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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Gorga And Gia Giudice Got Into An Argument Right Before Teresa And Joe Were Charged!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe Giudice had quite the week dealing with all the media and rumors surrounding there recent legal drama. But right before it was announced that Teresa and Joe were charged with 39 counts of fraud, Melissa Gorga and Teresa’s daughter Gia Giudice got into an explosive fight over the phone resulting Melissa to hang up on her niece!

Sources tell AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY  all the details saying, “Gia has been very stressed about the drama surrounding her mother and Uncle Joe. Gia was always close with her uncle and loved him more than anything. Gia believes that her uncle started acting differently once he got on the show because that’s when he stopped talking to his niece. Because Joe started acting differently, Gia feels like Melissa had a lot to do with it since she was the one who so badly wanted to be on RHONJ.”

My source reveals that Gia got extra upset when she heard that Melissa told Joe Gorga that Gia’s father Joe Giudice cheats on her mother Teresa all the time and that Joe doesn’t love his wife on one of the recent episodes of RHONJ. “Gia was so hurt specifically when she heard that Melissa stated on RHONJ that Joe Giudice doesn’t love her mother and was upset that her uncle didn’t even say otherwise. Gia then decided to call up Melissa to tell her how she feels. Teresa has been teaching Gia to be a nice direct so Gia decided on her own to call her aunt to tell her how she feels. When Gia brought up that she was upset, Melissa told Gia she had to go and that she would call her tomorrow. Melissa then called back Gia the next day and wouldn’t even let Gia get a word in and was even raising her voice! Gia just wanted to tell Melissa that she was hurt about what she said about her father considering she knows Melissa knows it’s not true and Melissa childishly justified her behavior by telling Gia that Joe Giudice started it by calling her a skank! Gia then told Melissa that it’s not right and neither of them should be name calling and Melissa interrupted saying it’s not her and that it’s Gia’s parents! When Gia said she loved Melissa and that it’s hard for her at school when people talk about her family, Melissa responded that Gia should think about Antonia because Antonia is in the same position! That’s when she began getting furious and told Gia she wouldn’t talk about this with a child and hung up on her face!”

Gia has since not spoken to neither Melissa or her uncle Joe. Gia reached out after getting hung up on sending a long text to both Melissa and Joe begging them to call her back but both never responded or called.

I don’t really understand how Melissa could even compare Gia and Antonia considering Antonia is still a baby in 2nd grade and most 2nd graders have no idea what’s happening! I think it’s time everyone says bye to RHONJ! Are you surprised that Melissa treated her niece so poorly?

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  • I don’t think gia did nothing wrong she was just trying to tell Melissa how she felt….is that so wrong????

  • Why are Meho and Tiny Jorga still coming back for another season? Doesn’t Bravo care about all the viewers they’re losing? Teresa is the OG of this show and for MOST people the only reason we watch. Get rid of the trash! If the Gorgas don’t go, there will be no more RHONJ, because all their viewers will be gone !!!!

    • YOU NEED TO BE SLAPPED IN THE FACE FOR SPEAKING OF A CHILD THAT WAY!!!! Umm, OK Marco’s… ENOUGH!!! Go pick on someone your own size, not a child… says a lot about you!!! YOU’RE DISGUSTING!!!

    • I’m late to this thread, so I’m sure you won’t see this, but whatever. You are disgusting.

  • Melissa & Teresa are adults. If Gia is truly this hurt, why would Teresa continue to stay on this show!!! They are all fame whores and its obvious that fame is more important than their families mental health. They bring ALL of this on themselves! So sad for the kids. This wouldn’t be happening if none of them were on TV!

  • I read this post shaking my head the whole time.
    If my nieces or nephews EVER had a concern regarding me I would WANT them to come directly to me.
    If this is true, shame on Melissa and Joe – they’re worse than I thought. I have no idea what Melissa could have said in her own defense but she should have listened to her niece, apologized for saying those rotten things, and reassured Gia that she loves her very much.

    BTW – I enjoy reading your posts Shipp, Steff, WhoDat, and Michers 🙂

    • I totally agree, and it seems that Mel has had very strange issue with the people that were the closest to her man. Very pathetic as one is his sister, niece, and Mother… If my nieces or nephews EVER felt sad, hurt, angry by me, I would be beside myself 🙁 Again, I mentioned above that they KNOW they are loved by me, my hubby, and my sons. Gia has not felt that from Joe or Mel since right before they joined show. I think that Mel should have went to Teresa and JoeGo with this and sat with Gia.
      Enjoy your comments as well 🙂

      • It is strange. I can’t imagine wanting the people that I care about the most to have less people love them. It’s twisted and I don’t get it at all.
        If this really happened, Joe should get over to see his niece without another single minute passing.
        I’ve had a soft spot for Gia since the show started. What an adorable kid. I can’t imagine anyone hurting her intentionally. I’ve never forgotten how horrible Caroline and Jac were to her.

  • Melissa is such a childish bitch who talks to their niece like that? What a disgusting piece of trash! Gia is the only level headed one in this family feuding she is way more mature than the adults! This shows Melissa’s true colors,I hope she gets her just desserts real soon! Joey Gorga and Tre had a great brother/sister relationship before the show but when Melissa came into the picture everything changed for the worst and that’s when the feuding began! Melissa is a two faced snake and has her husband whipped like a little bitch! Children should never be dragged into Adults Drama! Gia and her sisters are going through enough right now with their parents having legal issues and possibly facing jail time!

  • No they should take that shank off the show. She is the one that started all this trouble by jumping the gun and always trying to even the score.

    The child is now growing up and seeing more and more of this b.s. Melissa and Jackson is dishing out. They all have skeletons in their own closet including Mrs. Manzo who thinks she is a therapist.

    I think that they should keep their noses on their own faces and yes Bravo shame on you for displaying a show that exploits private worlds.

    Every week it gets worse and worse and tereasa and Joe need to step back and
    Stop letting these people ruin their lies and keep their matters personal.

    It dosen’t matter because Joe is going away and when he gets out maybe they can join the Mob Wives channel.
    I love Teresa’s and Joe but I believe to much of their life has been invated and it’s time to turn their key into Bravo.

    • ITA! The show started out with drama but still was light & fun,now the show has destroyed two families and has gone in a dark direction. Tre & Juicy need to keep their matters personal from now on ,that way jealous & vindictive people won’t gossip about them and try to ruin their lives. Everyone needs to back off the Giudice’s because they all have skeletons in their closets and have no room to pass judgement on anybody! What’s sickning is that Bravo loves explotiing Legal Issues and Family Feuding for ratings & $! I still watch the show but I wish both families could stop feuding and just get along for real . Mrs.Manzo needs to worry about her less than perfect marriage with Fat Al(his alleged cheating) and her bratty children instead of sticking her nose and placing judgement where it doesn’t belong! Jaqoholic needs to be perscribed meds and seek a thearpist she has gone off the rails and is obsessed with gossiping about Tre. Melissa is a bitch plain & simple. Kathy snooze fest no one cares what she has to say. I say keep Tre and fire the rest(we know that won’t happen though.)

  • I’m just curious as to who this “source” could possibly be. Gia talked to her aunt on the phone — who was around to hear both sides and snitched to Roxanne? Was this convo in front of others? Or was it private?

  • IF this happened, Melissa did the right thing by not discussing DRAMA with a 13 year old. And before I get hammered, I am a Teresa fan. I just don’t think it’s right to have your kid involved in adult matters. I’m NOT a fan of Melissa but that doesn’t mean I’ll lower myself and call her names like MeHo and Whoseyface (not sure how to spell such words). I wonder if some of the people who comment on this blog are teenagers??

    • Sherri I have been thinking that for a while ,I am not a fan of anyone on the show ,I agree if this conversation actually took place Melissa was right by not discussing it with her shes a kid , and as far as the commentators on this blog with the immature names,name calling ,disgusting language and homophobic rants either they are teenagers or highly uneducated adults

  • Young children should not be on any of these HW shows.
    They get bullied in school, made fun of their parents, and now what’s been reported about Gia’s
    predictament. Melissa is too young to understand
    the reprocussions of her words; whether true or not.
    Gia doesn’t deserve this.
    Tersea should sell her house, get a much smaller one
    and out of her present town. She could sell her things. If the children must be separated, I think
    the Walkies would be best for Gia. Their daughter is
    lovely, and if Richie can watch his mouth, I feel Gia
    would be happiest with them.

    I feel by not supporting this show, it would help these very young children.

  • JPG, I don’t know you, only what you post. And those posts are more legible, cohesive, to the point and of sound mind than the others. Par for the course with Teresa and her fans, they complain about being accused of one thing, say they don’t do it, and continue to do it without understanding their wrong. Case in point speaking about someone’s kids.

    Who does that? Right after saying kids should be left out of things. Are you all mental over a reality show or just fucking, certifiably mental?

    • This is what looks like a dose of her ( JPG’s) own medicine baloney. She did the same thing basically to Teresa’s kids, said she was not talking about kids but the parents. Shipp has posted here forever and NEVER once spoke ill of kids- ever. She is speaking to JPG same thing JPG did to Giudice kids. Maybe she will learn a lesson moving forward in the future, since she apparently does not like it done to her.
      Oh and Shipp- I agree comprehension is key 🙂

      • Michers- we have ALL discussed the behavior/ parenting of the kids on THE SHOW. I can’t count how many times YOU ALL have knocked Melissa and Jaq for their parenting. I have done the same to The Giudixes. Typical double standard for you Teresa fans.

        I don’t attack other posters about their children.

        You Teresa fans do, get it?

        Baloney – yes the Teresa fans are just like her. They can do/say whatever the hell they want but hold others to a different standard.

        Shipp is a POS plain and simple. Of course the other stans will back her up and make excuses for it, it’s par for the course.

        I am only disappointed I allowed myself to acknowledge and engage in her disgusting and pathetic behavior.

        So Shipp, Michers and rukidding can excuse and justify it all they want. Just shows anyone who can read how truly sad and empty their lives really are.

        • Not excusing or justifying jpg. It has nothing to do with who any of us are fans of. If anyone played the double standard card it was you. BTW- what does it mean for your life then ( being sad and empty)? Anyone who has been coming here for a bit can say the same about you. Bash me or anyone else if you would like- your words have no bearing on me personally. I was just very very surprised to see your comments about this , and you going so hard , when you have done same thing- thats all.

          • I have not bashed other posters about their children. PERIOD.

            I have always freely stated “Come at ME all you want. Leave my children out of it”

            If you want to pretend you have not discussed the Gorga/Wakile/Laurita children and the parenting of them go right ahead. Your posts show differently. I freely admit I have questioned the Giudice children’s behavior and Teresa’s parenting. But guess what they are on a reality tv show and have opened it up for debate.

            So if you all want to try and attack ME on my children and/or my parenting skills (which you are not privy to and have NO fucking clue what goes on in my household) have at it.

            As I stated, it says SO much more about YOU then it could EVER say about me.

            I’m done discussing this. You want to debate RHONJ, great. Other than that, keep your mouths closed about my children.

          • What I have stated jpg, is that – Wakile children who are how old? Have Rich as an example being a perv, un-doing what Kat does is crap. The Manzos are so-called adults, yes? And Ashlee is supposed to be one also, yes? Gorga- feel horrible for them that their role models are who they are, Antonia is doomed with her brothers. And Laurita: heart broke for him having to be still be on display on the show and Jac acted like a crazy person- literally. WTF is so wrong about that? As for you personally- I have NEVER said shit about you personally or your mothering, or your kids. So save the drama for your mama! I never have said anything to anyone on here for 2 years about them being a mother or their personal life about kids. I can sleep at night 🙂

          • As a matter of fact, I seem to recall that you had warnings given to you by Rox on here. Whateves, water under the bridge I guess now…

        • @jpg, I’m not trying to fight with you but you’ve told me you feel sorry for my kid (for having me as a mom) a while back which led me to go off on you. So you have gone after kids in the same way that you’re mad about. It’s not right for anyone to do it but you have done it to me and I (admittedly) did not handle it well. So I’m guilty of going off on you due to that. AGAIN IT WAS NOT RIGHT FOR ANY OF US!!!!

