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Bethenny Frankel Does Not Feel For Teresa Giudice, Advises To Stay Off TV When You Have Skeletons In Your Closet!


Former Real Housewives of New York City (and rich as hell citizen who will probably never have to commit fraud to get what she wants to buy) Bethenny Frankel has been approached for her thoughts regarding the legal woes surrounding RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice.

Bethenny tells US Weekly of her New Jersey counterpart, “Do I feel sorry for them? No, I don’t. Not so much, because it broke the law. You broke the law and you went on television. That’s not really that smart.”

Bethenny believes that had they not appeared on reality TV, this probably would have gone under the radar and the Giudices would not be in their current predicament.

“My first thought today was, ‘Oh, if they weren’t on reality TV, none of this would probably ever be exposed,'” explains Bethenny. “And it’s just funny how certain people are [like a] moth to a flame. It’s almost like — not that you want to get caught — but people who love to be in the spotlight often have a lot of skeletons in their closet. It’s just an interesting thing.”

Nonetheless, Bethenny does feel “badly” for Teresa’s four children, who she says are innocent and did not sign up for this.

I have to say I agree with Bethenny’s opinion, however, they are not convicted yet! I love Teresa and her family, and breaking the law has its consequences, but if I were Bethenny’s PR person, I would be pissed at her for acting like the Giudices were found guilty already.

Thoughts on what Bethenny had to say?

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  • I do not like Bethenny and turn off any show where she appears. She is way too full of herself.

    Show me a person that doesn’t have something they don’t want the world to know. Legal or illegal, we all have something in our lives, including Bethenny.

    Teresa and Joe have been indicted NOT convicted.

    Can’t stand Bethenny! Go Jason!

  • I used to LOVE Bethenny, but it appears she has gotten too big for her britches. She is the luckiest SOB and how she has been treating Jason in the media??


    Give Jason full custody of Bryn and go suck an egg!!

  • Who is Bethenny to give her opinion on ANYTHING? She feels badly for the children because they didn’t sign up for this? What about Brynn? Until crazy lady/skinnygirl gets her own shit resolved with her Mother the one who will pay the most is Brynn. I can picture Bethenny in a few years, standing over her, screaming, because she got a C in math and she’s worried that it will make her look bad. Selfish Bitch.

      • A messed up one, but, yah, ok, she’s a person. If she thinks she hates her mom now, I wanna be around in 3o years when Brynn gals about her MOMMY DEAREST. Pounce on me, I pray Jason gets primary custody.

  • I don’t disagree with Bethenny but she should have kept her opinion to herself. It doesn’t make her look better. She should focus on positive things in preparation for her show that I won’t be watching.

  • Excuse my French but Bettany is a fucking idiot. She should keep her big mouth shut, even if she wishes The Guidices jail time you don’t kick a dog when they are down. Love the sinner hate the sin, Bethanny, ever hear of that one?

    Her show is going to flop. She just pissed off a lot of her potential audience with these comments. I hope it’s a MAJOR flop. And I also hope that Jason gets everything he wants in the divorce and all the dirt on HER comes out!! She’s a crazy neurotic evil bitch!

    • This entire statement is contradictory. You chastise Bethenny for her sins yet preach to hate the sin and not the sinner. Yet you wish her pain and suffering, and hope her child is removed from her life and her successes are ripped away from her because she gave her OPINION about someone I can only assume you like very much.


  • Well, I guess we can scratch Tre off the list of guest appearances on B’s new talk show!

  • I’m anxiously awaiting to hear the Guidice’s side before I pass judgement. Remember there are 3 sides to every story. Both parties involved and the truth. If I were her co-workers though I would be careful of what I said…because it sounds like she’s convicted her already. If for some reason (I know highly unlikely) that they are found not guilty she’s gonna eat those words…or maybe not…with her money she probably won’t care…lol

  • Breaking NEWS ! Teresa to be added to cast of #MOBWIVES ! LOL Just kidding Guys need to lighten up here 🙂

  • I was only briefly a fan of Bethenny before it was revealed how mean she can be. I do, however, totally agree with her! The Giudices were stupid twice. First they broke the law then they went on tv and brought attention to themselves. I’m glad not all the reality tv people are supporting them.

  • I’m sorry but Bethenny isn’t “rich as hell citizen (sic).” She sold her company for $8 million and she wasn’t the only owner so … I guess she might be NeNe rich LOL

    • Read the apology that the huff had to post when it was clear that the 8 million was paid solely for the use of the name. Bethenny has said that she and David had to pay more than 8M in taxes and lawyer fees.

  • Well when she went from poor cupcake maker to rich skinnygirl margarita girl..many of us may were drawn to her story. I think for myself when she all of a sudden was pregnant, got engaged and got her own show. That’s when I started to wonder. She did not seem love or appreciate this man who is the father of her child. She was crappy to him, his parents but always went along when the cameras were rolling. I believe the story about the boat fake set up. I can only imagine how things went once the cameras went away. I was not surprised when she announced they were breaking up. That was a stupid move on her part. Anyone with eyes could see how much this man loved her and I can only imagine how many of her *fans* dropped her when they also realized exactly what she was all about. I believe her show will tank. Hope Ellen learned her lesson. Don’t think the billionaire will keep her around and YEP she is exactly like the person she claims to hate..her Mom. I feel sorry for her daughter except that her child has a father with a family who cares.

    • DonnaLee- I read somewhere that the story of her struggles were all made up for the Bravo cameras. She had to be interesting because she didn’t have a family (meaning husband and kids). It’s interesting how much detest she has or her mother when it was revealed that Bethenny had a very privileged upbringing. Can’t stand Bethenny. I really don’t understand how she could treat Jason as badly as I saw her treating him and his family. How strange to bark about not having family and such but then throw it away when it’s loving you in the face.

  • I am sure that Teresa and Joe are beyond embarassed and ashamed and I am sure they are both saying “What the fuck did we do”

    So for me, yes evidence exists with signatures of both parents. Feds working on this case for 10 years.

    That to me is a freaky feeling to find out that yes you are being watched, and I do not break any law, I have read how “everyone lies to the IRS”. I do not.

