if that nasty Mama Elsa didn’t want to be mocked or criticized for get horrendous looks she shouldn’t have come on the show !!

    • I didn’t initially watch it and found it to be taken out of proportion because afterall, a joke is a joke. If she was being mocked, who cares, we all make fun. I do however find what he said out of poor taste. He made her sound retarted and stupid. If he just did the face, voice, and included actually words and not just mumbles I think the joke would be a little more lighthearted.

      I mean who cares though anyway, I did a quick google search of him and hes no insane looker. He also seems quite pretentious for someone I’ve never heard of in my life …

      “Frankie J Grande is an incredible person, performer, philanthopist, and producer. His sucess has led him to produce major broadway plays and support major …”

      is what his official site description reads. Who list themselves as an incredible person, performer and philanthropist? Who are you trying to convince??

      • Lol bobby
        I agree if he was mocking marysol I could see where that could come from since they don’t get along but unless something happened during filming between Elsa and lea then I don’t feel comfortable with him stretching out his face like that

      • I know these people. Mama Elsa is married to a very successful and intelligent man who is one of the top boat surveyors in the world. He is a sweet and wonderful man. Whenever his wife walks into our Club she gets stared at. She looks even worse in person. She acts drunk, but I think it is just her persona. The daughter is starting to look like the mother and it is sad. The husband of Mama Elsa basically ignores her. I think he tunes out his wife to stay sane. and he is out of the country alot. But Mama Elsa is not playing with a full deck. It is hard to imagine that this brilliant man and Elsa ever had anything in common. At any rate, I never saw two people who were so dissimilar.

    • Elsa cant help what has happened to her face. Thats rude of you to say shes nasty. Shes old. Give her some respect!

      • What do you mean she can’t help what happened to her face? Was she is a fire?

  • Whether that was her laughing or not, she was in attendance and didn’t do/say anything to stop it…shows that Marysol is truly not her friend…never cared for Lea from the start…