          You also made a comment about the way I parent was raising leeches on society, which infuriated me but then you made it like that’s not what you meant. Either way it’s not right for any of us to do it! We need to stop ladies, we all have stuff and have our own struggles….Truly not trying to fight/argue/insult you. I’m just saying we all need to stop.

  • I apologize to everyone for my foul language and giving in to Shipp and allowing her to upset me.

    I think any of you with children understand. I will no longer engage nor acknowledge Shipp’s sad existence.

    But I am sorry for those of you who are here to.comment on RHONJ and had to read through that pathetic exchange that I am embarrassed to be a part of.

  • I don’t see the point of engaging in conversation with known trolls who probably don’t believe 10% of what they write. Just picture them as their likely reality – unwashed lonely men with greasy, uncombed hair sitting on a chair wearing nothing but their socks, fapping away every time they piss someone off.

        • ^ This waste of flesh doesn’t stop. Love she’s stupid enough to continue proving my point. Dumb bitches be dumb 😀

          • This is interesting because for a time, months back, I remember quite a few posters had to let JPG know that none of us ( except 2nasty peeps) EVER talk badly about kids. And Shipp has posted here far longer than JPG and never said anything bad about kids, not even Melissa’s. JPG had a few questionable posts that were NOT speaking positively about Teresa’s kids. So now you want to play the double standard? Shipp is not speaking ill of kids- just you. Isn’t that what your excuse came to be when we all thought you were speaking badly of kids( only Teresa’s of course)? ” Not the children, the parents”??? Now you know how another Mother must feel- stings and gets you all riled up doesn’t it?

          • @Michers, ITA! I’ve had a couple of rounds with it too. I found the new stance very interesting indeed!

          • I so agree with you Shipp, michers & whodat2012. That person is quite the piece of work. Maybe she should be more concerned about burning in hell with her panties in a wad doused with gasoline since she doesn’t believe in God. Obviously her behavior with words shows it!

  • Just to be clear everyone Shipp and Steff have both talked shit about my children (couple posts up) So if you want to communicate with them, please be aware you are communicating with two pathetic pieces of shit who have no problems talking shit about children.

    I personally can only hope those of you with any conscience or morals would not approve of their disgusting and lowest of the low behavior.

    • BTW, Shipp”s “reasoning” for this?

      “I know how to piss her (me) off”

      So she finds nothing wrong with being a sleazebag, scumbag and bringing up people’s children to “piss them off”.

      She’s a real dandy of a lady, huh?

      • JPG, Sweetie dumb ass. I talked about YOU, NOT your children. Who, by the way I feel sorry for. Considering you are on this site day and night, day after day, kicking at others children. You obviously have no time for your own.

        Yes, you are correct I DO know how to piss you off. Point made.

        • My children are on vacation with their grandmother, not that it’s any of your business.

          And yes you stupid cunt, any normal person who has their children brought up by a pathetic piece of creepy shit is going to get pissed.

          I know because no man will have anything to do with you and refuses to procreate with your pathetic ass, you’ll never understand that.

          And you’re so fucking dumb it hurts. It’s all in black and white, so quit trying to deny/twist it.

          • JPG -Whoa, the big guns, calling me “cunt”. Hahahahaha, you’re such a loser.

            As I said above, “I say what I mean, and I mean what I say”. No twist. No deny. I feel sorry for your children.

          • Wow, now I’m scared, at your above threat. “Your information will be provided to the correct people quite legally.”

            Okay Elliot Ness.

          • I also say what I mean. You are a cunt. The shoe fits so wear it.

            My children are happy, healthy and loved. Obviously you never were, which usually I would feel bad about but with you I see why. For the record I am done speaking to you.

            So continue to spew your filth about my children. Again all it does is show the person YOU are. Not me.

            Not a threat . A promise. So continue to waste your breath. I’m done talking to you. I have work to do 🙂

    • We put up with your comments dont we? Lets keep it real- you have a rep of being downright nasty and slinging personal insults at posters. It was only very recently that you JPG have changed your tune, and that was ONLY because you had more than Estelle to comment with because of the “indictments”.. so lets not pretend you are some kind of victim here. You should really go back and read comments YOU have been putting on here last few months before you go on someone kind of moral parade. You my dear have done your fair share of repulsing people here.

    • Oh my god, chill the fuck out. How did I talk shit about your step kids? Man, I really hope that you find some peace in your life. I apologize for ever bringing up your step children. For the record, I did not talk shit about them. You need serious help.

      • I can go back and find it but I don’t really want to waste the energy.

        The point is you have NO right to bring my children up PERIOD. If you legit can’t understand that, I’m not the one in need of help.

        I thank you for the apology and now I think we’re just at best ignoring each other.

  • We saw how much Melissa resented Joe’s affection for his niece when Joe was supposed to go to her dance recital and showed up so late. Throughout the tiny part of the time they were there, she telegraphed her displeasure and contempt, rolling her eyes and harrumphing like an old cow. She cannot bear her husband to have any interest outside of herself. Her children are acceptable interests in that they are extensions of herself, but they better never be perceived as more important than her or she will make them miserable, too.

    Of course this story is true. It’s merely a continuation and repetition of past behaviors. Gia has expressed her opinion on the adult conflict in the past. She will again. She is 13, not 3. It affects her more than the others because of the past closeness she shared with her uncle – an affection that Melissa cannot stand. Not one word of this story is unexpected or unusual in terms of their past behavior.

  • Gia might be old enough to understand but she is not old enough to call an adult and discuss adult issues. Poor parenting. The bigger issue is Teresa’s behavior and how her 13 year daughter watches it and thinks its ok to confront adults. If I was Melissa I’d tell her to start being nice she might need some pole dancing tips when her parents have to pay the IRS back.

  • Again, another “sources said” story, so I am taking it with a giant grain of salt.

    That said, I don’t think adults should engage with kids in these adult matters. IMO, Mel should have said “sorry you had to see/hear that” and left it at that. If Gia wanted to get into it further, Mel should have said they could talk about it in person and with her mom there too.

    I would not want my kid to confront an adult on her own.

  • Well, I certainly would not doubt TSIL would argue with a teen or even a bug for that matter. Gia is old enough to understand what is going on. Gia should know better than to deal with her brain dead aunt. I hope Gia is holding up okay these days. Poor kiddo. Being thirteen is hard enough. When you add a pathetic uncle and his fame hungry wife…. Plus her parents’ criminal activity.

  • Wow. She really is a pig! I heard about this a couple weeks ago, but I was not sure if she really treated her niece like that! Another reason why she is friends with Jac- they love to pick on other people’s kids. Funny though, its only Teresa’s kids. But really its digesting.

  • Here… Why don’t I give it a try. Lets imagine how the phone call would have gone if Zia Melissa said this:

    I am heartbroken that you heard this either from your friends or from watching it on tv. I can imagine how angry and hurt you are and I am deeply sorry.

    Sometimes adults become so hurt by those they love that they lash out angrily and say and do things they shouldn’t. It was in this way that I lost control of my anger and said some things that I never should have. Please know that I regret saying those things because all it did was cause pain in the same way that it would cause Antonia pain to hear some of the things your mom and dad have said about me and Zio Joe. I am so glad that you talked to me about it and I want you to feel that you can always come to me if you are troubled. Zio Joe and I love you very very much.

    Zia Melissa

      • I would hope something similar might come out of her mouth should Antonia ever make that call. I know I would if that was my niece…. Of course as one of six in a large Catholic family there were always fights between my siblings but NOTHING like the viciousness shown on RHNJ from either the Gorgas/Guidices or the Manzos/Lauritas. I personally hope this show is over.

        • I’m asking honestly here…wouldn’t you have said something along those lines to your niece? My nieces and nephews have my heart. I would have been broken hearted if I had known my niece was hurt by my words whether i felt justified in saying them or not. I certainly would not have yelled at her, inferred that she should be hurt because one of my own kids may be hurt one day too, and never would have hung up on her…ever….no matter how wicked my sister was or justified I felt in saying those things. It doesn’t matter. That’s a kid for heavens sake.

          • The problem is I don’t think this phone call took place.

            Let’s say for the sake of argument it did. I see nothing wrong with Melissa ending the conversation when it got too adult (which it already was by Gia calling in the first place – hypothetically)

            My mother never spoke to my Dad’s side of the family again when they divorced. She never ONCE badmouthed or tried to stop my visits and communications with them. Neither side of the family EVER discussed adult problems in front of me and my brother. I was blessed to be part of a family that TRULY put the children first.

          • Mel being an adult and all, should have had her hubby, or herself call Teresa. She is an ass. I love my nieces and nephews to death- BUT they KNOW I do . Gia has nothing but negativity and heartache from Uncle MOMO and his sidekick. Pathetic.

      • Teresa already wrote a letter to Antonia, telling her how beautiful she is (after Melissa lied and said that Teresa called her ugly).

        Let’s say for the sake of argument that Teresa did call her ugly (which I am not conceding for even a nanosecond). Why would a good mother like Melissa repeat it knowing that it would just hurt Antonia’s feelings and possibly make her question her beauty (and she is a very beautiful girl). Because Melissa is a crappy mother who doesn’t care at all about her kids. To Melissa, her kids are pawns and accessories she uses to fight and look good, and she did not care how her words and blogs affect her kids. Melissa is a POS.

      • Teresa already wrote a letter to Antonia, telling her how beautiful she is (after Melissa lied and said that Teresa called her ugly).

        Let’s say for the sake of argument that Teresa did call her ugly (which I am not conceding for even a nanosecond). Why would a good mother like Melissa repeat it knowing that it would just hurt Antonia’s feelings and possibly make her question her beauty (and she is a very beautiful girl). Because Melissa is a crappy mother who doesn’t care at all about her kids. To Melissa, her kids are pawns and accessories she uses to fight and look good, and she did not care how her words and blogs affect her kids. Melissa is a POS.

  • I understand what it must be like for Gia. I’ve had to deal with the exact same situation. My uncle who I was very close to married (and divorced) 2 women who were awful to my mother. While they were married it was very difficult for me. Being the oldest child and the only one who knew what was going on when they fought it was a lot to deal with. All you want as a child is everyone to get along. It’s awful when they don’t. I used to think that if I talked to my (horrible) aunts directly it would help. It never did. They were mean spiteful women, just like Melissa. My heart breaks for Gia. Seeing her crying trying to protect her mother at the christening sticks with me. I’ve been there, same situation. I’m almost 30 and still I remember what it was like. These kids deserve better. ALL of them, Melissa and Joe’s kids as well. Melissa keeps crying that she is the victim. Honey, you are no victim. The kids are the only innocent ones in this.

  • I actually remember an interview a while back that Melissa did stating that Antonia doesn’t have problems in school about being on RHONJ. Anyhow, there is a huge difference between a child going into 7th grade (Gia) vs a child going into 3rd grade (Antonia).

  • Salazar – I’m pretty gullible and usually believe what I read. If it’s wrong show it to me and I’ll believe it. This situation is just sad no matter how you look at it. I have a hard time taking it all in, but can’t ignore it. Just hope the kids come out of this without problems no matter which way it goes.

  • OMG, if this story is true. I am honestly jaw dropping, heart breaking, lost for words that she may have to live with these people. Shame on Zio Joe for ignoring and making his niece cry! Gia’s heart must be broken in a million pieces. That’s a real man, NOT!!
    Really wonder if Melissa cast a spell on him. After hearing this, she’s GOTTA have something he can’t live without that he backs her every time no matter what…seriously.

  • Do people realize that if good old Melissa did not come on this show that Gia would have never been put in this situation? It all goes back to Melissa and Joe wanting a piece of the PIE! If Melissa was so talented why didn’t she just go do something else? Her and Kathy even hid it from Teresa that they were even coming on because they had their dirty little secret how they were going to take her down! So Yes I blame Melissa for all this family sadness!

    • Ummm Gia would be in a horrible position regardless of who was on the show.

      Have you been paying attention to her parents’ activities?

      • JPG, you’ve on here for a long time. Do you feel like a social worker or special needs teacher sometimes? I see why the gov’t cut funding for psychiatric problems, there are too many people that need it.

        There is a problem in separating characters with real life and just awful, vindictive and dishonest people.