    I am sure that both Teresa and Joe are working out:

    – wills
    – don’t laugh – financial situation
    – the possibility that during this time companies may sue them
    – facing their children and explaining their illegal activity
    – facing their family and explaining their shame
    – facing their business partners and __________
    – reading blogs/paper/rags (enemies loud and proud)

    Jail is a possibility and Teresa being a single parent is a possibility, yes created by their illegal actions.

    Teresa and Joe created this. And now they need to deal with the shit storm legal and personal.

    Cumulative stress leads to dire consequences at times, I do worry about both feeling that the world is against them.

    Russell Taylor was a Dad/husband and he is no longer here.

    Bethany did not have to add-she could have said something less “kicking you when you are down”. Bethany knows what the shit storm feels like.

    There is a time and place for Bethany’s direct approach.

    Should not have expected more from Bethany, she lived up to all my expectations.

    • Ummm…Feds watching them for 10 years. I don’t think so. They were tipped off after the bankruptcy withdrawal and that wasn’t 10 years ago.

    • Someone asked Bethenny and she gave an appropriate answer. I don’t see the problem with her in this situation, unless you’re so blinded by your love for the Giudices that you’re sensitive when someone calls those 2 out. The Giudices aren’t the victims here so there’s no need for people to hold back when speaking about them.

    • Forbes has two articles about Teresa and Joe.

      1) Surprised that reality actors are on CNN- must be serious

      2) second article mentions how easy it was for fraud to occur

      “Back in the boom years, there were a fair number of banks that didn’t require documentation to include in your application,” Lantz says”It’s possible in those years she (Teresa) was applying for a no-or-low documentation type of loan or the processes in the underwriter group were more lenient”

      These sort of low-documentation loans,or no-income or no-asset loan-coined “ninja loans”- are no longer common.

      It is good to see someone looking at how it was made so easy for people including Teresa and Joe to cheat.

  • Yawn, it’s just more if Bethenny trying to stay relevant to promote her show. A simple “no comment” would’ve sufficed. Much as I wish housewives I actually LIKE (looking at you, Brandi!) would keep their mouth shut sometimes- I wish Bethenny could learn that lesson as well.

  • love Bethenny!!

    She was asked to share her opinion and shes not all that wrong.

    Why the Bethenny hate??

    • Love Bethenny. I was once a fan of hers too back when she was on RHONY and the first season of her own reality show. I stopped being a fan after she became so superficial. And I didn’t like her attitude towards Jason. He was so sweet to her.

      • Jason and his family were all very sweet to her I can’t stand Bethenny. I think she’s always been a bitch.

    • because the Teresa stans get butt hurt when someone like Bethenny doesn’t say what they want to hear.

  • Never cared for Bethany before and don’t care for her now. I wish Teresa and her family all the best during this hard time. I just hope they learn a BIG lesson from all of this. Poor kids.

  • Joe is looking pretty bad at this point – much as I enjoy him, the fact that they agreed to go on a reality program AND that he isn’t a citizen!!!! what an IDIOT – just knowing that fact alone and that incidents that could occur on the show could make deportation possible is beyond stupid! Hope Theresa gets through this with the girls, but someone has to atone for this stupidity!

    • That is exactly what I got out of Bethenny’s words, the incredible fact that the Guidices were in this predicament and decided to sign for a show where they would had to flaunt their wealth, that is seriously stupid.
      This is what makes me believe that Teresa didn’t know about any of this, nobody would be so dumb to know this and shoot scenes where you are spending loads of cash, is just like giving perfect ammunition to your enemy, can you imagine how the people that Joe scammed, or the tenants who got their electricity cut felt when they saw Teresa doing that on TV. I have no doubt that this is what added salt to the injury and when the feds started to take a close look to the Guidices finances, not that they were not doing it before but this time the evidence was handed to them by no others than the Guidices themselves.

      • That’s my point… If Theresa grew up the first American born child of immigrants and then married an immigrant (illegal?), then her entire understanding of finances, work and credit may be shaped by this…Joe is extremely close to her father, who may also have used “old school” financial shenanigans to take care of his family.

        Unfortunately ignorance isn’t an excuse… Theresa is the cash cow and I don’t think the feds will go easy on her… Joe is small beans compared to his wife. Look at OG Martha S… she did her bid rather than snitch… fed’s don’t go easy on women.

        Theresa knows how to read, despite what her husband/lawyer/accountant “told” her… If she fraudulently signed contracts she is as guilty as her husband.

        If I had piles of dirty money I certainly would spend it off shore… There are places in the world, far better than New Jersey to live lavishly off of sus-wealth.

        Sad for the kids… Gia already seems like a very angry young woman and this can’t be good for any of them.

        IMO…There is nothing I need or want that my legit paycheck can’t do for me and mine… if ever there is… I’ll get another job versus risking my freedom and integrity for a quick buck.

        • I said this on another thread, sorry for the repeat.

          Because Tre is the daughter of immigrants, she probably was very involved in her parents finances. Speaking and understanding much more English, she probably accompanied them on many “transactions”. Many of my cousins would go with their parents to translate, etc

          By the time my cousins were out on their own, they knew about mortgages, car loans, insurance, taxes. I am sorry, but I will not be convinced Tre didn’t know what was going on with their finances.

        • Joey is not an illegal immigrant, he is not an American citizen but he was not here illegally. A person can choose not to become a US citizen for many reasons and in Guidice’s case being that he came here as a baby I am not sure if he didn’t do it because he didn’t know he had to do it or if he chose not to do it.

          • Sorry but everyone knows if you don’t take citizenship and get convicted of something you may get deported. So it was dumb of him either way.

  • While I am NO fan of Bethany, I totally agree. When I saw Theresa showing all of the imported onyx and marble in her new home, then paying cash for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of furniture; I knew that they were dealing dirty.

    That’s not to say that they are mob connected but no one who earns their money legitimately and who pays taxes would count out bills in those amounts and NOT use credit cards.

    If you have credit enough to purchase or build a mini mansion you should have the paper behind you for every transaction.

    Only the hood rich: grifters, cheats, hookers and dealers pay in cash… because they cannot legitimately deposit large sums of cash and justify it to any bank without being reported to the IRS.

    Theresa may not have known with her upbringing that the rest of the world uses credit cards for large purchases and at least appears to live legitimately.