      • JPG, talking about Gia again. Sigh.

        Don’t you have step children to take care of? How’s you’re parenting “activities” when you spend all day, for days at a time “blowing up” this site.

        Can’t wait for you to scream and swear – DON’T TALK ABOUT MY CHILDREN.

        Double standard huh?

        • Run for cover! The crazy troll told me I was a waste of flesh and had herpes. Sorry, I am on my summer break. Maybe someday I can aspire to be a mad 30 something troll.

          • Steff, yeah I’m waiting for Miss Thing to come at me with both barrels….of monkey’s.

            I know how to piss her off. I told her not to fuck with me. Some people never learn.

          • Steff. – you are a waste of flesh and I hope your flare up is calming down.

            But feel free to keep talking shit about my kids. It just shows everyone here you’re a stupid twats who’s wasting other people’s air.

            Please continue to prove my point.

        • Are you capable of COMPREHENDING what you read? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

          Anyone with HALF a brain (I know I’m asking quite a bit from you) and regardless of “teams” would admit that Gia and ALL the Giudice girls are in a horrible position, thanks to their parents.

          That was not badmouthing Gia in any way. It’s called fucking reality.

          “I told her not to fuck with me”. Lmao. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck 😀

        • And yes, I am not dumb enough to sign onto a reality show and MY kids are off limits. You get it shit for brains?

          • oh look the “victim” jpg is saying really hateful disturbing things but yet tries to feign “disgust” to another poster mego when she said jpg would laugh at burn victims for enjoyment and I believe that to be true too. since all jpg has been doing is laughing at the guidices serious misfortunes and laughs and insults their children all over the internet!! now jpg just threatened another poster. what’s the matter jpg can’t take the heat? then gtfo!!! you’re not fooling anyone. you have no business trying to act like a “victim” when you say a lot of disturbing, crazy, and vile things around here. you freakin hypocrite.

          • JPG, iff in fact you have kids I feel very sorry for them, because you sound like a shrill, bitter, nasty, self-righteous, not self aware, sorry excuse for a human being. Get a life.

        • Btw Shipp, you trying to hurt me by talking shit about my children says more about you then it will ever say about me. Just like your twat friend Steff.

          So please continue to show everyone on this blog what a pathetic piece if shit you are 🙂

          • Aw poor baby, JPG. Boo hoo. You dish it out but can’t take it.

            By the way I DIDN’T talk shit about your kids, I talked shit about YOU. Comprehension is necessary. So please try to follow along, you nasty little sprinkle cookie. You belong in the garbage too.

          • Try to get out of it you bitter old hag. It’s in black and white.

            You brought up my children.

            So please burn in hell.

          • I know you would never understand as no decent ma would ever marry you, let alone procreate or let you have any access to his children, but try to follow along Shit for brains- you mention my children and you are in fact talking shit about my children.

            No wonder you’re such a sad excuse for a human being.

          • Exactly. And you perfectly proved what you are. A lonesome bitter bitch who will try to use people’s children. “To piss them off”.

            You pissed off the wrong person. Know that. IP addresses are trackable. Did you know that dumb ass?


          • Real quick before you try to claim I threatening you, no.

            Your information will be provided to the correct people quite legally 🙂

          • Wooooah Jpg, I never talked about your kids in the sense that I attacked them. All I said was shouldn’t you be harassing them like you attack people here. When someone dishes it back to you, you claim that they don’t know you. Well guess what bitch, I am not a waste of flesh nor do I have herpes. You say shit like that to people then want to be taken seriously. There is something wrong with you. Wanting to talk about IP address? We live in the same state. Sorry but I am not afraid of a bitter middle aged troll that spews venom. I should have never even mentioned your step children. Anyways, the only twat here it you. You gross me out.

          • 30 is middle aged to you?

            And yes you talk shit about people’s children, you’re gonna have some venom spewed back into your face. That surprises you?

            I’m in Colorado Springs, where are you?

      • U r so over the top. Teresa is not dumb she thinks in Italian first English second. My family immigrated and I was raised with some whom processed well some whom struggle. That is not dumb. As much as u hate she is a sucessful business woman whom loves her family and u can see it. Melissa brought in the hate. Period

  • I absolutely believe that Mel would do this just by how Joe was talking in the preview. He had no sorry’s for her so far and his tone was harsh as im sure Mel’s were. I also think Gia has every right to speak her feelings. She is a teen with feeling also with peers ho most likely watch and tease her about. I know she must of said something to dad bout the things he has said about his wife. Mel should have just apologized and moved on but instead she argued with a teen and hung up. Low class. Just as Joe says ” there are two sides” for what reason does he need to explain. She said ” i know the tit for tat” already. A sorry i hurt you would of been best!!

    • Your on here to so you get a life as well. Don’t preach to other people. We are free to read anything we damn well please!

  • PEOPLE PLEASE!!! This is the fucking INTERNET! Do you really believe all this shit that you read on a blog??? Step away from the keyboard and GET A LIFE. Quit reading and arguing about this shit…..over it!!!

  • If this happened, don’t you think Gia felt bad enough without this becoming an ‘exclusive’ tell all story? Whoever was privy to this should have kept it to themselves. So much for the children are off limits.

  • Melissa is such a stupid cunt. She needs to grow the fuck up. Instead of admitting her fault in this mess (bc whether the cheating is true or just rumor it’s wrong to air out your “family’s” dirty laundry on tv especially if you portray yourself as holier than thou), she get’s into a verbal argument with a child and pulls out yet AGAIN the tit for tat card? “Your’e dad started it with calling me a skank?” Really? Why can’t she just be direct and say “Gia, I’m sorry for what I said, it was wrong, and I said the things I said out of anger bc your mom and I were in a bad situation.” So won’t saying anything to that effect bc she is horrible.

    Teresa never said anything so hurtful and mean-spirited like Melissa did. Melissa is very verbal. She has a big mouth. Teresa just happens to be at the wrong place and time when she hears all the crap about Melissa (at least thats what we see on the show). I think Melissa projects a lot bc there are some nasty rumors going around about her past. She’s no Saint Melissa.

    This show is so disappointing. Bravo is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for ratings. Why hasn’t Bravo realized how bad things have gotten for these people. The relationships are disintegrating and it’s sad to watch and just not entertaining. I can barely get through an episode anymore which totally sucks bc Jersey was my favorite franchise.

  • After seeing the previews last night for next week with Joe and Gia, I believe that this is a publicly leak to have viewers watch next week. This is why its being released now and not weeks ago when it was tweeted Melissa hung up on Gia. Its all a promo for Bravo.

  • I would not put it past that Demonic pawn of Satan to do this. Gia is old enough to know what is going on and she is doing what most kids do when someone is attacking there parents. If someone was talking about my paretns like Melissa does I would catch a charge

    And for hanging up on someone that is just low and cowardly.

  • Melissa and you too Joe should be ashamed of yourselves!! Melissa, you hung up on a child who is hurting and both of you not returning her call is unexcusable!! She’s being more mature than you two are.

  • I remember reading on Heather’s TL about something like this, ‘hanging up on a child, terrible” etc..

    As far as the story I do believe it. I can see Gia calling Messy and being upset over Messy comments about her comments about her father/ and her parents marriage etc. I knew shit that was going on in my family at Gia’s age and believe me I would have called / confronted anyone that said shit about my mother/ father their marriage in a freakin heartbeat!

    • My question for you is … How come we didn’t hear about Gia’s reaction to her sister saying her father slept in another room? or to her father calling her mother a b*** wife and a C U N T. Where was Gia’s outrage at her father ? If it wasn’t reported its probably because it would bring attention to a negative attention on the Guidice’s where was Heather’s outrage then ? The attacks on Melissa continue even though they are supposed to be making peace Teresa is truly a demented person. In a time when she should be reflecting on herself her choices in life her mistakes and devising a plan to move forward and a plan for her future she is still focused on shedding a negative light on Melissa through others. Now its her daughter, it is really truly sad

      • I would guess because those things were in her house! Meaning(for example) My brother and I can argue/say mean things to each other but let somebody else say something about one of us to the other and it’s war! I think that’s how it is in most families. Gia is an emotional pre teen( I have a teen myself and OMG) that heard her aunt say these things about her parents marriage! Outsiders commenting on ur parents marriage is totally different than your sister commenting on something in your house or her dad’s insults being frankenbit on a show! You can’t compare the 2! Do I agree with all that Gia has been exposed to? No NO NO! However she grew up on this show(still don’t agree) and I know at 12-13yrs old I knew exactly what was going on with my family. Mainly from snooping in on my mom’s calls etc…. Now with social media, even if she didn’t see the episode IT IS ALL OVER THE NET! Gia is in middle school and those kids are ruthless. I seriously doubt anybody is picking on Antonio in 2nd grade! I seriously doubt 2nd graders know anything about RHONJ! Middle schoolers who know Gia’s family is on the show/have iPhones/internet/social media def know about the show… Not that they should but that they DO!

      • Why are you asking me this? I commented about what this topic was about not what you are talking about..WTF?

    • Yeah, it’s awful when your dad calls your mom a c**t on national TV. But I’m sure Gia said something to him at home after watching. Or being that she’s exposed to this crap, maybe she now uses that word. As endearment, right?

  • Rox, A leopard does not change her spots, a fox does not change it fur, and a narcissist famewhore will never change. An adult would have humored Gia, said she was mad at the time an apologized.

    I feel firmly that children under 18’s time should be regulated on Realty TV like scripted.

    This show is dark and dangerous. Monica led a witch hunt against T. There are more ex boyfriends of Mel’s coming out every second on twitter.

    This show once was fun is nothing but a dark sad situation.

    Pull the plug, I am out.

      • JPG- ALLEGED CRIMES, get it straight. Innocent until proven guilty. Or don’t you believe in the Constitution? Just the law according to YOU and who you hate. Pfft.

        • Sure Shipp. The feds have NO evidence. We didn’t all watch her admit to BK fraud by TRYING to drop her claim.

          I am so anxious to hear your excuses once she is convicted. They’re gonna be some doozies 😀

          • JPG – don’t hold your breath cupcake.
            There is a LONG way to go before anyone is going to be proven guilty or not guilty.

            Also, I don’t make excuses for PROVEN criminals. The law is the law for everyone. But, right now nothing is PROVEN. Get it?

          • @jpg ~ I have this hilarious picture in my head of Tre Huggers picketing the courthouse.

            I personally think they should. As loyal as they all claim to be I would expect nothing LESS than such a show of solidarity for Tre and her “wonderful husband and four beautiful daughters.”

            Hell, if they were willing to try to arrange to SEND HER MONEY ( 😀 ), this should be a cakewalk.

            I will be seriously disappointed if this doesn’t happen and I expect massive media coverage if it does.

            If the Tre Huggers are unwilling to perform this SIMPLE ACT OF PROTEST for her it will prove to me beyond all doubt that they have NO LOYALTY to her and are nothing but a bunch of shiftless backstabbers.

            So get cracking on those picket signs, Tre Huggers!

          • Estelle – I laughed (literally) so hard when I saw the post about the pay pal account for Teresa.

            With this many stupid people, Teresa never needed to commit fraud ammnd tax evasion.

            Oh the irony! 😀

          • LOL! I know — I literally couldn’t believe what I was reading.

            “Hey, I’ve got ten bucks to spare! I think I’ll do my share for the downtrodden and needy this month and send it to Tre!” LOLOL!

          • My absolute favorite part of that post? “Roxy has my email address for anyone who’s interested”

            All I could picture was :geresa_tiudice@Gmail.com while Teresa laughed maniacally and congratulated herself on her mad money making skills.

            That clever little minx 😉

          • Oh JPG, honey. You don’t dictate who I have conversations with,or about what.

            Be careful, from past experience, you know you don’t want to fuck with me.

          • From past experience? Lmao. Yes. I’m so scared of you Shipp.

            I’ll either have to listen to your endless ramblings about Saint Teresa or what you’re going to try to narc me out to Rox? Sooooo scary!

            You really are JUST like Teresa. In denial and an over inflated sense of self importance.