    I just wonder how many other housewives have been audited for fraud… You have to wonder at how many of those who filed bankruptcy (cough-cough-Nene Leeks), will have their every subsequent move looked at under a microscope.

    I think that Nene filed for divorce from Greg in an attempt to sever her finances from him; allowing him to shoulder debt, file bankruptcy and leave her future earnings for them to use when they “remarry”…

    • That is a distinct possibility. I recall that show when Joe and Teresa had a HUGE wad of bills while shopping for furniture and finishing the house. They filed Chapter 7 for 11 Million Dollars.

      In the words of Forrest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does”.

      I hope it all works out, as I don’t think they are bad people, just a tad shady.

    • I don’t think credit cards were an option. I remember seeing they had 100k + in cc debt.

      I do remember thinking, why wouldn’t you write a check? Then I realized they probably didn’t want the expense teviewed by the BK trustee.

    • that’s a good point and actually now that I think of it, a couple weeks ago something interesting was reported on They found out that Teresa only accepts cash payments for all her appearances. I found that very suspect.

    • @Beyonce – I totally agree about the wad of bills to pay for a ton of expensive furniture When I saw that, all kinds of red flags went up in my mind – and I don’t work for the govt. If memory serves, this episode was a few years ago but IMO, I felt that she was proud of being able to pay cash and even IMO flaunting it.

      And yes, the original Katie is back. The second @Katie probably didn’t know about me bc I comment irregularly but I have not seen the other Katie lately. So hugs to my cool commenters 🙂

  • I used to be a Betheny fan, but she has turned me off completely. Fame and fortune turned her into someone very ugly. Having said that, divorce is not a crime. Taking steps to willingly defraud financial institutions and the IRS, is most definitely a crime. Flaunting money and a lavish lifestyle on national TV after having filed for Chapter 7 is very stupid. Then again, these folks never struck me as braniacs. They forgot that all those “ingredientces” on national TV would not go unnoticed by Uncle Sam. ***t just got real, for real this time. This is about the ONLY reality you will see on these shows.

    Nobody else in NJ is talking because they have all made up. These fights are made for TV.

  • Teresa & Joe are innocent until proven guilty, and that’s that. I’ve seen Murder Inc. the rap label beat the Feds in their case so there is hope for my girl. Bethany you may wanna take a class on how to be personally happy before you start passing judgement on some one else. Don King has even beaten the Feds it’s not a impossible feat. I’m still a Teresa fan she has a good heart and she loves her family, we vote people in office and they send jobs overseas, give tax breaks to big oil who by the way got away with the biggest oil spill ever & 11 deaths and no one went to jail got it! But everyone wants to come on here and nail Teresa to the cross.. Stop hating my girl and get a clue!

  • Bethenny doesn’t bother me; however, since she really doesn’t like Teresa; her comments may be taken as they were said…..with not a good intent.

    • I don’t particularly like Bethenny; I find her to be a mean girl who automatically goes for the jugular in a dispute. She is entitled to her opinion,which seems to be shared by many other people. I just think since it is well known she doesn’t like Teresa, she would have made herself look better with a simple ” I don’t comment on the other housewives issues”.

      • I guess this is bad on me, but I’m glad somebody is saying something. Damn, you can hear a pin drop it’s so quiet in Housewife Land. Where are all the loud mouth, opinionated, hell raisers we all know and love to hate?

  • I read somewhere they have been investigating them since as early as 2001, well before any of the housewives shows. Another year thrown around was 2004 and 2005 again well before RHoNJ.

    Even if that’s not true, I’m sure the bankruptcy had more to do with the investigation than them being on television. Filing then withdrawing has to throw up some flags somewhere in the system.

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this but the way the other NJ wives are handling this is excellent.

    • “I’m sure the bankruptcy had more to do with the investigation than them being on television. Filing then withdrawing has to throw up some flags somewhere in the system.”


  • Applause for Bethenny!!! She is 100% correct! People need to open their eyes to what Joe and Teresa really are!

    • I am not convinced that Teresa knew about Joe illegal activities, as a housewife she probably just allowed him to make decisions in matters of his business and I even dare to say that Joe might have sign her name in a lot of papers, still not excuse not to know but I am hoping that Teresa will be able to get some level of probation and Joe will do some time and not get deported, those girls need their father.

      • Didn’t Teresa submit fake W-2’s? Lied about working? Didn’t she cover up money she made from the HW? I know she can be an idiot but all that right there shows that she knew.

        • I know that this is what the indictment says and it is difficult to think that Joe did all this behind her back but, and I know it sounds like I am making excuses for Teresa, but I think that Teresa is very oblivious to a lot of things and the same way that Joe falsify his partner’s signature, he could have done the same to Teresa, or he could have lied to her and tell her to sign without explaining her what these documents were about.
          I am worried about the fact that the bail amount was the same for both of them, but somehow I am hoping that Teresa would be able to prove her level of involvement as not being criminal.

          • IDK, I might believe that there are some things Joe did behind her back or did things that she was oblivious to but I find it hard to believe that she knew nothing criminal was happening. Maybe she didn’t know all of it but I think she knew something.

          • Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, I know this is said time and time again.

            I just hope this case turns out differently than many others that I have seen 🙁

          • You may not be trying to make excuses for Teresa, but you are. Teresa STOLE to live a cushy life. I guess that’s okay with people, but not me. If she was stealing for food or something having to do with life and death, I would feel differently. But to SCAM to have a bunch of JUNK is sick. That’s what is sick.

      • Joe already admitted in 2010 that he forged Teresa’s name on all kinds of legal docs, including mortgage papers. And I believe this will be their defense for her moving forward.

        Joe will fall on the sword for both of them to keep her out of jail.

        • That is the least he can do, his shady businesses practices is what has brought all this to his family. If Joe wouldn’t be so greedy and wanted to cut so many corners, maybe his tenants would not have been so upset and present all kinds of complaints and this could had gotten fixed privately. Now is time for Joe to man up and do what is best for his daughters, the same goes for Teresa. I know she loves her husband but at this particular moment she needs to think about what is best for her girls and the fact that they do need a parent raising them so it is time to do what her lawyer advises her to do even if it means throwing her husband under the proverbial bus for the sake of her daughters.

          • I contend that Joe needed to keep Teresa in a lifestyle she had grown accustomed to, and the bigger the better. They BOTH liked the dough and what it bought them. Is Joe more culpable, I think so, but is Teresa innocent, hell no! I hope they both are sweating bullets.

  • anyone who pleasures about someone else’s demise is a sicko – you bethenny are cruel as was has been demonstrated over and over and over again… you in turn will get your’s i would imagine

    • I think that taxpaying citizens are happy that criminals are facing the consequences. I really don’t think that people want them both to go to prison for 50 years but they need to face some sort of consequences.

      • This investigation, court appearances and if it should come to that, Jailtime, are paid by tax payers. Guidices should just pay a fine and make this thing go away.

          • They would have to work to pay the fines and penalties. I think that is what should happen, the fraud charges are ridiculous, imo, but they should have to pay up for what they owe with penalties.

          • Why do you think the fraud charges are “ridiculous”? I’m curious. Did you read the entire list and explanation of each indictment??? I did, and the charges seem pretty legitimate actually. It’s actually quite easy to prove mail and wire fraud, and if they couldn’t prove it then the Feds wouldn’t be wasting their time on this.

            They have clear evidence of both Teresa and Joe committing fraud, or else the indictment wouldn’t read as it does. You all are welcome to feel sorry for them, but downplaying the charges just makes you sound uneducated on the matter.

      • Exactly Crystal. Why are we “haters” just because we don’t condone breaking the law to support a lifestyle??? That is LUDICROUS! I don’t think they deserve 50 years a piece either, but they won’t get anything close to that so it’s a moot point entirely. Sorry I don’t feel sorry for people who break the law in order to have pretty things. I get my pretty things honestly! LOL

  • Btw who do you think pays for their criminal acts…we the tax payers do!! So you can thank them for taking millions out of our pockets!

  • Miss you bethenny! You might be annoying but you are no fool. Thanks for calling it like you see it!! Teresa will never experience a quarter of the success you’ve had because she allowed her greed to take over.

    • T allowed greed to take over?…funny. Isn’t Bethany the one who used her laws …Jill..the guy she had doing food Blogs..her pregnancy etc…for ratings?

    • And enough already with the poor innocent children! Oh yes, I feel sorry for those children. Like that has anything to do with the issue at hand-FRAUD. Maybe they can rip out some of that tacky marble in that tacky italian palace, and use it to clothe or feed those children. And, innocent until proven guilty only applies in a court of law, not in an open forum like this one-(that was created on mud slinging, by the way) so sorry, but making up fake W-2s AND lying under oath about a new business venture in bankruptcy court? That is way more than innocent spouse baby. Guilty in the computer world as charged-that’s reality.

      • Stop bashing Italian culture and taste. It is obvious u can never afford Italian marble in your poor looking shack!

      • @kpasta….Stop bashing Italian culture and taste. It is obvious u can never afford Italian marble in your poor looking shack!

  • Just because she was asked a question doesn’t mean she had to respond. I bet if Teresa was asked about B’s marriage she would have declined her opinion or only wished well in the situation.

    By the way I am seriously in love with this site and the commenters – haha well minus some but you guys are all awesome and I enjoy reading your comments! Much love xox

    • Hi Bobby, I agree about the site and the commentators. Following the ‘WTF is this black shit’ mystery, I swear between this site and a few others I have never laughed so hard in my life.

      • The ” black shit” questions in the middle of all that drama was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on the show. Even thinking about it again now I’m laughing. Every single one of the cast mentioned it!

        • Oh it was FUNNY! Even slojoe owning up to it on his camera shot was pure hilarity..must have rewound it 5 times.

    • Bethenny’s divorce is not a criminal matter though, it is a personal issue. here we are talking about criminal matters that can land Joe and Teresa in jail and leave those poor girls with no parents for a while.

      Bethenny’s divorce technically only affects her and her family, tax evasion affects everyone of us.

      • Bethenny’s divorce, just like her show, is irrelevant. Boring, boring and more boring. She needs to get lost at sea again, except this time for REAL, not RATINGS.

  • Please, they are busted…the Feds have most likely been following those 2 idiots for years gathering evidence. They have a list as long as it gets of all the criminal acts they have been acting on. It safe to say they are guilty as charged. Bethany is a smart woman and is where she is because of her smarts. She gets it….kind of embarrassing that people even have support for those 2 morons. Would it have been better for them to just rob and bank and take all the cash and run?! Because a thief is a thief…it comes in all shapes and sizes.

    • Lol well Kim G and Monica are taking credit for supplying the feds with info for years. They (the feds) didn’t do much, it was handed to them. The source is questionable and some of those charges may be reduced or dropped all together.

    • Then again, think about Bethenny’s answer, was it a wise move on the Guidices’ part to go on a reality show when they had all this in the backburner? The answer to me is a rotund NO.

      I also wonder if this is the reason why Teresa was so reluctant to sign for the show, Andy spoke about that on his book and said that Teresa was the harder one to convince and she went back and forth for several times.

      I want to believe that Teresa really didn’t know about this mess her husband was doing and that is why she decided to sign up for the show.

    • OMG,I’ve been in the real estate business in Bergen County for years and do you have any idea how many people I could throw under the bus for the same type of activity? If I didn’t have bills to pay and was an insanely vindictive, self righteous woman, I could nail a lot of a**es with what I know and what I know I could dig up. Hell everyone I ever worked with/for could do that to each other. But I don’t have that much time on my hands or hate in my heart. But obviously, Monica Chacon does.

      Could Teresa and Joe be guilty? Yes, absolutely. But let’s be clear here, compared to the REAL stuff that went down, their alleged crimes are minor. Overstating their income on loan documents? So minor. It’s a scary thought, but that’s the truth. Why do you think the economy completely fell apart by 2008?!?!?!

      Either the Feds don’t have the balls to go after the big fish or they may try to get Juicy to roll over on one. Who knows.

      • I agree with you here, are the Guidices the only ones who have done this? absolutely not, a lot of constructors used to overinflate their applications, a lot of people puts family on their pay rolls to show more expenses but usually they do not bring light to this and my personal feeling is that if Teresa would not have gone into this show, maybe the Guidices could have done all this being closed doors with the feds and maybe get a more sympathetic look because of the girls.
        Doing this show was definitely not a smart move on the Guidices and I got that this is what Bethenny was trying to say.