        • Is anyone else finding it interesting that the heart of the accusations against T and Joe were in place when the arbiter of their bankruptcy essentially forced them to repeal the filing, as he noticed their failure to disclose her full Bravo income at the time, the first book’s income, etc?
          None of the fundamental charges seem like new news on their face- there may be more facts to prove/appear to prove the suspicions, like these documents which someone provided, but the fundamental charges were in existence several years ago.

          Someone had to get a whole lot of proof. and take a great deal of effort, to get all this to the Feds. Clearly ,Monica and her husband had a motive to do that- several of them.

          But the tide was changing here at the series- Melissa’s lies were being proven(on so many obvious levels) , her husband’s as well,down to the fact that he threw his parents out of their home to get on RHNJ for the purpose of letting his wife show how jealous she was of Teresa, and how false the life they tried to exude. Add to that the facts of the Laurita’s fraud/bankruptcy. Then add the disclosures of the failures of both AL and Caroline’s marriage, as well as the kids’ problems, and top it off with Richie’s lawsuits and we have a cast who were deeply motivated to bury their own seedy facts underneath as much as they could possibly throw Teresa and Joe’s way.

          I do not for one minute attempt to suggest that there is no truth to the accusations, but that will/or won’t be proven in court.
          What has immediately happened, however, was, just at a point where the other cast member’s weaknesses/vulnerabilities and lies were all being fully exposed, the topic was changed- and my strong sense is that each and every one of them both knew abuot the indictments and did all they could to encourage it- by feeding absolutely anything they could, to support it.
          Joe, Melissa, Kathy and Rich joined ths how to bring them down- and brought ugliness with them. They have their own skeletons – and their real personalities have been fully exposed. While the series started with Caro, Dina and Jac celebrating their “thick as thieves friendships, the evil they exibited last season, reunion included, destroyeed any hope any one of them had of being perceived to be a sincere, honest, kind person. It was all raw and ugly.
          And each of them seems to have been challenged as all have by the economy in recent years. But their desire to appear to remain successful and wealthy has done to them and their egos- just what it has done to Teresa- they have all been caught in falsehoods and lies, cheating one party or another, fueled with greed and jealousy and hubris. Monica and her husband – and all the Kims, etc- add to it- and here is proof positive that Reality TV – as exibited by the RH shows, has done nothing but bring the worst out in everyone involved. They all should be deeply profoundly ashamed. – as I am for watching.
          This is so dark as to be evil.

        • LOL oh my..jpg and Estelle you two are the QUEENS of denial. whenever there is proof of Melissa being a snake in the grass or proof of the many illegal and questionable activities that the gorgas, manzos, lauritas and wakiles are invlovled in you two just burying your dimwitted faces in the sand.

          understand this. no matter how deep you bury your huge heads. the truth will still come out and Melissa is going to be known as the home wrecking, gold digging, cunning, con artist that she is.

  • What I find remarkable is the poise and communication skills that Gia possesses at her young age. As for Melissa hanging up on her – typical mean girl bs! Before our eyes, Gia has grown into a respectful young lady and doesn’t need to get nasty to get her point across.

  • All Melissa had to say was I was upset when I said that, I’m sorry I definitely did not mean that Gia.

    Who argues with a child and defends their actions against them? Gia is a child and not at fault in any of this. If this is true, than her karma stock just doubled.

  • I was a little more upset that he called her babe and said she looked hot. He is one sick bastard.

    • Made me want to lock up the kids where he couldn’t get to them. Who tells a 12 year old, especially a niece, that they look hot, then check out their posterior. Man is sick, sick, sick.

  • I’m very disapointed it has come to this point. But I dont think Gia should blame melissa. She should blame her bitch of an uncle, joey marcHO. he wants to claim he loves gia SoOoOOO much yet will not spend time with his goddaughter??? You should be ashamed of yourself or anyone who does that. While I dont think gia should get involved in adult situations i do also think she should have an opinion and say how she feels. God gave us mouths and voices for a reason. Its just upsetting to know how the young children are getting tangled in this mess and my heart hurts for them. I know cause I was in Gias position so many times when I was younger. I am praying they re-cast the next season. PLEASE bravo! Leave this family alone!!!

  • Another sign of the Guidice bad parenting, involving kids & having kids on a reality show that will impact their lives on and off screen. Some for the Gorga’s and their young children. Just ridiculous.

      • That would be refreshing. Someone is going to have to die for Bravo to make a change. Oh wait. Somebody did(Russell Armstrong) and the didn’t give a crap.

        • He committed suicide.

          Bravo didn’t fucking kill him.

          That was his choice, no one else’s.

          Dear God, do you ever allow ANYONE to take fucking responsibility for their own actions?

      • I agree.
        Parents on these reality shows are making choices for their children that could have long term repercussions.

    • Guidice bad parenting? LOL! Aslee has an assault charge under her belt. Kathy’s kids have tweeted disgusting things. Caroline’s adult daughter comments that Teresa isn’t happy unless someone is licking her asshole while proud mommy says nothing. Her “boys” still act as if they’re teens. Critterfur is a slob and Albie clearly has anxiety issues. I’ve seen unaired footage one of the Gorga boys knocking his sister on her ass while taking Christmas pics and aired footage of the same kid punching his father in the side of the head.

      • Yeah, the Guidice’s are model parents. C’mon already. There is no discipline or parenting coming from any of the parents from any of the franchises. And it’s the parents choice but they fail to realize they’re creating these monsters. Look at Alex’s son from the Miami franchise.

        Don’t bring your kids onto these shows because you’re going to F them up on and off screen.

        Growing up, were you ever privy to the crap these parents talk about in front of their kids? I hope not.

        • nobody is a “model” parent on the show. each and every one of the adults have made mistakes regarding their “children”. that doesn’t mean anyone of those adults doesn’t love their kids. I believe they all do love them but they all make bad judgements just like the guidices but for many stupid reasons only the guidices parenting is questioned. that is unfair.

          but yeah I agree that if you’re going to get on a reality show you should be very aware about how it may affect the children. I don’t think any of the housewives and their husbands think about that. people don’t think about that in real life so what makes anyone think that life is going to be perfect on camera?

  • I find it funny that most of you are defending the fact that a child is involved in adult situations. Not to mention when Jac’s adult daughter is defending her mother she is a no good piece of s**t. Double standards…I think so.

    • I don’t feel like anyone thinks a child should be involved in ‘adult situations’; but when the dynamics are between her own family members it’s hard for her not to be aware of whats going on.

      She was standing right next to her mother when her Godfather and Uncle lost his mind, called his sister “garbage” and lunged at her father, causing a near riot.

      She is cognitive of having not seen her Uncle or her Aunt or her cousins for more than a year.

      What she has seen can not be unseen, what she knows can’t be unlearned. Is it better that rather than discuss it, she is silent about it? IDK but it is what it is.

      Ashley on the other hand, had created a ‘hate page’ about Danielle on facebook, attacked D’s oldest daughter unprovoked on twitter…and once again unprovoked assaulted Danielle. So when ‘involvement’ leads to criminal action, it’s a good time step back and in no way comparable to whats going on with Gia.

      • And who do we have to blame for her being in the middle…hearin and seeing these things. Her parents. It is sad that they ALWAYS get be benefit of the doubt and their rabid fans will defend them but everyone else is wrong. This family is shady and the fact that everyone thinks it is okay to let a child talk about adult situations is crazy. I have a child Gia’s age and would never let them get involved in my mess…and that is just what it is, Teresa’s mess.

        • 13 is a little old to assume she wouldn’t get involved. Agree this is the parent’s mess, however I am not surprise that Gia was upset.

          This season Melissa has been given a bad edit. I am sure some of the negative things she has said she wasn’t expecting to be aired.

          I think Gia acted appropriately. She called her aunt hoping for an apology.

          This season has gone too far IMO. I didn’t watch the last two episodes because I am fed up with the nastiness. I couldn’t imagine if I this was happening to my parents. I feel sorry for all of their children. Gia is reacting now, but the others will have to deal with it later.

          Again, proud of Gia.

        • I don’t think it’s always Joe Gu and Teresa’s fault; when it comes to the Baptism Beat down…the Gorga’s are and always will be IMO the fact of that fiasco..(which is why as much as I wanted to like them…they have turned me off for ever; it would literally take an act of God for them to redeem themselves in my book).

          It’s not Teresa’s fault that Joey never turned up to Gia’s birthday because he hates or his more hurt by his sister than he loves his niece.

          It’s not Teresa’s fault that Melissa said nation wide that she wants to sell her house because she doesn’t want her kids going to the same HIGH SCHOOL….AKA 7+ YEARS FROM NOW going to the same high school as Teresa’s kids.

          All the adults have failed the children…and of course it’s the children who will suffer the most.

  • Kids should be off limits completely Gia is a child she shouldn’t be involved in this petty back and forth between the supposedly adults . The kids on the housewives shouldn’t have article written about them its completely wrong i know that everyone hates Melissa and they think she the devil so everyone is going to believe this story anyway . And I’am not a Melissa fan I don’t believe this story I think you who ever leak this story is disgusting Gia is going throught alot right now dealing with her parents . The kids shouldn’t be use for gossip

  • I find it interesting how in Melissa book ( and I am using the term ‘book’ loosely ) she maintains that ever though her father cheated on her mother and would disappear for days on end; that her parents were soul mates and that her father would have never left her mother…and her mother was completely loyal to him.

    Yet, she is quick to point out that Joe Gudice’s alleged infidelity is proof he doesn’t love his wife and that Teresa is in complete denial.

    Does she think that viewers wouldn’t draw the parallel?

    • Melissa conveniently leaves out her mother’s boyfriend moving to Boca with them, and makes up a story how they met years later. Nice. She wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her on the ass. And she knows her dumb fans will be too stupid to question any of her lies.

  • True or not, I wish this story wasn’t being reported because it pains *me* to think of all the pain Gia Giudice is living and dealing with at such an important stage in her life. Yes, I realize I could have not commented, but instead of having an opinion after a read, I actually *felt* this one.

    When my kids were young (and even now that they’re grown), my rule of thumb was to treat all kids as I’d want adults to treat mine. If this story is true, I wonder how Melissa would feel if the tables were turned and Teresa had treated Antonia the way she allegedly treated Gia?

  • I find it hilarious you all believe this shit.

    Who would have known about this phone call (which I don’t even believe ever took place) but Melissa and Gia (therefore also Teresa)

    Let’s play pretend and say this phone call happened – Melissa sure as hell isn’t the source, I don’t believe Gia is speaking with AllAboutTRH, so that leaves Teresa.

    So if you want to get angry, get angry at TERESA for spreading this bullshit filth around.

    • My guess it’s Teresa’s ghost writer who leaked the story…with or without Teresa’s blessing.

      But either way, the story being out there isn’t why people are upset…it’s because of what happened- or what supposedly happened.

      • Then Teresa needs to fire that person (Heather) for discussing her CHILD. Which should be her main concern and duty, want and desire to protect.

        • Hi jpg, I don’t think that ‘friends’ should be telling tells either; but I am guessing it’s tolerated because it serves Teresa’s interest.

    • It’s pretty obvious, right? Why don’t these people leave their kids out of this mess? There just doesn’t seem to be any boundaries for how far people will use their kids to promote themselves.

        • You are disturbing jpg. Your you just as mean and ugly inside as Melissa and that is saying alot. Why don’t you go down to the local burn ward at the hospital were you live and have a good laugh at people in pain. Sounds like your idea of a good time.

          • You’ve never met me. You have no idea who I am as a person. You know I don’t like your God, Teresa. That’s it.

            I find it SUPER disturbing you would say the burn ward thing. Since it came out of YOUR filthy mind, seems to me it’s something you have either done or thought about doing.

            You’re a waste of flesh, so why don’t you go donate yours to the aforementioned “burn victims” you sick fuck.

          • you have serious issues Mego !! why would you say something like that about jpg and burn victims ??..You Mego are disturbing get some help

          • jpg and you’ve never met anyone here and never met the guidices either but for some odd reason you and Estelle like to come in here and try to act like you know everyone and everything. the fact is both of you don’t know squat!!

            you come in here attack commenters and name call and make assumptions. so you have some freakin nerve to play “victim” and say “You’ve never met me”. nobody wants to personally “Know” you because your abrasive, aggressive and offensive shallow comments have painted a very negative picture of you and if you act this way in person then I would run the other way. because you’re filthy stench will make me vomit. that is how awful you present yourself in these comments and that goes for your boyfriend Estelle too.