        • I don’t think they would have it that much easier with the judge if they weren’t famous. I’m obviously pretty close to this stuff and once the evidence is there, the judge tends to throw the book at anyone involved in mortgage fraud.

          Where fame screwed them is with the prosecutor who wants to make a name for himself by making a big splashy case. And definitely Monica Chacon, who probably couldn’t stand watching Teresa become more famous and popular.

        • OMG!!! Are you serious??? Teresa didn’t over inflate her salary on an loan application. She submitted fake W-2’s and pay stubs!!! That’s fraud!!! And enough of this BS that they’re going after her because she’s a celebrity. She’s D list and a fake. Instead of going out and getting a real paying job to care for her four beautiful daughters that she loves so much, her and her Joe became grifters to support their family. It’s evident Joe doesn’t want to work. He couldn’t even keep the pizza place open.

      • And may I just add,that this is not over yet, more of these peiople will fall this is just the tip of the iceberg. They just haven’t been served yet !

  • Coming from the woman who was rumored to have faked a big lost at sea experience to get ratings, I don’t really care what she has to say about anything.

  • Very interesting comment from Bethenny given she got married on tv; not to mention the issues that lead to the break down of their marriage also filmed yet she takes issue when allegations about her behavior hindering an amicable divorce and co-parenting appear in the gossip rags.

  • Before she says anything about another housewives problems , maybe she should focus on her own first !

    • She is not facing criminal charges that can land her in jail, her divorce is being spoken to no end, even though it only affects her family. The Guidice case has made national headlines and it is a very hot topic right now so of course she will get asked. As much as I like Teresa, I am not sure my answer would be any different. They broke the law allegedly and any regular person would have to face the consequences.

    • For jpg: I know your hatred for the Giudices is quite evident. Will you be as thrilled when the other castmembers appear before the judge? Not trying to deflect, just wondering if you think of their actions.

      • I guess I am a hypocrite because if it was the Lauritas, Manzos, Wakiles or Gorgas the one facing the charges I would be the first one to be asking for their heads on a platters. We all have our own bias for one reason or another.

  • Geez Doesn’t Anyone know Innocent until proven guilty!

    I hear her eagerness to blab…I hear her dis-compassionate ways.

    Compassion for a human being in turmoil sucks, why couldn’t skinny cow just say:

    I know how it feels to be scrutinized and gossiped about, so of course I feel bad for the social media tornado that her and her family are in.

    But no.

    • Yes, they are innocent until proven guilty, but, were these charges all just trumped up because they’re “famous” come on! You Tre lovers have GOT to be thinking some of these allegations are true, right? Or, are you all so into the kool aid this doesn’t even register???

      • Hey shiks

        innocent until proven guilty

        is applied to wait until evidence is shown at trial.

        What the hell are you talking about;

        “but were these charges all just trumped up because they are famous”

        Maybe you thought you were posting to someone who said this…NOT ME!!

        I don’t mind debating, but get your facts straight.

      • Shiks…I’ve been thinking the same thing as you every time I read posts on here. I’m a Tre fan, and I want to believe it’s not true, but come on, there are more famous people other than the Guidices. The Guidices are NOT being targeted because they are famous. They knew what they were doing, and it is really sad and basically a slap in our (the fans’) faces. If they really cared about us (their fans) they wouldn’t of let us down. Sorry, but some of this has got to be true. Just saying.

        • I don’t think they are being targeted because they are famous but I do think that it will not bode well when the footage of Teresa doing some frivolous spending is shown. Also the fact that she was paying in cash, so I think in the long run the Guidices have shot themselves in the foot because they have giving the prosecution more ammunition to use against them.

          The best outcome would be for Teresa to get just probation and Joe to do some jail time. I do pray that for the sake of those beautiful girls that is the final outcome.

          • Are you kidding? The net amount is so small. This case would never have arose if not for the notoriety. There is actually a rule of thumb for the DOJ to go after cases and Teresa’s was it even within the limits. They are going after them for the fame.

            DOJ also handles Tax cases outside of tax court. This was never something the would have come up for litigation.

            The amounts in controversy are just so small.

          • small amounts? aren’t we talking about millions here? I thought that was what the indictment suggested?

        • I agree with you Cameo, in that there are many more famous than the Giudices. The thing is that it does seem like someone has been out for them for quite awhile. I have seen Wendy Williams twice say that it was time for Teresa to get off of reality t.v. I think Anderson Cooper said the same thing awhile back. I just think it is just really odd for people to say things like that. It was bizarre.

      • I don’t think the charges were trumped up @Shiks nor do I agree with Bethanny’s thinking that their being on reality tv brought attention to their case. I think their bankruptcy case brought the attention and that’s how these crimes were uncovered.

      • shiks: A blogger had a headline that quoted someone as saying “they are being made a example of because they are famous”. No one has ever said these charges are trumped up. You’ve misconstrued one headline into a twisted bunch of bullshit!

    • And she wonders why her mother ex husband, and former friends loathe her. Just STFU you ugly bag of bones! Who gives a shit about what she thinks anyway?

      • Exactly. Lets not forget the story of the assistant that was just released a few days ago about her being a bitch. Sometimes people just dont change. Shes a bitter bitch with a lot of money.

    • oh please Teresa stan. The Giudices brought this on themselves and I don’t think Bethenny’s answer was insensitive at all. She mentioned she feels for the kids. Teresa and Joe are another a story.

  • I agree with Holy…she was asked a question and gave an honest answer. Why should she feel bad for someone who intentionally broke the law for years and years?

    • Yes she just answered the question. I don’t have to like what she said, I think she could have shown some class like Lea Black did, but she didn’t. Oh well, whatever. Bethenny has never ever in my opinion shown any class.

    • ITA.

      “No comment” doesn’t seem to be in any of these betches’ vocabulary so this seems like the best case scenario response to me, LOL.

      • I think B. has enough of her own problems. Maybe she should concentrate on how to make her talk show watchable. STFU!

          • Mich, I don’t think she will last long with the talk show. BTW, speaking of talk shows, have you tried to watch the Kris Jenner talk show? It’s awful; I could not get through the hour.