  • These entire “report” smacks of a news plant…. why would a preteen call to share her feelings with her aunt??? And to suddenly be so grammatically accurate in writing when the child barely speaks English… ( I love the whole franchise’s abuse of colloquialisms)… I call BS!

    Having been 12 yrs. old a few years ago, it NEVER would have occurred to me to confront an adult family member about my feelings… because as a CHILD I understood that it would NEVER be my place to confront any adult about anything! Moreover, it NEVER would have become news if I had… unless of course the story was about how I mastered time travel because my Momma slapped me into next week!

    There are some really poor boundaries going on (calling Mom by first name, toddlers referring to family members as strippers and hookers- Dad referring to Mom as “C-U-Next-Tuesday)….

    It seems like these kids are given too many freedoms equal to those of adults that aren’t for their benefit. Having a say in adult matters only makes your kids recognize that you laack authority in your own home… from there it’s just a slippery slope into other abuses. Kids need boundaries, limits and order… their lives are in chaos judging from the show.

    Teresa & Joe can hear their kids out, but NEVER should a child be able to “call an adult out”…NEVER!

    This story is an obvious ploy to garner sympathy for Teresa by way of her kids and to paint her SIL as an evil person… nothing about it is appropriate or constructive to building a happy or healthy family. If it did happen, then Melissa was right to terminate the call.

    It’s time to get these babies off of TV and let them have a chance at a normal childhood… some things just shouldn’t be up for sale (their trauma, tears and confusion)… Teresa’s kids need the shelter of privacy much more than they need camera time!

      • Sorry but Gorgas kids actually act like kids. I don’t see them taking about and spouting off opinions about Theresa and Joe

        • Gino called his father “stupid” last night- and it was done with what seemed like actual contempt.

          I wouldn’t call that a kid being a kid. Yes kids can be sassy or back talk but that took it to a whole other level.

          What stunned me the most, is how it pretty much went unchecked. My kids are 6 and 4 and think that “stupid” is a bad word, it they overhear it on a cartoon, they will say “Mommy, the tv said a bad word” but Gino was totally comfortable with not only using it, but directing it at his father.

          • The kid actually said “Congratulations stupid” to his father, when they were pointing out the tan ad billboard, in the car, on the highway.

          • wow he said stupid !! have you guys heard Teresa’s kids and the things that come out of there mouths ., its entertaining for sure and they are adorable but no comparison to Gorgas kids

          • Hi Salazar, yes I have heard some of the things that come out of the mouths of Guidice’s children. Some of it’s funny, some of it’s questionable and some of it’s concerning.

            But IMO if Gino speaks to his father that way now, in what wasn’t a slip of the tongue but a willful display of disrespect without a shred of fear, regret or atonement, I foresee they are going to have a long road ahead of them.

            How sad it is for Joey Gorga for not only does he fail command the respect of his father, but also his oldest son.

    • Gia’s understandably hurt reaction doesn’t negate what Melissa did. Fine, children are never allowed to question adults, even fame whores who trash their own families on tv for $$$$$. Any kid subjected to such hurtful and brutally inappropriate behavior by a Family member would want to discuss it. It’s not a mystery why. So what’s the alternative? If she’s not allowed to discuss it with Melissa all she can do is avoid her, not trust her, hate her. So that to you is healthy? Gia shouldn’t have had to have brought it up anyway, if either Marco gave a damn about the poor kid they would have apologized as soon as they found out she knew about it. No bullshit, no excuses, just apologies and reassurance. If gia isn’t allowed to react like a kid then maybe it’s time for the fame whores to start acting like mature adults.

  • I wanted to add, after this incident, Teresa needs to cut all ties with the scum. It’s one thing to treat Teresa like shit, it’s another to shit all over a child. There is absolutely no reason to have any contact with them. God does not like ugly. There day will come.

    • NYGirl, I agree with you completely. Family or not, time to walk away from that trash, for good.

  • The “think about Antonia” comment seals it for me. I believe 100% that the Hooker did hang up on her. Gia should have never spoke with that nasty Hooker. She should only speak with Stumpy. It’s clear that this pig only cares about herself. There was a preview of Stumpy speaking with Gia. I wonder if he told her to contact the Hooker. What a piece of shit!

  • Shore whore go home! Mel sold her soul to get on the show and now not only is her niece paying the price, her own daughter is too but she doesn’t care.

    Don’t shoplifters belong in jail????

    • Not according to her book. She writes that her record was expunged when we ALL know that last year when she went to Florida there was a very real warrant for her arrest. That she had to settle. But she thinks her fans are stupid and will believe her fairytale. And you know what? her fans really are that stupid.

  • I don’t believe this. Sounds like someone is trying to take the heat away from Teresa and get people talking about Melissa instead.

  • Just saying, do we have to report everything associated with this story, esp, when your using a child to get a click. That is so wrong. Not everything needs to get reported or blogged about. Please don’t use Gia to get clicks, this is wrong, and if it happened, why do we need to know about it? Leave Gia alone, she is a child who is dealing with more than enough crap. This isn’t right! Sorry I am upset because Gia shouldn’t be even mentioned in this, how would you feel if this was your child your making viewings of?

    • This isn’t the first time Gia has been reported and it was Teresa’s best friend who was tweeting about this occurrence anyways. Take a breather

      • That’s the really sick part. This is how Teresa’s best friend acts? By selling out her child?

    • Hi michele

      What is a click?

      Seriously 100% of interviews/exclusives/court cases against Teresa and Joe….etc

      are not on this blog

      …this child has been living her life in front of camera’s and social media, so of course she has seen her face/words in print.

      Gia has read stories about her parties/and family parties etc…being a young woman this is her reality.

  • Didn’t Teresa friend Heather mention on her twitter about MeHo hanging up on a child and alluding that it was one of Teresa girls?

  • Heather mentioned on Twitter a week or two ago that only an evil person would hang up on a child so I’m inclined to believe that this is true.

    • Why is Heather discussing their own private, personal family business?

      Oh right, because Teresa encourages her too.

      And please spare me the “Teresa can’t control Heather” bullshit. That’s her employee.

      • For the record, I don’t believe a WORD of this story.

        I just wanted to be clear that Teresa and her bullshit “Family First” ” All I want is my family together”. If ANY of that were true, she would not only tell Heather to keep her dumb mouth shut, regardless of whether the topic of discussion were true or untrue.

        • Your argument is ridiculous! I will ask you why Melissa doesn’t tell her stupid family to keep their mouths shut? Huh? Why? Answer the question!!

          • Omgosh jpg I wish Rox would ban your ass from this site. That is crazy as hell!

          • Don’t hold your breath for an answer. Some people on here just throw out their thoughts, and when someone asks a legitimate question, they either dummy up or reply with a smart ass non-answer.

            You’re question was reasonable – why is it OK for the Marco mother, sisters, make up guy etc. to be vicious on social media, and nobody is supposed to be offended by that? Your question was a good one, but you’ll never get an answer.

          • Bullshit! Heather is not Teresa’s employee. The publisher pays Heather. So don’t even try that crap!

          • Nope, Heather is not paid by Teresa. The publisher pays Heather. Unlike Lysa Simpson (Melissa’s evil sister) who also filed bankruptcy, and is paid my Melissa and is Melissa’s nanny as well. Melissa and Joey are her meal ticket and they depend on Melissa becoming famous to survive. Heck, Lysa’s husband even tweeted that Joe Gorga bought him a Rolex. So these family members are as invested in Melissa’s lies as she is because it is their bread and butter. Hi Estelle and JPG.

          • What don’t you get? She Co authored Teresa’s books and writes her blogs.

            You honestly don’t think she gets paid for that?

            Why do I waste my time?

          • Well WHORSEY FACE should have seen if Heather wanted to be her employee when she wrote that book of BS contradicting stories all rolled up in one

      • Jpg: I too have wondered why Heather stokes the flames with her tweets. It’s not helping anything.

        • I would think she is being advised to. Either way you want to look at it, either as her being Teresa’s employee or ‘best friend’, you would think at the very least Teresa would tell her to knock it off when it comes to her children.

          As an employee or a ‘best friend’s you would think she would honor this request.

          Obviously this request has never been made.

          • Why should Teresa advise Heather to back off? Melissa makes fair game of Teresa’s kids. Melissa’s family constantly targets Teresa and her minions at Queenz of Media aka Grace the Evil also work with Melissa to malign Teresa and her fans. Alls fair in love and war as they say. Why shouldn’t Teresa defend herself with every tool she’s got. Melissa won’t back off. Teresa shouldn’t either.

  • This is so wrong on so many levels. Cancel this show already please. Melissa is truly the most disgusting hw. I would rather watch tamras spinoff than her lol and for those who might post on well she’s too young to be watching, even if she didn’t watch she would still hear it from people at school. Times are way different now. I’m roxs age and personally I would hate to grow up during time. The kids are growing up way too fast along with s media

  • You what I think is unforgiveable, for an adult to act like a child when a hurt child reaches out to you. Don’t worry Gia, Melissa is going to hell wearing gasoline drawers and they will be in flames.

    • Gasoline drawers? Lol.

      I feel bad for Gia… She’s the innocent one in all of this.

  • Why ih the hell is Teresa leering Gua watch this show ?? With all the BS that goes on with these two families I thought Teresa was trying to keep the kids out of it !! And shame on Melissa for engaging in a conversation like that with her young niece. She should have just said sorry you heard that and it hurt your feelings. And that’s it !! No need to go back and forth fighting with a child. But at the same time…Gia shouldn’t have been allowed to watch or call Melissa. Respect your elders (even if others don’t).

    • Right, because a 12 or 13 year old child don’t know how to turn on the TV and flip to a certain channel. Or they don’t know how to watch it on the Internet. Or read about it on the Internet. Respect goes both ways regardless of how old you are. Gia should have respected Melissa and Melissa should have reciprocated that respect and let Gia talk, assuming that this is true.

      • Taking the remote control away, and monitoring what crap your child sees is what a parent is for.

        • True but Gia is 12 and therefore awarded a bit of independence. Not to mention, some of the worst of it she has seen with her own eyes.

        • Especially this show !! Teresa knows all the shit talking that goes on !! Why would she allow her kids to watch this !! Milania’s dancing on a pole saying she’s Melissa…you won’t find that on Sesame Street !! Every parent should know what their children are watching / doing, whether you’re in the spotlight or not. Failure to do do is a disservice to your kids !!! Oh but wait, I forgot I was on the “Teresa can do no wrong” site. Raising brats that’s what she’s doing. I would never ever at Gia’s age call a grown-up and voice my opinion like that. If I did I’d get my ass beat. But I was raised at a different time, again you respected your elders, other kids parents could and did discipline you. You didn’t raise your voice to others and you kept out of adult business !!!

          • Hi GS

            I am also wondering about Milania’s comment about Melissa riding the pole. I am hoping that maybe while in the party limo, Melissa had actually done it; and that is what Milania was referring to.

          • Hi Miss V.

            And now kids can watch TV with their phones. Technology is really becoming a factor in how we parent a child.

            When I was growing up, a parent never had to have a conversation about cyber bulling…or not to send boys naked pictures of yourself ect.

        • She’s freaking 12, not 5. She understands EVERYTHING that’s going on and doesn’t have to watch TV to know about it. At Gia’s age, I knew how to get around “parental control” on TV and the Internet.

          The fact that some people think 12/13 year olds are too stupid to understand what’s going on around them or can’t have opinions/feelings of their own is ridiculous.

          Also, was it reported that Gia disrespected Melissa? As far as I can tell, she called Melissa to tell her that her comment hurt her feelings and it was Melissa who started blaming Teresa and Joe. What kind of adult does that? Gia shouldn’t have engaged in a confrontation with Melissa, but she’s also a hormonal teenager and according to some, a child who doesn’t know better. What’s Melissa’s excuse as a 35 year old grown adult and aunt, excuse for fighting with a 12 year old?

      • I don’t care how old you are if someone says (especially a family member) anything bad about your parents you are not going to like it and most likely ask tour aunt why she said that even little kids react if they think you are making their mama cry it’s in the humans animals do it it’s our instinct

        • But.. we raise our kids not to act on every emotion and animal instinct (I hope) kids should respect the adults in there life ,honestly if my niece and nephew got involved in adult situations they would be told to go play with your cousins and stay out of adult problems .Period.

          • At Gia’s age, if I heard my aunt disrespecting my parents that way I would have had the gumption to call her. I would have wanted an explanation. This poor little girl has to be so confused.

          • No way would I call my aunt and confront her about anything ,that is not “gumption” its about knowing your place and respecting adults ,Im sorry but Gia acts completely disgusted by all of the adults in her life ,anything Teresa says she rolls her eyes and has a disgusted comment ..I do feel bad for her she grew up way too fast and that is her parents fault

    • Oh hell no, Teresa knows in her heart of hearts that Melissa does not love her girls and holds them in the same contempt that she holds Teresa and Joe. She would never let her chained up stump of a brother and his shore whore have the girls. never, never, never.

      Like it or not Gia grew up on this show and knows exactly what is going on and what peices of shit Melissa and Joey are.

    • Who says she is? I’m pretty sure Gia’s friends either watch or hear about it from their parents. they take it to Gia.

      And since when can’t a niece call her aunt?

  • Even though this is a “sources said exclusive” I put more believability in this source than Lie online.

    What a piece of shit M is, if this is true!!

    Unfortunately all adults have had a hand in abusing the children of Bravo franchise.

    Physical fights and verbal smashing of family member happens within earshot if not right beside the children, we have seen footage of this.

    Poor Gia, of course she will have a reaction and of course she will call out family member, she has been on her mom’s lap while Teresa did this as a little one.

    What a piece of shit M is.

    • Hi Sam! You are right, everyone on the show has had a hand in allowing the children on the show to view and understand whats going on. It isn’t right especially for the younger ones. I wont say Gia is too young for Real Housewives just because i moved out of my family home when i was 14 but the point is 12/13 is very mature and TV show or not, how could she not know whats going on in her family?

      I will say this as a mom I wouldn’t ever encourage my children to disrespect my SIL or or BIL just because ultimately you must respect your elders in my book but its just so sad this family is this broken.

  • First of all, we don’t know if this is true or not. The “source” of course seems to be heavily written from Gia’s point of view. Even if it were true, it’s HORRIBLE that Gia is involved in this. She shouldn’t even be watching the show and she DEFINITELY should not be part of the story line. Teresa and Joe Giudice are really doing their daughter a disservice. Gia should be focused on school and growing up, not getting involved in drama-some real, some staged, between her parents, aunt and uncle. Teresa and Joe Giudice should be ashamed of themselves. Terrible parenting right there.

    • We don’t know that Gia found out about what Melissa said because Gia watched that episode. I’m sure lots of kids in Gia’s school watch, and, with the age they are, would be scrambling to ask / tease / poke Gia about it. Teresa has said numerous times before that sometimes Gia watches, sometimes she doesn’t. Teresa said she didn’t even watch that episode because they were at the shore (and because it was a horrible, painful episode), so I doubt Gia received the info directly from the TV.

      • Actually Teresa in one of her interviews for the show said Gia watches the show and then when asked isn’t she too young she laughed and mumbled some half assed excuse. She treats Gia like a friend not a daughter. I don’t “love” anyone over anyone I just watch and even though Teresa brought 90% of this on herself I think she actually is not bad at heart.I think her husband has dragged her into all of this and we should focus on the big picture there are serious charges against them and Joe may be deported, their stuff auctioned and Teresa will be stuck as a single mom facing jail if she is convicted and Joe deported. I think we should not Sqabble or name call but pray for their kids and know the reality that they are facing. All the trivial name calling is not important when the parents and their 4 girls lives can and probably will be turned upside down. Remember that the govt. Only goes after you when you hold back ALOT of money from them. Sad

        • The BEST outcome would be for Joe to be deported. Not for personal feelings, but for the sake of the kids. The alternatives are BOTH parents in jail, Tre out in 7-10 (3 served with good time) and Joe somewhere around 15-25. (12-18 with good time). For so many reasons I hope that is what happens, A. because we don’t have to pay 100k per year to house and feed him, B. Better for the children who would have access to a parent, even if it meant spending time in Italy, C. Daddy in Home Country rather than prison reduces the psychological stigma on the 4 girls, and both sets of parents D. Then it’s Italy’s problem. And God forgive me for joking here, but some of us would gladly spend 11 million dollar of someone else’s money if it guaranteed us a lifetime of retirement in Italy with family waiting with open arms. Joe should thank his lucky stars if this is the outcome of a guilty verdict.

          • I am not a legal expert or anything but I think he will serve his sentence before they deport him.Correct me if am wrong.

    • I feel exactly the same way….about the Gorga’s, their behavior in front of all the children at the christening was disgusting, Gorga’s should be ashamed of themselves…don’t even get me started on the YouTube video Joe Gorga put out of his son acting out masterbation, Terrible parenting right there.

      • Is this thread about the Gorga kids? This is about Gia getting involved in adult affairs. Teresa and Joe deserve criticism for that. In a thread about the Gorga kids, let’s talk about them there. What is it with Teresa stans always trying to deflect criticism away from the Giudices?

          • Aren’t all the children worthy of the same consideration?

            If the issue is about children being involved in adult situations, then there is plenty of blame to go around.

            They were all at the christening, poor baby Joey’s day was ruined because of the behavior of the the adults.

            Wasn’t it only a few episodes ago when we saw Antonia standing outside the door as Melissa made it known that Teresa calls her brother ‘pussy whipped’ and how Joe’s parents (her Nonna and Nonno) look at Melissa like she is the devil; not to mention them quarreling about Melissa’s twitter antics.

            It comes back to, none of these children belong on the show…and none of the parents use caution around them.

    • Preach it. I don’t understand why this family gets a free pass. Commenters on other HW shows say kids should not be exploited and stay out of this stuff. But when it comes to this family, the kids and their business is totally overexposed and everyone seems cool with it. I don’t get it at all.

      • 12/13 is certainly not adult either, and is still way too young to be involved in the show or family drama.

        • True. Should not is not the same as already is. I have a 13 year old girl and believe me, the things she tells me she hears in her school and social life are so beyond the issues I dealt with in 1982. One word: Internet. Every kid has it. My only option is to address these things honestly and give coping tools. We live in a fortunate part of the country and through music, school, and social life she is still privy to waaaay more than I’d ever want.

          Too late to do what should have (never) been done. Bless these kids. They’re going to need it.

  • Wow just wow. They all need to get off this show how Teresa shows restraint is beyond me because if it was my child Melissa’s butt would be dragged all over Jersey.

  • Where did this story come from? I just wonder how anyone would know about this besides the immediate family.

    The conversation with Melissa and Gia would have been best handled in person, face to face.

    These people don’t live that far from each other and Melissa should have made the effort to do more than return a phone call.

    The probably Melissa and Teresa have is that instead of saying that they were wrong and apologize. They tend to justify what they’ve said or done by pointing out the others wrong doings.

    Melissa often says Teresa never accepts responsibility for anything she does. The same could be said about Melissa.

    I do think Gia has been most effected by this as she is older and exposed to everything.

  • I just don’t know what to think. This is such crap, considering what this poor family is going through. This fighting amongst them isn’t important. Don’t they realize that? What’s important is what will happen to those precious girls if Teresa and Joe get time.

    I read somewhere that Melissa and Joe would get custody. Is that true?

    • They fight over the dumbest shit, but MeHo does start stuff all the time. She is a horrible person, and I wouldn’t trust her with the Giudice girls. I hope Teresa’s parents, Juicy’s parents, or Maria Giudice will care for them. They genuinely love those girls. Not MeHo and that disgraceful tool. I don’t even think they could handle taking care of 4 of them when they have a hard time staying home with their own children.

      • And when do you think Teresa is homewhile trying to promote her 512 products? You people are too funny.

        • The difference is Teresa may be promoting her “512 products” but she still has time for her children just like any other working mom WHorsey face on the other hand is just out whoring herself around town with her stump husband trying to be noticed.

          • @JPG …Jen doesn’t have to follow Teresa. Bravo does it for us. Yes Teresa is out there shilling product, making money to pay for a mess that T&J allegedly got themselves in. Teresa is hustling to feed the family. And yet, somehow she still manages to get the girls together with both sets of grandparents to make 800 EIGHT HUNDRED!!! pounds of sausages. Or ditto on the 200 jars of tomatoes. Last time I saw Melissa in a kitchen she was sucking shots of Vodka FROM the BOTTLE, wasted. So while both women are out shilling, it seems only Teresa manages to fit in time for family and traditions. Unless Melissa’s family tradition is to shirk responsibility and get plastered while the rest of the women enjoy the satisfaction of creating food and love with their family. FYI, JPG, nothing personal. Bravo has been watching Teresa keep family close for four years now. What has Melissa done with her family? Just asking…

    • I doubt Melissa or Joey would get them.. probably Sheila and Pete Giudice. Their relationship is more consistent, their kids actually know one another. But they would definitely be with their dad’s family before Joe and Melissa.

    • Joe is Gia’s god father so that could be true. I wonder who her god mother is? As of now I doubt if Tre and Joe do go to prison Gia would willingly go live with them.

      • Whoever gets custody is whoever Joe and Teresa designate. Joe Gorga being Gia’s godfather doesn’t give him any legal rights. It’s a religious honorific, not a legal position.

        • What the hell are you talking about? These children are not up for grabs to the highest bidder.

          They are not homeless. There is no trial. There will probably be a plea bargain. There is a possibility of the charges even being dropped.

          Jesus, talk about a rust to judgement.

          Get a grip.

          • Teresa’s lawyer said that she was going to plead not guilty. That means there will be a trial.

            If she changes her mind and makes a deal, she will still get jail time.

          • I don’t think she’s rushing to judgement just considering what would happen IF the worst happened.

          • Shipp, thanks for being the voice of reason! We live in America and are still innocent till proven guilty!!! By the way just because you are a god parent doesn’t mean you take over the child, they have 2 sets of grandparents!!

          • JPG – do you know the definition of possibility? My complete sentence ‘there is a possibility of the charges even being dropped.” Don’t twist it.

            Please tell me when you passed the bar and attained all your legal knowledge? That would be the best laugh of the day Google girl.

          • Not really. Seems to me most people (including Teresa fans) don’t see her getting out of this one.

            Your denial is right up there with Teresa’s.

      • doubt if any court would take two parents away from the children at one time, especially in jersey, where everything is political,

        • I hate to break this to you Lucille but being a parent is not a “get out of jail free card “a criminal is a criminal

        • In a heartbeat they would, if they are both proven guilty on enough of the 39 counts. The prisons are loaded with single parents, and people who had to find alternate care for their children. Happens every day.

  • FUCK YOU, MEHO SHORE WHORE! So, this is what really happened. I read somewhere that MeHo yelled and Gia and hung up on her, and reading this even boils my blood. The nerve of that rachet whore to treat Gia in this manner. It’s not always about you, MeHo! As for her bringing up Antonia… She needs to STOP! I doubt Antonia gets a quarter of the heat Gia has been getting.

    And yes, MeHo, you are a skank! Skank isn’t even the right word for you because you are even lower than that. Gia deserves to be treated better, and I hope Teresa shields her from them. No good can come from them. Seriously…

    Joe Gorga is a little punk bitch, and he let’s his wife control him. May your life be miserable because it will get worse when you can’t even defend yourself, your parents, your sister, your nieces, and your own manhood.

      • Jpg (and estelle)I am genuinely interested in what you find redeeming about Melissa. Are you just annoyed by the hypocrisy that exists, or do you also find Melissa to be a good person? I’d be interested to hear what you like about Melissa.

        • I personally find Melissa more likable. I’m by no means a rabid fan. She fucks up just like the rest of them.

          I feel Teresa has treated her like shit since she joined the family. Why WOULD she like Teresa or be expected to?!

          On the other hand, I have never liked Teresa and for years (even before the BK) new she was full of complete and utter shit. Financially and otherwise.