          • NO! It was never even a thought in my mind to watch her do a talk show, LOL. One show with her was bad enough

          • Hi michers! We may slightly disagree about some of this, but you know I luuuuurve you! 🙂

            Personally I can only take Bethenny in small doses. Really small doses, haha. I’m sure as shit not trying to watch her show. But I don’t think what she said here is a big deal or super mean-spirited at all. It’s reasonable to say that if someone is breaking the law they would be smart to stay off of TV. She did say she felt sorry for the kids. I just don’t think this comment warrants the backlash some of these comments are hurling.

      • I was going to say the same thing. That would have been the smart and classy thing to do, but that would not be Bethany’s character.
        She wants to stay relevant for her Talk Show.

      • I agree @BM…just because you are asked a question doesn’t mean you have to respond….sometime “No Comment” goes a long way….

        • None of these women come out with “no comment”

          If they were the type to do that, they wouldn’t be on this gawdforsaken franchise. 😉

  • Shut your yap Skinny Girl. And please, go eat a meal. You look like a good fart could blow you away.

  • Yuck. Almost the whole cast could be in trouble. Lets not forget the trial for chris jaq and joey in september. Bethanny doesnt know them. Shit neither do i. But innocent until proven guilty. I dont like bethanny. I used to be a fan but she continued to be a bitch. I’m unfollowing her on twitter, not buying her products (its nasty anyways) and not watching her show. Bye boo!

    • That is absolutely true, nobody in RHNJ is talking about this because they do have their own personal issues that are probably worse than Teresa’s.

      I do have to agree with Bethenny about the fact that with all this much at stake it probably was a very stupid move on Teresa’s part to join a reality show and think that this will never be revealed. I also think that the Guidices are very targeted because of their notoriety but they have nobody else to blame but themselves.

      • The thing that gets me is…she has the nerve to say domt join reality tv if you have skeletans..uh bitch WHAT?! Did she forget her past??? Partying it up at 14? Her dad hating her and not even speaking to her until he was on his death bed? What about her mother??? Her mother releases negative stories on her every day and she hasnt even spoken to her mother. Lets not forget her ex hubby hason and how much she treated him like shit. There is PROOF on her show. Not only him but his family. And the favt that she was accused of cheating with a millionaire. Lets not forget this bitch got sued too and was close to losing almost all of her money. Be humble about your shit and be humble about how you speak to others. I’m not talking to my beat friend but i dont go around bashing her because it would make ME look like the bad person. Bethanny stepped on dog doodoo for sure. Lets see how her fans will react.

        • Again, those are not the kind of skeletons she is talking about, she is talking about the kind of skeletons that can land you in jail.

          • You can say that about the whole cast then, because they all arent innocent. I think its ridiculous for you to say that to someone because they’ve had problems. It’s their business and they will suffer the consequences, not us.

          • I have said that this is why the rest of the cast is not talking one way or another because they are all guilty of the same in one way or another, nobody has clean hands in the whole cast.

            It is not only Guidice’s business that suffer, it is the vendors who didn’t get paid, it was the tenants that got crappy services and ultimately is every one of us because as taxpayers we are the ones who will end up picking up the tab of the fraud they commited.

        • And if she is still an active bullimic her fitness as a parent can be called into question. Not that she would not feed her daughter, but that her daughter will know that she eats and then vomits. The girl will think this is normal,and could think she needs to do the same. Not a healthy home life for a young girl especially.

    • Exactly! Innocent until proven guilty! The way people, like Bethenny, run their mouths, make it worse for Teresa; they assume they are guilty and horrible people. Guilty people take plea deals; innocent people go to trail to prove their innocence… just sayin’…

      • Amanda, I agree. I WAS a Bethenny fan but not anymore. Her treatment on her show of Jason’s parents made me sick. I would never watch her new show or buy anything she’s selling. I feel bad for Bryn. We are still innocent till proven guilty in America. Also couldn’t stand her at therapist appointments.

    • Beth is funny…not mean. So far, I haven’t agreed with anything posters are writing.
      “Bye boo?” What’s a boo? You should stay with the HW franchise.

      • If you dont like what i’m writing then dont life up your scrawny thumbs to write me back. BYE BOO get over yourself.

        • I agree with you Horse Whisperer with everything you said. You made excellent points. That Bethenny is one rude, phoney scripted mess, who has zero right to comment in such a disgusting manner. She overstepped her boundaries, and should stay in her own pathetic lane. She has her own saga with the legal system; yet she has the gall to comment in a presumptuous and rude way. Again typical Bethenny at her finest! Smdh.

  • We all know the law is the law and if they are guilty they will pay the consequences let’s see how this plays out in court. With that being said I do feel bad for Teresa and her kids I really do call me crazy but I have a heart even if she made this mistake oh well she will pay for it but I have compassion for her and her kids. Now Bethenny does not like to have her personal business all over the press so I am so surprised she made a comment like that I am just curious if the was her BFF’s Ellen or even her HW BFF Kyle would she make these comments…just saying:)(

  • Bethenny has a lot of neves talking about others while trying to get others to shut up about speaking about her….

    • Tax evasion and frauyd are very different from a divorce though. Bethenny didn’t break the law or committed fraud by getting a divorce, the tax evasion and the fraud ends up affecting every one of us in the long run. One is not a crime and the other is very much so.

      • Again if everyone wants to burn her before a jury even has a chance then fine. But it is hypocritical to speak on other peoples personal matters while your trying to put a gag order on your ex for something so simple like “divorce.”

      • Hi Lexy, you are correct that the actual acts are very different but it’s more about Bethenny saying that people who sign up for reality tv should expect the skeletons in their closet to come out.

        IMO Skelton’s are skelton’s , as it’s euphemism about things you don’t want to be made public will be revealed.

        • But Bethenny doesn’t have this kind of skeletons, which is you read her words is exactly what she says, she said that “Do I feel sorry for them? No, I don’t. Not so much, because it broke the law. You broke the law and you went on television. That’s not really that smart.”

          If it is true that they have been investigated since 2001, then I would say that going on a show where they have to flaunt their wealth was definitely not a smart move. Bethenny showed her struggles and how she was broke, maybe Teresa and Joe should have gone the same route and people and maybe prosecutors would be more benevolent now, it is hard to feel compassion for them when you think about the stupid stuff that they decided to spend their money on.