      • I think the source is Melissa herself. All the stories right now are about Teresa and not her, and you know she hates that.

        Melissa is a big narcissist who must have non-stop attention on her, and if that means fighting with a child, then so be it. Narcissists get attention by causing conflict, creating triangles, and making their spouses “choose” them over and over again. Melissa will always pick fights with Joe’s family, and make him choose. It will never stop.

          • I think it is the person who put it into the virtual sphere in the first place.
            Can’t remember her name…Teresa’s friend who mentioned it on Twitter.
            She seems to like to put things ‘out’ there.

          • To Roxy no. Roxy has been pretty clear she’s Team Teresa.

            So that leaves three possibilities. Heather, Teresa or Roxy is making up lies.

            I believe someone spoke to Roxy. You do the math.

        • LOL WHORSEY FACE is a narcissist I can hear her now, That bitch Teresa stole my thunder again this was all suppose to be about my book “Love SHORE WHORE STYLE” now she’s on the news and in the newspapers

    • Isabella, you really shouldn’t believe everything you read and let your blood boil over trivial stuff like this.

  • I really don’t believe that this is true. I’m sorry, Melissa is a bitch for sure but I don’t think its gotten so ugly that she would do that to Gia. I really don’t. I think someone is looking for trouble by stirring the pot.

    • I do believe it’s possible Melissa would do that to Gia. I mean look how she and Joey behaved at the Christening in front of Gia! These people don’t care who they hurt or offend. Even the children.

        • Teresa has hit her usual low having the kids speak disrespectfully towards the adults…if this is true!

          • so true. she probably said “go ahead Gia, call Melissa and tell her how upset you are that she said those things about Daddy!”

      • Heather Maclean tweeted about how no one should ever hang up on a child and how disrespectful it was.

      • I agree as well, but not that it’s a new low. Melissa displays a long history of low. Something went terribly wrong in Melissa’s upbringing. It’s as if she mimics feelings she is supposed to have, says the things a caring person would say, but they never strike me as sincere, and I base that on her body language, eye-rolling, passive aggressive remarks that usually follow her saying what she thinks sounds good. With no cameras around, I can sooooo see her going “tit-for-tat” with a 13 year old, who Ironically, expresses sadness, disappointment and even anger appropriately and sincerely. Strange.

    • IDK- I can kind of see it happening.

      I am sure in Melissa’s mind, she thought that Teresa put Gia up to it and went on the defensive.

      Then like almost all parents do when being questioned by a child (projecting my own childhood here where I would question “But why?” and the answer was a short and sweet “Because I said so”) . So I can easily picture Mel saying “Look, I am not going to discuss this with a child” because of how uncomfortable the conversation would have been.

    • I agree. This is 100% crap. I wonder who the source is; I’ve got it narrowed down to one of two.

      • Teresa’s friend did confirm on twitter that Melissa hung up on Gia so this does make sense. Glad we got the story on why!

        • Except that I don’t believe a word that comes out of this woman’s (Heather’s — aka Teresa’s lackey’s) mouth, so imo it’s STILL 100% crap.

        • Anyways the point is Gia is a kid and needs to be treated like one , she has no business arguing with adults & confronting them ..its all so unhealthy and this story is bogus to begin with

          • I love Teresa and her family, and dont care for Melissa at all, but Gia should not be getting involved. She is just a child.

          • I agree. My parents have always sd; “a child needs to stay in a child’s place”. Growing up, us kids had to leave the room or go outside to play when the adults had conversations. There was no such thing as kids interrupting adult conversations either in person or talking on the phone and us kids didn’t know adult “business” nor did we get into adult matters. Don’t get me wrong, if Melissa did do that, she’s wrong too and should apologize.

          • I agree to a certain extent that children need to stay out of adult situations but when something is affecting your family and always constantly hearing negative things about your family then that child is going to respond, react and even rebel. so the fault only goes to adults. the adults should be aware what the drama is doing to the kids. I put the blame on all the adults on the show and even my favorite Teresa. all the adults are being really selfish and not thinking about how all this negativity and bickering is affecting the little ones.

          • This is not the 50’s or 70’s or the 80’s! there has been a huge change in our lives. It is called the internet and kids have access to it non-stop. Kids aren’t sent from the room anymore because adults don’t hold their tongues long enough to let them leave or even acknowledge that they are in the room. As a teenager Gia has every right to question what is going on, Melissa does not have the right to essentially hang up on Gia twice. Grow up TSIL!!

          • Doesn’t report Gia arguing. Reports Gia appropriately expressing sadness and hurt at what we all SAW AND HEARD – Melissa saying horrible thing about Gia’s father. I respectfully disagree. Gia attempted to communicate her feelings, and we’ve seen her do this many times, spur of the moment, on her own accord, i.e. texting a very mature response to Melissa’s hesitancy to have a playdate with Milania and Antonia. Gia is articulate and is coping better than many adults would in a situation that I do agree she should not be involved with in the first place. Too late for that.

      • Hi Estelle, what about the the story is it that you don’t believe?

        We have seen on the show either Gia be inserted or find herself baring witness to the dramatics between her parents and her Aunt and Uncle.

        She hasn’t shied away from voicing her opinion and feels of hurt over it.

        Like many girls her age in this modern area, she has her own smart phone and the capability to use it.

        If she called Melissa, Melissa would have been painted into a corner when asked about why she said her (Gia’s) dad cheats on her mother and that he doesn’t love her. Her opinions would have been to say “I said it because it’s true” (or so she claims), “I am sorry I said it, it was wrong”…or ‘I am not going to discuss this with a child”….CLICK.

        • All due respect, RabbleRouser, but I don’t believe one word of this story. And if you can think of one reason why I should, please tell me what it is.

          • I think it is perfectly natural for a 13 yr old to defend her parents. A child who has been forced to live in the spotlight and often speaks to adults as if they are equals, I might add.
            I am not a fan of either woman (Teresa or Melissa).
            These children will grow up continueing their parents feud and continue the vicious cycle.
            I also believe that Melissa would hang up on Gia. Why? Because the girl feels as if she needs to protect her parents, again a normal reaction.
            Melissa has very young children and might not be able to cope with the idea that Gia has her own voice. I as an adult would also stop a conversation with a child if I felt they were overstepping adult boundaries and wanted to discuss issues which should be handled between adults.

          • Hi Estelle, this is why I believe the story is possible.

            We have seen on the show Gia in situations were she was exposed to ‘adult situations’. She is not sheltered in any regard in that matter by any of the adults around her or Bravo. So where other children might be naive, she is keenly aware as to what is going on.

            We have seen her text Melissa to arrange the play date with Antonia and Milania even if it was under the guise of her pretending to be Teresa.

            We have seen her have very frank conversations with her mother and her Uncle about the issues with the family. Even in next weeks preview, she is talking to her Uncle about the Christening.

            That’s why I don’t find it hard that after believing her family was on the mend only to have contention reborn when the show aired, to question Melissa about the remarks she made about her father’s alleged in infidelity and that he did not love her mother.

            We have seen Melissa say time and time again, that she wants to sell her house because she doesn’t want her kids going to school with the Guidice children; so it’s not hard to believe that when told about how difficult it is to have other children at school mock you because your Aunt says your dad is a cheater…that she would flip it around and say “What about Antonia”

            It’s also just as easy to believe that Melissa would not be prepared to have that kind of discussion with Gia.

            If she re-iterated that she said it because it’s true (or she thinks it’s true) it would cause more of an uproar. Joe’s parents would have been livid and it would come across as exceptionally cruel.

            There is no way she would have retracted the statement, because like the rest of the cast…she is justifies her transgressions;she also believes everything she said to be true.

            I have a feeling that Gia wasn’t just looking for a “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that” but desperately wanted her to say it was a lie…so when she was pressed….Melissa shut down the conversation with “I am not going to have this conversation with a child”

          • Neither of what either of you just said provided me with an ounce of proof that this story is even remotely true.

          • Estelle could have the conversation on tape in front of her and would still deny it’s true. No credibility, that one.

          • Hi Estelle, the story is either true or not true leaving us to speculate on it’s validity.

            I gave a long list of observations that were captured on film to support my inkling to believe their is at least some merit to being said.

            Why do you believe the story is all BS?

            What rings as untrue to you? That Gia would call Melissa? That Melissa would hang up?

          • I believe the story is untrue because the only possible source for the story (imo) is either Teresa or or her own personal professional suck-up, Heather; both of whom are not only renowned liars but who both have an open and active vendetta against Melissa.

          • Hi Estelle, no doubt that Teresa has been known to lie but then again so has Melissa. Maybe Heather is a liar too? IDK much about her other than she talks a lot of crap on twitter.

            Yes, it can be argued that Teresa has a vendetta against Melissa (but it’s very much a two way street).

            But it still doesn’t mean that what’s been reported is untrue. It’s only is speaks as to why the story is out there…not if it happened or not.

          • @RR ~ If, as you just admitted, you “don’t know whether it happened or not,” then why is there even a discussion about what MAY have transpired IF IT DID?

            You can’t just MAKE UP SHIT about people and then expect them to PROVE that they didn’t do it. IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY.

            And why would anyone believe ANY story based solely on the fact that some UNIDENTIFIED PERSON decided to put it in print or leak it to a blog, and proof of its veracity be damned.

            It sounds as if you expect the person who’s being accused, based on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to explain their non-existent part in what appears to be a totally fictitious and unfounded story.

            And there’s no reason in the world for the victims of these rumors to feel OBLIGED to do that.

          • Hi Estelle, Yes…I don’t know for a FACT that it’s true anymore than someone else believes it’s not true as an absolute fact.

            I just think it’s possible based on the things I have seen. I haven’t demanded that Melissa explain a thing. She knows it it happened or not.

            It’s not like this is some completely over the top allegation like she robbed a gas station. I mean, this is a family who got into a FIST FIGHT at a baptism, so based on those dynamics I don’t see a niece calling her Aunt and saying “Why did you say that my dad cheats on my mom and that he doesn’t love her”…and her Aunt then saying “I am not going to discuss this with a child” like it should be an episode of the outer limits.

            While it might be difficult for someone to prove themselves against a false allegation…has she even denied it?

          • of course you don’t believe it, you are on melissa’s side,will never think differenly, even if you are wrong

      • Why the hell is someone putting this story out to the public?


        Keep trying to direct the attention away from you and your charges, Teresa.

        • That’s what astounds me the most. Even with the INSANE amount of trouble she’s in legally, she just CAN’T STOP herself from spreading vicious stories about Melissa. Now she’s actually got her attacking her daughter. Un-fucking-believeable.

          • @Estelle

            ” she’s in legally, she just CAN’T STOP herself from spreading vicious stories about Melissa”

            Spreading vicious stories about Melissa! HA HA!

            Because that is Melissa’s sold purpose is to be vicious toward Teresa. Isn’t that the reason she stalked Bravo Prods. for two years to be on the show!

          • So who do you think the source is Team Fair? As I said below:

            Who would have known about this phone call (which I don’t even believe ever took place) but Melissa and Gia (therefore also Teresa)

            Let’s play pretend and say this phone call happened – Melissa sure as hell isn’t the source, I don’t believe Gia is speaking with AllAboutTRH, so that leaves Teresa.

          • While I agree with both you and JPG (who I dont usually agree with) that this story never should have been put out there, I don’t see it as Teresa being the source or encouraging someone else to be, this story is just to stir some sh** put out there by someone who wants to cause trouble. I feel bad for all of the children from these families for being exposed and blame all four parents for allowing it. Children hear alot more than adults think they do but as Kathy very aptly put it, they understand what is happening but not why it is happening and it can be very frightening for them. I hope it is a total lie and hope it will end now.

          • But it was okay for Lookers to put out a story last year that Teresa grab her arm and hurt her in the parking lot outside Gia’s birthday party. She said it on Wendy Williams and then in a rag. Many people that were at the party where Lookers siad this happened all denied that Terese was even alone with Looker let alone touched her.

            Or what about the story that Lookers sold to a rag last year that Teresa called Antonia “ugly” ? Once again it was only Lookers that heard it.