          • No the investigation started four years ago after Monica Chacon decided it was her place to spread rumors about Teresa and Tetesa called her on her unethical behavior. As an attorney, Ms Chacon is bound by the rules of evidence and that does not include publicaly maligning the character of your clients opponents. Which she did to Teresa. In my opinion her fear of censor is behind all of this prosecution.

      • Tax evasion effects everyone? Hmmm. Tell that to people having to pay taxes on foreign income.

        The 2001 bank fraud is ludicrous the statute of limitation is only 5 years. Or now it might be 7 because in 2008 they were seeking to extend it.

        The DOJ says a win is anytime they gain monetary or imprisonment time from a case. It does not mean the indictment as stated will be the outcome. Nor does the 93% conviction rate mean they do not toss out 90% of the case to get the plea.

        • Jennifer, I think it’s (SOL) 10 yrs if it involves bank fraud. Teresa’s 2001 charge(s) were on-the-record-sabre-rattling — nothing more, imo.

      • @Lexy…I’m very aware of the difference between tax evasion fraud and divorce..don’t need you to explain anything to me…

        If Bethenny wants everyone to shut up about her then she should stfu about everyone else and their problems….you can’t have it both ways….because the situations are different that gives her the right to talk about their problems….

      • B is a low life piece of trash.
        She is trying to prevent her ex’s parents from seeing their grandchild.
        B will use anything and anyone at anytime to try and make her fans feel sorry for her.
        All she does, and has ever done, is whine, whine, whine and cry foul.
        She needs to grow the eff up and smarten up. UGH!!!

  • Bethanny could just shut up. She did not have to answer the question. This is a serious situation and as far as I know Teresa or Joe were not found guilty of any crimes. So she should think before she speaks. Plus she always hated Teresa.

    • Yes! And she is the same person who tried to sell people skinny foods/lifestyle while being bulimic herself, she tried to falsely sell her margherita as a natural product, which whole foods pulled off the shelf, etc, etc, etc,…seriously betheny just have a seat.

      • Yep Fifi, Bethenny’s Skinny Girl empire has come under scrutiny for a reason. Her thinness is not due to her healthy eating, it’s due to her bulimia. Yep she is bulimic! Everything you said is true. She needs to take a seat, have a hearty meal, and then have that yammering mouth of hers duct taped:-D

          • Actually it’s a badly kept secret. Just google bethany frankel bulimic/bulimia and you’ll see; obviously she’s not going to admit it…and her face, the wrinkles she has, are classic signs, i had a friend who went through this, and has only been healthy for the past 5/6 years (she is now 38). Also there have been quite a few blind items about it; even hinting that jason had a huge issue with this, as it effected her pregnancy/premature birth of her daughter too. True: bf has not confirmed this herself, but that doesn’t make it not true.

      • That seriously fucked up to make fun of someone for being bulimic.

        Bethenny has been incredibly successful without ripping off the federal government, as far as we know. You don’t have to downplay and ridicule Bethenny and her success just to make your precious Teresa look better in a seriously fucked up situation that she put herself in.

        Jesus people, really????

        • Reread. Nobody made fun of her for being bulimic. Jeez. Talk about over reacting. #happythoughts

          • Bethenny shared the fact that she was bullimic so that’s not a “skeleton in her closet” so I’m not sure why anyone would bring up her eating disorder as some sort of argument unless they were just trying to be mean.

            You are on this thread screaming “she’s bullimic!” and laughing at others jokes about her weight saying she should “eat a meal and then go throw it up” so I’m sorry, should go retread that one again???

            If you don’t know that “Eat a meal” is an direct and insensitive insult towards a group of people who suffer from a disorder that makes simply “Eating a meal” nearly impossible then it would likely be best not to converse about a subject you are so very ignorant about.

            But you’re right, no one “made fun.” I should have used the word “ridiculed.” It’s far more accurate.

        • No one made fun of bulimia. Good grief, please read carefully and not accuse someone of something he/she is not guilty of. She is bulimic. It is badly kept secret and people only in her close circle including her hubby are well aware of it. She is probably shitting herself that her secret is going to come out once Jason speaks his piece in court.

        • “Have a seat, have a hearty meal”

          So you would feel comfortable saying “have a hearty meal” to someone’s face who you know to be suffering from an eating disorder where hearing the words “have a hearty meal” can be the very thing that triggers the next binge and purge???

          I’m happy to over-react to defend an actual disease and not some caricature on a television shoe whose real life persona is a crook.


  • I can’t stand Bethenny, never could and that will never change. But she was asked a question and she gave her opinion, I can’t hate on that.

      • ITA! She has some nerve! She had it all….but she want to be a famewhore and ruined her family by doing three seasons of her show. Not the same but she portrayed a happy life for the cameras and was really miserable. Secondly, she should just STFU! Why does she have to say these things in the first place? I hope JZ keeps talking about bethenny!

      • Can’t stand her…the sheer audacity she has to utter such words, knowing full well how much she has lied to viewers (and most people she is connected to) and has like, a ton of skeletons in her own closet. Her time would better spent staying quiet and declining to comment.

        • WOW-massive over reaction Teresa fans lol she was asked a question I don’t think she said anything bad,she is right I mean if you were doing something dodgy why would you go a put your life on TV its a little silly 🙂
          IMO Teresa has wanted to be as big as bethanny and I do remember her having some nasty things to say about bethennys skinny girl girls so you know what goes around comes around…

          • Fifi did not over-react! Which part of her comment did she over-react? Explain. She stated the cold hard facts. Bethenny is one big hypocrite who is a LIAR herself. Those skeleton in her own closet are rattling away, waiting to spill on to the floor. She had no right accusing Teresa of things she is guilty herself of. It has nothing to do with being a Teresa fan. It does however have everything to do with hypocrisy.

          • @spenderr thanx, and ur absolutely right, bf is a liar/hypocrite. Her fans have great imaginations though 😉

          • I was commenting in general fifi-chill I never mentioned your name..also im not a BF fan just saying how I see it.the great thing about the world we live in we can all have an opinion 🙂

          • Maybe ur not familiar w/ the commenting format here–when u hit a direct reply, it means ur replying the poster whose comment you’ve commented on. For a “general” comment scroll to the bottom.

    • I feel so terribly bad for Teresa’s children, those poor innocent children will bear the consequences of the parents’ actions but as much as I like Teresa, the fact is that they broke the law and even though it is true that they haven’t been convicted yet, the fact remains that the feds rarely bring up charges unless they have factual evidence of the commission of a crime, they conviction rate is 90% or higher and as a taxpayer citizen I feel that we same way that the government eats me alive in taxes, the same rule should be applied to everybody else.

      • I feel bad that these kids have criminals for parents. How awful and scary knowing that your parents could both go to prison for a very long time.

        • Hopefully not both of them. I wouldn’t mind if Joe mans up and takes the brunt off the punishment. As much as I advocate for all people to pay their taxes just like I do, I would be okay with Teresa getting only probation so she can raise her girls.

          • For. Lexy and Crystal: can we keep the comments current and not ASS U ME an indictment is a guilty plea or a conviction? Please you and many others, fans of Teresa or not are jumping to a conviction. The feds are going to publicize with their idea that because you’re charged you’re guilty. That is not necessarily true. Moderate yourr verbage

          • For. Lexy and Crystal: can we keep the comments current and not ASS U ME an indictment is a guilty plea or a conviction? Please you and many others, fans of Teresa or not are jumping to a conviction. The feds are going to publicize with their idea that because you’re charged you’re guilty. That is not necessarily true. Moderate your verbage!

      • The DOJ’s conviction rate is 93% because they plead out the cases. It is not on straight jury or en banc trials.

        • Exactly, and that will be the case here. Media is taking to another level. I can only imagine the media frenzy once the Laritas are indicted for bilking 50 million from people…YIKES!!!

        • Jennifer, believe it or not if you go to trial with them you’re usually found innocent on the majority of the charges. But the problem is, who can afford to have an attorney go round and round with the Feds? People who get long long sentences from fed charges, are people who are a) facing hundreds of years, then they go plea and get 50 to 60 years; or people like the Unabomber or somebody who is facing the death penalty. People like Joe who’s facing 50 years for white collar offense, less than 36 months. They’re conviction rate is so high because they’re dealing with people who know they’re guilty and it’s a financial hemmorage to continue to fight after the fear of God has been put into them.

      • Yep, ITA Lexy.

        I find it interesting that some people on here can justify Teresa’s 39 federal indictments because “it’s not murder” and “maybe she didn’t realize what she was doing” and “but she’s worked so hard and she has kids” but the second Bethenny says something it’s like, “YOU NEED TO STFU BECAUSE YOU’RE GETTING DIVORCED AND YOU’RE A BITCH,” and the second there’s a skanky picture of Brandi it’s “YOU NEED TO GO TO REHAB BECAUSE YOU’RE A BAD MOTHER!”

        Funny how that works.

        • I actually think BF needs to be quiet because I don’t remember TRE saying a word about BF’s divorce or troubles… maybe I missed it….

          BF could’ve said no comment just as easily… JMO

          • Hey whodat!

            I said above (or below haha) that none of these bitches have the words ” no comment” in their dictionary.

            However, I do remember Teresa saying something on the show about how she didn’t like the taste of SkinnyGirl products and that’s fine, I don’t really care, but she didn’t have to knock Bethenny’s product on TV either. Bethenny was asked a question and she answered it honestly. Brutal honesty is exactly what got her her fanbase to begin with so I wouldn’t expect her to be a wilting flower now. 😉

            I don’t think she needs to “STFU” about anything, just like I didn’t get all up in arms when Teresa said she didn’t like the taste of Bethenny’s products. It’s these women’s job to be outspoken about their opinion.

            I have not heard Teresa say one word about Bethenny’s divorce, but if someone asked her about it and she commented that she thought Bethenny was being a total bitch, I wouldn’t tell her to STFU either for having an opinion and giving it when asked by the press.

            Hope you are well! (who stole your name btw, thatznotokay!)

          • I don’t disagree with what you said but I think these charges are more serious that the “diety” comment….

            I’m well, hope you are too! They only stole the whodat part(which I know I don’t own) but it got confusing when people would reply to “whodat” … so I added the OG part…. I’ve always wanted to be an OG … lol j/k

    • I know. I wonder why she didn’t think of her own situation before making this thoughtless statement. This bitch has skeletons in her closet, hell she is a Skelton falling out the closet.

      • Andrea I said the exact same comment about skeleton’s in Bethenny’s own closet up above. The audacity huh? She takes the meaning of double standards to a whole new level!

    • Teresa is a loser just like anybody who supports her.. I love how Teresa bashed her INCREIBLY SUCCESSFUL line of Alcohol when she was putting out her Fake-a-Tini which was just a rip off of Bethany anyway

      • Whatever….T is not a loser, she is a winner. She won The Most Popular Housewife, earns second highest salary and put RHONJ on the map. Has 3 NY Time’s Bestsellers with her fourth on the way. Launched Milania Hair Care, Fabellini and her Skinny Italian food line. Which part of this is loser to you? If anything it screams winner. FYI she wrote her cookbook before Bethenny.

      • Saying something taste like a diet drink is not bashing- I thought Bethenny was tougher than that? Guess not! People who are not fans of BOTH of them turned that into a big deal when it was not. That seems more loser -style, IMO.

        • I have to agree with Teresa, the skinnygirl margarita does have a weird aftertaste. It gave me heartburn

      • It takes a LOSER to know a LOSER. Just because ppl don’t agree with you doesn’t make them losers. But you sure look like the horses patoot saying that … On a fan site … Where BF is seldom even covered … Or mentioned.

    • “[…]people who love to be in the spotlight often have a lot of skeletons in their closet. It’s just an interesting thing”

      Indeed, Bethenny.

    • Bethany you have alot of damned nerve. I think you’d better start explaining How you can come to DC to start off your talk show party and 99.9% of your audience is white. Every single talk show has a diverse audience. Those aré the talk shows I will support. While you aré throwing digs at Teresa , get ready to be bombarded by that question. DC is a multicultural city, believe it or not. Your show may be boycotted. I felt sorry for you when Jill Zarin was mistreating you. You should remember the hard times you had, and not kick Teresa while she is down. I’m so turned off by your arrogance I win’t be watching your talk show.