            Heather and her daughters were at Teresa home in NJ when that episode aired. Teresa did call Lookers right away to question her about her remarks but Lookers would not answer or return her calls for 4 days. Lookers called after 5 days and told Teresa to “deal with it” Really nice words from someone that has spent 3 years complaining that Teresa was saying things about her marriage. Things that Teresa never said on the show or in the press. There is ZERO proof of Teresa saying anything about Lookers marriage except for the gossip of Lookers cheating that she said PRIVATELY to Joey and he and Lookers announced to the world on TV. Gia was probably upset that Lookers was refusing to apologize to Teresa so she called her directly.

    • This screams of one side wanting to get their version of the story out first. Talk about obvious PR-plant.

    • I believe that Melissa is extremely jealous of Gia and Gia does not like Melissa because she is right about Melissa coming into the family and taking her Godfather from her. If Gia is 13 and the Gorgas have been married 8 years, I am sure Joe Gorga was in Gia’s life for a good 5 – 6 years. When Melissa married Joe, I am sure she immediately took control of his life and his attention to Gia was cut back. Not going to be good for their relationship. Melissa looks at Gia like she is the wicked step-daughter or an ex girlfriend instead of her niece. She is nicer to Milania and the others.

    • This most definitely sounds like Melissa, I believe this 100%. This family is being torn apart by a crazy woman and a midget who isn’t smart enough to figure out he’s being played.

    • She has done this to Gia–the moment she make those comments on the bus while wearing a Mic pack. Did she think Gia wouldn’t find out about it? Kids talk. I’m sure Gia has already heard about the scum bit and Tio Joe biting her father’s ball. Sad.

    • I saw something on twitter over a week ago, by Heather Maclean, saying that hanging up on Gia wasn’t right, but she didn’t give any info or state that it was Melissa or what it was about. So I believe the story. I didn’t even think about Gia seeing those comments Melissa made on the bus would have been really hurtful to Gia. Melissa should have talked to Gia and told her that at that time there was so much going on and she was angry and said that, but was wrong and she should have just apologized and been done with it. You don’t argue with a 13 year old, especially when you are in the wrong. Don’t make excuses, just apologize for hurting the child. You don’t lose anything for being a mature, loving and understanding aunt and realize how hurtful that was to a teenager, whose friends also see this and could taunt the child. Set a good example. The Whorgas should meet with their niece and talk to her and apologize. If they are all in such a good place, why wouldn’t they do that.

    • and melissa went to college to reach school, if gia bought her cd’s,fawned over her, melissa would be sweet as pie

    • and melissa went to college to reach school, if gia bought her cd’s,fawned over her, melissa would be sweet as pie

  • That’s it, never watching this mess of a show again! It’s too real. We seriously should all stop watching this train wreck. Bravo needs to cancel this show ASAP!

    • ITA w/train wreck- BUT it’s the reporting of this crap, on this blog that’s the wreck! Come on-the kid is a young teen, the “reporting” is a she said, she said-it is counterproductive, and WRONG to even try to trash Melissa again by using the kid. The whole topic is sick and wrong.

      Even if it is true, a) the person giving the “exclusive” is a piece of crap;b) the parents, by letting her watch the show or comments made by anyone involved, are to blame.


      • I agree K Pasta this is ridiculous Gia is 13 why is she involved at all in these adult situations its so wrong

        • Remember when Gia was little and had a surprised song for her mom and her uncle at her parents pizza restaurant? They didn’t even know about it. so Gia is teenager now and she is doing this on her own. She can think and something bothering her and it hard to keep it inside so she speak up. I know I don’t like to see kids involved either but they like to be famous and put on a show to look good. They didn’t stop and say Hey I don’t want my kids in the pictures. The did it anyway. Melissa following that and starting to show her kids especially the boys Gino wild and dispectful.Teresa’s daughter Milania is wild too and she got bad mouth too. She got attitude problem.

          • How can u say that about a child Milania is the most funny,cute,and sane out of all the bunch plus Gia has every right to express how she feels and it hurts her that her uncle so called godfather and inmature aunt that thinks that she can say anything about others and get away with it god forbid they talk about her can’t stand her why doesn’t she just apologize to the child too good???

          • I don’t give a rat’s ass who’s child does or doesn’t have an attitude problem. the children’s “attitudes” isn’t the issues here. it’s how the adults are behaving and how it’s affecting the kids. Melissa is a hypocritical bitch always throwing her children’s names at Teresa and trying to make her feel guilty but yet what the hell are Melissa and her bitch of a husband doing? they’re saying awful things about their nieces parents. gia is 13 and she is old enough to speak her mind and comprehend what is happening. instead of melsisa listening to her and hear her pain all Melissa wants to do is swift the blame and throw in her own daughters name. if Antonia is in the same boat then Melissa has to be aware how Teresa’s kids must feel too but it seems like she really doesn’t care.

          • Do you actually believe that this is exactly what happened. Come on ask a 12 year old and you will ALWAYS get an elaborate explanation of something,making it bigger than it is. Obviously there are LOTS of issues with the Giudices and NONE of it was handled well and I blame Teresa and Joe for putting their children in this predicament. Airing all their dirty laundry on tv is just a shame. Shame on you Teresa and Joe. Gia was calling out for help back a few seasons ago and the parents thought it was charming. It was disgusting.

        • I understand what it must be like for Gia. I’ve had to deal with the exact same situation. My uncle who I was very close to married (and divorced) 2 women who were awful to my mother. While they were married it was very difficult for me. Being the oldest child and the only one who knew what was going on when they fought it was a lot to deal with. All you want as a child is everyone to get along. It’s awful when they don’t. I used to think that if I talked to my (horrible) aunts directly it would help. It never did. They were mean spiteful women, just like Melissa. My heart breaks for Gia. Seeing her crying trying to protect her mother at the christening sticks with me. I’ve been there, same situation. I’m almost 30 and still I remember what it was like. These kids deserve better. ALL of them, Melissa and Joe’s kids as well. Melissa keeps crying that she is the victim. Honey, you are no victim. The kids are the only innocent ones in this.

      • ITA…this is not cool for someone to report this. Keep it within the family. This is just really sad.

      • I agree — did Gia ask her dad why he called her mom a cee-you-next-tuesday on NATIONAL TELEVISION? That’s what she should have been worried about…

        • I do believe Gia made such a call. She has demonstrated her ability to advocate for herself. I also believe Melissa would respond in such a strange and selfish way, and WOULD engage a 12 year old in petty banter. Most likely she heard about the C You Next Tuesday episode. I’m sure she did say something to her parents, since she appears very capable of appropriately expressing concern or even anger. I doubt even Juicy Joe was as inappropriate as Melissa in his response. What Melissa should have said is “I’m sorry you had to year that. This is a complicated situation with all of us, and we have all been less than mature, and you’re right – name calling is hurtful. Please know I love you, and we as the adults are trying to make things better through counseling.” As usual, Melissa shows she was poorly raised and ill mannered. To think this woman has a degree in Early Childhood Education? Have you ever seen her interact with her own kids? she barely speaks to them on the show, and when she does, she is too busy writing her self-aggrandizing memoirs to look up from the computer and make eye contact with her daughter, who asked some intelligent and important questions. Sad. It’s all sad. All the adults are wrong here, but holy cr*p is Melissa a textbook narcissist. Fits every checkpoint. All of them are sad, but Melissa is SCARY IMO. Not a shred of authentic empathy.

      • True. How do you hang up on someone’s face? That made me think it was someone young who wrote this.

      • Dear god I can’t believe an adult would at so immature with a 13 year old. What Melssa, you gonna pull the I’m rubber your glue childish talk? Jesus Christ Joe Gorga, sit your wife down and tell her to STOP! There’s enough grief in this family…….Bravo cancel this show……there’s no more story, they’ve all shredded each other to pieces, let the next generation try to mend from this nightmare. All you adults have destroyed all your families for the love of the almighty dollar, their all in financial trouble. When hearing how far back these charges go for the Guidices were before the first show, and the lavish keeping up with the Jones parties they were having, pathetic.

      • Melissa trashes herself. Doesn’t need a 12 year olds help. Body language alone, Melissa was burning mad when she was forced to watch Joe and Teresa attempt to have peace. She can barely hide her jealousy. Melissa did trashy all by herself on that bus when she flat out told the world Joe doesn’t love Gia’s mother, cheats on her, doesn’t give a Fuc& about Tre, etc. That woman frightens me. She commits the type of crimes that are too subtle to be effectively prosecuted. She mindful*cks everyone, children, elderly, and apparently you. Fits every description of a narcissist.


      HOW LONG?!

      • What is unfounded? He IS a cheater they CAUGHT HIM talking to another woman because his drunk ass forgot to take his microphone off when he said his cu-t wife was coming. Why does nobody remember these things? I have no favorites these are regular people who have lots if problems. Please try to calm down and not get caught up in this drama. Denial can only go so far but why do you care? We are not Gorgas or Gudices this is not your life and for that be thankful. What do you REALLY CARE if Gia is sad or Melissa is innocent or guilty or if Joe is a cheat or not? The two are facing scary jail time it is not a set up it is an accusation until they have a trial. I think before anymore mud slinging happebs step back and see there are REAL SERIOUS issues leave them alone to support each other at this time rather than dividing them further. Also I do think Bravo should not show the kids on stripper poles mocking Melissa it is wrong even if none of the adults think so. (Next week prevuews(

        • I believe this has already been rehashed to puke – where fans were able to see which show segments – portions of his conversations had been edited from. And frankly – even if it were the case – what does 1 thing have to do with the other?

          If the uncle were not her “God-Father” none of this would matter. It would be a continuation of crazy aunt and uncle behavior .. But he IS her God-Father. I realize that someone who is not Catholic and does not give this any Value may not really get it.

          I’m not Catholic – but have Catholic friends … and Godparents are Really Important and a Big Deal — to these kids. This is WHY Dina most likely took T and her God-daughter to her place in the Hamptons.

          God-Parents are supposed to Be There for the kids when things get rough/tough, when they need spiritual counsel, etc., etc., So for her to beg them to call her back — was Pretty Big Stuff.

          Sorry for the Rant above — but seriously — it’s one thing to trash the wives … it’s another when people start trashing Children on blogs … and Completely Miss The Point – of WHAT a Godparent IS.

          Melissa is also a Godmother to one of T’s kids — so while she is yapping about her Daughter in 2nd grade — she forgets that she is hurting her own Goddaughter as well… by trashing the child’s parent on national television.

          And whoever reported this – Good for them–it gives us more insight in to how Really Messed Up Andy’s People – are…. and justifies HW franchise just Going Away. (After Andy pays T 5 mil for the next season 😉


        • Agreed. Why is she even allowed to watch the show? Its horrible parenting. She is totally not old enough to hear those things.

          • She doesn’t have to watch the show. It’s arguably the most popular shows on TV. At 13, she probably hears about all of it every Monday morning, wether or not she watches it. Kinda hard to get away from the gossip. In the end, it is an inappropriate living situation, so I agree to an extent. I just don’t see Tre sitting down with the Girls on Sunday night watching her personal light mares come true on national TV. Say what you want about Tre, qualified or not, I see a whole lot of love she gives her daughters. Its in her face. Melissa on the other hand barely interacts with her children. Does anyone else notice that?

        • No of course it is not ok for Gia’s dad to call her mother names but it doesn’t excuse Mellissa and Joe’s behaviour or the nasty things they said about her parents on national television when Gia reached out to her she should have apologised would it kill her to say sorry for once?

    • I watched it last night and I can envision the show without Theresa now. I loved the scene when they (minus Theresa) took Rosie to the gay bar, there were alot of laughs in that scene. I like the other cast members, but all the drama surrounding Theresa, I would give her the boot. They can visit her in jail in one of the episode, but I think she is replaceable and also, I find her kids annoying also. I just am disinterested in the ‘train wreck’ and I think that without Theresa Melissa and Joe are fine with the other cast members.

    • I’m calling bullsh^t on this story by this anonymous source. This is even more stupid than usual. If possible.

      • I don’t know but heather McLean Teresa’s friend tweeted that hanging up on a child is disgusting and uncalled for so maybe it is true.

    • I started off this season taping it but just this past week I looked on my DVR and realized I hadn’t watched a single episode so I took it off for future episodes and the deleted the ones I had. This has become too painful to watch!